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    This may be a totally off topic (of Mario) question but do you know anything about being one of those Bust-A-Move games for Game Cube or GBA? They made one for every machne so far so i thought it might be here too...thanks. and by the way...Happy Birthday!

Deezer: I wonder if Busta Rhymes has ever played that.

    Is Mr. Face related to Rare's "Mr. Pants"? And by the way, if Mr. Face is never wrong, can I borrow him for my Biochem test on Monday?

Deezer: No relation.
We rent out Mr. Face at the low low price of $21.99 per day. The catch is you gotta feed him, too.

    Happy site day or birthday which ever you like, keep up the dam good work oops did I say dam I mean dang. I'v been to every mario site in the internet and well I think this is the best dam MARIO SITE. oops their goes the dam word again but anyway this site has done a great job keep it up. 444444444444444444444444

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA TMK

Deezer: March 24th should be TMK Day, just because it rhymes.

    Yo, Megabyte, Deezer or who ever..
    I have questions about the new Mario games.
    1. I heard SMB3 is coming to Game Boy Advance, are you waiting to get your heads on it?
    2. I heard rumors that a Mario game for Gamecube is going to be M rated, is this true?
    3. SMB2 music and sound effects are cool, they talk, if you want to sound from Mario Advance go to and go to the page that talks about how it sounds, it sound cool.
    4. Though this isn't a question can you send me a MP3 of Super Mario Bros. 3 mini-forrtess, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?
    -Matt Koopa

Deezer: Yo.
1. How am I going to play it with my head?
2. I've only heard it will be more mature. Not like blood and swears, but instead an absence of stuff like crayoned backgrounds and smiling clouds, I think.
3. David has one or two of 'em playing on WTMK already.
4. NO NO NO.

    Hello. I am a senior at Bettendorf High, in Bettendorf Iowa. My friend Zeb Nelson and I are planning to go to our senior prom dressed as Mario and Luigi. ( I will be attending as Mario, and Zeb as Luigi.) We feel this would be a fun thing to do, and would get a good laugh out of everyone. This way we dont have to spend a ton of money on dates either!
    We want to do this right, and we have hit a few bumps in the road. We cannot find mario & Luigi's hats anywhere. Do you have any information on where we could locate their head apparel?? If you know of a company that sells look-a-like hats, or a company that would allow us to order them, we would appreciate that information. If you have any suggestions that would help us complete the look, please let us know. Thank you for you time.

Deezer: I don't know if they ever even had "M" and "L" Mario brothers caps for sale. My suggestion is to buy a couple painters' caps. Dye them red and green (if they aren't already), and then paste construction-paper letters on them.

    "Your idea will never be used in a million years, so don't get too excited."
    Hey, you never know. Maybe they will listen! I got some pretty good ideas in this head...
    -Super Frog

Deezer: No, really, they won't use them. I don't remember the exact words Nintendo used, but they once said they won't use people's game ideas because of copyright concerns or something. They probably still have the explanation on their site somewhere.

    In Super Mario RPG, what game is Culex from? That name sounds so familiar, but I can't pinpoint which game it is. Or is he just a crazy evil boss made up to kick the snot out of you?

Deezer: I heard that Culex was from Final Fantasy II, but I did some digging, and it turns out that Culex isn't from any game at all. He is merely an enemy drawn "Final Fantasy style." Remember that Squaresoft developed SMRPG and the Final Fantasy series, so it's like they're doing a parody of themselves or something.

    Why the heck would Super Mario Advance 2 be based on Super Mario Worl?!! What about Super Mario Bros. 3?!!! That should come first, then Super Mario World. It would be absurd to skip the greatest game of ALL TIME. What do you think?
    -Larry Koopa

Deezer: Nintendo HQ has confirmed both a "Super Mario Advance 3" and a remake of Super Mario Bros. 3. I think SMA3 will probably be SMB3, but we don't know for sure yet.

    Not to insult your site but, Mario Mania is also a section in

Deezer: Well, good for them.

    Hi, it's me, Kacyn64. I haven't been able to convert "The Wizard"'s SMB3 scene onto MP3. Can you please write down an alphabetical list of the songs played on WTMK? And can you write down the lyrics for "Walk the Dinosaur"?

Deezer: Because of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 114, we can't list the songs that are playing. But, 99% of them are from the soundtracks. As for the "Walk the Dinosaur" lyrics, I almost have them done, I just have to see if J.J. can understand the three lines that I didn't get.

