28 Dec 2001

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Smash Brother
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    Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Yoshi, (Yoshi)
    Had a very shiny nose, (like a Pokeball)
    And if you ever saw it, (saw it)
    You would even say it glows. (like a TV screen)
    All of the other Yoshis, (Yoshis)
    Used to laugh and call him names. (like a Pikachu!)
    They never let poor Rudolph, (Rudolph)
    Join in any Yoshi games. (like Smash Brothers!)
    Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
    Mario came to say, (Here we gooo!)
    "Rudolph with your nose so bright,
    "Won't you guide-me to-the Princess tonight?"
    Then all the Yoshis loved him, (loved him)
    As they shouted out with glee, (Yosh-ee!!)
    "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Yoshi, (Yoshi)
    "You'll go down in his-tor-y!" (Like Shigeru Miyamoto)

    - Season's Greetings from SJ64

David Dayton: Jingle Bells, Bowser sm... never mind.

    There have been a few Mario related things that have passed my mind every now and then, and I think it's time to ask YOU about 'em.
    1. Back when Super Mario Kart was released, Wal-Mart had a demonstration of the game. From the demo, I distinctly remember a race track surrounded entirely by lava, littered with Thwomps, and had a black backdrop. Now that I own the game, this aforementioned track is nowhere to be found. Was this a track from a beta version? Is it still in the game? Am I just senile? Should I stop drinking this 'water' liquid people have been talking about?
    2. After playing Space Fever II in Game Boy Camera, I noticed one the bosses resembled Mario quite a bit. At that moment, I also remembered that Jumpman was named after Mario Segali. And THEN, I recalled that a few Nintendo employees are in the Game Boy Camera. I don't have a picture of the boss, but could this boss actually be a photo of Mario Segali?

    - BaronKrusha

David Dayton: I don't recall a level with a black backdrop, but some of the Bowser castle levels featured lava and Thwomps. In other news, I just picked up one of the Donkey Kong 64 promo carts. Heheheh...

Mario Segali was never a Nintendo employee -- he was the landlord. While it is possible that the face is his, I somewhat doubt it.

    1. did you know that Harry Potter sort of makes fun Playstation, it says that Harrys cousin Dudley who is REALLY FAT!! was on a diet and got so mad because he was sneaking snacks and his parents said if he did it again they would take away his poket money, he got so mad he threw his playstaion out the window, then later in a letter Harry explained what a playstaion was and he said some thing like this "he got so mad he threw his playstion out the window, (thats a sort of computer thing you play games on, really silly actually"
    2. I though Deezer said he would be putting up hints about the seceret page but its been a wile and he has not don anything.
    3. Do you think that lava lava island and yoshi's island are the same thing? shure you have herd this before but on the simsons they were at this convenion that sold all sorts of uselless stuff and there is a ape standing there and he chuckes a barrle at this guy and he goes "you still got it donkey kong" or someing like that

    - red_yoshi

David Dayton: Yep on 1. Deezer is slow for 2. No on 3. 4 is listed.

    how long do you hop to stay on-line for? As another mario fan I hope that you guys stay here for a long time. And one other thing do you have a fan story section?
    - Adam Jackson

David Dayton: We'll be online until Deezer goes nuts or bankrupt. Fan Fiction? Of course we have a section for it.

    Will Paper mario and Super Smash Bros. be ported on the gameboy advance eventually
    - AMart1229

David Dayton: I doubt they will be ported. I can imagine some kind of Mario RPG being done on the GBA, though.

    Regarding "Some Goober's" message in the December 14th mailbag, all the characters in SSB:M ARE Nintendo characters. Mario and Donkey Kong first appeared in the arcade game "Donkey Kong," obviously a Nintendo title. The ColecoVision games were ports of the arcade version, and were owned and developed by Nintendo. Just because they appeared on that system, it doesn't mean they aren't Nintendo characters. I mean, if you don't think Mario is a Nintendo character, I think you're high on Super Mushrooms. He -is- copyrighted...

    ...and the same goes for Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. The CD-I games were a result of a deal made with Phillips involving the ill-fated Super NES CD-ROM Drive, and they were made with Nintendo's permission. These characters were still owned by Nintendo, and if you checked the copyrights on the CD-I titles, you would see this.

    Donkey Kong I explained above, but let me add that the character model that you see in SSB:M is done by Rareware. And Rareware is owned in part by Nintendo. And Donkey Kong is ALSO copyrighted by Nintendo. Even if Nintendo sold its majority shares of Rare, they couldn't use DK.

