15 March 2002

Mailbag by Deezer

Not Dezzer

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    Hi. It's me again. Uhh, it seems to me that I kinda sounded like a doofus in my last e-mail, so this one will be short and concise.
    1. On the Metal Mario trophy in Smash Bros. Melee, If you look at Mario's nose or another flat surface you can see the Yoshi's Island (SMW) level reflected on him. Cool, huh?
    2. I have a Super Mario Bros. Golden Book. It's called "Trapped in the Perilous Pit." The art's not quite up to Mario standards, though.
    3. David was talking about Peach's voice, and he said that in SM64 it was Leslie Swan, right? And in Smash Bros. it's Jen Taylor, I believe. If I am correct, she was also the voice of Toad and the other Mushroom Retainers in Luigi's Mansion. Am I?
    3.5. It has Leslie Swan listed under Localization Management. Big assignment change? Or was Peach's voice extra? Or what?
    4. Speaking of Mushroom Retainers, I thought Toad was only one of them, and the rest had different names. It seems like the person writing the trophy decriptions didn't take Mario RPG into account.
     a) It seems that coins are the currency of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the trophy writer apparently didn't know this, or SMRPG isn't part of official Mario history (gasp).
     b) The Toad trophy says that there are a multitude of "Toads". Does that mean other Mushroom Retainers, or what?
    5. To whoever needs to know: I should be getting a commercial tape to MEGAߥTE soon. Goodbye.
    -Chupperson Weird


1. Cool! I still need that trophy... ^^*
2. Scan the cover if it's not too beat-up, please!
3. Yes. I wonder what else Jen Taylor has done...
3.5. Who knows. I think at one point she was on the Nintendo Power staff too.
4a. Coins were also currency in Paper Mario, so they forgot about that too.
4b. Yeah, and the ones in Toad Town (Paper Mario) and the ones in SMRPG.
5. Woohoo!

    I love your site and i hope you guys keep up the good work! Do you have any ideas on how i can possibly get some of the neat Mushroomkingdom things? I have been a fan of mario all my life and if you can tell me somewhere else than Ebay or Nintendo store, then i would most approicate it! ( I already checked those places )

Deezer: Anyone have any suggestions?

    Doesn't it burn yer bisquits that Wario's STILL not in a Smash Bros. game? I mean, it has Pichu, for god sakes (I'm a Pokémon fan, but I really don't think Pichu deserves a placement in SSBM). I mean, Wario's had many games, and he's fat. And fat people rock!
    -Iveechan, aka Katelyn

Deezer: I agree. (Chanting:) We want Wario! We want Wario!

    1.Is there Sonic and Tails in Super Smash Bros Melee? 2.When is TMK's birthday? 3.Is Luigi going to be in Mario Sunshine? Ishan
    -Red Ninja Koopa


1.No... that was an April Fool's joke in some dumb magazine. I hate that they do stuff like that, because we got 99234 e-mails asking "have you heard this?!?!" and "is it true?!?!"
2.March 24th.
3.I hope so.

    In SSBM, Daisy's trophy says that she was Luigi's answer to Marios Peach after her appearence in Mario Golf. I've never seen her in Mario Golf. I don't remember her being unlockable.Is She in there some where???
    Forever a Luigi Fan,,
    P.S. I've been through Luigi's Mansion six times,for now!!!

Deezer: That was another trophy error. They meant Mario Tennis.

Six times? I'm still working through the second quest, but I haven't played LM for a while.

    The premice of a Super Mario 128 is absurd concidering that nintendo would need a 128-bit system for said game. Nintendo's most powerful system to date has a CPU of 64 bits, and that would be the gamecube.

Deezer: Uh, isn't the GC 128-bit?

    Why haven't you added SMRPG or Paper Mario to your "A little insight on Mario" section? Is it just a case of lazyness? Or have you even beaten those games yet?

Deezer: That article was donated by PowerShoes. I don't think he'll be updating it.

    hello, i know this is a stupid ?s but wat is America.exe if u know can u please e-mail me and tell me where to find it thank you

Deezer: Between Canada.sys and Mexico.bat.

    Dear mailbag answerer,

    Why is there still so much Sonic bashing? Sega has already been reduced to joining Nintendo. Now that Sonic's already been stomped flat by Mario, ragging on him now, to me, makes us look like Nazis. Our real rivals are Sony and Microsoft. I hate how that evil Microsoft is sending in defective X-boxs, trying to underhandedly dominate yet another market. And Playstation, though it does make a few great games, can get really annoying with its Final Fantasies. So instead of beating Sonic's rotting carcase, why don't we get at Gates?
    -Wario 3D

Deezer: This would make a good drawing: Bill Gates' head with a turtle's body about to be stomped on by Mario. Any fan art people wanna give it a try? Bill already looks like a turtle, so it shouldn't be too hard.

