25 Nov 2002

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Sugoi hito
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    Hi, For the past several weeks I have been searching for a version of the Mario Brothers theme song in a steel drum variation. I know it is out there. After looking at your website I thought I would ask you because you seem to know just about everything there is to know about Mario. Can you help me out? This may be something you are interested in too.
    - Andrew G

David Dayton: No clue. If you find it, let me know. Remixes can be hard to come by.

    if i get a Famicom can i use it (the Japanese text is no problem) with no problem
    - Anthony Ruffino

David Dayton: You should be able to, if you have a power adaptor for it. The Famicom should just plug into your TV normally, but if you use the RF adaptor you'll have to search for the right broadcast channel, as it doesn't broadcast on 3 and 4 like the U.S. version does.

    are there any computer games that I can play online that have to deal with the mario brothere? Like video games but on the the computer.? Thank you and I appricate it.
    - Ashlynn

David Dayton: No. There might be some games in the same style written by somebody, but Nintendo didn't make any PC versions of their games. Another reader did send me information about some Mario games he made with a program called Game Maker. Feel free to check out the games on that site.

    Dear Mushroom Kingdom Staff of this Mailbag
    In the last mailbag,a sender by the name of Mega Girl had sent a question that how did she get a maximum of 68 Chuck Quizmo questions if Paper Mario™ really has only 64 questions.I may have an answer to that:it seems that the 'status board' in Mario's house actually records a ratio of the number of the questions answered and given a 'star piece' to the number of TIMES YOU EVER SPOKE TO QUIZMO!Therefore,Mega Girl must have somewhat answered incorrectly four times which increased the number of times she spoke to Chuck Quizmo (if you answer a question incorrectly,you will get another chance with the same question when you meet Mr. Quizmo again).

    I have a few questions also to be answered:
    +The 'star rod' was our goal in Paper Mario™,did Nintendo® take the idea of the 'star rod' out of HAL's Super Smash Bro.s™ (a game that appeared three years before Paper Mario™)?
    +What relation does Kammy Koopa have with Kamek?
    Hope to see ya soon...
    - Hope(N Forever)

David Dayton: That's a good theory. I don't know if it is true, but it sounds like it might be the answer. As far as the Star Rod goes... well, it's not supposed to be the Star Rod from the Kirby games (which first appeared in Kirby's Adventure on the NES, if I am correct), but I'm sure it's possible that it was modeled after it... and Kammy and Kamek are both Magikoopas.

    hey. i wanna no something. Is nintendo planning on making smb3 for game boy advanced because it is a great game and i heard somehting about it happening.
    - BiGGy717

David Dayton: I hope so. Nothing has been mentioned yet, but I really hope they are.
Deezer: From what I've heard, Super Mario Advance 4 will most likely be Super Mario Bros. 3.

    in one episode of Clerks the animated series, (episode 5) Randal goes inside a closet at his old school and finds a game called "Pharoh". When he plays it the game makes Mario "Jump" noises! and ive seen mario in other things too
    - BlueiSToonDragon

David Dayton: Another reference! Get that, Deezer?
Deezer: Too... many... references...

    How the heck did you start a website that shows ALL the stuff for Mario? You must have been lucky to have a huge website! Along with, though.
    P.S., if you made that site, where did you get the photos, even for systems that you don't own?
    - Bob Jindra

David Dayton: This sounds like a question for the Deez.
Deezer: The magic of emulators!

    Your Animal Crossing page left out a few Mario refrences. I'm not sure if these've been submitted yet, so I'll note them anyway.

    First off, you can get a "?" Block, ala old-school Mario bros. It makes the one-up sound when you hit the A button. Another thing is a giant coin, also from the Mario series. I'm not too sure of the coin yet, as i've yet to see it. Starman, and Koopa Shell both make an apperance aswell. These are all furniture pieces.

    To get them...there are universal trading codes over at gamefaqs. Otherwise, wish alot.
    - cjrs

David Dayton: Yeah, I know about those. In theory, Nintendo will make those items available at some point, probably through contests, online code generators, or e-Reader cards. I sent Deezer a pic of my house with most of those items in it... Deezer, do you have it still?
Deezer: You mean this?

Do the Mario!

    Hey Hey, Whoever's answering the ol' mailbag! I was just scrolling through the page of Mario Merchandise, and I realized I have something that's not on the list! It's an old Luigi "Action Figure" based on the movie. He's even wearing those weird jump shoes they had (I think he even came with one of those 'de-evolutin guns'). I'm not sure were the toy is now, but if I find it I'll scan it in.

    Oh, and out of curiosity, why is the secret page so evil? It's impossible to find! GAR! Is there ANYWHERE on the site that gives a serious hint on how to find it! ACK! I'm going to go crazy looking for it!
    - Charmy

David Dayton: I remember that toy. I still need to get myself those movie toys.

Secret page? Whatever are you talking about?
Deezer: About the secret page: You will probably find it when you're not looking for it, whatever that means.

