03 May 2002

Mailbag by Deezer


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    Hey person-who-is-answering-letters-this-week!

    this is my first letter to TMK, and I would like to say what a great site you have. I have one question and one statement.

    1. the statement (this is kinda long): a couple of mailbags ago, someone asked about Mario and Luigi being twins. You said no, because they don't look alike. Well, my mom used to work in a hospital, and I asked her about the subject. She said Mario and Luigi are twins, becaue there is a a type of twins called feternal twins or something like that. It's when the babies are the the same age, but look nothing alike. So when Yoshi's Island says the Bros. are twins, they are right.

    2. the question: PLEASE tell me how to access the secret page! i cand think of any more words or statements to put in the search bar! I'm about to go insane!


Deezer: Hey person-who-is-sending-letter!

1. Right, fraternal twins. Who said they weren't twins?

2. You can't find it by using the search bar.

    Hey, just a couple of not-so-quick-but-I'm-asking-them-anyway questions/comments/stuff:

    1) Mario Sunshine. I hear everyone raving how the graphics are terrible. And granted, at least from the screenshots, they don't look very spectacular. But I'm worried about content. In all the screenshots that have been released, where are all the classic Mushroom Kingdom characters? So far I've seen Yoshi, and a couple of Toads, and those guys that sorta look like Pokeys. Oh, yeah, and lots of pirahnas. But no chain chomps, no goombas, no KOOPA TROOPAS for crying out loud! Tons upon tons of weird polygonal blob people, though. I hope this isn't because Miyamoto is so keen on getting new ideas into his games. ...Hopefully E3 will reveal more, no?

    2) I know, technically, the group that's publishing Squaresoft games on Gamecube and Game Boy Advance isn't the main Squaresoft division. But, still. Anyone up for a Square meets Nintendo RPG a'la Kingdom Hearts? It worked soooo well with Super Mario RPG for SNES...everyone loves that game. A Gamecube RPG in that manner would just be...*drools* And now, it's technically possible...techincally, right? One can only wish...


1) Hopefully.

2) I could go for a Kingdom Hearts, but hold the Disney please.

    The angry sun is actually killable. I wasn't sure.. so I fired up the old NES and checked it.. kill it with a koopa shell and you get only 100 points.
    -Marc Zeiger-Guerra

Deezer: Mm yes, a technique made famous by Nintendo's SMB3 players' guide.

    Why hasnt Wario and Waluigi gotten a game sort of like the Super Mario Bros Games? I think that would be pretty neat.

Deezer: You sent this before the big news, but have you seen that Wario World screen shot? Verrry interesting...

    Hi, your website is great! I tried to download ZZT (I did but..) It wouldn't let me play the games I downloaded. (I tried downloading ZZT from and ZZT world.) It would be helpful for you to send ZZT to me. Can you send it to me? Please? Or you could just tell me what to do to.


Deezer: You might want to be asking The Land of ZZT and not a Mario site.

    Can I send you ZSNES Movies?? (Mario Paint)

Deezer: Sure.

    Hola allí, Deezer, David Dayton, "Chico de Champiñón" o J. J. Tengo una pregunta. ¿De quién obtuvo usted la Toda Noche Nippon Super Mario Bros. información?

Deezer: On the page we give thanks to Mark Kelly of the Nintendo Database, you be the judge.

    Suo è un me, Mario! That's how he says it in his home language.

    Suo è un me, Mario! Ciò è come lo dice nella sua lingua di casa.

Deezer: Grazie.

    Dear Mailbag,
    I just bought an NES on ebay, and I plugged it in, and stuck Mario Bros. 3 in. However when I turned it on the power light was blinking, and the screen flashed as well. I tried several more games, but they had the sme result. I also checked Nintendo's website, but it wasn't much help, any suggestions?


Deezer: Sounds like your NES is not doing so hot.

