19 Apr 2002

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Not diva dyad
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    Hey, Random Mailbag Answerer! (Wait, is it actually ramdomized or do you guys have a predetermined Mailbag Duty??) Anyway, I've got a question for you guys. I'm 15, and the other day I wore my Mario hat when I went out. It's black, with a picture of Mario's head on the from and the 'N' logo on the back. My family noticed the hat, laughed, and said I was too old for it. I don't believe that's true, do you? I mean, if you're a hardcore Mario fan, you'll never outgrow Mario, right? You guys are in college, aren't ya? Does anyone ever ridicule you for being Mario fans? Should I number my questions next time? Finally, is it weird to only listen to video game music? Heh, that was more than one question......
    - Blues Light

David Dayton: Of course not. It is perfectly normal. I always wear full Mario regalia when I go out, and if I had any friends, I'm sure they'd support me.

Okay, let me rephrase that. It might be a bit silly to wear a Mario hat in public, but it depends on the circumstances. I don't think I'd walk around in a Mario hat... although a Mario necktie might work. My friends never really made fun of me... mainly as they spent more time playing the games than I did. But it might be wise to limit the amount of emphasis you make on the fact you like video games, just to avoid added annoyances.

Video game music is good. So is Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance.

    I have to say, I'm surprised you haven't reported on Square rejoining forces with Nintendo yet. I'm sure I'm the 8203842th email in regards to this subject, but just in case, I had to write to ask what's up. Subsequent final fantasy's will, in fact, be released on gamecube, or whatever future systems there might be. Somewhere out there's a princess that needs saving, so I'm off...
    - ~Allison~

David Dayton: Square returns. The XBox is slumping in sales. All is good.

    Greetings all,
    - About the guy getting shocked by the Xbox, two problems: 1) Isn't the controller plastic, and thus cannot conduct electricity? 2) Halo is M rated and stores aren't allowed to have the game where kids can see it. (that store can get in serious trouble...) More likely he was shocked by the interact as the big useless thing has already injured me twice (man...I should sue them...hmmmm).

    -About this whole Yoshi is gay thing, here's my idea: If Birdo is male, he is obviously tricking Yoshi and will reveal his true nature on an upcoming episode of Jerry Springer.

    -To the guy who said Mario 128 was imposable. Yeah, the Nintendo *64* was called the Nintendo *64* because it had *64* bits. Where did you think that number came from?

    -I agree with the guy about the Sonic bashing. You need to have equal time per system. Let's bash Crash Bandicoot, because what the heck is a bandicoot? And those sneakers are SO last season! I'm not sure who to bash for Microsoft, though. I want to say that Oddworlds guy, because he's ugly as all sin and this game sucked, but he came from Sony. Microsoft doesn't really have a mascot yet. I guess we just have to keep making fun of Bill for now.

    -My final thought: Wasn't there a mario reference in one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies? The teens were in the nightmare land and Freddy put one of the kids into a video game and was controlling him with a controller. I think it was Super Mario Bros. background and a NES controller, but it's been so long since I've seen it...

    Well, that's enough for now!
    - Amanda

David Dayton: Hey, Amanda. Always fun to take your messages...
A) Good points about the Xbox. However, the controller does contain cables, and the cables are made to pop out of the controllers. At some point, then, the possibility of exposed electricity appears. Again, not a very likely possibility, but...

B) I no longer dignify this question with a response.

C) You lost me.

D) Bill's like a mascot... he's sort of

E) I know there was some kind of Freddy Kreuger game, but I never saw the film.

    I have heard that the mario cartoons were coming back along with a new mario anime. but the site I found this info from was lying. I warned him if he didn't take it down and tell everyoen eh had lied I'd spread it to the world. so I'm spreading it.
    oh, and I wanted to know if you could say something in your reply about inserting taosted cheese into an x-box. wouldn't it be fun......I gotta try that....
    - Luigi_Fan_Davis

David Dayton: Knowing is half the battle. The other half is sticking toasted cheese in an XBox.

