08 Feb 2002

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Con queso
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    Dear TMK I saw some screenshots of SSBM on your page and I was wondering... HOW DO YOU MOVE MEMORY CARD FILES ON TO PC!!!

    - Super_Mario_128

David Dayton: You can't. I did simple screen captures using a video capture card.

    Hey, I was wondering about Mario Party 4. Is it just coming out on Game Cube? Cuz I only have N64, and all the marioparty games have come out on that. How am I supposed to get that game? I can't get game cube anytime soon. If it isnt coming on n64, im gonna be really upset. I'm gonna take it outside with dem Hisami Hooshi type peeple if its true.
    Big fan of mario party,
    - Ben

David Dayton: So far, Mario Party 4 has yet to be "officially" announced. At one point, the NOA web page listed it as an upcoming title for the Game Cube. Actually, the odds of -any- games being released on the N64 right now are rather slim.

    Um, here's one for the mailbox! In Super Mario Brothers 2 (Western Version or Doki Doki Panic) you know the weird music that plays in the room where you get a key? It kind of sounds like Bowser's first and second themes in Super Mario 64!
    - The Bman

David Dayton: It isn't. Thanks for trying, though.

    Dear TMK friends (and J.J.) Hi, you've got the best site in the world, you already know that... This is my first time mailing you but I have known you're site for a year now. Anyway, the other day I was trying to log into the Message boards and I entered my e-maill and everything and it said it e-mailed me my password, but nothing happened. Why was that? Should I have waited longer?
    - n/a the third

David Dayton: Sounds like a glitch. Try to reregister. If there are still problems, let us know.

    JJ, You will suffwer intolerable deaths for NOT knowing DDR is Dance dance revolution, only the coolest arcade game since ms pacman!!
    - Rklpunk

David Dayton: You forgot Captain Commando.

    I dunno if you guys care or not, but I found some manga pictures of Mario covers, if you want me to send them, say "I", and what is up with Luigi's Mansion? And why is it so easy to beat?!
    - Debbie Kyer

David Dayton: Sure. Send the manga pics! We'd love them. Oh, and Luigi's Mansion is easy to beat as, really, almost all Mario games are easy to beat. LM did seem easier, though.

    Hey u guyz I love the site. I wanted to point out to u all that if u have gamecube's and its instruction manuel go to the part about the memory cards (pgs. 18-20) There will be a save and it's called Super Mario 64 and also a save that looks like it could be Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
    P.S. Hope ur scanner gets back up because i dont have 1
    - Hockeykid1209

David Dayton: Those are wacky save icons. They seem to be made just as filler material for the manual, and don't indicate any known Mario game being made.

    Why don't you have a General Luigi Chat???
    Oh they should have toad,Daisy,Wart,Tatanga,Wario Bros,Paper Mario Party Members,Geno, and Mellow in Super Smash Bros. Melee
    - Paper Mario

David Dayton: Luigi's last name is Mario. He is one of the Mario Bros.. Thus, general Mario chat refers to Mario and Luigi.

    Dear you, I have an idea! Why don't you hold a contest to get people into the secret page! You have a quiz on really hard, semi-trick questions. Such as: "How many colors has Birdo had?" You most Mario fans are going to say 3 because of Super Mario Bros 2. But the answer is 4 because of Mario tennis. Questions like that would make more people but more "worthy" visitors to the secret page.
    - The Flat Footed Boy

David Dayton: How many colors has Birdo had????

    Hey, hey, hey. Why you all aren't answering my questions and comments I told you all, even you Deezer.
    I don't know about this, but I saw a funny commercial in Mario kart 64 in Royal Raceway with all running with someone controlliing Mario. He runs normally until he see a sign with a promotion with Game Boy and Nintendo 64. He go by the sign transforming Mario in Mario Kart 64 by Mario in Super Mariio 64. Before that, someone shoots down him with a red shell. Don't you think funny?

    - Annie Brazil

David Dayton: When/where did you see such a commercial?

    1.Why do people call Nintendo “Kiddy”? ... Conkers BFD is very bloody and the innocent are the first to die.
    2.Why do games near always copy Lord of the Rings?
    3.Has Mario ever been seen actually plumbing?
    4. Do you find it egotistical of me to call myself M.O.T.U. Master of the Universe?

    - The conqueror formerly know as TimA

David Dayton: 1 - People are jealous of Nintendo's good games.
2 - Like Pac-Man did, eh?
3 - Of course. Ask Luigi.
4 - That's a silly question.

