22 Jun 2001

Mailbag by MEGAߥTE

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MEGAߥTE: Just thought I'd mention a few things RE: last mailbag. TMK was actually listed on NOA's site for a while. I don't think its still there, and anyway it pointed to a defunct link. I bought my copy of SMB The Movie at K-Mart, but that was years ago. Also, for IE 5.5 and IE 6.0 users, I'd like some feedback on the enhancement to the main page. Well we've got a lot of redundancy in this week's mailbag. Looks like a lot of people are anticipating SSBM.

    Hi People. Cool Site I'll be back
    -Daniel Partida (A.K.A Luigi)

    This is my first time at this site. It's pretty dam cool. Anyway I just wanted say to all nintendo fans that sonic is part of nintendo now but U got to admit that he has made great games in the past who know he might make even better games on nintendo. iKnow he's not going to come out in the Smash Bros. Melee but wouldn't it be cool if he came out in HOPEFULLY in the future a Smash Bros. 3 that would kick @$$. I'm ganna visit this kick A$$ site again. See yan Mario...........rules!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Daniel Partida (A.K.A Luigi)

    Hello everyone this is my first time at this site. I do really like the Mario Bros., but I like Luigi more to me he is more popular. I love Princess Daisy ALOT just like my friend who loves Princess Peach ALOT. Finally a site that can answer all my questions about video games and other this pertaning mario and all that other stuff. Since it is my first time at this site I think its the best Mario site their is and you will be seeing me again THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.
    -Daniel Partida (A.K.A Luigi)

MEGAߥTE: Well you win the award for most rapid consecutive e-mails. However, you don't get the cookie for most consecutive e-mails as we shall see later.

    Hello mailbag people (all, what..3 or 4 of you?) I have a question for you. You've all seen that picture of Peach in Smash Bros. Melee where she's tossing a vegetable off the screen, right? If you haven't, it's on Nintendo's web site somewhere. Well, my question is why can't they put Wart, from Super Mario Bros. 2, in Smash Bros. Melee? It would just make sense that, if she's throwing vegetables at someone, Wart should be there to attack too. I also have a Mario reference for you (I think...) in Naked Gun 33 1/2, Leslie Nielsen is at the Academy Awards. He is backstage, and there are a bunch of people are chasing him. He runs up to a bunch of steel kegs (which are empty) and starts throwing them at the people chasing him. Could that not be a Donkey Kong reference? wow, that was a long letter. Thanks for your time,
    -Jon :)

MEGAߥTE: I think Nintendo has been careful to pick and choose characters so that there will be participants from a wide variety of their previous titles. That is what SSB is all about.. not adding all of the lesser Mario characters. However, you never know, Wart could be a hidden character.. I don't know if that was intended as a DK reference or not.. but I can tell you that it was Naked Gun 33 1/3, not 33 1/2.

    I beat the game with in the first hour of playing. ( Warps in world3,World5) Wart was so EASY. It was funny watching Wart get tossed out by the Subcon's. Sadly I've beaten All the Mario games. Even when SMB3 and SMW come out I'll still probaly beat them in a hour. I one question what Mario game do I play now.
    -Super Mario All-Star ( Super Mario Pro)

MEGAߥTE: If you think Mario games are too short, why not play through the Final Fantasy series or similar? You know, if you didn't just warp through the game, there'd be a lot more to it.

    What is on the secret page?Is it just some kind of thing where you will find it and think it was a waste of time looking for it for so long,or will you have to shield your eyes from the perfect glory of it?Also,is the secret page something you type on the URL,or is it a thing hidden on the site that you have to click?

MEGAߥTE: All of the above.

    Where can I get Gamecube screenshots without annoying logos on the pictures?


