21 Feb 2003

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
California guy
Got something you want us to answer next time? Send it in!

    In the last mailbag, Pokemario asked who Arlo was. Yes, this trophy is listed in both the official Nintendo guides and the Prima guide... but what exactly is Arlo? Well, he's Totekeke. The guides were written for the "beta" versions of SSBM (hence why some screens of skirtless Peach and Zelda can be seen in the Nintendo guide) in which Totekeke was probably going to be renamed to Arlo, but they scrapped the idea before the final release. So, that's who Arlo is.
    - Paper Ace Chase

David Dayton: So Arlo was going to be K.K. Slider's original U.S. nick? How interesting. I'd love to get some scans of these pages of "beta" stuff from the guides. Feel free to send them in, anyone.
Deezer: Someone just did. I'm too lazy to post them, but now you'll all have something to look forward to in the next mailbag!

    Very nice of your part. Did I told you that when I won Paper Mario, my wish came true? By the way, I decided to make these questions a long time ago: What are your next Mariopedia plans? Did you know Histeria characters call Stalin one of the Mario Bros. by his moustache? Who is Toad's pet? Also a long time ago, in Mario Golf, Dad unlocked Bowser with Maple with 4up in points' difference. And Metal Mario didn't appeared. Why? He got all 108 birdie badges in all courses. What was wrong? And Mario says: See you next time.
    - Annie B.

David Dayton: Greetings, Brazilian miss! As far as Metal Mario -- I'm as confused as you. I will have to admit that I've yet to enable most of the secret characters in Mario Golf myself (something I hope to remedy when the GameCube version is released), but maybe someone else can help out. As far as the Mariopedia goes... that is something only Deezer can answer.
Deezer: Right now I'm working on Paper Mario stuff. Almost done adding the enemies, and after that comes the characters, and then it's on to finishing Super Mario RPG, probably.

    Hey guys, great site!! This is the best Mario site I've seen so far! Keep up the great work! Anyways, about a year ago I was playing Luigi's Mansion and I noticed something very, very strange. It freaked me out to see it in a Nintendo game, but in the graveyard with the doghouse, there is a sign. I looked at it without using the GameBoy Horror, just a first-person view, but i couldn't make out the first word but it just started with an S, but it said this: " buried in hell". then I looked at it using the GameBoy Horror and it said "Here lies Mr. Bones", but it clearly didn't say that on the sign. So what's up with this? I've searched everywhere on the net but I haven't found a thing. So, you guys are my only hope! Please, please answer this! You're my last hope!!
    - Beau

David Dayton: Deezer and I noticed this before, and we did a little research ourselves. The sign shown below seems to read "Skeleton is buried here." Why Nintendo of America didn't bother changing either the sign or retaining the message is beyond me, although I suppose it's possible that the American scriptwriter didn't actually have access to all the game elements when he wrote the script.

    i just wanna tell u that i LOVE LOVE LOVE ur site! even tho im 17 i love mario. ps, do u have the song called coolness? i heard it was a mario song but i cant find it! tnx keep up the great work!
    - betcha cant guess who! lol

David Dayton: Umm... Coolness? I have no idea song that could be.

    Dwitham is right. Black and White pictures for us to color to out heart's contents would be perfect for the site.
    - Blackbelt

David Dayton: Hmm. Another call for coloring book pics.

    Ok, I know I seem like I am lifeless and have nothing to do but play AC and send letters, but I found another reference to Mario in Animal Crossing. Here it is: Tokeke secret song "K.K. Song" is in Mario Paint. You know when you click the "O" on the title screen and it blues up and things are inverted? That music is the K.K. Song! Note: K.K. Song is a secret tune that has to be requested.
    - Callen

David Dayton: Deezer actually confirmed this recently, but it does seem to be true. It's one of the more obscure references in Animal Crossing.

    Has anyone else read these movie rumors!? "Nintendo is banking on bringing America's favorite plumber back to the silver screen in a live action/CGI film. This film will be more faithful to the game storyline and will have less darker elements than the 1993 flop from Hollywood Pictures. Nintendo execs hope to get Marilyn Manson to either have a cameo or play one of the Koopa cousins."

    "Apparently Nintendo is hoping to get Marilyn Manson to play the villian in an upcoming sequel to the 1993 film Super Mario Brothers. They want him to play one of the Koopa cousins or to at least cameo in the film."

