31 May 2002

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Super Dayton Brother
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    I found a cameo in the movie Gremlins. The gremlins were playing Donkey Kong.
    - Robert Lick

David Dayton: Arcade or on a console?

    Hey Tmk, I went to a comic store that just opened up next week and I found a "Mario Manga Mania" comic. I know alot about Mario products, but i've never heard of it. It was $14.00 so i'm going to buy it. I'll tell you about more stuff I find.
    - Ryokn2001

David Dayton: Please get back to us on that... if it is what I think it might be (translated Japanese Mario comics?), I might even ask you to buy me a copy.

    Hey TMK!
    I was recently digging through a cardboard box when I unearthed *gasp* an old NES! (Actually, it was just about the only thing in the box, but, what-ever). Anyway, In plugged it into the TV, following the instruction manual, and stuck in Mario Bros. 3. But when I turned everything on, the screen flashed purple, along with the NES's power light. I tried cleaning it, blowing into the game and machine, tried multiple games; just 'bout everything I could think of. I don't know if it's the TV or the fact that I haven't used the thing for about 7 years. Can you help?!
    - Greg

David Dayton: Let me see where I put those instructions... The infamous flashing purple is common on NES's. Generally, it means that either your system is dirty or the contact pins are bent slightly out of shape. I think that The NES Repair Article on Classic Gaming covers the repair. I've never repaired an NES myself, though, othering than unscrewing the system and carefully cleaning off the pins with rubbing alcohol.

    Yeah I dunno if this is a Mario reference, but in the Clerks Cartoon episode 5, Randal is playing a game about egyptions, and in the game you hear a mario jumping sound, climbing the vine sound effect (in mario 2) and an 1 Up noise.
    - Debbi Kyer

David Dayton: Not really a reference, just a theft of Nintendo's sound clips. Before about 1990 or 1994, all video games in TV and movies seemed to use sound clips from the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man. Recent games and movies seem to use Nintendo stuff.

    Hi. I'd like to know some things about the Mario Bros and the adventure books. First I'd like to know who created the Mario Bros. Also, I want to know what inspired you guys to make the books. After that, where did you guys get the idea, and also why did you make the books? If you could just get back to me that would be great. Thank you.
    - warmachine000

David Dayton: Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario and Luigi. We're just a Mario fan site -- we didn't make the Mario Adventure books.

    Where is the capital of the Turtle Empire in Super Mario Brothers? (not the show or the movie, the game - NES Version)
    How big was the Turtle Empire in Super Mario Brothers? (the game -- NES Version)
    This might be a silly question but was the minus world in Super Mario Brothers ever taken over by the Turtle Empire?
    - FrancoisSoft

David Dayton: The capital? I'm assuming it's wherever Bowser's Castle (a.k.a. Bowser's Keep, etc.) is located -- although that would technically be the capitol, as it is the building where the seat of power is located. I'm assuming the Turtle Empire in SMB was about 4 levels long (8-1 through 8-4), but that's just another conjecture. Also... I don't think the Minus World is supposed to really exist.

    (I don't think you got my last e-mail so here it is)
    On WTMK, you played a song called Super Mario Land. Could I have a MP3 for it? Thanks
    - Bug Juice

David Dayton: No, as that would be copyright infringment. I actually own the CD Single "Super Mario Land", by "M.C. Mario and the Ambassadors of Funk". Scary, eh?

    I think the Mr.Saturn's (In Earthbound) look allot like the Bub-ulb's (On Paper Mario).
    And in Paper Mario, when Watt joins you, it says: "She can light up Dark spaces" (or something like that.) But when you Super Block him/her it say's: "He'll learn--" So is Watt a Boy or Girl?
    - radiodj19

David Dayton: Mr. Saturn predates Paper Mario, thus no Mario reference there. Watt is a bundle of electrical impulses... the game seems to refer to her as a female, though.

    It's me again.
    I didn't found a Mario reference in Full House, but I saw a Nintendo one in episode "Stephanie's Wild Ride." Michelle plays a same Super Nes with same catridges and a different control. Watch it and record it just the part witth her and the others playing, ok? Oh! And I want screenshots of the DK reference in Futurama [just to see how he looks and ho he says "no slots or tokens."]
    - Annie Brazil

David Dayton: More and more Mario references!

    I am very impressed with your Mariopedia, even at its incomplete state. It reminded me of a Star Trek Encyclopedia my brother has, which includes pictures, diagrams, and detailed descriptions of virtually everything in the Star Trek universe.
    With those two things together in my mind, I could not help but think: wouldn't it be really cool if there was a Mario or Nintendo Encyclopedia? I think it would! And who better to make such a thing than you guys? It probably isn't plausible, but it would be great if you, with Nintendo's support and access to its archives, created an Official Mario or Nintendo Encyclopedia. To be honest, it would be neat regardless of who actually made it, but you guys would do the best job.
    - Errol Cleary

David Dayton: Actually, such things have been attempted by others.

... and many, many others. These are just some that came to mind as I was checking my bookmarks.

