02 Nov 2001

Mailbag by Deezer


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    so what's the deal with Wart? is he Bowser's cousin or brother? I personally believe that they're cousins, but other sources state otherwise... or are they not related at all? and will he ever come back? was he also the villain in "Doki Doki Panic"? so many questions, so little mailbag... will Wart ever terrorize us again?
    -LinkinWWF2biZkit (also biZkitLIMP316)

Deezer: That sounds like a beginning to a Jerry Seinfeld joke. Neither. Right. He came back as "Mamu" in Link's Awakening. Yes. Probably not.

    when will miyamoto ever make a girlfriend for mario? not peach cause i hate her!

Deezer: Who knows, maybe they'll make up a "Maria" or something. :)

    Hmm, what aboot a Halloween special ey? Why wasnt there a Halloween special of some sort on TMK ey
    -Fake Canadian

Deezer: I was busy with other stuff. The biggest thing we've ever done for Halloween was change the logo on the front page, so you weren't too disappointed, right?

    Quote: "Psst... it's right here. Oops, my bad. "

    That was cheap Mushroom Boy!
    -A rather angry Ghost, but he'll get over it

Deezer: Hahah, that was classic.

    Hey to all you great people at the 1 and only, Mushroom Kingdom!!! Just to tell ya guy's, I think your site is the best. And to keep it the best, i'm going to give you guys a bit of info. I've been studying about Super Smash Bros. Melee for a while now, on account it is going to be the very first game i'm getting for GAMECUBE. And nintendo is not sure about the characters so i'm here to tell you about what they said. Sheik may or may not be a secret character, they are not sure if they may add Pit (from Kid Icarus), and there is a very good chance that they might add Ganondorf as a secret character. Luigi and Jigglypuff are still unknown, but I don't think nintendo will leave the little puff ball and our plumbing friend out of the game. Each of the characters have new moves and specials, and single player mode lets your go through a characters level and battle them at the end. (pretty neat eh?) there is also going to be a gallery option. There are going to be over 20 characters, we just got to wait for the rest. Please put this up on your mailbag section, I think other people deserve to know all this. Thanks, and keep up all the great work!
    -Justin (aka: Firewall)

Deezer: Hmm, this sounds like my preview!

    Hey, at least one of you guys got that Gamecube CD-ROM Nintendo sent out in the mail, right? Well, anyway, have you noticed that the Super Smash Bros. Melee music in its video clip is the F-Zero "Mute City" music? And, also, did any of you see the Mario bus Frito-Lay display? It was a cardboard schoolbus(?!?) with Mario characters on it. Strange. I think.

Deezer: Yep. I heard that envelope is supposed to be the actual size of the GameCube! Well, just the top at least. That back-to-school Frito-Lay display was... interesting. I forgot to take a picture of it. :(

    i was wondering how you can do that blurred in to focus trick on the main page. i want it for my own page.

Deezer: It's some sort of JavaScript/StyleSheet thing. MEGAߥTE set it up. I'm not sure exactly how to do it; I haven't looked into those IE page transition effects yet.

    Neat Other Mags and Publications feature. One thing you might want to keep a lookout for is the Mario cover issue of Hot Dog magazine, way back in 1991. Hot Dog was a magazine published by scholastic, and available through book clubs and such. The article was about the history of Mario, from 1981 through 1991, when Super Mario World was released. It also highlighted things like the Mario TV series, and the then-upcoming live action movie. Iíd send you a picture of the cover myself, but unfortunately I donít have a scanner, or the cover anymore.

Deezer: As for the Mario Mania section, some things are still in disarray... I think we have that Hot Dog cover in the merchandise page. Maybe someone out there will scan the article for us...

    To whoever is doing the Mailbag this week-

    1.Was there ever a sequel to Doki Doki Panic?
    2.Why does everyone hate Yoshi's Story?
    3.Give us a real clue to the secret page, that poem was fake.
    4.In a mailbag a couple weeks ago, you said you had no control over the banner ads on your site. I looked at the source to several of the pages that had ads and close to the top of every one there is a line like this:
    <A HREF="></A><div
    style="position:absolute; visibility:hidden;"><img
    src="" height="1" width="1" border="0"/>

    All you have to do is remove that line and the ads dissapear.

    That's all my questions for now.

1. Nope.
2. The only challenge is trying to get 30 Melons in each level, which is more annoying than anything because you have to sniff every spot on the ground for hidden Melons.
3. Soon.
4. Well... we sorta have to have the ads. (In order to be hosted by ClassicGaming, we had to put the ad code on at least three pages. Sure, ads are annoying, but that's the sacrifice you have to make if you want free hosting these days.) We have control of where the ads appear, but we have no control over what ads are displayed.

    Why doesn't someone besides Deezer update the site? Are the other guys limited to answering mailbags?