    Hi, I just bought a copy of Super MArio World 2, Yoshi's island, for SNES .. when the cart arrived the language it used was German .. which was weird asthe booklet and box it came in were all in English .. Any ideas for how I could alter the language back to English ?? Or perhaps a link to a site where I could find out how to do this
    - Chris

David Dayton: That is odd. I believe you have a German cartridge, as I don't believe the Yoshi's Island games had multiple languages on each cartridge. One way to check is to look for the game ID number, which should be on the cartridge somewhere. It will look like SNS-YI-USA.. if the last part of the code says EU or DE or something other than USA, it is a foreign cartridge!
Deezer: You can change the language. Hit the Select button on the title screen to bring up the language selection menu.

    hey..i noticed that you didnt mention anything about the minus level in super mario brothers for the nes..its kinda meaningless but sure you know how do it being the master of mario *lol*..just thought id mention it to you because not too many people know about it..thanx..
    - Chris Smith

David Dayton: is where the info is. The Bugs/Glitches section of TMK is where such information is kept. I thought the Super Mario Bros. game entry had that information, but I don't see a link to the bug page.
Deezer: My bad. A link shall be added.

    After much searching we have managed to find a copy of super mario for the nintendo 64. Yeah, very old school game i know. We have come unstuck in our travels around the levels as we can seem to locate the room to unlock the green switch that gives you the hat that makes you heavy. Any directions or maps would be much appreciated before i go mad.
    - Sam

David Dayton: Check out The Guide.

    Hey, first off all let me say your site rules. Second, on the other day i was checking out some auctions, and I saw one seller selling two games called Super Mario 9 and Super Mario 16. They were for the Famicom. I knew these games didnt exist, but i thought I might let you know. he had screenshots for each game. Super Mario 9 had a pic of what looked like Super Mario World converted onte the NES. Super Mario 16 had Mario, in his traditional sidescrolling theme, but he was carrying a katana and attacking a Parakoopa. Weird...
    - Gorillaz1289

David Dayton: These are pirate carts, either hacks of other games to make them look like Mario games...or the standard Mario games with a different title screen.

    Look I submitted it to the last mailbag but when I checked today guess what? NOT THERE! Now I realize that not all questions can be answered however I need an answer to this. I dont care if its in the next mailbag or if I simply get a personal response but for the sake of Marios Mustache give me an answer! O.k. Iv'e been considering writting a large multi part fanfic. It all started out when a good friend of mine was looking in "never to be opened" drawer. This is where I keep all of my writting experiments. He found a work called "Forever Bound" which was bassicaly my origin of Bowser and why he must hate and destroy Mario. He thought it was great and that I should expand on the matter so since that time Ive been bouncing the idea around in my brain. Now I come to you for guidence. Shall I write it or not. The story is bassically about marios life a few months before he enters the Mushroom Dimension and his adventures within. Though it retains much of the cartooniness from the games the story is darker,grittier,and much more epic than anything youve encountered before. Not only that I can write well! Many fanfics out there have great concepts but suck because the auther can't write worth crap. A perfect example of one of these is "mario's High School Days" (if this is posted and the auther is reading I'm sorry but writting things in script form just doesnt cut it). Well what do you think? If your really interested then just say so and I'll send you a copy of "Forever Bound" so youll know what youre getting.
    - Ed Grant

David Dayton: Feel free to write it. Someone will read it... and there is a chance we might actually bring back the Fan Fiction section... last I heard, Deezer was trying to pawn that job off on some poor chump named Dav..

Wait a second.

    Dear...uhm, Peoples...
    Hi! I'm Fire Fairy Of The Prairie, and i'm an author on so that's how the name came about, not like it matters... QUESTIONS!!!!!!!

    1. What's up with the different colored Boo's in the "You VS. Boo" mini-game...type thing, on SMB Deluxe? the highest i got was pink boo...:-\ ??
    2. What is your favorite TV show?
    3. Have you seen Lord of The Rings or read the book(s)?
    4. I'm guessing since Mario's first name is Mario, (BIG DUH!) and Mario's last name is Mario, is his middle name...MARIO????????
    5. Am I making you mad yet?
    6. I read the lil ole mailbag for about a year (give or take a few months), and never sent a letter. Does that make me greedy? Or just nice to not overfill your mailbox?
    7. Why "The Mushroom Kingdom"? LOL...
    8. (in Mr.Netzel's and Mrs.Martin's terms) Where is the absoulute location of the secret page? Is there a secret page? (For those of you who dont know, Mr. Netzel and Mrs.Martin are social studies teachers. They dont talk about the secret page.)
    10. Do any of you read fanfiction?
    11. Mario and Luigi are 2 great plumbers, But in SSBM and SSB, I always be Kirby (He's so PUFFY!) , and my friend who has the games always is Link (Muchacho of Coolienesses). Who do the peoples @ TMK always play as?
    - Fire Fairy Of The Prairie ^_^ (if you go to, look me up!!!)