    >> (Correct me if I'm wrong) If I'm right, Pokémon doesn't belong to Nintendo.

    I'm correcting you now. If you look at a Pokémon copyright notice, you'd see Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak. Although Game Freak's Satoshi Tajiri created Pokémon and Creatures helped develop the game, Nintendo has copyrights on all of the Pokémon. A large amount of HAL Labs is owned by Nintendo, much like Rareware. Anyway, HAL Labs developed Super Smash Bros. Melee in the first place. Of course they can use their own character!

    Now, the Mega Man family of games was developed and copyrighted by Capcom. Capcom is not owned by Nintendo AT ALL, and Mega Man cannot rightly be considered part of the Nintendo family of games. Capcom goes where the money is, not to any loyal company or whatever. PSX was really ahead last console war, and I think that GameCube will be ahead this time, so expect Capcom to jump on the bandwagon. DON'T expect Mega Man in a Smash Bros. game, unless they sign a deal with Nintendo. This is capitalism, "Some Goober." Not what should be, but what IS.


David Dayton: That's basically what I would say. However, I believe Goober did clarify that if I meant Mega Man wasn't owned by Nintendo, I was right. I think he got annoyed, thinking I meant that Mega Man didn't deserve the right to be in SSBM.

    In the last mailbag some guy asked what Luigi's voice actor in the SMW cartoon was. Acording to The Internet Movie Database Tony Rosato did Luigi's voice in the SMB3 & SMW cartoons, while in the SMBSS Danny Wells did Luigi's voice & played him in the live action skits of the show as well. (I liked Luigi's SMBSS voice better) I personally think Nintendo gave Mario a really ------ voice in the games. (The cartoon voices were sooooo much better)
    - Beau

David Dayton: When I first heard Mario's voice in Super Mario 64, I was annoyed. However, it has grown on me. Of all the voices currently being used, the Mario one is the best. Luigi's voice keeps changing, but the more recent ones are decent (Mario Tennis, Super Mario Advance, Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee).

    By any chance do you know if the Donkey Kong Country cartoon still comes on and if it does can u give me the time and channel? Also have you played Luigi's mansion or Pikmin yet and if you have, what are your opinions on them? I've played both. Luigi's mansion is good but it's kinda short. Pikmin is also good but the days just go by too fast and it's ridiculous. Don't you think so too.
    - BigTimDogg504

David Dayton: I liked Luigi's Mansion, but it does lack in replay value. Pikmin is good, but after I got SSBM it hasn't been played. I have no idea what channels might still carry the DKC cartoons, but they would be in reruns now -- in related news, I just got my hands on a copy of the Donkey Kong Country - Legend of the Crystal Coconut video.

    I don't know if this was ever suggested by anyone, but why dont we all start some sort of giant letter written to Nintendo, saying they should re-release the top 100 original NES games on one gamecube disk. Or something to that effect. Maybe just the top 10. Because its rare that someone has a working nintendo or one that doesnt require being blown in for an hour prior to use. They could just put the gamesin their original 8-bit form, except now they would actually work. I think its a great idea and want to start some sort of petition. Basically anyone whos a fan of video games would buy it. Alright thanks for reading!
    - Danny

David Dayton: Animal Planet for the GameCube will have several original NES titles on it. I'm expecting some NES titles to be ported to the GBA in some form as well.

    I dunno if you guys care or not, but I found some manga pictures of Mario covers, if you want me to send them, say "I", and what is up with Luigi's Mansion? And why is it so easy to beat?!
    - Debbi Kyer

David Dayton:


    Hey, i have some questions:
    1.What ever happened to Megaߥte2.
    2.from all these people, which one(s) are nintendo fanboys: Deezer,david dayton, J.J.
    3.Aren't you glad SSB:M is out?
    - gamecube118

David Dayton: MB is currently locked away on the moon of Endor, teaching Ewoks the finer art of cleaning an NES. Oh, and I think we are all glad that Super Smash Bros. Melee is out. Fanboys... whatever do you mean?

    Ill tell you why Super Mario 3 is better than Super Mario World. Two things make the difference.
    1. In Super Mario 3, you can get the green shoe. That kicks ---.
    2. In super mario world, you use a stupid cape to fly, but in super mario 3, you turn into a raccoon! That rocks! Even better is the Tanooki suit! Thats cool, you can turn into stone.

