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I tried to do this mailbag earlier, but I fell asleep. Got a lot of short answers this week.

    Mario can be found in the bleachers in Live powerful Baseball 2 here it is The game was sposed to be reliced in America but was cancled!

MEGAߥTE: Interesting. Sorry about the delay, but I think the staff members were too lazy to upload the picture you sent.

    Hey, I'm also a Mario fan, so I have some questions about him and his games.
    1- I like Mario's fantastic sign, when he would change it?
    2- Can Nintendo make Mario soccer, Mario baseball and other sports?
    3- I like SMB3, I arrive at the end lots of times, but, why is so hard?
    4- Everybody knows that Mario and Luigi are always together, but, on Mar [I call Mario like this] 's next game, can Nintendo put him at DK's side?
    -Annie Brazil
1- Ask Nintendo.
2- Ask Nintendo.
3- It's not.
4- They did: play Super Smash Bros.

    I think it would be cool if they made the new Super Smash Bros. 2 a villians edition.They could have all the memerable villians playable like bowzer or ganondorf or have a hidden character ganon! They could fight in places like lava pit areas in castles or Ganons tower top!

MEGAߥTE: Tell Nintendo.

    This is for the guy who asked about how to enter more than 3 codes at a time on a Game Genie. Yes, it can be done! All you have to do is hook another Game Genie on to the first one. After you have entered 3 codes on the first screen, press start and a second screen will come up, and you can enter 3 more codes. You can enter as many codes as you like, by hooking as many Game Genies together as you want! I hope this helps!

MEGAߥTE: Well I thought this was obvious so I didn't say that.. but I think that it is probably becoming increasingly more difficult to even obtain a game genie. It would also be increasingly difficult (and ridiculous) to stack them like that. Use an emulator.

    I've noticed that some of the cooler enemies and characters tend to have no screen shots at all. Like the Snifits from Mario RPG. There was a club based on the guys(I would know, I was one of the founding members). Almost forty people with "Snifit" in their AOL SN, and not so much as one screen shot of the lil buggers(not that I've checked recently). I'm pretty sure there were a few others, but it's been a while. The thing that called it to mind is that out of the stack of screen shots I've found for Paper Mario, there's not a single Bub-ulb(or of anyone in Flower Fields for that matter). I also noticed that even though moste sites happly proclaim Luigi's presence, no one seems to care enough to give him a close up. Ah well, hopefully this will be remedied in time.
    -Apprentice Snifit

MEGAߥTE: You wacky "8 bits" members never get any attention.

    Uhhh, I have a Question,or otherwise a memory...... I remember watchin the movie: "Beethoven" and there was one part where the kids are playing SMB. The odd thing was, they were playing two players. It was the main one plyer game, and both Luigi and Mario were "big" and were on the 3rd stage. We'rd huh? Completeley odd, and impossible?
    -Ice Kirby <(=^-^=)>

MEGAߥTE: Intriguing, got a clip available?

    What am I doing, saying " Maybe even over 1,000,000"?! Of course there's more than that! There is well over 1,000,000 Mario games out in the world!

    Has it been announced yet that there is going to be a Mario Kart game for Gamecube? I'd like to see the return of Koopa Troopa, and it would be neat if they added the Koopa Kids.
    P.S.- In regard to calling me a homley dolt, J.J. can just kiss my ass. I know those were small numbers.

MEGAߥTE: Did you mean physical cartridges as oppossed to unique games? Mario Kart has not been announced for the Game Cube, but based on past success of the series, I think you can count on seeing a new incarnation.
P.S.- I think you just degraded our content rating.

    Does anyone feel that the Nintendo Entertainment System is kind'a left out. I wish that it could come back. Hey people I mean we are talking about the system that gave a future to the other systems(Not including Atari because the graphics were stupid and the games were stupid too). Nintendo Rules!!!!!!!

MEGAߥTE: Geeze... next time write in a smaller font! Anyway, what do you mean by 'left out'? The system itself cannot come back, it would not be supported by enough people. It will continue to live on in other games and in emulation.