    From the Nov. 30 mailbag by me: XII. I noticed in the maropedia that therz a carectar hooz name is Mushroom Boy. It the same mushroom boy (TMK mascot)?

Deezer: Hmm... could be. I'll ask him.

    How do you beat Young Link's Target Practice on Super Smash Bros. Melee?

Deezer: Argh, I haven't even tried the target tests in SSBM yet. So much to do, so little time.

    My friend says he's heard Mario has a dad Stario Mario. Is that true?

Deezer: Hahahahahahah, hahahah... No. But that's pretty funny.

    In "History of Mario": "The Look" you state:
    "In Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario was back to his secondary outfit of red shirt and blue overalls, and that color scheme has not changed since."
    In fact, in Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario had a red shirt and black overalls.

Deezer: In the SMB3 game art he's red and blue, which is good enough for me.

    Hey guys, I have a question. When I went to the Super Mario World page, I saw a little factoid that I had read may years ealier, probably in the Mario Madness player's guide.

    "Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that ever since they finished Super Mario Bros., the design staff wanted to have Mario ride a dinosaur. It was impossible technically until the Super NES was developed."

    Ever since I originally read that, I wondered what the big deal was. I mean, look at Hudson's Adventure Island 3, it has a nearly identical scenario; a Mario-esque action game hero riding not one, but an assorment of large, colorful dinosaurs -- all on the 8-bit NES. If HudsonSoft (a mere medium-profile third party development company) can make it look like child's-play, why did the premier design team at Nintendo Company Ltd. consider it such a technical infesibility?

    Do you guys have any idea why this is so? It's not your obligation to account for Nintendo's excuses, but I thought maybe you would have some insight that would clear this up a bit.
    -the Reverend Steven J. Minar; minister at large

Deezer: And may I also draw your attention to Exhibit B, the unlicensed NES port of Super Mario World by some game pirater(s). That's what makes it such an interesting quote.

    Hey, guys, I was just curious as to whether or not Nintendo had ever released any more of those "How to Draw..." books. I know one exists for DKC1-2, because I own it. But, what I wanted to know if there was one for the Mario series. If theres not a book, then do you know of a website that might help me learn "How to Draw Mario (and the rest of the cast)". I know I sound like a dork, but anyway... thanks.

Deezer: I don't know of any. But that would be cool, because I think Mario is hard to draw.

    hey Deezer/Megabyte.

    Can you post a wave or MP3 on the site of your commercial of Luigi's Mansion?

Deezer: Hehe. David made up this Luigi's Mansion promo and ran it on WTMK for a while. I meant to have this up earlier, but here you go.

    To D.D, Deezer, Mushroom Goomba Dude, Gay Gay and 'me commiteded suicidey!' Megabyte, may he ditch u even further, I saw him working at another website!!

    I sent something to Nintendorkie-oes. And do typos matter in da real world?

    Who did those stupid caricatures of... someone? MUSHROOM BOY DESERVES A BETTER TORSO!
    -coconut nintendo dude

Deezer: J.J. redraws the caricatures sometimes, so keep your fingers crossed.

    'Sup TMK..... Super Mailbag Answerer Guy.. (corny)
    Well Anyway, A lot of people say you can see Luigi in SMRPG. If you can, where the Fire Flower (corny x2) can you find 'em?

Deezer: Luigi's in the game. He leads the parade during the credits.

    These are some pretty odd Mario references, but here they are anyway... In Ohio, there is thing called the Proficiency Test that determines your high school classes and graduation. Anyway, on the ninth grade version, there was an article in the Reading section called "Super Piggio Brothers" which was about pigs that used joysticks to move around a maze on a TV screen. Their reward was M&M's.

    I was also reading a book called "The Library Card" by Jerry Spinelli. One of the chapters was about a girl who moved to a mushroom farm and she often referred to it was "Mushroom World" and she made a reference to a "poison mushroom"...

    Stupid Mario references that are weird but true.

Deezer: Sad but true. Hey, that would make a good song title...

    dear TMK mailbag replyer

    1. How come SMBHQ is down about every other week.
    2. What is your favorite blink-182 song? (Mine is Happy Holiday you B@$t@r#)
    3. Do you want any fan fiction or reviews? I can provide you with both.
    4. Is nintendoland going back upanytime soon?

Deezer: Dear TMK mailbag asker
1. You'd have to ask them.
2. Oh, hmm... I can't pick a favorite, but I really like their newest CD.
3. Sure.
4. It's back up now, I think.

    Hey? Ever tried to ride Yoshi on the test level? Maybe try it with all the colors...
    I would but Macintosh doesn't let me.