    - RKlpunk

David Dayton: I agree. Don't forget the Hammer Bros. suit, though.

    Here are some more questions:
    1. Can you confirm Super Mario Bros 3 will be on Mario Advance 3?
    2. Any more news on Mario Sunshine or Mario 128? (By the way, Shigsy IS still working on Mario 128. It says it in an interview in this japanese magazine.)
    3. I think Donkey Kong Country 2 is better than Super mario 3 and Mario world. Do you agree?
    4. Do you know when Mario advance 2 will be released in Europe?
    5. What new features will Mario advance 2 have? Will you be able to play as Toad or Peach?
    6. That's it. Please try to answer soon. And check out my site-

    - Cheezygoodness

David Dayton: 1) No, I can't confirm it. I've heard it often, though. 2) Nothing new on either front. I've heard that Mario 128 is being worked on, and I've also heard that Pikmin is the game that -was- originally Mario 128. 3) No, I don't. 4) No, I don't. 5) From what I've heard, SMW:MA2 features a "Find the Yoshi/Princess Coins" bit, the Yoshis are a little different in their locations, and Luigi controls and jumps differently.

    Interestingly enough, I had assumed, just as you, that 100 Marios was a test and turned into Pikmin. But in an interview posted by Cloudchaser from Dengeki GameCube, post-Pikmin release (as well as talking about the sequel), Miyamoto says the line: "The game I showed called 100 Marios is also developing nicely." Curious, huh? You can find the article at:

    - Kulock,

David Dayton: Thanks. I remembered reading that somewhere... I just couldn't remember the link.

    Hellow Deezer/Dave/JJ/Mushroom Boy.

    I'm a staffer at a mario site called MB Gold, my site and I are combing the internet for websites and message boards to help us bring back Mario cartoons. Go to and write to them how much you want mario cartoons. We started Dec. 2, And i beileve at least 500 people have gone and written. It would help if you did so. Not just you staffers at TMK, but everybody. Please!
    - Kyle, Greg, and Realgtx

David Dayton: Sounds interesting. There may well be a chance of the Cartoon Network running them. What does the Cartoon Network run in the way of 80's/90's cartoons, anyway?

    I think David is cool, he hate's Playsation (not good writer, but it sucks) but like's the RE series, but Capcom is bringing it to Gamecube, and only for Gamecube, so this means...:
    1. Capcom likes Nintendo then PSX and PS2.
    2. Capcom think's PSX sucks because Mega Man sucked on it.
    3. Mega Man would be more better on Gamecube.
    And X-BOX sucks to.
    - Matt Koopa

David Dayton: Of course I'm cool. ;)

    A response to Josh Nickerson (or whatever his name is cuz he said that wasnt it) You should have a little respect for people! Geez you shoulda just E-Mailed him back instead of putting his letter on your website! If you have something bad to say dont say it at all! Check this out where he posts! some people have somethings to say about it! Dont put someone down to make you look good!


David Dayton: If anyone cares, go see the Dec. 14th mailbag.

    I was just wondering where the buttons are to make the transparent blocks with the exclamation mark solid?
    - rkrieger

David Dayton: In Super Mario World? Find the Block Fortresses.

    Here we go again.
    Statement 1. chuppersoN weirD: I don't know, I like Zelda better than Peach.
    Question 1. What do those Monopoly-space looking things on the edge of the "board" in the 100 Marios demo mean?
    Statement 2. Elves are cool. (I've been saying this all day.)
    Question 2. Have they come out with any screenshots of Mario Kart or Party for GCN yet?
    Statement 3. One plus one equals one on a bun.
    Question 3. Should the Mario movie have a sequel? Or should they just make a completely unconnected Mario movie?

    - PokeMario

David Dayton: 1) I dunno. 2) Not really -- but there was a Mario Kart promo for the GC. 3) Probably not.

    I have found a glitch that is in SMB2 in SMAS.When you get a key, quickley throw the key down and run under it and the key will shake and start jumping up and down until it goes high to get onto another ledgeand stopbut this does not work on SMA version.
    - DWTMatthews

David Dayton: I think that is intentional, to make sure that a character can't get stuck under a key.

