16 Aug 2002

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
A.K.A. DavidDayton
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Ah, welcome to another cheery mailbag. You may have been wondering where the mail has been going. I've wondered the same. Anyway, let's get started. Remember, if you're letter didn't get answered, it's not because we ran out of space or because someone else asked the same question -- rather, it's because we despise you personally and will do anything to destroy what little happiness you have on this earth.

In light of that, let's get started!

    Recently a memory has somehow entered my mind from seemingly no one. It was an episode of Roseanne, and although I can`t remember any of the episode, at the end, John Goodman was holding a Super Nintendo controller as the music from the Title Screen of Super Mario World was playing. Also, there has been a recent milk commercial in which a kid tries playing with his chocolate milk. He tries playing Twister, baseball, and eventually the two (the boy and the milk) are seen playing video games. When the camera zooms in on the milk, sitting in front of him is GAMECUBE (yes, it is spelled in all caps, it`s not GameCube) controller.
    Have you heard the rumour about X-Box? Microsoft, for some reason, apparently, hasn`t put a fan inside of X-Box. Without a fan, the hardware overheats. And it gives you a little shock if you try to turn off the system after a few hours of gameplay.
    Have you heard the rumour about Sonic and Tails in SSBM? Apparently, according to EGM magazine, if you beat Cruel Melee with any characters with a score of 20 K.O.s, you can Tails and Sonic at the same time. "A Dream`s been cast. Sonic and Tails are now playable!"
    - The Wolfman

DavidDayton: More cameos. Now we just need pics or proof of them. Oh well. As for Microsoft -- would you expect any less. Oh, and for the record... Sonic and Tails are not in SSBM.

    To those of you who are humor impaired, you may have taken this quote seriously:
    "The situation is that we are having a series of meetings about Mario Kart for GameCube and we have come to the point where we will be making some drastic changes to the last games. Sonic the Hedgehog might be one of the drivers!"

    Let me assure you that this is a form of humor known as exaggeration. Shigeru often dabbles in the art of humor, and is illustrating that drastic changes are being made by joking about an extreme case (Sonic being in Mario Kart). This is not the case. It is an exaggeration. I hereby give the TMK staff permission to send all further letters on the subject to the 9th dimension of heck.
    - Prof. Yoshi348, P.h.d. (I wish...)

DavidDayton: I'd agree with you, if it weren't for the little fact that Sega is making the next F-Zero and Namco is making the new Starfox. Things are too weird now for me to discount anything.

    hey ur site is awesome....but u know what p____s me of? howcome toad is never in the super smash brothers games i was playing it the other day and im like"hey why isnt toad in this game" ithink thats that is bull because hes been on nintendo from the start even befre yoshi ,captain falcon,fox and samus etc.o and do u tihnk theres gonna be a sequel to super smash brothers melee
    - XxSbSp01Xx

DavidDayton: Actually, Toad is in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The Princess will pull him out as a defensive shield, he's a trophy, and in the Adventure Mode, you can see him running around in the background of the Mushroom Kingdom stage. As for a sequel... I'm sure there will be one, although I have no idea when.

    In theroy all video game worlds are connected.Now hear me out on my theroy.Earth's core is actually solid but getting there is extremely hard beacuase it is hot.The core has a door on it.Open the door and you'll be in a small circular room and a slide is in it. Go down the slide to a huge room with lots of glowing green pillars of light. Each pillar takes you to a different video game world.Now to get down to other things like cameos.Link obviously lives in the Middle Ages right?Well how can he appear in Super Mario Rpg with all the technology that the people in it posses.I then considered the fact that they both are deffenatly from the same world but born in different eras.So then by playing Chrono Trigger my next theroy came up.
    The End of Time.It looks just like it does in CT but Gaspar,and Spekkio aren't there but someone else is(depending what dimension) and of course the number of light pillars that let you travel to another time a different and lead to parts in that dimension.Link obviosly got lost in time and wound up in Mario's world or he just lived on another continent but we all know there must be an end of time in every dimension.In dimensions changes can be small(like the one's in Chrono Cross) or the entire conntinent and shape of the universe can change. Yes there are also planets of many kinds in the alterante worlds.Master Hand in SSB is obviously a creature who gathered warriors from different times to battle for his amusement.Well that is my long theroy.(Note:Our world can be accesed also,thistheroy can also be used for T.V. and comic relations also.
    - Willodragon3

DavidDayton: Master hand is supposed to be a 10 year old boy, I believe. He's in his room, playing with his Nintendo toys. The toys get mad and battle back. Also, I don't think Mario and Link are supposed to even be in the same world/land/dimension, except when they act as Nintendo characters. That is, the "real" Mario isn't in the same land as Link, but the "actor" Mario is. Or something like that.

    Why was it "technologically impossible" for Mario to ride a dinosaur until the SNES was developed?
    - WestsideX

DavidDayton: It wasn't, but it was probably impossible to use a large enough sprite image or one with enough colors to get the effect that the team wanted.

    Whatever happened to Super Mario 64 2??? Was it cancelled because the 64DD wasn't released in America?
    I know they had to at least have worked on some of it, because 3 years ago, a GameCave (I think) ad in the back of my friend's magazine had it already listed with a price and everything (but it was marked as 'to be released' and 'IMPORT'), and even had a screenshot!
    - wa3dhb

DavidDayton: I don't think anyone really knows what happened. I assume that the failure of the 64DD led NCL to stop or slow work on it. Why they never made a plain N64 sequel is anyone's guess.

    A mailbag back somebody said something about a Pokemo Trainer called Blackbelt Yoshi. That's a coincidence. Yoshi is actually a fairly common name in Japan, if I'm not mistaken. One of the Japanese shogun-type guys, Hideyoshi, was often called Yoshi for short. They probably chose the name Yoshi because it sounds oriental. If you want a real Mario reference, Ash can play Mario vs. Wario on a Super NES. You move to the Super NES and press A or whatever and a text thing pops up: Mario is walking round with a bucket on his head. Or something like that.
    Also, here's a question: why do people bash things? They bashed Sega, now they bash Sony and the XBox. The XBox deserves it somewhat for being so shoddy, but why can't my fellow Nintendo-fans accept that there has to be competition in the console games market?
    - TanookiBlues

DavidDayton: We accept it, we just don't like it. Heh. I think I've made my point about my dislike of Sony and Microsoft several times in the past, so I'll let it rest there.

    Hi. One time I was playing SSBM on my new Gamecube, when I tried the alternate music code on the level Big Blue, I fought Mario, and my player was Yoshi. I started humming to the alternate music as if I knew it. Then I froze, and said I heard that music somewhere before. Then I flashed back to the year 1991, when I was only 2. I was playing that motorcycle game I liked so much. Then I came back to the year 2002, Then I asked my brother what game the music was from. He said Mach Rider. I was wondering. Since I see J.J. Giving out pictures of Ice Climber, would you happen to have anything on Mach Rider, besides a trophy from SSBM? Thanks.

