20 Jul 2001 & 03 Aug 2001

Mailbag by MEGAߥTE

Afflicted with
Chronic Procrastination

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Can you get rid of the "Shock the Monkey and Win $20?" add? I hate that thing. Its at every website (almost). I usually shock him and then stop the stupid scam page from loading, then I get to look at the shocked monkey!

MEGAߥTE: Unfortunately we can't.. at least its not nearly as annoying as the XCam ads.

On SMB3, have you noticed that Mario can change into an invincible(but short-lasting) statue with a Tanooki Suit? If you have, are there any other special moves with Tanooki, Raccon, Hammer, Frog or Fire Mario?

MEGAߥTE: Umm yeah.. that was the whole point of the Tanooki suit.. Hammer Mario cannot be harmed by fire when he ducks. If you can't figure out the other moves, then SMB3 is too advanced for you.

Hey there Deezer, David, Mushroom Boy, and the other assorted people who will now get offended because I didn't include them...
Your site is great. It's filled with mostly up to date info on Mario, and your Mario radio is great. Now...
Question one: Would you go for a Mario anime? An animated series?
Question 2: Would you go for a Mario movie? Live or animated?
Question C: Do you guys watch Frasier? If not, then your answer is irrelavent.
for I have already infected you with the...
ToadCam virus! Now, on November 5th, your hard drive will be slowly infected with millions upon millions of tiny Toad people, slowly eating away until a huge greasy fungi/Al Gore hybrid pops out of your Cd drive.
I also have a reference to Mario: In the movie Fletch, with Chevy Chase, I remember seeing the title character playing an NES with Mario Bros. plugged in. I don't remember very clearly, so I'll contact you when I see the movie again...I may be just striving for attention. BMW!BMW!BMWMWMW!

MEGAߥTE: You offend me.
one: Maybe.. it would probably end up being too juvenile.
2: We need a sequel.
C: Sometimes.

Everybody has to agree that the #1 characters for video games are Nintendo ones i mean come on lets compare shall we! Mario & Luigi {Nintendo} to Crash Bandicoot & snake from metal gear solid i mean come on everyone knows that Nintendo has the best video game characters in the world! any Nintendo character could kick any ps2 characters butt! {execpt pokemon cuz they suck}any day plus Nintendo has the best systems N64,GBA,GCN. So when it comes to video games Nintendo is #1!!!

MEGAߥTE: Since when was Solid Snake a Sony mascot? Nintendo had more games featuring him than Sony has.

This is more of a site question, than a mario question. I notice when i click on The Games, downloads, reference, and misc. they are all colors, why are they colors and do they represent something or are they just there?

MEGAߥTE: This was answered in not one, but TWO previous mailbags. RYGB is actually a universal conspiracy to control your life.

hey deezer, j.j., megabyte, david, mr. face or mushroom boy,
i got 6 questions, CHECK IT!
1. ever heard of
2. what do u think would happen if mega man fought mario? (yeecch!)
3. u ever seen monty python?
4. u in to diablo 2?
5. there is no question 5.
6. iz any of u gay? (except j.j.)
p.s.- what iz ur favorite pokemon, if u like pkmn?
-Travis Lewis X- The Nova Phoenix

1. Yes
2. Somebody would get hurt.
3. Yes.
4. No.
5. there is no answer 5.
6. No.
p.s.- Misty.. oh wait..

yo yo yo, duble-d(david), Deezer, J.J., or Megabyte,
5 new questions, CHECK IT!
1.whos idea waz it to put Pit from Kid Icarus (ive owned both games) in ssbm?
2.Ever heard of
3.mario this time- what do u think would happen if mario fought mega man?
4.j.j., if u answer my letter, plz dont insult me, ok?
5.mario again- do u think daisy will appear in a mario kart game or ssbm?
YES, there were 2 kid icarus games, an NES game and a Gameboy game. the gameboy game was called Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters(i think, its been so long since ive played it, even though i dont have it anymore.) and iz so darned funny! ull like it. -Travis Lewis X- The Nova Phoenix

1.It 'waz' somebody at Nintendo's idea.
2.You already asked that.
3.You already asked that, too.
4.Why not bi-otch?
5.Good chance.
Actually there where THREE Kid Icarus games.. two for the NES and one of the Gameboy. The second NES game was reportedly pulled because one of the enemies looked like a breast squirting milk.