    Wassap TMK people. I got a couple of questions 4 u...
    1.) I want a definite answer from all of ya- Who iz better: mario or luigi?!
    2.) David Dayton said in a previous mailbag dat he owns a dreamcast... so i wuz wunderin: has he played dead or alive 2 and if so, did he like it?
    3.) What iz ur opinion on mario sunshine? Will it be the SM64 sequel we've longed for, or another spin off, or what?!?
    4.) Do u think Mario and Sonic will ever really star in the same game?
    5.) Do u like Sonic at all?
    6.) Who iz ur favorite Street Fighter (if any)? and....
    7.) This one's 2 David Dayton: As a dreamcast owner, have u ever had a problem with it where ur playin a game, and all of a sudden, it acts like u reset it and goes to the dreamcast main menu thing (The one with the controller, VMU, and all that)? It happened to mine, and I (in a fit of anger, and using the universal masculine repair method...) hit it really really hard. But before I did, it made noise and stuff whenever that happened, and now, it seems to be my luck that it gives out rite when i need to save. Any thoughts/responses? Or where can I go to get it fixed?

    - DtSnazzySniff

David Dayton: 1) Depends on the level. 2) Nope -- never played it. 3) It looks neat. 4) Nope. 5) Not really, although some of his games are decent. 6) I did pretty well as Chun Li. 7) Never had that problem.

    I went to Target today and was looking through the toys and found three Game and Watch games that Nintendo has re-released. They are Mario's Cement Factory, Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. They are much smaller than the originals, but game play is exactly the way I remember it. Do you guys know about these? If not you should check them out
    - Terry Norris

David Dayton: I got a copy of Mario's Cement Factory. I want the SMB one. I'll trade if anyone has SMB and wants MCF. Hmm... SRP records... what are you? Ever think of trying to get the U.S. rights to releasing some soundtracks? Perhaps the Video Game Orchestra recordings ? ;)

    Hello! What gameboy Advance games do you own? And do you like Toonami? For New Year's Eve-il, I voted for Treize. ( I would have voted for Lady Une if she was on the list
    - Trasukira the Blue Yoshi
    P.S: I am female incase your wondering (...incase you thought I was a guy in love with Lady Une. hehee)

David Dayton: What GBA games do I own? SMA, MKSC, Jurrasic Park Park Creator, Advance Wars, Castlevania, Chu Chu Rocket, and some others. Not sure... mostly some games I got cheaply and never played. Female, hmmm? If you are 18 or more, send me a line. Heheheh...

    there's one question I really need to have answered. Has there ever been a european version of "Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World"? And if yes, how was it released? As a normal game? Limited edition? Prize in a contest or what?
    - Ikiru!

David Dayton: I don't think it was released. The SMAS+SMW cart was a combo game that was sold with some SNES bundles in the U.S.A. only -- not in Japan.

    I think that it's great that you've received you 1,000,000th hit but, come on! Isn't it about time you told us how to find the secret page?
    - The Dover Tornado

David Dayton: You know, I never understood why everyone wants to find that page so badly...

    First off, in the 11/17 mailbag, J.J. had mentioned that the GameShark was a device attaching to the back of the controller, much like a Controller Pak or Rumble Pak..
    Isn't the Gameshark, like nearly every other 'game enhancement device', designed to connect between the console and the game? At least mine do..
    As for that question on 'Who my favorite Mario villian was and why', I'd say Bowser, hands down. Not only is such a viscious-looking beast being so cunning so awe-inspiring, he'd likely toast me if I said my second choice, Kamek.

    - Capt. Snarf, Aspiring Fungiomancer

David Dayton: Yeah, the GameShark hooks up to the game... I don't know what was wrong with J.J. that day.

    I went to McDonalds the other day and noticed something strange. The kids area, with the play equipment and the millions of 4 year old boys and girls enjoying themselves while bashing eachother's heads on the bars and chucking tiny plastic balls at unsuspecting 2 year olds, now boasted a kiosk featuring four Gamecube consoles. The kiosk was decorated with Ronald McDonald and his fellow flamers having an orgy of kiddie fun, and featured two controllers for each system. I was half-delighted to see kids lined up to play games like Super Monkey Ball and Wave Race. It was also suprising to see the same kids enjoying games of Madden NFL 2002 and Rogue Leader. I'm guessing that these kiosks have appeared at various McDonalds' around the country.

