16 Dec 2002

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
Only human
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    I read your Animal Crossing page, and there is a Mario cameo left out. You know that red M shirt that looks like Mario's hat? There's a similar green L shirt for Luigi. I know because it's in one of the houses in my town (Alli the blue alligator's house).
    To answer Nintendo JJW's 20th question from the last mailbag, Mario Party 4 DID come out in the US before Japan, but only by a matter of days.
    Remember a few months ago when screenshot were on Nintendo's Japanese site showing two new trophies in SSBM? They were Mario riding Yoshi and Samus without her helmet. The rumours were that you could get them in SSBM if you had a Mario Sunshine and Metroid Prime save on the memory card. Well, I have a Metroid Prime save file on my memory card, but I don't have a new trophy. Are these trophies for Japan only? Is there any way to get them in the American SSBM?
    PS: Name: Vincent Town: Marmalad NES game preference: Clu Clu Land D (if at all possible)
    - VinTernet2000

David Dayton: I heard of the "Little Bro Shirt", but haven't gotten one yet. I also heard that Mario Party 4 might have come out in Japan first. As far as the trophies go, those two extra trophies are currently mysteries. They seem to have been made available in Japan via some sort of promotion with Toys R Us, like the Mew character in Pokemon.
Deezer: Sorry, Clu Clu Land D can't be traded. They were giving it away for a while on, but it looks like you missed out. Soccer is still on there, so maybe it will be back.

    What is the correct spelling for the word "Piazzanos"? You know, like "Hey Piazzanos!" On that note; what is a "piazzano"? Again, I am spelling this word to the best of my ability.
    - Salamando (Host of Nsider Trivia)

David Dayton: "Paison (also paisano) (pie-zon or pie-zano): Another word used between Italians to signify friendship. The word Cumpari (also goombah or goombatta) is also used in this fashion."
from The Official Real Goomatta Glossary

    deezer and/or David Dayton
    -ok i read the last mailbag and people were sending in theyre AC info and you gave them codes. whats this all about?
    -you have some pictures of Doki Doki Panic, where did you get them from and do you have any more?
    -I go to your site alot but there is some kind of wierd thing: when i'm on a page (besides the updates one) if i put my mouse over the side bar, the script error pops up
    -on the AC section you said "go to Aziz's house" thought i'd like to say: not all AC games have "Aziz"
    -If i give you my site will you link it( it has mario comics on it )
    - Melbirn

David Dayton: If you play Animal Crossing, you can trade items with other players. You can trade with people by giving an item to Tom Nook, the shopkeeper of the game, and he'll give you passwords which the other player can use to redeem the item. Doki Doki Panic pictures were probably snagged using an emulator, which means that it is possible for us to get more, I suppose. If you ask us, or anyone, to link to you, you might want to provide a link to your site.
Deezer: I realize not every player's town will have Aziz. However, as you may have noticed, characters with the same personality say the same lines. For example, Genji belongs to the same "personality group" as Aziz, and recently someone confirmed that Genji says the line also.

    Hey guys,
    Wonderful site and all. Nice to hear other Nintendo-absolutists like me out there, who give no quarter whatsoever to the pretenders of the throne, the 'Hexed-Box' and the 'BS2'. Mario and Nintendo forever. Now, some questions:

    1) Most of the Mario characters' voices have changed over the course of the games. For each character, which game has had the best voice for them?
    2) What's your opinion of Bowser's voice in Super Mario Sunshine? If you could change it, would you? How?
    3) Do you know if Charles Martinet is married, or has kids or anything?
    4) Ever occurred to you that Koopas are probably a play off of Kappas?
    5) Do you think Yoshi's Island from SMW could have been World 8 from SMW2? I ask this because they seem similar: Smallish islands with a single mountain in the center. Perhaps the Yoshis stuck around and made it their home after they kicked Kamek out? Notice the mountain in the center is called "Kappa Mountain." Could that innocent home of a Switch Palace have been Bowser's birthplace long ago? Perhaps this explians his hostility toward the Yoshis in SMW.... Think my theory has any merit?
    6) Wouldn't a map of the Mushroom World be cool?
    7) In SMRPG, if you use "Psychopath" on MagiKoopa, his thoughts are "This is... my child?" Do you think it was just another wacky quote inserted by the translation team, or could it be he was referring to Bowser? Could Kamek have been, like, his surrogate father, and that was Kamek there?
    8) Where do you think Mario and Luigi would have grown up? Or do you not give such stuff much thought? (I know story is not what Mario games are about, and I'm all for keeping it that way, of course). My theory: Grew up with a circus. They're hard-working, quite acrobatic, funny, and perpetually having fun. They'd deserve a childhood like that.

