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    Hello there! I have a question for the mailbag.

    * How did Mario get his name? Was it thought up or was it after someone?

Deezer: Legend has it he was named after Mario Segali, the Italian owner of Nintendo's warehouse in 1981.

    Hey TMK, in the game Super Smash Bros. I have faced the Master Hand dozens of times and everytime I beat I always wonder who's hand that is. Is it Mario's or Luigi's or someone else's. Who's can I be.

Deezer: Who knows. Master Hand was originally named "Master Hand" in the Japanese version of Super Smash Bros., so that offers no help. Remember that Master Hand appears in the game's intro to pluck a lifeless character out of the toy chest, and with a snap of its fingers the character comes to life. So I guess it's the hand of your "creator" or something.

    Hey there...again...

    I jus found out 2 more Mario "Cameos", if they are considered cameos in a song...

    1) A Tom Green Song, Called "Daddy would you like some sausage", from the new movie Freddy Got Fingered, uses the Music from Super Mario Bros. 3, Under water, as the background music of da song (as if da song iznt crazy enuff allready)

    2) A song from DJ Clue, called "Super Mario Bros. Remix", plays mario music thru-out him rappin...*quite a good song if ya ask me* *but ya didnt ask, so....*

Deezer: *opens Napster*

1) That's a weird song! I like Tom Green.

2) That one sounds exactly like Cocoa Brovaz's "Super Brooklyn." Maybe someone mixed up the artists?

    Why dont you update your records page more often? i sent in records ages ago and still i dont see them.

Deezer: I've been working on the Mario Mania section lately. And I'm lazy.

    How old is Deezer exactly?

Deezer: My sources say he's 21.

    boy I can't wait till the Super Mario Brothers movie comes on TNT in December; the day before Christmas eve, no less. well okay, I gotta go set my VCR for 10:15am CT. thanks for letting me know about the exciting event so far in advance.

Deezer: I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not... That notice was from last December, and unfortunately there have been no other showtimes since then. :( I just forgot to take it down.

    When Playing SMW one day, I caught up with Yoshi and a p-switch..i stepped on it then Yoshi takes it...after the spell wore out he spitted up a fresh new one??? Is that a glitch or something? By the Way...Happy Easter..

Deezer: For those of you that might be confused, here's the entry from the Super Mario World codes page:

Stomp a P-Switch, then quickly have Yoshi eat the bottom. Spit it out, and the switch will be restored! With this method, you can reuse the P-Switch as many times as you like.

Happy Easter!

    According to last week's mailbag, MEGAߥTE said that you'd get a glove with Mario Party. Well, I remember asking one of the NOAs on if they stopped selling MP, and they did. Just look on the shelves of your local Toys R Us, and you won't see it there. They stopped selling Mario Party. In other news, let's hope Mr. Miyamoto thinks twice about a more mature Mario, after the failure of Conker's BFD

Deezer: I don't remember him saying that, but here's the skinny just so everyone is clear on the subject: Because of complaints of hand injuries (blisters and cuts) from rotating the Control Stick with the palm of the hand while playing certain Mario Party mini-games, Nintendo sends out protective gloves to whoever requests them, provided they have the proper proof-of-purchase of Mario Party. There's nothing special about the plain, ordinary gloves except that they are free, and sent to you with love from Nintendo.

I can assure you the new "mature" Mario won't be a beer-guzzling, foul-mouthed plumber. I'm taking Miyamoto's "mature Mario" comment to mean less super-happy settings and a more realistic-looking Mario. Conker's BFD failed? The video they showed at E3 or wherever was hilarious... :(

    Hey guys, awesome site!

    I just thought I'd drop you a quick note to let you know that on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, King Koopa himself pronounced Lakitu as LACK-ee-too. I don't know if that means anything- I doubt Harvey Atkin called up NOA to get the official pronunciation. The weird thing is that I've never forgotten it- I've always pronounced it LAH-ki-too, so to me, saying LACK-ee-too is like holding a microphone to the speaker system or scraping fingernails on a chalkboard.

Deezer: LACKeetooLACKeetooLACKeetooLACKeetoo!

    In the last mailbag, Deezer asked what that guy was saying between verses in the Super Mario Land song. He's saying "You now have 2 minutes" and "There is now 1 minute left", referring to how much time is left in the song.
    Also, I was looking at your page for The Wizard, and you don't have anything on the magazine some theaters handed out when it was shown. It was a mini version of Nintendo Power called Pocket Power. I could scan it for you if you're interested...

Deezer: J.R. has since sent me some scans of Pocket Power. The scans are currently floating in Lazy Lake with maki43's SMK records.