    First, I have a question. Are you planning on putting Paper Mario stuff in the Mariopedia, and if so, when?
    Second, when Jesse Salazar 3rd emailed in about the Mario Party 2 finger puppets, I was going to email in and tell you I've had them for over a year, but then I realized, mine are Locks, not finger puppets, but the figures are exactly the same. I got the exact same leaflet with my locks, except where his says in english "5 differnt finger puppets to collect" mine has japanese writing, and instead of "Mario Party 2" mine has the Mario Party logo, in japanese mind you. In fact, all english on his is japanese on mine.. That might be because mine are from japan ;) . Nintendo just seems to be reproducing the figures as finger puppets for the USA, assuming thats where Jesse is from. I'll see if I can get mine scanned this week.
    - Gregory

David Dayton: I'm sure Deezer has Paper Mario stuff planned for the Mariopedia. He's just a little busy. Send him a dancing girl.

    Hello, remember on Super Mario RPG, when you get to travel to Booster's Tower to save the Princess? I just wanted to know if Booster was originally going to be Wario, because if you look at him a certain way, he looks just like him. Thanks!
    P.S. If Nintendo made a Mario RPG game for Game Cube, what would you want most in it? I would want more original ideas in it from the past Mario games.
    - MChapman

David Dayton: I have no idea if Booster was going to be Wario, but I doubt it. Square made up many unique characters for the game. WHEN Nintendo makes the next Mario RPG game (for any platform), I want Luigi playable.

    my question is if there will be another Metroid game for one of these new game systems out on the market. because if there will be i will proably sell all of my stuff to by the console and game and play it until I die. And yes i am a big fan of metroid.

    PS does anyone still play intellivision?because snafu is proably the most addictive game i have ever played, even more then smash bros 1 and 2
    - JT

David Dayton: Metroid is coming out for both the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance. Please don't die.
I do have an Intellivision, and I sometimes play it. I've never tried Snafu, though. Do you have an extra copy?

    1. CAPCOM RULES!!!
    2. SHIGGY RULES!!!
    3. X-BOX [expletive deleted] LIKE H--L!!!
    Now to the real questions:
    4. Will Capcom make a Mario game?
    5. Do you like DDR, and...
    6. When in h--l will it come on Gamecube?
    7. Will Capcom and Nintendo remake Zelda 1 for Game Boy Advance?
    8. Long, but....
    Residint Evil made it in second place in the box office, and the remake Gamecube looks better then Code: Veronica X, the reason is because Gamecube has smaller loading times. If the remake was on PS2 it will take a very long time to load.
    Capcom knows this, Nintendo knows this, there both happy :).
    - Matt Koopa (Capcom fan)

David Dayton: 1-3 are interesting. 4 is a probable no. 5 is a definate no, although I like the concept. 6 is uncertain. 7 is a possible yes.

    I have a Mario!?! Here's how it begins. I was on ebay and a guy was selling 50 of his games. I bought them and 6 of them were Pokemon games. I decided to paly it when I was board. I picked Pokemon Gold up and got to the 5th gym. One of the traners had the name Blackbelt Yoshi! But I wonder why they made him so easy to beat.
    - Mario Fan 1,000,001(Hoothoot40)

David Dayton: Hmm. I suppose some Pokemon have their names pulled from a list of random names? I dunno. I'd love a screenshot, though.

    How do you make Radio Stations on winamp?
    Also, do you accept GF games and Multimedia Fusion 5 on the site? if you do check out my site for some cool games.
    - RainbowYoshi

David Dayton: Check for info on creating web radio stations. The game site of yours looks nice. Toss Deezer an e-mail and ask about submitting the games, or perhaps just about a link.

    Dear TMK,
    What is your favorite Mario game?
    - nl87

David Dayton: Super Mario Bros. 3.

    Umm, I think I kinda got a question - why for god's sake does Wario speak that german sentence 'So ein Mist' in Mario Party? any answer is greatly appreciated!
    - Studio ikiru!

David Dayton: He says, "Oh, I missed!"

    sniff, I just read the 5th birthday special. i'm in tears. I have been with you since a little before your 3rd birthdyay. So I have seen you evolve. You have done a good job with the site and hope you continue.

