10 Jan 2003

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
In da hizouse
Got something you want us to answer next time? Send it in!

Contest time again! Want to win some Mario items for your Animal Crossing game? How about a set of Mario Bros. statues? A Big Bro shirt? Perhaps even something more mysterious? Submit your AC player name and town name with your next letter, and you might just win.

Oh yes... you want to know how to win, don't you? Well, there are three ways:
1) Send David in Daytonia a Lil Bro shirt.
2) Send in an interesting letter.
3) Offer to mail David either the Link eReader AC card or the Mario Sunshine Sun Sprite eReader AC card.

    Hi! Love your site. It's nice that there's a place where I can remember that I'm not the only person in the universe who is a fan of all things Mushroom (I don't know anyone who likes Mario where I live). Anyway, I was looking at a picture of Booster on the net a couple days ago. I realized the amazing similarities between Wario and Booster! Any ideas on why this is? Twins? A amazing coincidence? I dunno. Anyway, the Snifits are hungry again and I gotta go. Thanks!
    - Booster

David Dayton: I've often noticed this as well. However, it would seem likely that if Square wanted to make such a connection, they would simply have used Wario. I think Booster is just supposed to be weird.

    Thanks a lot for answering. I won a Paper Mario some days before [or is it after?] Christmas. Now my collection is complete.
    Do you know how to dance "Do the Mario" with a small Mario doll like I have? Here are the steps:

    Part of the music------------------Step
    Instrumental-------------------------Catch the doll like he is standing up.
    1- Do the Mario!-------------------------Make him jump.
    2- Swing your arms from side to side-Swing the doll's left arm up and down when he goes to the left, then do the same thing with the right arm in the right side.
    3- Come on, it's time to go----------Make him do a normal backflip, not backwards.
    4- Do the Mario!-------------------------Jump him again.
    5- Take one step-----------------------Jump him forward and then backward.
    6- And then again----------------------Repeat the step.
    7- Do the Mario all together now--Jump and jump, them stop, making him dance side to side.
    Another instrumental--------------Continue the side to side dance.
    8- You got it------------------------------Put his head in front of you when it seems that he is talking.
    9- It's the Mario--------------------------Repeat the step.
    Do the Mario, etc-------------------Repeat the steps 1 to 7, except that in the seventh step, he continue dancing.
    10- Come on now--------------------------Keep it jumping.
    11- Just like that---------------------------Prepare it to the final backflip.
    The last instrumental--------------------Make the backflip and the Ta-da! pose. [The Ta-da pose is with the arms wide open.]

    Laugh at this joke if you want: Question: Which music do you sing when you're playing Bombs Away in Mario Party 1 and 2?
    Answer: Bomb, bomb, look the bomb! [Boom!] Bomb, bomb, look the bomb.

    I have a question: Imagine that you're playing Mario Party 2 in the Mini-Game Coaster in Hard difficulty as DK and Mario as your partner. You easily clear Honeycomb Havoc and then you go to the most hard mini-game, Mecha Marathon. You always try to win but you always lose. What shall you do? Try to clear it again or save in that point [3 lives] until a friend of yours clear it for you? I choose the second option: Save at that point until a friend of mine clears it. If you choose the first one, tell me the secret.

    In Mario Golf [I have the Japanese version, so are Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64] I, alas, my dad unlocked all charcters in the Get Character Mode, but Bowser is the hardest one. Tell me the secret.

    - Annie B.

David Dayton: Another writer from Brazil! Welcome. You want to know how to unlock Bowser in Mario Golf? Well, you keep playing the newly unlocked characters in Get Character until you reach him, then you beat him. As for how to beat him... well, I must admit that I haven't done that myself, yet.

    Why don't you put up a Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough? That would be kewl. And why hasn't Deezer posted the pages of fanfiction I mailed him. I may have to give it to (GASP) Super Mario 128 Central!!!
    - Phantaz

David Dayton: Umm... we need to make a Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough first. That's easier said than done. I hate to admit it, but I haven't played SMS since I beat it the first time. There are still blue coins I need to find, as well as the extra red coin modes of the obstacle courses. Now, as far as the fan fiction goes -- bug Deezer again and again. He actually asked if I would be willing to run the fan fiction thing, but I managed to avoid the question.

