09 Nov 2001

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
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    In Super Mario World, is there any difference between the red, yellow, green, and blue Yoshi's?

David Dayton: Yes, there is. As you may or may not have noticed, the different colored Koopa shells give a standard green Yoshi special powers. Green shells do nothing unusual; red shells are spit out in the form of three fireballs; yellow shells give Yoshi the power to create clouds of deadly dust when he hits the ground; blue shells allow Yoshi to fly as long as he keeps the shell in his mouth. If you have a colored Yoshi, ANY shell acts as one of that color.
Red = always spits fireballs when spitting out shells.
Yellow = always stamps out a cloud of dust when hitting the ground with a shell in his mouth.
Green = normal.
Blue = always flies with any color shell in his mouth.

    no matter how ---- superior or awesome the gamecube is, in my opinion nintendo64 is the best system besides playstation. my fave n64 games are pokemon staidum dk64 and some others. mario sunshine looks cool but im sticking to the n64
    nintendo should make a game where mario and pikachu must battle mewtwo and bowser who threaten to eat the mushroom kingdom and its inhabitants! and secret characters would be crash bandicoot and luigi. not yoshi cause hes annoying!nintendo ruined him with that yoshis story ----!
    what is with anti playstation! sure i like mario all right, but somebody stop putting playstaion down!


David Dayton: The N64 is a good system, in my opinion, but I think the Game Cube will be better, and that it is far from the best system. Perhaps the SNES qualifies... but the SNES didn't have Smash Bros. or Goldeneye, so that blows that point out of the water.
Hmm... Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, and Mewtwo... sounds a bit like Super Smash Bros. Melee... although Crash Bandicoot would never appear in a decent game.
I hate the Playstation. Cheerio!

    Here are some questions I would like you to answer: 1. Are the NES screenshots on TMK taken in Nesticle?

    I'd imagine some were.

    2. Are the SNES screenshots on TMK taken in ZSNES?

    I'd imagine some were.

    3. When did Shigeru Miyamoto get hired to Nintendo?

    Way back in the late 70's and early 80's, after his parents asked the overlord of Nintendo to hire their son who couldn't find a job.

    4. Will Super Mario RPG or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past be ported to GBA?

    I think LOZ:LTTP will be eventually, but Super Mario RPG might be a bit of a problem, as Square partially owns the title.

    5. How many game franchises does Nintendo have?

    Lots and lots.

    6. Will there be any playable Pokémon besides Pikachu and Jigglypuff in SSBM? [ states that SSBM will have 20 playable characters.]

    If I knew, I'd tell you.

    7. Why did Bowser capture Peach so many times?

    Sky hooks.

    8. Why is SMB2 the only game with Wart in it?

    SMB2 wasn't originally a Mario game... so Wart was never really part of the Mario universe. I think that perhaps Shigeru isn't that fond of him.

    9. Who did the voice of Luigi in the SMW cartoon?

    The SMW cartoon? Rats. I don't know that one. Deezer, can you help? I think the voice sounded the same as the one in the SMB Super Show cartoons.

    10. Will Tetris Attack or Pokémon Puzzle League be released for GameCube or GBA?

    I'm sure they will, eventually.

    11. Have you ever visited Nintendo Co. Ltd. or Nintendo of America? If yes, when?

    I, David, have never.

    12. Why did Nintendo of America change the design of SNES before releasing it to the United States?

    Er.. to better fit what they expected the American audience to want?

    I have been a fan of the Mario franchise since SMB first came out. I have been a fan of the Zelda franchise since the first Zelda game. I have been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise since FF6. I have been a fan of the Dragon Warrior series since DW1. I love Final Fantasy more than any other game franchise.

    -Richard W. Hill

David Dayton: Well, I've already replied to your questions, but... I like Mario more than Final Fantasy.

    I am sorry for any grammar and/or ortography mistakes.
    This my first time writing to the people of TMK. I have a few questions that probably David Dayton could answer better than anyone else.
    David Dayton said this in last week's mailbag.
    Yes, Wario and Waluigi have girlfriends. In fact, these girls appeared as playable characters in the Japanese version of Mario Tennis. Sadly, Nintendo of America thought the bikini outfits of Wachibi and Watuna were too risque for American audiences, and removed them at the last minute. Perhaps we will see this girls as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee?

    1 - What? I once saw a Mario Tennis walkthrough/guide made by someone who imported the Japanese version of the game, and he didn't mention Wachibi and Watuna.
    2 - Do you have screenshots of Wachibi and Watuna? I would like it to be a Character Select Screen screenshot, but any screenshot will be okay.
    3 - Which one is Wario's girlfriend and which one is Waluigi's girlfriend?
    4 - Do Wachibi and Watuna translate to "Wapeach" and "Wadaisy"?
    5 - Are Wachibi and Watuna playable characters in the Japanese version of Mario Party 3? If they are, can you get me a screenshot?
    6 - I doubt that they will be playable charcaters in SSMB, but they could appear in a trophy.
    7 - Why did they take them out of the game? Because of the revealing female outfits? The Pokemon Anime would be ruined if they used that as an excuse for censorship.
    8 - Can a cow be better than Tony Hawk at sketeboarding? I mean, cows have never gotten the chance to prove if they are good at skateboarding.
    Yours not respectufully,
    -Ace The Typhlosion

David Dayton: Er, Wachibi and Watuna were a joke. I assumed everyone would understand that, but based on the number of questions regarding this issue in the Fungi Forums, it seems I was mistaken.


Now, Captain Syrup, on the other hand....