    I was reading the update archives, and I noticed that it said thePeguses team found the hidden page. Now that it has been a while, can you tell me their e-mail?
    - Ann H Reed-Speer

David Dayton: Thanks for your support. Hopefully, we'll be around for a while. The only problem with most fan sites (and websites in general) is that the Net is fairly young, and most sites started with college students. Once you're out of school... updates slow to a crawl. Let's hope all goes well for TMK. Oh, and about the address -- no, I can't. Deezer might, but he won't.

    Do you think that Mario Kart and Mario Party 4 for the GC should be like SSBM by having chracters from multiple Nintendo Games instead of just Mario. JUst think of it. Link driving a car when he's from a time where there are no cars and Fox and Samus driving cars when there from a world where cars are pieces of junk.
    - Tim

David Dayton: Actually, a Mario Kart game featuring Nintendo characters from multiple Nintendo series would be neat. The problem is that it would cease to be Mario Kart -- but with Shigeru's joke about Sonic possibly appearing in the next Mario Kart...

    Someone wanted to know if there is a Mario Drawing Book. The answer: YES! I have it! ^___^ Hmm, let's see.......Ah, yes. It's called "HOW TO DRAW NINTENDO HEROS AND VILLANS." by Michael Teitelbaum. Illustrated by Ron Zalme. Published by TROLL. Price: $3.95 U.S. $5.95 Can. A couple of things.. Mario is tough to draw. Luigi too. He has a star on his shirt. It has a TON of pictures from the Mario, Zelda, and DK series. it's copyrighted 2000. Oh, and for some odd reason, Bowser (aka in Japan Koopa) is named Kerog! Why is this?!!
    - J@zzy (I know, I changed my name a bit)

David Dayton: I want it now. I am so annoyed that I don't have it. Maybe we can get Troll to advertise on our site. ;) Any chance you can get a scan or two from it?

    Mostly i have not a question, i wanna ask you if you have the pic where Mario is jumping and holding the Mushroom in his hand. I need it for a CD - Cover(not commercial), i have searching the internet ago 2 hours only for this pic... So you are my last chance...

    Please... Sorry for the bad english.(It must sound like a child was spelling) :)
    - Cherijo - The sChiller

David Dayton: How is this as a picture?

    about two days ago a buddy of mine showed me world negative 1 on Super Mario Brothers for NES. Is it possible to beat or is it just a death trap.
    - ShavedLemming

David Dayton: Death trap.

    While viewing your homepage, i saw that SMW2 will be on the GBA... is that true, where did you find this information (will it be SMA4 for that matter..), because them remaking all of the good games for SNES for GBA is good, because i am one of those unfortunate people not to own a SNES... and Yoshi's Story for N64 sucked to begin with, so why would they remake it... (on a non-mario subject... i hope they remake Secret of Mana for GBA so I can play it without a stupid emulator...)'
    - damimster

David Dayton: We don't have any secret stores of knowledge (yet), but I do seem to recall something from about a year ago mentioning that the Mario games were being worked on.

    Ok here's a few questions.

    I ordered the Super Mario Bros Cartoon DVD, I was very very, i mean VERY dissapointed with it. I was so excited to get it after pre-ordering it and everything, but I was so ashamed that they took away the live action segments. The one thing that really upset me was that they only had ONE live segment, but it was stupid(just like them all but it was still cool)
    The question to this is, what were your thoughts on the Super Mario Bros DVD if you got it.

    Here is a big question, why doesnt Miyamoto get off his lazy a-- and make his games where you dont have to read every word? I mean it's really [deleted]. If I wanted to buy a big game waiting so long to own it, I wouldnt want to read every [deleted] word on the thing. Doesnt he know how embarrising it was to prove how better GC was to X-box to my cousin when you had to read everything?! NINTENDO AND MIYAMOTO NEED TO GET ON THEIR FEET AND PUT SOME VOICE IN THEIR GAMES WHERE YOU DONT HAVE TO READ!

    Another question is if you could make another site besides TMK what would it be?
    - Chad Byer

David Dayton: I don't own the Mario DVD, but I plan to get it. I heard it was basically the cartoons and the Zelda cartoon. Since you do own it, can you give us any more info on it? Any special features?