    Hey TMK mailbag crew do you know where I can find a doki doki panic ROM.
    -Hollan Carter

Deezer: Yes.

    Read the latest mailbag, I don't know about the code myself, but I do have a possible theory why it may be happening, something similar occured when Sonic Pocket Adventure was emulated by the R.A.P.E.? emulator ("Rather A Pokémon Emulator?", EVERYBODY flamed it for the shortened name, because it was an intentional joke, it was discontinued). Something inside the emulator has a debugger/developer flag set, or something wrong WITH the emulator makes the game think it's on a debug kit, so it unlocks certain things used to help test the game. With Sonic Pocket Adventure, running the emulator in R.A.P.E.? (didn't work in Neo Pocott, last time I checked), if you pressed "Option" on the SEGA screen, you got a host of debug menus, including playing the levels as Tails, invincibility, level skip, that sort of thing. I own a copy of the NGP game, and I tested it myself, no luck. And it's not hardcoded into a hacked ROM, because like I said, it didn't work in other NGP emulators. So something in the SNES emu might be making SMAS think it's on a debug emulator that Nintendo uses, so it unlocks that code. Again, this is only a theory, but lots of games have debugger-only options still left in with no way to access them otherwise, no button codes or anything.

    Switching gears, since my last letter I beat (and unfortunately returned, warn your readers to NOT rent the game, BUY it! ;P You'll regret it later otherwise!) Paper Mario, and saw the line about "cosmetics". I still think it was odd how there was SUCH a small access area for the joke (why not the entire front of the mirror, why only a corner?), and initially there's no dialogue box whatsoever. Just seemed like a hidden joke to me, but I could be wrong. ;P But I had two things to add to your article, but they're pretty obvious:

    Firstly, this one's incredibly obvious, but it doesn't happen in many games because they don't mention their own title. But, quite simply, Herringway obviously wouldn't have called his new book "Paper Mario" in the Japanese version. :P

    Secondly, there's actually a small typo in the game. They did a very good job with the translation, but I noticed one major error, and it's actually only a logical error, not a typo. During the ending, you have about two screens of Toad Town to explore (plus the Palace Courtyard up above). If you check the Toad Town News, it talks about Mario's victory. If you check the back, it says something different, but same basic theme, however, when it lists your helpers, it calls the ghost "Lady Boo", not "Lady Bow". This is the only time she's referred to as "Lady Boo", so it's most likely a mistake, rather than an alternate name, even though it's technically correct.

    Anyway, hope this helps,

Deezer: Good catch! The only mistake I found was that one of the turban-wearing Toads in Dry Dry Outpost calls Merluvlee "Merluvee." I think it's the first dude you see in the town.

    Hey there, i wuz readin the last mail bag, and saw that NRGSpoon (a buddy of mine actually) posted about that Mario All Stars/Mario 3/Select button code...

    I too have realized that, when i got the game several years ago, i wuz seein what buttons do what, so when i pressed select, he grew big, i said "What the F***!?", then i kept pressin it, and got all the suits/main abilities in the game! And yes, when ya hold down a/b while hittin select, it does give ya the Kuribas shoe, and yes, the sprite for it iz all screwy at times when its not supposed to be there...

    My take on it: It is possibly a glitch in like, half the cartridges that were manufactured... I thought I was possibly the only person to have it, then i thought, maybe i had done sumthin to the game by accident... Also, for some odd reason, it only works 70 % of the time, like, if im playin it, it will work, then i will stop playin that game, il put like, say, Super Metroid in, ill play that, then, when i wanna play Mario All*Stars again, it wont work for me...O.o WIERD...

    If ya wanna try to get it to work, jus do what I did, take it out, put it in again, blow in it possibly, maybe even gently tap it on the floor, i dunno, its risky, but nuttin has happend to me yet when i have done that (and no, im not some careless gamer)...

    maybe its jus luck actually, but i think sumthin happens when u take it in and out, because when i ever i would leave it in there for a while, then play it the next day, it will work, but then, if i leave a different game in the snes for a while, then take it out and put all stars in, the select code wont work...

    Eh, i think i jus rambled on there for a while, jus like always...

Deezer: "What the f***?!" indeed.

    Hey, folks at TMK!

    Did you know that there is a reference to Mario in Banjo-Tooie(I haven't seen anything about it on the website. If it's already on the site and I missed it, I'm sorry.)