    I'm an Italian fan of your site and I'm writing to you because I found new Mario references you can add to your list: - the first one is in Super Punch Out!! for the SNES: in the Minor Circuit Best Time table, the 7th place (8th if you score a record) features four Mario related names. As you can see from the screenshots I gave you, Wario is in the Gabby Jay Best Time Table, Luigi in the Bear Hugger one, Mario in the Piston Hurricane One, and, most surprisingly, Peach in the Bald Bull (the Minor Circuit Champion!) one. As a side note, Zelda is also present in the Bob Charlie table (the next Circuit's first character).

    another Mario reference (or more exactly, an easter egg featuring Mario) can be found in the Super Gameboy addon for the SNES. Since it is not emulated, but I own the original, I can't send you a screenshot (yet), but if you own it, you can try it out. Choose the yellow frame with the four windows, if you wait about 8-9 minutes, you should see Mario popping up from the bottom, looking at the screen, then looking at you: he falls asleep and he's awakened by Peach from the left window, then a F-1 car running across the screen makes Mario spin around. He falls asleep again, then a flying saucer wakes him up. After he falls asleep one more time, Luigi, tied to a rope, comes up from the top window and picks Mario up to take him away. I know, it's really weird! I hope you can try this by yourself and make some screenshots. Bye now, and keep up the good work!
    - Emilio

David Dayton: Thanks for those Super Punch-Out!!! references. I own a Super Game Boy, and really need to capture those screen shots for Deezer one of these days.

    I found a Mario Reference in a The Lockhorns comic. I've attached it to this E-Mail
    - D3

David Dayton: Duly noted.

    David Dayton: Actually, a Mario Kart game featuring Nintendo characters from multiple Nintendo series would be neat. The problem is that it would cease to be Mario Kart -- but with Shigeru's joke about Sonic possibly appearing in the next Mario Kart...

    I think he was refering to the fact Sega was working with Nintendo on a racing game made by Nintendo so it somewhat simalar and also who says hes joking? F-Zero!!! YEAH!!!
    - Frogerpro

David Dayton: Could be... but I think that his laughter implies it is a joke of some sort. Might have been a casual hint about F-Zero...

    I feel a bit paranoid about this. Do you think Luigi was deliberately put in Mario 'Tubby' Mario's shadow? If this is true, I do not like Nintendo for doing that, since Luigi is the better bro.
    - Jo-Anne Link

David Dayton: Mario is the star. Luigi is his brother. It's kind of like how Dick Van Dyke is much more popular than his little brother, Jerry Van Dyke.

    Hello, just wanted to ask a question. Do you know of anything going on with new Mario games for any new systems yet besides Gamecube? I was also wondering if you know if Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was coming out for Gameboy Advance. Thanks!
    - Chunkiemonkie158

David Dayton: The E3 convention has revealed that Donkey Kong Plus and Yoshi's Island are coming to the GBA. That's all we know so far, unless I am wrong.

    In the May 3rd mailbag, someone was looking for the Mario/Zelda DVD. I know Best Buy carries them. I bought mine there. They also have the Sonic the Hedgehog DVDs. By the way, this is all in the family/kiddie section(in the store i go to, right across from the anime, so it works out well for me). By the way, the cover features the worst renditions of Mario characters ever, as Mario and Luigi run scared from a movie theater with a giant Bowser looming over it. That's the cover, so that you know that it is the real thing. Also, I believe that the old Super Mario Bros. Super Show logo is on the side and maybe on the front.
    - Italiano328

David Dayton: The best price I found for it was $10.25 w/ free shipping at Deep Discount DVD. I don't own a copy of it, but I might actually consider getting one. Maybe.

    i find it odd about mario that theres shrooms everywhere and he lives in a pipe house (clarified in smrpg) and whenever he gets shrooms he gets all big, as if he were high. and what about the weed? i mean, theres "flowers" on fire everywhere. is it some sort of sick joke? is miyamoto really a sick person? hhhmmm... that makes me wonder about the relationship between nintendo and drugs. i heard they used to make cigarretes. maybe the world will never know.
    - david bollinger

David Dayton: Or he took ideas from Alice in Wonderland... come on, people, Mario games aren't filled with explicit drug references!

    Hey, TMK,
    How come you hardly ever update your downloads section...? Also, How soon will there be stuff from E3 on here?
    - J.P Arturo

David Dayton: I think Deezer updates the downloads when he gets new material to fill them with... so submit stuff. E3 stuff has been reported on the main screen a bit.

    I'm constantly told that the princess in Super Mario Land was not originally Daisy but Peach. Is there any proof that the generic woman wasn’t Daisy?
    - Monfriez

David Dayton: Well... as far as I know, it's Daisy in Super Mario Land. One thing that backs it up is the box art, which has her wearing Daisy earrings. The Super Smash Bros. Melee Daisy trophy seems to say she was in SML too.

    Me and my friends always compete in pairs to see who can beat super mario world the fastest. Currently me and my friend have 1 hour 20 minutes on beating the whole game. Do you know how fast you can beat it? Also, one time me and him were playing super mario world in his van and we got 103 goal points..we don't know how it was possible but we did. We spend about 9 hours straight one night trying to figure out how we did you know anything about that?
    - Dan

David Dayton: When you say "complete the whole game", what do you mean? It's easy to get a very low time by simply using the Star Road warps. Actually, it shouldn't take that long to get through SMW normally, but I've never really tried to race through it for time. I know that the GBA SMW cart will keep track of the amount of time it takes you to save the princess for the first time -- my time was 40 minutes, I believe. Oh... the 103 goal points, if you really got that, would seem to me to be a glitch in the game. You can't get more than 96.