    I just got my self an iNES and SNES9X for my mac. Would your movies and saved files be compatible with mac emulators or do you have other versions of the saves and movies that are compatible?

    P.S. I don't see a third eye on the daisy trophy.
    - Vidgmchtr, a person who writes too many letters to TMK.

DavidDayton: Er, like screen shots from the original Mach Rider? Try for those. The webmaster does an excellent job covering Nintendo 1st/2cd party and published games. Daisy's third eye is there -- if you can't see it, there should be a screenshot in the TMK page on the game. Emulator saves are probably not interchangeable, and I wouldn't know how to make them that way.

    In Star Wars: Rogue Leader, get the documentary (not the audio commentary) and watch it. There is a part where it shows an arcade room, and the camera zooms in on a Donkey Kong game.

    In your last mailbag, someone sent in an e-mail about Nintendo C-toons. It is something that Nintendo did and Cartoon Network did to promote the release of Super Mario Advance 2. At there is a thing called Cartoon Orbit, where you collect C-Toons, which are kind of like electronic trading cards. You use points to buy C- toons, and if you watch Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on Cartoon Network, they give you codes to put in at Cartoon Orbit to get special C-Toons. When Super Mario Advance 2 came out, if you went to a certain section on, a page would come up with codes that give you Mario C-toons to put in at Cartoon Orbit. I doubt the codes still work (i think one was "STAR"), but you can try if you want.
    - Videogamehead1

DavidDayton: Cool. Thanks for the info.

    Also, Rainbow Ride is called by its original Japanese name, Rainbow Cruise, in SSBM. If you change the language to Japanese, Bowser will be called Koopa.

    The SSB3 glitch is what I call the T-Wing. Use a P-Wing and enter a stage that has a Tanooki suit in it. Grab the Tanooki suit without losing the P-Wing power and now you're a high-flyin' Tanooki!
    - Urguay2000

DavidDayton: More Japanese/English changes! Interesting...

    I would like to know what "Unagi" is. If he was in Super Mario 64, can you tell me what he/she looks like and what he/she actually is?
    - Tom Bell

DavidDayton: Excellent question. It's the Eel.

    ok, im playin super mario advance 2 and i beat funky and i heard in your mariopedia that after that the enemies turn into weird things. they don't! why not? did they take it out? did i not do somthin right?
    - El estupido cucaracha

DavidDayton: In the GBA version, you need to either beat the Special World or find all the exits before that happens.

    Great site. I visit it all the time. I've heard lots of people ask about Super Mario Advance 4 hoping it would be Super Mario Bros. 3. I totally agree, and I also think that Super Mario RPG would make a great SMA5. What do you think?
    - The Sweeze Man

DavidDayton: Super Mario Bros. 3 needs to come out. It is the greatest Mario game of all time. That is all I have to say. There was some kind of rumor recently that the original Mother (i.e. Earthbound 0) and Super Mario RPG were both coming to the GBA for the USA, but I don't think anything official has been announced.

    I know why SMB3 hasn't been ported to the GBA yet. On IGN insider, it says there are many "Scrolling Problems". I can understand this, as there are many different kinds of scrolling. Take world 5, level 9 for instance. Diagonal, Horizontal, and vertical, all in 2 minutes. I hope they do sort it out as this is a brilliant game, but to be honest, I think Yoshi's Island is a lot better. And I think DKC2 is better than both.
    - Sey

DavidDayton: It isn't a problem with the GBA being able to handle the scrolling. I believe the problem is that IGN thinks Super Mario Bros. 3 uses so much scrolling that it makes it difficult to play on anything other than a standard sized TV screen. However, based on my playing of both Super Mario Advance titles, I'd disagree. Super Mario World came out really well on the GBA, and I have every hope that Super Mario Bros. 3 would as well.

    What Kind of Plot is Mario Sunshine? A PBS-Friendly Plot that Barney and Sesame Street dio a Whole lot better. If Nintendo Puts out another crappy Mario plot like that, Pokemon will be Able to Replace Mario As Nintendo's Mascot with as Much as a Shoulder Nudge
    - KevinM7102

DavidDayton: I don't think we know much about the plot yet, really. Mario is framed and has to fight to get his good name back. Besides, plot has never been a major element in the Mario games so far.

    Great site. I have a few questions.
    1.Do you have a page on Mario Party 4 or any of them?
    2.Will the Gamecube come in any other colors besides Indigo or Jet Black?
    3.Will the wave-bird have a turbo option?
    4.Did u know their making a Kirby cartoon on fox in a couple of weeks?
    - Joseph (Joey)

DavidDayton: Check the N64 game pages for Mario Party 1-3. I'm sure Deezer will put up a Mario Party 4 page when the game gets closer to release. A Platinum colored GameCube is coming to the USA soon. Nintendo isn't likely to add a turbo option to the Wavebird unless they started adding it to their standard controllers. Oh, yes, I did know about the Kirby cartoon.

    I belvie in level 3-2 towards the end there is a springbaord well one time the spring board wasn't thre just the brick stand of which it was on so i jumped to where the springboard was and I was trapped 4 cm above where the springbaord was I was caught in mid-air and I ran out of time. I was Fire Mario and i died but I was amll so you can also dies as small fire Mario. Please Respond a.s.a.p.
    - KwikmanEXE

DavidDayton: Er, sounds like the game glitched on you. I can't really understand what it is you want me to tell you.

    hey, i looked at you lost levels guide to find out which patht to take in world 3-4, and thath path isnt working, ive done bottom, bottom, top, top a bunch and its gotten me nowhere. whats the real path?
    - Kyle Johnson

DavidDayton: If you are using the guide, you should be doing fine. If you have problems, though, remember that the SNES version of the game will give you a "bling" sound if you take the correct path and a "buzz" if you take the incorrect path. Try the guide again and listen for the sounds to see where you are getting stuck at.

    Where can I find the Super Mario Brothers the movie on VHS? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks
    - Leslie Sorrell

DavidDayton: I'd recommend eBay. Or, use this search on PriceGrabber to try to find a copy.

    Let me start off by saying this is the best web site ever invented. Here's my problem: I can't find the second goal of Valley of Bowser 2. I have tried everything I can possibly think of. Can you help me? Also, I think you should do like what the Super Mario Brothers Headquarters website does. They have a special "Memories" section in which people send in good, bad, or weird Mario-related events that happened to them. Also, they should air the Super Mario Bros. movie way morre often than what they do now and on channels everyone has.
    - LVBrain2002

DavidDayton: Check the Super Mario World guide!