    I'm happy just to hear there may be another Super Mario Bros. movie... BUT WITH MARILYN MANSON!!! GEE-WIZ I'M EXCITED!!! (Tee-hee... What if he did the soundtrack too!!!)
    - Diabolical Barbie

David Dayton: This is still just a wacky rumor, you know. But if by some chance this did happen, I would hope for a fully orchestrated soundtrack with a decent composer.

    Hi guys kewl site and mario rox just had to get that off my chest first.
    2) in animal crossing i have a mario shirt u guys havnt seen yet i dont think its a shine sprite! i got it via booster pack series 1. (its really kewl i only take it off to put on the original one i made thats DBZ themed)
    3) this is to brag cause i think its impressive, i completed mario sunshine without a player guide took bout 4 months but i did it.
    2 more things players can make their own mario reference in animal crossing if they call the island you can get to via game boy Yoshis Island. thats what i named it and i always get a laugh when i head their.\And finally u guys probably know Link is in soul calibar 2 right, well on it read that their are more nintendo charactors besides him! Maybe mario can be unlocked... we can only hope.
    - Drybones45

David Dayton: Is the Mario Shirt the "Jumpman Mario" one? I have that card, but I'm still looking for the Shine Sprite one. As far as other Nintendo characters in Soul Caliber... I really, really doubt it. Aside from the fact that they just wouldn't fit into the scheme of the game, I'm sure Namco would make a really big deal of it.

    Why is mario so small? He is a grown man right? I mean in super mario sunshine a fruit was over 1/2 the size of him.
    - Mega Toad

David Dayton: Ah. Mario's height. This is an interesting question. If you look at Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros., Mario is clearly about 1/2 to 2/3 as tall as the ladies he rescues. However, these are cartoon character proportions. A typical human's head is about 1/6 of their body height; a typical cartoon character's head is about 1/3 to 1/4 of their body. While Mario's actual height may look short, in cartoon perspective he's only about 1 head shorter than Peach. So, in human measurements, if we assume Peach is about 5'5", Mario would be about 8-10 inches shorter...say 4'7".
In reference to the other items in the game... it's a cartoon convention. Things are huge because it makes for a better game/joke/story.

    Hi! It's been a long time since I've been mailing the Mailbag. I was Matt Koopa but I'm now Matt M. Koopa because that's my name for Lemmy's Land. Since I'm here I'm asking a few questions: 1. In Animal Crossing my favorite negihbors are Egbert & Twiggy but I'd have had a few people move away from my town but I don't under stand why. Answers?
    2. I know Square and Nintendo are lovey dovey now. Will they be making Mario RPG type game with other Nintendo characters in it. I loved Mario RPG and it would be great if they did something like that! :D
    3. Why doesn't J.J. and Megabyte answer the mailbag anyone.
    4. Did Nintendo have something to do with the PSX. I heard rumors that Nintendo will buy out Sony.
    5. Not really a question but the Rare with M$ thing has gone on to long. Rare sucks now, they have always suck after Goldeneye. Star Fox Adventures is boring, B-K is just a rip off and DK 64 is just dumb. And they take 4 years just to make 1 game and takes one year for Capcom to make 5 games for the Gamecube. Glad Capcom and Nintendo like each other.
    6. What your favorite NES humor website? Mine is the Smackdown.
    - Matt M. Koopa

David Dayton: AC characters will leave if you visit another town (why, I don't know), or for reasons I really don't understand. I don't forsee a new Square/Nintendo game any time soon, but I could be wrong. I dunno. Nintendo and Sony were going to release a SNES CD attachement, but Nintendo backed out of it and Sony revamped the whole thing into the Playstation. As far as NES humor would go... the closest thing I can think of would be 8-Bit Theater -- it's the only NES type humor site I visit, at least.

    I've been a long time reader but this is my first time sending something to the mailbag. I just wanted to make a suggestion about the site. I think a real good section to add to the site would be a 'beta screenshot page'. I know it might be harder to get shots from Mario 64 but I'm sure theres some out there. I've always enjoyed looking at beta shots and thought it would be a good section to add.
    - Jason

David Dayton: Hmm. That's an interesting idea. I think we have some shots of that kind, somewhere.

    You know what my first game console I played? A SNES. My first game? SMW1. First level? Level 2. When I played it? When I was 4. Ever since my mom got me a SNES I watch every level on every game we had. (All we had were Mario games) The only level I didn't like were boss levels. (Oh yeah, when I was 4 the only level I passed was level 2 in SMW1)? Well I still remember all of the sounds at least...