David Dayton: The color of the Boo changes according to how many times you've beaten the Boo. The more you beat him in that race, the faster he gets. Simpons. Yes. No. No. No. Why not? There is. Sometimes. In SSB, Kirby; in SSBM, it depends - I tend to use Mario, Luigi, and the Princess (she's pretty good).

    1. How many levels are there in Super Mario World? Are there really 96 or is that just a bunch of ____?
    2. You know that island just above Donut Plains? I lies west of Vanilla Dome and north of the plains. Is there a level there? A friend of mine told me that there is a level there. If there is then how do I get to it? Also in the show Super Mario World does Mario and his friends or the koopas visit this island?
    3. What happen to the Koopa Kids after Mario is missing? Did they die or something?
    - FrancoisSoft (

David Dayton: See The Guide for information on questions 1 and 2 (although I think there are about 72 levels and 96 different exits). As far as the Koopa Kids... we have no idea. There appears to be a new Koopa kid, who appears in Super Mario Sunshine.

    On your website there are soundtracks I was wondering if there was I way that I could buy these soundtracks I you would please e-mail me back to explain how it would be greatly appreciated.
    - Heather

David Dayton: If you could do that easily, I'd already own them all. Most are nearly impossible to find, but you could always check eBay.

    Okay a few refrences...In one Episode of Whose Line is it Anyway? Wayne was sining to this guy who like Grades Video Games and in 2 parts he mentioned Mario things. One is where he was acting like he was hitting a hammer and he said "Dika dika dika! Donkey Kong!" And another is where he said "Maybe I can hold you like my Mario!".Also in the show What Ever Happened to Robot Jones these 2 kids were playing Game Boys and one kid said "Want to challenge me at Monkey Kong Junior?" So thats what I have.If I find anymore I will tell you. P.S. Awesome Site!
    - ~I am the Great Luigi~

David Dayton: More references! Yay.
Deezer: ×_×

    i am a retro gamer, well sort of, anyway in mario rpg... .i have gotten to the chapel in marrymore but cannot figure out how to get in. what would you suggest to do in my dire circumstance.
    - clint hey

David Dayton: I think you take the back door... or check the Guide.
Deezer: We have no SMRPG guide. Take the back door.

    how do u activate and properly use the anchor?
    - HugZnTuGzNC

David Dayton: I assume you mean the one in Super Mario Bros. 3. The anchor just keeps the Koopa ship from flying around the level. However, the ship only flies to a new location on the map if you die while playing on the ship. If you don't die, the anchor will seem to have no effect. Just use it in your inventory like you would any other item.
Deezer: See also:

    Hi, this is Jacob in Jager. (For the AC contest, that is my name.) While playing Super Mario Sunshine, I got to Pinna Park ep1. And I found out that Bowser had a son with peach!!!! DOES THIS MEAN THEY HAD you-know-what while Peach was captured. Also, it took me 9 moths to beat Paper Mario! Does that explain why Peach looks fat in Paper Mario??? What did Peach think about this?? AND WHY does she not recognize her own son??? THat uncaring lousy excuse for a mother!!!
    - Jacob

David Dayton: This is an example of a mailbag letter that does NOT get a free NES game. Any guesses as to why?

    Konnichi wa Deezer!
    O-genki desuka?
    Anata wa website ga sugoi desu!
    Watashi wa nihongo ga suki desu!

    Ok I'll cut it out. What I want to know is, how did you get the song from SMB2 (Japan) titled: Worker Mario Name Entry? Did you get it from a soundtrack If not then how did you get that song from SMB2 (Japan)? Please tell me soon!

    Doumo Arigato!
    - Kyo Kusanagi
    P.S: Excuse me if I had the grammer of my Japanese wrong. I have been taking Japanese for one year. So gimme a break, sheesh!

David Dayton: Ichi ni san.
Deezer: Okagesama de. And Kusanagi-san is referring to the Super Mario World soundtrack. Apparently the song was made for SMB2 (Japan) but was not used, appearing only on the SMW soundtrack.

    Didnt I, damimster, say that I would be very kind in helping out with the mailbag... But NOOOOOOOO, you don't need help on the site at the moment... looks like I will go crawl back into my hole and have no life... thanks a lot....
    - damimster

David Dayton: Thanks, but the mailbag is sort of connected with the site, and it would be silly to add on staff members just to answer the mailbag.

    Hello. I was wondering if by any chance you could help me out a bit. I never tried sending you guys a email before, so I am not sure if I am doing this right. Please respond to this email, whether or it it has been delivered to the right place.

    Awhile ago, when Luigi's Mansion was released in Europe, I read the news on your site that the PAL version has an extra added feature at the end of the game. This news really pissed me off, because we Americans did not get to play the full game, so I decided to find the PAL version and buy it. I found it on ebay a short time ago and bought it for $35.00. It arrived today and I just tried to play. Just as I thought would damn me did. My American GameCube does not play PAL games. I just wasted $35.00, unless I can resell it, or maybe I can get soe help from you.

