01 Mar 2002

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Hedgehog hater
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    1 This is plain weird. When I was playing a Gamecube demo shortly before it came out, the guy next to me was playing Halo on X-box. Well the controller shocked him!!! I do not know how or why, but I heard the boy say OWWW, and then he sucked his hand. weird or what?
    2 will the Mario Bros. cartoons be released on VHS?
    3 you are so behind in news! Super Mario 128 central is doing more news.
    4 I read this on SM128c. Mr Miyamato says Sonic might be a driver on the Gamecube Mario Kart.
    5 Will there ever be a NEW Mario game on GBA?
    6 You need more fanfiction
    7 Do you know what happened to Nintendoland? It was a great website, that suddenly disappeared!

    - Ann H Reed-Speer

David Dayton: All I can suppose is that the Xbox was defective. I think I may have read that there will be a VHS version of that Mario cartoon release... but I can't be sure. We update as frequently as we can -- really, what Mario news have we missed? Other than the bit about Sonic... and yes, I'm sure there will be a new Mario game on the GBA (aside from Mario Kart Super Circuit?). Nintendoland is down?

    Hey all you TMKers! First of all (as goes the usual, suck-up greeting) great site! But now on to my questions... 1. I heard somewhere that Yoshi's Island is coming to the GBA. Is this true?
    2. Can you put up/send me/direct me to a picture of a green 1-Up Mushroom (preferably from SM64) about the size of a regualr NES cartridge? I need a fairly good-sized one to put on a shirt.
    3. Do you expect the price of the GCN to come down before Christmas? If so, how much?
    4. Do you think that there should be a Yoshi's Island Soundtrack? Do you think there ever will be?
    5. What sort of education must you have in order to work for Nintendo?
    Thanks for reading and answering!
    Your faithful viewer,
    - Austin Miles

David Dayton: I wouldn't be surprised if Yoshi's Island came to the GBA, but nothing has been announced as of yet. I do recall that Yoshi's Story was used to demonstrate the GBA before it was released, but I've heard nothing more about that.
A giant Mushroom? I have none, sadly. I would suggest using either standard Nintendo art or the classic SMB3/SMW mushroom rather than the SM64 one... but again, I don't have either. Deezer?
I doubt the GC will be reduced much in price this year, as $200 is already pretty low. I hope I am wrong, though, as additional sales would be good for the system. There was a Yoshi's Island soundtrack in Japan -- not sure if Nintendo released an American version via their Nintendo Power catalog... and as far as education goes, it really depends on what you want to do. If you want to program games, get a computer sci degree and go apply at a development studio. NOA has many positions, but it really depends on what you want to do. If you want to work as a warehouse guy, little education is necessary...

    Do you think you could make the "Super Mario Brothers Japanese and Donkey Kong cereal commercials into MPG's or MPEG's ? thanks :)
    - Ginger

David Dayton: Another female reader! Lucky me... there should be a way to convert Real Audio/Video footage to MPEG, but I don't know what it is. That's for Deezer and MB to figure out. Any readers have suggestions?

    Okay, I have good reasoning behind my theory that Yoshi is a homosexual. Just hear me out. In the original Mario Bros. 2 manual the description of an Ostro goes like this: He thinks he is a girl and he spits eggs from his mouth. Then in the Mario Advance maual they change the name to Birdo and his description goes like this: Watch out for Birdo's special egg attack. The best way to deal with Birdo is to catch the eggs and toss them right back. In Super Smash Bros. Deluxe they have a Birdo trophy and say that the Birdo first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA). Obviously the Birdo and the Ostro are the same thing. A guys who thinks he is a girl. In the Mario Tennis manual(N64) they show a nasty picture of Yoshi getting intimate with a Birdo (by "intimate" I mean nestling up close to him and looking him deep in the eyes). Is that sick or what? Further more, the Yoshi's Island level in Super Smash Bros.(N64) is probably the gayest thing I've ever seen. It has a giant heart with a smiley face bouncing back and forth [edited]! I feel ashamed to play in that level. To make matters worse they included it in Super Smash Bros. Deluxe as a bonus stage! My point is Yoshi is either flat out gay, bi, has a thing for transvestites, or doesn't know the horrible truth about Birdo and has a "flare" for decorating. Maybe Nintendo is just trying to be politically correct?
    - Spengs

David Dayton: Okay, folks. I am getting tired of this line of thought. Birdo is, and always has been, FEMALE. In Japan, the character is named Catherine, which might help to demonstrate the sex of our egg spitting friend. The fact of the matter is that the NOA manual writers in the late 80's thought it would be funny to make Birdo a male monster wearing a ribbon... but were unaware the character would reappear in many, many games. Birdo is, and always will be, female. I don't care -what- the SMB2 manual says.