The last letter on the latest mailbag...
I got that same one! I think it's some sort of virus.

MEGAߥTE: Duh.. what did you do, open it?
The following people have/had the SirCam virus (and clogged up our mailbox):
"Leonard" []
"jacqueline hayes" []
"=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Neno=20Falc=F3n?=" []
"ErwinS" []
"Aurelian" []
"=?ISO-8859-1?Q?N=E9stor=20Singer=20Contreras?=" []

Hey, uh, Person! What's this blurry intro thingy everyone's talking/complaining about?

I noticed in previous mailbags that people have commented on the loading of the main page. They have said that when the main page loads, it loads in a 'blocky' sort of way, ala SMW. However, when I load the main page, it doesn't do this. Is this a limitation of my browser, or am I just blind?

MEGAߥTE: If you have M$IE 5.5 or 6.0 you should see the transition. Otherwise you are blind.

Dear Mailbag answerer,
Do you think that the greapers off of SMRPG look like dead shyguys?
-Masked Plumber

MEGAߥTE: Umm I think that was the point..

Dear Mailbag answerers,
I just thought I would let you know, according to planet gamecube there will be a playable version of Super Mario Advance 2 at space world 2001, and it will be super mario world. Which means most likely Super Mario Advance 3 will be Super Mario Bros. 3. Super Mario Advance 2 is sceduald to be released in Japan this December along with Wario Land 4, so both should be landing inthe U.S. Sometime early next year. Anyway here is my question:
1.Do you like the idea of Sonic mabey being in SSBM?
2.Do you believe these rumers about Nintendo, HAL, and Sega negotiating over Sonics appearance?
3.Do you believe Jigglybutt, whoops!!!, I mean Jiggly puff will be a Secret Character in SSBM?
4.I f so will she be so dang crappy of a character again?
P.S.- Please add Planet Gamcube to the list of friends of TMK, it's a great site. The URL is

1. Yes
2. It's a possibility, but it probably won't happen until the next sequel if at all
3. I hope not
4. Yes
P.S. Not until they do the same

I recently recieved Super Mario All-stars as a gift (the version with Super Mario World included). My saved games are always erased. I saved my game, and when I came back an hour later to continue, my saved game was gone. This happens every time with every game on All-stars. Do you have any advice? Thanks for your time and help. Love the site, keep up the great work.

MEGAߥTE: Your backup battery is dead. You may be able to take it to your nearest Nintendo repair facility and have them install a new battery.

HI! Can I put your site in my Links page?
-Cal Thomas

MEGAߥTE: Yes, but you must do it 10 times

This is for Super Mario AllStars: Super Mario Bros In level 6-2 in hard mode at the start of the level it has a picture of a buzzy beetle, a green koopa, a green parakoopa and a goomba. But the thing is, there are no goombas in hard mode because they are replaced by buzzy beetles! This dosent work for the Nes version because it dosent tell you the enemies at the start of the level. Also two mistakes in the ending of Super Mario Allsatrs SMB2. When it shows up the enemies, it gets Birdo and Ostro mixed up, and it also spells clawgrip as clawgLip.
-Someone From Australia (My real name is Luke Roberts.).

MEGAߥTE: Aha, now I know who you are AND I know where you live.. The mistakes in SMAS/SMB2 were also present in the original SMB2.

Yes, I was glad my letter got posted a few mailbags ago. I know my letter was really long but you didn't have to take part of it out. Here's the part you took out:
[section removed]
Hope you all got that. The trick really works. It helps save time on that level. Another thing, I'm glad everyone read what I had to say about the Mario and Zelda cartoons. Ever since your mailbag, Team Save Zelda has become active again. The site is nearing its millionth hit, and the webmaster started updating again. I knew someone out there could have uploaded the cartoons and I'm glad my message was heard for someone to take action. Thanks, Danny. Be sure you get permission from DIC or Kid Kreation or whoever made the cartoons. I have a Mario cartoon tape called Koopa Klaus. The tape has three or four cartoons on it, but I don't have the equipment to get them online. Any suggestions? Well, that's all I have to say... for now...