    Ya know what? You guys never actually answer any questions. You just come up with witty little remarks.
    p.s-you smell like poo poo

    -Heidi Buckett

David Dayton: No, I do not "know" that, as it is not true. In fact, as much as I answered that first question, I disproved your entire post. However, I will admit that I am witty.

P.S. Methinks Uncle Tusk over at Rare might enjoy that factoid more than I.

    Dear Tmk,
    1.How come you never use Mr. Face anymore?
    2.If I have a ZZT game where can I put it in?
    3.Have you made any games?
    4.Who was the founder of this sight?
    a)Whoever made this sight I give them the triple A+.
    5.Is Super Smash Bros. melee realy that bad to be rated TEEN.
    I wish they wold release luigi's Mansion sooner.

    -Yosh kid34

David Dayton: 1) Mr. Face is owned by the Nintendorks and sometimes some of the Nintendork fans get annoyed by people who use Mr. Face for comic mischief. Besides, Mr. Face was a celebrity guest mailbag guy.

2) E-mail it to us, I suppose.

3) Er... I was working on a text adventure...

4) Deezer.

5) No, it isn't bad. But it looks more realistic, so the fighting seems more real... thus the Teen rating.

    Ok, so i was listening to WTMK on WinAmp and I opens da minibrowser. It goes to the screen where it says "Celebrating 20 years of Mario." So I'm looking at the logo and all of a sudden the window CHANGES! It just takes me to the regular index page w/ the big blur. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM! You think i dont want to look at the logo! Is that it! You dont know me! My frineds told me I needed phycological councilin'. SO I takes it and I throw my phyco out the window! Then they throw me in jail! It took me $10 buck bail to get out and now you shall hear from my lawyer! I WANT MY 10 BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care! ^_^


David Dayton: We can't make this stuff up, people.

    Dear Mailbag answerer(I think it's Megabyte),
    When are y'all gonna have new Fan Art rolling again
    -CpuNerd90 P.S. Tell Super Mario All-Star that sometimes I beat SMB3 3 times a day

David Dayton: Send in Fan Art. If Deezer gets enough, he might have to update.

    Nintendo Gamecube is going to kick ---, GameCube will kick PS2's ---, GameCube will kick X-Box's ---.
    P.s. Did X-Box break down at E3?
    P.s.s. Will Square make games for Cube?
    P.s.s.s. I'm I bugging you?
    -Matt Koopa (bugging people)

David Dayton: Yes. Yes. Probably not in the near future. Perhaps.
Hmm..107 messages left.

    Whazzup Deezer,JJ,Megabyte,MushroomBoy,Mr.Face,and David? I got a few questions to ask.

    1: I found a reference in Issue 2, or HARD Corps. I'd scan you the page, but I don't have a scanner. SuperStar blows up a helicopter,then says "Gave Over, Mario".
    2: This question is about Mr. Face. What is he exactly. Is he only a face? Does he have arms? Does he hang around Master Hand, or Andross? They're only one body part too....
    3: How was the original SMB 1,2,3, SMW music made? Doesn't sound like an orchestra,like SM64.


    PS. Toad is a perv...saw a piccy of him in SSB Melee, under peache's dress! Heh heh ^_~

David Dayton: 1) Interesting. What is "Issue 2, HARD Corps"?
2) Visit The Nintendorks and find out.
3) They are generated by a special sound chip in the NES and SNES. The sound chip got more fancy on the N64, which allowed for more instrument sounds at a time... and better ones.
P.S. Too many filthy minds around here.

    To whoever is answering the mailbag... First of all I'd like to say you have a kick-[bleep] site. It's hands down the best site for anything Mario. Now on to my questions...
    The other day I was playing Super Mario World on my old SNES and I was in the Forest Of Illusion. I made it to the Forest Fortress and noticed that when I made it to the red boss doors that there was another area further to the right. I got a Super Feather and when I came to this area, there was a long pit of lava that I could fly across. It's just that there's fireballs that jump out of the lava and make it very difficult to make it to the other side. My question is: what the heck is on the other side of the lava pit? I checked the guide on Super Mario World on your site and couldn't find anything about this. Please help! Sorry if that was too long and detailed.

    My next question is: In Paper Mario, what's in the chest being guarded by a black Shy Guy in Shy Guys Toy Box? I can't beat him.
    I hope you can answer my questions.

    -The Insane Freak

David Dayton: Thanks for the compliments.
For the first question... you will eventually reach several extra lives, and another door leading to the boss. I think there might be a midway tape at that door, but I'm not sure.

For the second question... I'm not sure exactly which Shy Guy you're talking about, as I don't remember the colors. I -think- it is the Power Plus badge, but I'm not sure. Er, Deezer, suggestions?
Deezer: Oh, I know that Shy Guy. I'm pretty sure he's guarding a badge.

    Hi, its the tonetone again. I just thought of a Mario reference in the Simpson's, in the episode where Bart gets caught stealing, not only donkey Kong, but a luigi look alike both appear when all the video game stars coax him into stealing. just thought you should know.

    -the tonetone strikes again

David Dayton: I remember that episode... "It's the company's fault for making you want it so much..."

    Dear mailbag answerer,
    In Mario Party 2 the bumper ball snow place, what's with the dead shy guy frozen in the middle?

David Dayton: The 8 Bits Club has strange initiation procedures.

    Hi. I love your web site, but how can you handle a web site with only 4 people at the controls? Thats like sending out the dog to get the morning newspaper from the newsoffice thats a mile away. Its darn near impossible.
    Ok now onto my question. I was playing Paper Mario, and I had just deliverd the song to the diva in the Club. She started singing her song, when I realized that I had played the song that she was singing on my trombone. And why is it that everyone wants to play a trumpet, huh. I mean, trombones are way better. We can reach th same pitches they can {even though it is very hard}, and we can go lower, so why do some of the trupet players act as if they are better than me. But enough about that, weird coinincidence, isnt it
    -William L. soon-to-be proud owner of a Gamecube

David Dayton: Technically, Deezer really runs the site by himself, and has lackies doing bits and pieces of it.

