22 Feb 2002

Mailbag by Deezer


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    A couple of questions

    1.Do you know anything about Mario Party4?(P.S.Don't be smart and something like its the 4th Mario Party game or something like that)
    2.Do you know if there going to put the Mario show back on air on ABCfamily or a diffrent station,and if they are do you know when?
    3.Do you know any game that will be relesed in the future with the Koopalings in it?(Besides Super Mario Bros.3 for the GBA)

Deezer: A couple of answers

1.The only thing I know so far is that it will be for the GameCube.
2.Probably not.
3.We haven't heard anything. Ask Nintendo. No, wait, don't, I already know what they'll say: "Nothing has been announced yet but keep checking for the latest details!"

    I heard that Mario's "Water Backpack" washes out falling paint from the sky!!!

    P.S TMK is the best!

Deezer: So did I!

P.S. Thanks!

    Is it possible to go back into the castles you've already beaten in Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2?

Deezer: I've heard you have to beat the game before you can replay the castles and forts.

    Hi, Mailbag answerer person thingy

    I have a Mario refrence. In the show "Real Kids, Real Adventures" there was one episoode, these two girls were playing Super Mario Kart! I don't have a wav file or pic of it though. I'll look for some though.
    -Red Ninja Koopa

Deezer: Real cool.

    Got two questions about two very odd Mario games:

    1. In TMK's "Super Mario War", is it even possible to beat level 6? The cartridge chain is like 100 cartridges long, and the emulators just lock up.
    2. I know a few websites have pirate-cart roms, but is there anywhere to get a rom of the Famicom port of "Super Mario World"??? I've looked everywhere!!


1. Hmm, I've never tried.
2. Yes.

    "Sup TMK crew? Here's a pic of Mario from SMW doctored to look like dr.mario. That's all my poetic mind can think of for now.


Deezer: Nice!


    The guy who threw a fit over the purple cube was this huge muscular college guy. I think he wanted a black one to match his truck or something ridiculous. He got really mad, like I didn't sell him a black one just to me mean. But that's what he gets for being the last person in line.

    The deal with the Xboxs...Xboxes...Xboxi? What's the plural of Xbox? Anyway, the deal with them breaking down is this: Microsoft sent out cheap TVs to go into their big heavy interacts. The TVs overheat, so when a kind, caring employee (i.e. me or similar) tries to clean the TV with a "damp cloth" (as indicated in the instructional manual) they spark and die. The Xbox is fine (technically) but the TV is dead. However, my store alone has had 4 defective Xbox units! Two of them stopped loading games, one of them wouldn't turn on, and the last had a screen that read, "Your XBOX requires service. Please call customer support." That's $1,200 worth of garbage. ($23 per pound). There have also been a couple games that are defective, new out of the box. They had strange swirly patterns on the bottom.

    We haven't had a single defective Gamecube or Advance anything. Interesting observation: Our Nintendo representative is a little tiny lady, and our Xbox rep is a HUGE tall fat guy. I think it's funny how that tuned out like that, in proportion and all. That's all for now,

Deezer: Fascinating!

    1 Is Booster from Boosters Tower related to Wario and Waluigi.
    2Are Yoshis happy becuase there are so many of em.
    3Was Bowser born near Yoshis island
    5Is Bowser the boss in the original Bros game not super but mario bros
    6Do the pipes from mario bros lead to the musroom kingdom
    7why are Mario games so fun
    8In your opinion who would win in a fight Mario or the president


1 No.
2They are born happy.
3Probably not.
5There is no boss in Mario Bros. It just keeps going and going.
6Probably not.
8In real life: The President. In the Mushroom Kingdom: Mario.

    This is a question for your mailbag at tmk. I remember at the early stages of developement of Mario Story (Paper Mario) it was mario RPG 2 what ever happened to that? I reallyloved that game, and when I played a demo beta of RPG 2 I really thought it was great, so why did they change it?

Deezer: I think it's because it's not exactly a sequel to SMRPG.

    3rd mailbag, long time mailbag reader! Woa! You people are loosing all your staffers. Megabytes and JJ disapeering! Why did JJ leavre mailbagging? What happened to Mr. Megabyte! And why is David so hooked on Peach? The world may never know... Anyways, I love your site! Keep it up, and win a Nester!

Deezer: They're still here. Thanks!

    Dear TMK,

    There was a Mario reference in an episode of Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast, but I forgot the name of the episode in which it occured. It might have been BooBooKitty, but I'm not sure.

    Anyway, Space Ghost and Zorak were rattling off short, three-or-four-syllable-long phrases, and Zorak said "Donkey Kong". That's it. Sorry I couldn't remember more details.

    I have another reference though, and it was on this morning. On the latest episode of Jackie Chan Adventures ("Demon World"), Jade shows off her new Marlon Moose watch. She presses the button and the watch says "I'm Marlon Moose! (goofy laugh)" or something to that extent and then it plays the sound for when you get a Super Mushroom.

Deezer: Hahah!

    I just bought Super Mario World for my Game Boy Advance and I was stuck in a few places because it has been so long since I played that game. Your website helped me out tremendously and I loved all the funny stuff about Japan's games. I bookmarked the site! Great job!

Deezer: Go us, go us! Wait, that Japan info isn't supposed to be funny...

    hey deezer
    1. congratulations you have one the nobel piece prize for being lazy... speech please?*
    2. what kind of video copy card did you use and where can I get one?*
    3. do you have all playable characters in SSBM? (I do)***
    4. who is giga bowser?**
    5. why does your host (classic gaming) say "that file got blowed up!" when you type in an invalid url? (that is bad grammar)*
    6. where is megabyte?***
    7. how do you make the yen sign?***
    8. how do you make that waky B right before the yen***
    9. when I go to it brings me to and says it's shutdown why?*


    P.S. I like luigi beter than mario but super mario sounds beter*
    P.P.S. me and lady bow are... friends (voice trails)*
    P.P.P.S. how old are you I'm 25***
    P.P.P.P.S. we're not lying... march 5 is our (voice trails again)
    *= super_mario_128
    ***=both-LT Eagle

Deezer: Hey.

1. I'll do it later.
2. Knowing David, probably the cheapest one. ;)
3. Yes.
4. Giga Bowser was made up for SSBM. If you beat Bowser on Adventure Mode on Normal difficulty or higher under 18 minutes and without continuing, Giga Bowser will appear. Beat him without continuing to get the Giga Bowser trophy.
5. Purposely bad grammar was used in an attempt to be humorous.
6. In college.
7. Hold Alt and press 0165 on the number pad.
8. Hold Alt and press 0223 on the number pad.
9. VGF is a POS.

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