    Do you think setting up Gamecube consoles at McDonalds' was a good move made by Nintendo? I personally wish they had set up slightly less flagrantly decorated consoles at other locations, such as the mall or Dominoes Pizza. Anyway, I have a Gamecube and enjoy my four games: Rogue Leader, Wave Race, THPS3 and SSBM. Hopefully Nintendo will make some less kid-oriented marketing moves in the future. Sorry for this non-Mario related email, but I know the mail-bag answerers here are also Nintendo fans, and hopefully won't mind. Anyway, answer my question above, and for now, later.
    - Fun64dd

David Dayton: It's a very smart move... brainwash the kids, and the parents will follow. Regardless of what anyone says, the system that the kids whine for the most will do the best. Kids, in this case, means anyone below age 18. Sony, you see, when aiming at the "mature" market, is actually aiming at those in the 13-16 age bracket...

    Hi I have some Super Smash Bros. Melee questions 1. How do you get N64 version of the dream land level? 2. Is Mewtwo really a playable characater if so can you tell me where I can get pictures?
    - Keeton

David Dayton: Complete the Target Test/Break the Targets with all 25 characters in the game to enable the N64 Kirby's Dreamland level.

    I have a question concerning the rating system (not the system itself, but hey), I was reading the mailbag from December 21, 2001 and saw that K-A was changed to E. That also got me pondering why it changed... oh well. I then went to go play N64 with my sister and i got all my 2 player games, and I saw 2 different Mario Karts, we both own one. I then placed them into my N64 to find out who's was who's (that might be grammatically incorrect :-p), well anyway, I figured whose was whose (lol) and gave hers to her. I then noticed that mine had K-A on it and hers had E. Would my Mario Kart have any increased value if i sell it because it has K-A, or is it just the regular price. It's like the state quarters, they might be more if you have the whole collection, but they are a quarter for right now. I mean, if they dont print anymore with the K-A symbol, it must have a little more worth...
    - DaMimster

David Dayton: I don't think it is or will be worth any more. The ESRB changed the KA rating to E at some point...

David Dayton: Why not? ;)

    I think it was the first letter in the fourteenth of December's mailbag, written (Or typed, whatever floats your boat.) by Josh Nickerson, that reminded me of something that I watched on some television show. In some random gaming store, they had three kids, and three consoles. Gamecube, X-Box and PS2. Each kid got a chance to play each console. Of course, their ideal choice was: X-Box. (No, really, you have to tell me you saw that coming.) They all gave every single console all good comments (None bad, thankfully.), but their choice for X-Box was: The games are more fun, it is faster, the graphics are better. I know I shouldn't be offended by such comments, but I know that's untrue. My friend's brother played X-Box, and said that the graphics get choppy, because of glitches, the games are just like any other (Especially the sports games. This means boring for those of you not paying attention.), and it is certainly not as fast as PS2, and OBVIOUSLY not as fast as Gamecube. Now, see here. I find myself to be a biased gamer, I don't touch Playstation systems with a ten foot pole. My vote would always go toward any Nintendo system (Cartoony game fan here.), save Game Boy Advance because most of the games for it are originals, only enhanced, and I don't find those to be any more interesting than when they didn't have them enhanced. But I digress. The point of this was, it peeves me off how most of the "mature hardcore I'MA KICK YO @SS MUTHAEFFA'" gamers who love X-Box do so because "it's SO superior over Gamecube because Gamecube is for babies" or "X-Box is ten times faster than the PS2 (Said by Billy Bob Gates himself.)." That was just my opinion for people to read and feel important because another person other than themselves have the same opinions. ...Or not, that's fine with me.
    - Jyouii-kun

David Dayton: I hate the XBox. I hate the PS2. Part of the reason is that I dislike the fact that these big corporations are trying to take control of yet another market. That is all.

    Why was Toad the life of the party?
    Because he's such a fungi! (fun guy).
    Thought you'd like that one...
    - Adam

David Dayton:

    are you guys and ign rivals or something?
    - Savage Baggage Master

David Dayton: No, not at all. I do, however, get annoyed at their recent attempts to make readers feel guilty.

    Where can I get Super Mario Bros. Super Show Episodes?
    - Lance

David Dayton: Try thrift stores.

    My bro. was playin' Diddy Kong Racing and he got mad and took the cartidge out. He put it in backwards (or tried to) and back forwards and turned it off and on. We suddenly had all levels on tracks and we had the silver baloons. We didnt beat the gae before though. Has this kind of thing ever happened before. P.S. Great site!
    - KIDZ5RUS

David Dayton: You got lucky. It could just have easily erased all the data. Doing weird things with your video game carts can cause the saved data to be scrambled.