    This is a really dumb questiion, I am so sorry, but how did you get the translations for the Mario games.I am making videogames and I was wondering what tulip was in Japan.If you can find out tell me.Thanks!
    - Malone02

DavidDayton: Deezer studies Japanese.

    I was browsing through TMK and I visited your Mariopedia, and I saw some awesome PM Mario gifs. So I checked out your FAQ page and came across it told that you use some gif making programs. But it didn't really answer my question. My question is that how do you make those PM gif so good and 100% completely accurate?
    - MarkM

DavidDayton: Er... Deezer... care to respond? :D
Deezer: Emulators.

    I was reading your last Mailbag, and I noticed that the Mario Drawing Book was written my Michael Teitelbaum. I just wanted to let the record show that Teitelbaum has written many books for many video game series, including (Dun-dun- DUN!!!) Sonic the Hedgehog. I have two of his Sonic books. They are very well written, and I would suggest looking for material written by Teitelbaum at your nearest book store.

    Why, even after he succombs to Nintendo and Mario, does David hate Sonic? I mean, call it a hunch, but usually when someone defects to another camp, he is liked!

    Well, in any event, I heard a rumor that Nintendo will be making Sonic Adventure 3. Part of the rumor also stated that a certain overall-wearing mustache-donning, Koopa-bouncing, Jebus-Chimps-My-Boots-Fell-Off-Three-Blocks Back will make an appearance a boss!! If you hear anything further concerning this rumor, please feel free to reply!!!
    - The Eggman

DavidDayton: Thanks for the info -- and I still don't like Sonic. Something about the whole presentation of the character, etc.. I don't mind some of the Sonic games, but Sonic annoys me. He's tolerable though -- and I do plan to buy the Sonic Collection game for the GC when it comes out. However, I've never really liked the Sonic games... they are okay, but pale in comparison to the Mario titles.

    Your site is really cool and I love All Mario Radio. I read about someone who wanted to have a Mario birthday party in the May 31, 2002 mailbag. It reminded me of the Mario cakes I had at my birthday parties as a kid. They were from a supermarket that had commercial cake designs in a book and one of them was Mario. The cake was a yellow road with black stripes. There were bricks and clouds in a blue sky. This was all made from frosting. On the cake there were plastic Mario figures. There was Mario holding a mushroom, Mario sitting backwards on a Koopa Troopa, Mario throwing a fireball, and Mario climbing a vine. On each it says "copyright 1989 Nintendo of America, Inc., Applause, Made in China." I saw on your products page a Mario doll made by Applause. I have that one and also one that is about two to three times bigger. I could send you pictures of this stuff if you wanted. Just thought you might like to know about this stuff.

    I wanted to report a brand new Mario cameo. It's not exactly Mario himself, but at the end of Master of Disguise a midget jumps out of the slap training dummy and he is dressed exactly like Mario except for the hat. He has no hat. He does have a mustache. I waanted to the first to report this new cameo. Cool. Your site and radio rule. Sam B.
    - Sam B.

DavidDayton: Pictures would be great!

    I was recently playing Super Smash Bros. Melee and I noticed that Luigi is an arrogant jerk that claps as if he is very annoyed when he loses. I believe that this was due to the fact that he is c_____ in SMA2: SMW and also due to the fact that he is always getting the shaft in his starring role games (ex.Mario is Missing) or in games he should be in (ex.Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario). I think Nintendo should stop giving Luigi the shaft and give him some better games if they want his continued employment. I was also wondering if you could give me the facts on a rumor that Yoshi, Toad and Peach will be starring in their own games titled "Princess Peach's Quest" "Yoshi's Journey" and "The Incredibly Ridiculous Journeys of the Mushroom Retainer That Bears the Name of Toad Through the Mushroom Kingdom". This would be much appreciated.

DavidDayton: Luigi is cool.

    I want to make a Super Smash Brothers Melee card game, but I don't have a digital camera or scanner. Do you know how to make that card game without a scanner or digital camera?
    - nl82000

DavidDayton: Umm... learn to draw?

    Hey guys! I know everybody puts praise at the beginning of their e-mails, but hey, you probably like getting that, so great site! I love the old Mario commercials! Anyway, someone asked in your last mailbag about any more "How to Draw" titles, and I thought I'd share that I picked up a "How to Draw Nintendo Heroes and Villians". I work at Borders, and we have it in the kids' section. I scanned the cover in case you were interested. Can't wait 'till Mario Sunshine!

    - RuneSword

DavidDayton: Nifty keen! Thanks, actually.

    In History of Mario you said that ever since smb2 mario always had blue overalls. In smb3 he had black overalls. This is not the case in smas.
    P.S. I know a way to get to world 8 without beating worlds 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7
    - Paul Glick

DavidDayton: You are correct about the overall color in the games... but I think Deezer was referring to the official promotional artwork and design of Mario.

Oh, yes, just blow a warp whistle, then blow another one while inside the Warp Zone.

    Yes, hello, it's Star_Speed again..
    On this boring, desolate sunday I sit in front of this computer, reading past mailbags, searching the site as I always do, etc.. And some questions arose in my braaain.
    1. David Dayton answered my question about how I would go about sending a Mario fanfic comic, and he said he didn't want the file to be too large... Um, well.. so far, the first issue of this fanfic is...10 pages, and I'm pretty sure that surpasses the bigness that it should be. SO, When I do complete this fanfic, I was thinking to make it easier on yous guys, I would upload it on my own page, and just maybe have the TMK link to the site that the comic would be uploaded on. Maybe it's asking for too much, but if such an event did occur, I would be forever grateful and in your debt.

    2. Do you like anime? I would assume so, and if you do, have you ever seen Akira?? If you haven't, I highly recommend it. Everything is good about it. The animation, music, characters, story.. It's amazing.

    3. If you forgot, I'm that person who freaked out over the fact that the link for submitting fan art wasn't working, and I tried to send something, and the mailbox was full! Oh no! ..Um, soo.. I want to include it in this mail, but I dunno, that voice in my head is telling me to keep trying Deezer's mailbox.
    That's all, keep up the amazing work on the website!
    - Star_Speed

DavidDayton: Just send us a note when the comic is finished... sending it to the mailbag would probably mean that it would be linked to in a mailbag. Sending it to Deezer might elicit a quicker response... but, of course, the lapse in updates and mailbags might mean either option is about as quick.

    Hi,I recently bought this cocktail style Nintendo arcade game. I was told it was a PLAYCHOICE 10. It has Dr. mario on 1 side & vs. super mario on the other side. The mother board doesn't look like the playchoice board to me? I don't see how you would add games to it?!?! Do you know any thing about this? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! I sent pics of the game.
    - Adam.