    You know in may there comming out with luigi's mansion and mario sunshine figures, hmm that wasnt really a question was it....
    - Burndit2

David Dayton: You mean here?
In case anyone is interested, Toy Mania covered an announced (but unreleased) line of Nintendo character toys at the Toy Fair 2000 trade show. They looked neat, too.

    Why do most people hate the Mario movie, well here are some refrences that Ive been able to spot...
    1:Mario is more brave than Luigi(At least at the end)
    2:The fireballs in the game r there they just had them as flamthrowers and if you look close enogh you can see a flower printed on the metal(refrence to the fire flower
    3:Iggy is still related to Koopa
    4:In one scene Iggy and spike say He who runs will fight another day(Myamoto must of liked that line so he put it in Mario RPG)
    5:Luigi is in love with Daisy(Daisy seems to be the answer to MArios peach)
    6:Toad is musical and loyal to Daisy
    7:The bros do a cluck cluck cluck handshake(It sounds a whole lot like the noise that is made when you run in SMB3
    8:This isnt a refrence Iggy and Spike(after credits)They talk about a game being based on theyre adventures
    9:The trash men look a whole lot like shy guys
    One Question,Is that funny or what in SSBM when you fight Luigi instead to unlock him that movie plays and Luigi jumps on Marios head?
    - Frogerpro

David Dayton: Did I ever say that I hated the movie? Also, I hate to break it to you, but the "lives to fight another day" line is much older than the SMB film. Oh, yes, Luigi stomping Mario is funny.

    Minus 1. I hope you answer this even though it's long. I probably won't write for a good long while after this. I've been waiting to accumulate a lot of stuff to say so as not to annoy you with quick short and frequent e-mails.
    Z. I was at the store the other day and saw boxes of "Nintendo All-Stars Fruit Snacks" and on the box I saw candy of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Starman, Donkey Kong (I think), Link, and Zelda(?). There may be more of those that I didn't see.
    Y. Purple Rules.
    X. I want to hit 1,323 feet in Home-Run Contest with Yoshi.
    W. I noticed on the MK64 from Japanese to English page, the Japanese voices that were changed in the American version are the same voices in MK:SC, except the Japanese Peach voice sounded like she said "Ippslaedee!" ??
    V. On a related matter, why did they first have Peach with a lower voice and now in all the recent games (like from a year ago or so on) have a much higher voice?
    U. Related also: Is it correct that Peach's voice in SSBM was done by the same person as in SM64?
    T. I like Luigi's voice from LM better than from SSBM. The SSBM one sounds almost exactly like Mario's. Why won't ol' S. Chuck settle on one voice or another? (I don't really expect you to know...)
    R. Luigi's Mansion is the only Mario game that I've beaten without over 50 lives.
    Q. Do you think it was a good idea to do away with extra lives in LM? I do. They would have served no purpose in that one anyway.
    P. In the SMA manual it says that you can find 1-Up mushrooms in Sub-Space. Why must there always be typos?!
    O. Someone said: Was there ever a pc version of Mario Brothers on disk or cd? What about the one in the TMK download section?
    N. David - The Super Mario World "Bonus/Demo/Tester's" level was flat ground with the word "TEST" in turn blocks and then an arrow of turn blocks pointing down and a cliff. I'll give you my hack of SMW (it has that level in it a few times) if you want
    M. I got a Topi (Ice Climber enemy) in a crate once on SSBM. I want Goombas and ReDeads.
    L. It's too bad that SMA2 doesn't have a new multiplayer mode, but what people don't realize is that it's compatible with the SMA (1) multiplayer mode. So, if you wanted to play Mario Bros. but one person didn't have the same cartridge, they could use the other one OR if one person had both and the other person didn't have either you could play multiplayer that way without one person having either cartridge (letting the person that didn't have either use one of the two.)
    K. No one ever answered me about this (maybe they just haven't gotten around to it at the time of my writing this) but anyway I have two commercials (SMK and a Domino's Pizza SNES contest thing) and I can give you pics of fast food Mario toys too.
    J. Wouldn't it be cool if the save files for the Memory Card in the GameCube manual were real? I mean, that would be COOL! The Further Adventures of Super Mario All-Stars... now with more Mario games!!