David Dayton: My first system was an Atari 2600. Ah, those were the days.
Deezer: The first game I ever played was probably Pole Position (arcade). My first "system" was a VIC-20. Three words: Spiders of Mars!

    Well, hello there again, my little Nintendo-heads. I see you've made a comment about more female gamers coming from the woodworks, so I decided to add some input on in. Yeup, we're here alright, but some of us are "closet gamers". Unfortunately, I happen to belong of the same sex where painting fingernails and applying make-up is the thing to do. (I don't even keep nails...they're so hard to hold a controller with!) But I'm proud to announce to anyone of the male species that I could kick their butts at any game. (I rule the whole state of Louisiana in Super Smash Brothers Melee, and accept any challenge to prove me wrong!)
    And for the record, this female gamer has been into it since the 80's...first the Atari and stepping right to the lovely Nintendo, Super NES, Nintendo 64, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, GameCube (need I go on?)...
    - Loni, The Undisputed Queen of Nintendo

David Dayton: Okay. There are getting to be a lot of 20 something female gamers around here. We should start a Women of TMK message board or something. I would offer to take up that challenge, but I am simply too far away.
Deezer: There is no need for a challenge. One thing I remember from dating is that women are always right.

    Hey, I'd talk a lot, but you made fun of me last time. Short version:
    1. I think that pic of Toad in SSBM was just a blurry picture of him in the background of the yoshi thing in adventure mode.
    2. has several Mario references in various cartoons. In the latest Halloween episode (pumpkin carve-nival) Bubs is dressed as Captain Lou Albano, and the King Of Town is dressed as Mario! I would recomend watching a couple of the other cartoons BEFORE this one, to get an idea of what the characters are like, but you don't have to. After the cartoon is over, click on the King of Town/Mario to play the game!
    3. If I'm the first person to point that site out to you guys, I should get a prize.
    4. Strong Bad email 22 starts with Strong Bad humming music from Donkey Kong. I think there are a few other scattered references, but I can't think of any.
    - LuigiHann

David Dayton: Made fun of you? Sorry about that. Yes, it is possible the pic was just of what you mentioned... and I will check on those references soon. My poor little 56k modem doesn't like large files.

    There really is a Bow Wow item in Four Swords! When you use it a Bow Wow will start following you, and will eat enemies just like in Link's Awakening for Game Boy, and will even knock Rupees from other players! And you can put it away, too. And there's also Bow Wows in Turtle Rock and the entrance to the hidden dungeon.
    - Michael Barr

David Dayton: I've gotten this confirmation from a few other people. We will have to get screenshots of it eventually.
Deezer: I second that.

    More Proof to backup the fact that peach is pauline: Once Again, the Animal Crossing Players Guide Reveals All. Page 149 states another NES game info, in which we thought was mario and pauline, but it says, and i Quote "Shoot your ball into the red hole to reach a bonus stage with Mario and Peach. Hit like numbers to break Peach's prison cell then catch her when she falls to earn 10,000 points." Unquote. At first, i thought the idea about peach=pauline couldn't be true, but while i was reading my official animal crossing players guide, i noticed something. On page 152, in the section where they give info on the donkey kong NES game, in the did you know area, it states, and i quote, "Though Mario's love interest later came to be known as Peach, she is called Pauline in Donkey Kong." Suprised? So was I.
    - Mike Edwards

David Dayton: No, Peach and Pauline are different people, and it is Pauline you rescue in Pinball, not Peach. I don't care what the AC guide says, it is clearly wrong. To further my proof, I present exhibit A.

In this picture, from the 1994 Game Boy game Donkey Kong, the girl being carried off by Donkey Kong is clearly not Princess Peach Toadstool. The game refers to her as Pauline, the same Pauline from the original Donkey Kong game. If this were false, then it would have assuredly been corrected in 1994 when this game was released, correct? Pauline is a distinct character, although it looks like the design team intentionally gave her brown hair to distinguish her from Peach.
Deezer: The AC guide is wrong. It sounds like they're trying to simplify the Super Mario backstory by combining the two characters. No sir, I don't like it.