    I would like to know if you know of anyway that I can play this game on my American GameCube. I am sure you know that other video game consoles can be modified to play foreign games, but I do not know how to modify them. Since all the ohter systems can be modified, I was wondering if you knew if it is possible, or if you even know how to modify my American GameCube to play foreign games. Please let me know if you do. Please respond to this message and please give me any information you can.
    Thank you for your time!!!
    - john deligiannis, rerun503 AT hotmail DOT com

David Dayton: I'll be honest... as far as I know, there is NO current way to make a U.S.A. or Japanese GameCube play PAL games. This isn't as much the lockout as it is due to design differences because of the different video standard. Ignore all comments about a device called a "Freeloader" -- a simple "region free boot disc" isn't coming. I know of no current hardware solution either, unless you import a PAL GameCube and get a TV that supports the signal.

Actually, if you DID get a PAL Cube, you -might- be able to use the component cables and hook it to a new TV that uses component, progressive scan... that MIGHT work, but I doubt it. If anyone can help, let us know.

Also, feel free to notify us of any changes as you see them.

    Great Site. I have got some questions for you.
    1. What will SMA4 be and when will it be out in Europe?
    2. When is Yoshi's Story GBA out in Europe?
    3. What is an E-Card reader and what does it do?
    4. Last but not least, where is the secret page and what is on it? 5. On your May 31st Mailbag someone asked about a Smash Bros. Melee mp3 page. The link David Dayton provided did not work for me.
    6. Do you have the map screens as pictures for Mario Bros. 3? Please!
    7. I know all Nintendo fans hate Bill Gates but if it wasn't for him many people wouldn't be able to view TMK.
    - Kickle Cubicle

David Dayton: Super Mario Advance 4 is just a rumor. Nintendo hasn't made any kind of announcement. It is assumed that Nintendo will bring Super Mario Bros. 3 to the GBA, but so far nothing is certain. Yoshi's Story hasn't been announced either, but Yoshi's Island came out October 11th.

The e-Reader is a GBA cart with a slot on it. You slide trading cards in this slot and things happen. Some old NES games are being sold as a set of 5 cards -- scan all 5 and you can play that game on the GBA. The Animal Crossing cards let you scan a card, then transfer an item to your GC game via the GC/GBA cable.

Secret page? Whatever are you talking about?

    you list several (12) adventure books-I am trying to locate some of these for my grandson, do you sell or can you give me a clue where to search. thanks
    - ruth rodriguez

David Dayton: eBay.

    Do you know where or who I could get an original Doki Doki Panic for the Famicom Disk System?
    - Justin Burton

David Dayton: eBay.

    but where can i find a super mario all-stars game for the super nintendo?
    - lilmexican1105

David Dayton: eBay.
Deezer: I sense a theme here!

    How can I purchase a Super Mario Bros 3 strategy guide??? Please let me know.
    - Mleissa

David Dayton: eBay, or just look on our site under the Super Mario Bros. 3 entry.

    How old is Mario Actually....He technically is 18 but if he was 18 why does he have a mustache? Please Reply

    - Luigi9111

David Dayton: Mario's as old as his tongue and a little bit older than his teeth.
Deezer: How can Mario "technically" be 18 when this is 2002, and he first appeared in 1981?

    Hey guys! Or should I say, hey David Dayton, I assume. Say hi to Deezer for me. And... the other two non-mailbag dudes... JJ and Megabyte. I remember back when the mailbag was BRAND NEW, I think I have letters in 3 or 4 of the first ones. Then it got big, and there were lots of emails less boring then mine, and you guys stopped posting mine, so I stopped writing. And now nobody updates it except for David. But I hev to whine about something. Has anyone looked at the Winamp skins page? My Mario Bros skin is labeled as "New." That skin was posted more than TWO YEARS AGO. It's nice to know that your site is still going after all this time, but I want to ask Deezer something. A while after I sent you that skin, I sent you a Donkey Kong one. It was never posted. So I was wondering, do you still have that file? I lost it a long time ago, and since then I've learned how to create complete winamp skins, and I'd like to finish that one. If not, that's okay. I also sent you a winamp skin attempting to be the Official TMK Winamp Skin. You never posted that either. I don't need that back, but could I at least post a link in the mailbag to where I have it so that people who love your site can also love it on winamp? Luigi Hann's Profile @ 1001 Winamp Skins. The skin can be found there, as well as the Special Edition of the Classic Mario skin that is posted in your skins section. Does that link work? I hope so. I just figured you people would like to see those skins. Fell free to check out my other skins too, they're all Nintendo. So, Deezer, can I call my TMK skin the "Official TMK Skin"? Unless you want to have a contest or something to see if anybody else can do better. *shrug* Keep up the good site! Oh, and by the way, those skins are also on deviantART; luigihann if the first link didn't work. And Deezer, if you decide to post the TMK skin or the Classic Mario skins, the ones on these sites have been updated from the ones I sent you, so you can download them or I can send them to you again. Have fun guys, bye.
    - LuigiHann

David Dayton:
Deezer: No answer? Maybe this one put David to sleep. I'll try to get around to the Winamp skins... after Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion of course. :)

    I am looking for the name of the actor who played the kidnapper of the girl in the movie Super Mario Bros, the one with shaved hair above the ears. I have been looking for the name of this actor for a while now.
    - Michel, Ottawa, Canada

David Dayton: Er, I'm not really sure, off the top of my head. Perhaps some kind reader with the video tape could watch, check the credits, and let us know. The character is either Iggy (Fisher Stevens) or Spike (Richard Edson), so if someone can narrow that down, we'd have an answer.

