15 Jun 2001

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Nintendo fanatic

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    Dear Mailbag,
    I could have started this off saying great site but I'm sure youre sick of hearing that. Anyway onto the questions:

    1. I know you havent even finished the list yet, but on the mariopedia when you have the time can you please put in the option to show the list under certain catagories besides the alphabet. For example if i wanted to see all the things in super mario 3 i could just click on a list of smb3 things instead of looking through the alphabet individually. Whenever you have the time that is.

    2. How do you have the time to sit down and do this site? Do you have a social life? Do you have a job? Dont you have better things to do?

    Thats all for now.
    -Someone From Australia.

David Dayton: "Hey Deezer... this guy wants to able able to sort the Mariopedia by game title... git on it, you lazy bum!"
How do we get the time? Social life? Job? Better things? Bah, a Mario fanatic craves NOT these things!

    To this week's mailbag answerer, whether it be webhost, codemaster, or person with japanese currency in his name: Is it just me, or do Shy Guys seem like just cute little lovable pranksters? I mean, I loved them from their appearance from Super Mario Bros. 2, and games like Paper Mario don't seem to stop my love for the little masked critters. Is it abnormal, or natural to love 'em?
    -Capt. Snarf (Aspiring Fungiomancer)

David Dayton: Sure, they may LOOK cute, but see what happens when you back em' into a corner...

    It's friday at 9 pm wheres the -- ------ mailbag??
    -Spike Murphy

David Dayton: Well, at 9pm on Friday it was currently being finished.. It's hard to type up a fansite mailbag whilst struggling to earn a living.... especially with the failing market in Koopa shell necklaces.

    Super Mario Advance is tres cool. Just one problem...where are the eggplants? I saw them in some screenshots and was looking forward to them and any other bonus plants they were intending to stick into the game. I even went to far as to search through the r0hm for the eggplant graphics, but it's no use. Any idea why these magnificent projectiles would be cut from the game?

David Dayton: I don't recall those screenshots... where were they from? I've been playing a bit of SMA, and it did seem to me like there weren't as many unique vegetables as in the original SMB2... but I need to finish all the levels in SMA just to be safe. As of yet, I don't know...

    Yowza, Just a quick-question. Do you know of any websites that have listings of Nintendo-made games on the NES, SNES and Game Boy at all? All the big Ninty sites (including the official one) have nothing like that, and only have N64-onwards info.
    -Fryguy (

David Dayton: Rats. I used to have links to sites with all that info, before my computer crashed. However, I do know that the Game Boy Game Cartridge Encyclopedia ( is good, and that there is an NES Rarity List over at Video Game Connections ( .. I do recall there being a SNES list, but I don't remember where it is. Can anyone help out?

    On WHose Line is it Anyway this week, Wayne had to sing to a guy from Daily Radar, and he mentioned Donkey Kong and Mario.

David Dayton: And now you know, the REST of the story.

    I would just like to inform you that at my local Wal-mart a GBA is only $83.97 after tax. Super Mario Advance is only $29.96 after tax. It was good, but no one around here knows just what sprite scaling/rotation is, except me, and there is no need to explain it because you also know too, don't you? Also, why wasn't the Nintendo Power Disk-System add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or the Famicom Disk System(Nintendo Entertainment System Disk Add-On in America) released in America, or the Nintendo Sixty-Four Disk Drive (in case you haen't figured it out, I dislike pushy abbreviations, so NO smart remarks on that) for that matter? Oh well, you'll know (hopefully). And also, just a guess, maybe Mario's panta changed from red to blue because when red, take away the pant legs and the suspenders, BINGO, Mickey Mouse shorts. Last, but not of the least amount, Mario's shirt was brown in Super Mario Bros. 1 because they wanted his hair (including mousthache)and shoes to be the right color (he had brown hair back then).

David Dayton: Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City and others are selling at about $89.99, if they have any in. I got mine preordered from Toys R Us... ;)
I'd assume Nintendo didn't think the drives would sell well in America... and the 64DD did too poorly in Japan to justify American sales.
Mario's clothing changed color frequently in the games. I think Shigeru decided on the blue overalls with red shirt/cap around SMB3.

    Hey, do you guys know what happened to Nintendorks? I went to the site, but I found it full of messages like this "Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server in widgets/TodaysNews.php on line 6" Was it hacked or something?

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say server overload BAD. Mr. Face NE-VER wrong!!!!

    Dear TMK mailbag answering guy,
    Why is the aging process in the world of Mario so messed up? I mean, Mario looks basically the same as he did in Donkey Kong in 1981, yet Donkey Kong himself has grown hunchbacked and has a long grey beard? Could SOMEBODY give me closure?
    -Dover Tornado

David Dayton: Er... apes age faster than humans?
Keep in mind that Cranky Kong is a Rare creation... even though he is my favorite party of the Donkey Kong Country series, I don't think Nintendo Co., Ltd. considers him to be the "original" DK. As the Mario Party, Kart, and Tennis games seem to show, the current "standard" DK is the original one. Cranky Kong is just a great running gag by those Brits. That, or senile...