Actually, I believe the Mario games do not feature speech because Miyamoto prefers having text and reading. In the case of several characters (Yoshi, Bowser, D.K.), having them speak in English (or Japanese) would simply not fit the story stylistically. Nintendo has plenty of voice talent, but I believe Shigeru prefers using a mix of text and audio.

    I figured, since you're one of THE best Mario sites on the 'net, I figured you'd know a bit about SSI code. I've been trying everywhere to learn SSI, but have come up short. Any way you could direct me to a help site, or perhaps send me the code in a notepad file?
    - SuperCjrs3509

David Dayton: Er... SSI code is basically a small programming language, so we can't simply give you the code. I don't program/design with it myself. SSI stands for Server Side Includes, and it means that you are running a program on the web server that interacts with the pages. One example of such a language is Perl -- if you've heard of Perl Scripts, they often use Server Side Includes. My knowledge is very limited, but you can find out more by doing a search for PERL on the internet.

    i was just wandering, how do you warp to 7-2?
    - nick aka luigi!

David Dayton: I'm assuming you're talking about the original Super Mario Bros. In that game, you warp to the first level of a world only. You can't warp to the second level, thus you can't warp to world 7-2.

    Not much comments for this letter (I guess you can always recycle comments from my last letter which didn't make it?)

    Anyway, as for the Topic on Mario and Sonic..:
    I'd say the best chance for Mario and Sonic would be in a Smash Brothers-esque game. (Hey, the head of Sonic Team said himself he'd like that) Of course, failing that, the best chance of either appearing in the same game is in Cameo form. It'd be pretty difficult to mistake a Sonic silouhette..

    But it's mainly Shigeru's decision. As far as we know, he might cameo Mario/Sonic as aliens if he ever makes a Pikmin 2.
    - Capt. Snarf, Aspiring Fungiomancer

David Dayton: I might recycle old letters. If no one answers a message and I stumble across it, I try to answer it. My gimmick is that I try to answer ever single message in the mailbag. Today there were 145. I am stupid.

    Uno. Hey, I just saw this in this site,, talking about upcoming GCN games:

    "Katrillion recently sat down with Shigeru Miyamoto -- director and general manager of Nintendo and the creator of 140 Nintendo games -- for a guided preview of the forthcoming Gamecube line. For those who don't know, Miyamoto is responsible for such classic characters as Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and the Pikmin. Read on for his thoughts on the upcoming titles.
    'Mario Sunshine' This is the biggest of the games in the works. So what's in store for everyone's favorite plumber? 'His backpack is a water cannon,' Miyamoto noted through a translator, adding that Mario squirts enemies and slime with it. 'The Gamecube technology allows for many moving elements (like individual water droplets and ocean-like slime) on screen at the same time,' he added. The upcoming '100 Marios' will make use of this as well."

    So I guess I was wrong about Pikmin being 100 Marios. Still, Capt. Olimar is Ma Ri O <-> O Ri Ma...

    Dos. I just read about your SSBM photo album... I have some really cool snapshots/ideas for snapshots but I don't have a video capture card. Fooey. How much do those cost anyway?

    Tres. Apparently, at Target, where I live at least, if you buy 2 Nintendo-developed games (at the same time) you get a Mario "bobblehead". He's got a gamecube in one hand and a controller in the other. I can scan the ad if you want.

    Cuatro. (Is that how you spell that?) As for the commercials I am sending you, I seem to have forgotten where the Domino's Pizza contest commercial is. I did get the Mario Kart one though. So, I will still send you that soon.

    Cinco. (Is that how you spell that too?) Lastly, I have ROMs of Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and Paper Mario, and the graphics work perfectly on the first two, almost perfectly on Paper Mario and then I have Mario Golf and Tennis but they don't work very well graphically. My point being if you want a picture of something from those first three games for the Mariopedia or something, just say so and I can get it for you. I'm wondering if I should get Yoshi's Story from the site I got the others from but my emulator says that it doesn't work right... but it might have good enough graphics for image-gathering purposes...
    - Chupperson WEiRD

David Dayton: Yeah, I've heard from a variety of things that 100 Marios is a unique title, although I did think it was Pikmin for a while. Capture cards vary in prices, although either Office Max or Office Depot has one on sale for about $80 (WinTV). We'll be waiting for all submissions, game art, commercials, etc. Feel free to send it any and all game art you wish.