    Dear Mushroom Kingdom Staff answering this Mailbag...
    Christmas is coming...and I wish to get a GameCube with a copy of Super Mario Sunshine ---at least,I sure hope so... What do you (the whole Mushroom Kingdom Staff) wish for this Christmas?
    Let's get on with:
    1-About Nintendo®'s next Mario game on the GameCube a.k.a. Mario 128 (tentative title,of course) that game gonna be the REAL 'mature' Mario game like Miyamoto promised before the launch of the GameCube?
    2-Now that SquareSoft (or Square) is back working with Nintendo®,will the company develop the next Mario RPG game (Super Mario RPG 3) on either the GameCube or the GameBoy® Advance?
    3-About Paper Mario,why does Bootler call Lady Bow his "master" rather than his mistress?
    4-I wonder,do you somewhat accept Mario pirate games or/and unlicensed merchandise?I once played this strange but cool pirate game called Super Ninja Mario where in the story there's Mario and his girlfriend (not Pauline) were one walking down a park minding there own business;and suddenly,an evil ninja master appears out of nowhere and kidnaps the girl,leaving Mario injured!Then Mario goes to an old ninja trainer where he learns the art of the ninja;after he finishes his training,he leaves his respected trainer and goes out on adventure to rescue his girlfriend.I tell you,in this 8-bit game,Mario can really kick!!
    5-I got this pair of jeans which is a Nintendo/Mario (licensed) item.It got a cool,official art type pic on it showing Mario playing baseball!Do you want me to send you a photograph of this pair of jeans?
    6-I was wondering,is their such thing as 'Super Mario Hentai'?
    Well,that's everything for now...smell ya later!
    - Hope(N Forever)

David Dayton: Yes, it's a good thing we got this mailbag done in time for Christmas, isn't it? Anyway, while we have been told that something referred to as "Super Mario 128" is underway, I really have no idea what it is. All we seem to have heard is that it's a new Mario game, somewhat closer to Super Mario 64 than Super Mario Sunshine was. Personally, I hate the 128 name and hope for a real title. I somehow doubt Square will develop a new Mario RPG game for Nintendo -- Intelligent Systems did quite well on Paper Mario, and I'd imagine they'd develop it. Unlicensed games cover everything from pirates to hacks, so it's hard to keep track of them all. Jeans -- yes, send a picture in. Hentai? Urrgh. Sadly, such things can be found. People have forwarded such things to me before.

    The Smash Bros Melee Orchestrated Concert CD was included as the subscriber bonus in the January Nintendo Power I just got. =)

    1. I think I read somewhere that you couldn't get any good domain names; and are available.
    2. your 6th birthday is the same day that Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC) is supposed to come out (if all goes as planned) =)
    - BudnikTom

David Dayton: I'm waiting for my copy of that CD. Thanks for the tip on the URL; I'll let Deezer know. I think we'd rather get, but that might be a while.

    Benefit sing a song called Warp To World 69 about Super Mario Bros. 1 I saw you didn't have it in the cameos section so I thought I'd just tell you.
    - DarrylClancy

David Dayton: I've heard of that before. Deezer, have you?
Deezer: I have, unfortunately.

    I was raised on Mario. I was introduced to Mario in 1986, and I enjoyed Mario games for years. I have not made a mailbag to TMK in a year. I know you prefer the Mario franchise, and it used to be my favorite video game franchise. Unfortunately for you, I have to tell you this: I am no longer a big fan of the Mario franchise. On July 18, 2001, Mario was mysteriously overtaken by Final Fantasy as my favorite video game franchise, and several other video game franchises, like SaGa, Seiken Densetsu (Mana), Chrono, Front Mission, and Dragon Warrior. Therefore, Final Fantasy has stolen me from Mario. That is mainly because of the music, graphics, storyline, and difficulty. I decided that Mario games are far too easy. My Mario fandom has been diminishing ever since that day, and my Final Fantasy fandom is enlarging. I used to play Mario games regularly for years, but now I play them very rarely. My favorite SSBM character was once Luigi, but now it is Marth. I do not buy Mario games anymore. I replaced my Mario desktop theme with a Final Fantasy X desktop theme. I still play Zelda, Star Fox, and Metroid games on a regular basis. However, my worst video game franchise is Grand Theft Auto. I visit Final Fantasy sites far more than I visit TMK, and I am active on Final Fantasy message boards. I go by the name of Tedius Zanarukando on the message boards; I used to go by the name of Braska Spira. I bought a Gameboy Advance and Nintendo GameCube, but SSBM is the only game I have that contains Mario. My sister-in-law is a big fan of Mario. My favorite Nintendo game series came to be Fire Emblem, because of Marth being in SSBM. I am currently studying Japanese. I thought Mario would fit my tastes, until I discovered that Final Fantasy is what really fits my tastes. Figuratively, I took off the plumber overalls, Mario gloves, and cap and Mario shoes and put on the Squall Leonhart suit (worn in the Eyes on Me dance) and put on the black Squall shoes, and I threw away the Mario Hammer and replaced it with a Tidus Excalibur Sword. I am now bringing in the platinum instead of the wood, Mario being the wood and Final Fantasy being the platinum. Mysteriously, my transition from a Mario fan to a Final Fantasy fan has affected my attitude toward women, overcoming prejudice against women. I have said goodbye to Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi. My favorite video game character was once Luigi, but now it is Yuna (from Final Fantasy X). Today, I love Final Fantasy far more than any other video game franchise, and I cannot get enough for it. I miss you Mario fans: David Dayton, Deezer, MEGABYTE, J.J., and Mushroom Boy. I go to Final Fantasy sites such as,,,, and
    - David Hill