MEGAߥTE: I just bought a WinTV PCI card from TigerDirect for $20. You can plug your VCR into it and record the tape.

Dear Mailbag,
1. I havent played the NES version but on your information page about the japanese version of SMB2 it said that the red pirahna plants will still pop up even if your standing on them, but this dosent seem to be the case in the SNES version (The Lost Levels). Why did nintendo change it?
2. You say that you can only pick up 1up mushrooms in SMB in the x-1 levels if you warped to them but sometimes i pick them up anyway. Why? (I own the SNES version)
3. I dont mean to be impatient and tell you to hurry up, but do you know when youre next going to update the mariopedia for months it still says "51% Complete". Im just asking politely so dont have a go at me.
4.What took you so long to update the mailbag?

Dear Mailbag, that above email asking the four questions including the one asking about the red pirahna plants i forgot to sign my "name" before sending. Sorry Please put my letter in under the name:
-Someone From Australia

1. They do pop up in SMAS/SMBLL.
2. I think they always come up in the SMAS version.
3. Perhaps if I write a database script for TMK, updates will happen quicker.. but its definitely not my top priority.
4. I have a life, don't you?
I think you meant put your NAME in under the LETTER

Did you get my last letter? If so why the @#$%! didnt you put it in???!!!
-Someone From Australia

MEGAߥTE: Why the @#$% should we? You send so many.. Think of the 80 others who didn't get in yet.

The Mario series is my second favorite game series. I slightly prefer Final Fantasy series to the Mario series. I am more of a Final Fantasy fan than a Mario fan. The music is what I love most about the Final Fantasy series. I am a Final Fantasy addict. I told David Dayton who my overall and least favorite Mario characters are (Luigi and Yoshi respectively). My overall favorite Final Fantasy character is Kain Highwind, a character from Final Fantasy IV. My least favorite Final Fantasy character is none other than Rinoa Heartilly, a character from Final Fantasy VIII. If Luigi and Kain (Team 1) were to fight Yoshi and Rinoa (Team 2) in a team battle as in the SSB Stadium, I think Team 1 will easily beat Team 2.
Here are some questions:
1. Is the Final Fantasy series more popular than the Mario series?
2. Is Final Fantasy music more popular than Mario music?
3. Is Nobuo Uematsu more famous and popular than Koji Kondo? Nobuo Uematsu composed the music for the Final Fantasy series, excluding the spin-offs.
4. What are the comparisons between Mario and Final Fantasy as to game play?
5. Do Final Fantasy games sell better than Mario games?
6. If a Mario character and a Final Fantasy character were to be in a Smash Bros. battle, who would win? (For example, Mario versus Cecil)
7. Do you like the Final Fantasy series?
8. Have you ever played my favorite SNES game, which is Final Fantasy IV?
9. What Final Fantasy games do you own?
10. What is the ratio between Mario and Final Fantasy games?
I am disappointed that Nintendo rejected Square last January. So Mario has knocked down Aki Ross. I have started a computer software company called Technoscopion, in competition with Microsoft. In about five years, it will join in the console battle. Technoscopion will love Square. Contrary to Nintendo, Technoscopion's consoles will sport mostly Squaresoft games. I love Squaresoft, no matter what how much pain Nintendo caused to it. My brother's respect for Nintendo is beyond eminence.
-Richard W. Hill

1. No
2. Yes
3. Probably
4. FF games are RPGs, Mario games are usually not.
5. No, for the simple fact that there are a lot more Mario games
6. Well if I was playing Mario and you were playing Cecil, then Mario would win.
7. Yes
8. Yes
9. FF7, FF8, and FF Tactics
10. 10+:1
In competition with M$? right buddy.

Dear Mailbag answerers,
This isn't really a question, but the nintendo gamecube abbriviation is GCN, not NGC, I am not sure why, but that is just how it is. So you should probabally change that on the upcoming games list

MEGAߥTE: Did you refer to the Gameboy as DMG? Why should we refer to it as GCN, they don't do it in Japan.

