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Note: This week's mailbag is presented by David Dayton and one of our favorite Nintendo experts. His website is currently down, so he's helping us out here until his staff gets back on-line.

    Yo, Deez/Megabyte/whoever,
    I'm just letting you know that Mario Lottery is a commercial game (even though Mario doesn't look like Mario). Thats all I have ta say. Oh wait, in relation to another mailbag I found "Charles Martinee" on SSB. Take care! Buh-bye, now.
    - mushroom3456789

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say Mario Lottery LOUSY! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!
David Dayton: I'll tell Deezer.

    Deezer, how do I make Homemade ROMs?
    - Leslieaaron

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say homemade ROMs AWESOME! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!
David Dayton: Visit Archaic Ruins, Zophar's Domain, or Jeff Frohwein's Game Boy Development Page for more info.

    I was just wondering if you were planning on adding Waluigi to your list of Character Profiles. I thought that section was pretty cool, but you should add some new profiles in every once in a while. I'm sure a lot of people would find interesting similar spins for other famous/semi-famous yet equally important Mario characters.
    One other thing relating to your Profiles: I agree Mario must be a short man, but he should be over 5 feet! My personal estimates:

    Mario: 5'5"
    Luigi: 5'10"
    Peach: 6' (in heels)
    Wario: 5'9"
    Waluigi: 6'1"
    Bowser: 6'5"

    Where did you get your heights? Do any of the characters have official heights?
    - Jeremy Martin

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say Deezer GUESSED! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!
David Dayton: Deezer is planning on an eventual bio update. I'm hoping for Waluigi and Daisy... maybe DK Jr. Oh, and I'd guess that Luigi and Princess Toadstool are the same height.

    You labled the retro Mario in Paper Mario as being the Mario from Donkey Kong. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks to me more like a recolored version of the SMB Mario, similar to the one used in the opening to the Mario 128 demo, with a blue shirt but brown hair and shoes. I also noticed that he blinks, which was funny.
    - LuigiHann

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say Paper Mario AWESOME! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!
David Dayton: You could be right...

    Phew. Thank the stars I was able to detach Paper Mario from my face. Anyways, I've got three questions regarding Paper Mario.
    Question 1: Do you know where I can find Paper Mario MIDI files?
    Question 2: I can't beat Bowser in the third battle. (In case you didn't know, his first battle is the one at the beginning)
    Question 3: This doesn't regard Paper Mario, but I bought a used copy of Mario Party
    which doesn't have any proof of purchase. Is there any other way I can get the "Nintendo protective gloves?"
    - jsix

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say Nintendo protective gloves ORDINARY, BORING GLOVES! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!
David Dayton: Mr. Face is right. The gloves are just ordinary gloves... they don't have any special significance. Regardless, I'd call Nintendo and ask them about it. Paper Mario MIDI files aren't around yet... but I might try the Video Game Music Archive. Finally... the third Bowser battle? That's when he's gigantic, right? Er... just keep trying.

    Mario had japanese comics? Wow! Do you have any information on those? Did the comics get translated to english in any opportunity? Got photos? I HATE POKEMON! THEY DID HAVE ANIME, but Mario didn't. I'm gonna barf at you, Geekachu.
    - Agustin Huambachano

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say Mario comics AWESOME! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!
David Dayton: Actually, I remember stumbling across a web page at some point that had a few shots of the Japanese Mario manga comic. It might have been at tsr's NES Archive or at NES World.

    I can't believe I never tried this sooner.... It turns out that for Mario 3 in Mario All-Stars, when in a level you can hit select to switch to any ability you want! Well actually, most of them... the abilities you can get are small, big, fiery, raccoon, frog, tanooki , and hammer Mario, not the P-Wing or invincibility... Also, (and this is the best part) if you hold in A or B when you hit select, you get Kuribo's Shoe!!!!!! In ANY LEVEL!!! Of course, it looks weird in tile sets that aren't supposed to have it, like the desert... I tried this in Mario All-Stars + World, but my friend tried it on his normal one and it worked too!

    P.S. I've never seen this code listed anywhere, not even in IGN's codes or GameFAQS, and yours is the first site I've submitted the code to. Keep up the good work!
    - nrgspoon

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say this code CONFUSING! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!
David Dayton: We got this code a bit ago... the problem is that under testing, NONE of the TMK staff can get the code to work on a normal SMAS or SMAS+SMW cartridge... whereas Deezer tells me that it seems to ALWAYS work on SMAS/SMAS+SMW ROMs on emulators. If anyone can figure out anything about this, let us know. As the weirdo that runs David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book, I'd love this code to be genuine.

    Hey, TMK Mailbag! It's Digifanatic, and your new WTMK list is great! Though you put new stuff, you kept a lot of my favorites on! I've got a couple of questions. First off, when I got the SMB Movie soundtrack, "Don't Slip Away", and "2 Cinnamon Street" weren't on my "version". Perhaps you know why? Also, what is your favorite Mario game quote? This can apply to any Mario character in the Mario Universe. Mine's is probably Mario's "WAAAAHHHHH!" In Super Smash Bros. Well, this is it for now. "See you soon", David, Deezer, Megabyte (how do you do his lettering he uses for his name? Answer that as well), and J.J!
    - Digifanatic

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say Super Mario Bros: The Movie soundtrack LOUSY! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!
David Dayton: I think I vaguely remember something about there being two different SMB Movie soundtracks... one being a "special edition" -- but that might only be in Europe. I'm not sure. Oh, my favorite quote is anything Daisy says in Mario Tennis (sigh). As for the special letter... check the past few bag's.

Oh, by the way... if anyone sees the Nintendorks any time soon, tell them Mr. Face is getting hungry. - David

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