David Dayton: You disgrace the name of David. FIE! FIE upon you!

(calms down a bit)

Okay, I like Final Fantasy as well -- at least, I liked the older FF titles. I have a healthy respect for Square, a quite reasonable respect for Enix, and I do enjoy RPG's. But please... don't tell me that somehow that miserable wretch of a character named Squall has overtaken Mario? Come on now! He's from Final Fantasy 8 -- a game even Final Fantasy lovers can't stand. And the Tidus Excalibur Sword? Give me an Atma Weapon, Illumina, or Ragnorak any day. When Square gets back to the -good- versions of Final Fantasy, I'll be happy. Actually, if they just got around to porting FF 1-6 to the GBA, I'd be very, very happy.

P.S. Setzer is cool. Anyone that throws playing cards as a weapon is cool.

P.P.S. Okay, you can still be called David. No hard feelings.

    Official news about Super mario rpg 3 check
    - Demongo12

David Dayton: The board message in question deals with a message over at some site called Gametalk. Somehow I doubt that big release info will be released through unknown news sites. As far as we know, there are no current plans for a Square/Nintendo RPG game.

    Hey guys at tmk! I found another animal crossing mario cameo that you left out.
    In the game there is a shirt called a toad shirt it's red with white spots just like toad's hat,head,thing! whatever
    P.S. I think Deezer should put up a page in the fungi forums just for putting ideas and tips about the secret page.
    - Mega Toad

David Dayton: I've never heard of this "Toad Shirt", but it could be in there. Do you have it, or did you just hear about it? Pics or a password for David in Daytonia would greatly help.
Deezer: It's like Toad's hat but reversed are the colors.

    1. Peanut said something like Lee! (thats my name) its not like saving a princess or something!
    2. Can you give me universal codes for Donkey Kong Jr and Wario's Woods?
    3.In my house I got a starman, supermushroom, cannon, fire flower ,flagpole and a ? block!
    4.I don't know how to get the Coin! can you help me on that?
    5. My person fell in a pitfall! lol!
    6 Goodbye!
    - etraininnj

David Dayton: I really need to get a screen shot of my lower floor soon. I've got just about every Mario item stacked in there now. There are no known "Universal" codes for DK Jr. and Wario's Woods, but there is a code that -may- work to generate the coin. Sadly, I no longer have it. I seem to recall that the Animal Crossing board over at GameFaqs is filled with people and such codes, though.

    Hello TMK. I was just wondering about the Mario items in Animal-Crossing. So far this what I have.
    Super Mushroom
    Flag Pole
    Mario Trophy
    Luigi Trophy
    Big Bro shirt
    Little Bro shirt
    Nintendo Umbrella
    Master Sword
    Koopa Shell
    ? block
    If there is any other items that you have found, can you tell me what I'm missing. Thanks!
    - jjf8420

David Dayton: So far, sources indicate that a Bullet Bill cannon, block carpet, and various Nintendo games are also present. However, I really need that Lil Bro shirt. Kindly send it to David in Daytonia. Please.

    my name is Freakmars and I need to ask a favor. I am having trouble getting your radio station
    WTMK: Mario Radio please send me information on how to get your station I have winamp and realplayer thanks in advance
    - Freakmars

David Dayton: Instructions are given one the WTMK reference page, but if you still can't figure it out... just open WinAmp, go to the Play menu, choose Location, and in the location box, enter

-- this should work.