Pics of Adam's Machine - Click to Zoom In

DavidDayton: Hmm. That might be the "Vs." system setup, which Super Mario Bros. (the arcade version) was released as. This is different from a Playchoice 10. The way to tell them apart is to pop a quarter in and see what happens. If you get to play a standard game, it's the Vs. system. If you end up playing with a time limit per quarter, it's a Play Choice 10.

If you get it working, let us know. In theory, Vs. games had two screens, and I assume that some could link up for some kind of two player game. I've never been able to get any information on that, however.

    I have gotten a super joy 164 games in one it has donkey Kong jr. math idont know how 2 play could you post some instructions
    - kyler

DavidDayton: You could try this Link to the manual at the Nintendo Database.

    Hey who ever is doing the mailbag.. Nice site and all BUT I live all the way down here in australia and can you beleve i have to wait to..wait for it... OCTOBER 4th till i can play Super Mario Sunshine! Have you got ANY ideas to stop me from going INSANE!!!!!!!
    - Joe

DavidDayton: Whatever you do, don't taunt the dingos.

    1. This is a cool thing I know it may not intrest you. But anyone who wants to find a new copy of the Super Mario Bros. movie at agood price, look at Dollar General stores. I saw 8 copies of the movie-brand new- at $8.00. I picked one up for myself.

    2. Another subject I wanted to bring up is, does anyone notice how Paper Mario is neglected? Evryone always talks about Super Mario RPG: Legend of Seven Stars, and it is a really good game. But Paper Mario is an awesome game. It's one of the best nintendo 64 games ever! And no one ever talks about it.

    3. What GCN game do you want more? Super Mario Sunshine, or Wario World? I want Wario World. Mario Sunshine is just too immature looking.

    4. Has Nintendo decided that Super Mario Sunshine is the official name of the SM64 sequel? Or do they plan on making a title before it's released in Aug.

    5. YOU DESPERATLY need fanfiction. I read High School Days 3 times. If you don't believe me, go to the Fungi Forums and check it out. Under Site Discussion.

    Can you name the all the levels with secret exits in Super Mario World to me. I need to know what secret exits I need to find to beat the game. I have 90 right now. And I've beaten all of the secret world.
    - Ann H Reed-Speer

DavidDayton: Check the Super Mario World guide for those Super Mario World needs. I prefer Paper Mario to Super Mario RPG myself, and am looking forward to Super Mario Sunshine because I simply know that it will be good. The Wario games seem to be hit and miss as far as fun factor goes, but I do hope that Wario World will be a good game.

As far as fan fiction goes... write some!

    Dear Mr. "Deezer" or anyone else answering this Mailbag...
    First of all,I would like to start by telling you the astonishing discovery I,well,discovered since the time Professor Kolorado found the hidden treasure at the volcanic Mount Lavalava of Lavalava Island (with a "little" help from Mario,of course) !Go to Mario's house (in Paper Mario) and read Luigi's diary over again.On Page Two,Luigi mentions his fear of ghosts (including Boos) and on Page Seven,Luigi mentions he got lots of fans (Koopa Koot is one of them,you know) and wishes he had his own adventure with his name on the title!What does this mean?It shows that Luigi's Mansion shown at SpaceWorld 2000 is actually confirmed as a true game rather than a "GameCube Tech Demo" in Paper Mario before the coming of E3 2001!
    Rather cool,huh?-Well,that is said and done,on with my Paper Mario questions:
    1-Is there any direct relations between Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG?
    2-Is there a relation between Kammy Koopa and Kamek?
    3-Why does Bootler call Lady Bow his "master" instead of "mistress"?
    4-Why do some people (or ghosts) call Lady Bow "Lady Boo"?Is this a common misspelling or these guys (the people in the game) are making fun of Bow?
    5-Is it true that Tayce T. and The Master at the dojo are siblings?
    6-What do you think was in that tape which Mario had to deliver from Goompa to Koopa Koot? Goompa said he would mention that another time,but he did not...
    7-I did not understand Merlon's dream:I went around that red palm tree probably 3,000 times and nothing happened,what shall I do?
    8-Hey!I would think a place for Mario to fish in Paper Mario would be a great idea,don't you think?It worked at The Ocarina of Time...
    -I finished my Paper Mario questions,now on to other questions:
    9-Is it true that Shigeru Miyamoto is cancelling Mario's victory-V fingers trademark in Super Mario Sunshine?Why?I guess this is everything for now,see ya next mailbag...

    - Hope(N Forever)

DavidDayton: Both Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG feature stars that you rescue or collect to defeat Bowser. Both feature an ending parade with Luigi acting as grand marshal. Both feature Mario. Those are all the connections I can think of. Both Kammy and Kamek are Magikoopas. Bootler says Master because Nintendo of America localization liked the way it sounded better, I suppose. Lady Boo makes more sense than Lady Bow... as she is a lady Boo. Siblings -- no idea. The tape? I dunno. The dream and palm tree... I used to remember, now I don't. ;) And... I have no information to confirm that Shigeru said anything about Mario's V for victory hand sign.

    In SM64 there is an area behind the castle that has trees and later ghosts in it. In the center is a star fountain. On the front of it is a plaque that appears to have the words "L is real 2041" on it. This same plaque appeared in a Zelda game. Do you know which game, and where? (I think it was in Ocarina.) I saw a picture of both of them on the net a long time ago but can't find it now. Do you have pics?

    here what says: "Strange Sign Copying
    A seemingly harmless hint sign in Goron's Cave has something strange about it. First of all, it's not like the other signs, in that it's written on a stone tablet. Now if you zoom in close to this sign you can read something along the lines of "L is real star", only it's very blurry. There is more text underneath, but it is too small and blurry to make out easily. This EXACT sign texture appeared in flagship title Super Mario 64, underneath the star statue in Peach's garden. A strange link indeed."

    , but they lost the pictures.

DavidDayton: I've never heard of that being in the N64 Zelda games... but I've never been a big fan of the school of thought that the star statue meant anything to begin with. If anyone can get pics of this supposed coincidence, I'd love to see them.

    Just a quick idea - couldn't Captain Olimar of Pikmin be considered a Mario reference? In katakana, his name is exactly Mario backwards: o-ri-ma - ma-ri-o
    - Markus

DavidDayton: Yes, Capt. Olimar is certainly a Mario reference. In Japanese, his name is pronounced "Or ri mar"... which is "Mar ri or" backwards, to some extent. For the American release, Nintendo decided to make the connection harder. He could just have easily be Orimar.

    1. Deezer likes Mario and hears dead people. Interesting person.

    2. The answer is eBay. When people ask you where to find Mario games and related products, you are always safe to tell them to check eBay. I am saying this mainly in response to MetalMario2002's question about the availability SMRPG (Mailbag, June 21st), many copies of which are perpetually available on eBay. Deezer's "Your guess is as good as mine" response was not necessarily wrong, but it probably didn't help MetalMario2002 find a copy of the game.

