01 Feb 2002

Mailbag by Deezer


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    Mailbag Folk,

    First, responses to David's questions:

    I work at a store called GameCrazy ( - the site sucks). It's owned by Hollywood Video, and we "buy, sell, and trade new and used video games." The cube launch went very easy seeing as how we only had 8 to sell. 8!? What the heck. Anyway, they were all preordered weeks in advance, and all 8 buyers were lined up outside to pick out their colors, controllers, and games. Games sold went about like this (note, this is a college town and every buyer was a 18-25 year old guy using their credit card): 7 Madden 2002, 5 Star Wars, 2 Luigi's Mansion, 1 Super Monkey Ball. The only angry person was the guy 6th in line who really wanted a black cube, but was stuck with indigo.

    We receive our games by overnight shipping a couple hours before we open at noon on launch days, nearly always wednesdays. The only game we ever received really early was Madden 2002 for the PS2, which we had sitting around for nearly two weeks before we could sell it. Nintendo is very good about not getting stuff out early. Every month there is a nintendo representative who visits our store. Her name is Pat and she is short and stumpy like Mario.

    Any of the TMK webmasters are welcome to my 10% off new discount, but I don't think it's worth the gas money you waste driving into Arizona.

    To help out the guy with the Dreamcast problem (and as a warning to cube owners): When a game is really scratched the laser will have trouble reading the disc, and will skip over important data as it tries to read over the damage. Scratches that are too bad will cause a loading error, the system won't know what to do anymore, so it kicks you back to the main screen. Take better care of your games and that won't happen. (you might not want to hit it anymore either...)

    If your game reviews are not intact, such as the one for Tetris Attack or something, do you welcome user submitted information on the games, or are you just getting around to it someday?


Deezer: What's with that guy that got mad about getting a purple GameCube? Purple rules.

When our game reviews are not intact, it means we might be writing one someday. One day I'll add all the reviews readers sent in...

    i know that The Wizard DVD was released in germany but is there any way we can get ahold of a copy here in the states...price is not an option. i have found some german sites to order but cant understand n e thing on there. PLease let me know....please e-mail me back

Deezer: Even if you did get it, I'm sure the PAL (European) encoding would not work too well in your US DVD player.

    how do u "eat" people like bowser did in that screenshot called "Bowsers lunch"?

Deezer: First you grab the fighter (Z button) then the A button chews him up.

    Did something weird happen to my name? Because I sent in that one with the Harry Potter-type things (and yes, #2 WAS from HP) and it turned up as -Sethparlowcols. I'm Pokemario! What happened? Also, I only need $55 more until I have enough for GameCube. I already have SSBM (I got it for Christmas.)

Deezer: My bad.

    Hello there!
    while playing Mario Kart 64, I found something pointless but still a thing to talk about. In the part where you are given the cup, while the winners drive towards the castle, another driver is lurking...
    I'm enclosing a screenshot. Look at the right side.... you will see DK! What is he doing there?
    -Cele the Ref

Deezer: The driver off in the distance is the fourth-place finisher.

    There could have been more Mario characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Dr.Mario made it in,and that guy has only had a few games. Wario's got his own series for cripes sake! Why not put him in? And what about Waluigi? That guy has had, what two games, so why not give 'em another? And where was Luigi's Vacuum?

Deezer: The only way to improve Smash Bros. Melee is to include Wario. And if you have Wario, of course you need Waluigi. They should make an all-Mario version of Smash Bros.... "Super Smash Mario Bros."!

    The pic of Mario in National Geographic World Dec. '93 was at the end of an article about video games. It shows kids how video games are made (or were made, I guess, it's probably more hi-tech now) and at the end it shows a bunch of video game characters. The ones I remember are: Megaman, Ms. Pac-Man, (1b.Why is she still Ms.? Didn't they get married and have Pac-Jr.?) Lemmings, Zelda, Mario, and Kid Chameleon. (That's right, NO SONIC.)

Deezer: Hahah!

    Hi, just wanted to let you know about a Mario reference in the show "Dexter's Laboratory". In the episode where Dexter goes to college, there are three students playing a video game. You can hear sounds from MK64, and then one of the students says, "Eat my dust, Toad!" Just thought I'd let ya know.

Deezer: Nice info, but no screen shots? Rats.

    In SSBM there is a trophy of somebody who is Going to be in a future game and in case your wondering I'm almost sure He's in Animal Forest+ a future gamecube game am I righincaset

Deezer: A number of trophies are for Animal Forest, yes. Alpha, Mr. Resetti, Totokeke... By the way, Animal Forest+ is already out in Japan.

    Dear Mailbag:
    You said, and I quote: "In order to be hosted by ClassicGaming, we had to put the ad code on at least three pages."

