06 Nov 2002

Mailbag by Deezer

Resident of Deeztown

Got something you want us to answer next time? Send it in!

Oh yeah, for the next mailbag, David wants to run a mini-contest for Animal Crossing owners. The first and only prize is any "regular" NES game item of your choice for Animal Crossing. If you want to enter, include your player and town name along with your letter. If your letter is chosen as the "best," David will whip up some passwords for you.

How we will decide on the "best" letter has not been determined yet (although it has been rumored that "David" in "Daytonia" really likes bribes). The NES game items you can choose from are the following: Donkey Kong, Pinball, Tennis, Golf, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Excitebike, Clu Clu Land, and Balloon Fight. The winner will be announced during the next mailbag.

    first i would just like to say TMK rocks. secondly I wish your site had a chat room. it would be so cool. that away people could be talking and swapping info on your site. it would be so cool. you could post a tpopic to keep it controlled. Last I have luigis mansion amd I got to the very last boss, all ghosts got with big pearl, and all ewxtra stuff but I couldn't beat bowser, the next day I am waching my cousen and he erases all the data on my memory card exept melee. AHHH what to do?

First: Thank you.
Second: The chat room idea never went over well with the staff. Personally, I prefer message boards because of more control over obscenities and such.
Last: Beat up your cousin, if he's not bigger than you. Or better yet, keep a backup of your data.

    I just want to thank you for these screenshots. I make pictures out of them.

Deezer: Hey, no problem.

    Dear Deezer,Mushoom boy(PLEEEEEEEEZE),david dayton or MEGAߥTE

    I would like to state thate that TOONAMI on Cartoon network rated Super mario sunshine At a 10 Out of 10 next I can't bieleve that guyz like you who are so old (no offence) remember so much about mario!

    P.S.What is T.M.K.2?
    -A Guy

Deezer: Cartoon Network is cool. A good place to catch the latest Nintendo commercials, too.

P.S. TMK2 sits at TMK's first web address and redirects whoever happens upon it to the present location.

    How do you guys do the mailbag do you just E-mail to Deezer what you're gonna put or does Deezer trust everyone with his password?
    - Nintendo JJW

Deezer: The mailbag e-mail account is open to all staff members. Mailbags are typed up and sent to me to review and upload.

    Your site is doing great so far! And seeing as we are moving on with life, and less updates, I must correct you on some of your game pages. Animal Crossing: Yes, Most of your page is correct, but I must inform you, that every village in AC is different, including villagers. I bet a lot of people were un aware of that. No Aziz or Gulliver exists my neighborhood. Although there is this japanese rabbit named Genji living in my neighboorhood and said that late night quote.

    Super Smash Bros. Melee: There is one trophy error that you have forgotten. The Koopa Troopa trophy. "They wear T-shirts and shorts under their shells." That isnt correct, as in Super Mario World and Paper Mario, when you see a koopa without a shell, he wouldnt wear a T-shirt (now I feel perverted), and in SMW2 when you saw him without a shell he'd wear shorts. So they do wear t-shirts and shorts under thneir shells, but not both at the same time. But I havent played SM64 for some time, and I vaguely remember what a koopa looks like without a shell in SM64, so please correct me if im wrong.

    I'm finished, and I hope you put up the mailbag soon and have more people on the staff than just David reply.
    -Michael (A.K.A. Vidgmchtr)

Animal Crossing: I realized that, but decided to put the name anyway, because my theory is that villagers with the same personality as Aziz would also say that. I have Genji too, he's awesome. Anyway, I'll add the note about Genji to the page also, now that we know he has uttered the phrase. Oh, and Gulliver appears in every town, but he's not there everyday. Let's just say he's a "washed-up" character.

SSBM: I can't remember them in SM64 either, I'll have to look into it.

As for other staff members doing a mailbag, that is entirely up to them. Although this one wouldn't have taken as long if I hadn't told David that I wanted to do the next one when I was in fact too busy to complete it in an acceptable length of time.
David Dayton: Humph.

    I have spoted a lot of different mario cameos in Animal Crossing. One is a Gator or croc named Alfonso, he wears a big bro shirt and says "Its-a me!" as his catch phrase and theres a Gorilla named Louie who wears a "Little Bro shirt" (hence the name Louie=Luigi) and he looks exactly like Donkey Kong!