    - CHUPperson WEird

David Dayton: Longer isn't always better, you know. Peach's voice changes for reasons we don't know, but I'd imagine they change the voice actress. Why? I dunno. I remember checking on Peach's voice in SSBM -- I can't recall who did it, but it wasn't Leslie Swan.
1-up Mushrooms in Subspace... now, for some strange reason, my mind is thinking that one CAN find them there, but I am not sure as to whether I am right or wrong. The Demo Level of SMW will be interesting once someone provides the Pro Action Replay or Game Genie code that will enable me to play it on my SNES. Topi in battles in SSBM? Also, feel free to send in any and all pics you may have.

    ok, i saw some wierd video of mario and sonic dancing....and them playing gamecube.... just wondering if you saw this but if you haven't check it out at it should be somewhere - seamonkey911

David Dayton: Yes, yes. Things are getting strange, aren't they?

    Hi TMK!I have some questions.1]Why doesn't Daisy pay any attention to Luigi? 2]where is the secret page? 3]what happened to J.J?

David Dayton: Daisy pays a lot of attention to Luigi. JJ is currently hiding the secret page so that no one will ever find it.

    I wonder why Yoshies have those big noses and lay eggs that quick. Also, what does Deezer mean by 'weird music' from SMW? Oh, and one more thing. David, here's what I mean by 'peach not a talker...' she NEEEEVER says anything much in the Mario Party series... SUNNY-MARIO NINTENDO FREEEK NEVVA WRONG!
    P.s. Where the heck's Mr. Face on anyway?
    - Something Something coconut nintendo... (sunny)

David Dayton: Deezer must answer for Deezer. ;) Peach does talk in the Mario Part series, just not much. Mr. Face? Where is Mr. Face? Send the Nintendorks a mailbag message asking about him. Tell him that TMK told you to find him there.

    Hello men of tmk (oh and i guess u 2 JJ) i have a few questions that i want to be answered, this is my first time sending something to the mailbag
    1. first of all, why do i have to say JJ as a different name? well, i guess i dont have to but why jj? how about megabyte?
    2.if megabyte isnt dead, y doesnt he answer the mailbag?
    3. who does mushroom boy's mailbags?
    4. why dont u make a walkthrough for sma2? u could atleast make a link to the super mario world walkthrough.
    5. why dont u ad advance war tips and stuff to the site!
    8. why did i say advance wars twice?
    9. are u going to say something smart about this e-mail?
    10. is there any information on mario sunshine except some screen shots? what is that thing on mario's back anyway?
    11. am i asking too many questions?
    12. Why dont u interview luigi, i mean u did interview mario( so it was fake, u could make a fake one about luigi also)
    P.S. TMK Rocks,
    - zoralinkguy

David Dayton: 1) Huh? 2) See previous 3) MB 4) Er...Deezer policy 5) We are a Mario site 6/7) yes 8) Nothing. 9) If I were to be smart, I would have deleted it already. 10) The pack is a water gun. 11) If you have to ask... 12) Good idea!

    Hey mail bag answerer for the week, I got two questions: 1. Why are there some characters in SSBM that have only been in Japan released games or old games? Are they planning on using them in the future or something? 2. Are the old Mario shows still copyrighted or could any channel start showing them?
    - Gdawg0987

David Dayton: Nintendo put lots of characters in SSBM. However, not all games get to the USA... thus, some characters and items never reached our shores. Think of SSBM as a virtual museum of Nintendo. Oh, and the copyright on a work lasts at least 70 years... but a channel can always pay for the rights to show a program.

    Since the makers of Luigi's Mansion decided they were not going to make a soundtrack, is there any way I can burn the credits music? its so cool!!!
    P.S. I've been through Luigis' mansion four times!!!!!!
    For Ever a Luigi Fan,,,
    - Ashley

David Dayton: Sure. Record the ending music, then burn it to a CD. Four times???