    Why do you have to put them on frequently visited pages? Put them in things like, Errata, and Panel de Pon to Tetris Attack, stuff like that. Don't put them on the forum!

Deezer: They appear automatically in the forum. How's your forum doing, by the way?

    Dear Mushroom Kingdom
    I have recently finished Luigi's Mansion and I have a few questions that I hpoe you'll answer. After I finished it, I accidentally saved it when I didn't want to because I still had one more Boo to catch so my first question is:

    1) What happens when you do get all Boos, if anything? and now that the game is finshed you have the option to go to the "Mansion" or the "Hidden Mansion". Each are the mansion again with everything started over, except on has a star next to the money counter, so...

    2) What's the difference between the two and is it like Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Land where you finish the game and you play it again except it's more challenging?
    -SSJ2 Gohan

1) You get a Gold Diamond, which is worth $20,000,000 at the end.
2) They say the ghosts are harder, and you have a more powerful vacuum, which basically evens out the challenge again. I didn't finish the Hidden Mansion yet, but the only thing different I noticed was that Melody (the pianist) had a different question for me.

    I'm not very happy. I saw that David said the poem was fake. then I went to see the poem, read it vertically which said "NICE TRY LOSER". Hmmmph. Well, i made my own poem (well it doesn't rhyme) just like David's.
      You guys got us good.
      Oh yes you did.
      Us people were fooled.

      Gee, I was so sad when I heard that the poem was fake.
      Unlocking the secret page is hard.
      Y do you treat us like dirt?
      So I made this non-rhyming poem for you to read.

      A person can't be this cruel to us.
      Remarkable poem that was.
      Ending this poem will come soon.

      City life is mean already, now you guys?
      How can you do this to us?
      Ever looking for that page was my dream,
      After I read that poem.
      Please do not do that again?

    well, it's not a very good poem, but you get the idea.
    -Vidgmchtr, a person who is not a poetest.

Deezer: That was beautiful.

    Hello Mailbag-answerer, this is LT Eagle,
    I have one simple question: When will you put up Paper Mario pictures of the American version????

    And also, Triple Dip Badge takes 3 BP, not 2.

    Thanx a lot.
    -LT Eagle

Deezer: Hi LT Eagle!


My bad!

You're welcome!

    1. hey deezer. I have my room all mario! And i need to get more pictures. where should go?? and i have practicly everything on you're website. 2. I have about 5 systems. (im a video game freak aren't i?) anyway, my mom wont let me have anymore. fare or unfair?

Deezer: 1. That's scary! What's scarier is my room is all Michael Jordan because I have not rearranged my room since 1996.
2. Get a job and pay for them with your own money... that's fair.

    Greetings to whoever is answering the Mail this week.

    First, you've got a great site. I was referred here from the Rainbow Resort, your banner looked interesting, and I ended up here.

    Secondly, I have a Mario reference. In the Dexter's Lab episode (one of the newer ones) where Dexter goes to college, when Dexter wants to study, we see three kids playing a video game. One of the kids says, "Eat my dust, Toad!" The next says something along the lines of, "Here's my Spiny Shell!" The third says, "Here's Lightning for ya!" They must be playing Super Mario Kart, for the SNES.

Deezer: Somewhere I have heard this before...




    Yo Deezer. I'm on the Japanese Smash Bros. Melee site (translated by AltaVista) and I want to know: What does "Bean jam grommet bean jam grommet." mean? I've seen it twice, on the first time it wasn't repeated. Is it just a weird idiom or a translation error?! Also they sure say "fist!" a lot on the main page... what's up with that?
    -Chupperson Weird

    P.S. Oh yeah, that's... uhh... different... that they spell Luigi as "Louis-G"... Y iz dat? Maybe I'll have to learn Japanese. Hmm.

Deezer: Wow, looks like they almost have all the bugs worked out.

    Hey guys, I have a cameo for you to list. I remember once on "America's Funniest Videos", there were these guys in one of the videos. One guy talked about something I forget about, and then these two guys come and hold up some cardboard bricks. And then a guy in a Mario costume runs by and does the "block-breaking" move while classic Mario music plays. If anyone knows about this, tell me.
    -Robert Poole

Deezer: Let me guess, it didn't win the $100,000?

    Sorry to send two e-mails in one week, but I found the webpage for that nintendo candy on the back of the little GBA candy thingie I bought.
    If you click the buttons, Mario jumps...but it sounds all wrong.

Deezer: Amanda sent me a "Mario Bomb" and GBA candy thing. She's "Ausome." ^_^

    hey tmk dudes and dudette (j.j.)
    hey! i like the ssbm pic of mario on the 20 yrs of mario page. anyway, i found a mario reference. it is in the February 2002 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine. on page 18, in the fake newspaper, there are 2 ads: Mario Mario, Inc; and Luigi Mario Contracting, Inc. i'd scan it, but my scanner isn't flat, you insert it like you do paper.

