30 Nov 2001

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
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Last week's question: If Mario and Sonic were to appear in the same game, what should the game be like?

    If there was a Mario and Sonic game it should be like this. *ahem* Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are walking around in the Mushroom Kingdom, when suddenly King Koopas ship attacks! That means that King Koopa is back, and has captured the Princess, there for in the Sonic world, Dr. Robotnic has captured Sonics lady( i really dunno her name, is it Amy?) Then Mario, and the gang our in their nice little mushroom house thinking of what to do. Mario gets a phone call from Sonic, Mario answers the phone and Sonic says "Yo, Mario! I found out that Princess has been captured by Bowser, well my Amy(i think that's her name) was captured by Dr Robotnic, and appears that Bowser and Dr. Robotnic have teamed up! If you agree to work together say yes now!" You then choose if you want to choose team with Sonic, or go your own way, say yes or the game ends, ha...haha...ha. After you choose yes you meet Sonic at a certain place(dunno where) the movie shows Mario, Luigi, and Toad punching blocks to get racoon(YES RACOON POWER HAS RETURNED!) They fly to meet Sonic and his gang. After you meet up with Sonic you get to choose your character that you want to be, it would be similar to Sonic Adventures(DC) where you beat the game with different people and get a different ending....and that's how I think, that they think, they we all think, a Mario and Sonic game should be. So take that birth of man!
    - Debbi Kyer

David Dayton: Interesting idea. Sadly for all those sending messages in, I don't really like the Sonic games and really don't want a crossover. But, if you wanted one, that's an interesting idea.

    If sonic and mario were in one game I would have them team up and use large mallets to smash x-boxes. After smashing enough of the horrid things and their overly large loaf-of-bread-like controllers you would show down with Gates himself whacking chunks of him apart with your mallets. Tough luck having that land an E rating...
    - Luigi_Fan_Davis

David Dayton: Okay, that is a game I might enjoy.

    Hey Yo! About last week's question... The thought of Mario and Sonic in the same game is sickening. Sega's gone to the "dark side". Sonic's been appearing on the Game Boy Advance and GameCube. Sonic can go make a game with Pac-Man or Bomberman but leave Mario alone. Another thing, did you ever think Wario might appear in SSBM. He's an authentic Nintendo character and made a lot of games on his own. He's pretty famous (I guess). I'm saying he's gonna be in SSBM it just might be a possibility.
    I can't wait until I get my GameCube! I'm getting SSBM for sure! What games will you guys get (if you get a GameCube)? I'm %101 sure that Deezer will get SSBM and Luigi's Mansion (and probably Mario Sunshine) I know there's a Mario Kart game for GameCube. I saw a 6-second movie of it at Do you know anything about this?
    - TomatoThief

David Dayton: I wish Wario was in SSBM. So far, it looks doubtful. I assume a trophy of Wario will be there, though.
GameCube games... I will get what I can afford. No new news on MK for the GC.

    1) if the melee will be rated T, will it be much more violent than the first game? (i hope it will.)

    2) I found the picture I told Deezer about in an earlier mailbag! I bet you don't have this picture. See? The Yosh man is married to a blonde haired yoshi named Samu, and their last name is san!

    3) I have 2 answers for that question: I think the game would have Sonic as a cameo, and Mario would be able to buy items from him like in Paper Mario. The other one would probably be like another sequal to Super Smash Bros. with Sonic being one of the hidden characters along with 2 other hidden characters from previous Sonic games.

    4) do any of you have the japanese versions of nintendo (famicom)?

    5) I have a question for toasty64. When he made mario's high school days, did he make the non-human characters (yoshi, bowser, etc.) human? Or did he leave them non-human?

    6) First I would like to say hi to mr. Face, secondly, what would happen if mr. Miyamoto would decide to retire (please be many years from now,) and decided to make one last game (for the gamecube probably) which would have all mario games clumped together that he already made (besides the ones that he already clumped together, ex. smas, nes challenge and power set). The graphics of the games would probably stay the same (like mario bros. would probably stay with 8 bit, and sm64 would stay 64 bit.) but how would he put many mario games in one cd? tell me what you think.

    7) The other day, I went to Target and found the preview Gamecube. I played Luigi's Mansion and was not at all surprised. Sure the graphics are better, but it looks more like PS2 or Dreamcast effects. I think i't looked better on the film on, I guess it fired me up. Oh well. Now don't get me wrong. I love the nintendo consoles. it's just the effects.

    8) Wait wait wait! I have internet explorer 5 for macintosh, and everytime I enter your site I don't see the blurry stuff. Is it me or do all the ibm users have all the fun?

    9) Well, we all know that there are 2 sony consoles. (I Might be wrong.) I know that there are 4 regular nintendo consoles, 3 handheld nintendo consoles, and some other arcade type wierd consoles. I have 2 questions. how many Nintendo consoles were there really? I bet you wont answer this but how many sega consoles were there?

    - Vidgmchtr

David Dayton: Sigh.

1) Not really.
2) Er.... interesting.
3) Interesting.
4) Yes.
6) Er, a Nintendo GC disk holds many times the data that a cart does.
7) Ah.
8) Possibly.
9) Lots. Several.

    Mario Sonic Iron Chef!
    - Chris Glass

David Dayton: It's hard to comment on that.

    In response to the question about a Mario and Sonic game...
    I believe that the game would be a hyrbid of the games. To avoid favortism the world would a totaly different world not the Mushroom Kingdom nor Mobius. This new world would have enemies from both series and at the end, the character fights both Bowser and Robotnik. You could play as either Mario or Sonic and they would have unique abilites and you could choose between either one between stages. Main characters(like Luigi and Tails) make cameo appearances.

    - His Royal Majesty, The Pokeking

David Dayton: I bet IGN never has letters from Pokemon royalty...

    I guess that if Mario and Sonic appear in a game, I guess that the game will be Super Sonic Bros.. It will be like SMB3, but, instead of Luigi, Sonic will relace him. Now the questions.
    1. Did you know Histeria characters call Stalin one of the Mario Bros. by his moustache?
    2. Who is Toad's pet?
    - isac teruya

David Dayton: I think I heard about that Stalin reference before. Toad has a pet?

    Hey!I'd just like to say I know of a another Mario reference in a game.In Conkers Bad Fur Day,to defeat the last boss you have to pick him up by the tail and throw him.It's just like Mario64!You grab it's tail,rotate the control stick and throw!It's true!Really!Play it and you'll see......
    - Super Mario Aaron

David Dayton: I really need to finish that game one of these days...

    This is my first time writing,so please don't hurt me for breaking a sacred rule thingy. I have some Q's:
    1. I remember playing SMB at an arcade,but Mario looked like a little kid on a skateboard and when you hit the ? blocks they would show a bull's face instead of the 2 little eyes. What do you make of it? Is it some kind of pirated game?

    2. Is anyone at TMK a user of the Gamefaqs message boards?

    3. Do you answer each and every letter personally? Or only the ones that make it to the Mailbag section?

    4. YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!!

    5. What does the secret page contain? The Uber mega ultra secrets to Mario games? Or just a big sign that says "YOU FOUND THE SECRET PAGE. GOOD FOR YOU."

    That'll be all. Thank you and stuff.
    - Marril159

David Dayton: 1) is a hacked version of SMB... 2) yes, some are... 3) Well, we don't answer them impersonally... 4) Thanks ... 5) I don't know.