    Hey TMK, this is my second time writtin in. I have a q, in Mario Kart 64,who did the voice of Wario and Luigi? I went to the imdb site and it said Charles Martinet did the voices of them and Mario's. But I thought Isaac Marshall did the voice of Luigi and Wario. So who's voice did Isaac Marshall do? And how come hes not credited in the other mario games?
    - HulkHogan586

David Dayton: I think you are right... Mario Kart 64 had several different voices. However, Charles Martinet did Mario, Luigi, and Wario for most of the other Mario games (Mario Party, Mario Tennis).

    Um Hey I just read all of the mario's high school days thing in fan fiction. And at the end it said that there was a sequell. Do you know when this sequell will be coming into fan fiction? Thanks.
    - Zelda fanatic

David Dayton: Whenever the writer writes one. We don't control that part! ;)

    As a user of VGF, I feel somewhat angry at your mocking of it. However, as someone who feels the need to update a certain section of a certain site, I fully agree with you on your position of it. Heh heh... Bet you can't figure out what the heck I do that concerns two things, actually. By the way, in Nintendo Power's Super Mario Advance 2 article, it has a screen shot of both Mario and Luigi flying. Is this possible in the game?
    - Mike P

David Dayton: What's VGF?

Oh, Mario and Luigi fly together in the demo screen. Never in the game itself.

    Hey, this is Andrew from Sonic News, I just got done posting news about Mario Kart in my news section. Strange, eh? News on a Mario game on a Sonic site? Heres the full article from my site.

    02/24/02: PlanetGamecube are reporting that Shigeru Miyamoto has given us a big hint that Sonic might be in the next Mario Kart for Gamecube, read below from PlanetGamecube:
    "The situation is that we are having a series of meetings about Mario Kart for GameCube and we have come to the point where we will be making some drastic changes to the last games. Sonic the Hedgehog might be one of the drivers!"

    I just wanted to ask your thoughts on this ^_^
    - Andrew-Sonic News, Die Hard Fan.

David Dayton: Anything that lets me repeatedly grind Sonic into the ground, then pummel him with various Mario weaponry, then zoom past him at speeds his little hedgehog mind can simply not comprehend -- well, any game that allows that is a-ok in my view. Besides, Shigeru is on board.

    1. Does Deezer answer email? I've mailed him a couple times to no reply.
    2. (Following up to a question in the last mailbag) Fine, if such a site exists, what is the address of the site that I can find the rom of the Famicom port of SMW??
    - wa3dhb

David Dayton: Yes he does... just not often. 2) I don't know it right now... but I did see the game itself. Very interesting concept.

    Hey, TMK crew.
    Just the other day, I was watching television, like on any other day, when another one of those hyped up X-Box commercials came up. It was a commercial for a racing-adventure-car-wreck hybrid game called "Wrecked" or something like that. The goal of the game, as announced on the commercial, is to destroy the Japanese Mafia. Now, something strange just went into my mind. I dunno, I may be insane. But, X-Box and running over the Japanese came across as "DIE, NINTENDO, DIE" coming from Microsoft's mouths. Am I the only one? Well, we can only keep our eyes peeled for any bad guys named Shiggy and any good guys named William Gates, then we charge.
    - WaiDee64

David Dayton: The Japanese Mafia is bad. Fighting them is okay. Shigeru would fight against them, with Mario leading the charge astride Yoshi's back. Verily.

    I just beat Super Mario Advance 2 with all the goals completed and there are a lot of changes. I didn't beat Bowser again yet so I dont know the names of the new enemies. The Pokeys look like happy saws not like the buzzsaws. The Goombas are a little paler and have sunglasses. There are the old changes. When you go to Yoshi's Home it says on the block Super Dragon Yoshi instead of Yoshi. If you know can you tell me the new names of the new enemies. Oh yeah, there might be more new ones but I didn't find them yet.
    - WolfenGUY91

David Dayton: Actually, the GBA version of the game doesn't change the names of the enemies in the credits. The SNES one did, which makes me suspect that only the English SNES SMW changed the names.
Deezer: Correct as usual.