    3. I just want to comment that people who are anti-Xbox but have Microsoft Windows-based computers are probably contradicting themselves. I am anti-Xbox and anti-Windows (and all around anti-Microsoft), and it works well that way. Nintendo and Apple should join force and destroy Microsoft and maybe Sony--I know they won't, though.
    - Errol

DavidDayton: 1) Sure. 2) I agree. 3) If Macs were open architecture, had tons of freeware, and were cheap, I'd agree. But... they aren't. Besides, they are Apple computers... I never liked Apple either, as they dominated the early home PC market and crushed my poor Atari.

    Hey TMK! I just have a few questions on Super Mario Sunshine My first question is if you know if Luigi is in this game? Is Wario, Waluigi, or Daisy in this game? Is Bowser behind all of the evil going on in the game? Thanks for your time.
    - jjf8420

DavidDayton: Yes to some of those, no to others. I haven't played the game yet, so I couldn't tell you which.

    There is alot of c___ going about Kingdom Harts (it's the way it's spelt) that it's the most wanted game for (cough cough) PS2 (cough weez) and it has Square people and (ugh, please help me) Disney characters. What is the world coming to!? In one mailbag someone wished that there was a Kingdom Harts type game with (this is alot better) Nintendo characters. why would it be better, glad you'd ask:

    -Square wouldn't be where they are with Nintendo
    -Disney games made other companies (but not Capcom) are not good
    -Nintendo characters means better story line
    -Super Mario RPG kicked @^%
    -Nintendo is better then Disney
    -Sony sucks (this has nothing to do with it)

    And for you SMB3 fans:
    Please wait, Nintendo is remaking it somehow, remember Residint Evil got the royal treatment on the Gamecube. Maybe Nintendo (we can only hope) is following Capcom's path and remaking it with better graphics, levels redesigned and new music. It's won't be a port if can hope it's not a port.
    P.S. let's hope both happen.
    - Matt Koopa: the dreamer

DavidDayton: Actually, I'd love to see Kingdom Hearts ported to the GameCube. Given the fact that folks tend to think the GC is "for kids", it makes sense. I like Disney stuff... and I hear the ship is a Gummi ship! Oh, and I can't wait for SMB3 to be released either.

    Do you, by change happen to have a map of the Mushroom Kingdom and one of the Turtle Empire? I you don't have any of these maps please tell me where I could find them.
    Is the Mushroom Kingdom an empire? I mean it has a lot of different people from the Mushroom People. How old is the Turtle Empire?
    - ????

DavidDayton: Sadly, I don't have maps. The closest we've ever gotten to maps of any of the Mario universe would have to be the overworld maps in each game. The Mushroom Kingdom is just one kingdom, but if you remember Super Mario Bros. 3, there are many other kingdoms in the Mushroom World.

    Did you guys do that yourselves? Is that even how you look in real life? If so good job to who ever deserves the drawing credit
    - FrogerPro

DavidDayton: The pictures were done by one of the staff members. If I'm correct, they were done by J.J. -- who also did the art for the profile pages on Toad and Wario.
Deezer: You are correct.

    Do you remember the old japanese cartoon Inspector Gadget? A number of Doki-Doki Panic enemies appear in the show randomly, Ive seen Ninji's, Bob-Ombs and one episode where the bad guy, Dr. Claw, sends out the three headed snake guy (I think his name is Tryclyde in SMB2) to get rid of Inspector Gadget. This is because the Japanese brodcasting company that made inspector gadget also made Doki-Doki Panic! I know for shure that in the Christmas episode Gadget falls in a bin of Ninji dolls (but they call them ninja-pigs in the show). I dont have a pcture, but I will try to find one for you. Your site is great and Mario is cool!! PEACE AND MARIO!! ^_^
    - Gguru1

DavidDayton: I am highly doubtful of this, but if you can send in pics and prove it, I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

    A little note to Deezer on a particular question:
    In the June 21st (2002) mail bag, somebody asked if you could restore the original color to Dinosaur Land. Your simply replied, "You can't." That is very much untrue. If you press L + R + A + B + Start + Select and turn on your GBA (with Super Mario Advance 2 in it, of course) a screen will come on asking if you want to delete all the saved data. Once you do that, it's just like when you first started the game, all files are gone, and the color of Dinosaur Land is restored. You should at least post this upper message so that whoever DerrickGud is will know.

    - Ian the Suffix

DavidDayton: Hmm. That is true... I don't know if that is quite what the writer wanted (erasing all the data), but that would the only way to reset the game.

    OK,in the latest mailbag(June 22nd),this guy said something about Juiceboxes with Nintendo characters and said his sister was lying about it,saw one,and said he was crazy.But,there is such a thing.Hi-C is doing something wierd and putting Nintendo characters on the back of their juiceboxes,namely Wario,Mario,Yoshi,Kirby,Luigi,Peach,and some others,I think.I think the only reason they do this is because their selling GBA's,but I'm not sure.

    - Marioandlink

DavidDayton: Yeah. We need pictures of those juice boxes.

    I cant go past World 8-4 in the Super Mario Brothers for Super Players game in the GBC Title. Is there any way to get World 9 and/or Worlds A - D?
    - jessec

DavidDayton: As far as I know... no. The GBC version ends there.

    Hey I'm Jimmy Esakoff Initals:JE I go by Pandababa101 any ways.......Heres my photo I called mario got lucky
    - Jimmy Esakoff

    Mario Got Lucky by J.E.

DavidDayton: For the record, I normally preview e-mail with all graphics turned off (speeds it up). When I saw your description, I was a bit worried. You'd be surprised at some of the weird stuff that ends up over here. Heheh.

    Hello TMK, a while ago I decided to make something for your fan art page.
    - JJM

DavidDayton: Another fan submission! What a mailbag.

    Enclosed is a pretty lame comic, but it features a Mario reference. Have fun with it...
    - Mike P

    Is Sally Forth ever funny?

DavidDayton: So many Mario references... so little sleep.

    Hey guys, I found a Mario referrence on the show "Cheers". The scene is where Sam Malone is in the closet of the bar. He sees a computer and turns it on, and it starts playing little video game sounds. So Sam says "What is this?", then Carla says "I don't know, but it looks like "Donkey Kong"." Add "Cheers" to your list of shows that Mario made a cameo in.
    - Robert Poole

DavidDayton: When the weight of the world has got you down and you want to end your life...

    I found this button on a site. Was it an old TMK button or something?
    - Qeomash

DavidDayton: That image seems to be on the site of CWDWINC Fangames, which makes fangames. I can't seem to find the pic anywhere on the page as a button, which confuses me. Deezer, is this an old TMK button?
Deezer: LOL, that image cracks me up for some reason. To answer the question, no.