    I am an avid SMB3 player but do not know how to put the game codes in. Can you explain? Thank you.
    - Janet

David Dayton: What codes are you referring to? The only codes you could "enter in" to the game would be those Game Genie codes, which require having a Game Genie cheat device. All other codes/tips/tricks should be clearly explained by the entry given to them.

    Have you guys heard that XBOX tried to buy mario from nintendo sometime last year. Have you also noticed that every sales of mario have dropped greatly Super mario bros. sold 41million copies. Super mario 64 only sold 12 million. If i'm correct the next mario game mario sunshine should only sell 3 million copies. If good mario game ideas are running out they should remake mario-all-stars for gamecube or make a mario game rated teen. I'm serious it's not little kids that play video games the most it's young teens. that's why ps2 is selling so good. All I'm saying is MAKE MARIO GAMES NINTENDO. cause nintendo is getting to be a little kiddies system. i mean paper mario, Mario sunshine.

    - Super Mario All-Star or ( Super" Retro"Mario All-Star)
    P.S. retro mario games rule!

David Dayton: Mario game sales have dropped mostly became the number of installed Nintendo consoles has dropped as well. I'm currently wondering what the sales of the Super Mario Advance games are...

For the record, "young teens" are little kids. No offense, but it's true. You'll realize this when you get older.

    I'd like to have a Mario theme birthday party for my child. Where can I purchase items like paper plates, cup, etc. What about an adult sized Mario costume as a guest appearance.
    - Melissajen

David Dayton: Well, aside from my personal collection of Mario merchandise, which does include Mario party hats, napkins, and tablecloths, I really don't know. I'm not sure that Nintendo has a company making Mario themed party stuff these days. As for a Mario costume character... if you have the money, and I have time off... ;)

    Hey guys. First off top notch site. I have a question regarding Super Mario RPG. I was checking out your box art and saw Yoshi was on the Japanese Box art for Super Mario RPG. Was he supposed to the the 6th playable character???
    - RadicalPenguin

David Dayton: Or Yoshi's just "cool like that."

    I know you guys know this but the person who said gc has 64 bits is so stupid. Everyone knows it has 128 bits. Did you know they are really considering making super smash brothers 3 and a story line has been released for mario sunshine which has a horrible title. Bye great website
    - JimDanaJimDana

    There cannot be a Super Mario 128 because the Nintendo Gamecube is a 64 - bit system. No more, no less. If you think "How come the graphics are so good then?", it is because bits have nothing to do with the power of a console. Here's an example, the X-box has a 32 bit cpu, but that means nothing, nowadays its all bout the meghurtz. The X-box is super powerful because of the hard drive, and the megahurtz count, not the CPU. The only 128 bit system is the PS2, and how good are the graphics? The worst of the three systems. I just wanna say again, the gamecube has a 64 bit cpu, but that is irrelevant, because BITS MEAN NOTHING ANYMORE. The GC is still powerful despite that. So, no, the GC is not 128 bit.
    P.S. -So Super Mario 128 is only a pipe dream, a crack pipe dream
    P.P.S. -sorry about the obsenity of my last e-mail
    P.P.P.S -keep up the good site work
    - Wesker

David Dayton: :

Internal Data Precision -- 32-bit Integer & 64-bit Floating-point

    Hey TMK, I heard about the Nintendo C'toons that are at I got 3 of the Mario C'toons I just need the Luigi C'tton. GET THEM BEFORE THERE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you guyz know the last code for the Luigi C'toon?
    - nang2001

David Dayton: I have no idea what this guy is talking about. I'm guessing it is something about Nintendo characters and cartoons. If anyone can help, or provide something, let me know.

    A cameo in the show dextors lab where dexter go to colledge and see three people playing what appears to be the N64 and you hear M64 sounds. the fisrst person says "theres the lightning" (lightning sound) "Go green shell go"( green shell sound) And last but most importantly "Eat my dust Toad"
    - ~Majora~ (A big fan)
    PS your charachter bio pics are bad and You dont update much

David Dayton: I didn't do the bio pics, and I'm not in charge of the updates.

    Hello- it's the guy who can't get the last coin in Super Mario World/Super Mario Advance 2. I'm replying to Deezer- it would be really nice if you could figure out how to get that dragon coin in the castle. I even asked my cousin who is the supposed "master" of Super Mario World. She knows every pattern in the game (like the patterns in the warp tubes with the bonus place) yet she hasn't gotten all the coins yet! Lazy? Or doesn't know? I don't know, that's for sure. Maybe I could get those patterns so I could give them to you. Of course, I don't really care what the patterns are- on my file, I've got 437 lives! Good bye for now, and give me a message when you find how to safely get that dragon coin (to refresh your memory, the last in castle #3)!
    - Ian the Suffix (Suffix is my nickname you know :-)

David Dayton: I have all the coins... I don't remember it being so hard. Let me pull out my GBA and check.