    ˇBuenos noches to all the staff of TMK and all the people out there!
    I was reading the Nov 2. mailbag and noticed this... (Picture and text about the Mario and the Golden Plunger thingy from the newspaper)

    .. and I was surprised! I live very near Vincennes, but I do not go to Lincoln. I just wondered where you got the picture of the Sun-Commercial article... As always: Great site! Keep up the good work everyone! ˇAdios!


David Dayton: Donde esta el bano! Er... with some tildes in there...
I think someone submitted that to Deezer at some point... er.. perhaps Deezer could say.
Deezer: Mark Kelly of The Nintendo Database sent it in. The picture has been on this page for a while.

    I have a question regarding SSBM. In Volume 146 of Nintendo Power, with the up-close previews of upcoming Gamecube games, I noticed a picture of Peach's Castle. If you look closely at it, you can see a red flag and several sand traps. A reference to Mario Golf? I think so.

    PS: David Dayton is right: Sony knows nothing about game design or how to create a proper controller!


David Dayton: I'm always right. That's why I'm David.

    I'd like to tell you that in 1989 or 1990, the Mario characters appeared at the Ice Capades(which was hosted by Jason Bateman and Allysa Milano). If you know anything about this, let me know more about this Ice Capades appearance of Mario. But if you don't know anything about this, then I pity you.

    Hey "paisanos", I'm jealous of those people who did that Mario play. I wish I knew about it. Tell us more about it, don't hide secrets from me! Anyway like I said before, I'm jealous of those people who did that Mario play. I wanted to do one so bad, but it never worked out.

    -Robert Poole

David Dayton: Hmm. Ice Capades? I'm offering one Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge, signed by me, David, to the person that submits a picture and full information on the Ice Capades Mario thing.

    hello, this is Mario_Party_net.god. I just wanted Deezer, or J.J., or mushroom boy or whoever is answering this week's mailbag that I want to know 2 things. How come I haven't recieved my password yet (It said afew moments. I've ben waiting 2 HOURS!!!) and what are your records for bowser toss/mecha marathon?

    P.S. Your WAV section needs updating.


David Dayton: As far as the password goes, that's something that isn't really in our hands, I believe. The message boards are automated and through a service. I think.
My records for those two games are incredibly lousy. Really.

    Hello! Great site. I was wondering how to get interviews with Nintendo personnel. I've already got a large back catalogue of unpublished interviews with the Rareware staff (about DK and nothing else) and am interested in adding ones for such people as Kazumi Totaka and Shigefumi Hino. I have a basic knowledge of Japanese, but would love to build up a publishable selection of Ninterviews, to possibly post up on a site one day...

    Hope you can help,

    -Koopa the Complacent

David Dayton: You could write a letter to NCL or NOA. I'm not sure, really. I've never done it... although I did toss some e-mails back and forth between myself and the design team of R-Type DX just three days after the game came out (long story). Good luck, and keep us informed!

    Hello TMK. Please answer my question. I just got my Super Mario Advance cartridge and saw the nice new voice for Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad (this last one sounds like a buzz >.<). When they get a heart hey say "Thankyou". When they get a star they say "Here we go". When they hit 3 or more enemies with a vegetable they say "Ta-da". When they get a Cherry they say "Latee"! What does that mean?

    -Swatch Karuru

David Dayton: They are saying "Lucky".

    Man that Super Mario gold plunger play looked (happy)! Seriously! I mean is that a (woman) playing mario? Seriously! What the (pit of eternal fire) was up with that expression on his/her face? Seriously! That drumline looked super (impoverished) . Seriously! Was That supposed to be a (removed from the grace of God) costume? Seriously! It looks super (unable to reproduce)! Seriously! That picture makes mario bros. fans look like a bunch of (cleansing products)! Seriously! I think you should remove it. Mario is not to be mocked!!! DISGRACE!!! Sorry aboot that, but that needed to be said. Seriously!

    -Michael Pfaff

David Dayton: Well, it did look odd, but I think that was the point. And yes, that was a woman.
Oh, for future reference, kindly refrain from cursing and slurs.

    What happens to Mario in Luigi's Masion?

    -keeton family

David Dayton: He's captured by the evil forces that's a secret.
Rats. 91 messages left.

    Everyone seems to be numbering their questions that they send in. In an attempt to change, I will do something completely and utterly different than ANYONE has done before. Now, here are the questions:

    A) I seem to be hearing a lot of negative support about Mario Sunshine comin' from you guyz down there doin the mailbag thang. If they changed the name (which they will definitely do, if Nintendo values money at all) of the game, and updated the graphics (which da big N is in the process of doing), the game comes down to only lacking in plot. The thing is, we have no idea what the plot is. That desert town in the only single video ever seen of MS, may only be a level in what is, as a whole, a gigantic and immersive game. Come on...don't pass judgement on something when you have almost nothing to pass judgement on! (Hmm...this has turned more in to a rant than a question. Still...any comments?)

    B) You may want to include in your preview of SSBM that Ganondorf is a playable character. YES, it's TRUE! He will most likely be one of the secret ones. My source...either IGNCube or PlanetGamecube...I forget which. (Hey, this really isn't a question either!)