    That Blackbelt in pokemon was most likely not meant to be a mario reference. In Japan, the name Yoshi is not too uncommon. In fact, I remember the first time I went online I looked for a yoshi website and typed (I knew nothing back then.) What did I get? A japanese cooking site with a guy named Yoshi!
    -Wario 3D

Deezer: I suddenly have the urge to watch Iron Chef.

    Ive been checking your site for years. I love it. I think you guys rock! You have kept me updated for many mario filled years! Any way. Keep up da good work.

Deezer: Thanks TW!

    Yeah hey, how's it goin? Good? great.. Um, I kindly wrote to the mailbag sometime in March about how whenever I tried to send in my Mario Pics for the fan art section, I would always recieve an e-mail back saying that the e-mail address you send fan art to is invalid.. So I am asking again.. WHY!?!? why is it not working?! Can't you fix it??? Please????? (If you can't tell, I really want to submit some of my work)I would deeply appreciate it if you answered this mailbag question!! I'm sure you get so much, and it's hard to choose what to answer, but please hear me out this one time and I promise I'll never bother you dudes again! Thanks. Oh, just out of curiousity, Do you like System Of A Down?

Deezer: It should be fixed now, my bad. As for System of a Down, I recently got Toxicity and I'm digging it. I've yet to check out their older stuff.

    Motu's questions

    1.Why was there no mailbag for so long?

    2.My sister thinks the reason Mario has all these adventures is because he's on LSD.That would explain the shoorm heads.

    3.If you had a X-Box,how would you destroy it. I would do an impression of John Belushi with that hippie's guitar.

    4.please put this up. Then I'll be 3 for 3 in the stuff I've asked.
    -Motu, Master of the Universe

Deezer: Deezer's answers

1.Staff member vacations + SSX Tricky + real life = delays.

2.Mario's high on life, actually.

3.Hahahah... I would never own an Xbox unless I got it for free, so I'd sell it and make some money.


    Hey I was at SMBhq a few weeks ago and I saw a page about the second level to the minus world in the original Super Mario Bros. I think it was on the mysteries page there.

    However the page has now disapeered and I wondered if you guys can give infomation on this level.

    -Johnny Kellingsky

Deezer: Like I explain on the SMB bugs page, the Minus World cannot be cleared.

    I am the kind who doesn't daddle with silly greetings, so let's get down to the point, shall we? In my hunt for new and unique ROMs, I have come across Wrecking Crew '98. Soon after downloading it, I gave it a try. However, I am confused on how to play it. I could tell that this was a complex puzzle game, and I am no master at that genre. So I ask you, do you know how to play this game? Do you, by chance, happen to know the plotline to it? (it seems to be quite a story behind it... I can tell a bit about it by the pictures, but I can't make out Japanese for the life of me) If not, is there a website out there that tells a bit more about this game? I would appreciate any help you can give me, even if it is very little or none at all. Thank you for your time.

Deezer: It's your lucky day, because I just added info to its info page. A bonus update for everyone!

    Where can i buy a DVD with the Mario and Zelda cartoons? I have looked at every store and have not found the DVD. And I want it a lot!!! Any guesses on where you can buy it? If you can't think of any, I will buy of the Web.

Deezer: I haven't seen it in any stores, but I haven't exactly been looking for it.

    Hey TMK it's me, again...

    I would like to know if you know where I could maybe find some scans of the Mario Paint special insert booklet from volume 44 (January 1993) of Nintendo Power. It shows how to create some Super Mario Brothers stamps in Mario Paint, and I, being the Mario man that I am, wanted to do that.
    If you could help me with that, or point me in the direction of some one who could, I would be eternally grateful.

    Thanks! :)

Deezer: I'll do it next time I come across that issue...

    Dear TMK,

    Very unfortunately, the sound clip of Gex saying "I guess Bowser's on vacation." is not in the N64 game, or at least not that I remember.

    It's unlikely, since the limited memory made them restrict the amount of sayings to very few. A great criticism of the game was the limited Gex phrases, making it very repetitive. However, it is also unlikely they edited out the only Nintendo based reference in the game for the Nintendo 64 game.