Okay... after the first four coins, you'll pass a Super Feather sitting on some blocks. Keep moving right. After a stretch of the castle that consists of several pillars of stone moving up and down...'ll come to a small gap with a stone "elevator" moving up and down. Wait on the stones until the go all the way up, and the 5th gold coin will be visible on a tiny ledge on the bottom right corner of the stone. Hop on the ledge, grab the coin, then hop back up to the top of the stones.

    In Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario runs like a homeless person! He runs very quickly, with short, stalky legs. And he runs very low to the ground, as if not to be seen. Add in his alternate *brown* costume and make him run around in Onett. BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM! I have a few great camera mode shots of this, but I dont have a capture card or any of that stuff. However, there was this one device I saw at my school. It hooked up somewhere to a PC, and the other end had that red-white-yellow cable plug, for the Stero AV Cable. With that, you could play any game that uses it on the computer moniter. If I got one of those (and I want to anyway, so I can play my GCN in my room), could I press PrntScrn and take a shot of the action onscreen?
    - Billy C.

David Dayton: It depends on whether it is a input device to the computer, or just a "VGA Box" type adaptor allowing you to use the video signal on the monitor. If it is actually a capture card type device, you could get screen shots that way. If it is merely adapting the video signal to the monitor, you couldn't, as the computer would never touch the signal.

    Just wondering, do you have any way of knowing which Mario on the entry page people click on the most? I was curious, as I usually click on the Mario World one (as it's closest to my favorite places bar) or the Melee one (since it's my favorite game of the moment. So which is it?

David Dayton: Right now, all the Mario pics lead to the same page, so you can't really tell. However, if Deezer really wanted to, he could set it up to track the most popular Mario.

    I got bored one day and dug out my SNES. The main reason that I am enjoying Mario more than ever is the discovery of your wonderful site. Thank you so much.
    I do have a question though. After Mario, my favorite games are Zelda's. Do you know of a comparable site for information about her games? I would appreciate any info, and keep up the excellent work!!
    - Pat and Chuck Harris

David Dayton: Well, The Zelda Headquarters used to be the greatest Zelda site on the web, but it closed down in the past year or two (although I did manage to download and archive the entire thing on one of my CD's around here somewhere). It was at, or perhaps it was None of the other Zelda fan sites ever really interested me much, but I haven't look at them much either. Here are a few you could try...

    Since that one orchestra that you have in your soundtrack section uses mario theme music I was wondering if I could get some mario sheet music so we could do a tribute to Shigeru Miyamoto band concert. Is it possible?I'd appreciate it.Thanks!
    - Ashley
    P.S.I'm in band!! I'm 3rd seat trombone!!!!

    Hello, I am Lord Bowser, an old fan. I first want to point out that you have the most well-organized and informative Mario Webstie on the Internet. I mean it! Keep it up, guys! Okay, now, to business. I have a few inquiries about certain games. I hope you have the time to read this; it may be very LONG! Oh, well.
    Question 1: I was taking piano a while back. At the time I was through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In my spare time, I taught myself the ocarina melodies on the piano. Now I can play everything from the old school Zelda to Majora's Mask. Not too long after, I decided I wanted to play a good old Mario Bros. So far, I've only been able to play the Yoshi's Island theme, a bit of the Yoshi's Story theme, a very small bit of Paper Mario, and the drum beat in the Bowser 64 battle theme. You know where I can find some Mario Bros. Sheet Music?
    Question 2: I, too, have the How to Draw Nintendo Heroes and Villains book, and I would like to know why they call Bowser by the name of 'Kerog.' I take it that's how his name is said in Japan, but that's only a guess. Am I right, or am I not...right? Question 3: Where can I find a decent Luigi's Mansion MIDI!?!?!?! All I've seen is a Donkey Kong 64 Boss Remix. That's a good MIDI( I don't even like DK!), but I'm not exactly a Remix fan. You know where I could find one? (I also would be happy with Paper Mario Bowser MIDI, if you know what I mean.) Thanks!
    Question 4: Can you, perhaps, find me a pic of that Bowser head logo? The one that they use in Mario Party 2 for the Bowser Space? I want that picture!
    Question 5: Last question! Yay! Break out the Cream Soda and nachos; I'm going to shaddap already! Okay, anyways. In the Tetris Attack manual, a lot of the screenshots have reversed colors, including an orange Yoshi, a purple Garbage Block, and a Raphael the Raven with a green beak. Did they take the shots on a bad TV or something??
    Thank you for reading. I hope this goes up on your site; I've been DYING to get noticed on the internet. MANY THANKS!
    PS: with this here E-Mail is my first fan art. "Bowser's Wrath," I call it. It's not too good, but keep in mind this is my FIRST. (Just another little doodle for the Fan-Art page) Thanks!
    - Lord Bowser

David Dayton: Let me combine these messages. Since Lord Bowser only sent in one e-mail, I have no problem with responding. It's the folks that send 25+ messages over the span of a week that tend to find themselves absent from the mailbag. ;)
Sheet music... well, on the net, you could try the following, but they don't seem to have any Mario music yet. They have some Zelda, but no Mario yet.

I do remember seeing a sheet music book of Nintendo themes up on eBay at some point, so there IS one out there, somewhere. I hope one of you can find it!

Kerog -- we've heard of that too, but no idea what or why yet.