In the 3 games (that are not Mario-kart related), Super Mario 2(American), Warios Woods, and Super Mario Advance it is said he has abillities. Yeah right!!! In Super Mario Advance he was supposed to be the fasted character. If that's so than why was he captured by that slow, big butt bowser in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japanese). He was also said to be strong in both Super Mario 2 (American) and Super Mario Advance. If that's so how come he was never able to protect Peach from Bowser. One mre thing, how come in Super Mario 2 (American) Toad was the slowest character than in Super Mario Advance he becomes the fastest character.

MEGAߥTE: Toad was the fastest character in SMB2 when it came to picking things up.

Is the nintendo gamecube going to have internet capabilitys like dreamcast did?????

MEGAߥTE: Yes, 56k modem and Broadband modems have already been developed.

[Gamecube Modem][Gamecube Broadband]

I sent you an E-mail not to long ago and yes I DID read your staff page with the "Don't call me I'll call you" and I respect that your probably busy maintaining your page and all, but I would really like to join your staff. I know you will probably say No...But I just want to help alot. I have been a Mario fan since Birth[well you know what I mean..] And I think you did a great job. I'm already in the Super Mario Club[not kidding -_-] So I will leave you be until you make up my mind. So if you need any help just gimme a call.
Demetri Ghaeni


Dear TMK,
I would just like to start off by saying your site is the BEST!!!!
I have told all of my friends about it thanks for making this site!!!
-Tyler E-Mail

MEGAߥTE: You're welcome.

I found a Mario cameo in a Kirby game. In Kirby's Dream Course the enemy you get the spike power from looks just like a Spiny. Red shell and all! Ok now I have a question: Do you people like Daisy? I think she's WAY better than Peach. I think that, in future games, they should keep her look from Mario Tennis instead of making her look like that OTHER Princess. What do you think?
PS- I even welcome Mr. Face's opinion. He entertains me.
-Christopher (MegaMan's #1 Fan)

MEGAߥTE: I already posted a pic of what she should look like ;-)

Hi im nick the number1 YOSHI fan out there (second is lemmy then luigi luigi is better than Mario) Any hoo i need an answer can yoshi speak english and yoshi websites say he just speaks yoshi but in mario rpg he speaks english i need a definite answer im pretty sure he speaks both (95%) because of mario rpg but you know things change. BYE BYE also (sorry) 1-10 what would you give Yoshis island ( i dont know about you but i think it was better then any of the old mario games

MEGAߥTE: Yoshi spoke English in the SMW cartoon.

Yoshi could beat luigi you must admit yoshi could use eggs and could eat him yoshi is one of the best fighters of nintendo well so is luigi

im just angry with that i guy who says yoshis island looks juvenile yoshis story is but yoshis island is not and is better then any luigi game including mansion and so far it doesnt look like luigi made it to super smash 2 so put that in your plumbiness warp pipe and smoke it But i actually like luigi but i cant take people who think yoshi is a wimp baby but yoshi could be a challenge for mario sorry it was big

MEGAߥTE: Coherency please... and punctuation.

Dear Mushroom Boy,
I have gotten the Game Boy Advance and just wanted to tell you that Mario Advanced is an perfect game!
Well anyway I will give you a question, Is their any secretive games of mario only released in Japan, like those games you have sead: Mario talks about Communitism and Mario is missing?
I would appreatiate it also if you wished me a happy birthday, tomarrow I should be 10! Well have a good day Mushroom boy, you are a pal,
your friend,

MEGAߥTE: Mario is Missing was released in North America. And I think we're corrupting the youth..

Hey! I was watching Dextor's Lab (the episode where Dexter goes to Japan and awakens the axe-dragon thingy) and when Dee Dee and Toshi (the Japanese exchange boy) were in the lab, Dee Dee pushed a button that made those bubbles-on-a-string things envelop Toshi, and they reminded me of the bubbles-on-a-string-things from SMB3 that hang from the ceiling in one of the mini-castles...i think in the cloud level.... Is there any connection and do the bubbles in SMB3 getcha?
-StarGazer (StarGazer V in the fungi forums)

MEGAߥTE: Umm no, those "bubbles" are hanging lights..