    TMK is a great Mario website, but I thought I'd respond to that letter about Mario's voice from the past couple of mailbags. I, too, was a bit confused when I first heard Mario's Italian accent in Super Mario 64, but it's only sensible. Contrary to popular belief, the Mario Bros. were not born in Brooklyn. In fact, they were born in Tuscany in Italy. I have asked several mushrooms about this and they have all confirmed this theory.
    The voice in the Mario cartoons had an American accent, and so really didn't suit Mario. Apparently, Charles Martinet, who did the SM64 voice, had provided that voice in 1990 as the voice of some kind of interactive computerized Mario. As for Luigi's voice, I too have noticed it keeps changing, but I think that the voices used in Mario Kart 64 and Mario Golf are the best. But Peach's voice has changed a lot too, don't you think? I reckon her voice in SM64 was the best suited to her.
    Just to complete my letter, my Mario website, Super Mario Bros. Advantage, is going on the net very soon. It can't really square up to TMK, but if you see it I'm sure you'll be impressed.
    - The MarioMaster

David Dayton: Sure, you ask mushrooms, but you don't bother to ask Toad. Peach's voice keeps changing, but the SSB Melee one is -much- better than the Mario Kart and Mario Party voices she has. Luigi is sounding better recently...

    Okay, I'm writing here because Deezer never adds my stuff on... so here I go...
    On Mario Party, in the instruction manual, in the shop page find the word 'Let's.' The word Let's is supposed to be Lets. And in Mario Party 3 in the Battle Room page it says 'Toad will help you...' It's supposed to say Battle T like in the game. And 2 questions. Why does 'Shigeru' remind me of Mushrooms?; and why is Peach not a talker?
    - Sunny [and if possible, a coconut Nintendo system (quote from The Simpsons)]

David Dayton: Yes, there are typos in Nintendo games... but what do you mean about Peach not being a talker?

    Hey TMK, I just got an idea.Why Don't you guys put Mario based web games? Come on you guys know a lot about Mario games, just put a java Mario game or something.
    - Gameboy2

David Dayton: They take up a lot of bandwidth, and we don't have any. Why not make up one for us?

    Was there ever a pc version of Mario Brothers on disk or cd? My friend's kid wants to play the game but all they have is a pc, no nintendo nor gameboy. Where would he be able to get a copy? Thank you.
    - Ruth Cortado

David Dayton: Not really. Back in the old days, there were a few ports to some home computers, but not since 1984 or so.

    Hi. I have a few things to say in regards to the Mario Bros. Super Show DVD. Firstly, I have not seen the Mario Bros. Super Show since I was in 3rd grade. I remember a few episode plots. I remember the voices and music. However, I have changed drastically since 3rd grade. My taste is different now. I have long hair. I no longer tuck in my shirts. One of my balls has dropped. Etc. Anyways, can I expect an entertaining DVD or a nostalgic object that will sit on a shelf? If any mail-baggers have seen the shows relatively recently, please respond.
    Secondly, check out a review some guy did at of the upcoming DVD. The DVD is unreleased, so I know it is pointless to allow reviews, but I just wanted to point out how strange some people can be. Thanks for your time.
    - Grady

David Dayton: I'm thinking the DVD will be more nostalgia for most of us. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Of course, I collect Mario candy packages, so what do I know?

    Dear Deezer( slacker), in Super smash bros melee how do you get Young Link?
    - Young Link

David Dayton: From David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book...
* Young Link: Complete the Classic mode using Link, Zelda, and at least eight other characters.

    Hey, David! I think it's about time for a plalist change on WTMK! Could you please take all of two minutes to rotate songs in/out (or click shuffle) sometime soon? Thanks.
    - The Younger Plumber

David Dayton: It's on my "to do" list. As are many things... we need to put up some Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Mario World SMA tracks.

    Not really relevant in any way, shape, or form, but're right. Purple rules. Thanks for representing, umm...dawg.
    - Allison

David Dayton: Word up.

    OK, in SMW, use a cheat device (or an emulator) to put a star in your reserve box, and enter any level with a Rip Van Fish in it. Now get in to chase you, and activate the Star. Rip Van will realise the tables are turned, and will turn tail and "leg it" as far away as possible. I heard about this on a ROM Hacking Message board, and the guy who discovered it found out while editing the levels in the ROM. Oh, and if you already knew about this, just eat this letter.
    - Rick Trimble

David Dayton: Actually, you can do that in one of the Star World levels. It's the one you can get the Blue Yoshi in. That reminds me... someone said there was a Pro Action Replay code for SMW that allowed you to try the "Bonus/Demo/Tester's" level. Can anyone give me that code?

    David Dayton, in a previous Mailbag you said that you can take screenshots of a game by simply using Silly Putty. Is that true?
    - Quick Man (aka QuickManX)

David Dayton: If your TV display consists of sheets of newsprint.

    Questions: 1) Will SMB3 have advanced graphics and not look like all-stars? 2) Have you ever played Dance Dance Revoluiton? 3) Do you like Capcom? 4) Do you think Capcom might make a mario game? 5) Why is Square so screwed up. 6) Sony sucks and... 7) [DELETED] 8) Will Shiggy make a game celeabreating mario's 20th birthday.
    -Matt Koopa

David Dayton: 1. Unknown ; 2. Yes ; 3. Yes ; 4. No ; 5. They stupidly insulted Nintendo back in the time of the N64 and PSX ; 6. Hmmm? ; 7. I deleted your comments ; 8. It seems not.