    C) I read in the Oct. 12 mailbag someone saying that a Super Mario Bros. 2 movie was being made, and it was starring Chris Farley. I can't comment on this as I never heard about it. That would have been cool though. Chris Farley, in my oppinion, is one of the best Saturday Night Live cast members ever, and he's funny as ----! Why'd he have to die so young? (Hmm...that "question" didn't relate to Mario at all. Funny.)

    D) Which are you more anxious to buy out of the two...Luigi's Mansion or Mario Sunshine? (hey, that was actually a question!)

    E) I've been pondering this for some time. Do you think another Mario RPG has any chance of coming out on the Cube? Square could probably help with it too, since they'll be catering to all Next Gen. counsels including GCN. Hopefully it could be about 50x more immersive, lengthy, and fun than Paper Mario, and at least 40x more than Mario RPG.

    I think that's it. For all you Bboard ppl this is


David Dayton: A) Plot? In a Mario game? Ha ha hahahahaha ha ha ha!!! Er... I mean... the gameplay is the most important part.

B) I've heard that too, but until Nintendo confirms it, it is merely a rumor.

C) That's news to me. I think it was as joke.

D) Luigi's Mansion... I can't be anxious for a game that won't be available for a year or so.

E) Yeah, I can bet that Paper Mario 2 will be coming, or something like it. Oh, did I mention that I found Paper Mario much MORE fun that Super Mario RPG?

    I've been trying to find a orchestrated score for a Super Mario song, and someone in the last mailbag gave me hope. I had been searching for scores of the Japanese (Tokyo Philharmonic?) renditions, but never succeded. Maybe I could find this "high-school" version? Or was that performance done without a real orchestraded score, without paying royalties, and therefore utterly illegal? Oh yeah... who does those hilarious cartoon drawings of the TMK staff? I wonder what I'd look like (prolly a super-deformed Luigi).

    -The Younger Plumber

David Dayton: If I knew where to find that high school rendition, it'd be on WTMK already.
The pictures? I think there is an artist note on the bottom of them, somewhere. I really should but I don't. I could ask someone, but that's work. It's one of the staff members, I believe. If not, I'll be corrected.

    First off, Deezer, your message on Advance Wars inspired me to go out and buy it. I agree. I almost forget homework! My idea for the mailbag person is a way to prevent repetitive and stupid questions. Try putting at the the bottom of the mailbag a topic for the people to mail in about next week. Last thing, in Mario Sunshine, do you think the "water cannon" on Mario's back is not needed, and it should be eliminated for a more old school experience.

    -Alex from MO

David Dayton: Advance Wars good.

Nifty idea. I'll throw something at the bottom, once I plow through another 89 messages.

    yo!! hey man,our site is great!been looking at your site 4 the past 3 days-- There's everything here!Personaly I think it's the best site around!you must've worked hard on this,and since your so good at that kind of stuff...,I've always wanted to create my own website and I don't know where to start! If you could give me some advice please and who knows,maybe it'l be has great has yours(almost impossible ,anyway) thanx!

    -Noodle(u rule man!!!)

David Dayton: Deezer is great. Heheh.

First of all, learn HTML. Search for HTML on Google or something and get a working knowledge of it.

Secondly, have something to make a page about. Deezer did Mario games. I, David, have a webpage filled with Nintendo Codes. You need something interesting people care about.

    Dear Deezer:
    I recently noticed a little something in Mario Party 3: In the mini-game called "Mario's Puzzle Party", it features the characters on their playfields which had expressions that look EXACTLY like the ones featured in Mario Party 2 during the board map settings screen. Don't ya agree?


David Dayton: Hudson, creators of the Mario Party series, tend to reuse character models.

Oh, a note to everyone. The more e-mails you send to the bag, the longer it takes us to reply, as we tend to avoid the people that send 17 messages in a span of 2 days.

    Hi. When i have this game, Ice Hockey for nintendo, when i pause the game, the pause tune sound exactly like the tune from Super Mario Bros. Is it hard to believe or what?!


David Dayton: Several eary NES game shared similar sounds. However, feel free to record the sound and send it in.

    There are actually 25 characters in SSB: Melee. Zelda is also a character. If you check out the Japanese SSB:M commercial, it shows Sheik transforming into her, and vice-versa. Obviously Ganondorf will be playable, since the popular Mario trio of Mario, Peach, and Bowser will be in it, so it wouldn't be fair if Link and Zelda were in it without their enemy as well.

    -TK n Happy Ness (you may know me from some Pokemon boards)

David Dayton: Actually, Ganon isn't confirmed. He may well be in the game, but there is no proof as of yet... and those character lists that include "Dr. Mario" as a unique character seem too silly for me to consider. Of course, I could be wrong...

    Hello, TMK! Mostly questions for Super Smash Bros. Melee:
    1. Luigi is appearing in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Do you know any of the moves he'll use? Will he be using his trusty vacuum from Luigi's Mansion and suck up players and stuff?
    2. Do you know any items that are appearing in SSBM? I know a few new ones like the Super Scope, Mr. Saturn and the Parasol for Kirby's Dream Land
    3. I know most of the stages for SSBM. Peach's Castle, DK's Treehouse (or so I heard), Great Bay, Planet Zebes, Yoshi's Island (SMW version), Kirby's Dream Fountain, Fox's Ship (I know it's called something else), Pokémon Stadium, Ice Mountain and Mushroom Kingdom. Am I missing any?
    4. Is Sheik male or female? In Zelda 64, Sheik is known as "he" (described by Ruto). But, Sheik is a disguise for Princess Zelda.
    5. (not a question) Deezer said he wanted to see Mario and Bowser "duke it out" in Super Smash Bros. We'll Deezer, you're wish comes true Dec 3rd.
    6. I heard Ganondorf (bad guy from Zelda 64) is gonna make an appearance as a fighter in SSBM. Is this true?
    7. On the SSBM page you posted, where are Link, Peach, Bowser and Ness fighting at in the main screenshot?
    8. What exactly is tournament mode? I don't really understand.