[To:] hey tmk is this your only place to send info to?
-Adam Jackson

MEGAߥTE: No. In fact thats the WRONG place to send stuff to.. it will expire in 4 days.

You know, they often show that lousy "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" show on that lousier Toon Disney channel. Not that I have anything against Sonic, but where the stink is Super Mario Bros. 3? I mean, they're both made by DiC. I don't know what the frackin' problem is. And if you ask me, that particular video game show is the most aggravating in existence. Jaleel White for the voice of Sonic... Now that just doesn't work.
-Zed the Angry Farmer

MEGAߥTE: You should complain to Disney.

What's up with ""??
-Super Frog

MEGAߥTE: How the heck should we know?

Greetings, Mailbag-answerer.
A few mailbags ago, someone asked "What happened to The Mushroom Kingdom: The Next Level?" Well, maybe that person thought this used to be TMK: TNL remade, probably. But here's the answer, The Next Level is just a Mario site that posts fanfiction, made by an old friend with the online alias Q2. It's kind of old, and I haven't seen an update in a while.
Anyhoo, here's my question: For WTMK, where do you get these MP3s, and if you had made them, could you please post them on the site? There are a lot of loveable, foot-tapping themes to shake your jig to. ... Wow, I'm a sad boy.
Whoop, that's all.

MEGAߥTE: Just check your favorite music swapping service. We have some MP3s posted (though not linked yet) but we can't post them all due to copyrights.

No I don't think Mario games are short I beat all the levels in every Mario game. don't get me wrong I love Mario games. However I beat Final Fantasy 1 and 2 I also beat Zelda on Super Nintendo.I just got Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and I'm in the water Temple. ( the water Temple is the hardest Temple in the game I heard.) Well hopefully I'll beat Legend of Zelda OOT.
-Super Mario All-Star

MEGAߥTE: Are we supposed to congratulate you or something?

How many areas are in the whole game of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins? I have 29 areas complete right now. By the way, there is a glitch in the game. When you are small Mario, duck and then jump in the place you are standing. When you jump, you wont hear the jump sound FX.
-Kev T

MEGAߥTE: If I remember right, 32 including the castle.

Hi! I've been visitng your site for 3 years. You do a good job, keep up the work.
Anyways, I found a (somewhat) Mario reference in a PlayStation game. That's right. A PLAYSTATION GAME. In Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, there's this enemy in one level who throws barrels of dynamite (I think they're barrels, anyway), but he throws by placing it on the ground and rolling it towards you, kinda like the way Donkey Kong did in the original Donkey Kong. I swear...this enemy takes out one, puts it down, rolls it towards you, then gets another one and rolls it down and it continues non-stop, just like in Donkey Kong. I think I'm over my head here...
Oh yeah, and it should be "Mr. Face NEV-ER wrong", not "Mr. Face NE-VER wrong".

MEGAߥTE: I think people didn't get the pun in my last mailbag when Mr. Face said he's AL-WAYS RIGHT. (Actually Deezer didn't either). Always right as in never wrong AND as in right buttock.

Ok, now I am just angry. Fire that moron J.J. cuz he just wrecked Mr. Face, he was the best person on the mailbag. Now I don't think I will ever read this mailbag anymore.I mean it just broke my heart, mr face was real, and he was never wrong, I guess this just wrecked his legasy. Also, what ever happened to Mushroom Boy, he was on for one mailbag and then gone, I miss him, I am sad.
-The Sexy Slob

Mushroom boy must die for insulting super Mario rpg. Geno, Mario, bowser, mallow, and peach you know what to do.
-super dinosaur yoshi

This new mushroom boy is pritty cool! Well I was thinking pritty hard and I discovered something, why don't you fire Deezer now that you have a new person to do the mailbag, what do you think of it guys?

MEGAߥTE: Hmm.. if we take all of these suggestions, we'd only be left with me and David..

I just wanted to ask a question about Waluigi's upside down L....whats with that?
-Jim and Sarah Wise

MEGAߥTE: It simply means anti. Like the W for Wario is an upside-down M for Mario.. personally I don't think they should have ever come up with him in the first place. When I first saw the screenshot of him, I thought they were going to call him Fuigi or something (the picture was low res and the upside-down L looked like an F).. I think that would have been better than Waluigi, that's just plain stupid.. Like when they changed Warshi's name to Boshi.. they should have done the same with him.