Deezer: If you have Yoshi, Mario dismounts him, hence the "No Yoshis" sign at the start.

    Here's your questions:
    1. Can you confirm that TMK will have a Animal Forest page due to Super

    Mario Bros appearance in Animal Forest Plus. 2. Do you know a site where I can order a brand new PAL version of Yoshi's Island.
    -Joel Silver aka Evolver of Borg

Deezer: Here's your answers:
1. We have some Animal Forest info coming up.
2. I do not, sorry.

    You guys rock and so does the website! I have just a few questions.

    1. Do you remember that game master cartoon that used to come on on Saturday morning with Mario and some other characters...some guy that went into the games that he played?

    2. How am I suppose to beat Tubular in SMW? The lava lotuses and football guys get me everytime.

    3. Can I have 10 dollars?


Deezer: Thanks, you rock for saying that.

1. Maybe. 2. Practice, patience, and preserverance. 3. No.

    Dear Deezer/David/Megabyte/JJ/Mushroom Boy/Weird Face:

    I'll start with the classical suck-up phrase: Great Site! Keep it up! I have a number of things I would like to share with you:

    1 - I have an official Mario sticker that came inside the package of a Mario chewing gum back form back in 1993. Want a scan?

    2 - I'm getting SSBM in a few weeks. You are suppossed to unlock Luigi after completing the Adventure Mode Mario Bros. stage with a two on the timer's second and then defeating him (instead of Mario) and Peach and after that clearing Adventure Mode. Does the timer stop when you reach a certain spot or when you do a certain thing? Because either way its easy!

    3 - Sony and Microsoft are EVIL!

    4 - Do you like Blink 182?

    5 - There was a Mario reference in MTV's Show "Becoming". These Limp Bizkit wannabees were taken to the Playboy Mansion and there was a game room with lost of acade games and one of them was Donkey Kong! (you could see Mario in the semi-close-up, but not Donkey Kong) I'm sorry I don't have a screenshot. There was no dialogue said involving the game.

    6 - How did the rumours of Megabyte (I can't use those weird characters) being dead start? (I know he's not dead)

    7 - Sorry if this getting too long!

    8 - Have you ever read the comix in SMBHQ's Neglected Characters section? Because if you haven't you really should.

    9 - You know that Mr. Game & Watch (because of his appearence in SSBM) now holds the record of the oldest video-game character to still be used? Mario and Donkey Kong used to hold that record.

    10 - Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once . . . Sorry, I was listening to Green Day!
    -Ace The Typhlosion


1 - Yes, please!
2 - Basically, when you reach the flagpole it stops. The only hard part is judging your character's speed.
3 - Just hope they don't team up.
4 - Yep.
5 - Odd.
6 - J.J. said MB was dead, and that's all it took.
7 - It's okay, I'm compensating with short answers.
8 - I've read a couple.
9 - Fascinating.
10 - I am one of those melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it! ... Now that song's in my head, thanks. :P

    In all honesty, what's the chances of Mario spin-off games like Mario Party, Mario Golf and Mario Tennis having gamecube editions released?

Deezer: Very high. Golf and Tennis were announced after you mailed this, and Mario Party was listed at one point on Nintendo's GameCube preview site before they got rid of most of the list.

    Remember the show Major Dad? Well, it used to be syndicated on U.S.A, they made a reference to Super Mario. When the wife was pregnant, the daughter brought the major a 2 names, Mario and Luigi. He responds, those are video game characters sweety.

    Next reference was in the song by Rancid off the album "Life Won't Wait" called Hoover Street. The quote is "Super Mario, he got a hot one, through the lung now he's done so god bless him". During this segment, something reminescent to the Super Mario theme plays in the background, in a high pitch tingle. I would send you a sample of the line, but since I have the vinyl version of the album, I simply don't know how to rip it. Well signing off...

Deezer: I thought in that Rancid song they say "Now see poor Mario..." and that the tinkling is just coincidental. I mean, it is only like four notes, after all.

    Hey, I just wanted to say great website and you guys rock!!! OK, anyway... Attached is a scanned picture of the new nintendo Mario Party 2 finger puppets that I got at a 25 cent machine last week, I thought you guys would enjoy( I have all of them except Yoshi).

    Finger puppets
    -Jesse Salazar 3rd

Deezer: Cool!

    Hey Dezzer, Did you ever get my fan fiction? Everyone is complaining about never seeing new fan fictions so why not post mine?

Deezer: Who's Dezzer?

    Hey TMK Mailbag royalty!
    I heard in a statement from Shigeru Miyamoto that Sonic was going to be put in Mario Kart GCN... Is it true....

Deezer: Yeah, Miyamoto said something like "maybe Sonic will be one of the racers blah blah blah." We all know it can't truly be MARIO Kart with Sonic included.

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