David Dayton: 1) Nothing is known about Luigi's moves in SSBM. Sorry.
2) I think a bumper is showing up, and some other stuff. I'm not sure, any not much has been confirmed yet.
3) We'll find out soon enough.
4) Shiek is Zelda in disguise, so Shiek is female.
5) Yep.
6) If I knew, I couldn't tell ya. But I don't know.
7) I believe they are playing in the Legend of Zelda Palace stage.
8) Tournament mode is one where up to 64 people can take turns playing in a giant, elimination-mode style SSB tournament. They take turns in groups of 4.

    TMK, I was wondering if you might be able to answer a question that I about the GameCube, which I'm certain at this point that you know more about than I do. Hence the question to which I have been trying to find an answer for several weeks now: How will the GameCube's load times compare to that of say, a Playstation 1, or a 4X PC CD-ROM drive? Load times are still a specific reason why I never went out and bought an old Playstation, but will certainly not keep me from eventually owning a GameCube. Anyway, how do the two match up? After doing my homework, I learned that the original Playstation transferred data at a paltry 300 Kilobytes per second (300Kbs), roughly the same speed as a 2X (dual speed) CD-ROM drive. If my mathematics serves my correctly, 600Kbs would be the transfer speed of a lowly old 4X CD-ROM drive. Now I realize that the GameCube will not support CD-ROM based anything (CD Audio, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs) but there must be some fundamental level from which the disc-based system must read. CD-ROM drives have certainly come a long way from the day when 2X and 4X were considered fast. 48X (7200Kbs) speed CD-ROMs and upwards are currently on the market, and I would expect Nintendo to use something relatively modern. But are we talking about a CD-ROM engine in the GameCube that spins so slowly that load times could become annoying? I would surely hope not.

    My only hope is that you can shed some light on the subject for me, because, watch this now... ***My Prediction*** very slow load times WILL lead to the downfall of the GameCube. Those of us that have consistently played Nintendo's cartridge based systems over the years will have much to say about GameCube's load times IF they are slow, cause frame rates to drop during game play, and so on. Personally, I still get a little frustrated when playing the old Playstation, when a game such as Driver 2, or Marvel Vs. Street Fighter takes MINUTES instead of SECONDS to load. So there's my question and my rant. Anything you'd like to add TMK? Thanks,

    - John L.

David Dayton: Although I could well be wrong, I don't believe exact access times have been released for the Game Cube drive. However, keep in mind that the smaller size of the disk means that the laser mechanism needs to move over a smaller area, and that SHOULD reduce the time spent moving the laser. While I haven't played a Game Cube game yet, many who have state that the load time is practically non-existant.
Oh, and load time won't lead to the downfall of the system. The PSX did very well with horrible load times.

    Hey Deezer do you like Weezer.
    see its funny cause they rhyme.
    or not.

    -Toad's Burrito

David Dayton: As I am not Deezer, the joke fails. As Nelson Muntz would say, "Ha ha!"

    Hi. First time caller, long time listener. DD, whoever wrote that e-mail about the Princess: You are both completely missing the obvious! Peach is the princess' FIRST name. It just was never mentioned until SM64. Thin about it. Why is the chancellor in SMRPG called "Chancellor Toadstool"? Coincidence? I think not.

    If you are going to post this e-mail, I also have a mario question or 3.

    1) Do you think that luigi was the main launch title's hero to balance out luigi's popularity with Mario's?

    2) When the Gamecube does come out in N. america, will Mario Sunshine (or whatever they're calling it now) be one of the launch titles?

    2B) is Mario Sunshine the first Mario Gamecube appearance in a main character role (not like SSBM, but more like SM64)

    and one non-mario Nintendo Question: Do you (or Deezer, J.J. etc.) know where there's a good help site on Majora's Mask?

    Thanx for your time.

    P.S. To the readers: Do you notice that a lot of people don't use spellcheck on their emails? I mean, it is a bore to use it every time, but when it will be posted onto the internet it will be seen how sloppy the email looks, right? like a lesser known version of "All your base are belong to us!"

    See ya!
    -William Luttrell, A.K.A. Mario_Party_net.god on fungi forums

David Dayton: First of all, while we like to call the Princess "Princess Peach Toadstool", the fact of the matter is that she has always really been Peach, and was only named Toadstool in America. To solve that problem, NOA tried to shuffle past it by using BOTH names for her in SM64 and Mario Party. The problem is that the Japanese have never called her anything but Peach, so any attempt to connect the Chancellor with her is silly.

1) Luigi was the launch title because the Mario game wasn't done yet... probably because the Mario game was much more complex and nowhere near complete. The Luigi's Mansion game does seem to be a simpler design project, overall.

2) No, Mario Sunshine won't be out for a year or so... and I don't know if Mario will appear as a main character before then.

3) Try GameFaqs.
Oh.. and I wish people would correct their spelling and grammar as well. It is annoying. I used to correct it, but I gave up.

    dear tmk staff,
    hi. you guys(that includes j.j.) have the best site. here are some questions
    1. Where is the secret page?
    2. Where is the secret page?
    3. At least give me a clue to it.
    4. Give me a clue to it that is not the stupid poem from 2 mailbags back.
    5. Why'd you most of the ROMS down?
    Tha's it

David Dayton: 1) I don't know.
2) I don't know.
3) I did that last time with my poem.
4) Okay, so the poem was a joke and meant nothing. You have to admit it was clever for a work that was created merely to spell out an insult when the first letter in each line was read together as a word.
5) As far as I know, the ROMs that were removed were the ones that were real, commercial games, edited with Mario graphics. Thus, to offer them for download would be illegal.

