04 May 2001

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Code master

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Everyone's favorite code guy is back from the grave... it's time for the TMK MAILBAG with David Dayton!!! Let's-a go...

    Hey TMK! my name's screech. great site. Ive got some questions.
    #1 what is bowser? I think he's some sort of dragon but my freinds think he's a turtle, and the movie suggests he's a dinosaur.what is he?
    #2why is there a morton joopa junior? if his dad's name is bowser/koopa then shouldn't he be named bowser/koopa junior?
    #3 who is mr face?
    #4 why is he never wrong?
    #5 why must he die?
    well that's all. keep up the good work.

    p.s. is birdo/ostro in any other game?

David Dayton: 1) Bowser is a turtle dragon. That is, he is a dragon of the turtle family. Cross a dragon and a turtle, and you get Bowser and his kidlings.
2) Morton Koopa Jr. is a bit of a mystery. The obvious joke was that in America at the time SMB3 was released, Morton Downey Jr. was a big radio talk show host that was rather obnoxious to everyone. That's all I can guess. I remember hearing that the Koopa kids were actually modeled somewhat after members of the SMB3 design team...
3) Visit for all the info you could ever want about Mr. Face.
4) See #3.
5) Mr. Face can't die. Trust me.
Oh, and Birdo shows up in SMB2, Super Mario RPG, and Mario Tennis. I think I might have forgotten a game there...

    I like Mario lots, and I like sonic too, but would everyone please leave Crash alone! I personally don't think his games were rip offs of Mario games because we needed a racing game too. I mean honestly Speed Punks was a rather crappy game compared to CTR. I mean, what would you do if you had a Playstation, and not an N64, and you liked Mario so much, but you couldn't go out and BUY an N64 but you liked your Playstation Games (i.e Syphon Filter 2, Ridge Racer Type 4) too much to trade it?! We Crash fans felt that we needed a character who had adventures just as fun as Mario or Sonic, without buying the 64. Just leave Crash alone....he's still fun no matter what you think. Sheesh. Without Crash and Sonic the Video Game Industry would become a Nintendo Monopoly, which is against the law. I mean, it would be! *shudders* Damn Windows........IBM Forever! *is using a Windows system*
    -Ness Shady

David Dayton: I played Crash Bandicoot and was quite unimpressed. Kicking turtle shells to kill the bad guys seemed a bit much, really. Heh.
Honestly, I feel that most platformers are shallow imitations of Mario games. This includes Crash... but Crash Team Racing and that stupid Crash board game went too far, just like Sonic R and Sonic Shuffle. Not content with merely creating decent platformers, the Crash and Sonic teams decided to ape EVERY Mario game. Seriously. That's not meant as an insult, just a statement of fact. If Crash Bash and Sonic Shuffle aren't meant as Mario Party ripoffs, what are they? ;)
Actually, the video game system has never been a monopoly, and never will be. Nintendo has never controlled the entire game industry, nor has anyone else.. As long as one company can release games (even on a computer), it isn't a monopoly. Besides, I think I'd like a Nintendo monopoly... as long as I get the oranges.

    I was playing The Lost Levels in SMAS and when I jumped to the flagpole, I didn't get any points! I got a 1-up instead. How is that possible, because my lives are dropping like flies...

David Dayton: To quote my Nintendo Code Book...

 =>[SMBLL] Flagpole 1-Up: If your coin total is a multiple of 11, grab the flag
   pole when the last digit of the timer matches the multiple and get a 1-up.

    Hey, Deezer, Megabyte, J.J., or whoever else is answering the mailbag...
    Have you ever played the Arcade version of Donkey Kong on Donkey Kong 64? I don't remember the old one, the actual arcade machine with the joystick and one button. Is the one on Donkey Kong 64 exactly like the old one? I'm just curious.
    By the way, I think that J.J. has a right to bash stupid letters. I find his "bashings" very entertaining. Great site and keep up the good work.

David Dayton: Boy, I feel loved...
I've played the arcade version, and I think it is slightly different from the N64 version. In the N64 version, the levels go from Platform to Pie Factory to Elevators to Girders. The Arcade game was slower... it went from Platform to Girder, then a harder Platform then Elevators then Girders, then an even harder Platform, Pie Factor, Elevators, and then Girders. The arcade version slowly introduced the second two scenes.
I will attempt to bash stupid letters as well. I hope to please you all.

    So then, thats it. You can forget about playing Luigi's mansion, SM128 and all other such delights. Yep, Nintendo is canning Gamecube. I know it's not been officially confirmed, but think about it, really hard, just for a second. This is a way out, an excuse, a way to-in fact, and this is the really disgusting bit- blame it on us. They say it won't be cancelled if at E3 it gets a good reception, but with so many die-hard "Sony RULES I LOVE BANDICOOT" It's bound not to get as much attention as it rightfully deserves. They know this is the case. Now don't get me wrong, I think Nintendo are great-the best on the market- which is why I shelled out £230 on a GBA with Mario + F-Zero. Fair play to Nintendo, the GBA is fantastic, and is already abest seller, with the worlds biggest ques for the release of a games 'thing' ever. And the Wonderswan company even had a guy go down and shout Anti-Mario jabber. Ever seen anyone else think they had to make a pre-emptive strike before? No. The GC will ultimatly be guaranteed because of GBA in addition to its own unique greatness. Also, the feature I'll miss most, is the on-line features. Nintendo are making MKA mobile phone-adapted, but that (for now) is only in Japan. Hopefully it'll come here in the UK, but given that UK gamers are less equal than others(and don't try and say we're the same, you got SMRPG and we didn't. And how do Nintendo repay us? By making us wait 7 months more for the sequal than you. Thanks, Big N), It'll probobly never come out here. Fair play Nintendo again, we recently got a Nintendo UK official office for the first time in a decade, but still, thats not what Nintendo is about. It's about great games, not new offices. And also, with no online gaming, I'll never shout at JJ "you think you're good at Mario Tennis Cube? Pah. Come and have a go!", And I expect, never will. So where does this leave us? Fair play a third time, with the fantrabulous GBA and its several great games, but it ends there. If Nintendo release the GC-And I'm praying they do- I'll proudly wear a plumbers cap and run around Thetford, on a Saturday, yelling(and I know this is immature) "Sony drools, Nintendo rules!" 7 times. But for now, I predict we're left with: No new home console, no new 3-D Zelda, Mario, Goemon, no GBA link up, now GC-GBA downloading, and most disgustingly of all, no on-line, and I have to go 23 miles down the road to play MKA with my friend, rather than us both sit in our rooms. Cheers, Ninty.
    Thanks for your time,