    Yahoo! I beat Paper Mario ^_^ . But now when I go to my file to play again, I'm at the point where I have to fight Bowser again. Darn... The game was pretty good, but totally easy. The fact that Luigi wasn't playable again was really um.....(can't find the word for it). Anyway, the credits were the same thing as Super Mario RPG. I mean, A LOT like the other one. Luigi even leads the parade!

MEGAߥTE: I'm just glad the game wasn't as bad as the commercials...

    Hi! Great page! Nintendo is planning to put the koopa kids in a game on GameCube! Oh, for a cool page I'm gonna send some of my fan arts, plus the site award that I drew(it's the first one), enjoy:D

MEGAߥTE: Cool, where did you get your info from?

    I'd like to see a full archive of all Mario Bros (and possibly even Zelda and SMBSS Live Action) cartoons that were ever done, as I think they were the most entertaining cartoons I ever watched as a kid, as I was well into the NES/SNES games. Is anyone able to do such a thing? I look forward to it! Cheers,

MEGAߥTE: I see there are sites that are starting to carry them. Legally, maybe we could petition DIC and Nintendo and whoever else was involved to release the cartoons into public domain since they shouldn't be contributing any more profit. But I can't say that's likely.

    I got all 120 stars... Yes! Anyway, my pet peeve (yes, I have a pet peeve) is when people post codes online that aren't really codes, such as the one for Wario Land II on, which is in every other GB game! Can you please tell everyone to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS so they don't put non-codes up?

MEGAߥTE: For people like this, you can tell them about the secret Windows code: ALT+F4.

    I saw what JJ said... hope I can make this e-mail a good one. I had a snow day today... extremly boring UNTIL... I picked up my old Mario Paint cart today, dusted it off and--vioala--I had a masterpiece going in two seconds. I couldn't believe how fun this was. Wasn't very good at "Gnat Attack". Need to work on that. ^^ Anyhoo, I was wondering if you could achieve any secrets in this game. I also went into my Game Boy and found "Super Mario Land", which is, in my oppinion, much funner than SML2. I found myself engulfed for an hour or so... then I moved onto "Paper Mario". I played that thing from three to six... funner than a barrel full o' monkeys(or whatever that expression is). 'Suppose what I mean to say is... Mario's a major part o' my life. I can't imagine what I would draw... What I would do if I were snowed in like today... it's freaky how he's taken [almost] complete control over me. I used to be engulfed in PKMN, for about a year... but then I went back and rediscovered all the Mario goodness, and forgot about it until now. Maybe it's some cover-up by Myamoto and Yamauchi... NOO!!!

MEGAߥTE: ad·dic·tion - noun - compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, alcohol, or Mario games) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. Seek help, get outside.. save yourself!!

    I have done massive research on this whole DK-Mario relation. Of course, most people know that Cranky Kong of the DKC series is, in fact, the original Donkey Kong (enemy of Mario). His son, DK Jr., is the new "Super Donkey Kong" of DKC fame, as stated in one of the past Scribes on Rareware's website, and as stated by Cranky in DK64 at the beginning of the game: "Well if it isn't my lazy good-for-nothing son", or something to that effect. But, in Mario Tennis, DK and DK Jr. are both in the game, and when the tournament is won with DK Jr., it shows DK and DK Jr. acting as father and son. I figure there are 2 ways to deal with this plot inconsistency: 1. Mario Tennis came out about 9 months after DK64. Therefore, it is entirely possible that DK and Candy tied the knot and had a "new" DK Jr. 2. Mario Tennis is just a stupid sports game that has nothing to do with the overall plot of the Mario saga. Which do you think is true? It confused the heck out of me when I first saw the two of them in the same game, but after I thought about it, the former made some sense.

MEGAߥTE: After massive pondering, I have concluded that both assertions are correct.