    Hey TMK crew,hows it hangin?Well,anyway,my name is Brent and I work for SMBHQ(the other great Mario site).But it just me,or pretty much about 90% of Mario fans like Mario the best? My personal favorite is Luigi(yes Luigi),and yet people seem to try to put me down about him.Everyone I know likes Mario;Mario this,Mario that.And if you ask me,Luigi was stronger than Mario in SSB.But no one seemed to care.And are you guys sure he is avalible in SSBM? Because I don't want to go out and buy the game for no reason if hes not in it.Oh,just for the record,my room is filled with Luigi products(including the Luigi Berry soda that has yet to be opend),eventhough he doesn't have much.
    - PLuigi890

David Dayton: I like Luigi. I also have that can of Shasta Luigi Berry Punch. Bwahahahaa...

    In both Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing, in 3 and 4 player games, why doesn't the music play on the battle course or in the original course?
    - Tommy O.

David Dayton: Hardware limitations. The system can't handle the music and the four player gameplay at the same time.

    Hello mailbag answer-man, I've got some questions and comments for this week's mailbag:

    1> 2 nerds walk up to the Lambda Lambda Lambda frat house, their future fraternity. With a nervous expression on their faces, one nerd rings the doorbell and hears the sound of the first world first level (SMB3) and mario's tail spinning (SMB3). The second nerd then says "They're playing our song." Listen here- (

    2> Gamecube - how will the broadband hook-up be used? Will we be able to play games like SSBM with players on other Cubes?

    3> GBA - When Super Mario World comes out for it, how will the X and Y buttons be used? Also, for SMB3, will we be able to save our game progress?

    4> Mario cartoons - I've been hearing alot of things about the series lately. It seems that ABC Family (the old Fox Family) wants to (or will be) showing one of the old series in the fall. Also, have any of you on the TMK staff heard about this new Mario anime series thing? I've been getting emails from this guy who puts some of the episodes he sees in text format. For any of you that are interested, you can download one here in Microsoft Word format - (

    5> Question for the staff - Have any of you guys read the book Game Over: Press Start to Continue ? Its a book about the history of Nintendo and other video game companies related with Nintendo. I picked it up at an Electronic boutique and its very interesting.

    Well thanks for your time,

    - Danny

David Dayton: 2) Unknown as of yet. 3) I heard that X is replaced by the L button. 4) New Mario Anime???? Until it is shown to me, I will believe that that is false... 5) Yep.

    If I were to put Sonic and Mario in a game, it would be just like Super Smash Bros! Then, fans could fight each other and SETTLE THE ******* CONFLICT ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! ...Also, wouldn't it be cool if Nintendo made SSBM with heroes from other games, like Banjo-Kazooie, Bomberman, and Mega Man? (instead of sorry-*** jiggly puff and pathetic peach!)
    - Wario3D

David Dayton: The SSB concept is popular.

    Here's my idea of a game starring Mario and Sonic that originated as a comic story that I never finished. It goes like this... Mario and Luigi start the game on the lookout for bad guys in front of Luigi's NEW Mansion (see the ending for Luigi's Mansion). While they're not looking though, Wario and Waluigi show up, trying to steal the money Luigi earned during his adventure in the haunted mansion. The Marios see their evil twins trying to get away and give chase. The greedy brothers suffer a blow to their ugly heads and have medium-term memory loss. The Marios start trying to help them recover memory. Suddenly, an alarm sounds and the Marios immediately forget about their rivals and head for Luigi's NEW Mansion. It was Professor Elvin Gadd (the paranormal researcher from Luigi's Mansion) who summoned them. Apparently, a dimensional portal has opened up in the middle of the sky and he sends Mario and Luigi to investigate. The Mario Bros. step onto morphing panels and get morphed to this other dimension that the portal opened itself up to - Planet Mobius! Luigi lands on the polluted streets of Robotropolis. While trying to figure out where he is, he gets konked on the head by... Scratch and Grounder! (Robotnik's really stupid workerbots on the "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" weekday cartoon.)

    Meanwhile, Mario has apparently set foot in the landscape of the Green Hill Zone (or the Emerald Hill Zone, or whatever Sega is currently calling it,) and has decided that first he should go looking for Luigi. Just then, who should he cross paths with but - Sonic Hedgehog! Mario doesn't seem to understand why he's talking to a fast, blue hedgehog that has large quills and sneakers. Then he asks for where he is. Sonic explains that this is the Planet Mobius, and that 10 years ago, the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik took over his former home, Mobotropolis, and is trying to robotizize every furry on the planet. Mario says that it's time he got a move on, so he could find Luigi. Sonic then says that he has to fight Robotnik, who recently captured a skinny guy wearing blue overalls and a green hat. Mario realizes what Sonic said and decides to help. So he follows Sonic to the Great Forest. While they're running, Mario says to Sonic that he has a nice shade of blue. Sonic thinks that Mario is saying he's gay and runs for it. Mario decides to catch up, so he can clear it that he's not gay. Along the way, he picks up something that Sonic dropped: a framed picture of his (Sonic's) one true love - Princess Sally Alicia Acorn. (From the SatAM Sonic cartoon series that came on ABC.) Then he has an encounter with Tails, who tries to steal his hat. Eventually, Mario reaches Knothole Village, and meets the Freedom Fighters team that Sonic is part of.

    Mario finds this is one crazy planet if the team is made up of a very fast blue hedgehog, a half-squirrel-half-chipmunk who's in love with the hedgehog, a flying fox with two tails, a half-robotic rabbit, a French-speaking coyote, and a very smart walrus. But nevertheless, Mario decides he'd better believe these strange creatures are real if they're going to help him find Luigi. Meanwhile, at Robotropolis, Luigi finds himself hanging from the ceiling of a fortress. His captor, Dr. Robotnik (I'm using the SatAM Robotnik, by the way), explains that he has captured him and he's going for Mario now. And once he has captured them both, he will find his way into the Mushroom Kingdom and start roboticizing the inhabitants. So that's how the first half of the game goes. You must fight your way through Robotropolis, taking down Robotnik's minions, and they are: a team of SWATbots, Bat Brain, Crabmeat, Caterkiller, Buzzbomber, Scratch and Grounder, Coconuts, Silver Sonic, and then Metal Sonic, before taking on Robotnik himself. While you're fighting the egg pun-making maniac, Metal Sonic will wind up turning against Robotnik, because Robotnik gave him a stupid name and never bothered building a Metal Sally. Robotnik gets angry and zaps at Metal, supposedly killing him. You defeat Robotnik, but the game isn't over yet... Metal Sonic winds up in the Archie Comics version of Mobius, and you get to play as him for a while, looking for a portal back to the SatAM Mobius. Speaking of which, Bowser shows up, speaking out that he's the one who opened the portal to Mobius. Robotnik reappears and gives him thanks, then asks for Bowser to morph him to the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser does so, and you must try to defeat Bowser. At the end of the fight, Metal Sonic comes out of a portal, knocking Bowser down. You will then head back to the Mushroom Kingdom and fight Robotnik. I'm not going to spoil you the ending, but rest assured that fans of SatAM will get what they want going on between Sonic and Sally...
    - Scott Shelley

David Dayton: That's nearly a fan fiction!