David Dayton: Yep, Nintendo is cancelling the Game Cube...


(was that close enough to JJ for you all?)

    I think the Nintendo staff needs their spelling fixed, Looking at the Jap. to English Version of Mario 3 it calls World 8: Castle of "KUPPA?" Shouldn't it be Koopa?
    -A concern Speller

David Dayton: No.

    Hey Deezer,Megabyte,J.J.,David, I'm just wondering which voices of the characters you like?As in do you like the lighter Luigi(Mario Party) or the deeper one(Mario kart64,Mario tennis)Same with peach, wario and toad?I like the Mario party ones better except for peach and luigi.

David Dayton: In general, I prefer the Mario Kart voices for all the characters, except for the Princess. Her voice is good in Super Mario 64, and second best in Mario Tennis. The Princess sounds like some guy with a funny voice in all the other games. Toad, Wario, and Luigi are best in Mario Kart.

    Does Pokemon suck......I think it does.
    Why does Bowser like clowns. He uses clown on Paper Mario, SMW, and Mario RPG.

    P.S. I'm the real Koopa King
    -Rocky Hyde

David Dayton: Actually, I kind of like some of the Pokemon games... but not in the same way as Mario and Zelda... Kirby, however, does suck...
Bowser likes clowns because they strike fear in the hearts of all children, thus making them drop their controllers and causing Mario to die. But, if you were the real Koopa King, you'd already know that...

    I would just kind of like to know if you ever plan on updating the download section. Thanks for your time.

David Dayton: No.

Although Deezer probably plans to.

    All your ____ belong to us.
    WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????????????????????????????????

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say ____ AWESOME! Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!

    I went to serch someting and i typed in secret page it said that their was no matches.But there was a picter of a kid holding a gun! Does this hve anything to do with the secret page?
    -Adam the Mario dude

David Dayton: If I told you, Deezer would kill me.

    Hey, I'm going to use numbers this time...
    1) Who thought up the idea of Mario jumping high?
    2) What's your rating on Kirby's Tilt 'n Tumble?
    3) Do you think Mario will ever change?
    4) Have you ever seen the Electric Grandmother?
    5) Who is your favorite character in Super Smash Bros. if you've ever played it?
    6) If I haven't beaten much games, but I like to play a lot of them, does that make me a good gamer?
    7) Do you spin coins on flat surfaces?
    -Super Frog

David Dayton: I am going to use Roman numerals this time...
I. Shigeru, I assume.
II. Haven't played it yet. It looks neat, though.
III. Mario always changes somewhat.
IV. Sadly, yes.
V. Kirby -- the PUFF MEISTER!
VI. Only when you are truly a good gamer will you know.
VII. No, I spin them on their sides. I slide them on their flat surface.

    Hey Deezer/whoever,
    Clever of you guys to put '4/20' in green of last week's mailbag. National Pot Smokers Day or whatever. Just wondering who did that (Megabyte, JJ, etc)
    Also on a totally different subject, could someone go and rate my site?
    Its about Mario, not as comprehensive as yours, but its still very successful.

David Dayton: I didn't do it. Yuck.
Hey, everyone -- go rate his site.

    Where is the link to that ****** secret pages that all you guys talk about?
    -Harry Li

David Dayton: What secret page?

    1. When is this Game Boy Advance coming out?
    2.How much will it cost?
    3.Why the heck aren't you putting up my review about The Super Mario Bros. movie? It was a great review! I'd have given it a 10 ( the movie itself would get a 4)
    4.Why are so many idiots claiming that Luigi is in SM 64? It's Wario, not Luigi!
    And lastly, what is this I hear about Sonic appearing in GBA games? WHY on this innocent earth is a bought-out company's mascot stealing some fame in Mario games? I say, buy out Sega and shove it in their face!!! (By the way, I have a nice little Sega Saturn that I'm selling on E-Bay if anyone wants it ;)

David Dayton: Boy, I'm getting tired...
[Uno] In June. [Dos] $99.99 -- although every moronic game store seems to insist on a BUNDLE now. I refuse to buy a bundle from a store. [Tres] David gives SMB The Movie a 1-Up. [Cuatro]No, it's Samus. [Cinco] Sonic will not appear in a Mario game, but he will be saving Sega's arrears by appearing on other platforms. Sega needs cash, and the GBA is guaranteed to bring it in.

Okay, everybody. David here. There are over 40 messages left I could answer.... but I am tired. I worked all night last night and all day today, have little money, need to get a better job, and am struggling to nab a girlfriend. Thus, I'm cutting it off here. However, here are some quick thingies for all of you...
* I feel sure we will see a new Mario RPG game of some sort. Paper Mario was great.
* If Deezer didn't link to you, it's because he hates you... just kidding.
* Yes, I am interested in meeting a 24 year old female Mario fan. Send me the pic.
* Luigi dah MAN!

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