    Hi to the poor person that has to read our dumb e-mail's this week!
    This is my 2nd time sending you my dumb and annoying mail. Anyway I have now ordered my Gamecube (yippie!!) but I have to wait till the UK release date March the 8th (how the h--- am I suppsose to wait that long?).BUT there is going to be a amazing 40 games to buy from the 1st day! (At last something good for waiting that long!).The first game I am going to buy is buy SSBM (the best gamecube game yet!)
    - yoshikid111

David Dayton: Super Smash Bros. nifty... hey, European gamers... David is trying to get his hands on the Konami Collection GBC carts, which were never released in America. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to trade with you.

    I have 3 questions for ya. First what is Wario's last name. Second is Wario Mario's evil twin or cousin? And last do you know when Wario will make an appearence on the Gamecube? I must have the answers!!!!
    - Krismac

David Dayton: Wario's last name is unknown. As far as we know, he is merely an old acquaintance of Mario. Wario's already appeared on the GameCube ...

Wario trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee

    I was wondering about something. Are Mario games just so good that they aren't meant to take a long time, or am I rushing through them? I beat Luigi's Mansion three times in one week. I have every character and every level in SSB Melee, and I've only had it for a week and a half. I don't mind being "good", if I may venture there, but I kind of wish one would come along that was really challenging, kinda like SM64 was.
    Mario Sunshine looks like sunshiny goodness.
    I hope you don't reply with some sort of rude comment, even though saying this just guarantees it. I only am saying this because I recently read through a few mailbags, and you seemed quite "angry" at the writers.
    Anyways, no hard feelings.
    Don't you just love those neat and tidy mini-discs for the GameCube?

    - Super Mario

David Dayton: Luigi's Mansion is just short, and SSBM isn't really a Mario game, so standard Mario game lengths don't apply. However, Mario games can generally be beaten in a single sitting, if you're good enough... although that doesn't mean you can find and solve every puzzle and level in one sitting.
Angry at the writers? Not me...

    1. Do you hate pocket monsters. 2.Why isnat wario in ssbm. 3.Why is the sky blue. 4.Are you the shape-shifting master of darkness. you like bomberman 6. I wish I had a tail. 7. Why are the pocket monsters movies rated R 8.I hate you 9. SAMIAM
    - Slappy

David Dayton: 1) No. 2) I don't know. 3) No, I won't do your science homework for you. 4) No, sorry, you're thinking of the president of SCEA. 5) Sometimes. 6) Okay... 7) They aren't. 8) We don't. 9) Okay...

For the sake of David's sanity, I've taken the liberty of answering some of these questions in italics after the question is asked.

    a few questions to ask:
    1. it's been nearly 3 weeks since we got a mailbag.That's not a question.
    2. (squeaking) See #1
    3. how old are all of you? (I'm 13 by the way) 25
    4. What kind of stores can you find that mario candy? (please do not answer "the candy store") Try video game stores.
    5. Wasn't the company that made the mario candy the makers of that wierd lolli-pop with an edible stick? I have no idea.
    6. was it okay for me to make a link between your site and my page?Sure
    7. Why did MEGAߥTE stopped doing mailbags?Answer unknown.
    8. Please let Mushroom Boy answer mailbags again?I'll ask him.
    9. Was that really Abby answering the mailbags in September or was that Deezer in disguise? Make a wild guess.
    10. Why did you make a secret page in the first place? No idea
    11. What if you make a contest of a mini scavener hunt, and the first 3 people that win can see the secret page? Interesting idea.
    12. Not a question: you should get people to help you update the mailbag because they've been late for the last few weeks. Hey, mine usually go up on time. Usually.
    13. Did the voices of the Mario cartoon characters do any other cartoon voices? I'm sure they did.
    14. Do you like to answer my questions?Honestly? I'm tired.
    15. Am I bothering you with so many questions?See #14
    16. Blah blah, yap yap yap, dribble dribble dribble, Yapity yap yap? 17. How does J.J. brush his teeth?The same way you do.
    18. Does Bigmouth (Morton koopa) speak more than me?Unknown.
    19. Do all canadians have large teeth?Umm...
    20. What's your favorite course in Mario Golf? I can't recall.
    21. Is david mad for answering so many questions? Because I heard him sighing when he started answering them. Sigh...
    22. Then I came across the mailbag of January 19, I think, I heard about the person who couldn't tape the Mario Bros. Cartoons on PAX. Well, as a matter of fact, I did. I will order them from the day I taped them. It took me about half an hour to order these:
    1. "Sneaky, Lying, Cheating, Giant Ninja Koopas" "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
    2. "The Ugly Mermaid" "Mush-Rumors"
    3. "Never Koop a Koopa" "Princess Toadstool for President"
    4. "Crimes 'R' Us" "Life's Ruff"
    5. "Reign Storm" "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel
    1. "Send in the Clowns" "Ghost 'R' Us"
    2. "A Little Learning" "Mama Luigi"
    3. I forgot the first ones name, but it's the episode when Yoshi becomes part of a dinosaur gang. "Rock TV"
    4. "Party Line" "Gopher Bash"
    5. "The Night Before Cave Christmas" "King Scoopa Koopa"