    I was wondering... I have all of the portraits in Luigi's Mansion Gold except Boolossus. What are the requirements? I got him silver, (don't know how,) but I want him GOLD and I won't save the game 'till that happens (I have beat it before, couple of times.)
    - Nicholas Ruiz

David Dayton: Okay... I'm really not sure about this....

1) Boss ghost picture frames are determined by the amount of LIFE you have remaining once you defeat them. In theory, if you beat Boolossus with 90 HP or more remaining, you should get a gold frame.
2) Normal portrait ghosts frames are determined by size of the pearls you pick up when you beat them. Get at least one large pearl ($1,000,000) to get a gold frame, a medium for a silver, or just a small pearl (or none) for a bronze frame.
3) Point breakdown... if you can suck up at least 90 HP from the ghost in one try (without being thrown off), you'll get a large pearl. 50 HP will give you a medium pearl. In other words, you need to suck up 90 HP without being thrown off to get a large pearl and a gold frame.

    The hero of Balloon Fight looked like Mario and it was a great game. Could you add that to the games section please?
    - NintendoBradley

David Dayton: No, he doesn't look like Mario.

No mustache, wrong face, etc.

    I was reading your thoughts on sonic and mario(by the way, i dont like mario but your site is cool) and i wanted to know why you hate sega so much, the commercials werent that bad i mean genesis kicks major butt, you dont know what you missed. now a days im expanding my intrests enough to get gamecubed, but i still dont like mario just as much as i did back then but i would still play mario sunshine just as gladly.
    - Sonicoman

David Dayton: I didn't like the way Sega handled the video game market. They insulted their competitors, rather than actually delivering the better games. It just annoyed me.

    It's been a year since I first wrote you guys, so I'm celebrating this joyous month with a few thoughts. First of all, I've been watching that new Kirby show and I came to the conclusion that Kirby is definitely the most trustworthy "heir" to Mario's throne as Nintendo's mascot. And second, did you notice that the Mario characters are similar to "Mickey Mouse"? Here's the list of similarities in characters.
    Mario and Luigi :Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
    Princess Peach :Minnie Mouse
    Yoshi :Pluto
    Donkey Kong :Goofy (?)
    Bowser :Bad Pete
    Thank you for a year of Mario goodness you guys.
    - Robert Poole

David Dayton: We aim to please. Or to enjoy ourselves. One of the two.

    Dear TMK, I realy like your website, and I'm a fan of Mario, but why don't you have a club? I think the Web site would be much better if you had a club. Well thats it
    - rlindenbach

David Dayton: We had a club once, but J.J. kept hitting Aaron with it, so Deezer made us get rid of it.


    Hello, Lord Bowser again. Thank you for answering my last message; I've been waiting to get on the internet for some time, and, within a few months, I will! I'm making a Super Mario Bros. media site; I'll let you know when it's up. Now, where was I:

    1)How do you get the Master Hand trophy in Melee? IS there a Master Hand Trophy? I've heard about one.
    2)Can you tell me where I can get Paper Mario OR Luigi's Mansion OR Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island MP3s? Yoshi's Island, in my opinion, has the best music of any Mario game I've ever played, save Dr. Mario-Chill and Bowser's theme from Paper Mario.
    3)Which game do you here at TMK like better: Yoshi's Story or Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. This is for everybody who works at TMK.
    4) last time I checked, your Merchandise area did not include the following items: Bobbleheads. That's right. I was looking around in Software Etc., and I saw them, sitting on the back of the shelf, so that if you looked into the store from the mall, you couldn't see them. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi were OK, I guess, but the Bowser had a bit too much neck, or else I would have bought him. I'm only mentioning this because I looked in your Merchandise section and didn't see them there.
    5) Okay, in the original Super Smash Bros. commercials, they had guys in Mario, Yoshi, Pikachu, and DK. suits. In the commercial for Super Mario Advanced 2: Super Mario World, they kept the Mario and Yoshi and added Luigi. Then they re-used Yoshi again in the SMA3:SMW2:YI commercial ( Could that abbreviation GET any longer?). Will we be seeing any more of these strange costumes in later commercials? If they don't make Bowser right I' mad!!!
    6) The only Yoshi's Island picture you have on your site is a pic of the CD soundtrack. Would you like me to send you some of my pics?
    7) You think I really like Yoshi's Island? He's my favorite hero in the Mario games.
    Okay, that's all I got for now. I will write again...someday. Until then, Goodbye.Bwa, hah, ha...
    - Lord Bowser

David Dayton: Sigh. A list.
1. Master Hand Trophy: Beat the Classic Mode on either hard or very hard, using no continues.
2. Somewhere on the Internet.
3. Yoshi's Island.
4. I need to get those.
5. Probably. Nintendo will reuse costumes. What I am wondering is what will happen to the rather fancy Samus outfits they built for the two Metroid game commercials.
6. Sure.