    OK I don't know if anyone here (I'm talking the whole of TMK and the mailbag) can remember back to the late 80's to try and help me on this but here goes. The $64 question is: "Does anyone here Remember Super Mario Bros. on Ice?" Yes you read right I said "Super Mario Bros. on Ice". There truely was such a thing I remember seeing a few commercials for it way way way back in the day. The only thing I remember is that all the kids in the audience got a free watch that was supposed to help them defeat Bowser (Kinda like those weird flashing things they had at the last [and I do mean LAST] Mortal Kombat live tour) And I do remember one other thing. I'm not 100% about details though. I think it was some type of awards show. and as this one part they were gonna show some thing (Like I said I'm not 100% sure on all the details) but instead of that they show teh guy from "Mr. Belvedere" (Give yourself a cookie if you remember this show. Give yourself 2 if you acctually remember the guy's real name) in green face paint dressed up as the Bowser from the On Ice show (I swear on a stack of pancakes I am not making this up) Well basically mario and luigi come and save the day with FLAMETHROWERS!!!!!! (I swear on a gold copy of the Nintendo World Championships 1990 cart). They looked like the one from Spaceballs. Give yourself 5 cookies if you know what I'm talknig about. 6 cookies if you can recite the entire scene from memory and 15 cookies if you can tell me what was wrong with the Coloring book) Well that's about it for my deranged trip down memory lane. I'm just looknig for people to prove I'm not crazy and acctually saw the show. Cause I didn't. Oh and give yourself 50 cookies if you ever saw the short lived "Thundercat's Live" show in NYC also I'm done now.
    - mziemba

David Dayton: So... does anyone remember this thing? I've never heard of it before.
Deezer: Someone was going to send us a VHS of this, but I guess that fell through.

    Hey TMK Mailbag Answers. I`m back. I have found a few Mario related cameos on TV:
    1. In Jimmy Neutron, Jimmy goes camping with his dad and he reveals his newest invention-the Camp In A Box. When he opens it, furniture and a TV appear and connected to the TV is an NES. Sadly, it explodes, but another one comes back at the end.
    2. In Courage the Cowardly Dog, There have been sightings of a creature that looks like a deformed Koopa. It has appeared in at least two episodes.
    3. This one isn`t from TV, but have you ever noticed how much snapping turtles look like Bowser? I`ve seen one before, and this guy behind me was saying that he looked like the Bowser from Super Mario Bros.
    And I have a few things to say:
    1. I have two Mario Kart 64 items in my own home: A phone and a clock. I`ve never seen them in stores or on the internet. I can`t get you a picture of them, but I thought they were something that could be mentioned in your Mario Merchandise section.
    2. My "townies" in my Animal Crossing town have been a great help when it comes to finding Mario stuff. They`ve buried a Mario Trophy and an Arwing Model in the past. I think it has something to do with the town name. my character is Sam and my town is Fulton, but it may be luckiness. I don't know.
    Once again, your site is the most ultimate Mario website ever . See ya next mailbag!
    - Celebi413 (FYI, I`m a male fan)

David Dayton: Hmm. I have the Mario clock radio actually, but not the phone, although I've heard of it. I should really find one.

David Dayton: Well, it nearly made my browser crash... a bit too intensive on the Java or whatever on that page.
Deezer: One thing I think would really spruce it up is a huge link to The Mushroom Kingdom. On every page.

    First off, a couple mailbags ago I was talking about a Luigi's Mansion trailer, with Luigi wearing green pants... That was completely bogus. I just got a new monitor, and it turns out Luigi was in his right clothes the whole time... gotta hate old monitors.
    Another thing, do you guys have Mario Kart Super Circuit? If so, why the heck does Luigi's voice sound so messed up? I swear, it sounds like a high mix of Peach's and Toad's voices, with a little helium mixed in. It's depressing. Also, if you look on the back of the instruction book, look at the Mario holding the screw driver. His ear looks weird, because those lines in his ear are gone.
    And finally, back to Luigi's Mansion. In the instruction book, the part about elements shows the three elements as icons. The one for ice looks like some crumbled stuff, but in the game the ice icon is a white diamond. weird, huh?
    - Atticus

David Dayton: Luigi doesn't seem to have a very consistent voice, which is bizarre as I though Charles Martinet always did his voice... and if I ever hook my scanner back up, I might grab some of those manual pics so we can all see what you are talking about.

    dear deezer how do you feal about the new game boy advance sp, its really nice but its a game boy it should be like $70 since thats how much the gba costs....what do you think for the price should be
    - kish way

David Dayton: Really, really cheap so I can buy one. $100 isn't that's right around the standard price a new GB device has been upon release, and this one does come with its own battery.
Deezer: $100 is a fine price indeed.