    I got something I wanna say to all of you who fill the mailbags with junk, and then insult the TMK crew. YOU ALL SUCK. Who are any of you to dis Mushroom Boy, or J.J. or David, or even Deezer? You're all probably wondering why Mr. Face is gone now. It's because of you fools! Mr. Face was the funniest and must hilarious person to ever answer a mailbag on this green earth, and you dare disprove him?! Like he said, "MR. FACE NE-VER WRONG!" And then the whole Gay Gay thing...What is up with you people?! Personally, I like J.J. it's a scream seeing him insult retards like the lot of you who wish to fill the mailbags with crud. And then, where's Megabyte? Probably gone for bad viewer hate mails or something, or maybe doing some thing else, but either way, I believe he left, patially because he's sick of answering mailbags full of literally junk mail. Well, I hope you lame spammers are happy. You lost quite a few of the Mario Universe's best webmasters all thanks to you. In the words of David Dayton, "Excuse me for a moment whilst everyone else in the gaming universe points at you and laughs."

    -Kitsune Keitsuken

David Dayton: I can't believe it. I'm quoted. I have a fan base. Now, to RULE THE WORLD!
Oh, and as I've said before, Mr. Face was a special celebrity guest host. If you want to see more of him, visit the Nintendorks and ask for him.

    Four things. One, I have gotten all 10 statues on BS Super Mario USA World 1. There is no bonus, not even a "good job" message. Two, how come on my copy of BS SMUSA W. 1 does my character start out as Peach and occasionally change? Three, why isn't the "new, mature" Mario going to wear red & blue and not wear overalls? Are they too "cutesy"? WHY? Four, what is your ROM source (don't answer #4 if you don't feel like it)? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. How come do early screenshots of SMBDX have SMB2j graphics when the real one doesn't? Thanks.


David Dayton: I've never played the Bandai Sattelite versions of those games, so I wouldn't know. If you have them, send them to us and we can see what we can find out.
Er... red and blue... versus red shirt and blue overalls. What's the difference?
I buy a game, and it contains a ROM.
I suppose the development team changed the graphics in SMBDX at some point.

    In a couple of mailbags ago you said something about a movie for super smash bros. meele. In it you said that nintendo characters appear in a character info screen. Can you have a link to this movie(you said it's in rainbow resort but I can't find it).

    -Jack Gorecki

David Dayton: I think that movie is available over on IGNCube. Search for info on SSB Melee.

75 messages remaining. I want to sleep.

    Does the poem that David wrote really give clues to the secret page, or does David think it is funny to watch people search for weeks, and then find out that reading it from top to bottom spells out NICE TRY LOSER?


David Dayton: I'd imagine David finds it incredibly funny. Of course, David has no personal life, so what do you expect?

    Um I read the last mail bag you said something about a Kirby cartoon in Japan!
    1 What is it called
    2 Will it be comming to American telsvion
    3 If it does come to America what is the name of the channel - example:Disney Channel

David Dayton: 1) I don't know.
2) That's a good question. I don't know.
3) See answers 1 and 2.
For more info, try the Nintendo Co., Ltd. webpage. Of course, it's in Japanese... but AltaVista has a automatic translator service that will somewhat convert it to English...

    Hello, TMK!
    I've been bored recently, and I notice things faster when I'm bored. So, I noticed, looking at a stack of my NP magazines, that all of the sides of the magazines have a part of a picture on them. And when you put all the magazines in order and look at them from the sides in a stack, they make all sorts of pictures, in stacks of four, five, or maybe six or more. I dunno if this was even brought up before, but I thought it was pretty nifty to show off. Thanks!

David Dayton: I've heard that before... but I haven't subscribed for about 4 years. If NP starts issuing demo disks, I will again. Heheheh...

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you ever plan to do a feature on The Great Gianna Sisters? If you don't know about it (and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't) it was a game released for the Commodore 64, which was obviously a ripoff of Super Mario Bros., but was quickly pulled from store shelves after Nintendo threatened to sue. has some good info, including a look at the first three levels, and the box art, which proudly proclaims "The brothers are history," if you want to see more of the aforementioned blasphemy. I bet whoever cooked up the idea for this game cries himself to sleep every night.


David Dayton: Strangely enough, I do know of that game. However, I played the hacked version where the sisters were replaced by Mario and Luigi. It was actually a pretty decent clone of SMB.

    Dear TMK,
    I have found two mario references. The first I found on Encarta Encyclopedia 1997. Just search "nintendo" and a picture pops up with two kids playing mario paint.
    The second is in Nickelodeon Magazine. There is a trivia game about video games and it has a picture of Bowser and the question, "who would you call to defeat this bad guy?"
    Also, what is "L is real in 2041" ???
    Thanks and great site!


David Dayton: Nifty references. If you could send in some pictures... ;)

"L is real in 2041" is one of the MANY things people claim to see written in the star statue in the ghostly courtyard in Super Mario 64.

    Dear Mailbag person:
    1.) Have you seen the new GameCube commercial? It tottaly rocks! I think it was a cool way to display the game systems content. If you haven't already, go to to see it.
    2.) What was up with Mario Paint 64?
    3.) Choose: Super Monkey Ball or Luigi's Mansion.
    4.) I luv your site. Keep up the gud work!

David Dayton: 1) Not yet. My modem is too slow. I've heard good things about it, though.
2) Lack of 64DD support doomed it to failure.
3) Luigi's Mansion, of course.
4) We luv yoo tu.