    I was wondering your opinion on N64 sequels like Turok and Extrem G racing going to all the cocsoles? One more thing, I was reading one kids comment on how the Xbox were all messed up and how you needed to call their Help line. Welll the truth is that I had to send my Gamecube out. It had something wrong with it. When I called Nintendo they said that they only had three consoles that were sent in messed up. I was the 3rd. The cool part is that when I sent my Gamecube off I left a game in there by mistake and when my Gamecube came bake it wasn't there. So I called Nintendo and they sent me a new one. Good old Nintendo.
    - Becky Johnson

David Dayton: Nintendo good. Microsoft bad. Oh... and games going to multiple systems is generally a good thing, as it helps ensure the GameCube is getting games as well.

    I have a question. In Super Smash Bros, in Mario's info it said that Mario's relationship with Peach was a mystery, what happened?
    - Cabedude

David Dayton: It just means that no one knows whether they are a "couple" or not.

    Jazzy here. About Mario's Highschool days: Go to
    To Mr. Face: I said the Tenchi Universe thing was a NINTENDO reference. NOT a MARIO reference. Speaking of Mario refrences, I've got a HUGE list of 'em. I'll send 'em in one of these days..... 2 more things: 1. In Donkey Kong for ATARI, I got 037,900 points. (Genesis controllers actually work on my 2600!!) And in Super Mario RPG, In Beatle Mania (The Game Boy game), I got 699,932 pts! And without a Turbo Controller! Cool, huh?
    - Jazzy

David Dayton: Verily.

    I've read in recent mailbags quite a few e-mails in support of David Dayton's hatred of the PS2 and Sony. David claimed that he hated the PS2 because Sony was a company that, considering they make many other electronics, didn't know anything about video games or making them. Well, that might be the case, but why is it a big deal if it's made by Sony? At least Sony doesn't make all the games on the PS2, that's why there are lots of developers for the PS2. I don't know about you, but to me it's all about the games. Part of the reason may be because you're a big Nintendo fan, but you can't deny that the PS2 has some great games that won't ever be on GCN. I just think that a system should be judged on it's games, because a system is nothing without games.
    Also, I think it's somewhat wrong for a video game fan to be so biased. If your a true fan of video games(meaning all, not just Nintendo), then you shouldn't hate a certain system. Do you seriously think that all of the games on the PS2 suck or what? I think that a lot of the people who sent in e-mails saying the PS2 sucks either are jealous that they don't have one or are really in love with Nintendo at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I like Nintendo and would like to have a GCN. But I'm happy with my PS2 for now and if I happen to get or maybe even save up enough money for one I'd get one. I want to know your reasons for truly hating the PS2 and Sony. I look forward to your response.

    - Insane Freak

David Dayton: Sony isn't a game company, neither is Microsoft. They are pushing the actual game companies out of the market. I don't like that. There are good games on the PS2, games from companies that know how to make games. However, I'm not going to give Sony any money I don't need to, and any PS2 game purchase generates licensing revenue for Sony. I don't like Sony because they managed to take control of nearly an entire consumer market, wreck the clasic nature of games, and generally cause annoyance for me. I am biased, of course. I freely admit that. However, Sony is still annoying, for many, many reasons...

Oh, that reminds me. A "true gamer" is simply one who plays games. There is no need for a "true gamer" to "love all game platforms" -- that is silly. Besides, I play games that are good... I do miss some good games because they were developed on a lousy platform, but that's life... and if the game is good enough, I'm sure I'll catch a port of it later.

    on page 86 of NP issue 153, there is a picture of Mario and luigi flying over Peach and 2 yoshies from sma2, but i have never seen that scene, and it looks like an intro scene. what is that all about!?
    - ToadisCool

David Dayton: SMW:SMA2 features different intro sequences after you save the Princess, after you find all 96 exit goals, and after you get all 5 Yoshi coins in every course of the game. I believe the intro you speak of occurs after you save the Princess for the first time.

