23 Nov 2001

Mailbag by Deezer


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Last week's question: What is your favorite Mario enemy, and why?

    I've always been partial to Goombas and Shy Guys. Why? Because they're just so darn CUTE!

    One of my all time favorite Mario enemies is Bowser. He's gotta be the greatest Mario enemy of all, for obvious reasons. Another Mario enemy I'm fond of are Shy Guys. I just think they're cool and I was hoping one might be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. We still don't know of all the playable characters yet, so it is a possibility. You guys have a great site and I wish all the best to you.

    My favorite Mario enemey has always been the Shy Guy. They are just so cute and mysterious, with that mask. It's too bad they are "stolen" from Doki Doki Panic... Well, incase the Doki Doki people sue nintendo and Shy Guys go away, my next favorite is the Koopa Troopa, but I really dont like those that much, Shy Guys forever!

    In answer to the 23rd of Novembers question (a.k.a. "next weeks question") I want to say that the shyguys are my favorite enemy. All the different types of them are cool (my favorite one being the spy guy), and they're mysterious (what's under those masks anyway?). Thank you. that is all. Good Luck on the site.

    Hi! I really like your site! (I've been surfin it for my Mario Info for years, I just havn't had the guts to write) My favorite baddie are the Shy Guys. They are really cute and funny in games like Super Mario RPG, and Paper Mario.Oh by way the only reason why I like SM RPG better than Paper Mario is because in Paper Mario they leave out Geno and Mallow.(Geno is my all time fav Mario char. I dont know why people diss him. I think that he is usefull because he is so fast and has useful majic attacks.) Shy Guy is also a pretty decent character in Mario Tennis.

    Mine would have to be Shogun from SMRPG, because he has that straight-from-the-80's punk rocker look. Rock on dudes!

    My fav baddie is by far the Green Shy Guy in SMRPG, Sling Shy. Two great things mixed: the color green, and a Shy Guy! O_o! They're just so cute!

    You know that like dragon enemy in Super Mario RPG. Like when you fight the treasure box and then it comes out. It rules.

    I'd have to say, the best enemy in the SMB series is one of the rarest. Of course, I'm talking about those three lucky goombas in SMB3, World 5, who get to ride in Kuribo's Shoe. Those things must be the most expensive pieces of equipment in Bowser's anti-Mario arsenal if you only see three of them... ever. Of course, the standard goombas, shyguys and Koopa (para)Troopas are cool too, but somehow just not as special.

    Who else? Bowser! Why Bowser? Because he can get thrown off platforms into bottomless pits, be thrown into spiked mines, get his arse whupped into oblivion, and STILL come back for more! He's the spunkiest dinosaur-slash-turtle I'll ever know!!!
    -The Doc

    I'm going to spell this the old-fashioned, proper English way, because it looks nicer. My favoUrite enemy in the Mario games, not including bosses, must be the Goomba riding Kuribo's Shoe - it's rare, only in one level in SMB3, and gives you a great power-up!

    You are my second favorite Mario site out there (sorry if that offends you, but I like SMBHQ better). Anyway, my favorite enemy is definitely Shy Guy. I lke Shy Guys because they're different than other bad guys. They're not just stupid and weak like goombas, and they're not just stupid and strong like, like, umm... Bowser? Anywho, they are probably the smartest bad guys, and there's so much mystery surrounding them too. I mean, where did they come from???? First they appear when Mario's really young in Yoshi's Island, then they appear as minions of wart (but that was just a dream, right?????), then as Booster's followers (SMRPG), then Bowser (Super Mario 64). They can also fly! That is so cool!

    My favorite Mario enemy is ShyGuy. Especially in Paper Mario with their little screams and various other noises. And their personalities, or what personality you can get out of them, are so childish and kidlike that it's funny, especially when it comes to General Guy. They remind me off that Star Trek episode with the adults acting like kids 'cause of this disease and.. *rambles on into nothingness*

Deezer: Looks like Shy Guys are the most popular Mario enemy. And to think, they weren't originally supposed to be Mario enemies...

    Thought i'd share this with the Mario scene...
    On an episode of Saturday Night Live from the early '90's, Macauly Caulkin was hosting and for the monologue, they were doing a rip-off of "Home-Alone". Well, for part of it, Macauly was in the producer's room playing Super Mario Bros. 3. It was World 1, Level 2 toward the end of the level when you can slide down the hill and squash the Goombas and get the Starman. Unfortunately for him, he missed the Starman and went from Raccoon to Super Mario. (Sigh...)

Deezer: You are not the first one to tell us this, but you have provided the most info about it yet. Thanks!

    Whattup Mushroom Kingdom!

    Yeah, I've got a question about Super Mario Bros 3?
    OK Here It is,
    In which levels and parts of the level does the enemy "Fire Chomp" appear in? I would like to know A.S.A.P.

    -Shaolinz Most Dangerous Warrior "DETH ROE JOE"

Deezer: I haven't played SMB3 in a while but uhh one is in World 6-something. I know they also appear somewhere else... World 5 somewhere I think.

    The Mushroom Kingdom,
    Do you think that Nintendo might make a Super Mario Brothers 3 or Super Mario World like game for the Game Cube? I like Super Mario 64 and all but I would rather have the original items in the game like the Fire Flower, Super Star, Super Leaf, or Feather.
    Also, is there a good chance that Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars and Paper Mario will be a Game Boy Advanced game?