    I think that if they make a Mario/Sonic game, it should be for GBA because a lot of people have it. It should be a 2D platformer with a plot along the lines of the "DC Vs Marvel" miniseries and gameplay with mostly the same levels for each, but some levels for themselves. It would have a SMB2-style select character screen so you could easily rotate characters, as well as a 4-player mode with characters like Luigi, Tails, Wario, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Peach as well as secret characters. Bowser has Kamek create a world-hopping hole, and he lands on Mobius where he meets Robotnik who has just finished a machine to merge Mobius with other planets. The plan goes flawlessly, and then the following happens:

    Mario: What did you do with Peach, you Goomba!
    *Chases after a Goomba, and hops onto it*
    *Screen flashes*
    Sonic: C'mon Tails! I have a feeling Robotnik's up to something!
    Tails: Is he ever not up to something?
    *Screen flashes*
    *Shows the two worlds merging together*
    *MArio hops on Sonic*
    Sonic: What the heck? Why did you do that?
    Mario: You're not a Goomba!
    Tails: This is odd...
    Sonic: Of course not! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, and I have to save Mobius again!
    Mario: I'ma Mario! And I have to go save Princess Peach!
    Sonic: I see... I have an odd feeling about this...
    *Sonic looks to the stars and notices they're in different places*
    *Mario does the same*
    *They both look towards the horizon and notice a big splice in the landscape,
    as well as a huge skystation that looks like a heavily roboticized Sky Fort from SMB3*
    *Neon letters show up on the Fort reading, "We have Peach! Come and get her, Mario!"*
    *Sky Fort zooms off into distance*
    Mario: *Looks back at Sonic* It'sa Bowser!
    Sonic: And Eggman! Listen... Mario, right? Whatever happened is probably thier fault, so maybe if we work together?
    Mario: Let'sa go!
    *Both go off into the distance towards the horizon, as well as Tails*

    Sorry if I got a bit long-winded. I really got into it...
    - Mike P

David Dayton: ...and people wonder why these mailbags take so long to write.

    I agree with that dude who duzzen't like peeples usin #s, so i will use roman numerals.

    II. How do I get screenshots frum gameboy 2 my pc?
    III. What's a ZSNES?
    IV. What's an NESticle?
    V. What program do i use for NESticle?
    VI. Whatz the square root of 5?
    VII. Why duzznt the Deez man have a site for Zelda games?
    VIII. Duz da deez man like Zelda games?
    IX. Duz da deez man like Diff'rent Strokes?
    X. Duz da deez man like Ed, Edd, n' Eddy?
    XI. What color GBA duz da deez man have?
    XII. I noticed in the maropedia that therz a carectar hooz name is Mushroom Boy. It the same mushroom boy?
    XIII. Whyd ya stick my 2 previous emails 2ge her?
    XIV. howdya cum up with the names of the jokes about Wario and Waluigi's girlfrinds?
    XV. What's da deez man's favrite color?
    XVI. Are u confused?
    XVII. Are u annoyed?
    Whoops! I only know up to XV. Oh well
    -a guy who lives in a place with padded walls and likes 2 confuse people
    if u want a reeeeeeely (sp?) good site for gb games, click here. oops! i havent made it yet but wen my associates (Link, Luigi, Lakitu, and Toad) finish our website, can we link it to you?
    P.P.P.S.: why do you tamper w/ my mailbags cuz on 1 u put (Nov. 9, very bottom) you stuck 2 of mine together and in my other 1 (Nov. 23, signed as Deezer's evil twin) you scalped thu 1st line offf. Wy doo yoo tampur wif miy malebaggs????????????????????????????????????????????????
    why dont u put summa my malbages on cuz i had that roman numeral one and it was good (n my opinyun) and annnoying. Why did u ignore it like a total slowpoke (whoops! i referd to the 'p' games!) n e way, uhh. . . . i furget.
    My favorite enemy is Lakitu because he throws eggs and looks cool. He would be great for April Fools jokes with egg throwing.

    - Linklugialuigi

David Dayton: I. Tough.
II. Take pictures of the screen.
III. ZNES = a SNES emulator.
IV/V. Same as III, but for NES.
VI. 5^.5
VII. He likes Mario better.
VIII. I, David, do.
IX/X. Not sure.
XI. David has clear.
XII. No.
XIII. It's easier for me to stick e-mails together when the sender sends in 15 of them or so.
XIV. Huh?
XIV-XVII. I dunno.

You may link to TMK. I "tamper" with some messages only in that I may post several at a time, or lop out parts.

    I have the Adventure Book Doors to Doom. Want me to scan the front page for you?
    - Mark Brown

David Dayton: Yes, please.

    If Mario and Sonic were in the same game, it would rule! Mario and Luigi team up with Sonic and Tails to beat Bowser and Dr. Robotnik! And I'm sick and tired of people who are biased on system. I don't plan on getting an XBox. Not because I hate who made it, but because I do't like any games. If I ever find some games I like, I might get XBox, but now I am determined on Gamecube. See ya!
    - Michael

David Dayton: I hate the Xbox, I hate the PS2... yea yea yea!

    (blah blah blah blah)
    better post this up.
    - BigTimDogg504

David Dayton: Not with an attitude like that.

Okay... now for the normal questions....

    Why does Deezer need a swift kick in the [bleep] from time to time?...
    Oops. There goes the web-G rating. BTW... if a fox chases a wabbit up a twee, and the fox is running on the ground at 12 ft/sec and the wabbit is running at 8 ft/sec, how fast is the distance between the fox and wabbit changing if the fox is 12 feet fwom the twee and the wabbit is 5 feet up de twee? (I do have the answer, in case you want it)
    - Dave

David Dayton: Hmm. If Mario ate five berries, and Yoshi at five Koopa Troopas, when would Wario meet his uncle?

    In the Nov. 16th mailbag you said that the gameshark goes into the graping hole. It does not! You put it in the slot that the game goes in. Then you put the game on top of the gameshark.
    - Ann H Reed-Speer

David Dayton: Er, the "gaping hole" is the cartridge slot. That was the point.

    Yo, here are some questions for the mailbag dude... 1. Do you think Mario is "bad to the bone"? 2. Am I aloud to make Mario cartoons? 3. I'm thinking about getting Yoshi's Story. Is it worth it? 4. I have pics of maestro Mario and Mario playing a synthesizer wearing head phones. The look like they're from a game manual. Check it out: [Unable to display image] [Unable to display image] What games are they from? 5. Am I aloud to make my own Mario game for the computer as long as I give Nintendo full credit(which really stinks because I did everything)? 6. I found these pics of some freaky looking Mario holding a star in his hand. Then a pic of Toad super strong. Same art. Looked like some kind of Mario anime? 7. I give up. I'm not going to bother searching for your secret page anymore. 8. I'm making Nintendo Cards just for my own pleasure and I'm running out of pictures for the cards. I have about 80 cards, but I want to make more. Do you know where I could find a site that is loaded with pictures with transparent backgrounds(no background, jsut white)? The pictures have to be 2D from game manuals(not screenshots). Not 3D because I could find that anytime if I wanted. So, can you help me out? 9. Have you ever eaten Nintendo cereal? 10. I'm not sure if I want to get a GCN or XBOX anymore! I need help making my meeee!
    - SuperFrog

David Dayton: Numbers...
1 - No.
2 - How loud?
3 - Yes. If it's cheap.
4 - There were no pictures in your e-mail.
5 - Possibly. Technically, you can't use a trademarked character without permission, but I doubt you'd get in trouble. Just don't try to sell it.
6 - Send it in.
7 - That's ok.
8 - Er, I can't think of any at the moment.
9 - No. I ate Donkey Kong cereal, though.
10 - Get a GameCube.