    Hey, I was playing Super Mario Advance with some of my friends, and since I was dumb enough to forget my Game Boy Advance and Link Cable, we only had one GBA. Anyway, we were trying to beat each other`s levels in Mario Bros. The furthest we had gotten was Phase 27. I was just wondering if anyone on this site would know how many phases are in the whole game? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. This is definetly the best Mario web site on the internet.
    "Villain, take my purse; if ever thou wilt thrive, bury my body; and give the letter which thou find´st about to Edmund, Earl of Gloster; Seek him out upon the British party; 0' untimely death!" I know thee well; A serviceable villain; as duteous to the vices of my mistress as badness would desire." What, is he dead?" Sit you down, Father; rest you." --- The Walrus
    ^^Think my signature`s a bit too long?

MEGAߥTE: If it is like the original, there is no limit to the number of phases.. it goes on forever. Yes, YosterB, you signature is too long, especially considering you didn't even have your name in the signature!

    This was the original "message" and you answered saying that'd there will be SMB3 and Super Mario World for GBA.

    Nice Site Deezer, good job. I was reading other mailbags, and found out that SMA1 is SMB2 from NES. Is SMA2 going to be a remake of SMB1 for NES, or is SMA2 going to be a different Mario Game. I have also read that SMA3 will be SMB3 from NES. Is that a rumour, or is that really true. (SMB3 is in my Top 10 favorite Games of all time, ahead of Zelda DX, and below, well, nothing!!! GO SMB3!)
    -The Pipeline

    So, in answering to his question, while I was at my local grocery store with my mom (i just go to rent games or look at magazines), I picked up 3 magazines. One was Pocket Gamer and the other was the Nintendo Power or whatever issue with a Gameboy Advance on the cover. I don't member which one i read it in, but it said "Nintendo will also be making remakes of Super Mario 3 (Super Mario Advance 2),Super Mario World (Super Mario Advance 3), Yoshi's Island, and Yoshi's Safari". That's what it said in the book, so hopefully, they are correct. :) I *think* it was Pocket Gamer, or I could be wrong :) Oh, and also, any person(s) that ask anymore stupid questions will go on my personal loser list ;) Thank you. (Not that this was a stupid question, of course.)
    -Joe Ledesma

MEGAߥTE: You're right. That wasn't a question.

    I was feeling nostalgic this weekend and so I decided to rent The Wizard. I hadn't seen it in years so I was a pleasant trip down memory lane. I started to remember how excited I got when I first saw this movie in the Theater. The first time I saw it I almost messed myself when Super Mario Bros. 3 appeared!!! I can see how Nintendo raked in the cash with that little marketing move. True gamers who have seen this movie can probably point out a million things that weren't right. I think the most unusual thing was when Christian Slater unplugged the controller from the NES and it shut off the game. Then they left the RF switch on the TV. Hmm, I think you might need that later! Can you tell I have watched this movie too much!!!
    Before I close, 2 weekends ago I went to a Tatoo place with my cousin and her friend so that he could get his tongue pierced. I started to look at the samples on the wall and then I saw it! It was a little section of Video Game characters and of course they had several Mario tatoos. That started me thinking. I had never thought about getting a tatoo before, but if I ever do you know what I will get. Does anybody out there have a Mario tatoo?


    In response to DarKnight13's question, I've seen the Eggplants in some SMA screenshots too. In fact, when the GBA was featured on the cover of NP in April, it had a shot of Mario holding an Eggplant on the GBA! Well, one in two issues did. Half the issues had a shot of Luigi underground instead. Maybe it's one of those totally random things, like the Samus statue in Kirby Super Star, or maybe they just took it out of the final version of the game for some reason.
    -Josh Nickerson
    That's where I got the screenshots, but they may have either updated them or removed them by the time you get this...but never fear! I thoguht ahead and snagged every NoJ beta screenshot they had. Here's the one with the eggplant:
    If you want to see the rest of the screenshots go here:
    Some of the screenshots especially in the first archive are very unusual and not possible in the final.

MEGAߥTE: I think I cool new section for TMK would be a Beta->Final game difference special.

    Nintendo Power Advance (and the Super Mario Advance instruction booklet) say that Birdo is a girl. Maybe it's a boy in the original SMB2 and he quit after that game so they had to bring in a girl Birdo. Also, I noticed that in Super Mario Advance you can pick up Birdo's bow, but if you throw it at Birdo it shows up again! Also, are there going to be guides for where all the Yoshi Eggs are in SMA?
    Thanks, you rule, Pika Pika!!!