    Hey, whoever is responding. I am $$Wario$$. Some may recall me from the message board. I was wondering? Why dont you kick some of those idiots out?
    List: Kamek2K
    Princess_Peach_Toadstool amoung others.............


David Dayton: Well, I don't have the power to do that. Only Deezer does.

68 messages left. How high can I go?

    Yo, mailbag guy. Whoever you are, I have some questions again.
    1. Does Mario take shrooms?
    2. Do you believe in Waluigi?
    3. Can Deezer come out and play?
    4. In Super Smash Bros. I'm having a hard time finishing "Board The Platforms" for Yoshi, Samus, and Kirby. I need to finish these last 3 bonus games to win the Music Test. Got any tips for me?
    5. I have a cool Mario toy, but I don't know where I got it from. It's just a regular plastic Raccoon Mario figure and it's not on the site. Want a picture of it?
    6. What are all the attacks Ness's Energy Shield absorbs in Super Smash Brothers?
    7. Have you seen Diplomacy at What do you think of it?
    8. I heard of a game called "Baby Mario" for N64. I heard it was supposed to be one of the last games for the N64 before the GCN came out. It's about Mario and Peach get married and have a baby. Something happens and Bowser comes in and kidnaps Peach. Mario gets knocked out and Baby Mario is all alone. Anyway, Bowser has a son too, Baby Bowser. You play as Baby Mario in the game and have to save Peach or something. It's supposed to be the sequel to Paper Mario. Anyway, is all this true?!
    9. I will never find the secret page.
    10. I remember watching my dad play Super Mario Bros. when I was a baby. We didn't have SMB3 or SMW, but I saw him do something in the game and this big flashing star appeared on the black screen in the game like in SMB3 when you get three star cards. Can you tell me what I saw?


David Dayton: 1) He takes shrooms many places. To the store, to the mall, to the Mushroom Ball. Toad and his family love driving in Mario's plumbing van.
2) Waluigi lives. BEWARE HIS WRATH!
3) Only if he finishes his vegetables.
4) There is a really good FAQ or two for SSB up on GameFAQs — I used them for help. Try them.
5) Sure. Send it in.
6) I'm not sure. I noticed that it doesn't absorb Link's boomerang, though.
7) Er, haven't seen it.
8) Nope. That's a rumor.
9) Probably not.
10) There is no such thing in SMB. It had to be SMB3.

    I got two questions.First,why did the Mario shows stop airing?I heard that they used to be on pax tv.Second,do you think they will be ever aired on again?I really hope they will be back on someday.Thanks!


David Dayton: Old cartoons stop airing because broadcasters think they can't get enough viewers to wath them anymore. Will they ever be reaired? Maybe... but you don't see the old Pac-Man or Q*Bert cartoons on now, do you?

    Hi-ya! I know a new Mario cameo. It is in a crappy show called Invader ZIM. The people or whatever they are go to some arcade, the camera swings over the arcade and you can hear the the noise from Donkey Kong when you jump over an obstacle. You can also hear the "Coin Noise". By-da-way, do you guys have a site for Sonic the Hedgehog??


David Dayton: I've never heard of Invader ZIM. Any pics/sound clips? Oh, and no — no Sonic.

    I just got back from seeing "The ONE." I liked the movie, it had an infomercial for the Flowbee in it. Sorta like Robocop's sunblock thing...
    -Chris "M3wThr33" Glass

David Dayton: Yes, Mario is better than Robocop.

    you know you play mario game to much when "you dress up like a raccoon and try to fly"...
    this one i got from Mario Bros 3


David Dayton: How droll!

    In the Oct. 5 mailbag J.J explained to someone that the NES game cartridges fit into the system and that it seems primitive by todays standards. In the following mailbag SJ64 wrote "In the last (Oct. 5) mailbag, J.J. said that the NES' game slot "seems so primitive by today's standards, I know," because the cartridge is completely contained within the system. I just wanted to point out that all of today's systems have the games contained completely inside the systems, too. So, really, it isn't that archaic. The cartridge is, perhaps, but not putting it completely 'in' the console." But technically when J.J. said that it was primitive wasnt he reffering to cartridges, because true, all of todays systems have the games contained within the system but all of todays systems use cds not cartridges. So technically J.J. was right, unless i understood this wrong.

    -Nintendo Addict

David Dayton: I think the NES was ahead of its time, in that it held the game within the system and had no part of the game sticking out. The rest of that message confused me...

    When is the actual guide for SMRPG coming? Did you just say that, or do you really mean it?

    -Nicolas 64

David Dayton: We TMK people are a bit swamped right now. If you need help right now, try GameFAQs... I do believe Deezer is slowing cobbling together the ultimate SMRPG guide.

    One more small correction...
    for the intro thingie in the beginning, it works on IE 5.5+ ONLY. I'm running Windows with IE 5.0 and it does not work. Congratulations on being the best Super Mario site in the world.

    -Andrew Smee

David Dayton: I use Opera, and it doesn't work with it, either. I'm not sure how or what it is programmed with.

Oh, by the way. Try Opera. It doesn't crash like Netscape 6, and it isn't made by Microsoft, like IE.

    Not that this has anything to do with Mario, but since you know about Japan I wanted to ask you if you knew why they make the cartoons and mangas so sexually explicit.

    -andrew mcmaster

David Dayton: Well, that depends on what you mean by "sexually explicit"... some things are sexual, others (like whole family nude bathing) are asexual (as in, there is no sexual nature inherent in that, but outsiders can't see it as anything but sexual). That said, there is a LOT of sexually explicit content in Japan. All I can say is that every culture has its own unique shortcomings, and the Japanese culture is no different. Heck, we Americans kill our own citizens... but now I'm getting political. How Catholic of me....heheheh...