Deezer: 3) Yoshi's Island!
J.J. McCullough: 3) SMW2, without a doubt.
MEGAߥTE: 3) SMW2, though I haven't played YS much.

    If any of you have looked closely at the Luigi's Mansion trailer (if there are many of them, I don't know which one) you may have noticed something a bit strange. In the scene right after the title screen, there is a shot of Luigi... in a blue shirt!? Yes, Luigi is clearly seen wearing green overalls and a blue shirt, which he hasn't worn since the arcade days, but know on the GAMECUBE. I don't know how that could have slipped in there... It's a little hard to believe it to be a mistake. Sorry I can't give you a screen shot, but on my computer the video is rather dark. Luigi's blue arms and green overalls show up very clearly, though.
    - GRWemyss

David Dayton: Weird. I checked the trailer film Nintendo showed off 2 years ago (of all the games coming to the GameCube), and I didn't see this color change. If anyone has footage of alternate colors, let us know.

    Warning:This is so far the biggest mailbag you ever got.
    Actually, it isn't.
    (1.) Why do everyone call Square soft Square?
    That's what they call themselves now. Check their copyright and trademark screens.
    (2.) On Paper Mario Luigi says he wishes he could go on another adventure. Why doesn't he make Mario promise to take him on one or he won't save him? (Better yet... He could make Mario be his sidekick! Ha! Ha! Ha!!!) I think Luigi had plenty of adventure for one night, although I do hope more is coming.
    (3.) Wario was not thought up by Booster... Super Mario RPG was made in Japan 1993 Super Mario Land 2 which has Wario was made 1992 in USA so that proves that Wario was not made by Booster.
    I agree.
    (4.) I have a Poke'mon cameo... In Poke'mon Red/Blue I don't know how but there is a way to get Yoshi as a Poke'mon No there isn't.
    (5.) What the Hell is 100 Mario? I've heard of a demo named Mario 128. (Gamecube has 128 bits).
    One of the early GameCube demos had 128 Marios running around.
    (6.) I saw the cartoons section and Super Mario World Cartoons. I don't remember seeing one of them I saw like about... 1999-2000 or something, it was called Yoshi Rider and it was about Yoshi eating all the nuts and bolts and Mario got mad at him and Yoshi ran away and found a Koopa riding gang and joined them and Mario had to get him back.
    But they are still friends... isn't that great?
    (7.) Have you ever noticed that Mario punches Yoshi so Yoshi sticks his toung out?
    I see nothing. I hear nothing.
    (8.) I wonder do you have any idea what the smiley face does on Wario Land 4 in Mr. Game and Watch's store? (My guess is you can get lucky and get a free item by that).
    It makes you feel all warm inside.
    (9.) Have you heard of 8-bit theater?
    (10.) I'd guess Booster's Hill in Japan is Bukkii's Mountain.
    You'd be right, then.
    (11.) What website do you get your Gba ROMs and the BS and 64 ROMs from?
    ROMS? ROMS? We don't need no steenkin' ROMS!
    (12.) Why do you say that SimCity 64 is Developed by Hal Laboratories? Shouldn't it be Maxis?
    Hal did the port and design for the game. Maxis had nothing to do with that version, other than being behind the original PC game.
    (13.) Why is Wario Land 4 and Super Mario Advance 2 still not in Gba Games yet it's in Previews?
    Deeeezer... you've got some s'plainin to do!
    (14.) Do you know if Bowser's in Super Mario Sunshine?
    Yes, I do know.
    (15.) Is Game and Watch Gallery 4 out yet?
    If it isn't, I've had a lot of fun with a cardboard insert with the name on it.
    (16.) How do I use Zsnes Movies (I already know how to make one.)
    Check the instructions. I'd imagine you load the ROM, then load and play the movie.
    (17.) Why do you only have image archive screenshots for Ngc games?
    Well.. there really aren't any games aside from SSB Melee that have a camera option.
    (18.) Do you (or know a site) that has a real life fire picture?
    (19.) I got 2 kinda Mario cameos from Dexter's Lab... 1. On the episode Dexter fuses his and Dee Dee's atoms and at the end Dexter has a Raccoon tail that looks a lot like Mario's tail.
    2. On the episode where Dexter goes to College 3 people are playing a video game and it was a copy of Mario Kart 64 (Toad, Leta Shell(Koopa Shell), Lightning bolt).
    (20.) Did you say Mario Party 4 is coming out in USA first?
    I said nothing of the kind. I do think it came out in Japan first, though.
    (21.) Why do you make such a big deal out of one outta many Mario cameos for the movie The Wizard?
    Er, because. It's a Nintendo movie, sort of.
    (22.) Heard of Multi Mario?
    Is that like Mega Man?
    (23.) Which phase on Mario Bros. has grass for ground? (And which system has it that has a background?)
    Tell me!
    (24.) Could you please get a midi or mp3 of Mario Party 4 minigames theme on the midis page?
    Someone needs to make and submit them first.
    (25.) Do you know when Wario World comes out?
    It was supposed to be in December, but I heard something about it possibly being moved to March.
    (26.) I heard a joke game called Super Mario Moonshine (Which I think is some kinda drug.) and it's supposed to be like Conker's Bad Fur day (Which is rated M).
    "Moonshine" is illegally brewed alcohol.
    (27.) Actually there is a sequel to Doki Doki Panic named Doki Doki Amusement park. If I can find the site that had the ROM of it I could take some screenshots for you.
    Keep us informed!
    (28.) On you're Upcoming Games shouldn't you put Yoshi Story and Super Mario Advance 4 together?
    Only when the nature and contents of SMA4 are confirmed.
    (29) You should ad the Japanese only games to the game chain too.
    Game chain...?
    (30) I've rented DK64 and I noticed 2 things... 1. This is a cameo, the boss of level 4 (the water level) The boss is a huge porcu puffer 2. The level that was omitted on DK for the nes wasn't the 4th it was originally the 2nd... Of course I got this from the DK machine in the 3rd level of DK64 Frantic Factory.
    Actually, the original arcade rotation was platforms, rivets, then the platforms again, hammers, rivets, THEN the platforms, hammers, cement factory, and girders. After each "round", a new screen was introduced.
    (31) Is the 251 Memory card for Game cube gonna be here in USA?
    It already is.
    (32) I'm pretty sure SEGA still makes games for SEGA Dreamcast in Japan though.
    (33) I know the reason why Mario had that weird dream in SMB2... Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad we're playing Doki Doki Panic and they got tired and went to sleep and Mario had a dream about them in the game.
    Could be...