Deezer: We can only hope.

    Hey guys, did you know that Pikmin was originally going to be 100 Marios?
    -Chupperson Weird

Deezer: Ohhh... That's probably one reason why the spaceman is called "Orimaa" in Japan ("Maa ri o" backwards in Japanese).

    viva la crash! sorry mario!

Deezer: Mario does not accept your apology. You better watch your back, I saw him picking out some big Fire Flowers...

    Hello and hodwy Mailbag people,
    (1)To you like buttered toast?
    (2)Why in Super Smash Brothers Melee does peach use toad as a shield? I mean he's only a mushroom he cant save her alot
    (3)Can I have a poptart?
    (4)On Yoshi's Island how do you beat the Frog boss in world 3? cuz your in his tummy =)
    (5)Have you ever played the computer game M.U.G.E.N. (mugen)? If so can u tell me where i can download mario characters?
    Thax a bundle
    -Sir Chris, Conqurer of all the land

(1) Yes.
(2) Toad's just doing his best to serve and protect, I guess.
(3) Man, haven't had one of those in a while.
(4) Eat the Shy Guys, and Yoshi will lay some huge eggs. Throw the eggs up at the uvula (the thing that hangs down at the top).
(5) Never heard of it, sorry.

    I got a question since Nintendo Gamecube is out is their a possibility that Squaresoft will make another mario game probly a sequel to the Super Mario RPG and Paper mario series which will probly be call SMRPG 3. OH and I have a question for the mailbag guy when SSB Melee becomes the best and the developers decide to create SSB 3 what are your opions on Sonic the Heghehog being on it, since I heard that Sonic is making a game on GameCube which is Sonic Adventure 2.

Deezer: It's doubtful that SquareSoft will develop for the GameCube.
The Smash Bros. games were for Nintendo characters, and Sonic didn't start out as a Nintendo character, so I'd say Sonic won't be in SSB3 (if they make it).

    how do i type [MEGABYTE's] official name? i no u use alt and the #s but wut r the #s?
    -Deezer's evil twin

Deezer: The ß is Alt + 0223, and the ¥ is Alt + 0165.

    Well, I missed the theme mail bag about waiting for GAMECUBE (yes, it is all caps), but I did something that I bet no one else did. I built a GAMECUBE. I was bored one night (because I`m a loser with no life that plays video games) and I took some paper, measured it out with the measurements I got off IGN, and I tapped the paper together. If you would like to see it, I could scan a picture of it.
    -The Wolfman

Deezer: But how can you play your paper GameCube? You forgot to make games and a controller!

    Do you think it would be worth it to make another collection of Mario games for GameCube?

Deezer: I know I'd buy it.

    Konnichiwa, diizaa-san!
    Watashi wa tomatotiifu desu.
    [Translation: "Hello, Deezer! I'm TomatoThief."]
    I know a little Japanese so, I translated some of the italic Japanese words on your Super Mario 64 Japanese to English page. On course 5 (Big Boo's Haunt), the Japanese words "kakushibeyano oomedama" in English means "Hidden room of the big eyeball" or "The big eyeball's hidden room". The word "kakushi" is a form of the verb "kakusu" which means "to hide". The word "beya" (a form of "heya") means "room". The word "no" means "of". The word "oo" means "big". And the word "medama" means "eyeball".
    Mashuuruumu kingudomu wa saikou desu.
    [Translation: "See ya later! The Mushroom Kingdom is the best."]

Deezer: Arigatou.

    dear abby i herd that thar is some plase calde the 3erd dmenchon in super mario64
    and i was wandering if thar wase

Deezer: There is not. The game is in three dimensions, though.

    It with a sad heart that I read of Megabyte's retirement from the mailbag life. He was probably my favorite host while he lasted. Sure, he was slower than Mario's walking in MRPG, but his 'bags were filled with pictures and quite a few notable and funny replies. I'll always remember the famous (in my mind anyway) last use of Mr. Face in reply to my "right buttcheek" letter. Hilarious! Let this be a lesson on the effects of unstoppable incoherent letters.

    Anyway, here's my latest thought that you might be able to comment on. As we all know, Super Mario Advance was basically SMB2. Now, is it just me or would the Japanese think it mighty strange that Mario's almighty return to 2D on a spanking new system was not even a real Mario game? Of all games, why their "Super Mario USA"? Was SMA designed mainly with the American market in mind or something? Did Nintendo think the Japanese had been saturated with "real" Mario games? Not that I'd expect you to know, but you might have some interesting thoughts.

    Finally, my favorite Mario enemy has to be those flies in Mario Paint. You've got to hand it to those little guys. They can't fight back and die in only one hit. But do they give up? Do they stop coming? No! They attack, attack, and (you guessed it folks) attack again. You can't by that kind of work ethic!
    -Lizard Dude

Deezer: And since those flies only appeared in one game, they had a short life span, just like real flies!

    Hey there,
    Maybe it's me but I thought JJ's latest mailbag was just fine and dandy. I thought JJ was very well behaved and showed much constraint (unlike some earlier mailbags). So props to JJ! Way to be good!
    -John V

Deezer: Go J.J.!

    Next Week's question: Should there be a croosover game consisting of Mario and Sonic?

Deezer: Thanks for the idea.

Next week's question: If Mario and Sonic were to appear in the same game, what should the game be like?

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