26 Oct 2001

Mailbag by Mushroom Boy

Mushroom Boy
TMK mascot
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    Dear TMK:

    In 10/19's Mailbag, somebody who wrote in mentioned a commercial for "East Side Mario's", and you had no idea of what he was talking about. East Side Mario's is a chain of Italian-New York-Style restaurants. As far as I know, you can only find them out West. They have GREAT food there.

    And no, there is no West Side Luigi's.
    -Jason "G1Ravage"

    To TMK:
    East Side Mario's is a chain of Italian restauants which, since you've never heard of them, are pretty thinly spread through central and eastern. They have them in Michigan, Texas, Virginia and New Jersey, and one was in Massachusets, but it closed. There are several in Canada, where I think the chain is run.

    Hope that helps.

Mushroom Boy: Ya learn something new every day.

    super smash bros melee is rated teen would that be the frist time mario is in a teen game?dose mario sunshine even invole bowser?do you think mario in sonic will be in the same game somday?

Mushroom Boy: Yes. I'd think so. Maybe.

    greetings exalted ones...

    I would like to know where I can get BIGGER, BETTER pix of the Koopa Kids and Mips... you know, the wascally wabbit that you think you've beaten only for it to come back again... and how 'bout the monkey? forgot his name... Ukaka was it? nevermind the name, I need pix, dudes... how come you guys don't have more 3-D game gifs? I know they may be harder to do than the 2-D game gifs, but isn't it possible? whatever dudes, stay cool

Mushroom Boy: That's a good idea! I like MIPS.

    hello who ever is doing mailbag,

    Hi I was just wondering if you can give me a few pointers on makeing my own mario(well actualy luigi) web site. I thought i should ask an expert. and also i wanted to know why Luigi doesn't get enough publicity? i mean did you see the got milk commercial? who did it star? MARIO? And luigi has never goten his own game exept luigi's mansion. Im speaking for all luigi fans when i say: HEY! Luigi shouldn't get shunted aside and let mario take all the glory. I say satrt a pesision to give luigi more. Lots more. So anywho great site :-)

    -Sir Chris

Mushroom Boy: Oh yah, web petitions always seem to work so well.

    Hey, so I was wondering if anyone ever wrote out any of the mario songs and put 'em on the web. I'm trying to find the orginal mario theme so I can play it with my band...I'm too lazy and tired to figure out myself.

Mushroom Boy: Some kind fellow sent Deezer some SMB sheet music, and they'd be up by now if Deezer wasn't such a slacker.

    TMK staff,
    Ok, I've been reading some past mailbags and What is this secret page you keep talking about?! Where is it?! Why is it there?!

Mushroom Boy: Psst... it's right here. Oops, my bad.

    a while back i sent you some fan fiction. in email. why isnt it appering on the site? i love this site, but PLEASE SUBMIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by the way, i have the rest of the chapters. ill send them. MAYBE!

Mushroom Boy: Deezer = lazy.

    hey TMK mailbag answerer
    In the last letter David metioned about wario and waluigi's girlfriends Wachibi and Watuna. Is there a screen shot of them you know by chance?


Mushroom Boy: David tricked you. You're welcome.

    YEAH!!! I just visited the Philadelphia Cube Club, and it was the best thing ever! But since this is a Mario site, I'll just mention that Super Smash Bros. Melee was quite possibly the best thing there. It is SO much better than the original. The controls and everything... fantasic! I didn't spend much time with Luigi's Mansion, mostly because I wanted to save it for the launch, but also because the dual-stick control scheme, while very responsive and clever, seems to have a bit of a learning curve that I did not feel like learning at the time. Anyway, just to add fuel to the Gamecube hype, it was an AWESOME experience!

Mushroom Boy: I would've gone too, but America is a bit far from the Mushroom Kingdom, you know.

    Hey you do know that Luigi's Mansion is gonna suck. Mario is Missing sucked and Luigi's Mansion is gonna suck. Why? Because of two reasons, 1.) Luigi's staring in it. 2.) It's got a dumb concept. You go around an suck ghosts up in a vacumm, sounds like fun, sike. And I dont really like POOP! Mario Sunshine either. I WANT AN ACTUAL ADVENTURE GAME!!!!!!!!! Not some weird concepts like those two. They suck. WHat is Nintendo thunking?

Mushroom Boy: At least we can all agree that Luigi's vacuum sucks.

    Hi. It's me again. I was just wondering if you knew where I could find the Super Mario Anime. They made one. I have proof. I'm guessing they didn't release it in the US because of something in it was not very characteristic of Mario (See Sonic Anime for what I mean), or because it sucked. I would like to see it anyway because I have no taste in movies and will watch pretty much anything that doesn't involve stupid love scenes or massive bloodletting.
    -Mike P

Mushroom Boy: Ten bucks says we'll never get to see it in America...

    how can we submit cheats to your site?

Mushroom Boy: I don't know. There's not even a "contact us" link or something where people could send in all types of information. Maybe Deezer could set up an e-mail address specifically for a weekly mailbag where we could reply to letters that could possibly contain cheats.

    The compelling arguements you made destroyed [J.J.]... are you happy?

    Well, not really. More like releived. He was getting annoying.

    P.S. Your Mamma

Mushroom Boy: That was the best "your mamma" joke yet!

    Have you ever noticed the mario on the title screen for super mario bros 2? It's the same mario in super mario bros 3. If you look at mario in super mario bros 2 when playing, mario's eyes are much bigger than the mario on the title screen. Mario's eyes on super mario bros 3 are basicaly dots just like on super mario bros. 2.

Mushroom Boy: They don't call them "Super Mushrooms" for nothin'!

    Ok, I'm just asking, how many fan art must be sent to you before they get uploaded? I already sent 3 by the way.

Mushroom Boy: "Deezer" is Polish for "lazy slacker."

    Hey guys? I got on your site at school and noticed that as the main page loaded it kind of blurred into focus like the begining of a Super Mario World level. I thought that was so awesome! But when I got home, it didn't do it:( Why?

Mushroom Boy: It is awesome indeed, but it only works on Internet Explorer 5.0 and up.

    Hey its me again. I thought I would ask a bit about Link. ( from The Ledgond Of Zelda ) Why don't we talk about him much?

Mushroom Boy: Maybe because we're a Mario site?

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