15 Feb 2002

Mailbag by Mushroom Boy

Mushroom Boy
TMK mascot
Mushroom Boy here, filling in for J.J. Writing a mailbag is hard enough, and even more so with these tiny fingers of mine, so don't complain if it's late. Just be glad you're getting something. Now, on with the show!

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    on page 86 of NP issue 153, there is a picture of Mario and luigi flying over Peach and 2 yoshies from sma2, but i have never seen that scene, and it looks like an intro scene. what is that all about!?

Mushroom Boy: You'll see that when you turn on SMA2 without batteries.

    Waaah! Hello Dayton/JJ/Deezer ! R.I.P. Megabyte! Here's some questions:

    1)Do you have yet any info about Mario Sunshine? Is it gonna be the next major Mario game?

    2)Is Yoshi's Island, the greatest game of all times, designed by Shigeru Miyamoto?

    3 What do you think of these cool heroes:
    Eliot Ness ?
    Wyatt Earp ?

    P.S. TMK is the Chosen One of websites!
    -Eddie Vedder

Mushroom Boy: Sorry, none of those people will be answering your letter. And MEGAߥTE is not dead.

1) There will be a game called Mario Sunshine. It will be the next major Mario game.

2) Ah, I agree, the greatest SNES game ever. Plus it gave us Toads some much-needed time off.
Course designers: Yasuhisa Yamamura, Kenta Usui, Yoshihiro Nomoto, Eiji Noto.
Character designers: Shigefumi Hino, Hisashi Nogami, Masahiro Iimura, Tomoaki Kuroume.
Producer: Shigeru Miyamoto.

3) Eliot Ness: Doesn't compare to Earthbound's Ness.
Wyatt Earp: Brave, courageous, and bold.

P.S. Duh.

    1. In the Feb. 8 mailbag, some moron named Hoothoot40 (i say moron because his name is a pokeman) sent in a scan of a thing in Nickelodeon Magazine that I told you about! that isn't fair 2. is MEGABYTE really dead, or did GayGay jusy make that up? 5. why aren't potatoes blue? 3. GayGay turned me into a newt! a. well, i got better. 4. Icky-icky-icky-potang-zoopa-ah. 6. why isn't run an interjection? 7. your mom! 8. canadians are weird. 9. buttered toast! 10. gazundheight!

Mushroom Boy:
1. Don't worry, when Deezer adds it to that Mario Maniacs section, he'll give credit where credit is due.
2. MEGAߥTE is alive.
5. Because.
3. Darn.
4. Shloobedy-doop.
6. Because it's a verb.
7. What about her?
8. What are you talking aboot?
9. I prefer mushrooms.
10. Atchoo.

    I just saw the ad. It's a bunch of cool scenes depicting the island they're on (Dinosaur Island? i forgot) Here's the scenes:
    1.Yoshi with some Gazelles running
    2.Mario swimming in the ocean and theres fish and some Spiky enemys
    3.Luigi holding a cape (he looked like a girl posing like that!)
    4.Mario and Luigi jumping like dolphins

    I don't have the ad (haha) but i hope someone sends it in!

Mushroom Boy: Me too.

    Dear TMK,

    I have a few questions:
    1.When did those nintendo sodas(I belive deezer said Luigi Blueberry was one.)come out?
    Non-question:Mr. Game&Watch IS real.Not at like that that screen shot with sabre.
    2.If you had to "kill" off 1 character from Nintendo,who would you choose?
    -supakoopa,forum frailer

Mushroom Boy:
1. I don't know.
2. Hmm... The dog in Duck Hunt.

    Say, I know it's just a pirate, but since Sega and Nintendo have joined forces, why don't they just release Somari for GBA or something?

Mushroom Boy: Now that would be funny... Nintendo taking credit for an unlicensed game! It wouldn't happen, though.

    In the latest issue of Game Informer (#106) they had a two-page special on Super Mario Bros. 3. I don't have the magazine but I saw it in a freind's copy

Mushroom Boy: Including tips you can find on TMK already. Woo.

    I found something that contains Mario! On the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire Classic TV Edition, There was a question containing Mario. It was: In the classic video game Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong constantly throws what at Mario? I forgot 2 choices, lets just say the contestant did a 50-50.
    A. forgot, B. barrells, C. Bowling Balls, or D. Forgot. Of course the contestent answered B. Just wanted to tell ya.
    -Michael (Vidgmchtr)

Mushroom Boy: They had to do a 50-50?!?!

    Hey, TMK. Here's some questions...

    1. I'm still a Mario fan, but I like Sonic more. Do you think people will hate me now?
    2. Which should I buy? Sonic Advance or SMA2?
    3. Why do Nintendo fans still have a grudge over Sega? They've already realeased a Sonic game on the GameCube! I don't think anybody knew that was going to happen. Too bad I can't remember what it was called.
    4. What does Mario have the Sonic doesnt?
    5. Give me your opinion. Do you think Sonic will be in the sequel to SSBM if there ever is one?
    -Sonic the Hedgehog
    Mail to: Angel Islands

Mushroom Boy:
1. Sure, some people will.
2. Help the economy, buy them both.
3. The Mario and Sonic rivalry goes way back. It started when Sonic fans got jealous when they discovered Mario was obviously the better mascot.
4. Overalls.
5. Nope.

    You asked for a AR code for it in your reply to my last letter David, but I lost the codes. DOH! Well anyways, there's a ZSNES savestate as It's just the word "TEST" written in turn blocks. There's hundreds of duplicates of that level in the rom, good for making new levels... Should I mention the SMW level editor? Aw, c'mon...

Mushroom Boy: Someone's got to have the codes! Oh yeah, we have a savestate of it on TMK also.

    Will toasty 64 update his fanfiction storys about Mario in his Highschool Days!

Mushroom Boy: 10 Coins says Deezer has more, but is too lazy to add them.

    dear David, in response to the February 8 mail bag, i decided to send you a pic on acount of the fact i taped the episode although i cant realy verify that the doll is a yoshi doll. it has the round nose and the green skin, but since malcom has it clenched in his hand i realy cant tell if it is a yoshi or not... check it out dave (or whoever is awnering mailbags this week) and tell me what you think, and if the pic isnt good enugh i could try sending another

Mushroom Boy: Looked like a gray sock to me.

    Quote: (11/2/01)
    Deezer: Now that would be kinda silly: Having three other staff members just for doing mailbags. :)

    I thought that's what Mushroom Boy did. Or at least Abby.

Mushroom Boy: Haha, that Abby mailbag was great.

    Out of curiosity, would "The Mushroom Kingdom" accept submissions of codes, secrets, or whatever?
    Thanks in advance for any replys.

Mushroom Boy: Yah. Just make sure it's not on the site first or in the back of Deezer's head, or else your e-mail will probably be ignored.

    i really thought these scans would be harder to get, MarioArchie.jpg is the first page, the computers at school have a low "scratch disk" or somthing, merry-O is 4 panels of archie and the merry-o sisters, and while im sending to mail bag i have a couple of questions how many games have Mario in them?
    why is Toadstool now Peach? i dont get it, after Mario 64 all the sudden every one forgets the name Toadstool ever existed
    where did "bowser" come from? hes still King Koopa in Japan
    till next time i writes to yas, c ya!

Mushroom Boy: Hey, pretty cool. What date or issue of Archie comic is that from? And send some more pages please!

Some answers:
-A lot.
-Probably to be consistent with the Japanese games.
-I'm not sure. Sounds like a good name for a dog, though.

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