    Guess what. I found this while I was listening to sound clips on Yahoo Shopping. Yahoo! Shopping Music - Esquina . You'll see that there's a track with the name of the main homies of Nintendo themselves in it. And when you listen to it's sound clip, it is in fact the main Mario theme! Well, see 'ya.
    - Robert Poole

David Dayton: Hmm. Interesting. For anyone interested, try tossing mms:// into Winamp's "Play Location" to hear it. We should add some references to these somewhere on this site, eh Deezer? For that matter, if anyone can get a copy of Pedro Guzman's "Alma de Nino", it supposedly has a Super Mario World and a Super Mario Bros. track. I just can't find it anywhere.
Deezer: I need a siesta.

    Hi this is kevpod. I've been reading your mailbags for a while now. I decided to send something in. In your fan film section, there is a movie called "The adventures of mario and luigi". I can't download anything from your site so i can't see it. I was wondering if you guys could make it into a smaller form so I could i could see it or atleast make more pics from the movie each with one of the characters in their costumes. I talked to the creator of the movie and he said to ask you about this stuff. I am planning on making a movie like this myself but since he has already made one I'll keep it to myself. Thanks for putting me in your mailbag!
    - Kevpod900

David Dayton: Sounds like an excellent suggestion, as I haven't seen the film yet either.
Deezer: MEGAߥTE is working on it!

    - Jean Pierre Doren


    Dear Beloved tmk,
    I've been an avid Nintendo fan for years. I started playing video games when I was about 4 or 5 and have not outgrown the passion! I was actually the first girl in my grade six class to own such SNES gems as Starfox, Streetfighter and Mariopaint, happily obliging to my (usually male) gamer comrades seeking advice. I thought I'd include a strange tidbit...Has anyone read Jeff Rovin's How to Win at Videogames 3? (Trust me, I only read the book after I'd finished the games included in it ;>) Well, in the section at the back, Jeff reviews a list of NES games. I found it interesting that someone wrote in to report "rumors of a chocolate factory" in the original Super Mario Bros.! Of course I don't believe it but it does explin later Nintendo 'sweets' phenomena, such as Yoshi's Cookie and SMB4's Chocolate Island!
    - Disco Dame / Bobo (my human in AC)

David Dayton: I do believe I ran across that book at least once. I wonder if it was a reference to some of the levels composed of nothing but dark blocks -- the ones that look sort of like small squares from a chocolate bar? On another note, it is interesting that the Yoshi's Cookie cookies appear in Mario Party 4's cookie minigame.
Deezer: Mmm, chocolate...

    I have some cameos for you. I don't know if you already have them or not. In Beethoven, (the movie about the dog!) the kids play SMB3. In Eastenders, a UK Soap about the eastend of London, Charlie Salter gets a job delivering pizza, and Gary says "Look, it's Super Mario."
    - Kickle Cubicle

David Dayton: Interesting!
Deezer: Mmm, pizza...

    Hey, love the site. I have a Mario Cameo (if that's what you want to call it) from a Disney channel cartoon called Kim Possible. I watched it for a few minutes during commercials from another show I was watching, and it started with the character Kim Possible walking into a Chucky Cheese like restaurant, and there is her friend Ron Stoppable playing an arcade game. Well the sound affects on the game he was playing was sound affects from the first Super Mario Bro.s game, the Jump, Coin, and the Shrinking sound affects were used for the arcade. Not very uncommon for a show to use Mario sound affects for Video Game scenes, but still thought you'd like to know. Keep up the great work on the site.
    - Nathan aka WeaponX

David Dayton: More references to Mario games. Lovely.
Deezer: Mmm... Oh wait, did you say Chuck E. Cheese? Never mind.

    do you have or do you know where to get a Mario Bros. control panel overlay?
    - Mark

David Dayton: Didn't we cover this in a previous mailbag? I'd recommend searching with Google for arcade game parts and restoration. I know that there are companies that sell such things... or you can check eBay.