    - Nintendo JJW

David Dayton: Wow. That was long.
Deezer: In between the time this letter was sent and the time it appeared here, the info pages for WL4 and SMA2 went up.

    In Super Mario RPG, some bosses like Culex and Smithy have this move in battle called "Shredder." This is how I can describe it: One by one, a purple beam of light comes of the ground at the bottom of each of your three characters, but nothing else happens; no HP decreases or increases, or the characters become "disabled" in any way. What does "Shredder" actually do?
    - Thomas

David Dayton: If you have any temporary stat bonuses, such as those gained by using Red Essence, they are removed.

    Yo mushroom dudes. I'd just like to say your site is the coolest.. anyways Toad is my favorite character in the Super Mario Bros. series. He's so cool, he gives you tons of free stuff and he is the only guy in the entire mushroom kingdom to wear diapers past the infant stage.

    1.Do you know if there are any other games that star him other than Wario's woods?
    2. Someone mentioned Somari in the past mailbag, I'm assuming that they copied that name off the Hong Kong pirate game "Somari" unless great minds think alike..
    3. I'm making a Smash Bros. fangame, so far there is an adventure stage with fully working character select, and there are a few secret characters. Any suggestions?
    4. Should I submit my Smash Bros. game to this site?
    5. I have Super Mario bros. the Movie trading cards that I got at a local flea market and they seem very old. I still have the wrappers even though I opened the cards, I keep them in there packets. I have a card that lists all the cards made of it, there are 3 holofoils but I dont have those ones. This isn't a question but heres some stuff on the cards.

    Because Great Cards are hard to find.
    (Super Mario Bros the movie logo with the words "Trading cards" under it)
    8 trading cards

    and on the back..

    SkyBox™ International
    ©1993 SkyBox. Produced and Distributed by SkyBox International
    Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
    Printed in the USA
    (and it has this little barcode.)
    (Super Mario Bros. logo)

    (and it has the skybox logo.)

    I could scan them.
    I could send the checkless but maybe another time, there are 100 cards and 3 holograms.
    - ZFreak

David Dayton: Toad stars in no other games, sadly. He's playable in several, but never found. Put in Stanley the Bugman, Wart, and Tatanga, then send us a link. Feel free to send some pics of the cards (or even mail us some! Heh!)

    hey! Im working ona musical project with acid 4.0 and was wondering if you knew where I could find a good source of NES sounds/music in wav format? Im specifically looking for Metroid, Contra, ninja gaiden and also arcade sound wavs.
    - c0ry

David Dayton: Get an .NSF plugin for WinAMP, turn on the DiskWriter audio option, and play the music.

    Dear God-like entity:
    Every time I see your exaggerated caricature on the mailbag page, I am overcome with greatness. I know the picture doesn't do you justice, and you are indeed 5,000,000 times greater. Of course, seeing your actual face would be like looking into the sun; seeing so much power and greatness would blind the average mortal man. I am truly blessed that you have devoted your time to such a great website.

    Town: Smelvin  Name: Thames  Desired Game: Pinball
    - Daniel Benjamin "Frostbite" Scarpa

David Dayton: This would have been a good contendor, but I just can't award an item to someone who mistakes me for God. For one thing, I might get zapped by a lightning bolt.