    Hey TMK! I don't know if you've seen the 14 minute Smash Brothers Melee movie (it's at FilePlanet somewhere...) but here we go...
    A little bit after Mario's part of the movie starts, it cuts to a scene on the Great Fox with him holding a green shell, which he then throws forward. It knocks out about 5-6 Goombas and then Bowser, who was sitting on top of the back wing.
    My question is... is there a way to do that (send enemies from one game to another arena) in VS. Mode or any other mode in the game?
    And on an unrelated Mario note, you know that website, the Smash Brothers Kingdom? At the top of their main page, they have a picture of Hyrule Castle that kind of appears there when the page is loading. Is there a way to unlock the past Hyrule Castle from SSB?
    - Jon

David Dayton: Goombas and Redeads will start appearing from crates at some point in the game. I don't know of anyway to force them to appear, though. As far as I know, you can't play in the N64 Hyrule level in SSBM.

    In the Malcolm in the middle episode after the super bowl was a mario reference. During The 3 legged scavanger hunt, Reese beat up a kid and took a Yoshi doll!
    - Cody Paul

David Dayton: Get a picture of it.

    Why do people say there should be more Mario characters in Melee? Think of the DKU! There are like 8 Mario characters. There are 4 Zelda characters. Yet the DKU only has DK! Check out my attachment for RARE's smash Bros! Much better I say...
    It most certainly IS Mario's glove. Hence the reason it says in the PAL strategy guide. And why aint you put up my other letters?
    - Kev Gilbert

David Dayton: That screenshot looks more like an Uncle Tusk submission to me...

Master Hand is NOT Mario's glove.

    Dear JJ
    Blah blah blah.
    Less jealous of David yet?
    P.S. Tell David I said Hi.

    - LuigiHann

David Dayton: Too bad JJ isn't answering this week. Heheheh...

    Hi,Hoothoot40 again!Im sorry but I was in the store an hour ago and I saw a kid with a Disney Mag and low and behold at back is a SMA2 ad!!!So I bought a copy and scaned the ad.I'd also like to say I like all things like X-BOX PS2 and Gamecube.But I like Gamecube best becase of it's games like SSBM!:)

    I have a subscription to Nick Mag and have enclosed the pic of the Mario and Luigi ads.I've also played Super Mario Advance 2 And a little movie comes up when you start up the game of Mario,Luigi,and Peach arriving on the island.Peace out!
    - Hoothoot40

David Dayton: Thanks for the pics!

      Megabyte's death comes as a shock. I am very sorry. I offer you and Megabyte's family my condolences. He was a great guy, and he will remain in our hearts forever.
      - JoshOpus

    David Dayton: He's not quite dead. In fact, he's getting...oh, never mind.

      I've heard rumors from places about a Dr.Mario Advance. Its supposed to have an adventure mode and a classic mode (sounds oddly like Super smash Bros. Melee). Is there any truth to this? Here is a pic of SMB mario doctored to look like Dr.Mario. The program I used to mess with Mario couldn't use white at the time i made that, so i had to make his lab coat light blue.

      - abigmariofan

    David Dayton: I've heard nothing about it yet. It would make a good "add on" for SMB3 though. Interesting picture, by the way.

      Before I reply to the topic, I would like to thank all of you for a fantastic site, and especially David for hating Playstation and answering all those mailbags. Now I reply to . . . various matters:
      I wouldn't be so sure about that Wachibi and Watuna bit being fake, heck even Captain Syrup. Look at these attached compelling like screens from Smash Bros. Melee.

      New quote from the Simpsons episode (when its rerun, I will record and send it to you.) "JUST TAKE IT! TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT!.....TAKE IT!"-Sonic's rip-off
      By the way, ¡El baño es de hamburguesas, o narajas, pero yo no sé!
      Oh yeah David, don't put off them people at Nsider who said that Dr. Mario was in it. They promised, if they were wrong, they would eat A HAT!!! You don't say things like that and lie! Ok...I could be wrong...Mr. Game and Watch sounds pretty dumb... Oh yeah they're wrong. Hyuk I forgot.
      Some advice, buy a neuralizer, or a flashy thing. You know, so all those people that learned about the secret site will forget. It won't hurt them (go ahead and erase my mind too, even if I don't believe in that page) if they never knew...hehehehe.
      Advice: You can get most information from the Japanese site using Babelfish before IGN does. But you have to be willing to read "According to the mali, don't you think? But the under and b of the transformation of the ~~~~ and in there we can matter of speaking."
      P.S. Go play Gamecube at Toys R' Us, even though this letter will get to you around the time it comes out. Oh yeah and that kid who said Advance Wars almost made him forget his homework needs to play it until he does.
      - Daniel Dinkos

    David Dayton: I'm not sure whether your mail was delayed, or it got lost in the mailbag on our end, but I've read it. Isn't that nice of me? Your screenshot of the secret beta SSBM game proves my story, of course.

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