    - Ditto McCloaker

David Dayton: Hmm. Best voices... Mario is good in all games; Luigi sounded best in Mario Kart 64, I believe, while Peach speaks best in the Super Mario 64 (although the SSBM Melee version is ok). For all the rest, I prefer the Mario Kart 64 voices. Bowser in SMS sounds a bit silly, though. Charles's married status isn't known, but I seem to think he is married. You can check and see if you can find anything -- I couldn't. Koopa's being a play on kappas -- could be.
As far as the SMW2 and SMW maps to compare the location of Yoshi's Island... I was always under the impression that the entire game of Yoshi's Island took place on the island that is "world 1" in Super Mario World. The title screen of Yoshi's Island seems to imply that. A map of the entire Mushroom World would be nice; in fact, I remember old promotional artwork for Super Mario World that featured a miniature version of such a thing. I have no idea what the connection between the Magikoopa in SMRPG is to Bowser, although it is possible that he had some kind of "father" relationship with him, like an elderly advisor. And finally.. as everyone knows, the Mario Bros. grew up in Brooklyn.

    Heh, I've got something to say, kinda a Mario Cameo. Doki Doki Panic Cameo, more of. I was watching Digimon, the 2nd part. Davis, the main character make the remark. He gets his digivice, and is talking about it with Yolie, I think, and says, "Hey, do you think I could get Doki Doki Panic on this thing?" Cool, eh? I'm extremly happy I finnaly foundsomething out befor e other Mario surfers... (this is when you give me the link to the secret page for being a good boy!)
    - eyesofthedragon

David Dayton: That is interesting.

    I've been reading the mailbags off and on for the last couple of months, and I think I've finally found something worth e-mailing you guys about :D. When playing the GBA version of SMW, I noticed a funny sort of creature. You know how Yoshi drops an egg occasionally when you eat a lot of stuff? Well, if the last item he eats is a purple berry, the egg hatches into a smiley cloud that drops smiley coins. Very... strange... and I didn't see in the mariopedia.
    "Friendly Cloud"
    Kudos on the site! Oh, and I do have a q. How did peach get to be princess in -Mushroom- kingdom if she's not fungal?
    - Geogriffith

David Dayton: That guy was present in the original Super Mario World as well. It's not really an enemy, but a Lakitu cloud that tosses coins out. I'm not sure where it should be classified, so I'll leave it up to Deezer. How did Princess Peach Toadstool get put in charge if she's not fungal? Not really sure. It doesn't seem to be an important part of the Mario games, I suppose.
Deezer: The "Friendly Cloud" is not in the Mariopedia because, as far as I know, it wasn't given a name by Nintendo. That makes it a bit hard to classify.

    Hi. How are you guys? I only have one qeustion: What does "Runs like the dickens" means in Portuguese?
    Can you translate Mario Party 2's manual story to the Portuguese too?
    - Annie B.

David Dayton: "Run like the dickens" means "run really fast". I do not know Portuguese.

    There was a bad guy mad before The Master hand in 1996 on Kirby Super Star, it was a stone hand that did the same moves as The Master Hand but of course sense Kirby Super Star (with the other Kirby games), and Super Smash Bros. (Also Melee), we're made by Hal Laboratories. (Sorry, but I can't get a screenshot).
    On Kirby's Dreamland 2 - Forest-3 Kirby fights a monster just like the one in Super Mario Land 2's Japanese to English
    - Nintendo JJW

David Dayton: Where in the game exactly? I seem to remember something about this, but not exactly where it is. Screenshots would be nice, though. The ones you sent didn't arrive, so try sending them again.

    Howdy. I've been visiting your site since its birth. Love it. Anywho, enough flattery. I was wondering how I should go about purchasing the Dai-Rantou Smash Brothers DX Orchestra Concert. I've been looking in alkl the usual (and unusual) places, and I just can't find it. I need this CD! Can you point me in the right direction?
    - Joey

David Dayton: Try eBay and Japanese import stores.

    Hi my name is mathew zorn and i am helping a friend find sheet music on the theme song for mario and luigi.....I found the theme song on your web site but not the sheet music, she wanted me to find her the sheet music so that she can play it at our high school, because she is involved the high school band.....She is part of the Warsaw (Indiana) high school band..

    - Mathew Zorn

David Dayton: I know that some was made available at one point, but I don't have access to any. Sorry. Someone put up the Mario Paint music score, but that's not really what you want. Some other sites have made sheet music of the MIDI files, but I'm not sure how well they work. Try here or here.

    A lot of kids in my school are saying that Pauline is Mario's mother and Peach and Daisy are the same people and all these rumors flying about. I'm almost certain that Peach and Daisy are not the same person, cause they obviously dont look the same. Pauline Mario and Luigi's Mom? What are they getting at? They say that the Mario in Donkey Kong was their father. Those kids scare me...What do you think? And also, do you think Daisy will EVER be put into a good REAL game, or the Koopa Kids come back? Thanks, and your site ROCKS! Its like Mario Paradise!
    - NocturnalGrk180

David Dayton: Pauline is Mario's old girlfriend; she's appeared in Donkey Kong, Pinball, and the 1994 Game Boy version of Donkey Kong. She is a completely different person from Princess Peach Toadstool. Mario is always the same guy. Does that solve the problem? Feel free to direct these people to this website.

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