    Okay, so remember a few mailbags back when some person sent you guys a letter about the SMW cartridges that had the name in one line on one of the cartridges and the name on two lines on the other? Well, I've got the explanation. One of the carts is a Player's Choice title one, and the other is not.
    - Gcmaster88

David Dayton: That sounds like a good explanation to me. However, all Player's Choice titles have a big Player's Choice logo on the cart label.

    In response to what someone asked about Charles Martinet being married, maybe this picture is of some help:

    That is Charles Martinet (needless to say, in costume. For a Trade-Show of some sort), but check out his right hand... He has a ring... Perhaps a wedding ring?
    - Justin

David Dayton: Excellent detective work.

    I would like to know if mario bros 3 will be available on the gameboy advance in the near future, and if not, is there a way I can sujjest this to nintendo?
    - Liam Dexter

David Dayton: We all wish it was, but so far it isn't. There is a chance that the newly announced Super Mario Advance 4 will be SMB3, but I sort of doubt it. You can always e-mail Nintendo or call their customer service number, but I'm not sure how effective that will be.

    Stop! To cross over this pit of pain you must answer my questions three!
    1. Why do we say "an" before "X-Box"? X isn't a vowel! The commercials do it, too. Am I missing something?
    2. WHY DID MICROSOFT HAVE TO BUY OUT RARE?! This calls for dramatic action! To arms!
    3. Who is your favorite non-Mario SSBM character?

    - Kool Kid Joe

David Dayton: 1) We say "an" because X starts with a vowel sound. We use "an" before any word that begins with a vowel sound, whether or not the word is spelled with a vowel sound. 2) They are evil. 3) Er... Link? Or Kirby.
Deezer: 3. Samus! Unless you mean to use in the game... in which case, Marth, Link, and sometimes Roy (notice a pattern?). SWORDS!!!!

    a bunch of guys from work are trying to figure out what movie or soundtrack the song "dancing queen" by abba is in. i know this may be a corny question but we are big into the 80's music and are scrambling our brains trying to figure it out. if by any possible way you could get back to me regarding this question, it would be appreciative.
    - Kool Kat

David Dayton: I'm still trying to figure out why we got this e-mail.

    There is a misake on your site. In SSBM you say that the trophy description is wrong when it says Daisy was in Mario Golf. You sugest they mean Mario Tennis, however, Daisy was in Mario Golf for the NES, and is seen with Luigi.
    - Kickle CubicleE

David Dayton: Actually, we aren't wrong. While there is a second Princess character in NES Open Tournament Golf, Daisy isn't in Mario Golf. Mario Golf was only on the N64 and GBC (so far).

    I do not have a question or comment but rather a statement I feel compelled to make: To all those who send in references/cameos to the mailbag, please leave your number and address so that I may COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND KILL YOU!!! Thank you for your time. That is all.
    - Kitty, Female at Large

David Dayton: Well, they often do leave those, but I always erase such data before I post the message.

    Yes in the new loz for gba in the four swords part one of the items is a Bow wow! it says something like take control of the vengeful puppy!!?? and then it says warning will drain ruppies.

David Dayton: Item? There's a Bow Wow item in Four Swords? I never saw such an item. Are you talking about the furniture you can get in the minigame in LttP?

    In Super Mario Brothers 3 the white mushroom house sometimes contains an anchor. This is great, except I can't figure out what to do with the blasted thing. I though it was to root the ship in case you had used a cloud to skip a level and hadn't finished all of the levels and didn't want it to move somewhere you coun't get to it anymore but that doesn't seem to be it. Hope you can help me.
    - Leslie Weber

David Dayton: When you use the Anchor, it keeps the ship from flying around the map. That is what it is supposed to do, at least.
Deezer: "What does the Anchor do?" has turned into the most frequently asked question about SMB3. Just to be sure we haven't been giving out bad information, I did some experimenting. Experiment 1: Upon using an Anchor before entering the castle, and subsequently dying on the airship many times, the airship stayed at the castle. Experiment 2: Upon using an Anchor after an airship had already moved once, and subsequently dying many times, the airship stayed in one spot. So, yes, the Anchor "anchors" the airship. If it does not work that way for you, I don't know what the problem could be.

    Hey, what's going on? I'd first off like to thank you guys for answering my question about the Super Smash Brothers Melee Soundtrack a few mailbags back. 'Tis a pity Japan gets all the cool stuff, huh?