    23. Can you tell me The name of the one I forgot because a stupid Infomercial went over the beginning of that episode. I can't.
    24. are you sure that ther is a super mario advance 2 and 3? Fairly.
    25. If Bowser has red hair in the games, how come come he's bald in the cartoons? They based the Bowser model on the picture of him in the original SMB, which had no hair.

    - Vidgmchtr

David Dayton: Folks, please limit yourself to 1 e-mail per week.

    I think that a game with Mario&sonic combo would be super Mario+sonic compilation, all the games from each series with special mini-games (not the old sonic ones- you get them by beating the game they were in-, but brand new shiny mini-games where Mario and sonic would team up or go head to head) being unlocked by performing things in the game like getting a certain score, this huge game would be on the gamecube, and the games would have graphics as advanced as they could get them. also, I have a question, what do you think personally about the ole' (se)X-box?
    - tonetone

David Dayton: I hate the X-Box. ;)

    I was wondering, since I read somewhere on TMK (Possibly a earlier mailbag), that you weren't looking for people to work on TMK... I was wondering if that is changed because I really want to help out, because I like video games, and the sort... I will be your personal mailbag slave... ANYTHING!! thank you
    - DaMimster

David Dayton: If Deezer needs help, he'll ask. Don't worry about it. I've been suggesting to him that we find some cute female staff members around our ages (18+), but no luck yet. ;)

    i have an idea! for a new fan fic! its called plumber academy!
    peach insnt cute anyone notice how when she gets captured she never tries to escape! always mario! shes so weak. and the magic off the 64. sure im getting a gamecube but games like zelda mario pokemon stadium and dk64 deserve some credit. and i hate peach is cause every time mario trys to do something she gets kidnapped. and she never tries to escape OH NO ASKS MARIO TO HELP! mario cant do anything cause of her like have a girlfriend
    i am totally offened by david dayton. sniff.............................................
    anyway dayton you bandicoot killer i have some news for you. crash is coming to the gba and gamecube and hes not playstation any more so leave him alone. ( crash and mario in a advanture?) loading times dont make a game. and the crash games are simple and dull cause those ---- developers cant make a game right. BUT CRASH IS COMING TO THE GAMECUBE AND GBA. will bandicoots and plumbers live in peace?

    - Critter13ratm

David Dayton: Write the fan fic, then! ;) Oh, and Peach isn't cute anymore?

She looks pretty cute to me... and look at what she did to poor Bowser...

    I have a problem with my Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. I was playing the game on my Gameboy Advance but then I turned it off to eat lunch. When I finished, I turned my GBA back on and everything was deleted!!! What happened?
    OK, I also had something bad happen to Mario Teaches Typing 2. (Don't laugh at me. I was only 7 and wanted to know how to type!) Like Wario Land I played the game and then turned off my computer. When I turned it on and loaded up the game my file was gone!!! I started over again, and got to where I left off. Then I quit the game. I turned it back on a day later and it was gone, again! It does this whenever I play it!!! Any clues to what causes it?
    Hey TMK, what happened to the site Mario Mania? It was on Nintendoland. Whenever you try to open it, it says the page is gone. Did the site close down?
    Is there ever a chance Super Mario Bros. will come to DVD? Hey TMK guys What is the deal with Tatanga? Is he in any other games besides Super Mario Land 1 and 2? Wasn't he in the Mario comics? And is he gonna be in any new games? I want you to put him in the charecters section with Daisy...
    - Henryelton

David Dayton: I don't know what's wrong with your Warioland cartridge, and all I can guess for your MTT2 game is that something is wrong with your computer. Mario Mania isn't our site, so we can't really answer that. Tatanga appeared in the Game Boy comics, and I believe he was also present as a boss in Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins.