    Nevertheless, I don't think the game has the sound clip.

    -King Kool

Deezer: Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    Gaaak! I just lost my whole message! Umm, hang on, OK. Basic point: The PAL versions of Gex 3D have a different actor, and more British TV-oriented lines. As such, there is no Bowser reference in those versions (Unfortunately) Oh, and if you need someone to update the Emulation or Computer Games area of the site...
    -The Trasher/Rick Trimble

Deezer: Thanks for the info.

    I just wanted to tell you that I found a glitch for Mario Kart 64. I tell you how to get to it...

    Set it up for 2 players, then only control the second player and only press A so you don't turn. You should keep going out of the coarse (note: when Lakitu puts you back on track keep holding A). Keep doing this until you go over the water, but don't stop holding A. (Note: hold A the whole time until you find the glitch) When you go out of the level Lakitu will pick you up and drop you in the water.
    P.S. I don't think you can get out.

    So that's the glitch! I call it the never ending water pit.

    P.P.S. I don't know if it is just my game or everyone's. So if it doesn't work try it 1 or 2 more times. If it still doesn't work them it must be my messed up game.

    P.P.P.S. It works best if the 2nd player (the one you control) is Peach

Deezer: So... what course is this in?

    Hey TMK , I like your site. I play nintendo most of the time when I come off work. I have every nintendo there is but I have 2 questions regarding nintendo gamecube! Well I was with some of my buddies the other day and we were playin PS2. I over heard one of my buddies say that nintendo is going to make a few violent games like grand theft auto 3 and other games like that. Is that true? And my second question is will they make a good racing car game for gamecube featuring nice cars like honda's and toyota's kinda like Grand Tursmo games?

Deezer: You might want to ask Nintendo, we're just a Mario site.

    S'up TMK,
    I remember 2 Mario cameo appearenses on TV.One of them was on Funniest Home Videos(again),there was a cat on top of a TV.On the screen was a level of Super Mario World,then the cat fell down,and was called Mario Cat.The second one was on Honey I Shrunk the Kids The TV Series.The Father was playing Mario Kart 64.He was Peach and was playing Time Trails Mode on Choco Mountain.He was driving the track backwards and the reverse sign appeared and he said "How you know I'm supposed to go in reverse!"

Deezer: Mario Cat, how creative! (Not.)

    hey who ever is answering the mailbag this week. just wanted to tell you i found a huge typo in the little manual for Mario Kart : Super Circuit for GBA. someone probably already found it but oh well. on page 18/19 where they list all the tracks & cups, they call the third cup "Thunder Cup". the correct name, as seen in the game and pretty much everywhere else is "Lightning Cup". just thought u might like to put it on the site if u havent already.

Deezer: The Lightning Cup in the Japanese game is called the "Thunder Cup," so I can see why they made that mistake.

    Hello TMK Mailbag

    I thought I'd point out that the person who said Mr. Game & Watch is the oldest game character to still be used is wrong for the following reasons:

    1. Mr. Game & Watch never existed until SSBM. He is a mesh of all the different moves in the Game & Watch games, including some that G&W versions of Mario, Stanley, and various other characters had (additionally he only REALLY looks like the falling guys from parachute - most G&W characters had eyes and teeth).

    2. Sheriff was used as a SSBM trophy - and Sheriff was around some time before the Game & Watches were (at least in videogame terms).

    3. Of course, that's only the case if we consider Nintendo characters only. As far as I'm aware, Pac-Man is still appearing in games, and Defender is re-released every couple of years in some form or another, it seems.

    Hope that's cleared up.

    Oh yeah! I also knocked up that image you asked for... of Bill Gates as a Koopa being booted! First drawing to go through my new scanner as well...

    ~Fryguy~ - the Nintendo Database

    Mario Vs. Gates

Deezer: Thanks for putting that dude in his place. ROFL, excellent artwork!

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