    Well, anyways, I just wanted to know if anyone else notices something in the background of a scene from Luigi's Mansion. Once the electricity goes out and Luigi enters the Telephone Room, the second phone rings. While Luigi and Professor Gadd are talking, take notice of the back wall when the lightning strikes. Luigi's shadow is hanging in the air by a noose. I found it rather freaky myself and figured you might want to know to see for yourself.

    Thanks, guys, for your time, and until I feel I have more to say, take care!
    - Loni a.k.a. "Queen of Nintendo"

David Dayton: First of all, please note that anyone can now get that SSBM Concert CD. Call Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700 and order a subscription to Nintendo Power, but be sure you get the January issue. The CD is packed with the January issue of Nintendo Power. A subscription also gets you a free gift... Nintendo has a variety of lovely t-shirts, game guides, and even a Paper Mario CD soundtrack set available.

Secondly.. that does sound interesting. I will need to fire up Luigi's Mansion and grab a screen shot of that scene. The only problem is that I need to play all the way through and get to that point again. Sigh.

Finally... is it just me, or are we getting more and more female readers these days?
Deezer: My theory is that it's just a couple girls using different internet aliases each time. You know how they are with shoes...

    Here's some info on Wrecking Crew's enemies:
    The wreches are called "Gotcha-Wrenches" The purple robot-type men are "Eggplant Men" (As seen in Super Smash Bros. Melee)
    Your nemesis (Who basically copies your actions),who looks like Wario,is called Spike
    The Fireballs are just the plain old Podoboos

    And 2 cheats/secrets:
    1.In Level 6,hit the Bombs in this order:Bottom-right,bottom-left,middle-right and you'll get a Super Hammer,which can smash way faster then your normal hammer,and can hit enemies if you're next to them.It also gives you a great new tune.It expires when you die or go back to the Main Screen.
    2.If in a Bonus Game and you manage to hit the right block right away,you'll get "Mario Found the Coin Super Bonus 10000!!!!" which is worth,of course,10.000 points in addition to the 5.000 points you get if you finish quickly
    Happy new year!
    - Drake

David Dayton: As the proud owner of a Wrecking Crew manual, I salute you. I never did complete the game... I always wondered if something happened when you beat the final level.

Okay, we looked into the super hammer business... I think you mistyped something, but there is a super hammer in stage 6. Deezer, take it away...
Deezer: It's actually the middle-left bomb. After extensive testing, I noticed that you can hit any two bombs before the middle-left bomb and still get the special hammer. If you hit walls and/or ladders before hitting the middle-left bomb, you'll most likely get a bonus "doll" (Santa, pig, or cat with guitar) instead. The Santa is worth 1600 points, the pig, 800, and the cat with guitar, 3200. The "super hammer" is worth 3200 points also!

    In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, I found a code for a gift a Nook's Store. The code is as follows:

      4UF6T948GZ3ZW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf

    I suggest you post this in Mailbag, so all Animal Crossing fans can glow with star power!!! ;^)
    - Michael Butler

David Dayton: Doo doo doo, dum dum da dum dum dum, doo doo doo, dum dum da dum dum dum...

    Why do you guys insist on only answering ONE of my letters? DKVine answers more queries from me than you guys do. Now then, you here thinks Daisy should be rescued by Luigi in the near future? I mean, Daisy pretty much is the only one Luigi has a chance with since Peach is obviously Mario's sweetheart. She's even stooped to saying Mamma Mia in a couple of games. I think Peach is spending waaaay too much time with Mario. Also I noticed DK's profile has Banana Slamma as a catch phrase. If I'm not mistaken that's what he said on his old TV Show. Why the heck are you using that catch-phrase? Any decent DK fan knows that should horribly inaccurate and that just ruined the experience. (That and the whole break into song at the stupidest moments bit) Do you think you could fix it for him to say, oh I don't know. Maybe something he said in DK64. Anything's better than Banana Slamma for the love of all that good.
    - Ness554

David Dayton: He's the leader of the bunch... you know him well...

