19 Oct 2001

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
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    To whoever answers this,
    How DARE you to put a Taco Bell announcement giving away free X-BOX? Are you with Mario & Nintendo or Bill Gates and micro$oft?
    Sorry but it feel strange to have an X-Box announcement in a Nintendo site. Maybe you're possesed by the devil or it's micro$ofts way to dominate da world.

    "All our base are belong to them. We have no chance to survive make our time." It sounds weird, but maybe it's true. ::Shudders:: Merry X-mas (Just don't ask me why I'm using hotmail)
    -Gabriel Fanvalvi

David Dayton: So... why are you using Hotmail?

Oh, for the record, we really have no control over those ad banners.

    Hey, I have a few simple and stupid questions for you.
    1. What is Sarasaland inhabited by?
    2. Do you ever think that Mario and Peach will get Married. Luigi and Daisy?
    3. Do you like running a mail-bag where you get asked all these stupid questions?
    4. Do you think that as long as Nintendo keeps on making Mario Games he'll stay just as famous?
    5. Where on your site can I find picture's of Princess Daisy? If you don't have any can you tell me where I can find some?

David Dayton:
1. Sarasas, of course. They drink nothing but sasperilla and speak with a strange lisp.
2. It would be nice, but that would require changing the storyline.
3. Do you like sending in all these stupid questions?
4. Sure. Why not?
5. Check out ... or whatever the URL is.

    ya know deez/dd/gay gay ... the final bowser theme from sm64 kinda sounds like a remix from warios castle in super Mario land 2. Also its funny how while I was writing this the commercial for east side marios was playing on TV. east side marios east side marios hey bada boom bada bing. SEEYA!
    -the tonetone

David Dayton: Hmm.. actually, I disagree. I don't think think the Bowser In The Sky tune sounds like the SML2 tune. However, that's my opinion... but the real question is What in the world is East Side Marios????

    It's my first time writing to the lovely TMK people! I know, you could cry. ANYway, I wanted to say that I'm so glad I found your site... the Mario Bros. games have always been my favorite, and this site is incredible, what with all the information and other fun stuff!

    So now to my question (*peers* Cringing yet? Not that I can blame you.. you've had some real winners sent into your mailbag)! Someone asked in a previous mailbag if the Mario Bros. comics were still being sold, and they were pointed to the Nintendo online store. The store isn't working right now (maybe it's because I'm up so late?), but they wouldn't happen to sell the Choose Your Own Adventure books, would they? I got a bunch of them when I was younger, but I lost half of them! And would any of you, with all your experience (mwa ha ha) know of any places where I COULD find those books? I'm watching ebay, but thus far all I've seen are a slew of unwanted VHS copies of "Super Mario Brothers". I know, what a shock, right?

    By the way, David (if you see this, which I'm sure you will eventually, even if you're not the one to answer this particular letter), I liked your quote (from Sept 28's mailbag) referring to Sony: "...seeing people act like morons and then expecting me to buy a product because I "want to associate myself" with such idiocy somehow makes me annoyed." I agree! I've played Sega and Playstation, and neither of them compare to Nintendo! And I happen to LOVE Paper Mario! Which reminds me (no, don't run yet!)....who does the reviews for those games on TMK? And the Overviews...I'm not volunteering myself, so don't worry, ha ha! I was just wondering if anything would be put up for Paper Mario, because I'm a geek and I like to read that kind of stuff. :oP

    And that's it! I swear! Please try not to cheer--I mean, cry piteously...*as everyone hopes she never writes again*

David Dayton: Wow. I comment was sent directly to me. I blush. Really, I do... As far as finding the SMB Adventure books... there are some used book store search engines on the internet -- there was a really good one I used to use for finding used books, but I've forgotten the URL and didn't write it down. looks good, though. Go to OR and do a search for USED BOOK SEARCH or something similar. There are some engines that link hundreds of tiny used book stores together and allow you to search for the best price for books... very handy. If you are stuck, toss an e-mail my way and I'll try to help you out.