    Hello TMK this is my first time mailing in. Can you please tell me how to get the warp flute in SMB3 at world 1-3? And at Wal-Mart I'm seeing all these Mario Kart Toys ( Mario, Luigi, Wario and Donkey Kong). To bad I don't have any.
    - radiodj19

David Dayton: Find one of those big white blocks. Stand on it and duck. After a few seconds of ducking, you'll fall behind it and be behind some of the background graphics. Dash to the Goal at the end of the level and you'll find yourself walking behind the black background. Keep moving around and you should wander into one of Toad's Secret Shops.

The Mario Kart toys are at Wal-Mart now? I need to go down and check them out. Which ones are they?

    In the recent mailbag Dezzer stated that Sonic would maybe be put into Mario kart...Well here ya go Mario fans...Yuji Naka was trying to come up with a great game. Yuji thought about it and looked up into the area of a fat little plumber...He asked himself what makes Mario so popular? Yuji studied Mario and came up with Sonic...Statments made in a converstation between Nintendo power a little whil ago...Anyway Yuji Naka well he really respects Mr. Shigaru Myamoto and after making Sonic he felt a little bad about it but he really respects Nintendo...So Deezer it may not be Mario kart(Though I always thought Mario would cross the demension with Sonic) it may be Mario world vs Sonic world racing...

    Oh and 1 question do you think it would be cool if Metal Mario fought Hyper Sonic?
    - Frogerpro

David Dayton: You know, I had an idea. Sega is currently developing F-Zero for the arcade and GameCube. I wonder if the Mario Kart comment was just a hint.

    Hey, I just wanted to say I love your site, and was I board enough to where I thought I should read each and every MailBag, there ever was (in other words, I had to much time on my hands). I read past the MailBag titled "J.J. makes enemies", and he did give some rude, yet understandable responses. And in a MailBag titled "Police departments around the globe agree: TMK is the best Mario site in the world." a Fan fiction fan replied with anger, and Grady Martin sent an e-mail with a retarded and harsh poem about JJ. I would like to say I know where JJ is comeing from, I to, had a website (that was powered by that is no more) and I had a lot of [edited] e-mails from half retarded jackasses who think ignorance is an excuse to ask dumb questions. Ignorance of Mario games comes from lack of Mario games, play more games and learn more about them. I know it been a year but I feel this needed to be said. I can go on and on but I think I'll end this subject with this sentence. JJ you rule, keep practicing your American right to free speech, I know I will. And now for the Mario related part of my e-mail, I thought it would be cool to see a Wario Bro.s game, with Wario and Waluigi, probably not going to happen but it would still be cool (I don't know, I guess that was a reach), what do you think?

    P.S. Fan Fiction does suck, people should leave the Mario stories to the pros at Nintendo

    A second e-mail was received later...

    Hey, I e-mailed you about JJ not being a bad guy (which he isn't) and then after I started to read more mail bags I noticed it said that JJ is canadian. And in the e-mail I said "JJ you rule, keep practicing your American right to free speech, I know I will." well, seeing how he is canadian I thought I should clarify the American right part. Well, technicly canada is a part of the American continent, and by me saying American right to free speech, I am refereing to America the continent, and not the U.S.A. Just wanted to clear that up. By the way, I think I know of a Donkey Kong comeo (you might already know, I haven't finished reading all the mailbags yet) in a cartoon called "The Cridic" Jay's father is driving down the road, and the camera (or drawer if you prefere) goes into his perspective, and it shows that Jay's father is seeing donkey cong in the distance and throwing barrels at his car, and he atempts to dodge them. Its quite a halarious scene. Well thats all this time, keep up the good work on the site, hopefully it'll be another 5 years at least for TMK.
    - Nathan aka WeaponX

David Dayton: J.J. is cool. Let's all praise him. However, some fan fiction is ok. Oh, and not that it necessarily applies to J.J., but our right to free speech shouldn't be confused with a right to be a pest.

    hey. I don't have too many questions cause i don't want to keep you reading all day.