    Hey TMK! Longtime reader, first time...e-mailer...I guess. Great site, keep up the good work! Regarding the hand boss in Kirby Superstar, (Dec 16. mailbag) The bosses name is Wham Bam Rock methinks. He can be found in the Great Cave Offensive (near the end) and I think in Milkyway Wishes. I would provide a screen, but i'm to lazy to go get the rom and to work my way up to that point. I'm sure you guy's will find one. All info previously given about it is correct. The hand thing is a rock, and was able to make it's fingers fall off on top of you and such. For Master hand, it was changed to where he would slam ontop of you or something. If you fight him, you'll see what I mean. That's all I have, thanks for listening (reading)!
    - Nik the uhh...Nik

David Dayton: Sadly, I am just as lazy. However, I vaguely recall some kind of hand boss.

    This is more of a few simple remarks and questions. Now, a letter in one of your mailbags just made me laugh. "Sonic's rotting carcase?" Please, Sonic is one of the top selling series on both the Gamecube and GBa and its supposed to be Mario's house, explain that. Explain this, Sonic has a bigger online community, theres 90 times as many Sonic sites as there's Mario sites. Answer me this, I find Sonic in your mailbag subjexts way too much, but when I look in Sonic mailbags, I never see Mario anywhere. Jealousy? Could be. Take care!
    - SonicHedgehogs

David Dayton: Mario > Sonic. That's good enough for me... (cue music)

    Any idea where I can find stickers about the size of 3"Wx4"H? I'm restoring a DK Jr. game, but some idiot before me drilled 2 big holes on both sides of coin box.
    If I can find any how about a site where I can print the images onto a special paper with a sticky back side. Do you know of where I can find various pictures of DK and DK Jr.?

    - Tony

David Dayton: Actually, I -did- know this. There were some arcade game reference sites with full scans of the artwork from arcade games, including the DK series. There are also arcade game parts companies that sell decals these days...

You can try ArcadeRenovations or or search the net for Arcade Restoration.

    Hi there. Love your site. Best site for Mario info and news. I want to cover 2 things.

    1. In the last mailbag, the person saying people believe Peach + Daisy are the same people... have they played Mario Golf or Mario Tennis for N64? If you notice, you can play both of them at the same time... if they're both the same people, how can you see both of them at the same time?

    2. Some people are still angry because SSB Melee if Rated T. The reason it's rated T is because it has more violent special effects than SSB. Also, it has quite a bit of scary things. If you don't think Bowser is scary enough, have you seen Giga Bowser? That was really scary!

    I think you have a Mario Merchandise section. I have a scanner, and have all 5 Mario toys from Wendy's, the bag too! Can I scan in pics of them and somehow send them to the Mario Merchandise? I'm also trying to collect all the Mario toys from Burger King, as it has Nintendo SuperStar toys going through December. And I read in my latest NP magazine, I think, that Yoshi toys are coming to Burger King in January. So I'll scan those in too.
    - Yoshiman, from MFGG.

David Dayton: Yes, send in everything. We take everything... and yes, Peach and Daisy are different people. However, remember that you can play as both Mario and Baby Mario at the same time as well, even though they are the same guy.

    i have been looking for a mario doll that says mama mea and i have seen them do you know where i can purchase one.
    - tracy scalzo

David Dayton: I have one! You might try eBay, though.

    Hi, you who makes the mailbag. Just some comments:

    1. SM64 information is missing for "Star" in Mariopedia...
    2. "" doesn´t exist any more, so can you please remove it form the ZZT section?
    3. Have you got any clues about the secret page?
    4. How can you guys make such a great site?
    Thanks for the best Mario site ever!
    - SmallhackerE

David Dayton: Again, a notice for everyone. David has NO idea where the secret page is. Deezer never told me. I don't know. Sorry.

    I don't know if you still have his email address but I have the Dai-Rantou Smash Brothers DX Orchestra Concert that I could sell him, my email address is
    - Wil

David Dayton: Joey... Joey... the CD calls your name.

    Hello, deez/DD, I have question for you guys. In super Mario sunshine , how do you get to the mayor for the third shine in Pianta village? It's really starting to bug me. AND WHY DID THEY MAKE MANTA STORM SO HARD?!!!! (temper tantrum)
    - Tonetone

David Dayton: Travel underground. Hope from track to track to track. Climb out onto clear land and make your way to him. Oh... the Manta Storm is hard, yes, but not impossible. Go to the big square platform, hover a lot, and squirt water.

    In Mario Sunshine, there is a random blue circle that sometimes appears on screen (like that of the Lens of Truth in Zelda), what does that indicate?
    - Damimster

David Dayton: Umm... er... I have no idea where that is.
Deezer: I think he's talking about lens flares.
David Dayton: Can I quote you?
Deezer: Sure.