Yes, I know, my Sony quote... a genius I am. Heh

If you want to help with TMK via reviews or anything else, the best approach is simply to type up a nice review/overview and send it to Deezer. Repeat until he realizes that you are handy and provide free information for the site. Also try sending him ICQ messages until he gives in. It worked for me.

Hey Amber... if you're 20 or older and looking for a guy who likes Mario games...

    B Quick Question for the "experts".... I've been playing SMB on the NESticle emulator because my NES conked out after a dirty Megaman 2 cartridge from Movies America did it in. Anyway, I noticed the so-called "peace sign" on teh flags appears on teh cannons. They call the cannons 'turtle cannons' in the manual.... So is the peace sign actually a turtle head? (with the white spots being the eyes and nose)? I dont know, I've just been playing too much I guess. Oh well, time to watch Ferris Bueller's Day off again and listen to WangChung. (God, the 80's kick a--)
    -The Idiot Savant

David Dayton: Those little white signs are supposed to be skulls. The two dots on top are the eye sockets, the larger clear dot on the bottom are the teeth. For proof of this, play Super Mario All Stars and note these images on the flags and cannons.

    I got a few questions.
    1. Where is the secret part of the site?
    2. Where is the secret part of the site?!
    3. Where is the secret part of the site?!!!
    4. Do you think they will be making more mario cartoons since nintendo signed a contract with 4 kids on stuff?
    5. Do Wario and Waluigi have girlfriends because Luigi has Princess Daisy and Mario has Princess Peach.
    6. will anybody get married like Luigi?
    That's my questions.

David Dayton:
1. I can't tell you.
2. Deezer would kill me if I told you.
3. Okay, you wore me down. I will tell you. This poem will give you the information you need to find the secret page.

Never found, yet always sought,
Information hath thee wrought,
Can one find this page of might?
Ever searching yields its sight.

Tempt the page of yellow and blue,
Return often to Level 2,
Yonder doth the page appear...

Lest ye find what ye not seek,
Or ye seek the page of the meek,
Seek the sign of fungi power,
Eventually, you might find,
Reality lurks within these lines.

4. I have no idea. Odds are that Mario and Luigi will not get another cartoon, as Pokemon are currently more popular. However, perhaps the Kirby cartoon from Japan will be shown in the USA.
5. Yes, Wario and Waluigi have girlfriends. In fact, these girls appeared as playable characters in the Japanese version of Mario Tennis. Sadly, Nintendo of America thought the bikini outfits of Wachibi and Watuna were too risque for American audiences, and removed them at the last minute. Perhaps we will see this girls as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee?

    To add to my Birdo/Ostro post, another common mistake is Daisy/Peach.
    The princess's name is Princess Toadstool. That was in the Mario 1 manual, and it's what they call her on the cartoons. She is NOT called Daisy (as the film would have you believe), or Peach. (Although it does say Peach on the letter in SMW, maybe that's her first name or something... well, at least Daisy is wrong.)

David Dayton: Princess Toadstool is actually named Peach, and always has been -- in Japan. However, when Super Mario Bros. was released in America, Nintendo decided to change her name to make it cuter and better fit with the Mushroom people... thus the name Toadstool. Eventually, they were forced to change it back to Peach (presenting her as Princess Peach Toadstool in Super Mario 64 was a happy medium), probably because Shigeru found out and was annoyed by the name. After all, when NOA changed Kirby from pink to white for the U.S. box art of Kirby's Dream Land, Shigeru found out and made sure he was always pink. Daisy, on the other hand, is the princess of Sarasaland.

    Dear TMk,
    Why did you stop writing stories in your fanfiction section? I loved the stories in it, and I wish someone could write more. Especially that Mario High Scool Days Turbo that Toasty 64 preomised us. Basicly, I am geeting tired of the same stories from 1999. So could you start to write some more Fanfiction storis?
    -Ann H Reed-Speer

David Dayton:

Save the Last Jump for Me
Luigi had had it. Everwhere he went, Mario got the spotlight. Even back when they were teenages in school, Mario always got all the attention.