Daisy trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Tatanga in Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins

    I am making a ZNES movie guide to each world of Super Mario World, would you like it for your site?

    - Legendary2002

David Dayton: Sounds interesting. I'll forward this to Deezer. ;)

    I have some interesting information for you. On Long island in New york. There is a mall called the south shore mall . Its called now the Westfield shopping center. In this mall there is a store called Software etc. that sells Old Nes games from $1.00 to $13.00. I was thinking this could be important because if anyone wants to collect the old Nes games. They could go to the WestField shopping center on Long Island , NY. To purchase these antique games. Please let the public know about this.
    - Dominick

David Dayton: Thanks. Many Software Etc. stores do that.

    Quick thing that wasn't in your tips section is that for every 2 million points you get in SM2 mode, you get a little Mario head next to your high-score on the main menu. A maximum of 5 heads / 10,000,000 points. Great website, keep up the good work.
    - John Lynch

David Dayton: Nifty.

    Luigi has always been my favorite character, to the point where I can't remember why, but I still think he's cool. I have a question. Mario's voice used in Super Mario 64, or some variations meant to sound similar, has essentially become Mario's permanant voice. Yoshi's voice varies, but his Yoshi's Story voice is gradually becoming the norm. Luigi's voice, however, has rarely been the same in more than one game, and has a history of sounding terrible. Do you think Luigi's Mansion, in which he has a decent-sounding voice that matches his appearance and personality, will establish a permanent voice, or do you think they'll go back to using random and annoying voices in subsequent games?
    I made a cool winamp skin but it's a zelda one so you probably don't want it. Have you heard the song "Nintendo" by Saint Dragon? It's cool. I heard from someone who played SSBM at a cube club that bowser moves so slow that he's terrible, especially in hectic levels like the F-Zero track. He also said peach isn't very good or interesting, exept for her cool floaty move from SMB2. But he admits he doesn't play Smash Bros well, so that could accountfor apparent badness of characters.
    Hey Deezer, you going to post my TMK Winamp skin? It's not doing me much good, I can't listen to WTMK, and I always use my awesome Zelda skin. BUT ANYWAYS... I'm working on an update to my Mario Bros Amp, which, oddly enough, is still the newest skin. It uses the original Main Screen, a Donkey Kong Equalizer, and a DK Jr. Playlist. Any opinion on what I should use for a minibrowser?

    - LuigiHahn

David Dayton: Luigi's voice is done by the same guy, Charles Martinet, so it should be getting more and more similar. Why it isn't is a mystery to me. Bowser isn't that bad, and the Princess is actully quite good. I forwarded the Winamp skin to Deezer... I'd suggest using Toad for the Minibrowser. ;)

    Hey, Since David didn't know the answer, I'M SPECIFICALLY ASKING DEEZER!!! Is the secret page blatantly obvious to get to, maybe to make everyone feel stupid? By the way, great site. Only SMBHQ compares.
    - Jackal Lord

Deezer: No. It's not obvious.

    I was thinking up a game with just the bad guys of Nintendo.I called it Big Bady Bash.It should have Bowser,King K.Rool,Smithy ect.and all other bad guys from of the Nintendo games (Metriod,Eathbound,Killer Instint,Bomberman,Super Mario Bros.,Pokemon,ect.) The hidden characters are the retro form of them from their earlier games. Also their minoins are play able too. There are over 50 battle fields and 2 retro feilds. So what you think of it?
    -GAMEBOY2 I started playing Mario RPG (that I just got) when I notice something. The game play is kinda like Pokemon,like when I fight someone it looks like a Pokemon battle.WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!?
    - Dis. Is Weir.D AKA GAMEBOY2

David Dayton: Both games are RPGs. They are somewhat similar in battle sequences.

    I notice a picture of Mario in the game named Zelda A Link To The Past. After you save Zelda from the castle, head towards the east and go into one of the houses and look north. One of the pictures of Mario when you try to pull out the picture of him blue coines pop out. Did Nintendo really want to put a picture of Mario in it or did they just want to put him in like a joke?
    P.S GAMEBOY2 is my big brother.
    - Game Master

David Dayton: It was intentionally put in as a joke. There are also Chain Chomps in the game.

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