13 Jul 2001

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Sony hater

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    I was looking at the mailbag and noticed two things:
    1. The last mailbag is from Dec 21 2000. We want more! We = TMK fans
    2. Megaߥyte's name would be prounced Mega-ss-yen-teh. = german for two "s", and = japanese currency symbol, called "Yen".
    -Elemental Knight

David Dayton: The last mailbag is from Dec. 21st, eh? Tell that to Mr. Face.
Mr. Face: Mr. Face say YOU WRONG!

    I must get a super mario rpg where can I get it? And if the aswer is pete's pawn shop what's there phone number?
    "hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry" plop
    p.s. now that I'm done with that if you ever see a letter from super dinosaur yoshi ( his old japanise name) thats me.

David Dayton: Try eBay. I lost my original copy, and got a replacement for just $15.00 that way.

    I have beaten legend of zelda Ocarina of Time. I thought Ganon would be harder. I tell you the truth I had a harder time with the final battle against Bowser on SM64. Is it possible that Bowser and or Ganon will be harder bosses. The only true games I had trouble against Bowser was Paper Mario, and The lost Levels (because I had a heart attack from the shock of beating the hardest mario game) I only conquered 2 zelda games Link to past, and OOT and Ganon was easy in both . my best friend conquered about 5 Zelda games. He said Ganon and other bosses were easy.

    p.s. Paper Mario is much better than SMRPG.
    -Super Mario All-Star

David Dayton: If I read your question correctly (and that's a challenge in itself), I believe you are asking if Bowser and Ganon will be more difficult to defeat in future games. I would have to say... maybe. I think future Zelda games will get tougher (as they will most likely not be developed by Miyamoto), but future Mario games will stay at around the same level of difficulty.
P.S. -- I agree.

    I found another Mario reference in Monolith Studio's really-rather-sticky Duke3d engine-powered game, BLOOD. There's a commentator (of sorts) in the Deathmatches, called 'The Voice". He basically comments on each kill with comments like "HAMBURGERED!". Now, one of his remarks is kinda hard to make out. It's either "Go play Mario!" or "Don't play Mario!", which I think would probably play if you fell to your death. If ya want, I'll convert the sound from RAW to a wave, and send it to ya. Oh, and yep. MARIO is a level select cheat. I haven't tried LUIGI tho.
    -Rick Trimble

David Dayton: Send it in! Sounds interesting.

    Dear mailbag answerers,
    I am creating my own mario website, though I'm sure it will never compeate with yours. How do you get the images from games and the screen shots onto your webpage?
    -Yoshi 21

David Dayton: Try Silly Putty. It works wonders.

    My overall favorite Nintendo character is Luigi. My least favorite Nintendo character is Yoshi. My brother's favorite Nintendo character is Samus Aran. Shigeru Miyamoto created Luigi, and Shigefumi Hino created Yoshi. Here are some questions:
    1. Is Luigi more popular than Yoshi?
    2. Did Luigi star in more games than Yoshi?
    3. Can Luigi beat Yoshi in ...?
    a. Super Mario Kart
    b. Mario Kart 64
    c. Super Smash Bros.
    d. Mario Golf
    e. Mario Tennis
    4. Did Luigi make more cameos than Yoshi?
    5. What is Luigi's relationship with Yoshi?
    6. What are the driving ability comparisons between Luigi and Yoshi?
    7. How many games did Yoshi star in with Luigi?
    8. Which games did Luigi have a cameo in?
    9. Which games did Yoshi have a cameo in? Two of them are Zelda games.
    Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story look juvenile. I love the game Mario Bros. Luigi's Mansion is going to be the greatest. In 2004, Yoshi should be on vacation while Luigi, Waluigi, and Daisy will be busy taking over the Nintendo stardom. Therefore, Yoshi should not star in a game during that year. The Nintendo games to be released in 2004 will be mostly games starring Luigi having Mario, Wario, or Waluigi as cameos.
    -Richard W. Hill

David Dayton: Sigh. Huge letter. I like Luigi, though, so I will answer it.
1. If everyone thinks like me, yes.
2. If by star you mean "appeared", then yes. If by star you mean "the main character", then no.
3. If I was Luigi and you were Yoshi, Luigi would beat Yoshi easily in all of those.
4. Luigi has had one cameo in Ocarina of Time, as did several other Mario characters; he also did in Link's Awakening. Otherwise, I can't think of a single Luigi cameo.
5. The same as Mario's.
6. Yoshi is faster than Luigi in both the SNES and N64 Mario Kart games, but Luigi handles better.
7. Er... lemme think... Super Mario World... Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (sort of), all the Mario Kart and Mario sports/party next question.
8. See answer 4.
9. If you know of them, why ask me?
So... Yoshi's Island looks juvenile? Excuse me for a moment whilst everyone else in the gaming universe points at you and laughs.

    Greetings TMK!
    I have a question that's sort of Mario related... In Super Smash Brothers, you know how there are cameos in the backgrounds of the levels during VS. and 1 palyer modes. I was wondering if you knew how to trigger the cameos? The first day I had Smash Bros, some friends and I were playing in Saffron City. I have to pause the game for some reason and when I do, Articuno is behind my character (Mario, I believe). I have not seen Articuno again since then, and I've also seen the cameos of other characters everywhere else. Anyway, thanks for your time.

David Dayton: They happen randomly. No way to force them to happen.... although I did hear that making Mew appear out of a PokeBall was somehow triggered by the number of games played.

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