    Heya TMKsters. Just letting you know of a small mod for Sierra's "Half-Life: Counterstrike" game... . This links to the mod, which replaces the 3D Model for the chicken in the Italy level, with that of a Paragoomba from SMB3. Just letting you know, so you could put it on the site, or at least let people know.
    - The Trasher

DavidDayton: I think the picture speaks for itself.

    I have several points I would like to write about in no particular order:
    1. In the 19th of April mailbag, someone named goodie asked for the title of a Super Mario Bros episode, and I belive that episode to be called 'The Unzappables', due to the hats that made them invincible.
    2. Do you realise how unfairly people such as I get treated, living in PAL teritories? We only recived Super Smash Bros. Melee two weeks ago! Also, even more shocking we never even got Super Mario RPG on the SNES! I'm a great fan of Paper Mario, and that's the closest thing we got to it. Maybe it'll be rereleased on the GBA.
    3. There is one advantage living in the PAL territory though, we got the good looking super famicom style SNES, rather than the bizzarely ugly SNES recived in the USA. Still, i'd rather have that if it meant I could play Mario RPG.
    4. I know what Watt from Paper Mario is! At first I didn't know what she was, but she is a Lil' Sparky from Super Mario World, with a blue dummy (pacifier in American) in her mouth.

    - ACE

DavidDayton: Yeah, but you Pal folks get some odd games we never get... like Devil World, or whatever game that Tamagon was in. Also, as I've said many times before, Paper Mario is really much better than Super Mario RPG.
Deezer: I'll second that.

    - Scottczern

DavidDayton: You'll meet Birdo sometime in the Valentina section of the game, inside the castle.

    Hey! I love your site, I'm a big fan of Mario games. Probably too much of one, I don't have much of a life. In fact, there was actually something I wanted to point out. In the list of Mario games, a PC game, Mario's Time Machine, was left out. I don't remember a ton about the game, but it was supposed to teach you about history. Though the only real lesson was 'Bowser is evil'. ^_^ I think the plot of the game was that he stole a bunch of treasures from Mario's castle and he had to go back in time to retrieve them. Fun, but not as good as Mario is Missing. That game will have a permanent place in my heart. Thanks for having such an awesome site!
    - Marysia the Obsessive Fangirl

DavidDayton: I have the SNES version of Mario's Time Machine. Hey, Deezer ... we need a new entry! Thanks for your message...
Deezer: Whoops, I thought that was there already. No wonder people keep e-mailing me about it...

    A couple of questions
    1)I just got a gameboy pocket, what game would you most recomend?
    2)If luigi is taller, why is mario older?
    3)if jimmy cracked corn, and no one cares, why is there a song about it?
    4)why doesn't mario and peach just marry?
    5)Alogn time ago i was watching a mario cartoon, and it shows that luigi found yoshi in a volcano or somthing like that, but in SMB2: yoshi's island, yoshi and his buds find mario, and later find (or save) luigi. What story is true???
    - Sir Chris, conquerer of all the land

DavidDayton: I'd recommend Donkey Kong for the GB... not Donkey Kong Land, but Donkey Kong. The Zelda and Mario games are all nice. For a real fun game, look for Mario's Picross. Luigi is taller he has the tall genes. Mario and Peach are obviously not yet ready for that kind of a commitment.

    Hi! I guess I forgot to tell you how great your website is the last time I wrote to the 'bag, so I want to state it here once and for all. I love this enormous amount of info. OK, there is still one thing I don't quite understand. The Wario Land games are games using a character who was once Marios enemy in the lead role, putting him into an all new surrounding. They are also made by an entirely different team than the old Mario games, so there's no real connection to Mario except for his former foe having the lead role. But this doesn't stop you from listing the games under 'Starring roles' on your website. See, this is perfectly fine with me. I also see Wario games as parts of the Mario universe (the main reason why I bought them all). But why in the world don't you see it the same way with Rares Donkey Kong games? Old enemy now the main character, new surroundings, other production team. Just like Wario. Why are they not seen as starring roles on your website? Donkey Kong IS a character from the Mario universe, and he HAS a bunch of starring roles here. (Again, the main reason why I bought those games).

    PS: Let 'em say, what hey want, Mario Sunshine is gonna be absolutely perfect. And Zelda sucks.
    - ikiru!

DavidDayton: I believe that Wario games are part of the Mario canon because they followed in the Mario series, whereas the Rare Donkey Kong games just sprang out of nowhere and have no connection to the rest of the Mario universe, except for the presence of Donkey Kong. Also, the Mario and Wario games are made by Nintendo, while the DKC games were made by Rare. It's a personal decision that Deezer made. Oh, and the new Zelda looks great.

    Hi, TMK,
    I recently did a report on Scott Joplin in school. I played the Entertainer, one of Joplin's songs, and my teacher said to the class, "Have any of you ever played Super Mario Bros?" Naturally, I whiped around, hearing the words "super" and "Mario" in the same sentence. He told the class that some parts of a few of his songs were taken to write some Super Mario songs (most of them being in Super Mario World). I played the entire CD over and over again. But because I always think of the songs as they were, I couldn't associate it with Mario. So I need your help. If you could tell me which game and level some of Joplin's songs were from, I could stop going crazy!
    - Nario

DavidDayton: All I can think of is that some of the tunes in Super Mario World have a ragtime feel to them. Perhaps your teacher meant that Joplin's influence in ragtime helped sway the composer of the music in the game.

    Hey fellas, In the most recent mailbag (Apr. 15) David Dayton requested more information about the Mario Bros. Super Show DVD. I have it, and wouldn't mind sharing some information for him and anyone else curious about it. Here we go.

    The packaging that DIC and Lion's Gate Home Entertainment decided to use has Mario and Luigi running out of a movie theatre. Mario's face looks kind of disheveled. Anyway, the DVD is entitled "Mario's Greatest Movie Moments", because the Mario cartoons on it are all spoofs of movies. Here are the episodes included :

    The Toad Warrior
    Raiders of the Lost Mushroom
    (Zelda cartoon) Kiss and Tell
    Kount Koopula (my favorite one on the disc :D )
    (Zelda cartoon) The Missing Link

    For anyone that remembers these fondly from their childhood and can forgive the sometimes sloppy/lazy animation for nostalgia's sake (like me ^_^ ) I highly recommend picking this up. The only thing is, as has been stated before, the live action segments have been removed. I was very angry about this, and e-mailed Lion's Gate films... the box actually says "Eight Complete Episodes" ... I feel this is false advertising. It was disappointing not to see the live action segments, but I remembered the cartoons themselves so fondly, this was worth it for me. In case anyone was wondering, Lion's Gate sent a computer-answered e-mail to me saying they would "look into" my concerns. I never recieved a further e-mail from them.