    What's with this weird quote I've been hearing? I first saw it on the last TMK Mailbag update, but I've seen it since then as well. This "All your mailbag are belong to us" thing. Since then, I've seen several pictures students have put around the school that say "All your base are belong to us," and it has a picture of an anime-style character above it. And I think I've seen it in other places too, all in the past week. What is this? Some kind of poorly translated happening in the anime world or something that happened just recently? Or is it old and it's just some wacky coincidence I keep hearing it lately? I'm not really big into anime, but it's driving me nuts!

Deezer: Go here and click on "History" on the left. Incredibly funny stuff!

    What Mario Kart figures were released? I''ve just discovered how cool they are, but there are so few in stores now. Help me!

Deezer: Err, I dunno. I bought the Mario from the Mario Kart 64 line, and I can remember seeing the other ones on the picture on the back of the package... Yoshi, Bowser, and... and... DK I think.

Deezer: They'll be back soon, we hope.

    Um, Hello. How do you work the WTMK Radio thing? I've tried, but the directions are kind of confusing.

Deezer: We're doing it through Live365; it wasn't too bad.

    Hey deezer! Ive been busy for the past few weeks, and Ive missed a lot of updates. first, HAPPY BIRRTHDAY TMK!!!! second, what is Mario Mania, and where is the button to it? and third, Whats up with that hidden page? do I get anything if I find it? I have been looking and looking, I dont know what to look for! My guess is one of your "top of page" green 'shrooms leads to it, or you have a very very very small 1 pixle sized black dot of a gif, the same color as TMK's backround, hidden on a page so old no one goes to, in a place no one looks, like next to some text, away from any place someone might accedentally click. thats a lot of searching! nice sites like yours have thousands of pages, and searching through all 1,000 for an invisible black dot takes months! even if someone finds it, how will you know that Turtle Team or whoever the people that found it didnt tell the person? this hidden page is a waste of time, but how come I wanna find it so bad?!?!
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! can u give me a hint? I bet if I just right click and drag to highlight everything on screen and see a tiny little highlighted dot, thats it! oh well. How long has this Hidden Page Fiasco been going on?

Deezer: Don't worry, the hidden page is easier to find than that. By the way, there is only one "top of page" green 'shroom.

    Um, hi. I'm not understanding where Mario Mania is at on TMK. It's not in The Games, Downloads, Emulation, etc. It's just sort of there. The only way you can get to it is by clicking on the link on the main page or putting it on your long list of favorites which is just more trouble for us.
    -Super Frog

Deezer: Hmm... I'll put it in the miscellaneous section!

. . .

There, done!
Originally, I had planned to release the Mario Mania section with the new design, but ultimately I decided to release it early because the new design was being pushed back because of Netscape 6's problems. Mario Mania was going to start as a new section (i.e. The Games, Downloads, Reference, etc.), and was just kind of floating in limbo in the current design.

    Ok Man,
    I got a few questions that I need answered.
    1. How come Luigi got younger? I mean in Super Mario Bros. He had gray hair. Now he has brown hair.
    2. How come you answer questions half assed? I mean half the time you dont answer the questions fully and are a smart ass about everything.

1. Gray? It looks green to be. His hat is white though... that's probably what you're thinking of.

2. I have to amuse myself somehow. :)

    Is it me, or does it seem like Paper Mario was lacking in character development in a few places. For example, why doesn't Mario talk? At least in SMRPG he would do that funny (yet freaky) transforming thing, but in PM the most he does is raise his hand. Also, I feel that the later bosses lack in originality. I loved the coolness obsessed Koopa Bros., the disfunctional Tutankoopa, the Hillarious Tubba Blubba, and the Goomba King was alright in my books, yet all the other bosses 9General Guy, Lava Pirahna, etc.) Gave a couple of sappy and typical lines and not much else. I would have loved to see General Guy bark like a drill instructor, or Crystal King as a mysterious figure... yet all I get is a stereotypical boss quote.
    -Mario Madman

Deezer: Silent heroes are a staple of RPGs. I'm sure that saying this will precipitate a bunch of e-mails pointing out other examples, but the only RPG I know of where the main character "talks" is Skies of Arcadia.
I agree with you there, but how much personality can a flaming Piranha Plant really have anyway?

    Hey Mushroom Boy,
    It's me again and yet I have another question. I was wondering if they will make a Backstreet Boys Vs. *NSYNC game. I figure they are both very popular and like bonus bands could be on it such as 2Gether and O Town. You have to admit that would be rad! If they make one (which you can hopefully tell me) I will be so happy. Well b4 I end this I just wanted to know why you are so so mean to people, how would you like it if you were being jerked around!!!
    Well anyways, good luck, your pal

Mushroom Boy: Ugh... just two of those "boy bands" in the same place at the same time would definitely make me vomit.

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