Luigi's Mansion and Paper Mario MIDI's... I would go to the Video Game Music Archive for those. When I checked, I found Paper Mario tunes, but nothing for Luigi's Mansion.

Bowser Logo? I don't have it handy.

As far as Tetris Attack -- no idea. Maybe a bad day with ink?

    Hey, ya'll! It's my first time to ask a question on here, so be gentle. Ahem...yeah... anyways, I was wonderin' if a release of a "Super Smash Brothers Melee" soundtrack has been or will be made? I really love the music to the game, but I really can't stick my GameCube into a CD player. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!
    - Loni

David Dayton: So far, no offical soundtrack CD has been released. This is a source of major annoyance for many of us. I do seem to recall that a certain website had made available the soundtrack as a serious of MP3 tracks... all suffering from really bad fading out, though.

    In SSBM I beat target test with all the characters. But when I only beat it with 21 characters I stupidly accidentally erased all my hidden stages. Now after I beat target test with every character I only got the target trophy. How do I get Dreamland now?
    - MisterKaady

David Dayton: First, make sure you've beaten it with all 25 characters. If you have, I'm assuming you mean that you used one of the Delete Data options to erased the stages you've earned. In this case, I believe the game might have erased the "knowledge" that you beat various stages with those characters. Even though the Target Test screen clearly shows you as having beaten the stages, go back and beat all the TT stages again with all the characters. Once the game registers that all 25 characters' stages have been cleared, I'm hoping that the N64 Dreamland will appear. I think the problem is that when you erased your earned stages, it also erased all saved progress as to those stages. Thus, you have to go back and repeat something the game already shows you as having done.

If that doesn't panic.

    I have a few questions
    1.How come Mushroom Boy never seems to a mailbag? What happened to Mushroom Boy's mouth?
    (David,you are right playstaion [bleeps] big time)
    2.What to the fruit in SMW do? you can eat them with yoshi thats all.
    3.Whats that er...thing on Mario's back in Mario Sunshine?
    4.There should be more Mario games that let you ride yoshi GRAVY!!!!!
    p.s Sonic is still [bleep] even if he is on the Gamecube and GBA!!!!!
    - yoshikid111

David Dayton: Mushroom Boy is kept locked in a ? block when we don't need him. The berries in SMW have various functions...

Original SNES Super Mario World:
=>Berries: If Yoshi eats 10 Red Berries, he will lay an egg containing a
Super Mushroom. 2 Pink Berries will result in a yellow smiley face that
tosses coins, while 3 Green Berries will add 20 seconds to the timer.

GBA Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2:
=>Berry Power: If Yoshi eats 2 Pink Berries, he will lay an egg that hatches
a yellow smiley face tossing coins. 3 Green Berries will add 20 seconds to
the timer. 10 Red Berries will result in an egg that hatches to produce a
power up; Blue Yoshies provide Feathers, Red provide Fire Flowers, Yellow
give a Starman, and plain Green Yoshis give you Mushrooms.

-- David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book

    Dear whoever is doing the mailbag,
    Hello! When will you update your "Errata" section? I like reading people's errors! And to respond from a mailbag 2 weeks ago, there is a sequel to the story, "Mario's High School Days". I's at Nintendoland. Here's a description from the site:
    Mario's High School Days Super Turbo
    By: Toasty
    Last updated: 2001-04-11
    A follow up to the prised Mario's highschool days fanfic. Here the author, Toasty continues in the same way as he did in the original fanfic, not that this is a bad thing... Note: It's preferred that you read through Mario's highschool days, before you start reading this fanfic
    32 chapters. Unfinished Average score: 8.02

    But for some reason, I can't get to thier fan fiction section, so I can't be sure they still have it.
    - RL

David Dayton: If their site is having problems, e-mail them. Or do a search on Google and you might just find the fan fiction yourself. I just discovered that Toasty has them here on a site called Koopaprince's SMB Info Station. A detective is me!

In other news, searching for this info led me into a variety of odd sites...

It's been a long while since Disney's broadcast the SMB movie which they were doing pretty regularly for while. What do you think are the chances this is a deliberate move because of the promincance of the World Trade Center in the film? It's seems especially likely to me since the WTC's Mushroom Kingdom parallel is partially demolished.
- the Reverend Steven J. Minar; minister at large

David Dayton: No comment.

    Hey, TMK answering person.
    In one of the questions in a mailbag that Deezer answered,someone asked: Why is SMBHQ down every other week? and will Nintendoland be back up anytime soon?
    All I have to say is this:Those two sites are connected to,which is having a little money problem at the moment.So sometimes,the site has to go down.
    Then,they had a Giant server crash.So Nintendoland,SMBHQ,VGF,and all it's branches were down.In the message boards,all the topics,fanfics,EVERYTHING was erased.It was down for about 3 months.
    That is all.
    - MarioandLink

David Dayton: Server crashes aren't nice things.