Deezer: Cool. I want Alfonso and Louie to move in now, even if it means replacing Genji!

    I have found a really obscure mario reference in Animal Crossing that very few people would catch on their first time! You know K.K. Slider, the guitar-playing dog that shows up at 8:00 on Saturdays? Talk to him next time you see him, and tell him to play K.K. Song . He should say that that's one of his "secret riffs" and will play the song for you. Listen closely to almost the whole song. It's the music that played in Mario Paint when you clicked the O in the title screen!

Deezer: I've heard of this before, but this was the easiest way to put it on the site.

    I'm a 13year old Mario Golf (N64) fan, and I was wondering if you could answer this question.
    In ring shot mode, when you move around and select a ring shot objective hole,(ex,valley in the valley) you can change the sun angle when you exit the ring shot mode and re-enter it(that hole in which you exited will show up again but instead the sun will come from a different direction.) Then in training mode you can only do that same trick on toad highland hole 1. My question is...can you avoid the fact that when you exit training mode on a hole other than toad highlands hole 1. Can you re-enter without it setting to that hole?

    By the way when you change the sun angle the shadows of objects face another direction (usually due right of the tee box) Also the replays always have the sun right of the tee box.

    Thank you for your time
    a (devoted) Mario Golf fan
    -Matthew S.

Deezer: My answer is... not that I know of.

    hey whoever is doin the mailbag! (A.K.A david :) )

    i live in Australia and 1 day i was lookin through the tendo o Aust. site then i saw it Charles Martinet was comin 2 Sydney! ( thats where i live ) so i went 2 see he is such a nice guy! i won a copy of sms as well!!! (its not out in Aust. yet :( ) oh well thought u would like 2 know...

Deezer: Cool, congrats.

    1) How do I get Midi's from Zsnes?

    2) I have a Kirby Super Star Cameo... On the Minigame select screen the background music is the Starman music.
    -Nintendo JJW

1) I didn't know that it was possible.
2) Seriously? I'll have to check it out.
David Dayton: I -thought- that sounded familiar. Dum dum dum, dum dum dee dum dum dum...

    Hi! This isn't much of a mailbag question, but I thought I'd share a sad,sad,sad mario story. Today I was looking at the classified ads in the paper and suddenly- there it is... An Ad that says

    ARCADE GAME, Super
    Mario Brothers
    $75.00 111-1111

    (I didn't enter the real phone#)

    You may be thinking HEY! That's Great! Well it isn't. At this point I have $3.00 and I have no room in my house.
    -Max J.(Mario&Luigi's BIGGEST fan)

Deezer: For $75, I think it wouldn't run that great, or not at all.
David Dayton: Why does this never happen to ME????

    Greetings, whoever's doing the mailbag!

    For Super Mario Sunshine, just so everyone knows...

    1. Enter Sirena Beach, Episode 3.
    2. Enter Hotel Delfino.
    3. Go up to the third floor and enter the open door.
    4. Jump on the bed and bounce up to the attic.
    5. Talk to the Pianta who's cleaning nearby. He'll complain about the ghosts and express his wish that someone would come and suck them up with a vacuum. :-D

    Know any other inside jokes like this in Mario games?
    -Shay Guy

Deezer: In Paper Mario, an entry in Luigi's diary foreshadows Luigi's Mansion (which came out not too long afterward). I think there is a similar thing in Mario is Missing! (Super NES version), but I can't remember what, exactly.

    I went to and found out that MARIO (36,796 VOTES) LOST TO LINK (61,415 VOTES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!. WHY, WHY, WHY?!!!!! Mario should be the champion, no question. I don't care if all of Link's fans hate me; I have a message for them: I hate Link and his fans. I AM GOING TO THRASH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS I never reacted like this before. I'm sorry if my reaction was too much. I can't wait to get Super Mario Advance 3!

Deezer: It's not surprising when you consider the fact that RPG fans make up the majority of GameFAQ's visitors.

PS I can!