    I dunno if anybody out there knows this or not but there's a second version of the SMBSS theme. It's a shorter version with a clearly different "rap". If I could find my VHS tape of it
    - Blazehgehg

David Dayton: You're talking about the intro song for the SMB cartoons on the SMBSS. It runs on WTMK. :)

    Well, I called Target, Wal-Mart, Wizards of the Coast (Had PS2's for 3 weeks before selling out the first shipment, don't mock them) and Best Buy. All sell it on Sunday! Argh!! While I wait I continue work on my flash signature. *Shameless PLUG* *Shameless PLUG* Speaking of which. Is Nintendo ever going to sell the Wavebird in the US? I haven't seen it advertised.
    - Chris "M3wThr33" Glass

David Dayton: You missed the proper mailbag, but... the Wavebird should come out eventually, I believe. Probably after it is released in Japan.

    the differences between playstation and nintendo is that playstation is more mature. ( thats right crash kick yoshis storys butt) sissies!

    know the fan fiction i sent you sucked! so to make up for it some time im gonna make a cool story! its so funny!

    metalgoldknihgt is stupid! mario would never kill luigi! the bros. are twins by the way! and ssbm is a kick ass game! ( WATCH OUT PEACH!)

    the truth is i love the game cube. im lookin forward to ssbm and luigis mansion. until it comes out ill lock myself in my room and play pokemon stadium and crash bandicoot warped nonstop. and when i get my hands on ssbm HAHAHAHAHHAHA PEACH! FEEL THE WRATH OF MARIO!

    if i were to make a mario site what would be a free web site service?

    if mario and sonic were in a game that would be cool but what about crash or pikachu?( when dec. 3 rolls around peach will get a good thumping.

    thank you for the information deezer.bwa hahahahahhahah! when i make my mario site, ITS GONNA ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mario sunshine has a [happy] title but its cool to see mario in the rea;l world not some cartoony s!!! im trinin to find a free website service to start a pokemon mario crash bandicoot and anti peach site. got any suggestions? P.S. come on crash back to the message board.

    - Critter13ratm

David Dayton: Free website providers... er... check The Open Directory for them.
Why do you hate Peach so much? The SSB Melee version of her is quite... cute.

    This one is about that mailbag on the 28th, the last message. I don't know of any of those "idiotic" Sega commercials. If you have a clip of one, and I see that it's "idiotic," then I'll believe you... err... David Dayton. I like Sonic, I like Mario, Sonic kinda more, I should shut up, but I won't. Sony should quit on video games, the only thing good is the stereos and TVs and stuff. Yea, go Resident Evil! Leave Sony and join the NINTENDO (now teamed with Sega) EMPIRE! I'd like to know your feelings on Sonic Adventure 2 for GAMECUBE. One more thing... SONIC AND MARIO WILL RULE ALL (as long as they don't be on the same game except for a few.)
    - Arc

David Dayton: Hmm. Let me see what I wrote in the Sept. 28th mailbag...

I still have a grudge against Sega because of those inane commercials from the early 90's... seeing people act like morons and then expecting me to buy a product because I "want to associate myself" with such idiodicy somehow makes me annoyed. Sega scream... bah...

There we go. I'm referring to the commercials where the emphasis was placed on making Nintendo, the competitor, look "dweeby". Some examples are the Game Gear vs. Game Boy commercial (in essense, if you prefer the Game Boy over the Game Gear, you are as intelligent as a dog, who drinks toilet water), the Genesis vs. SNES Mario Kart commercial (ooh! Mario Kart so slow and dull! It dweeby! Take the Genesis... which has nothing as entertaining as Mario Kart), and others. Rather than rely on their games, Sega often tried to rely on establishing a "cool" brand to sell to teens... even creating blatent lies in the guise of ad copy (blast processing), all in an effort to get children to believe that Nintendo = nerd and Sega = cool.

Sonic Adventure 2 for GameCube? Well, I've played the SA2 demo on my Dreamcast, and found it rather fun -- much better than that dull original Sonic Adventure.

Oh, yes. In case you're wondering, I have a Dreamcast primarily because it was cheap and offered on-line gaming. Resident Evil: Code Veronica helped, as well.

    1) Hey TMK. What's up? I was just wondering if you could put more mp3s in the music download section. It wouldn't have to be every one on WTMK cuz that would ruin the radio and totaly defeat the purpose of it. But if you could just put a few more cool songs from WTMK on there you would make a lot of Mario fans happy (including me ;) )
    Hey tmk! was just listening to wtmk and heard these 2 just totaly awesome songs! When I tried to buy them though, They couldn't be found. :( Could you put them up in your music section please? That would be just too cool! Oh yeah, here are the songs:
    Nintendo-Super Mario Compact [5:10] (it's some sort of mario kart remix)
    SMB Medly DFD [1:27] (Kind of a jumbled up remix of all the mario main themes)
    2) I was surfing on some zelda sites and I noticed they had some downloadable cartoons. I was thinking if you could get some Mario cartoons on your site then that would be awesome! Oh and by the way, YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    3) I noticed your extreme distaste for anyone who bad-mouths Paper Mario. So, I won't. It is a good game. But I think Mario RPG was a little bit better because it had a sort of magic Paper Mario lacked. Kinda like Mario Kart for super nintendo had that Mario Kart 64 didn't. I've also been a Mario fan since I was about 3 years old, so I pretty much like just about every Mario game there is. Keep up the good work guys!
    4) I just read the poem and I think that is pretty clever! I'm still laughing about it! "Nice Try Loser" Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok now back to what I was asking about. WHERE IS THE SECRET PAGE????????????????? Just tell me! Or is this a gag? If it is then I must look like one big idiot. Oh well. At leaste I noticed the potential for a gag.

    - Ghost Rider

David Dayton: Oh, for the record, this is a combination of several Ghost Rider e-mails. I've merely numbered them for ease.
1) We generally can't offer WTMK songs for d/l because they are copywritten by Nintendo. Live365, the radio host, has a general broadcast license and pays royalties to the authors for the rights to radio streaming audio... but we can't just let you copy the songs. Legal issues.
The Compact Disco tunes are from a rather obscure CD that was never released in the USA. Check the soundtracks section of TMK for info.
The Medley DFD track is a combination of various Mario themes, tossed together by a TMK staffer. It should be in the Audio Downloads here on TMK already.

2) It would also be illegal.

3) Strangely, I also prefer MK64 to Super Mario Kart.

4) There is a secret page. I do not know where it is. Deezer does.

    First, here are some simple questions with (hopefully) simple answers:
    1) Do you like the Mega Man/X/Legends/Battle Network series?
    2) If so, have you ever heard of/played some of the very rare Mega Man games, like Rockman and Forte?
    3) "In Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario was back to his secondary outfit of red shirt and blue overalls, and that color scheme has not changed since." Wrong! In the NES version of SMB3, Mario had a red shirt and black overalls.
    4) Can I be a friend of TMK? My website's URL is:
    5) Should this E-Mail have a question 5?
    6) Do you own a dog/cat with blue fur? If you think this is a stupid question, just remember that I have a right to ask stupid questions. For example, in the October 12th, 2001 Mailbag, someone asked, "Can a dead parrot swim in a circle?"
    7) Do any of you know any languages besides English and Japanese? If so, then which ones?
    8) Who will be answering next year's Mailbag on the first Friday of January?
    9) What is this "Mario explains Communism" thing that I've been hearing about in previous Mailbags?
    10) Do you think I should paint my skin blue?
    11) Have you played my fan-game, "Mario vs. Luigi"?
    12) Do you think Mega Man/X/Zero should be in SSB Melee?

    - Quick Man (aka QuickManX)

David Dayton: Sigh. Why so many questions...?
1) Some of them.
2) Yes and no. Not necessarily in that order.
3) Yes, the NES presented them as black, but we all knew that they were supposed to be blue. For proof, check the artwork for SMB3 on the box and manual.
4) Yes, you can be our friend. Wait... were you asking if we would link to you?
5) That is a question.
7) Potchgult.
8) Odds are, me.
9) Not sure.
10) If you are cute and female, sure.
11) No. Provide a link to it next time.
12) No, as they are not Nintendo characters.

    1) Hey,Deezer who do you like better Link or Mario? I know your going to say Mario
    Deezer P.S. who is Mr.Face?