    Also, the box says "Approx. 85 Minutes". This information is also false, but in a good way. I believe the Mario and Zelda cartoons combined actually add up to MORE than 85 minutes. So that's okay.

    Pretty lax in the way of special features... when you put the disc in, there is a shameless promotion for DIC featuring some other crap they are releasing (Sabrina the Teenage Witch animated series, Mummies Alive, etc.) that you can skip by hitting the menu button. The main menu's all feature Inspector Gadget for some odd reason. On the main menu, you can click on him for "help" if you are an imbecile. But believe me, if you can figure out how to click on him by yourself, his information isn't going to help you much anyway. Basically he says "this disc" and "button" no less than three thousand times, then skates off the screen, promptly returning to his original position.

    But anyway, what was I talking about? Ah yes, special features. You get um.. stereo sound. You get.. dahh.. um.. episode selection. English subtitles (that are constantly incorrect or spelled wrong). There is also a "trivia" game. If you win, which it's impossible not to, seeing as every wrong answer sends you to a screen with Inspector Gadget cheerfully saying "Try Again", you get another Mario episode. I don't know about anyone else, but halfway through the bonus episode, the vocal soundtrack for mine stopped working, and all I could hear were the sound effects. It does this every time. Lion's Gate never answered my concerns about this either. After the bonus episode (it's a Sherlock Holmes spoof), there is a short live-action segment featuring Lou Albano, Danny Welles, and some idiot. And a bunch of "infernal pipes". Also the pizza phone makes a brief appearence. Basically, it's not long enough to make you happy, and just short enough to piss you off.

    All in all, if you're a die-hard fan, buy it. It's pretty cheap anyway. If anyone cares, there is no insert inside the DVD with the episode names on it or anything either. Oh yeah. You also get to see the Cartoon opening (not the Super Show Opening, it's the one where Mario and Luigi get sucked down the drain and ploompf around in the pipes), and the "Do the Mario" segment. These are both welcome additions. Anyone else that has this disc or is concerned about lack of live-action : I urge you to write to DIC or Lion's Gate. Hopefully they will release more of these on DVD and include full episodes.

    Okay guys, now that I've provided you with all that tasty information, I'd just like to ask timidly for one thing in return. I've sent you no less than THREE e-mails about this before, and have never recieved a reply. But here goes : Where can I find the CD Super Mario Compact Disco? I know it's out of print. But where did you guys get the songs or CD for it? Is there anywhere I can download the songs in Mp3 form? I've searched E-bay and other sites for a copy of the CD for at least a year now. I can't even find the songs on file-sharing systems. Where'd you guys get 'em? Help a fella out? Eh? :D

    PS - Anyone that has the Mario DVD - this is pretty hilarious. In the "Robo-Koopa" episode, when "Robo-Rooter Mario" breaks in half, pay attention to when Luigi is sitting on the ground rubbing his head. His face STILL appears inside of the robot behind him, it's just part of the background now. It's pretty funny.
    - Tbsheppard

DavidDayton: Nice impressions of the DVD. I actually own it myself now. As far as the CD goes, I really can't help you. eBay is about the best I can suggest.

    1. Do you know Miyamoto's e-mail address?
    2. Do you think this quote is funny?: "I just hope Mario doesn't go into any sewers --- he wearing my good dress!" - Peach
    3. Do you think Sonic and Mario will ever be in the same (licensed) game?
    4. Do you think Nintendo will make a port of SM64 for the next Game Boy?
    5. Do I say "Do" too much?
    6. If Nintendo does port SM64 to the GBX, maybe they'll tell us how to get Luigi.
    7. Do you like to watch C-SPAN?
    - Adamario

DavidDayton: 1) No. 2) Heheh. 3) Probably not. 4) Not for the GB, but I'm thinking a port to the GC might be likely. 6) Yeah, right.

    I don't know if you watch SNL or not,but on the newest episode(4/13/02),during the Weekend Update segment they were doing a joke on who could be elected into the Italian-American Hall Of Fame,and two of the names were "Luigi and Mario".
    - TJ SPIKE

DavidDayton: The scary thing is that this e-mail is from a point in time where the newest episode of SNL was on April 13th.

    Have you ever heard of the Arab band Group X? they have a great Mario song where they go through the Overworld music, underworld music, underwater music, and castle music from SMB, then it's like "Uh oh, you found the princess. Wrong! She's in another house, now go away."
    - Johnbob (aka Taco-Man)

DavidDayton: No, I've never heard of that. Can anyone provide a link with more info on this?
Deezer: I love that Mario song, pure genius.

    Hey TMK! I'm a long time reader, first time writer. I found this on another site and thought you guys would like it. I don't know if you already have it, but I've never seen it on your site.
    - Hip

DavidDayton: I'm almost certain we had that, but I couldn't find it, so here it is. That issue also has a very interesting version of The Jabberwocky on the back, with Nintendo games and characters sprinkled all throughout it.
Deezer: We had a bad scan that omitted the "MAD" logo and such.

    Love the site, anyway, I think I found some sort of Mario Reference. This show on Toonami called Hamtaro(ugh), my brother loves it and was searching the net for some stuff on it. In Japan this character is a hamster with a MARIO PIPE WRAPPED AROUND! Check it out. Freaky, huh?
    - The Flat Footed Boy

DavidDayton: Nukunai... and the fan site says "Defining Attribute: Odd green thing wrapped around his body. (looks like a pipe from Super Mario Bros)". Yes, that is odd. But, for the sake of discussion, did you know that Nintendo makes lots of Hamutaroko games?

    You have Mario 'cameos', right. well, one episoed of Baywatch had Giligan from Giligan's Island. In it, he said he saw a tv show where 'a Moustached man was jumping around grabbing coins going beep-beep-beep' then was informed it was a video game.
    - Cinos

DavidDayton: Come on, come on, let's go do the Mario!

    Nintendo charges a flat $50 rate to clean your NES parts. That fifty covers the console ALL your controllers ALL your ac adapters and rf switches and ALL(Yes, all 130+ for me) NES games. I haven't had a problem since. Also, if your systems are still under warranty they repair/replace them free. You don't need a receipt because of the serial number on the back. And then give your Game Boy's free batteries!
    - Chris "M3wThr33" Glass

DavidDayton: Or you could use that $50 to buy an NES. Heh.

    I actually have some questions warranting an email to the mailbag! Shocking.

    Z) Why haven't you guys put up a mailbag in over a month? And spare me the c___ about not enough mail, I ain't buying it.
    G) Why did that guy with the symbols in his name whom I can't remember the name of stop doing the mailbag replies?
    A) Have you ever considered doing mailbag replies in MST3K format?
    Q) If Nintendo had put Link instead of Jumpman into Donkey Knog, for some unknown reason, would Zelda games have overtaken Mario games?
    - - The Great True of C, or Truec, one of the two.