    In the Donkey Kong Country universe, Cranky Kong is Donkey Kong from the arcade games, and Donkey Kong is his son--originally named Donkey Kong Jr. That's why, in Mario Kart 64, you have Donkey Kong instead of Donkey Kong Jr. It's the same character, but grown up and taking the family name. And as to David's wondering as to who they could add to the next Smash Brothers game besides Wario... heheheheh... Toad, Kamek the Magikoopa, Ash Ketchem (Pokemon), Little Mac (Punch Out!!!), Pit (Kid Icarus), Baby Bowser, Mario-riding-Yoshi, a Hammer Brother, Prince Poo (Earthbound)... And while we're thinking wishfully, Mallow, Geno, and Smithy. And the list goes on--this is just what I can come up with by myself in ten minutes. :)
    - Joshua Mallory

David Dayton: Well, Cranky was supposed to be the DK from the arcade games (according to Rare), but it doesn't seem like Shigeru or anyone at Nintendo believes that. Everything at this point seems to imply that the DK in DKC is supposed to be the original DK, regardless of Cranky Kong. Confusing it is.
As far as the extra SSB characters go... Wario is seemingly assured, Toad is unlikely (being a weapon in SSBM), Pit might have a chance, Mario & Yoshi seem unlikely as both are already present, Ash might be accepted - but he's not really a major character in the Pokémon franchise now (as each game starts with a different kid, if I am not mistaken), Little Mac is even more obscure than any other character and he doesn't really exist as a unique character (each Punch Out had a new fighter, really), Kamek and a Hammer Brother would be overkill at this point, Prince Poo (or any other Earthbound character) might be possible, and the Square/Nintendo characters are certainly not going to be there. Diddy Kong might be possible, though.

    Do any of you know Pteryx's (writer of "Lakitu's Defection") e-mail address? I'm trying to track down his home page.
    - Shaye88

David Dayton: Can anyone help?

    This is Lee again!
    1 How did you get all those nes games?
    2 I looked on every site for the mario wall but I cant find it!
    3 How do you get pinball?
    4. Tell me every Nes game you have!!
    5 This is about Animal Crosing
    7 Last but not least can you give me textures how to make the mario wall and floor?
    P.S. I LOVE Mario
    - Lee

David Dayton: 1) Trading with other folks and the official Animal Crossing website Nintendo put up. 2) Neither can I. 3) See 1. 4) Lemme think... DK, DK Jr., DK Jr. Math, DK 3, Clu Clu Land, Clu Clu Land D, Excitebike, Wario's Woods, Pinball, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Balloon Fight.
Textures? Ummm... that's a good idea. Maybe we should start something for posting textures. Another reader sent in this Link to a site of textures, though.

    I have some neat little trinkets not shown in your merchandise section. It's a little Super Mario World Sweat Shirt/Sweat pant outfit. It used to mine! I also have a Mario Plush Doll that I need to have my mom clean. I think this item was part of a set, and it had Luigi, a Starman and probably more. I also have a complete set of the Wendy's toys!(I have connections!) I have the Mario Kart 64 toy Series made by Toy Biz. Well, thats about it. Ciao!!
    - David of the Hill People

David Dayton: Pictures! We need pictures! Actually, the "plush set" is what interests me, as I've never heard of that. I have several bean bag Mario toys, though.

    Check out the book American Odyssey. It's an American History book and in pages 928-929 they talk about the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Here's other info.
    Author: Gary B. Nash, History professor at University of California
    Publisher: Glencoe, a division of the McGraw-Hill company
    Published: New York, New York; Columbus, Ohio; Mission Hills, California; and Peoria, Illinois.

    - Raymond Bacallao

David Dayton: The more you know...
Deezer: So, does it mention Mario at all?

    Hi! in your commerciall and add download page, how come u didnt get the USA super mario sunshine add? its the one with people singing... "Clean is better than dirty!!"
    - MohamAw

David Dayton: Also known as "the worst Mario commercial of all time?" Maybe Deezer just hasn't gotten around to it yet.
Deezer: Maybe.

    I found couple of glitches in SSBM. Alright, first off, remember how they took out Peach's skirt blowing all the way up in windy stages in the English version of SSBM? Well, I'm no pervert, but if you play as Peach and go to one of those stages (Icicle Mountain, Corneria, Venom, etc) and use her taunt, Peach's skirt will bow all the way up. Secondly, with Fox, if you play the game in Japanese, he can still do his English taunt. All you have to do is attack or any other thing and then quickly press the taunt button. Rather than his Japanese "Ka ka te koi!", he'll say his English "Come on!" However, if you do it repeatedly after that, he says his Japanese taunt. Falco is the same way, except the taunting is random and he uses no English. Well, I hope I brought a li'l something new into the picture. Thanks for reading.
    - Kitsune Yamato Keitsuken

David Dayton: I did hear that the skirt wasn't perfectly pinned down in the air stages.

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