    2) I read a magazine in the mall in my town. The object of Mario Sunshine is to collect Sun coins. The reason Mario wears a water pack on his back is so he won't get dehydrated.
    My little brother found a secret on the Mario Party2 in the minigame Handcar Havoc he fell the side at the start and landed in the goal

    3) I think Luigi"s mansion will be a million seller. I'm not so sure about Mario Sunshine. ( whats next Mario in Pixieland ) Not that I hate Mario cause he is the coolest. So here are my questions a) Why is Nintendo coming up with [happy] names? Paper,Sunshine etc. b) Will Intelligent systems take over programing when Mr. Myamto retires? c) Why Do so many people like Majora's Mask? (I think it sucks .Ocarina of Time is 1000 times better.) d) Why don't you guys set a vote system For Paper Mario v.s. Mario RPG ( I vote for Paper Mario) e) What do you think the hardest Mario game is? f) Where does Deezer live? ( I'm from Wisconsin.)

    4) well to answer CpuNerd90 I don't care if he conquered super mario bros 3 it's easy! Anyway Deezer I think David Dayton is a traitor for liking Crash bandicoot. all sony does is steal nintendo's ideas and say nintendo is [happy] ( like J.J.) The Xbox is a rip for mr greedy bill gates to get another 10 billion. I wonder why. Nintendo doesn't create harder mario games?

    - Link 128 / Super Mario All-Star

David Dayton: Yep. I combined multiple e-mails again.

1) Gee. I wonder who the webmaster of a Mario fansite prefers...

2) That's a possibility.

3) Mario Sunshine will do well. Ooh... subquestions.
... a) It's better than Mario Cube, right? b) Shigeru doesn't program. Intelligent Systems is one of several Nintendo programming groups, and they have often worked on Mario games. I believe they made both Super Mario Land and Mario Kart: Super Circuit, as well as Paper Mario. c) Majora's Mask is good. d) That's an idea. e) I think the hardest Mario game is... Super Mario Bros. 2/Lost Levels.

4) I said that I liked Crash Bandicoot?

    (I) deezr, there was no he-man in the mega man series. whats your problem?

    (II) Hello people..... 1. In case any of you didnt know, have a short term memory, or are just plain stupid, I helped bring up the "canclled" Kid Icarus game thing. I dont rembember WHAT mailbag it was from, but I brought it up, and you can kiss my [donkey]
    2. What do you think would happen if Mario was cloned? And I AINT talkin about that "choose your own adventure" book.
    3. What do you think would happen if Mario used chainsaws instead of Koopa shells?
    4. What do you think would happen if Peach used chainsaws instead of......uh......those veggie thingies?
    5. I cant really figure out how people made a cross-reference of Bowser and Blastoise......
    6. Do any of you fear you will get drafted in the future?
    7. *bbbbbbbbbuuuurRRRRRRRRRPPPPppppppp* ....Sorry, just finished a Coke. Anyway, what the heck is up with MUSHROOMS in almost all Mario games? I mean, they could have used other stuff......

    (III) All right, we now have proof that Wario and Waluigi have girlfriends, but who's with who? Also: 1. I found some REALLY wierd pics of Mario in Metroid and Super Metroid. Im attaching the pics for proof. They came from the Metroid Database, in one of their "Hidden Passages", Also, Link, Pit (Im the guy that said there were 2 Kid Icarus games, and you proved me wrong.) Yoshi-in-an-Egg(the Super Metroid picture) Chun Li, one of the Belmonts, and Mega Man were also in those forged pictures.

    2. I once said to an online buddy, ALL YOUR MEGA MAN ARE BELONG TO MARIO, which meant that Mario held the fort for most games on Nintendo, among others. Mega Man only appeared in 19 games on Nintendo systems so far, but with Mega Man Xtreme 2 and Battle Network 2 on the way, the bar will be raised to 21. My friend is a Mega Man (X) freak, FYI.

    3.DYK: The real line for "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" is: "Thanks to cooperation of the UN forces, all of your bases now belong to CATS".

    4. What does "IMHO" mean?

    5. Again, there is no question 5. (Its a gag from The Bruce Sketch from Monty Python.)

    6. I could write a new fan fiction, just to keep readers interested. Im not just using only Mario characters, i may use stuff like Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda, and other stuff. However, the main plot is Mario, ok? Gonna get my friend ker-plop (Thats how he spells his nickname) to help with the Mega Man X part.

    7. I know its not Mario, but I saw an N64 more than once in The Powerpuff Girls, one game was Ocarina of Time, the other game I have no [letters and asterisks] idea, looked like something you would find in an Atari game. Well, keep up the good work, people. And J.J., until you [strange word] me off, I have no disrespect towards you. I think your cool. And funny.


    (V) I hope you guys didnt blow off the pictures i sent you....... or did you already know about them? Pikachu-Hating, Mew-Loving Pokemon Trainer a.k.a: Nova Phoenix (its me again) P.S.: There is no questi..... ah ... this is gettin old. (The joke, i mean.)

    - Travis Lewis X, The Nova Phoenix

David Dayton: Yep, yep. Answering 6 or 7 e-mails in a row. What joy.

(I) But there IS a He-Man on the Intellivision.

(II) 1) Or we don't care. 2-4) It wouldn't be a Mario game anymore. 5) Er... interest? 6) Nope. 7) Mushrooms are Marioesque.

(III) 1) Nice forgeries. 2) Er, and this has something to do with Mario? 3) Snore... 4) In My Humble Opinion. 5) Ha ha, ha ha. It is to laugh. 6) Write it and send it. 7) Nifty. Send pics, if you can.

(IV) I don't know.

(V) See II.1

    Why were some of the Mario merchandise in the 80's so corny? Did people have bad taste back then? For example, the Mario and Link Nintendo cereal, on the box Link said "We saved breakfast!" Did the people of Nintendo make up what they say, or did the companies just want to make a laugh at Nintendo?

David Dayton: It sold, didn't it?

    My favorite Mario villian is Kamek the Magikoopa. He's so hilarious! The poor guy has to put up with raising that brat of a Baby Koopa, Bowser, while trying to keep the Yoshis away from the Unborn Luigi. He just has so much personality: "You are not welcome... Here. Yoshi, please HAND OVER THE BABY!!"
    It is too bad that Kamek was only in two games that I know of (Super Mario World 2 and Tetris Attack). Here's for Kamek to be a secret character in Super Smash Bros. Melee! "Hocus Pocus!"
    - SJ64

David Dayton: Kamek is just a Magikoopa. They are dull. Heheh.

    Hey, I was reading the latest mailbag and someone sent in a question about a plain plastic Raccoon Mario toy. Is it, perhaps, the McDonald's Under 3 toy from their SMB3 series? (It is the one I lack). And, another thing, can you tell me why they don't list the voices for the characters in the GBA Mario Games (SMA, MK:SC so far) because I would have liked to know who they were. Also, one Japan question: Why th' heck do they have the same numbers and punctuation that we have in English?! (At least in video games...)
    - ChUpPeRsOn wEiRd

David Dayton: The McDonald's SMB3 Mario was a pop-up Racoon Mario spring toy. The voices? I don't know why they don't list them... I thought they were in MK:SC. Punctuation... I believe it is because Japanese didn't have punctuation, so they adopted ours as a convenience... and the numbers are Arabic, which are the standard for the entire world.

    you're right, playstation sucks. death to squaresoft!
    - GaurdianX

David Dayton: Given their recent financial straights, you needn't worry.

    Ok, in the 11/9 mailbag...I told you about a reference in H.A.R.D. Corps. Its a comic book... very violent i must say! LOL! Its about these super fighter guys with lazer guns...and its cool! Just tellin you so ppl don't get confused!
    - Kyle

David Dayton: And knowing is half the battle...

    My favourite enemy is Goomba. It's so easy of kill!

David Dayton: Kill easy of is?