DavidDayton: Aha! A mailbag is here! To answer Z and G, it seems that only David is still working on mailbags. Therefore, A is no. Q -- who knows, although I doubt it, as the game is more imporant than the name of the characters.

    Question the First: In a recent issue of some gaming magazine (was it Tips & Tricks or Game Informer, I'm not quite sure) it said that on the Nintendo website they posted Super Mario X as n upcoming release along with another game although I don't remember the name of it. Do you know of this?

    Question the Second: Is there any, and I mean ANY talk of Super Smash Bros. 3 yet. I think you need to cast a poll with a list of about 30+ characters and let people vote on which one(s) they think should be in the game, then send the final results in to Nintendo, although they probably won't care unless there are A LOT of votes. If not that Deezer should go to NOJ and beg the team behind SSB to finally put in Wario and Waluigi...and Pit and Kamek and Donkey Kong Jr and Tanooki Mario and Frog Mario and Chargin' Chuck and Goomba and Koopa Troopa and Dino Rhino and Maruo Maruhige and Bunny Ear Mario and Space Mario and Metal Mario and No More Pokèmon and Geno and Mallow and Boshi and make Mario have an alternate costume in which he is wearing his Fire Mario regalia and Ridley and Para Troopa and Birdo and Lakitu and Toad and Cape Mario and Wing Mario and Hammer Mario and Magician Mario and Daisy and Tatanga and Boom Boom and Iggy and Morton Jr. and Lemmy and Ludwig and Roy and Wendy and Larry and Super Koopa and Mini Rhino and Bob-omb and Sumo Brother and Shy Guy and Boo and King Dedede and UFO Kirby and Waddle Dee and Baby Yoshi and Wolf O'Donnell and Pigma Dengar and Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad and the rest of Star Wolf (I am the Great Leon!).

    PS Question the Fourth: Whatever happened to the Brown Yoshi, did they become extinct between Yoshi's Island and SMW? When will they reappear? Maybe as one of my numerous choices for SSB3 perhaps?
    - Tanooki Mario

DavidDayton: Super Mario X? That's a mystery. I've heard nothing about such a supposed title. Super Smash Bros. 3 seems likely... but, then again, there really doesn't seem to be much for Hal to do with the series right now that would radically improve it. Just adding new characters doesn't seem like the way Nintendo tends to make new games. Brown Yoshis are hiding out on the island, of course. Most Yoshis are lazy.

    I am in world 5 and have been all the way through it and can see the Airship below but can't get to it. While I'm in the sky it's on the land, but if I return to the land it's gone. I really want to move on to world 6 airship! HELP!
    - Cindy

DavidDayton: Super Mario Bros. 3, I presume. What confuses me is that the airship shouldn't be moving like that unless you die in a level or beat a level. If you just move about the map, the ship should remain stationary. If you are really stuck, you could always use one of those Anchor items to make the ship stay in place for a turn.

    How much older than Luigi is Mario?
    What is the exact date that "Donkey Kong" was released?
    And what is Princess Daisy's last name?
    - Mr.Mario

DavidDayton: Luigi should be about 2 years younger than Mario, based on the fact that Mario Bros. came out two years after Donkey Kong. However, the last game to reference their ages (Yoshi's Island) seemed to imply that they are twins. Donkey Kong was released in 1981, but I can't really give you a more exact date. I wish I could, but I can't track a more exact date down. Daisy, as far as I know, has never given us a last name. It's possible that, like most royalty, she doesn't have a last name.

    I enclosed a fan image where Sonic the Hedgehog combined with Mario, thus forming a character named Somari.
    - BeanutButter520 (I.D.M.)

DavidDayton: That is scary. Just plain scary.

    One person said that Mario and Luigi cannot be twins because Mario is older. Not true! To be twins all that has to happen is that both babies come from one egg... or something like that. My dad is one year older than my aunt and they are still twins. Maybe you can get Mushroom Boy to ask Mario Sr.?

DavidDayton: Okay... generally babies that were conceived together are born at the same time. I have a hard time believing that your father and aunt were born 1 year apart, as that would imply that one of them spent an extra year in your grandmother's womb. This is unlikely, to say the least. Of course, with the weird science going on nowadays, it is possible for a woman to give birth to her own twin, but I'm hoping that won't happen while I'm alive.

    Am I missing something here? If you listen to the soundtest for Smash Bros Melee under sounds and nariation, there are some sounds that I dont remember ever hearing.
    # 28 I think he says "and", when does he say this?
    #64 he says "Master Hand" I dont remember him saying that anywhere.
    #50 he says "Giga Koopa" this ones really strange because not only have I never heard it anywhere, but (correct me if I'm wrong) the game refers to him as "Giga Bowser" everywhere else (the trophy, the bonus for KO'ing him, event 51...)
    - Nintendo Addict

DavidDayton: He is referred to as Koopa if you have the game set to Japanese instead of English. The Master Hand sound clip and the And were probably just extra clips that weren't actually used in the game.

    1. David said, in response to someone saying that Mario Paint was featured in Encarta Encyclopedia, "Nintendo is everywhere. Take THAT, Microsoft!". But does David realize that Mircosoft is the company that owns Encarta?

    2. I found a Mario cameo in Moby's music video, "We Are All Made of Stars": In some parts of the music video, it shows Moby in a spacesuit in place of the main characters in arcade games. In this one part of it, he's in Donkey Kong.

    4. I found 2 Mario cameos (actually Wario cameos) on Grounded for Life:
    The first one: Lily is singing on a karoake machine.
    Sean: Get Lily to turn that off! Jimmy [Playing Wario Land 4]: Dad, you made me lose a Wario!

    The second one: Later in that episode, Sean's father-in-law falls down the stairs.
    Sean: Hey Jimmy, get some ice! Jimmy [Still playing Wario Land 4]: Dad, you made me lose a Wario!

    5. In the first two weeks of owning SMW:SMA2, I cleared all the stages, got all the Dragon Coins, most of the Peach Coins, and 999 lives. I'm pitiful.

    6. You all know the password for this email address, right? What if one of you deflects?
    - Dan "Frostbite" Scarpa

DavidDayton: 1) Yes, that's exactly why I said it. Microsoft's substandard digital encyclopedia includes Mario. Even Microsoft bows to the might that is the plumber. Or something like that. 2) Hmmm. 3) Oops. 4) See 2. 5) Not really. 6) Deflects? Deflects what, a small missile?

Well, there goes another mailbag, and the mailbox is 120 messages lighter. Isn't that cheerful? Feel free to send in more letters, comments, threats, and swimsuit pics, but please remember that there is a slight chance the messages might not get answered for a month or longer. I'll try my best to get Deezer to answer them sooner, but...well... this is Deezer we're talking about here.
Deezer: I heard that!

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