    The reference is in Grunty Industries, the factory area of the game. In the factory's Workers Quarters room Banjo and Kazooie meet up with Loggo, a talking toilet. When you first meet with him, he says that he is blocked up by paper and he needs you to help him. If you talk to him again before you help him, he tells you that he still needs unblocking.
    Kazooie then tells the toilet, "Why don't you just call a plumber? I hear Mario's available at the moment...", to which Loggo replies,"I don't think he even does that kind of work anymore..."

    I don't have the means to make a screen grab of this, sorry. I would have if I did!

    Anyway, keep up the great work on your site!

Deezer: Hahaha, leave it to Rare to throw in a couple poo euphemisms. Rare makes great games, but I don't think I'll ever forgive them for totally f***ing up Donkey Kong's genealogy.

    is there a cameo on Banjo-Tooie

Deezer: Funny you should ask.

    This is more of a complaint than a question, but could you NOT allow that annoying "Mr. Face" speak again? My God, was he annoying.

Deezer: Are you man enough to say that to his face? Hahaha, I crack myself up.

    Wow! Thank you for posting that MPEG o' "Super Mario Land", whoever did the mailbag the week before(how come I can't ever remember anyone's name?)! ...But there's a part cut off: at the end o' the song, there's the "Game Over" fanfare from SML. Has anyone actually heard this song? Just wondering, as the only place I could find it was on Aahs World Radio(as I mentioned, is off the air now).

    "There ain't no place like Super Mario Land!"

    Anyhoo... I was wondering what(if any) Mario sites you visit(not including How do you think the new rookie sites are doing? Are they aiming correctly, or just trying to become a TMK? Do they overwhelm themselves?

    "Welcome, and enter the center of my Super Mario adventure..."

    I think you've ought to have a humorous section somewhere on the site. That would be super-fantabulous, to laugh when I see TMK.

    "...a girl's trapped on the other side of town, so I'm moving in leaps and bounds!"

    I am going to get a Nintendo Entertainment System from a local Funco Land probably the day you read this, which will be stowed away until my birthday. This got me thinking about how long Mario's been around, and I decided to go back over his NES hits(I ended up playing Barbie Super Model[why do those kids throw snowballs at her? Better yet, why does she get hurt by SNOW?!] because I had played all the other games to death, but that's not the point). I was thinking, perhaps during Mario's twentieth year you could issue monthly nostalgic contests. Mmmmm, this would be great.

    P.S.: "Even [Hiroshi] Yamauchi think's I'm crazy but I've got to save Daisy!"

Deezer: My MP3 has the game over fanfare, so I uploaded it just now.
I'll visit SMBHQ and SM128C once in a while to see what's going on, but usually I don't really visit other Mario sites regularly because I'm afraid that I might subconciously rip off their ideas.

P.S.: Hmm, that reminds me: I have some lyrics for that song to put up yet. And I think they say "my ma, she" and not "Yamauchi." Any idea what the deep-voice guy says between verses?

    This is driving me CRAZY! In Paper Mario, where can I find/get the letter to Luigi? I WANNA SEE THE LETTER! GIVE ME THE LETTER! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhhh!

Deezer: There's a letter to Luigi?

    Dear Deezer, MEGAߥTE or who ever is answering the mailbag this week.

    Hey I've always enjoyed your site since I ran across it in late 1998. But after reading the most current mailbag and hearing about this other TMK, i decided to check it out. Boy the guy that made this site has no life. After reading the bogus police message (You can tell cause how the heck would the officer know about The Mushroom Kingdom anyways and know that it was the best Mario related site on the net I ask you????) and after nearly breaking my shoulder from falling out of my chair from laughing so hard. I decided to look over more of the site and the conclusion I've come to is that you could possible have a lawsuit against the webmaster of the site. First of he has no concrete evidence that Deezer did anything. The address only has a link to The Mushroom Kingdom. This does not mean that he is a hacker or anything. Second 90% of this site is deadlinks to cheap copies of The Mushroom Kingdom articles and information. Hell he even has the Mario-Pedia listed as being his!!

    Greetings, denziens of the Mushroom Kingdom. I have been visiting your excellent site for a couple years now and think that the new mailbag is great. The police comment was great, but probably not understood by many. Those "police" sure had suspiciously poor grammar;) I saw an (to my knowledge) unreported Mario reference on MST:3000 the other day. I can't recall the episode name, but the movie was about a clone escaping from a facility to a nearby town. Anyway, when two men walked into a dark room, one of the 'bots started singing the Mario Underworld theme. Well, see-a you next time!

    P.S. JJ really did make enemies!
    -Lizard Dude

Deezer: We think the Danish police's "statement" was either fake, or badly translated. Or both.

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