27 Jul 2001

Mailbag by Mushroom Boy

Mushroom Boy
TMK mascot

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Mushroom Boy: Mushroom Boy here, guest-writing this week's mailbag. After this is over I'm sure I'll dive into the river of obscurity... Unless of course Deezer lets me out of my little Mushroom House more often.

    I was reading a newspaper one day, and one of the comics featured a kid playing a Nintendo. His parents were watching him and imagining how that could help him find a job. They pictured want-ads reading: "Experienced Princess Rescuer, Koopa Stomper Needed, etc." I lost the comic, but if I find it again, I'll scan it and send it in.

Mushroom Boy: That's a Far Side comic!

    In Hey You Pikachu,I once said "Mario Rules"and Pikachu shocked me.If you don't believe me about being able to get shocked,you can.Just tell Pikachu to thundershock something and get in front of him,and you should get shocked.Pikachu seems to like it when I say "Luigi",though.

    Also,I've always thought that the Pokemon Weedle is made to look like the Super Mario World enemy Wiggler in the forest levels.If you change the spike on Weedle's head to a flower,it should look exactly like Wiggler.

    And as for the Blastoise/Bowser thing,I don't see the resemblance.

Mushroom Boy: Neither do I!

    It is a great rumor that throughout 2004, Luigi and Daisy will dominate the Nintendo stardom, and Yoshi will be on vacation. Probably, no Mario Party or Mario sports games will be released on that year, and Yoshi will not appear any games on that year. Luigi will star in many games that year. 2004 will remind us of Mario's good old days. Luigi is my number one Nintendo character, and my respect for his career is beyond eminence. Yoshi is my number infinity Nintendo character for numerous reasons. How would Mario and Luigi feel about it? Gamers who think the opposite of me cannot beat me. If my opponent plays as Yoshi, he or she will be most likely to lose to me. If my opponent plays as Luigi, there will be a doubt whether he or she will win or lose. Luigi's Mansion looks adult like, but SMW2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story look juvenile.

Mushroom Boy: Ooo-kay.


    Yo! I run a webpage at Currently, I have a section with character pix. I need to know if I have permission to use the images used in your Mariopedia section. I've already used some images for Mario, Luigi, and Toad. If you disapprove, I will remove them immediately. Please respond. Thanx!

Mushroom Boy: Yah, just give us credit via a link to or something.

    What happened to your fanfiction part of the website? I loved the stories in it. The Mario's Colage Days stories were awsome! Now the fanfiction websit has dissapeard!

    Do you know where I can get Mario guitar tabs. I thought they wer at your site, but I can't seem to find them anymore.

Mushroom Boy: Methinks Deezer was a bit tipsy while redesigning the site... a few of the links are missing off the menu.

Fan fiction
Guitar tabs

    Hey y'all. Nice job on your site. Anyway, I have a big question (or ~cough two cough~) for you guys.

    What is Princess Daisy's name in the Japanese version of Super Mario Land? A friend of mine and I were trying to find out her first/last name, and since Princess Toadstool's first name was used in the Japanese series, that this would be our best bet. But since you don't have a Japanese to English for SML, an e-mail seemed fitting.

    Aside from that, do you guys plan on doing a Japanese to English for Wrecking Crew and other games like that. We were interested in finding out what Foreman Spike's (~cough Wario cough~) name was in Japanese too.

    Well, thanks for your time and keep up the good work.
    -Our Luigi of the Pipes

Mushroom Boy: Princess Daisy's Japanese name is — get ready — "Princess Daisy." We don't know Foreman Spike's Japanese name yet. If anyone would be so kind as to send Deezer some Japanese manuals, I'm sure he'd make some more Japanese-to-English pages.

    You know how sometimes people tell people to do things early so they get done on time? Like if lunch is at noon, but you think theyre gonna be late so you tell them it's at 11:45? Maybe if you tell Megabyte that the mailbag is due in themid-to-late 1990's, he'll finish it some time early in the week after it's due.

Mushroom Boy: Hahah! But seriously, I'm sure he had a good reason for not having a mailbag done in two weeks.

    I noticed that you have a Super Mario Bros. NESticle Movie of a bug called "Wacky Warp", described as "Warping in 4-2 without the vine". Could you put that bug (if it's possible to do it on the NES version) on the SMB bugs page? I would like to know how to do that, since I don't like emulators much.

Mushroom Boy: I'll tell Deezer.

    Well, well, well. Jolly impressed I was with that old radio station of yours... I wonder, though, my good chap if you could explain a couple of things to me....
    Who's the odd-sounding American who introduces the station (complete with an incorrect pronunciation of the word 'Yoshi')?

Mushroom Boy: He pronounced "Yoshi" correctly.

    why don't you ever try to get more affiliates?

Mushroom Boy: The point of affiliating is to "team up" with sites we like. It's not a contest to see who can get the most affiliates.

    Ever since TMK's redesign, I've noticed that when the main page loads, it's very blocky and then it appears normal after an interesting-looking transition. That doesn't seem to happen on other websites. Is that just the way my browser loads TMK, or is that some sort of nifty HTML code that simulates the SNES Mode-7 blocky pixel effect, such as when entering a stage in Super Mario World, or the battle transition in the SNES Final Fantasy games?

Mushroom Boy: You got it—Super Mario World.

    On SMBDX, I've gotten all the red coins and all the yoshi eggs, but I did not earn the two pictures for it in the album (the two lower corners of pg. 2). However, I did earn the Peach Award and the high score medals picture. Is there something wrong with my cartridge? What should I do? Have you ever heard of a case like this?
    -David "Hey you in the bushes" Barrow

Mushroom Boy: Apparently, this glitch can happen in all the SMBDX cartridges. Give Nintendo a call or e-mail and they'll fix the cartridge for you. If they still do that.