    1. why does nintendo always try to put new twists on old games, like paper mario (maybe i'm alone on this but i hated that game) and the new zelda (the cartoon graphics are STUPID)

    2. I think bowser needs his own starring role. agreed? (maybe he already had one i dunno)

    3. in SSBM, i was doin the homerun derby, and believe it or not, i never saw the bat until like half an hour after i started. but, i managed to use donkey kong and hit someone 412 feet without a bat anyway. can you beat my score? also, try hitting people with the bat backwards. they bounce back and still go the right way. can you beat my score of 302 feet?
    - Ready2Sk

David Dayton: New twists on old games creates new, fresh games. I like it. Bowser will most likely not get his own starring game, as he is still a bad guy -- but you might have more chances to play as him, after his Super Smash Bros. Melee appearance. Also, in SSBM, I had the same problem for the first few minutes, then I found the bat.

    Hey mailbag answers, I have a Mario reference for you, well really a Bowser reference in the Simpson's Road Rage game for the Gamecube. In the cemetery one of the tombstones reads Bowser.
    - Gdawg0987

David Dayton: I think that's a coincidence, as Bowser is also a dog's name.

    Hello, this is the second time I write to The Mushroom Kingdom. However, this is still the first message that I sent to your "delicious" web site. I believe that I sent this message to the wrong address... I'm not that smart, ya' know.

    Anyway, I have a couple of Mario cameos for you. The first one was on "Who's Line is it Anyway?" on Wednesday, February 20. At about 9:40pm eastern time on ABC, the black comedian (Wayne Brady?) had to sing a song about someone in the audience. The person that was chosen out of the audience was a game reviewer at Wayne sang to him as Britney Spears, and in his song, he acted as if he had the hammer from Donkey Kong, and he mentioned that this game reviewer "could become his Mario"... or something like that. Wayne also mentioned Pong, Jungle Hunt, and Pac-Man in his catchy melody. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to record the music, hopefully someone else did.

    The other Mario cameo was on a little known television show called "Maximum Exposure." It airs on UPN on Sunday. Every show has a different topic, this one was about people getting hurt. Even though the people shown get badly injured, you can't help but laugh because of the way the narrator presents their story. Anyway, one story was about a happy couple who went target practicing at a sand pit. The guy was shooting at a steel-belted radial tire with his trusty shotgun, and one of the bullets hit the steel causing a bullet fragment to ricochet right into his love's skull. Luckily, there wasn't much damage, and she only needed stitches. She was smart, she covered her wound with the best kind of bandage out there, a Mario Bros. Band aid. I recorded this show on VHS, so I'll try to get WAV. file out to you... as soon as I can find the tape on the floor in my room :).
    - Benjamin LaPointe

David Dayton: Welcome! It would be interesting to get those clips, so feel free to contact us when you get that done.

    HI out there Does any one know where or how I can buy Super Mario 64 Orginal Sound track CD?
    - Kyle

David Dayton: Try eBay, or go to Animenation and buy the imported Japanese version for $30.00

    Hi, I am trying to remember the name of a Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon. Here is all I remember of it:

    Mario, Luigi, Princess, and Toad all dress up like bad guys. They try to sneak into Bowser's place or something. Mouser asks them for a password. They try to guess it, but aren't successful. Then Mouser whispers something like "The password is CHEESEBALLS!" Then they all say "Cheeseballs!", and Mouser lets them in. Also I would like to know the name of the live-action segment that was shown with it.
    - goodie

David Dayton: I have no idea. Can anyone help out?

    Is there a way to copy your save games between slots in Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2?
    - Sean Marsala

David Dayton: I don't think so.

    Hey did you ever notice on Mario 64 on the Wet dry world that the backround music is the same for the game "Tonic Trouble" for the 64? (U have played Tonic Trouble, right?) Ya um, ok see ya next week!
    - Sir Chris, Conquerer of all the land!

David Dayton: Never played it, but I doubt they are the same tunes, as that would be copyright infringement. It's probably just a similar theme, but feel free to submit a sample of Tonic Trouble music so we can compare.

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