[Waluigi sucks]

Hey Jazzy, I'm a Tenchi fan, and my favorite character is Sakuya, followed by Ryoko, then Mihoshi, then Ryo-Ohki, then everyone else. Anyway, TO THE MARIO! Grrr... Mini-Game Coaster is so frustrating, I'm on World 7. Oh, and did I tell you I never said Birdo had a sex change, the boy Birdo quit and they got a girl in his place? Thanks.

MEGAߥTE: Of course you didn't say that, I said that.

Dear TMK,
I have a few questions for you...
1. My favorite Mario game is Super Mario World. Is it true Super Mario Advance 2 will be based on that game?
2. What game will Super Mario Advance 3 be based on?
3. In some Mario games, Mario is originally small, but when he eats a Super Mushroom, he gets bigger. Which of those is his true size? Super Mario or Regular Mario?
4. If a TMK staff member made a file, such as an animated GIF, an Image, or something like that, are you allowed to use that pic on your site if you give them credit? (if it isn't a staff member, I know I have to ask them before using it.)
Thank you for taking the time to answer My questions.
-Super Nario

MEGAߥTE: 1. Yes.
2. SMB3, how many times do I have to answer this?
3. If his regular size wasn't smaller, then why would he be called "Regular Mario"?
4. I don't see why not.. but you need to give credit and a link.

Dear Mushroom Kingdomites
Howdy all, Deezer, J.J., David, MEGABYTE or anyone else. You guys rock, love your site and all that other stuff that gets you on the mailbag, just kiding aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnyway, I found a Mario refrence on Win Ben Stein's Money.
On the final round Jimmy said to the contestent once"and when you get home could you say hello to the rest of the Mario Bros. for me?" (he did look like mario, so it was funny!)
Also, who of the staff is Canadien, eh?
auravoir a tout mes amis sur la site d'enternet tmk!
P.S. The X-Box will fail in accordance with the prophecy%)
Veuillez croire a mes meilures sentiments

MEGAߥTE: The Weakest Link also had a Mario reference. The host asked, "in what game did Nintendo's character Mario first appear in 1981." The contestant incorrectly answered, "Monkey Business."
J.J. is the only Canadian we let on the staff.

Hello Again,
Awesome site! Anyway, In the June 29th Mailbag, DragoonFenix15 and J.J. mention a few characters from a video at some site about SSB Melee. I was hoping you could explain what games they are from: Kid Icarus, Rick the Hamster, Meta Knight, King DeDeDe, Raphael the Raven, Balloon Kid, Waddle Dee, and Ridley.

MEGAߥTE: Kid Icarus is from Kid Icarus. Balloon Kid is from Balloon Kid. Rick the Hamster, Meta Knight, King DeDeDe and Waddle Dee are from the Kirby series. Ridley is from Metroid.

Well, much as I wish I had something dazzlingly intelligent to say, the only thing that comes to mind is an answer to that inquiry about King Toadstool. Yet another couple of Mario characters that vanished into obscurity, the King and the Prince were featured in Yoshi's Safari.
Actually, I might ask if you're aware of the numerous new Mario level editors (the SMB2 Discombobulator, Lunar Magic for SMW, and the SMB Relocaverburator for SMBDX), but you probably have enough stuff to keep up with already.
-Kevin Anderson

MEGAߥTE: Yes we are, have you played my old SMB hack, Mega Mario Bros.?

The Buzziebeetle cameo in SuperMetroid 3, You could put it under look-a-like characters in cameos section and have you seen the pirate "64" controllers that play game and plugs in directly to the TV as I have only seen them in Singapore.

MEGAߥTE: I've seen the Genesis controllers that have 20+ games built in.