    Whoever's doing the mailbag, do you know where to get anymore N128 screenshots?(like the ones in the last mailbag.) Please don't send me any email back.

David Dayton: What's N128????

    Nice Site Deezer, good job.
    I was reading other mailbags, and found out that SMA1 is SMB2 from NES. Is SMA2 going to be a remake of SMB1 for NES, or is SMA2 going to be a different Mario Game. I have also read that SMA3 will be SMB3 from NES. Is that a rumour, or is that really true. (SMB3 is in my Top 10 favorite Games of all time, ahead of Zelda DX, and below, well, nothing!!! GO SMB3!)
    -The Pipeline

David Dayton: Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World have been announced for the GBA. That's alls I know.

    You know those rabit things in warios woods is it just me or do they look alot like the pols voice thingies from zelda?
    -Hollan Carter

David Dayton: Yeah, they do.

    To the Almighty Mailbag Answerer,
    Greetings. My title is Sir Woody Shavings, Honorary Carpenter of The REAL Mushroom Kingdom. I came across your website by searching with the words " The Mushroom Kingdom ", for any false accusations about the relationship between Princess Peach and the hero Mario Mario. I was astonished by the amount of information this website had, with all these codes, strageties, a mailbag, and even a radio. With such a big and fantastic website, I wondered if the legendary company Nintendo knew about this site. I thought to myself, " Why certainly they must have! ". And if Nintendo knew about this site, then the great magazine Nintendo Power had to know about this site. I finally concluded that if Nintendo Power knew about this site, then other video gaming magazines must know about it.

    With all these thoughts, I came up with two questions to ask the staff:
    1. Does Nintendo know about this site?
    2. What magazines OTHER than Nintendo Power does the TMK staff enjoy reading?

    I know this is a lengthly letter, forgive me. But I would greatly appreciate if you answered my questions.
    -Woody Shavings (Honorary Carpenter of The Mushroom Kingdom)

David Dayton: I'm sure someone at Nintendo has stumbled across this page once or twice. As far as I know, I don't think they've ever "officially" recognized TMK's existance. I could be wrong.
I don't read game magazine. ;)
(Er... what are these things about the Princess and the Plumber?)

    Whats a ICL or ZZT file?

David Dayton: Ah, ZZT. This always pops up...
ZZT was a shareware game engine developed by Apogee many years ago, and has since become freeware. Many levels/games were developed using its full level editor, including several Mario and Yoshi themed games. To run these, you need to install ZZT. Once you have, you can load any created ZZT games. You can snag ZZT at -and when the webmaster of TMK remembers, possibly from this site as well. ;)
ICL are Icon Libray files... Windows files that hold several icons. To use them, you need to be running Windows. Right click on a program and check the properties, then choose to change the Icon. When presented with options, browse to the ICL file and open it. You will be able to choose from the icons inside the ICL file.

    I have been stuck in this situation for a long time. SMRPG was, and still is, my favorite mario game. Now paper mario has come out. Since it was formally called SMRPG2, i've wanted to try it out. but in my personal opinion, it looks stupid. I mean, it's 2-D people. i would like to know if paper mario s better than, just as good, or worse than SMRPG.
    -Christian Warrior

David Dayton: It's better.

    I love the Super Mario Bros. movie. I have watched it 14 times, and taped it off television. But I want to know where you can buy the real video. It is at all the Blockbusters. But I can't find it anywhere. Could you tell me where to find Super Mario Brothers on VHS?
    By the way, great site it is the best Mario web site there is!

David Dayton: It's out of print, so eBay might be your best bet.

    hello deez. jj megab•te or david dayton, some questions-
    1. who the heck iz mr. face? I LOVE HIM! hes funny!
    2. mr face, why arent u ever wrong?
    3. mario this time- iz princess peach gonna be in ssbm?
    4. do u like Gundam Wing?
    5. how did ur site get so AWESOME? you must have really thought it out
    -Travis Lewis X, The Nova Phoenix

David Dayton: Ah, loveable Mr. Face. He has his own website... Go visit and make sure to tell the staff that The Mushroom Kingdom sent you..
Yes, the Princess will be in the new Smash Bros. game.
I've heard things of Gundam Wing... and this site is AWESOME because it deals with Mario.

    Where can I get a VS Super Mario Bros arcade ROM at?
    P.S. if you make some kind of smart ass reply I will never visit this site again in my life. -Debbi Kyer

David Dayton: be... sarcastic....must....must....ARRRGH!


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