    Haha. I read the last mailbag, and in one entry, some comments were made about Xbox, and in another, there were some about neglected Nintendo characters. I have some comics where Nintendo characters come together (Fox and Kirby. Sorry, no Mario) and go to Microsoft and humiliate the crud outta Bill Gates, speaking of whom, Deezer, or one of the submitters, mentioned that he looked like a turtle. Anyways, the address is www. geocities. com / kitsunefox2001 /. There may be some "slight" profanity in the comics, so if you have weak constitutions, or just simply object to Nintendo characters swearing, then these comics are not for you! *lol*
    - Kitsune Keitsuken, V

David Dayton: Whee. Cursing cartoons. Adding profanity always makes things more "hip" and "relevant". (David is strongly of the mindset that if you can't get your point across without making asides to bodily functions every few moments, your point can't be worth hearing.)

    Dear TMK bag answerer person thingy,
    I saw a cameo of Mario on MadTV last week! They were doing this act of celebrities having a sleepover. Here are the quotes they said:
    1. "Let's play Super Mario Kart!"
    2. "I want to be Princess Peach!"
    3. "You're always Princess Peach"
    4. " I know, but she's hot!"
    5. "Well, I'm being Donkey Kong"
    Also, they had N64 controlers, they called her Peach and it was DK, not DK jr. Oh well, something like that usually happens in a cameo. I have more cameos, but I don't want to make this e-mail any longer, so I'll say them later.

    - Red Ninja Koopa

David Dayton: I think I'm entirely too nice.

    Hi! Here's what it is written when I go see the game Golf (GB)
    It's written all this 5 words but there's nothing under. So I thougt it would be cool if you could write something. Or if you don't want maybe just give me a site where I could find some informations.
    Ah and talking about Golf: I found out that the only way to see the (ghosts) informations is to click on a game boy game and then click on the titles above until you find it. Why?
    - Alain

David Dayton: Golf has little to nothing to do with Mario, other than his presence as a golfer. Deezer probably hasn't bothered to come up with anything to write in that section as there isn't much to bother considering. If you have suggestions, send them to him. Otherwise, you could always see if DMG Ice has any info on this old Game Boy title.

    Okay, my spacebar-is-not-working-so-I-am-going-to-attempt-this... and-2-other-GBA-games.
    Coming-in-September-ABCFamily-will-air-a-new-Mario-cartoon-called-Mario-AAnime .-It-will-be-in-3D-and-feature-Pikachu,-the-Koopalings-as-teens,-ajnd-Toad's -girlfriend,-Fuschia. Also,-the-new-Minus-Level-found-by-SMBHQ-was-just-an-April-Fool's-joke. It says-so-on-the-News-section.

    - smbfan

David Dayton: Super Mario Advance 3 is coming out this fall... it will be a port of Yoshi's Island. All the rest of your post is bizarre rumor.

    some guy in the lst mailbag said scince Mario is older, they are not twins. He is half right. Mario is probably five minutes older than Luigi. They are still twins. Stop denying it. I rest my case. I like pizza
    - Alex
    Dear TMK: In response to The Mariomaster, who wrote:
    Mario and Luigi are NOT, repeat NOT twins! I can't believe you're just ignoring all the shining game evidence that Mario is older than Luigi. ...look at Luigi's character screen in Super Smash Bros.. 'Though often hidden in the shadow of his OLDER BROTHER, MARIO, Luigi is in fact very popular...' I rest my case.
    I am an identical twin myself. I was born a few minutes before my brother, and therefore I am older, which makes me the older brother.
    I've never been a fan of the whole "twin" thing, but what he said is not evidencial against it.
    - King Kool

David Dayton: Mario is at least two years older than Luigi. Why? Mario was created in 1981 when he appeared in Donkey Kong, while Luigi didn't arrive until 1983's Mario Bros. Case closed.

    Yes I have this question how come on some sites they have these Luigi Mansion pics I never saw in the gane before? Like Mario Gliding down the stairs... The Chandelier crashing down... Ghost's sitting at tables and all these kool things I never saw in the game I played the game 1 time and am kinda far in the 2nd one..... I am confused maybe you know.. Oh and 1 more I played the Super Smash Bros. Game in Japan mode and still didnt see those seals... o.O
    - Starman Anthony

David Dayton: Those extra scenes in Luigi's Mansion were probably just early concepts that didn't make it into the final game. Oh... and the Topi seals are only in the Japanese release of Super Smash Bros. Melee... you can't access them in the U.S. release, even if you change the language.

    Hey Deezer, MegaByte, and all the rest of the TMK crew. This is my first e-mail to you guys. I have a question concerning Mario Sunshine
    Will Mario Sunshine have Luigi in it? I read an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto at another Nintendo site and he said that Yoshi will be in the game, but you probably won't be able to ride him :( ... What about Luigi?
    - Anthony Tarantino

David Dayton: We don't know yet. We have been told that Peach, Toad, and Yoshi are in the game. Luigi is still a mystery.