    Before the rumors start flying about the Super Mario World cart David bought. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there's nothing rare about it. It's just a newer version of the game. When the SNES came out the catridges they looked like the picture on the right, with the line going through the center. Some time later (I have no idea why) Nintendo decided to alter the cartridge design slightly making them look like the picture on the left with the bottom of the cart flatter than the top.

Deezer: I also have no idea why the design was changed.

    I have some comments and questions, mostly relating to the Mailbag. Thank you for your responses and answers.

    .))1) Now the crazy David Dayton is putting spam into the Mailbag (see the ".EXE" e-mail, Sep. 10 Mailbag). If that was accidental, it's okay, but if it wasn't . . . well, I think David is crazy, but not in a bad way. He's crazy in a way that makes his Mailbags fun to read [see .))4) for more on what makes a fun Mailbag].

    .))2) Have David, Deezer, J.J., and/or M.B. appeared in Nintendo Power magazine at any time, whether in the form of letters, artwork, game scores, or anything else? If so, what (artwork or game score?) and in which issue(s)? I'd like to check it out--if I have the correct issue(s).

    .))3) In Japanese Mario soundtracks, what does "BGM" mean/stand for?

    .))4) The interaction between David and Deezer that has been appearing in the Mailbags recently is great. It makes me laugh, and I'm probably not the only one. So, please, keep it up.

    .))5) David's comment about responding to Mailbag e-mails, "It seems that no one does it anymore except me" (Sep. 10 Mailbag again), suggests that there is no organization to it. Does the TMK staff have really busy lives, such that taking turns with the Mailbag is simply out of the question?

    .))6) At the end of the Mailbag (you can guess which one by now), there is a little slurb about David wanting "NES game items" in Animal Crossing. Other than mailing a Memory Card with AC data on it to David (assuming one could get his street address), I don't understand how AC items can be transfered. Can you explain this?

    .))7) If I say that you guys do a super job, and that I really enjoy the Mailbags, will the other fans of TMK get mad at me? Probably, so I won't say it.

    (. . . Good job!) Dang, it slipped.

.))1) I'm sure he was merely expressing his displeasure caused by the multitude of E.Klez viruses we receive. In case anyone was wondering, that's why my e-mail accounts fill up so quickly, especially if I don't get a chance to check it each day.

.))2) I had one of the best times for "Princess's Secret Slide" in SM64. It was volume 90-something... I think... the one with a greenish Doom cover. Look towards the bottom of the list for Dan Waklakljkfdski or whatever. Weird thing is, there was another "Dan" close to me on the list, and we almost have the exact same last name.

J.J. told me once that he had some artwork (envelope?) published, but he didn't know the vol. number, and I couldn't find it based on his description of what he drew.

.))3) Background music.

.))4) This is only feedback we've received about it. We'll keep it going, I guess. I'm putting this bag up as fast as possible, but I'll ask David if he wants to add any comments next time I see him online.
David Dayton: I am cool. Deezer is slow. Hahahaha! The sheer power I have! The sheee... ack.
Deezer: *smacks David with a hammer*

.))5) We used to take turns, but then MEGAbyTE became too busy, and J.J. got tired of doing them, and I am busy busy busy as well.

.))6) Password system.

.))7) We'll see. :)

    The comment that Andrevan made about Tchaikovsky's songs being in Mario games is not entirely true, but I will attempt to clear up some misunderstandings. First of all, I don't recognize any musical reference out of Bean Valley, but when he mentioned Baby Bowser's castle, I think he meant Yoshi's Story. If you listen to the tune, it kind of does remind you of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"- similar instrumentation, and almost, but not quite, similar melody line. Coincidence or not, but is not the same tune.
    -Mega Girl

Deezer: Okay.

    On the SMB Movie, in the Lizard Lounge, there is a flashing screen on the wall. If you look closely, you can see the Valley of Bowser Entrance sprite right from the game SMW flashing about.

Deezer: I never noticed. I'll look for it next time. Hopefully there won't be a next time.

    On Mario's status chalkboard in Paper Mario, it says that there is a max of 68 Chuck Quizmo quizzes. However, I have only been able to find 64 of them, and all the guides say that there are only 64! What is missing here?
    -Mega Girl

Deezer: I never noticed that either. There are supposed to be 64 quiz questions.

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