    I found a Mario reference when I was watching an old episode of Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central. It was a Weekend Update, and Kevin Nealon was talking about the new ESRB ratings on games. He said that the ESRB felt that games needed to be rated because of Nintendo's release of "long slonge Donkey Kong."

Mushroom Boy: ROTFL!

    i found a glitch in super mario world 2: Yoshi's Island. It occurs in world 6-7, on the spinning wheel on the line, if you jump right when its turning down, it will send you flying off way high above the took forever to fall...I have a ZSNES movie of it, if you want me to send it, just tell me :)

Mushroom Boy: Send that movie in, please! This shall be a splendid addition to our bugs section.

    P.S. Why do you dumb dumbs think Paper Mario is better than SMRPG? Paper Mario has pathetic graphics.
    -??? ??y

Mushroom Boy: News flash: Graphics don't make games fun.

    Meu nome é Vinícius e eu gosto de Mario desde quando eu nasci, por isso gostaria que você me conhecesse, eu sou brasileiro, tenho 15 anos e estou no primeiro ano do segundo grau, please, coloque as minhas sugestões no mailbag:

    1º vamos fazer uma rede da TMK pelo mundo inteiro, começãndo pelos EUA e aqui no brasil. ( eu irei criar a página about Mario)

    2º I have a lot of Mario cartoons in my house, in VHS, Iwas recording it in 1994.

    3º I have the film in VHS Super Mario Bros, and The wizard.

    4º send-me one e- mail:

Mushroom Boy:
4º You heard the man, send him some mail:

    Beste Mario,

    Ik vind jou spelletjes zo leuk. Ik ben een grote fan van jou. Wil je mij een bericht terug sturen ik had geen vragen om aan je te stellen. Ik had gewoon zin om je te mailen.
    Mijn e-mail adres is
    -een grote fan.

Mushroom Boy: I just realized something: You could swear at us in a foreign language and we'd have no idea.

    How Are You Gentleman !!! (don't say a thing.)

    Well, I just ventured into good ol' TMK for the first time in about a year or so, It has somehow gotten even BETTER than the unmatched Mario site it was! I just downloaded a great WinAMP skin, checked out the radio, and am currently sending something that with some chance could land in the mailbag for the world to enjoy. I would keep complimenting, but I'm already makin' this a bit long...

    Before I go, I might as well share a tidbit of information you may already know about. In Zelda: OoT, in the second level of the Dodongo Cavern, in the area overlooking the main room, there is a sign which, I believe, informs you on how to put bombs in the dodongo skull's eyes. If you switch to first-person and examine the sign, you'll probably recognize a familiar plaque. Yup, the one under the star statue in SM64....the infamous "L is Real 2041". Hmm...maybe Luigi is a playable character in OoT?!?!?! I won't even start.

Mushroom Boy: I'd guess that it says "An eternal star" on the Super Mario 64 star statue. I don't know about the Zelda one because I haven't seen it.

    I found a Mario reference in "Jill of the Jungle" (an old PC game which you can download off the net.) In the game, there are some apples that have messages when you get them. One message was: [[[Super Hero Quits Job: Italy(UPI) Today, World renowned "Mario" resigned his position at age 72. This is the latest event in an unprecedented chain of events caused by Jill's incredible popularity.
    "We just don't stand a chance against her, so we are giving up," said Mario, "We are not cool enough."
    Mario plans to return to his previous job cleaning gorilla cages at the local zoo.]]]
    That is exactly what had been written in the game. The company Epic Mega Games thought that Jill would be more popular than Mario. I really don't think that Mario would give up that easily. Another thing, if Jill is more popular than Mario, how come she only made 3 games? I would love to see them try to answer that question

Mushroom Boy: Thanks! Are you sure it's the first Jill of the Jungle? We can't find that apple.

    Deez (or whoever else is out there in the great unknown),

    In the June 29, 2001 mailbag someone asked about places to buy old SNES games and stuff, so I thought I would shamelessly promote the store where I work. It's called GameCrazy, and I believe SMW is like $10. My location is sold out of all the SNES Mario games except for Mario Paint, but people trade them in suprisinly often. And, if you need the old NES Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, it's just $0.25. GameCrazy's are inside random Hollywood video locations, and you can trade in your old stuff to buy new and used games. Go to (if it's working...) to find a location near you.

    (btw, if Deez isn't doing the mailbag this week, this is an online friend who's known him for like 5 years. E-mail back for a nifty pic of him in grade schoool. MWHA HA HA HA. Oh, and if this is Deez reading this, please read the "MWHA HA HA" as "HA HA HA HA - just kidding, I'd never send that around" )

Mushroom Boy: Send it to me! Mwa ha ha!
Deezer: I never should've sent her that pic...

    Hey, Deezer, David Dayton, MEGAߥte, or whoever,

    I was playing Super Mario Advance on world 3-1 and I entered the first door. I accidentally fell down the waterfall, and to my surprise, I didn't die!!!!!!! I fell down the waterfall until I reached a door. I went in and there were a TON of veggies and 1 potion. At the end of the tunnel, there was a vase that I couldn't go down. I then knew that it was a warp zone. I tried it in Subspace and I went down. It said "WARP World 5". I just you should know. See ya later!
    -SMB123MarioMaster :-]

Mushroom Boy: I'd add that to our SMB2 guide if it wasn't there already.

    Hi! How are you?

    I send you this file in order to have your advice

    See you later! Thanks
    -A lot of e-mails

Mushroom Boy: *delete* You're welcome, SirCam.

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