Just asking, but why is the rabbit's name in SM64 in allcaps (LIKE THIS)
and secondly, why is it called MIPS?
Also, your DYK (Did You Know) section of your site needs Beefing up. I know that it might be a little cheap, but why don't you use some references (like that one for "the wizard") in it, or other, slightly less obscure stuf, like the fact that on Google (In case anyone out there in TMK land doesn't know, Google is a search engine) returned 2,940,000 site matches for "Mario" and 2,810,000 site matches for "Nintendo"!
On another note, I have a few things for the YKYPTMMW...(You know you play too much mario when) section...
You have memorized Nintendo Power's "Top 100 things that equal 100" in NP's 100th issue, which has 14 Mario-related topics; You would gladly kill for a copy of a Nintendo Power Magazine personally signed by Shigeru Miamoto.
See ya!

MEGAߥTE: The MIPS question was already answered.

to whoever does the mailbag: You are an insane freak!!!!!

MEGAߥTE: And you are an AOL user with a really crappy sign-in name, hahaha!

Daviddayton said Luigi had no Cameos. BUT,in OOT,If you stand on the far
RIGHT(Or Left I forget)and look,You'll see Luigi.Thankyou Thankyou.
-Jared W Natsis

MEGAߥTE: Don't trust David.. trust the fungus.

Ok I have found a mario you do not have. It is the origanal mario off of MARIO BROS. NOT SUPER MARIO BROS. it is other wise know as Jump man in Japan. It was made for the atari and is made for nintendo which looks lots better and is also used in mario bros. advaced and mario bros. 3. He was made in donkey kong in 1981 but he was made in the us in mario bros. in 83. I am sending you the original mario. Hope you enjoy. Hope you add him to your radio page. good luck and good work.
[Mario 2600]
Kinda funny looking isn't he. lol
-General Redneck

MEGAߥTE: Congrats on showing that you don't know what you're talking about. 1. We do have it.. on this page. 2. It is not otherwise known as Jump man in Japan.. by this time, he was known as Mario. 3. It is not even the original Mario.. The original Mario appeared in the Donkey Kong Arcade.

Dearest Kingdom of Mushrooms, The game that no one seems to be able to identify on the SNES in Pokémon Stadium 2 is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, not Bomberman. The screenshot is taken from outside the sanctuary. Bomberman is a HudsonSoft character, not Nintendo, so he couldn't be in it anyway.
-Alexander Doenau

MEGAߥTE: Okay.

Deez (or whoever else is out there in the great unknown),
In the June 29, 2001 mailbag someone asked about places to buy old SNES games and stuff, so I thought I would shamelessly promote the store where I work. It's called GameCrazy, and I believe SMW is like $10. My location is sold out of all the SNES Mario games except for Mario Paint, but people trade them in suprisinly often. And, if you need the old NES Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, it's just $0.25. GameCrazy's are inside random Hollywood video locations, and you can trade in your old stuff to buy new and used games. Go to (if it's working...) to find a location near you.
(btw, if Deez isn't doing the mailbag this week, this is an online friend who's known him for like 5 years. E-mail back for a nifty pic of him in grade schoool. MWHA HA HA HA. Oh, and if this is Deez reading this, please read the "MWHA HA HA" as "HA HA HA HA - just kidding, I'd never send that around" )


[Deezer in 1998.. long after grade school]

In the July 6 mailbag, someone had a question about Ludwig Von Koopa's castle in Super Mario World. It does not launch off to an island. It crashes into a mountain that is next to the castle on the map screen. Also, in the June 29 mailbag, there is some talk about the X-box crashing at E3, and Bill Gates being pointed to by an arrow that says "Satan." Since you guys are sometimes serious and sometimes not, I'm not sure if that last part really happened or if you guys were just joking. Which is it?


[SMW Cookie Mountain Injury screens]
[The Rock, Bill Gates, XBox, Screen displaying Satan]

Whate I have note ben eating magick musherooms you
losere and i made a liste whye i hate youre site nowe

ok I coulndeat find a resan why i hate your site butt
i will get yoou guyz backe for makinge funn of mee,


[Donkey Kong How High Can You Get?]

Dear Mailbaggers:
lol. J.J. is cool. I have made a new poem:
I'd like to say say
That I am sad sad
For being so mad mad
I was wrong, OK? OK?
I feel so bad today today
For being naive of my evil ways ways
Thanks for your time,
-Slim Grady

P.S. Keep the link under his picture as a constant reminder of what I have done
-Slim Grady

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