    In the game Super Mario RPG. In the second area after you enter the stage. there is a tresure box floating up real high in the air. do you know how to reach it?
    - Coolcdm

David Dayton: As you enter the room, Toad should be entering the door right under the box. You need to run ahead, hop on Toad's head, then hop off his head to jump high enough to hit the box.

    First, a quick response to David's question. Wait in line? I wait in no line. I unlock the door, walk inside, lock it behind me, and touch all the boxes before anyone else gets to. I watch you through the window, where you slept all night. Your hair is messed up. I take my time. I open 10 minutes late because it's funny watching you squirm because you need to pee. BA-HA-HA-HA. Actually, I won't be working the morning when the cube launches, but I will be there to abuse my privileges as an employee and get one set aside for a friend of mine. I do get to touch the boxes, though.

    I hate the Xbox. Not because they weigh an absolute TON. Not because the controllers are like holding a brick. Not because the load times are worse then PSX. Not because you have to buy the DVD remote in order to be able to actually use your DVD player. No, it's because the darn thing attacked me when I was putting together the bulky interact, and gave me a huge bruise on my knee. (OK, maybe for all those other reasons, too.)

    Now, the comments that actually pertain to the website. Last week someone ragged on you because they hadn't received their password for the message board yet. It takes a couple hours, off peak. Probably worse during the day.

    Finally, I'm confused about the whole Zelda/Shiek thing (this now applies to you guys because of SSBM). If I'm right, they should be seperate charactors in SSBM. This is what I remember from OoT: Gannondorf kidnapped Zelda. Shiek appeared to help Link save Zelda. She identified herself as a guardian. She can't be Zelda, because of she can get out to help Link then she isn't exactly kidnapped anymore, now is she? I never finished Majora's mask because I got sick of redoing the part with the ugly witch with the sweet-potato-lookin nose, so I don't know what happened in that one. Someone please clear up my confusion.

    Thanks yet again,
    - Amanda

David Dayton: Letters from video game playing ladies. That almost makes the inane messages from the AOL users worth it. Heh...

Where do you work? How did the launch go for those stuck there that morning/evening? Care to give us any info on how often Nintendo games arrive several days early? How might a nice website editor convince you to send him an employee-discounted copy of SSB Melee?

I hate the X-Box. You're in good company here... just beware of the...

Zelda was disguised as "Shiek" in TLOZ:TOOT... after the whole downfall of Hyrule, she went into hiding as "Shiek". She was not kidnapped by Ganon until after she reveals herself to Link near the end of the game... and at that point, "Shiek" does not appear anymore. They are the same person. Nothing happened in Majora's Mask that changes the Zelda story, really. It's more of a side quest.

    SHUT UP! you anti crash fans! i own ssbm and luigis mansion and they are so cool! if nintendo makes a mario and peach get hitched game, GAG ME WITH A KNIFE! the psx does not have horrible load times. you just hate it! and yeah i still like mario!
    - Critter13ratm

David Dayton: I don't like the Crash games. I find them dull and simplistic. Regardless, the PSX does have horrible load times when compared with cartridge systems or with the GameCube. It does. Really, it does. True, it's mostly due to the hardware limitations of the time it was designed, but it does have horrible load times.

    I was thinking a bit ago about why Shy Guys are in other games besides SMB2 (because it was supposed to be a dream) and I figured this out in SMW2 Mario was a baby and the Shy Guys attacked him and maybe that traumatized him or something and that is why he dreamed about them in SMB2. What do you think?
    - GR8ChunkyJ

David Dayton: The scary thing is... you have a point.

    I have some questions about Super Mario World. I'm in the forest of illusion right now, and I don't know what you have to do to get out of it. After you beat the level after the ghost level, it creates a path back to the water level. My other question is how do you find the different colored yoshis? And where are they in each world? Thanks for taking the time to read my questions.
    - HorseRock2

David Dayton: Check the game guides here on the site.

    I am writing in response to a question about anime being too sexual in the November 9th mailbag. One has to understand, the Japanese have a very different sense of what is okay and what isn't. In Japan, families bathe together(By the way, I mean a Japanese bath. Their idea of a bath is equivalent to soaking in a hot tub together. If you need a reference, see the excellent movie "My Neighbor Totoro".) This is perfectly acceptable to them.(This is how my friend, who knows quite a bit about Japan, explains it) The sense I get, from watching way too much anime, and from what I understand of Japan, is that, on TV, Explicit material is not bad sas long as it is not involving sex. However, in America, where we have ultra-conservative mothers who will protest at a shoe's drop, would beat down with signs any TV, store, or company that broadcast this stuff over here. That is why shows like Dragonball Z get cut. Besides, we have a very differant sense of what's okay and what's not. Anyway, Mario would never be sexual ... It's about an overweight Italian plumber from New York in a land of walking, talking mushrooms. However, I'll let you guys know if I find a fansub or something.
    - Italiano328

David Dayton: Such bathing is also normal in parts of Europe... I am curious as to what you mean by "explicit material is not as bad as long (as) it is not involving sex." I think the very nature of "explicit material" is that it contains explicit sex. What did you mean?

    I have some codes for Luigi's mansion. I will send them if you e- mail me back at e-mail address , because I don;t wantto waste my time.
    - carol draheim

David Dayton: Okay, we want them.

    I'm trying to start a web site for cheats and I was wondering if you could tell me how to run a web site P.S.Nintendo has made Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Super Mario Advance.The question is,will they make one for Super Mario Bros.3 from the NES.
    - ComputerNerd90

David Dayton: Yell at people a lot, have huge ad banners, and never publish content. Wait a sec... that's IGN...

    I have written a Mario based fan-fiction, and I would like to submit it to your site. However, I don't know the copyright laws ETC. What do I need to do/say and how can is my work protected? Is it automatic?

    After some editing and a reply to this mail (or an answer in the mailbag), I will submit the Fic.
    - Morphling21k

David Dayton: A copyright is automatic, although you will want some proof that you wrote it. Mailing a copy to yourself in a registered letter verifies that the text was written on a certain date.
Of course, fanfics are difficult... you're using characters you don't have authorization to use, and that makes it difficult to really copyright. Still, any original story you make is yours.

    This isn't the first time you've recieved a letter telling you how good your site is, but excuse me, I'm just one of the many people saying that you're site is gOOd. But lets get to the point, anyway... Do you know Shigeru Miyamoto-San 's e-mail adress?
    - QiYan Zhang

David Dayton: No.

    Who's your favorite Advance Wars character? Mine's Sami.
    - Trasukira the Blue Yoshi

David Dayton: The blonde commander/trainer. I forget her name.
Deezer: It's "Nell"! How can you forget about Nell...

    I just read the question on who Wart is. Well I actually asked Nintendo this question at one point. The real answer is since SMB2 was a dream, any relation Wart has with Bowser is only in Mario's dreams(which of course we don't know).
    - Sean Kelly

David Dayton: Wart is a giant, bubble blowing frog.

    Guys! you keep missing mailbag updates! "All work and no mailbag make jack a dull boy..." (and no, my name isnt jack)
    Have you seen the Mario parodies at oh man, there great! I especially like "Mario : 2 sexy" where mario gets sexy with Yoshi, and "Mario Twins" you have to see them, some are pretty good. I submitted my Kirby Matrix movies, they are getting ok reviews. But most people there are sick freaks who are addicted to accesive violence and nudity. I dont mind a little of either if It makes it funny, but there is no pleasing some people. This one guy wrote a comment: "My favorite part was at the end, because it was over" AGH!! Well I'll keep trying, and that TMK movie is on the way. I'll use sprites like the people at newgrounds ok?
    the Creator or sonic, Sonic-eru Mya-knuckles, said he wants to see mario and sonic fight, so I think theres a good possibility of Sonic being in SSB3
    - DragoonFenix15

David Dayton: I've never missed one of -my- updates.