MEGAߥTE: There's a simple explanation. After having an identity crisis for so many years, Birdo had a sex change. I'm sure there will be guides available very soon.

    Hi, I've been visiting your site for about two years now and I love it. I'm a really big fan of Toad and believe that he should have his own game series. Do you think that Nintendo will ever give him a chance in the spotlight?
    Thanks for your time,

MEGAߥTE: Toad did have a starring role once.. Wario's Woods. However it looks like lately he's been hiding under Peach's dress.

    In respones to all the contravers on the video game wars, ect. I would just like to say that I remeber when it wasn't this hard, back in the good old days when their was just Sega and Nintendo, then there was just enoughcmpetion to keep things going and if you didn't like on new system you could just easly get the other and have both. All you people coming on here fighting for which systems should live and which deserve to be a 3rd party developer makes me SICK. Personaly, I would have been happy in neather Sony or Microsoft entered gaming systems, I would be happy with just Nintendo and Sega. :--I
    -Rudy Vingris

MEGAߥTE: You're forgetting NEC!

    oops, forgot something, is it true that the X-BOX crashed during an E3 Demo? now some questions
    1. Is Lugi's Masion goning to be a lauch title instead of MArio?
    2. when will we get to see any thing on Mario games? Spaceworld?
    3. What do you think so far about SSB Melee, with Mario, and (somone you thought should have been in the first one) Bowser.
    -Rudy Vingris

MEGAߥTE: Umm your first one was a question too.
0. I don't think so. Where'd you hear that?
1. I don't know about Lugi's Masion, but Luigi's Mansion will be.
2. Reportedly.
3. I think it will be sweet.

    That mushroom carpenter in the last mailbag should SHUT UP is'nt obvious that Peach likes Mario by now who cares if mario is smaller but people tend to forget that Peach is wearing highheals which makes her a few inches taller. I wouldn't trust people Deezer,Megabyte,J.J,David and all you other guys remember what I said about Hairball- in the past mailbags. If I was you Deezer I would tell them to show an ID or if he is a real mushroom(yea right) then I won't have a problem....

MEGAߥTE: Trust the fungus.

    I have one question why is Nintendo going to release Luigi's Mansion and Smash Melee on the same day WHAT"S the catch. OH and another question when is game cube going to be released I know its in November but if the games are going to released on the 5th of Nov. then it probably seems the system is going released a day earlier please tell me (Oh my aching head)!!!!!!!!

MEGAߥTE: Questions are generally asked using the character known as the question mark "?" and generally do not answer themselves.

    Is there going to be any good characters in Smash Bros. Melee , besides those dumb characters like the Eskimos. Will Smash Bros. 2 as I prefer to call it have Bowser, Wario, Peach,Daisy,Walluigi,Geno,Mallow,Zelda,Baby Mario and Luigi, and any other better Poke Mon besides Jiggly Puff oh! last but not least Sonic the Hedgehog one of my favorites but I know Mario can KICK his @$$ because Mario is better. Does anybody else realize this but on the N64 Mario made only sports games besides Super Mario 64 and Smash Bros. 1 I mean there all great games but I like more adventure games. I just can't wait till the new Mario games. on other sites they talk about who is the hottest video game girl on the planet? Well, I would choose Princess Peach Toadstool my friend would choose Daisy, what would you choose but Princess Peach would be the one because she is pretty (Ever seen Mario golf and tennis). I have seen the knew Zelda commercial, I think its great with the graphics. Now if that is game cube graphics I am definitely getting it wouldn't you.....

MEGAߥTE: The characters were listed in the news. You're fogetting Paper Mario and the Mario Party series. I'm sure after this week, some people would say Lara Croft.. but I'd still go for Daisy. ;-)

    Could yougive me any information regarding any Dr. mario tournaments?
    -Gregory Jay Matthews

MEGAߥTE: I wasn't aware that there were any.