8lYHiA9fTD&Ynv 9&gcVMTEW4ogZQ

    I have several questions/comments (or so I think...)
    1) Your site is easily the best Mario site out there. Keep up the good work!
    2) Why do most people think that SMRPG is better than Paper Mario? Paper Mario is easily more fun. I mean , I can actually plan battle strats due to the low damage scale.
    3) Remember back near Mother's Day when there was news alerting people to the Mario cameo in the Foxtrot comic strip, and it mentioned those really old Mario cameos? Well, I'm a Foxtrot fan and I have the old collections. I'll scan them in and send them to you guys, if you want.
    3.5) If you accept this offer, where should I send them to?
    4) Why don't people use good spelling/punct./grammar/etc. when writing to the mailbag? It just makes letters harder to read.
    5) AC Town: Neoville (no spaces), AC Name: Strider (no spaces)
    6) Animal Crossing is really good! Everyone should have a copy!
    7) Again, your site is the best of Mario sites!

    - dragonair10008

David Dayton: Feel free to send in anything, folks. If we can't use it, we just won't use it. This was a pretty typical e-mail, so you'll get a pretty typical prize.

JcpJUjcFvTNT#4 sSz%&woKgHIinF

    Hey! I just wanted to point out that on your Animal Crossing info page, you said that Animal Crossing data uses all 59 blocks of the memory card. Actually, the number is 57, plus one for the NES save data. Just thought I'd point that out. Thanks for the great site! Player name: Meman Player Town: Napa
    - Meman02

David Dayton: That is an excellent point. Not that entertaining, though.

S3p5Vsq&gtsGUS 3v9kLeKOAkw&hx

Deezer: On my card there is another block used for "special letters" or something.

    Okay let's get this done with. First of all, I could care less about the NES game contest. I have all the ones I want. And no I'm not using reverse psycology. The only way You'd get me to write something along the lines of a best letter is if you were tossing Wario's Woods out as a prize which is inpossible since it's a Rare NES game and those can't be traded. Anyways I'll just give you my Name and town anyways so that I can possibly trade you in the future (I've got a Luigi Trophy if you're looking for one).

    Name: Bryan Town: Gameston

    Anyways here are my questions:
    1) I've told you this time and time again but no response so I'm going to try one last time.. In the Sand Whale episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, when all of the whales are playing the accordian, listen carefully. The tune they are playing is the same tune that plays in the first level of the original Donkey Kong. I can try and get you a sound clip to prove it.
    2) I think the whole Mario, Tchaikovsky connection isn't that far off. Let's not forget about Toadofsky of Mario RPG. Maybe that's what inspired Miyamoto to compose Mario tunes based off his works. Or maybe It's just me.
    3) Say do you like Rare and what are your opinions on them leaving Nintendo for Microsoft? ::shudders:: Let's not forget Rareware brought us those cool Donkey Kong games.
    4) Have you heard? There are Mario items in Animal Crossing you can get through generic codes and they aren't the ones we know about. I'm talking about a Koopa Shell, Starman, Coin, and ? block furniture for your house. I'm guessing these things are top secret. Don't ask me for those codes however.
    Well that's it. PLEASE print this letter. I mean, c'mon, I want my questions answered for once.
    - Ness554

David Dayton: It's nice when someone tells me they don't want anything. That makes it easy for me to avoid sending them something... even if I have figured a potential way to trade Wario's Woods. (chuckle). As far as Rare goes... well, after Star Fox Adventures, I'm not really sure I'm going to miss them. The Mario items in AC are neat, though.

FYqOqjRpJfXonT FMpWoqBgmJlE9a

    Hi, Deezer or whoever it is compiling the new mailbag! I wasn't sure really how to enter the competition, so I decided to tell you why you MUST give me excitebike (or I may just die). You see, I'm from the great white north, that is, Canada. And In Canada, assome of you know, it's so cold that we will do anything to get our minds off the cold. This proves difficult when each time I walk out of my cozy Animal Crossing house, since the ground is sprinkeled with snow and everyone is making snowmen and the sort. Winter is fast approaching! I can only bear the REAL ourdoors, but TWO outdoors(es)? Forget it. I'm spending all my time cooped up in my house, only rushing over to Nooks to pick up presents for the locals. But what will I do all that time? Play Nintendo, of course! And what better game to play than my favorite game of my own childhood, Excitebike!

    Thanks! I'd love to win (I hope I did the right thing in explaining this to you...) Oh yeah and the site rocks

    NAME: Dave TOWN: Holla

    Should I happen to win Excitebike, a very nice "Retro Tv" complete with hip happening music might fall into the possesion of a certain Daytonian. Already have a Retro Tv? Then what about a fine billiards table, a Space Man Sam statue or a Space Shuttle? Any of these items could be yours! Honest. So maybe now you'll reconsider this poor child's wishes.
    - Dave

David Dayton: Okay. This one is the big winner. Congratulations.


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