I think I went there once. Yes, you're right... there are a lot of sickos there.

Sonic won't be in Super Smash Bros. because he isn't a Nintendo character.

    Just out of curiosity, is the secret page something incredibly obvious that would make everyone feel like idiots in their inability to find it? Oh yeah, great site.
    - Jackal Lord

David Dayton: When I find it, I'll let you know.

    Dear kind men (and J.J.),
    My favorite Mario villian are Koopa Troopas. Tub-o-Troopa, Lazy Troopa, Sky Troopa, ParaTroopa, Terrapin, Terra- cota, Koopa Troopa, Nokobomb, Beach Koopa, DarkKoopa, Kent C. Koopa and my favorite:The KOOPA BROS! Also I like ShyGuys. ShyGuy, SpyGuy, AntiGuy, HeliGuy, GeneralGuy, StiltGuy, PogoGuy, Shyster, and some others. Like the ghost one, or the red one with the slingshot. I can't remember their names.
    - Chris

David Dayton: I'm not sure why I posted this, but something struck me as funny.

    I appreciate your posting of my letter written a few weeks ago and posted in the Nov. 9 mailbag, on the topic of the GameCube\'s load times. I also appreciate your response to my letter, and would also like to let you, as well as your readers, in on some information about the GameCube that I found out this weekend first hand--by playing the GameCube Demo Disc at the Toys \'R Us near my hometown. A Toys \'R Us associate gave myself, among others, a quick demonstration of how load times compare between the GameCube and the XBox. The load times issue that I brought up in my previous letter--virtually non-existent. The load time between the GameCube\'s power-on screen, to the game title screen was three seconds. From there, after pushing start, we were right into Luigi\'s Mansion. The XBox load time was slightly longer, but my goodness, with a behemoth of a controller like the one that the XBox is toting, I could hardly stand to play for very long at all. On the other hand, the GameCube controller is slightly smaller than that of the N64, and fits very nicely into your hands. The point you made about the GameCube disc being smaller than that of a normal Compact Disc was very well taken, and this looks to be a distinguishing factor on how the load times differ between the two systems. TMK is a terrific resource to the Internet community interested in Nintendo and Mario in particular, and I appreciate the time and effort you have given to this site.
    - John L.

David Dayton: Yep. As we all know by now... the GameCube is superior.

    Everyone is making such a big deal about Sonic appearing on a Nintendo system. He's not actually a Nintendo character. Just like Rayman, Bomberman, Mega Man, and Sarge from Army Men, he's a third-party developer's signature character, but that doesn't mean he should be considered a possibility for a SSB character or a Mario crossover game.

    However, if there was a crossover game, it would be cool if it was a basketball game. They have things like MARVEL vs SNK, and they have things like Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, well why not a basketball game starring Mario and Sonic characters? Obviously, Mario would have a good jump, Sonic would be fast, and Knuckles could hover and get some hangtime. Just like SSB, Mario Tennis, and Mario Golf, you'd have different courts, characters, and modes. That would be cool, without being a cheesy-like adventure game with two unrelated characters such as Mario and Sonic.

    Well, that was a long mail...when you wake up just know I'm thankful that you've listened :-).
    - Mikau

David Dayton: Thank you. This writer agrees that Sonic is NOT a Nintendo character.

    Alright, so you won't tell us how to get to the secret page, but atleast tell us what is on the secret page so we know why it's sucha secret! And is it really real, or are you just using that to drive people crazy?
    - Vyse

David Dayton: It's real. It has secret stuff... so secret I don't know what it is.

    This is my first time writing, but I have been coming to your site since 1997, i think. Anyway, I was watching some car commercial and this girl was playing a game. this is the kicker. The music was oblviously Tetris, but it was a SNMDX cart! (trust me). Then, the little girl is watching a TV, and the gameboy is off. I hope nintendo sues...

    1.)They are saying that GameBoys are annoying. Considering that this commercial aired around the holiday rush, this is discouraging business.

    2.)They are saying that it is possible for a little girl to hack a Tetris cart onto a SMBDX cart! Nono, leave that to those faithful bootleggers!

    Well, thanks for reading. Peace out, Peeps.
    - JawaGuy500

David Dayton: They could simply be mistaken.

    Play Super Mario Land on a GBA and it's..... COLLORED!!!! Yeah, odd aint it, and it also works for metroid. What's the deal?
    - Ron

David Dayton: The GBC and GBA both have about 12 preset color palettes that are automatically used when certain older games are played.

    Hey guys! First of all, in the Nov. 9th mailbag, someone mentioned the Anti-Guy in Paper Mario, and was having trouble with it. Yes, there is a Power Plus Badge in there, but there is a way to get it without fighting him. If you have either a Lemon Candy or a Lime Candy (I forget which) you can give to him and he'll waltz away. However, you won't get the buttload of Star Points he offers. Note that Russ T. (the guy in the first screen of Toad Town who lost his dictionary) will tell you this as one of his little clues.
    - Yoshi348

David Dayton: Now that you mention it, I do remember that.

    At the very end of the movie Super Mario Bros., isn't Shigeru Miyamoto one of those Japanese guys? If so, is he the guy on the left or the guy on the right?
    - The Doc

David Dayton: No, those are just actors.

    Since when does your mailbag have a specific question!?! That kinda came out of nowhere! Someone asked in the last mailbag weither to go for Luigi's Mansion or Super Smash Bros. Melee, definately go for Smash bros.! Luigi's Mansion is repetitive and short! And it had already been done (ghostbusters for the Ataris). SSB:M has tons of great characters, dazzling graphics, hours of great fun in their many modes, and so much more! To answer your question, my favorite Mario enemy would be Bowser, because when you beat him you have that feeling that you've accomplished something! And that you showed him that he can't win again!

    P.S. To all you nay-sayers about Mario Sunshine, I suggest waiting a while for some mre info, then judging it! For all we know, it could be the greatest video game ever! (I am CERTAIN it will be!)

    Yo, how's it going? Having a good day? You have one very good site here! In Super Mario 64 there are several signs that say "Please walk quietly" then, in a promo offe for huny nut cheerios, they said, you can enter an area which makes you take less damage! Well, for hours I tried, but to no uvail, so, my question, what are they talkin about?!!!!?

    - David Mussell

David Dayton: The questions were a spur of the moment thing. They are gone now. If torn between SSBM or LM, take SSBM. Mario Sunshine will be fun. As for the Cheerios game tip, all I can say is that they are wrong... I think

    Hello, I have a question. Do you think any of the Mario characters listen to the Beatles? We'll miss you, George.
    - Someone

David Dayton:

As you get older,
and your games change,
a year or so from now...

Jumping, shooting, flying around,
Mario squirting water through town.

You'll still have your classic system,
Though its games aren't at the store...

Will you still keep me,
Will you still play,
Your Nintendo 64?

    Hey TMK! I have a code trick for Luigi's Mansion. If you don't already know. Well, anyway, if you are having a hard time with those pesky doors that smash you when you open them, I have the solution for it. All you have to do is turn your vacume on and face the door. If the door shakes, you can enter, but if it stands still, DO NOT OPEN IT.
    - Joe$tunna

David Dayton: There are two more ways to check for ghostly doors. If you shoot a phantom door with flames, it will fade away. The easiest way to determine whether it is a fake door, however, is just to check your map. If the door doesn't appear on your map, it is fake.

    American Cheese
    American Cheese is smooth, with light, yellow or orange color The cheese is usually cut into square slices and it does not separate when melted. It has a mild taste.
    Country: United States
    Texture: semi-soft
    - Linklugialuigi

David Dayton: It is also LOUSY.

