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    Hey TMK, Is there a such code to play as princess peach in super mario 64 because my friend says there is.

MEGAߥTE: No. I don't know where you people get these 'friends.'

    3 Questions
    1. How much will the Game Cube cost?
    2. Is it true that Nintendo is using the small disk for it's games?
    3. Does it come in any other color besides purple?

MEGAߥTE: 3 Answers
1. "Industry experts" speculate $150-$200.
2. Nintendo is using a proprietary 8cm 1.5GB Matsushita-developed optical disc.
3. Yes, it will come in a variety of colors, including pink, black, and gold.

    I have a few questions on thGame Cube.
    1.How much will the Game Cube cost?
    2. How much will the Game Cube games Cost?
    3. Will Zelda Be a launch title for the Game Cube?
    4. When is the Game Cube Coming out for the U.S.A.

1. Answered above.
2. They should be significantly less than the N64 games because they will be manufactured on disc instead of cartridges, say around $40.
3. I doubt it, Zelda games take a while to develop, they have never been a launch title. Zelda was featured as a demo, though, so it is possible.
4. It's just been delayed again, but tentatively November.

    Hey, who ever reads this PLEASE POST THIS ON THE you know you play mario games too much when Page!
    1. You know you play mario games too much when you hop on your pet lizard and try to ride on him.
    2. You know you play mario games too much when you boot your pet turtle at other turtles.
    Thanks ^_^
    P.S. You play mario games too much! hehehehehehehe!

MEGAߥTE: Well, I'll post it on this page, at least.

    can you send me the mp3 remix of the Super Mario Bros. 3 overworld 2?


    Deezer, is your site run using Notepad, because it seems to me it would seem to me updating every page a new section comes out is tedious. So are you using something along the lines of Net Objects Fusion, Cold Fusion, GoLive, Frontpage, Dreamweaver. I checked your source, none of their standard markings, so I am lost as to guessing which one.
    P.S. I got my GBA with Mario Advance. What do you think of the voices?
    -Chris "M3w7hr33" Glass

MEGAߥTE: We use only plain text editors here. All web design programs are crap. I can't stand them or the garbage HTML that they output. I think people should have to code by hand. Every page doesn't have to be updated because we use Server Side Includes (see previous mailbag). I think nothing of the voices since I do not have a GBA yet (and neither do any of the rest of us).

    Is Nintendo planning to put 128 on the end of all their GC games. NES was the only one not like that. SNES games were always Super this and Super that. N64 games were whatever 64 and something 64. I hope nintendo decides to break their trend and give GC games original non-128 bit titles

MEGAߥTE: The Nintendo 64's name was originally Nintendo Ultra 64, so originally games such as Super Mario 64 were going to be called Ultra Mario 64. I don't know if it was just pure speculation, but I once saw a prediction for Hyper Mario 128 to follow the trend. Since Nintendo decided upon Gamecube, instead of Nintendo 128, I do not think you'll have to worry about "Mario 128". But they may have some sort of trend as we already have Super Mario "Advance" for the GBA.

    Thanks for posting my letter a few months ago -I really appreciate the work you guys do. Anyway, I got some other questions:
    1. Is it just me, or has Nintendo totally skipped out on Super Mario World? I haven't seen any "Advance" update, but SMB 2, SMB 3, and Yoshi's Island (not to mention Yoshi's Story) have all been ported over. Or could they be planning something special with SMW?
    2. Okay, it's confirmed that with Chu-Chu Rocket, Sega is on the GBA bandwagon. But I'm more interested in the RPG they're working on alongside Nintendo for GameCube. What do you think -another Super Mario RPG (now with Sonic and pals instead of Geno et al) or a totally original somber playing experience?
    Thank you very much for your attention,
    -David Aranda Teixeira

    Just a follow-up to one of Megabyte's responses from this past mailbag... I'm sure lots of people may have told you this already, but Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World are both being ported to GameBoy Advance. Heard it on IGN. Pretty darned awesome, huh? I assume there will probably be some added features. Wonder what they could be? This is the first time SMW will have been ported to another system, so it could be really neat to see what some of the new features for that one would be.

    Why the heck would Super Mario Advance 2 be based on Super Mario Worl?!! What about Super Mario Bros. 3?!!! That should come first, then Super Mario World. It would be absurd to skip the greatest game of ALL TIME. What do you think?
    -Larry Koopa

MEGAߥTE: These mails were all related and so they should be mostly answered after the below.

    Yo, Deezer, Magabyte, or who is reading this e-mail
    I'm very p***ed off because PSX is making copies of Mario, want to know why?
    1. Crash (don't want to put his last name, he p***es me off) is almost like Mario 64.
    2. Crash Team Racing is also another rip-off.
    3. Crash Bash is also another crappy rip-off of Mario, they should stop NOW!!!
    4. Sonic is also a rip-off, he is also is coming to GBA. What the f*** is Sega doing! Sonic is no Nintendo game, heck he isn't anything at all.
    5. Smb3 is coming to Super Mario Advance 3?! What about 2, they are remaking Super Mario World, Smb3 came first, it should be on Sma2.
    6. Which is better, Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World?
    P.S. Smb3 is better, Smw is great but it was too easy in some places.
    -Matt Koopa


1,2,3: Yes, it is obvious that many of these games were rip-offs.. One of the most blatant were the Sonic and Crash racing games.. such as Sonic R, back when Mario Kart 64 was still called Mario Kart R.
4. Sonic, unlike Crash, had it's own style, I'm looking forward to it on the GBA. I don't know about Sonic in a Super Mario RPG sequel, but Sonic in a Super Smash Bros. sequel would be cool. Then you could really have Mario beat the $#!t out of him. A new Lunar sequel would be cool too.
5. Yeah, I've seen a lot of comments about this. I personally don't care because at least they're both getting released! I guess they didn't want to screw up the numbering even more than it is.
6. I already answered this, and you already answered this, so why are you asking?