    I've been seeing this commercial on TV lately for a plumbing business named "Cumming's Plumbing." No, not too wierd yet, but at the end of the commercial, there's a picture of a plumber with a wrench. Yup. The only strange thing is that the animated plumber is wearing a red cap, a red shirt, and blue overalls. Very strange, if you ask me. Think the fellows who own the business or made the commercial like the Super Mario series? Hah. Oh, and I think the business is Tucson-only.
    -Zed the Angry Farmer

MEGAߥTE: I am not even going to touch that one... but I'm sure if Nintendo saw it, they'd be ready to sue.

    Hello again! In the game Paper Mario, some asked where the blue and purple magic seeds are. I beat the game in 4 days here are where they are. 1. Go to Toad Town and go to the 2nd. area of the town. Right before you get to the 3rd. area of Toad Town go right and you can find the first seed. 2. Go to Mt. Rugged and get to the third area. Do not climb the hill, instead use Parakarry to fly across that open space where the bottom path leads you. That is where the 2nd. magic seed is. 3. Go to Forever Forest and follow this path: 2 left or right, 1 left, 1 left. Then look for an opening in the middle of that part of the forest. You will see a green pathway upward to the 3rd. magic seed. 4. Go to Lavalava Island and beat that whole level. Then go find the treasure that flew out the volcano. Give it to Kolorado when you find the treasue and he will give you the final seed. Once you get them all given to the gardener and a door will appear at the flower garden.

MEGAߥTE: Thanks for the info.

    I don't think you should put Waluigi in the main characters just yet. He isn't really a significant character in the Mario Universe just yet. There's got to be some more worthy addition. Maybe Kamek or the Big Boo, characters that have been in lots of Mario Games. If Waluigi is a main character, then so are they. Regards,

MEGAߥTE: I agree.

    I have heard a guy talk about a mario manga and about some years ago being obsesed with mario I bought this book that has mario anime style So I am the one with the mario manga I will try to skan it except I dont have a scaner but Ill get one soon my email is ps as soon as I skan it you will have it e-mailed to you I love your site

MEGAߥTE: Sweet.

    Is Super Mario 128 Central evil? And if so, how evil are they?
    -Harry Li (aka Hairball), Webmaster of SM128C

MEGAߥTE: Yes. Immensely.

    You know, I've noticed something kinda weird about recent Nintendo games and recent Square games. I know the two companies aren't working together (or at least that's what they want us to believe), but I can't help but notice a few odd things in two of Nintendo's most recent releases, Majora's Mask and Paper Mario. The first time I noticed something odd is when I heard that the land Majora's Mask takes place in is called "Termina," which is the same name of Chrono Cross's biggest town. Of course, perhaps this is pure coincidence, since both games have a large emphasis on "time," and "Termina" sounds like it was derived from "terminus" or some such time-related word. But the weirdest thing is that these games were released within 2 months of each other... so it seems unlikely one game "copied" from the other. The Paper Mario similarity is a bit more of a stretch, but I can't help but think how much the Badges and BP is like Final Fantasy IX's abilities and Magic Stones. Again, these two games were released just a few months apart, leaving no room for the last-minute stealing of gameplay ideas. Perhaps someone between Nintendo and Square have been trading gameplay concepts and ideas? I don't know, I guess that's just wishful thinking.

MEGAߥTE: I do not think that this is odd for the simple fact that these are RPGs you are talking about. There are many of these games that have similar elements with different names (even between the FF games).

    Dear TMK, com'on! Mario is Missing! is not that bad! In the January issue of Nintendo Power for 2001, Mario is Missing! tought a foreigner english! Weird but true! I'll play it if somebody got Mario is Missing! It's easy but its Luigi's lead role game!

MEGAߥTE: I own Mario is Missing! It sucks! The only thing I like about it is the remixes of the SMW theme.