    Hi TMK, I have a couple questions for you:

    1. Is it true that Super Mario Advance 2 will be based on Super Mario World, and that Super Mario Advance 3 will be based on SMB3?
    2. Have you ever considered adding a groupboard Mario Chat to your page?
    3. two of my friends submitted my site to yours. Deezer said he was going through them, and picking some out about 2 months ago. I realize he's busy, but I haven't seen any new links. Do you know when they will be up?
    . . .
    4. When will you be putting up the new links that were sent in?
    5. How often do you update the WTMK playlist?
    I also have . . . cameoes . . . illusion and . . . "real life" . . .
    1. (Illusion, game) In the game Krazy Racers for GBA, once you beat a track, you will hear a shot tune, and it will fade out. The next tune starts out with the same notes that come AFTER the intro in the song form WL2 Flagman DD theme (or the WL3 Perfect theme).
    2. (Illusion, real life) In the show Johnny Bravo, theres an episode where Johnny is elected mayor. Near the beginning, he is sloshing in the mud. During that time, you can hear the tune from Donkey Kong, the first level played on an electric guitar.

    - Super Nario

David Dayton: Well, I edited that for the format, so I should probably answer it...questions, then allusions.
1) Yes. 2) Do you mean a chat room? Those consume lots of resources. 3) Give Deezer time. He works hard. Heh. 4) See 3. 5) WTMK updates depend on time and when we get our hands on new material. WTMK was just updated yesterday with Super Smash Bros. Melee tracks.

Now, for those allusions... I doubt the Krazy Racer allusion is a real one. The tune is fairly simple and is probably just an accident if it is present. As for the Johnny Bravo/DK one, send in a sound clip so I can see if it is true.

    I played Luigi's Mansion at Target and when I was playing I noticed that the controller looked like a mix of a PS controller and a N64 controller.Is there some underground brotherhood between Sony and Nintendo?
    - Jeshua Quinn

David Dayton: The Duck flies at midnight.

    Where do you guys get all your japanese game names from?
    - Patrick VanDusen

David Dayton: Deezer is taking Japanese and can translate somewhat.

    I think Deezer's right about the sloppy translation of SMB2(USA) with Birdo and Ostro, but when I was looking at the credits for Mario2 in SM All Stars, it got me thinking that's it's possible that's not the case. First of all, Birdo does not, in anyway, resemble a bird, outside of spitting eggs (Birds don't spit eggs of course, but are known for laying them.) Secondly, an ostrich is a bird, and while Ostro resembles either an ostrich or an emu, both are birds, so it could be named Birdo simply because it's a bird. Of course, you'd think it'd make more sense that the one that looks most like an ostrich would be named Ostro. But one of the things ostriches are known for is swallowing shiny objects. And when you defeat Birdo, an orb or a key pops out, previously visible in its belly. Orbs and keys are shiny things, and they pop out of Birdo's mouth, so logically, Birdo swallowed the objects (could have been born with them, but then why does one not have anything in it's belly?) Again, not disagreeing, just wanted to show it's possible that they intended for the two to have those names in the credits, and the mistake was made when later Mario-game designers interpreted it as a mistake.
    - LouWeeJee

David Dayton: Birdo is in Mario Tennis. Ostro is dead. Can't you people leave him alone? Sniff, sniff.

    Dear Mushroom Kingdom,
    I have been downloading music off the internet recently (legally) and I have come across some interesting remixes of Video Game Music. I am referring to orchestrated video game music. These apparently come from something called Orchestral Gaming Concerts. What are Orchestral Gaming Concerts? When was the first one? When was the most recent one? When will the next one be? What is the answer to life? What is the average flight velocity of a swallow? (Seriously, though, I do want to know what Orchestral Gaming Concerts are, so as much as I enjopy reading your "smart remarks", I really want an answer.)
    Later, the master sent ANOTHER e-mail...

    I was reading through your old mailbags (I know, I have WAY too much time on my hands), and I was wondering what this "secret" page is? You don't have to tell me where it is, just exactly when it was first mentioned, or if this person who wrote in and I saw the poem about the secret page just made it up, or what? Just tell me whatever can be revealed about it, and whatever has been said already... (David deletes lots of secret page questions)

    What is the password for the final question in the hard level quiz in SOTSS? This is really bugging me!!! Do you anything about the Bill Gates & Bill Clinton conspiracy where they are trying to take over the world by poisoning the water supply of certain European and Asian civilizations and sending them to the U.S. and Canada to overpopulate North America, and start WW3? (Sorry) Why am I so fat? Am I really fat, or did I just write that to test your physic abilities? What are orchestral gaming concerts? What is my middle name?

    P.S. Don't try to just make some snappy remark about the secret page hiding the phrase "Nice Try, Loser", either. This would greatly anger The Great Master, and only works on guys with stupid names like Navid. If The Great Master finds out that you have done this, he will send his Microsoft goons to kidnap you and force you to play the X-Box for hours on end (and poison your water supply and send you to overpopulate U.S. and Canadian cities).
    - The Great Master

David Dayton: The concerts were put on by Nintendo in Japan. Great music from popular Famicom and Super Famicom games was played by a full orchestra. The music was recorded and sold on CD.

Password for final quiz in Secret of the Seven Stars? I don't recall a password. What exactly is the question? Oh, and snappy remarks are fun.

    Dear whoever's answering,

    1) In some screenshots of Luigi's Mansion, I saw the Game Boy Horror display in the lower-left corner. But in the commercial, it's in the lower-right. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but do you know if this was changed by the programmers, or that you can do it yourself in the game?
    2) Is there a pattern to the mailbag-answerers?

    - CodeHunter64

David Dayton: I haven't been able to change it, although I haven't tried. As far as I know, it always appears in the bottom right. Patterns? If so, Deezer hasn't told me.

    Hello whoever. It's Yoshi again. I heard a lot people want used stuff. I just thought I might point out switch house item detail e-bay game-exchange and more. ps. If your getting a super Mario RPG I left you scraping in the $20.00 plus shipping.

    Hey its me again. I thought I would ask a bit about Link. ( from The Ledgond Of Zelda ) Why don't we talk about him much? Also I think the war about Super Mario rpg and Paper Mario rages on because S.M.R has a more true battle system. Do you think its about time the koopa kids come out of hiding? I mean they are going to have to appear in Super advanced 2 ( Super Mario 3 ) and Super Mario advanced 3 ( Super Mario World). And lastly Do I ask stupid questions?

    When I said why don't we talk about him Much I meant because in the rare case we get out of mood for a day or so Were in the mood for Link.

    I think if Sonic the hedgehog appeared in a Mario game it would sell for about -$500,000 per box. Every copy you buy they give you $500,000. And only 10 people would buy them because the game would STINK!!!!!

    I must say that "I can't believe some of you think you have to face Anti-guy (yes that's his name) to get his badge. Take the easy way out by: getting Cake Mix and a lemon and get them both mixed and cooked by Trace T. then take the Lemon Candy to the Anti-Guy and he will trade his badge for the Lemon Candy. Now for the questions.

    one: Game Cube should be a blast if they create a Paper Mario the stars return (my preference of a name)

    two: Where can I build a site? I would like to do it on Classic Gaming

    In your bug section I saw a screen shot with a weird looking lugi and a mario enemy. Whats up with that?

    - Super Dinosaur Yoshi

David Dayton: For site space, try Geocities, Lycos, etc.. Which bug are you referring to? This being a Mario site, Link isn't much of a topic for it.

Okay, that's all for today. Go home. David tired.

I said "leave".

What are you still here for?

Oh, a question? Well... no. No question for next week.

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