12 Oct 2001

Mailbag by Deezer


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    Hey TMK,
    For your Super Smash Bros. Melee preview you should add Princess Zelda because she is a playable character in it.

Deezer: Whoops, I forgot to mention that Sheik is supposed to be Princess Zelda in disguise.

    Dear MEGABYTE(i know your gonna do the next mailbag-whats that say, huh?)
    anyway, here are my questions:
    1. What emulator do you guys use?
    2. What is your favorite Mega Man robot master? (mine is Metal Man, my sister's is Gravity Man)
    3. How can someone be 110% male or female(dont take this the wrong way)
    4. Do any of you have a death wish?
    6. You think there will be new special attacks for SSBM, at least for the old SSB fighters?
    7. There is no question 7.
    8. Can a dead parrot swim in a circle?
    9. Have any of you ever got so teed off that you tried to blow up your room with a nuke?
    nuff' said.
    -Nova Phoenix

Deezer: MEGAߥTE has decided not to answer any more mailbags. So... *raspberries in your general direction*
1. Various.
2. He-Man.
3. Well, J.J. has big... teeth.
4. My sources say no.
6. I know there will be.
7. There is no answer 7.
8. A dead parrot can't swim.
9. I never get T'd off, I get P'd off...

    Dear TMK,
    How do you get to the hidden world. The one with the levels with names like Tublear, Funky, Gnarely, and etc... I just want to know how to get to that world?

Deezer: First you have to get to Star World. Then you have to find the secret exit in Star World 5. For more info, see our Super Mario World guide.

    In the last (Oct. 5) mailbag, J.J. said that the NES' game slot "seems so primitive by today's standards, I know," because the cartridge is completely contained within the system. I just wanted to point out that all of today's systems have the games contained completely inside the systems, too. So, really, it isn't that archaic. The cartridge is, perhaps, but not putting it completely 'in' the console. And I believe that the NES was the only system with an input system like that, wasn't it?

Deezer: Correct on all counts, Mr. Smarty-Pants.

    I just want to know how do you get the animated gifs in the first place, like, I mean the base pictures of them?

Deezer: Most of the time, the "base pictures" are taken from a game running through an emulator.

    1) Wazzap?

    2) How do you feel about Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley?

    3) Now, about Mario, don't you think Dr. Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog series looks a little bit like Mario? Or maybe it's Teddy Roosevelt, I don't know.

    4) OK, on a serious note...I actually DID hear somewhere that a Super Mario Bros. 2 movie was, in fact, being made. However, one of it's lead characters was killed. You might have heard of him--Chris Farley. I heard he was to play Bowser. Yes, children, BOWSER!!!
    -The Doc


1) Wasssaaaabi?!

2) I don't watch wrestling.

3) Yes, no, maybe so.

4) Can anyone confirm or deny this? This is the first I've heard.

    J.J. must spend millions on toothpaste with those teeth!

Deezer: A million-dollar smile!

    who are the mario-look alikes that j.j. reveled in his little table?

Deezer: I think one of them was Stalin...

    J.J. --" We are all white Protestants"...

    I beg to differ. I'm Catholic. Humph.
    -David Dayton

Deezer: Hahah, I figured you'd say something about that.

    Well, I had Mario 2 for the NES many years ago, and the character that spits eggs/fire is called Ostro. The big bird that Shyguys ride on is called Birdo. This is in the manual - and on the ending credits if I remember correctly - so why do most websites get it the wrong way round?


Deezer: Can you say "sloppy translation?" It's supposed to be the other way around; Birdo is in fact the egg-spitting, big-mouthed bird. In Super Mario Advance, the names were switched to the opposite way of SMB2. Besides, she's "Birdo" in Mario Tennis (N64) also. Disregarding all that, common sense tells us that SMB2 messed up because they called the ostrich Birdo, and the bird, Ostro.

    Hello, Mailbag guy. I have a few questions that need to be answered.

    1. PLEASE tell me that's Dr. Mario on WTMK!!
    2. What would you think if they made a Tetris Attack 2 for the cube?
    3. If Yoshi was based on a real dinosaur, which one do you think he is?
    4. Have you ever jumped out a window? If so, how many times?
    5. Do the Toads wear hats or are their heads actual shrooms?
    6. What's wrong with The only part of it I can get to is NC.
    7. Is that Princess Toadstool and Koopa song thing on WTMK off of the mario movie?
    8. Is there a coin with a Mario face on it for real?
    9. Do you think I could still find old NES/SNES/N64 games in stores?
    10. What would the world be like without Mario?!
    -Super Frog

Deezer: Hello!

1. That's Dr. Mario on WTMK!!
2. I wouldn't buy it.
3. He isn't based on a real dinosaur, so there's not really one I can compare him to.
4. Sure, but only a first-floor window. Twice, I'd say.
5. Hats.
6. They are back now, but not updating anymore.
7. That song is "Ignorance is Bliss" from White Knuckle Scorin'.
8. That would be cool.
9. Depends on where you live. I can still find unopened SNES and N64 games at my local Toys R Us.
10. I'm too afraid to imagine it!

    i just have one thing to say. in an earlier mailbag, someone said that yoshi was in love with birdo. i found this picture from aol (i think,) and it has a picture of Yoshi, and some other yoshi named Samu. i also found out that their last name is San. I cant find the pic now, but i will post it as soon as i find it, just give me the address to send it to.

Deezer: I'm-a so confused.

    Ever hear the remix of Nine Inch Nails' song "Closer" called "Closer To Mario"? It's just the song overlaid with Mario sound effects and music... it's really funny.

Deezer: Yep. I didn't care for it much, though. If Nine Inch Nails had really made it themselves, I'd be ashamed to call them my favorite band.

    Gah! Reading Australian games orederer type-thing today, I see that It says: Paper Mario-Cancelled. Gah again! This probably won't matter toyou, but we Europeans are VERY mistreated by Nintendo RPG's. No harvest moon, no Super Mario RPG, no Paper Mario... I would like to ask if you will start a petition to help your Euro friends across the pond. It seems very unfair. Cheers dears!
    -Tony Blairing idiot

Deezer: You guys just got Paper Mario on October 5th. Gah!

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