    I asked about mushroom boy and I ment the one in the 11th mailbag. So who is he?

MEGAߥTE: I already told you.

    Luigies Manison will be very odd. For you see in Luigies diary in PM ses he is scared of ghosts.
    P.S what is the plot of LM? I think luigie has to save mario. And if so why? For you see in his diary he ses he is jelous of Mario.
    P.SS what is mario !28's plot?
    P.SSS Does Luigie ever sound like loogie to you

MEGAߥTE: The plot of Luigi's Mansion is not exactly known at this time. To paraphrase David: What's mario !28? Also, there is no 'e' in 'Luigi' Therefore, it does not sound like 'loogie.' In addition, it's PPS, PPPS, etc., not PSS.

    TMK the next level was a freind of tMK's that was devoted to fan fiction.

MEGAߥTE: TMK had no such friend.

    1. What are the characters in SSB2 and what games are they from?
    2. Why doesn't SMBA have special features like SMB deluxe?
    3. What is Mario 128 about
    4. Why is PM so easy?
    P.S I kind of want Chrono (Chrono triger) Starman (earthbound) Bomberman (Super Bomberman) Zero,Dr.light, and MeganX (Megaman X) Baby mario,koopa troopa,Magikoopa,chuck quizmo,Boo,DKJR.,wario and Moomoo for ssb2.

1. For the second time, the characters were listed in the news.
2. What special features did you want? SMA seems to have lots of special features.
4. Who knows.

    Do you know some characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee? Can you name them? Thanks
    -Luigi Mario

MEGAߥTE: For the third time, the characters were listed in the news.

    That glitch that I told you about: It saved Mario's butt a few times on my game because I went to some islands because Mario was low on energy. Does that help?

MEGAߥTE: No. Now I'm confused. I don't understand why everybody is so focused on Mario's butt.

    Hi! I wanted to thank you guys for the SMK shortcuts, but I think I may have asked a less specific question about Yoshi's Safari. The previous question about the game was my fault, not you guys. As before, I am trying to figure out as many of the differences in between Normal and Hard, and I have a few:
    P.S. Correct me if I am wrong or do not have "enough" information on any differences I found myself, or if I missed something, and I will be happy. BTW, I am asking for these answers politely.
    On to the differences I found:
    1. Some items are removed ( I cannot name them all as I no longer own a Super Scope)
    2. Bosses shoot cannonballs faster, and move faster.
    3. Yoshi receives more damage if he is hit.
    4. The mini-bosses also are faster.
    Thanks a million!
    -Kyle Wightman

MEGAߥTE: Interesting. Anybody know of any other differences?

    Sweet design I love it. Oh yeah that message that had fourths was me it's part of my Email. I got 3 questions.
    1) Why doesn't Nintendo make Mario games harder?
    2) Why aren't there any Secret levels in any Mario games. ( Super Mario World was only game with secret levels)
    3) Why does Bowser have to be easy in almost every Mario game ( I thought he was hard in Paper Mario and Lost Levels.)
    -Super Mario All-Star

1. Probably because they have targeted a younger group of players.
2. There are plenty of secret levels in Mario games. Such as Worlds 9-D in SMB2J. And the location of the third warp whistle in SMB3 (or World 9 for that matter). And there are a bunch of secret levels in SML2. And a secret world in SML3. And secret levels in WL2. And SMRPG. And SMK. And SMW2. And SM64. And then there's always the minus world in SMB. And..
3. See #1.

    Hi again. Ahem, ZZT was created by Epic Megagames, NOT Apogee as David stated. What was he thinking? my right buttock. That mistake should cause them to drop your site. Well...maybe that wouldn't be fair to Deezer. Bye. :)
    P.S. ZZT is awesome and I'm sure Mr. Face agrees.
    -Lizard Dude

Mr. Face: Mr. Face say classicgaming isn't Lizard Dude's right buttock, Mr. Face AL-WAYS right!
Mr. Face also say David didn't actually read the ZZT page, David AL-WAYS wrong!

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