    Listen,my site is My old site was and I have my own Mario site called could you link Bearfrog html on your site.And byt he way you guys are in my links section.
    - Willodragon3

David Dayton: This guy sent in just 1 e-mail... short, and nothing annoying. He gets posted. ;)

    Yo, mailbag people. Some interesting things I've noticed in Super Mario Advance 2. (note that I do not know if these are present in the SNES version.)
    1. When you clear the game and the message changes at Yoshi's House, instead of being signed "Yoshi" with the pawprint it's signed "Super Dragon Yoshi" with no pawprint (the name in the Japanese version)
    2. On the last Star World level, if you make baby Yoshi turn big right next to a pipe, Yoshi will automatically teleport to the top of the pipe (otherwise he'd be stuck in the wall).
    By the way, I'm REALLY annoyed by the Luigi sprite in SMA2. I was hoping they'd use the one from Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World. I really liked that sprite. And he had the coolest Fireball animation! Actual proof that Mario and Luigi do indeed eat the Fireflowers! (although you can tell that Mario is spewing flames from his mouth if you look closely, but it isn't blantly obvious like Luigi's). And his SMB2 just doesn't fit into the SMW game mechanics at all. If Nintendo wanted Luigi so badly they could've made a 2-Player mode just taking turns with the Game Boy, or just not have put him in at all.
    And why put Mario Bros. in again? I imagined a "Donkey Kong" multiplayer game. Imagine Jumpman and Luigi (maybe Stanley the Bugman?) racing up at the same time to reach the Top first, jumping on each others heads and whacking each other with hammers, both wanting to clear the "Knock DK off the platform" area would be sweet. Oh well, it's still a great game.
    In other news, the XBOX is evil. That is all.
    - The Dave

David Dayton: Evil... EVIL!

    I know about the DK reference in Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast. First of all, the episode was BooBooKitty. (So CodeHunter64. You got that right) Luckily, I tape SG all the time so I know how the part goes. I think this is what they say...

    SG: Beacon and grit!
    Zorak: Cheese toast!
    SG: Fortified milk!
    Zora: Donkey Kong!
    SG: Nope! I win!
    Moltar: (looking in a book) Wait a minute.
    SG: Over ruled! I am the undisputed breakfast master!
    I must have listened to this about a hundred times so I'm pretty sure this is right. Hope this helps.

    P.S. Want some stories for the fan fiction section?

    Here's a glitch I found in SMB2 (USA). Normally, POW Blocks can only kill enemies on the ground, but in world 7-1, get the POW Block and get on an Albatoss's back (easiest with Luigi) Now drop the POW Block on the ground and the Albatoss you're riding will die, even though it's an air-borne enemy. This glitch is slightly easier to do in SMAS. Oh, and also the "Flash while climbing a vine" glitch does work in SMAS. You just have to wait a little longer then usual. Now why would Luigi want to climb a vine while flashing, anyway?
    - N64 Chick

David Dayton: Fan fiction is always welcome. I do remember the POW block kill in SMB2, actually.

    Hey paisonos,
    Since Nintendo and Sega have teamed up is there gonna be a game coming out with sonic and mario both in it together?and are Link and Zelda going to get married?oh and also another question who is the creater The Ochastra version of the Mario Theme song?
    - Dominick Cassaro & Robert Poole

David Dayton: Shigeru DID comment on Mario and Sonic in a racing game... although that could just be a joke. Which orchestra version of the Mario tune are you referring to?

    I found something wrong with it. In the Powerful wind glitch, you say Don't know for SMBDX. There is no wind in SMBDX. I just wanted to let you know.
    P.S. I beat Super Players mode on SMBDX!
    - Luigimario333

David Dayton: That's right... Deezer must have forgotten about that...

    1. do you remember that guy in Mario RPG: Gino? What ever happened to him?
    2. When I was on vacation in Florida I tryed golf for the first time. Since I played Mario Golf for a while I knew all the rules but was really bad at it, did you ever realise how different it is?
    3. So what were the programers smoking when they thought up Mario Sunshine?
    4. Sometimes when I am really lucky I can find some beta copies of games in the making online, then save them to compare when the game comes out. But do you know if there is anyway that I can obtain old beta files?

    - Submerger326

David Dayton: Geno is in joint custody between Square and Nintendo... Nintendo only gets to see him on the weekends. Beta games? Most "beta" versions of Nintendo games found online are really just program hacks...

    I am confused why on some sites (Super Smash Bros Melee) they have a pic of the Ice Climbers level having seals? I never saw seals in my game why doesnt it have any seals? Thank you for your times ^
    - Anthony M Lainez

David Dayton: The Topi monsters in the American version of Ice Climber were seals in the Japanese version.

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