    PLEEEEEASE SEND ME THE MP3 O' "SUPER MARIO LAND"!!! ~ahem~ ^^0 Please tell Deezer to send me that MP3 if possible. You know, that song by "MC Mario"... I could never fully record it off the late Aahs World Radio. The part in the beginning with the six hops always got bitten off with a little o' the lyrics, too. It's okay if you can't. Also, I just beat PM over the weekend. Spectacular game, and badges are essential to achieve success. Great job, Intelligent Gaming(who, by the way, did a wonderful job on Tetris Attack as well). You must be getting a lot o' mail on PM sooo... What do you think o' Mario Advance not being a SMB2(Western) clone? I appreciate the extra effort the programmers put into it, but I doubt it will make much difference. Well, except for that robotic Birdo. Seeing Bowser in Mario Bros. startled me. I wonder if he comes at the end o' every four phases or som'in' like that. Certainly looking forward to it.
    -Golem the Mario Cult Fan

MEGAߥTE: Here you are. The first of many MP3s I am planning on posting.

    Heya, gotta few questions... 1. Duz Paper Mario have Mallow Smithey and Geno?
    2. Did you know there are Mario references in The Simpsons, Muppet Babies, and Ghostusters 2?
    3. Can I join the staff?
    4. Can you send me some Mario Roms and an Emuator?
    5. Do you hear these same freaggin questions ALL the time? heh :)
    >K, Seriously tho, Im kinda confused on this... Ya'z know of the references in Mario, but there is no page on your site for them as of yet? correct?
    >Also, do you play Zelda Classic, and do you have the 2 mario versions of em, if so, what do ya think of em...
    >Also again :) That Mario fan made game, the one where ya press space to shoot the fire balls, ya know, how many times have ya beaten the castle, and kept on gettin the faster version of the game next time ya know what im talkin bout?

1. No.
2. Yes.
3. NO.
4. NO!
5. Yes.
> Not yet.
> No.
> No.

    You kinda screwed up on the last mailbag, the Eric Cartman Cameo is right before the Jeff Goldblum cameo, then it has that Matrix mock, THEN you find Pikachu not near the plant, but in front of the SpiderMan statue, but only after ya jump on spider mans head 67 times, to open up a door with a golden Britny Spears mural on it, then Pikcahu is in there...jus thought i'd make the mistake right, so other people can get it right ;) Your Welcome! Also, did ya see that Waluigi cameo in Metroid 2 for game boy? Boy that wuz cool wuznt it! -Randy

MEGAߥTE: This is why you do not get to join the staff. (Randy is Venom.)

    Ya had every right in the wolrd to mock BOTVGH... did ya ever actually goto the site, c'mon now, ive seen funnier stuff in the Spice Girls movie...

MEGAߥTE: Why you watched that I do not even want to know.

    I feel sorry to JJ, he had to read those letters that don't make any sense and I hope JJ, Deezer or whoever reading this letter is not going to be disappointed. I have been a Mario fan ever since I was 3, my first Mario game was Super Mario Bros. 3 and I liked the game because my Mom enjoy it too, I had no brothers or sisters to play with back than. It's now been 10 years, I still like Mario 3 but I don't have the NES anymore, I have a SNES but I never owned Mario All-Stars (I rented it sometimes), but it's now time to put the Super Nintendo in the basement. I won't give up yet because Mario 1 came out on Game Boy Color and Mario 2 is coming out on the new Game Boy. Maybe there might be hope for the classic Mario game. P.S. It may be 10 years later, but it's still the best Mario game.
    -Matt Koopa

MEGAߥTE: While Super Mario World was my personal favorite old Mario game, it seems that SMB3 is the favorite of most people. (It is a close second for me.) Because of this, Nintendo was considering releasing SMB3 for the Gameboy Color. However, because of the screen size of the GBC versus a TV, SMB3 was have been very hard to convert. Even Super Mario Deluxe has scrolling issues. On the GBC development site, Nintendo showed why SMB3 would not be easily ported to the GBC. However, with Super Mario Advance on the horizon, I think there is a good chance that SMB3 will make it in some fashion to the Gameboy Advance.