Deezer: Now that would be kinda silly: Having three other staff members just for doing mailbags. :)

    While at my local Cube Club playing SSBM (the greatest game ever made) I noticed the music. I love the music. must have music. give me music. put on WTMK or post mp3. end transmission.

Deezer: Why didn't I know about the Cube Club in Chicago? Why?!?!

    ok, last mailbag Ron was talking about Luigi's Mansion and it sucking...

    Who do you think you are saying that? I went to a Cube Club and played it, and Its one of the best games I've ever seen. The graphics and Special Effects are amazing, and Luigi is cool! I bet you havent even played it yet, and no one has played Mario Sunshine. Dont critisize games you havent played yet!

Deezer: And did you know that (in the English version) the professor's name is "Dr. E Gadd" and Luigi's vacuum is a "Poltergust 3000?" How clever is that!

    1) I have noticed a lot of people talking about how Luigi has never had a game to himself. Remember 'Mario is Missing?' He was the hero in that game, and it SUCKED. Now, don't get me wrong, I am just as much a Luigi fan as I am a Mario fan, but I think it must have been that game that shot Luigi down. He was embarassed, and had to hide his face for a while. It's been like 10 years now, so maybe he is hoping that no one remembers. (I sure remember - what a dark, miserable Christmas that was...)

    2) I thought that Daisy was just another name for Princess (Peach/Toadstool). Then comes along Mario Tennis. Were they always different people and I'm just confused?


    P.S. Why did J.J. leave? He was hilarious.

1) Sure it sucked, but Mario is Missing! was very edumacational. Imagine all the kids learning valuable skills like pressing A makes you jump!

2) Yes.

P.S. Fear not, J.J. never left.

    Dear Mushroom Boy,
    You are gay,
    You are gay,
    You are gay,
    Oh, Did I mention, YOU ARE GAY!
    Have a good day,

Deezer: Congratulations, you just hurt a fictional character's fictional feelings.


    The Mushroom Boy said that the little fizzy, blurry trasition thingie is viewable on Internet Explorer 5.0 and up. Small correction: it appears on version 5.0 and up of the PC VERSION!! My all-powerful, all-know, and almost-all-seeing Macintosh computer can not, repeate NOT view the spiffy graphics of Super Mario World.

    Whew. I'm done now.

Deezer: Say it ain't so!

    I'm sorry if I was rude before... annoying people bother me. You guys have the best Mario site on the internet. WTMK seems like it must be cool... too bad my internet connection is a load of crap. One of the mailbags referenced to Wario and Peach commercials or something? Can you put up mp3's of those?

Deezer: We can do that. Look for them soon.

    When I said why don't we talk about him Much I meant because in the rare case we get out of mood for a day or so Were in the mood for Link.
    -Super Dino Yoshi

Deezer: Have you seen the new Nintendo Power catalog? There's a hat and shirt there with "Zelda" on them in Japanese. Totally sweet.

    1. I heard that the reason that Luigi has a vacuum backpack in Luigi's Mansion and Mario has a water tank backpack in Mario Sunshine is because at the end of Luigi's Mansion Mario kills Luigi for the backpack which then transforms into a water tank. Then in Mario Sunshine you can play as Ghost Luigi.

    2. In New York, in the alley by the newspaper building at nighttime, a pipe appears, leading to a small area of the Mushroom Kingdom. This area eventually leads to an underground cavern and then another pipe that leads to the sewers of New York.

    3. How come in New York you have to kill one of your enemies in order for it to change from day to night or vice-versa?

    4. What do you call a telekinetic who practices martial arts? A psy-kicker. It's a joke, get it?

    5. Please open my file. It has very important information!

Deezer: 5. No.

    Are those peach thingies Mushroom Boy's crossed hands or super deformed feet?
    -Chris "M3wThr33" Glass

    Dear Mushroom Boy,

    Are those your feet or your arms on your pic? It looks like you could be a very short person. In that case, those things are your feet. Either that or they are your arms crossed. In that case, the picture was only from the chest level up. Speaking of chest, are you really a boy? Because if you look at them for a while, they don't look like feet or arms... nevermind... I've gone too far.

    -Curious in Pennsylvania

Deezer: For the love of God, those are his arms.

    I don't know if its me, or you, or the length of my mail, but I've sent in two messages to the mailbag and they have yet to be posted. One I sent last week, the other last year, and I've never seen a response to them. What's going on?

Deezer: There are 130+ messages that haven't been used. This isn't one of them, whee!

    In response to Kriston's question, Mario music must be widely available.My town's high school had a Mario music preformece. It was very funny. It began with Luigi helping Mario get the gold plungger.While celebrating( and peach plays the theme on xylophone), Wario steals it.(change set.) Mario comes in and fights while Luigi plays. Mario wins,duhh.
    -Tim A.

Deezer: Wait a sec... are you talking about... this?! Freaky.

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