    I think Super Mario RPG the original against Paper Mario I think the original is better. Because The game is longer. I beat Paper Mario in 2 weeks. (Not nonstop playing).While Super Mario RPG took me almost a year. I never use players guides. Witch one do you think would be better? (I know both games would be by the extreme better if they stared Luigi and they would not just have him lead the parade) Also do you know all about the Internet fan games? Made by Frakzone and Biebrersoft? What do you think of them?


David Dayton: Super Mario RPG is longer not merely because the game itself is more detailed or complex, but because it relies more on the typical "fight dozens of bad guys and then struggle to survive a boss... rinse and repeat" formula, which gets rather dull. Paper Mario was shorter, but much more original and more entertaining.

I'm not sure of which fan games you mean... send us a link...

    Hey, yo, TMK people,

    I noticed a mailbag or two back someone was talkin' bout Nintendo gameshows in Japan. Well, they're not just limited to the Land of the Rising Sun! Over here in Australia we have one (it's finished now, I think...) called 'Amaze-ing', where contestants answer questions etc. In one part they played Super Mario Kart on SNES to get points (in the last few episodes they introduced SMK64, three years after it was originally released @_@) and in the final part they went through a amaze to find things, and could win a Gameboy. Well, well. Fun fun!


David Dayton: This goes to show that kids the world over like to play video games for cash.
"Video Power...yeah, that's right"

    Hey TMK Mailbag Person,
    I went to the search box, and typed in page, it came up with a kid holding a gun, standing on a slide .....does this have anything to do with the page?


David Dayton: Nope.

    Dear, mailbag-answering person

    I liked how SSBM's coming out with a whole new batch of characters to choose from in addition to the originals. But I am horribly dissapointed at who those characters are. Bowser and Sheik are good additions, but Princess Peach and Toad?!?! Even Jiggly puff's a better fighter than them! I guess that's what happens, though, when you don't have a lot of selection.

    I was thinking: Wouldn't it be cool it there was a SSB that stretched out to videogame heroes from all the different companies, such as Mega Man, Banjo-Kazooie, Sonic the hedgehog, and all those Final Fantasy characters! Of course, it's too late for ideas now, since SSBM is already coming out...But, then again, like Nintendo would ever really listen...(Awww, what the heck! I'm buying the game anyway!)


David Dayton: The Princess should be a good character... and she's mighty cute in that render, too. Heheh.

Banjo and Kazooie COULD be in a future SSB game, as Rare is mostly owned by Nintendo now (sort of like Hal Labs in Japan). However, I doubt any other company's characters will appear... unless Nintendo and Capcom do a crossover game, kind of like Capcom vs. SNK.

55 messages to go. I think I will give up soon.

    dear tmk, i noticed on your upcoming games list theres a mario kart for gc, is there REALLY going to be a mario kart for gc or are you just assuming?
    P.S this may be my first time writing but ALL tmk people rock noone should be called --- or dumb or stupid if they do, block them

David Dayton: Nintendo HQ said a Mario Kart for the Game Cube is in development.
Oh, I don't block anyone from mailing it. I might delete the message, but it is usually more fun to post the message. :)

    J.J.'s gonna get destroyed if he gets more insults? Kewl!! I'm surprised he's still here now.
    SSBM is not Mario's 1st appearance in a T-rated game. He's had tons of references in T and M games. But it is the first T-rated game where he is verified to be Mario and you can control him.
    Who CARES if MS has a freakin' city level? No one yelled at SMB2, (well, some did, but not because it wasn't set in MK... well, that was the reason for some people... ok, I'll shut up.) no one yelled at M64...
    This part is to that 'different mike' guy: WOULD YOU FREAKIN' SHUDDUP ALREADY? HOW DO YOU KNOW IF IT HAS A PLOT OR NOT? WE ONLY HAVE ONE FREAKIN' SCREENSHOT! In conclusion, SHUT UP ABOUT MS!!!!!!!!! We're already waiting until '02 for a new Mario game, do you really wanna wait longer? Besides, what millions and millions of people have always wanted is a video game where you're in a world similar to the real one, so you can jump off buildings and stuff.
    Do you think that the purple triangle that says 'only for' means that some GC games'll be interchangeable?

    -Super Mario 64 1/2

David Dayton: J.J. is alive and well, somewhere. That's all I can say.
Yes, we should wait for Mario Sunshine to be released before we judge it.
Er, the "Only For" means that that game is exclusive to the GameCube and will not be released on the XBox, nor the Playstation 2.

    the other day, I thought of something:
    couldn't Mario have dreampt Super Mario Brothers 2 after seeing Doki Doki Panic?
    I was getting interested in Warioland cuz of WL4, and your Warioland and Warioland II just had like 2 screenshots for each game of the title screen and intro. Could'nt u have a little more?
    Also I was looking at your DKjr site and the pic for level 2 looked distinctly like LV 2-8 in Game Boy Donkey Kong. Is it supposed to be that way?


David Dayton: I suppose Mario could have done that, provided that Doki Doki Panic was released by NOMK.
More screenshots? Er... perhaps I could hook up my Super Game Boy 2 and try to nab some more shots of Warioland and Warioland 2.
Yeah, the GB Donkey Kong has stages based on the original DK and DK Jr. stages.

Well, I've managed to carve the backlog of e-mail down to a mere 50 messages, out from about 180. I'm sure everyone is proud of me. This mailbag should last you several long minutes of reading...

For the next mailbag... what is everyone doing while they are waiting in line for their GameCube?

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