    I think the answer to [my] last question I asked was rather rude! I have a few things to say about that: BOTVGH is not your usual fan fiction site. It takes Nintendo characters and takes them completely out of character and puts them into stories that has little or nothing to do with the games. BOTVGH is not my site and I never said it was my site. I asked if you saw the semi-popular Nintendo Fan-Fiction site BOTVGH. I did not say oh here is a site of mine and I want you all to go to it. This site is maintained by H Cuz. The only connection that I have with BOTVGH is that I write stories for it. Free hits? Why would BOTVGH need free hits? It gets 100+ visiters a day! It may be 1/10th of what TMK gets everyday however it is still a lot. It seems pretty obvious that you never saw the site Mr. JJ and that you acted before thinking. I know that the question I asked was not a Mario-related question, however I wanted to ask something and BOTVGH is somewhat Mario related because it contains quite a few Mario characters in its stories. However I do not think that is was appropriate to be treated rudely. The title of that mailbag was "JJ makes enemies." JJ made enemies alright however it was his fault. If he had a question that was dumb or repeated it gave it a rude answer and that shouldn't be done. Everyone should get a fair answer no matter how dumb the question. People should keep their opinions to themselves and if JJ thinks that fan-fiction sucks, it does not give him the right to say that in reply to a letter. He should have said some thing like "No I did not see that site. Could you please try and stick to Mario related questions next time?" But no! Instead he said that BOTVGH sucked just because it is a fan-fiction site. I bet that he didn't even take one look at it. He even took the nerve of accussing me as being the webmaster of BOTVGH(which I am not) and that I was trying to get free hits for the site. That just plain insulted me. I am going on and on here so I am going to finish off by saying that no matter how bad, the mailbag questions should be given a fair un-biased reply.
    That's it
    -Sean Kelly

MEGAߥTE: Okay here's my long answer for the week. I would like to thank JJ for doing what he did. While I do not agree with the attitude that was taken with every answer, I am happy that he claned out some of the junk in our mailbag. He also upped the quality of some of the e-mails, which was the intention. JJ's overall feeling was common to all of the TMK staff. We were becoming annoyed with the immaturity of some of the mails (not yours). I am quite aware that you are not the owner.. it was Emporer Fred/NOAMario1 that first opened the site. In fact, I have some major ties with BOTVGH. I once ran BOTVGH2 on my server that was an upgrade of BOTVGH with nicely formatted HTML and nicer icons. In fact, many of the icons that are currently used on BOTVGH, I created. I shut the site down after I lost most of it in an HD crash. Also, the stories began to get less funny and started to diverge too much and were no longer enjoyable. You may actually see a mention of me somewhere in Season 2 or Season 3. I haven't read the site in a long while, but I do apoligize for JJ's actions in this case only.

    Mario kingdom's http is [removed]
    So send Mr. Face whoever he is.

MEGAߥTE: Thank you Orobueno. Here goes my second long answer. It seems some guy named Ali Ayoub has created a site called TMK: The Mario Kingdom. Much of the site is blantantly ripped off from TMK: The Mushroom Kingdom.. from the title down. Now he's trying to get Deezer shut down, saying he hacked his little site. Well.. I'd like to say a few things to Ali: 1. Deezer did not hack your site. 2. You would only think this because your site is a rip-off, and I suggest you have the decency to back off and at least change your title, if nothing else. I find it interesting how you say on your page that you won't go into the reasons why you changed your site name to what it is now. Everybody can't be an awesome webmaster, I think you need to grow up. Deezer is 21, I am 18, you are 15. I don't know, maybe Denmark is different than the U.S. Deezer has no problems with other sites.. he just has problems with sites that copy his. Don't deny this fact, Deezer links to many of them off of his main page. 3. No information was sent to 4. Thank you for the link to KTN. 5. If you continue to try and shut us down, I am reporting your site to NOA and ISDA for hosting ILLEGAL ROMs. And to all of our supporters out there, why not tell Ali what you think.

MEGAߥTE: Thank you Eminem.

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