    On Paper Mario, when you talk to the nodamouse in the desert , he says that he saw a billow of smoke and heard a big thud, what does he mean???
    - ashlee

David Dayton: Beware low flying aircraft.

    hello TMK great site!!! this is the best Mario website that will ever exist (im a crapy speller) the questions I have are
    1. in super mario bros. the movie there are no koopas. I mean aren't koopas supposed to be turtle things ands goombas are these little mushroom brown things? my freind thought that the ones with the long necks were girls and the small headed ones were boys.
    2.why is it in most of the old mario games, when mario dies he falls right off the screen? come in paper mario all the boos are freindly?
    4.i was just wondering that at the end of super mario bros. the movie two jappanize men are talking to iggy and spike, i whant to know who they are. do they work for nintendo.
    5. i think peach is really cheap.saved her a zillion times and all shes ever done is kiss him (on the cheek only i mite add) and bake cake. the only nice thing she did was have the parrade for mario in paper mario. i thought peach was rich....mario lives in a 2 room house ( three if you count luigis diary room) i mean you think she could at least lend them some money.
    6. i think donkey kong is still bad... i mean every time mario and hime get together they fight. i think he was just thought of as a good guy because he rescued the island a feew times. well truth is that even bowser would defend his keep if it was attacked. and yes i do own a copy of super mario rpg and it rocks... dont ask why i just said that.
    7.this last one is note question...SONY IS THE WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!!!! I HOPE THEY GO BANKRUPPED!!!!SEGA IS NOT AS BAD BUT IS STILL VERY EVIL!!!!!! AND MICROSOPHED IS THE DIVIL HIMSELF!!!!!!! (that sounded weird because im useing a microsofped mellenium right now)
    yesterday i found the secret page (because someone told me) and it and if i wasent told about it then i would have never have found it!!! (nice hiding place!!!) but anyway I want you to put a few more clues on the site to find it!!!!
    - red_yoshi

David Dayton: 1) The movie doesn't follow the game mythos very well. 2) It looks neat. 3) It makes for a better story?. 4) If I pulled out my video tape and viewed the credits, I could tell you who those guys were. I don't want to do that though... as they are just actors. 5) Mario and Luigi don't accept rewards for doing what is right. 6) But which Donkey Kong, eh? 7) Ah, politics.

    Hey, do you have any pictures of the pirated NES port of Super Mario World? I'd be curious to see it.
    - ChaddShyGuy

David Dayton: Phooey. I used too... now I can't find them.

    I am a final year student studying computer science at the University of Wales, Swansea. I am currently writing a dissertation about the history of videogames, and I am looking for an image or two of an entire level (ie, a number of screen shots pasted together to form the whole level) from Super Mario World (SNES). It doesn't really matter which level, its just to illustrate the size and scope of the levels, to show how advanced the game was for its time. Similarly, I'm looking for an complete overhead map (again, comprised of in game screen shots) from Zelda (SNES) to give an impression of the level of detail in the game. I have reasonably large sections of these pictures, from a book called 're:play' by Liz Faber, but I'm really looking for the whole level images. I figured that you would be more likely to know where I could find such images than I would. So if you you do know, I would greatly appreciate your help in finding them.

    - Chris Abbott-Hauxwell

David Dayton: For Zelda, visit this page at The Zelda Fan. Sadly, I don't think I have any Super Mario World visual maps. Those are the things that you might be able to find in old Nintendo Power magazines.

    I've already restarted this message twice, due to sheer randomness of who responds to it, be it Deezer, Megaßyte or David..., but here goes: I think what Shiggy meant about SMW being techincally infeasible was the lack of buttons on the system.
    Chris's Display Cases. Click on a pic to enlarge

    - Chris "M3wThr33" Glass

David Dayton: I'm getting almost proud of my fancy mailbag.

    Did you ever hear Goldfinger's edition of the SMB theme? I have an MP3 of it if you're interested.
    - kcnkrogers

David Dayton: Never heard that one!

    ello Deezer this is LieutenantEagle, I just sent in a mailbag question yesterday. Guess what, today I get a message that it's full! How TF (excuse my french) am I supposed to send in my question if it is full? Or can I write it here:
    1. Happy Birthday 2 U " Happy Birthday Dear TMK H. B. 2 U
    I know I'm late, but o well, my computer had problems.
    2. Is there any information about Mario Sunshine? Storyline @ least?
    3. Do you like pasta?
    4. Nice Website. No, wait... Thesaurus:Nice......................... Terrific Website!
    K c ya.
    - LieutenantEagle

David Dayton: You think you're late...
Mario Sunshine story: Mario is on vacation. Imposter frames him as a graffiti artist. Mario clears his name.

    Why did they cancel Super Mario Bros. 3, one of the best Mario games of all time, from going on to the GBA.
    - Derrick G.

David Dayton: We all hope it will still be coming. It has too.

    Hello who ever answers the mailbag this week! I just have a couple of questions on a game I heard about called Mario Party 4. Tell me, do you know if this game will be a official game for the Nintendo Game Cube? If this is a official game, will this be the end to all Mario Parties? Mario Party 4 should have all of the mini games from Mario Parties 1, 2, and 3. It should also have more playable characters like Toad, Boo, Bowser, Shy Guy, and Birdo. Thanks for your time.
    - jjf8420

David Dayton: Mario Party 4 is scheduled for release later this year. It doesn't contain all the previous minigames, but Waluigi and Daisy will return as playable characters.

    Hey David! Thanks for the SSBM tip on how to get the Giga Bowser trophy. Is there any other rare trophies were you have to beet someone or something and also, how many trophies are there total. Thanks!
    - Justin

David Dayton: There is a Master Hand trophy and more. Go check out the FAQ on GameFAQs for all the info.

    dear tmk I wanted to know if you can put more pictures for the choose your own adventure books .
    - Jarrod

David Dayton: I'll see if we can get Deezer to dig out the old Mario books.

