25 May 2001 Bonus Edition

Mailbag by MEGAߥTE

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Got something you want us to answer next week? (for real this time) Send it to

What's with the mailbag? Last weeks mailbag still isn't up and it's been a week. What's going on with MEGAߥTE?

Why was last weeks mailbag so late?

MEGAߥTE: Ahh the world's going to crumble! Seriously, look at it this way.. you get two mailbags this week. The pictures should be worth it, right?

Where do you find old NES systems and games?

MEGAߥTE: My room.

Dear Mailbag Answering Entity,
Throughout Mario history, an item called a P-Switch has done various things such as turning blocks to coins and filling in colored ? Blocks. The other day I got to wondering what the P actually stood for? Power? POW? Or does it have to do with something Japanese as many of the items do? Also, sorry for repeating the MST3K Mario cameo a while back. I didn't see the other report.
-Lizard Dude

MEGAߥTE: Power.

I'm sending this to the MB because i dont think it'd get noticed on the message board. As many f you noticed, i have recently vanished from cyberspace without a trace. I come back to see the confused look on you guys' faces. Sorry bout that. Simple explanation.
Bro came home.
Brought Dreamcast.
Brought Quake III.
Hooked it up to the net.
Kicked Ass.
Got into a fight at school.
Kicked the computer and broke the CD writer.
Got banned for a while.
On parole and a little bit wiser.
Returned back in style.
I didnt leave because you guys arent Playstation Fans.
I would never do that to any of you man.
Anyways I'm glad to return to day.
Deezer what the $^%& did you do to TMK?
Im really happy that i was missed.
Wont happen again. Very Sorry.
My poetry aint good so what? Say it to my face and i'll shov a rocket up
your rear end. Many years of success in TMK's future, that i see.
1. Whats the W in WTMK stand for? Wasielewski? Wario?
2. Hows everything goin?
-Ness Shady

MEGAߥTE: This really belongs on the mb, instead of the MB, but, since I'm the M, here it be.
1. It stands for "East of the Mississippi River."
2. Ness Shady != Slim Shady

This site gets better and better well anyway I saw on the previews of the next mario games that they were going to make Super Smash Bros. 2 but what the heck is the word Melee or whatever its called.

MEGAߥTE: melee, also mle, /'mA-"lA, mA-'/, noun, circa 1648: a confused struggle; especially : a hand-to-hand fight among several people. Thank you Merriam-Webster.

Dear Deezer,J.J.,David Dayton,Mr.Face,or somebody, I have a NES Game Genie and I want to ask you one question about it:Can you put more than 3 codes on it?

somebody: This was answered in previous mailbags.

Why is Birdo missing her bow in SMB2 for NES, but has it on SMAS?
-andrew mcmaster

MEGAߥTE: It's a him.

To Whom It May Concern:
First of all, I want to commend you for your SUPERB website. I have always loved Mario and never knew of the huge resource of material that existed on your site. It's nice to see those who appreciate the simple games like Super Mario Bros. Anyway, my question (or plea) concern the Mario cartoons that used to be aired on T.V. a while back. I remember as a kid watching those shows until they were taken off the air. Years have gone by and I slowly forgot about these great shows (including Zelda [I only saw one episode]). However, by some spark of nostalgia, I vaguely remembered bits and pieces of the shows. As you well know, they no longer exist on T.V. I own a single video of the original Super Mario Bros. Super Show - I quickly found it and watched it. It brought back good memories. After seeing that video, I began a quest to find any and everything about the existence of those cartoons. To my dismay, I discovered that the Super Mario World Cartoon was never released on separate videos. Because you have the opening and closing music to the show on your website, you must have access to some/all of the shows. Is there any way (through your site or other sites) for me to download/buy videos of this (and perhaps even Super Mario Bros. 3 [I have NO memories of that show at all]) cartoon? I have e-mailed many people with requests of the same thing. Any help from you or anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
P.S. Good job on coverage/comparison of Super Mario Bros. 2 (it's my favorite game of all time).
-Michael S. Potter

MEGAߥTE: We've gotten several e-mails with links to sites that have some of the shows on them. Unfortunately, they have always been dead by the time I've looked at them. I don't know of any place you can buy them; the last time I saw them for sale was a few years ago at Wal-Mart in C'Burg (the writer will know where I'm talking about) for like $4 or something.

I have never written a long letter to your mailbag, and this one is neither stupid nor pointless, so read on please. The general feeling I get from the hardcore gaming community is that Gamecube is the most qualified next gen console. I agree. We all know the reasons why because we are informed. Even if you disagree, you are entitled to that opinion as long as you can back it up.
Where I'm going with this is how important is the hardcore gamer demographic in relation to sales? Are hardcore gamers as important as they used to be? Do companies specifically cater to this demographic knowing that they are the trailblazers who make sales at a console's release day? The hardcore gamers are the only people who are informed. The mainstreamers may see a few commercials, talk to a few other mainstream friends, and base their purchase decisions entirely on these weak--and often inaccurate--assumptions. Here's what the mainstream thinks, as according to a few excerpts from The Lycos 50:
Like the older ex-champion still trying to fight his way back to a title shot, Nintendo will introduce its Gamecube (33%) one week before the Xbox and fight for its own position in the upcoming gaming brawl. Gamers seem less interested in Gamecube at this point, and Nintendo will try to fight that with the power of its well-known characters (like Pokemon) and a lower price -- $200
X-Box news:
Right now most of the excitement in the gaming world seems to be focused on the Microsoft Xbox (52%). We took a look at the Xbox when it was first announced in January and it definitely is maintaining its position as the video game system mostly likely to challenge Sony for throne.
Is it just me, or is that the complete opposite of the truth? Are the people that deceived? Well, regardless of what I think, I'm not going to be able to change what the mainstream thinks, however wrong they may be.
-Grady Martin

MEGAߥTE: I agree. The media has really been pushing the XBox. I think that Nintendo made an awesome showing at E3, which has made many change their minds. This article from The Register is very interesting; it shows what Sony thinks of the XBox. Technologically, the N64 was the better box, but it didn't do as well.. the Gamecube technically doesn't have the best hardware, but I think the way it can be used is superior. Their position of removing part of their kiddy image should help immensely.

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