    Dear Mr. Face,
    Hello, Mr. Face! What up, man? Who are you really? And why aren't you ever wrong? Everybody ends up being wrong sometime. That means you're wrong!! Haha!! I did it! I proved Mr. Face to be wrong!! YES!! Right on!! I kick butt!
    Anyway, onto the Question. I was wondering if anybody at TMK is kind enough to tell me how to get to the Special Zone in Super Mario World. Hey, I deserve this! I've conquered over 60 levels! I need to find the rest. I would have asked in Fungi Forums, but, uh, I'm not registered and I can't access it anyway! So somebody please reveal this secret to me! Thanks!
    P.S. - What's this "hidden page"? I wont bother looking for it if there isn't anything cool on it. Like game secrets...
    1999 - 2001! Ribbit!
    -Super Frog

MEGAߥTE: I am not Mr. Face, and I hope he's dead. But anyway, repeating the words of JJ, you deserve nothing. You should get on the Fungi Forums, though I'll tell you anyway. Anyway, in Star World 5, you need to fly way up in the sky. It's easier if you've hit the four Switch Palaces, and it's also easier if you take Blue Yoshi. Just stick the key in the hole, and the Star Road to Special World will open up.

    YES! Whoever mentioned the Chrono Cross/Majora's Mask thing is sooooo right. When I bought Chrono Cross last month, I was so suprised about the thing with different dimensions. And wasn't Chrono Trigger time travel based? I'm not sure about that, because Zelda OOT was also time travel based. ::notices how that had nothing to do with Mario::....ummm...Hey! Will anybody on the staff be buying an import of GBA with Mario Kart Advance? Though it is coming June 11 to the U.S., it comes out in about 1 week in Japan. I'm just curious if any of you will be buyin' an import and MKA.

MEGAߥTE: I guess time-travel is the in thing. Michael Crichton's last book, Timeline, was obviously also about time travel. I don't believe any of us are going to buy an import GBA, but I look forward to it in June.

    Yes its me again with another concern (i am good with those aren't I?) I have heard some "Jimbo" about Sonic being in this true? I never did like him much so i was just wondering...and Happy April!

MEGAߥTE: Yes, Sonic should be on the GBA since Sega will be developing for it. Why do I keep getting, and answering for that matter, non-Mario questions?

    Why is everybody mad at JJ. Im tired of reading things about him. Can this mailbag get more Mario based?

MEGAߥTE: You said it.

    Aha! I'm using numbers! Now you HAVE to answer all of them!
    1. What kind of stuff is on the secret page?
    2. By using a certain combination of Game Genie codes in SM64, when you butt-stomp Yoshi, you can ride him.
    3. Is Mr. Face related to Face on Nick Jr.?
    4. Will the price of GBC's ever go down?
    5. According to a VERY old update on SMBHQ, Mario is in Yoshi's Story. I can't find him! Is this referring to the end when Baby Bowser says Mario's name?
    6. Speaking of Yoshi's Story, Baby Bowser says that Yoshi is "Mario's little pet." Of course, Miyamoto was only the supervisor, so this might not be true...
    7. What are your favorite games for every system? (Sega and Sony consoles too!)
    8. Am I ever gonna stop asking questions?
    9. Is this the last question?
    10. Did you say yes?
    11. Did you know you're wrong?
    12. Is that a yes?

1. It's a secret.
2. Not. Especially considering there is no such thing as an N64 Game Genie.
3. No.
4. Maybe after the GBA is released here.
5. Why don't you ask SMBHQ?
6. That was not a question.
7. N64: Super Smash Bros., Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, LOZ Ocarina of Time; SNES: Final Fantasy VI, Kirby Super Star, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3, LOZ A Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Kart, Star Fox, Super Mario All-Stars, Yoshi's Island, Super Bonk, Parodius, Chrono Trigger, TMNT 4; NES: Super Mario Bros. 3, Kirby's Adventure, Earth Bound, TMNT 2 & 3; PSX: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, Metal Gear Solid; TG16: Bonk's Revenge, Parasol Stars; Game Boy: Super Mario Land 2, Wario Land, Kirby's Dreamland 2, Donkey Kong, LOZ Link's Awakening; Virtual Boy: Mario Tennis; Genesis: Sonic 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles, Zerowing (just kidding)
8-12. Whatever.

    Why are all the sections named after colors (games=red, so on) except emulation, does this have something to do with the secret page?

The sections were named after the four colors that are so prevalent in Nintendo products. The four colors of the buttons on the Super Famicom were red, yellow, green, blue. They were the original colors of Gameboy Pocket. They are the four colors in the N64 logo. These are the four main colors in games such as Super Mario World (colors of the switches, Yoshis, koopas, etc.), Super Mario Kart, and the like. They were the original colors of the Pokemon games. The list goes on and on and on. It's not just Nintendo, either. Microsoft's logos for Windows and Office are comprised of the same four colors. There are other companies who use these basic four as well. Once you start looking for them, it's scary how prevalent they are in everyday life. The four original sections were named accordingly. The emulation section was created later, almost like a separate site, called Sub-Space. That's why it is named like it is. It has nothing to do with the secret page, sorry.

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