    To Deezer/David Dayton/ETC: I have a few questions and a suggestion. First, the questions, which are about the Luigi's Mansion pre-release:

    1. Long before "Luigi's Mansion" was released, I was viewing some screenshots of it, and there were many scenes that were not in the game (Examples: A ring of ghosts circling Luigi, Luigi sliding down a railing). What are these?
    2. I saw other screenshots, and they have shown ghosts that don't ever appear in the game. Were they scheduled in release as well?
    3. In some screenshots, the Game Boy Horror had some kind of clock on it, showing only AM. What was this supposed to be?

    Now a suggestion: Do you know how the site has an emulation page and level editors, plus hacks to patch? I saw at Acmlm's ROM Hack Domain (, it had a level editor for Super Mario Bros. 2! You should add that to your emulation section.

    P.S. I enclose this email with two screenshots I found, showing you what I mean in my questions.
    - Thomas

David Dayton: There are many things that were removed from Luigi's Mansion. I remember footage of card playing ghosts, for example. These things were removed for unknown reasons. I also remember that, at one point, there was some kind of time meter or clock in the game. It was presumed that this implied there was either a limit in the game or that the change of time would cause things to occur. However, this was also removed. Er... and there were no pictures attached to your e-mail.

    Hey TMK: I was playing Super Mario World on SNES the other day and was just messing around beating certain levels again for fun when I witnessed something crazy on Forest of Illusions 3 (where you get the secret by going down the pipe right before the end). I quickly ran through the level with Yoshi and a caped Mario, then lost Yoshi towards the end but still beat the level the non-secret way. Well when the map appeared moments after, it looked as if I was riding some sort of strange cloud. I started a new level to check it out and it turned out to be a football guy's head on a stick (like the horse ones that some kids have). Anyway, it was really weird and I thought maybe you guys might know why this happened or how I could get it again. I tried doing the same thing as before, but it didn't work. If you have any answers, please respond. Thanks for your time.
    - Chris

David Dayton: That is really odd. It must be some kind of glitch, but I haven't heard of it before. Can anyone duplicate this?
Deezer: I've also heard of a similar glitch where you do some kind of crazy manuever in mid-air in Cheese Bridge Area while letting Yoshi fall down a pit... and then, after finishing the stage, on the map screen you end up riding a weird blob where Yoshi should be... even though he "died"... and then if you enter a level you see Mario holding on to a Chargin' Chuck's helmet instead of Yoshi... which is pretty much what you described above. But alas, I haven't been able to do it myself, and the guy who told me about the bug kept sending me the wrong ZSNES movies.

    Hey Mailbag Answerer,
    I have a couple of questions for you (as usual)...
    1. I recently bought a Gameboy Advance and Mario Kart: Super Circuit, the first portable Mario Kart game ever! :) Anyway, I know you can have ratings at the end of the races of up to 3 stars. My question here is how do you get a rating of more than one star? I've tried multiple times before, but can't seem to get above the one star rating. My best character is Luigi, if that means anything.
    2. Did you know that Toad was originally going to be in Super Smash Brothers? I found a very small beta pic. that has Toad standing on what looks similar to a ledge of Hyrule Castle. Here's the link, if you're intrested: I thought you might like that. :)
    3. While on the subject of Toad, do you know where I can find some fanart of the little guy?... after Mario, Toad is my favorite game character.
    4. Does anybody know for sure what the next Super Mario Advance game is going to be?
    5. Finally, I have a Mario reference for you... While flipping throught the channels one night, I noticed Son of the Beach was on the FX channel. Notch was in the office area, talking to the 2 girls and guy that work for him, when a janitor walked into the scene. He was dressed in a red shirt and hat, and blue overalls and gloves, and he had a mustache. As he entered the scene, Notch said something along the lines of "Ahh, it's Super Mario!...", and they stood there talking for a minute. After Mario left the scene, Notch said something else along the lines of "See guys, not all Italians are in the Mafia." I know this was a long explanation, sorry! :)
    6. One more thing as an after thought, do you think Toad will ever have his own game?.. outside of Wario's Woods, Super Mario Bros. 2, and the Mario Kart/Tennis games, he's not had his OWN adventure.

    - Jon Reed

David Dayton: If I remember rightly, ratings are based on how many coins you pick up in the level. Beat the level in first place with a pile of coins for a better ranking. Toad is terribly overlooked, I will agree... but I don't think he was ever going to be playable in SSBM.

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