Back in the day, Mario was the big mushroom on campus. Girls from all over flocked to him to watch his manly jumps. While Luigi stood there, alone, Mario would bounce up and down, grinning at the cheerleaders as he practiced his mad basketball skillz. In particular, Luigi noticed how one tall, blonde girl kept her eyes on his older brother. Peach Toadstool, captain of the the Mushroom High cheerleader squad, blushed as Mario's eyes fell on her. Luigi knew he would never stand a chance with Peach, the most sought after girl on campus. Sadly, Luigi walked off as Mario landed inches from Peach's feet...

Meanwhile, in the boy's bathroom behind the science lab, the worst boys in the whole school were chuckling over their recent spree of vandalism and nerd tossing.

"Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha... we-a sure tossed that-a Toad far!" chortled a rotund boy in purple pants and a loud yellow shirt. He guzzled a bottle of Kero Cola and waited for his companion to reply.

"Nyah-hah-hah-hah-hah! That-a slimy piece-of-a fungi will never-a bother us again, Wario." The taller, lankier boy was peering into the mirror, using a magic marker to supplement his meager facial hair. His dark jeans clashed badly with the purple leisure shirt he wore.

"So-a, have-a you got-a date for the senior prom yet, Wario?"

Wario grunted.

"Shaddup in you face. Peach-a won't go wid me, she's all mushy over that Mario jerk. What she sees-a in a midget in-a blue jeans and red shirts, I'll never know-a."

(At this point, David became tired of the story and gave up. However, I will finish the story if at least 3 Mario fans who are both female and over 20 send in pictures of themselves dressed as the Princess.)

    'ey, what up, long-time fan, first time caller (well, not really caller)
    I just wanted to know if Nintendo or any other company has made a Mario hat?
    you know, the kind that people wear and say "I don't like the Yankees, but this hat is in and it's red like Fred Durst's". only this one would say: "I'm a Nintendo kid for life!" If they haven't, they really should. They should also make an accompanying Luigi hat (I would get Luigi just to be different, my brother would probly get Mario, not just for Mario, but because his name starts with an M as well). It would also rock if they would go the distance and make every letter in the alphabet, but then it would detach from its original purpose, wouldn't it? whatever dudes, keep up the good work and rock on

David Dayton: Yes, someone made Mario hats. There are baseball caps with M's on them (which look silly), and there are also caps you can buy in any normal hat store that look like Mario's, but without the M.

    i was wondering if i could link to your site? my site is all about mario kart!
    -Mike P

David Dayton: Sure, if you pay the standard linking fee. Just use PayPal to send $14.99 plus the $1.50 TMK surcharge to

    I don't like JJ. He's too annoying. Who care's if Mario Sunshine has a city level? Mario doesn't live in an underwater cave, no one whined about that in mario 64. (This is assuming that the entire game doesn't take place in a city, but even if it does,its still a marioish city. It kinda reminds me of the underwater city in wet dry world.) And it's dumb to call the game plotless at this point, don't you think?

    P.S. And none of those guys look like Mario.

David Dayton: JJ was crushed by your e-mail. He spent days weeping and hiding in his room, unable to face the outside world. Your cruel e-mail (JJ IS A DOOF) hit him when he was weakest... right after his entire family was abducted by Sony fanboys. Now JJ lives in a stupor, afraid to come out and face the world, lest a message as powerful and dangerous as yours hits him again. The compelling arguements you made destroyed him... are you happy?

    Yeah yeah... I know, this is probably for David, but I thought I'd ask these anyway:

    1) How often do you actually change the WTMK playlist. It's been like two months :-(

    2) How do you decide what to put on?

    3) I know I did the Wario ad for WTMK, but who did the Peach ads?

    4) What would you say has been the maximum number of simultanious listeners?

    5) I was going to ask you about a personal preference...but I had the good taste not to put it in, as it would be a trick question :-)

David Dayton:
1) Whenever I have free time and no life. Thus, the longer between updates, the better off I am. If you ever see daily updates, I am in need of serious help.

2) There is a lovely button marked SHUFFLE on my computer. It is very handy.

3) A very nice young woman recorded the Peach promos for us. Sadly, she has since ceased to exist. All of the TMK editors are in pain. Really.

4) I have no idea. I suppose we could try to set a record?

5) Brown hair, glasses, plays video games, reads, stays up late, and cute.

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