    -Jhbb of the Fungi Forums-

Deezer: I'd answer this, but my scanner is flat.

    (SCREEEAM) No exit to 5-1 in SMB2 Japan on my SNES!!! way! When i get to the big blocks(11 blocks high) i don't know how to get to the other side!

Deezer: If that's the level I'm thinking about, there are some invisible blocks above you that help you get over the wall. Jump around.

Mailbag by J.J.


    Just wanted to say a few things: First off, great site. This is probably the most organized and well-managed Mario sites out there, and I enjoy reading the content. Second: David's disgust for the PS2 and XBox is understandable, but keep in mind that if it was not for competition, Nintendo would have no standard for its games- and therefore quality would not be what it has always been. Evil as they may be, PS2 and Xbox still serve a purpose. Finally, if I remember correctly, there were two versions of the original SM Super Show- one that featured live-action Mario and Luigi, and another that featured two guys who talked using 80's slang(like rad, yo, and killer). My question being did this second version show any new Mario cartoon episodes, or did they just re-run the cartoons that were originally from Mario and Luigi season?

    -Jeff Raven

J.J.: The show you are refering to is called "Club Mario". Ironically, the "80's" guys you mention were actually included in an attempt to make the show more appealing to 90's kids.

There were no new cartoons shown, only re-runs.

    Why aint you got Glover in your N64 game section?
    It may just be Mario's glove, but I think that earns a cameo, don't you?
    -Kevin gilbert

J.J.: It is most certainly NOT Mario's glove, you homely dolt. Glover was not even made by Nintendo, hence the reason why it appears on the PC and Playstation.

Geez, next time do a little research before bossing us around.

    I was woundering if you knew if they are still making Super Mario Brothers 3 for the Game Boy Advance or not?

J.J.: A thousand times, yes!

    When you load luigi's mansion the crazy doctor guy asks you "where would you like to go" don't answer & wait a little bit & you will see Luigi scratch his butt. Has nintendo gone insane?

J.J.: Good God! Get me Jesse Helms on the phone! Nintendo must not expose the youth of America to such trash!

    What's the deal with Daisy having a third eye on the back of her head at her trophy in SSBM.Is that why she hasn't been in the public that much?Becuase she's worried about her frakish eye?
    -Ben Long

J.J.: Yup, Daisy's a freak. But so are all the characters from SML, so what do you expect?

    Hi Deezer/Gay Gay/David/ mushroom boy.
    1. Why is JJ so Gay Gay?
    2. Super Mario Advance 3 be SMB3, if not I'll kill myself :(.
    3. X-Box broke down some person's Wal mart, found out at
    4.When in hell will Konami make DDR for Gamecube?
    5. When will those backstabbers at Square make games on game boy advance..
    6. Can you show me a shot of the old nes game Iceclimber?
    7. Where is Megabyte?
    -Matt koopa

J.J.: 1. I think it's mostly due to environmental factors.
2. Yes, dammit.
3. (I am answering with a full sentence:) That is an interesting story about an X-Box breaking down. I will be sure to remember it.
4. I do not know when in Hell Konami will make DDR for Gamecube. I also do not know what DDR is.
5. I do not know when those backstabbers at Square will make a game for GBA.
6. Here is a screenshot from Ice Climber:

7. Megabyte is dead.

    Okay, there has been a discussion that all the SSB characters a soley Nintendo owned. But, there is one exception I think. True, Donkey Kong is Nintendo owned, but I believe the model currently used for him is owned by Rare, not Nintendo. Hence if Rare decided not to work with Nintendo, Nintendo would have to use a model that looks more like the old arcade Donkey Kong. So perhaps we will see Mega Man or Sonic in a Super Smash Brothers sequel.

J.J.: See, what most people don't understand is that Nintendo controls Rare in the same way that the Soviet Union controlled East Germany. Rare will never make games for other systems unless they split in half and form a new company, independent of the Nintendo financial umbrella.

    Hey David, You said you own a Dramcast, but haven't played Dead or Alive 2? You should try it, it seems exactly like the type of game you would like. Also, Toad is a cool character but he is not in and of himself a classic Mario game. I'm using Doctor Mario.

J.J.: I am getting so damn sick and tired of all these letters adressed to David. "Dear David, I like X-Box. Dear David, you're so smart. Dear David, blah blah blah." I am so sick of these damn letters! Not to mention bitterly jealous.

David Dayton: Just be glad I erase the -really- interesting ones before you read them, J.J.

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