    First off, let me say I am a nintendo nut. All my friends at school are saying Nintendo is for little kids. While this is _partially_ true, I remain loyal to the cause :)
    Second, I cannot believe the guy who thought there was a mario cameo in Pokemon. 'Yoshi' is a common japanese name.
    And finally, I'd like to see the next Wario Land come out on a console instead of a portable device. I have a GBA BUT I found wario land 4 really short and it could be worlds better on the GCN.

    - Ryan, true follower of Miyamoto

David Dayton: You must be very happy to hear that Wario World is coming out for the Game Cube this fall (in theory).

Click on a picture to enlarge

    While waiting for the release of the Nintendo Gamecube, I have been attempting to figure out how I'm ever going to afford the Nintendo Gamecube.
    - The Dover Tornado

David Dayton: You could always wait for a $50 price drop. ;)

    Just in case you are not inundated with other messages stating this fact, Foreman Spike's Japanese name is given in Wrecking Crew '98, that nifty but obscure SNES puzzle game. A character who could only be Spike is labeled as "Blacky" (or was it "Blackey" ?) in the end credits. (He's also pretty hard to beat fast enough to open up the bonus levels, but that's another story.)
    Also, wasn't there a Rumble Pak-enabled version of Mario Kart 64?
    [And check out if you're interested in the TI-99 version of Donkey Kong.]
    - Jorpho

David Dayton: Maybe calling him Blackie in the U.S.A. might have a negative connotation.

    Yo check this out. I got it from Encarta Encyclopedia:

    I believe its Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo. Great Site!!!!
    - A guy named Krimpetman2001

David Dayton: Nintendo is everywhere. Take THAT, Microsoft!

    Yes, hello, it's me again, Star_Speed. Um.. Just curious, do new fan arts get mentioned in the update? And also, I'm working on a Mario Fanfic comic, and I know that most fanfics are stories, or written out or somethin or other. So, when I submit it (which I plan on doing), How will things go about it, because it's a comic, not a written peice? Thanks again.

    Hey Fellers.. Um, I just wanted to say great site and all, I'm sure you get it every day.. but yeah, I'm writing in to complain that whenever I try to send in fan art, the e-mail returns saying that your e-mail ( is broken, or non-existent...PLEASE!! Fix this problem! I really want to send in fan art! it's killing me!!!! ...Thank you.
    - Star_Speed

David Dayton: Deezer gets too much e-mail. I can barely keep the mailbag mail clear as it is. We are too popular! Feel free to submit the comic, but try to contact Deezer first so he knows what to expect. Also, if it is a rather LARGE file... don't send it all via e-mail at once. That causes nasty problems.

    I asked Deezer a long time ago to delete my old account in The Fungi Forums. (ZimStar) I asked him to reply back with the results...I didn't get any. I am now MagicKoopa120 and I plan to keep this name. I'm not sure how many people change their name by re-registering. I tried in the profile editor...but it wouldn't let me change it. The main advice I got in the Fungi Forums was to just re-register. So I did. I wanted a name that was unique. One that most people will not think of. ZimStar wasn't that original. (The cartoon show Invader Zim) I wanted something Mario related. Something I could use in other places without it already being taken. MagicKoopa120 was it! Back to the main topic.
    So who is loosing memory for keeping the account ZimStar, and others like it, active? My Computer's cookies? TMK's computer? Who ever owns the Message board? I'm wondering how many people have changed there names' (Who don't care for, or use, or don't want there old account anymore) that is taking memory by keeping the useless account active?
    If there is a way to change your name without re-registering you should make it clear for everybody. I don't think people know...I didn't anyway. I tried in the profile editor...but it wouldn't let me. You should put the information in the profile editor, or on the page that you keep the rules on. Or some place noticeable. Can you delete old accounts? If so you may delete my old ZimStar account...if you haven't already. If nether is could state that people should try to pick unique and lasting names. If you don't care...sorry for bothering you. What is your answer, TMK?
    Concerned Fungi Forum Member,
    - MagicKoopa120

    P.S. I know, I know Luigi is not supposed to be in SM64. But could you tell me what the sign says on the Star Statue in the Back Curt Yard? Or what it does? So far I've figured this much. "I to star" or "L to star". There is a few other words too. I can't even read the lower text. Do you know what it says?

David Dayton: Extra account names are stored as miniscule amounts of data on the BBS server. It's not much of a problem, but it would be nice to erase unused and extra accounts. That's something that is really Deezer's to worry about. Actually, I remember that I have some level of moderation in the forums, but I haven't gone there for so long...

I don't think you can change your name, as the names are tied to the account. The only way to get a new name is to create a new account. In any case, I'm sure Deezer will notice now. ;)

Oh, and as far as I know, that sign says nothing.

Okay folks, that ends another insane mailbag. There are still about 40 messages left unanswered, but I will try to take care of them next time. When you send in mail, please try to limit yourself to one message a week or so. The worst case scenario is that David will answer the message sometime 3 months after you send it in... but as no one else seems to erase old messages, and I hate erasing a message without answering it, you should be safe.

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