15 Apr 2003

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
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Super Mario, Super Mario, Super Mario ... WORLD.

    I was wondering are you guys going to upload any "Waluigi" Sounds from Super Mario Party?
    - Mike

David Dayton: Eventually, we probably will. Someone will have to record those, and we just haven't got around to doing that yet. Which version of Mario Party are you referring to, though? Mario Party 3 or Mario Party 4 ?

    Dear wonderful people of TMK,
    This is my third letter to TMK, and I'd like to say that your site is only getting better. Even though I am 14 and everyone constantly puts me down because I like Mario, I still like the little guy and his brother. Actually, I like Luigi better, due to the fact that I was always forced to play as Luigi when I was growing up. Anyway? If you go to you can see a whole bunch of funny Mario movies and parodies. I especially liked Yoshi's island 1+ 2. It's about time Yoshi did something about baby Mario's crying!! 2. In case you haven't noticed, there hasn't been a Mario BROTHERS game for some time. its been Mario this and Mario that for several years. wheres luigi's share? oh sure, they give him a new game. but all they give him is a stupid vacuum?? THAT SUCKS. This is not a coincidence, I assure you. But it's not like I don't LIKE Mario, I just think Luigi has been in the shadows all these years. I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest.

    - Luigi's (and Mario's) fan, Alex Villalta

David Dayton: Yes, Luigi's vacuum does suck, much like Kirby.

Ok, anyway... I agree that we need a new Super Mario Bros. game with both Mario and Luigi. What Nintendo might try sometime is something along the lines of the two character gameplay in the Donkey Kong Country series. Have Mario and Luigi running through the game together, but allow you to switch at any point. This would allow you to carry two different forms of powerups along as you play, keep both characters in the spotlight, even allowing Luigi and Mario to have different kinds of skills and abilities. Sounds like a nice idea, eh?

    Thanks for calling me "Brazilian miss". So, you, Deezer, likes Paper Mario? Cool, so do I! My favorite part of Paper Mario is the dialogues. But what I don't understand is: Why Mario don't talk? Why Peach is red-haired, not blonde?

    Here in Brazil, every Thursday arrives a magazine called Recreio. It has many subjects about nature, dates, comics, and even games. Some Recreios have Mario games, by now appeared Paper Mario, Mario Tennis, Mario Party 3, Super Mario Advance [Super Mario World], Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island, Dr. Mario 64 and Game and Watch Gallery 4.

    The other day, I finally beat Super Mario World using Yoshi's Island 1, the Yellow Switch Palace, and the quickest route.

    Paper Mario's final fight with Bowser is cool. I started with Watt and ended with Goombario. I recomend use lots of Life Shrooms and only one Ultra Shroom. The Life Shrooms are used when Mario dies and the Ultra Shroom is for in case Bowser's Hp is in 2 and you have Goombario to make his Headbonk to finish him off.

    When Mario use a P-Balloon in Super Mario World [the SNES version, all right?] the move is called "Plumboon Baloon." Don't laugh, but, if this is strange, it is.
    Don't you think that baby Mario, who appeared in Mario Golf and Tennis, is a crybaby?

    - Annie B.

David Dayton: Greetings again, our friend from the southern hemisphere! Mario doesn't talk because in Japanese RPGs, it is a bit of a convention for the lead character not to talk. Not always, but often, especially in older, text-based (as opposed to recorded voices) games. Peach is red haired in Paper Mario? I never noticed that. I think the developers have her hair in the "strawberry blonde" catagory at times, somewhere between a light red and blonde.

I never heard a name for the move in Super Mario World, although I do know that the ballon is labeled as a P-Balloon... and Baby Mario cries because he is a baby, of course. See ya next time!

    After doing an extensive research quest, I found out quite a bit about the "lost" Mario movie. It was directed by a man named HAKA, a popular Japanese director. It was released July 20, 1986. It was actually quite a popular movie in Japan. It was about 60 minutes long, and had Mario rescuing the princess.

    While no one ever gave an official reason as to why it did not make an American release, the guesses are because of the sexuality and racism that is considered ok in Japan. You can actuallyfind the movie off of EBAY, or a P2P file program. Such as Kazaa, Grokster or Morpheus. I got mine off of Kazaa and it is pretty decent. I burned it to DVD.

    For more information on this movie go to have also gotten in touch with the director of the movie section at Supe rMario Brothers Headquarters. So you may find it their soon. Thank You for your time. Keep doing the excellent work at TMK. Adter six years you are still the best Mario site on the internet. Thank you for your time.

    Also, do you know if Nintendo will be releasing any MArio on GAMEBOY SP?
    - Phantaz

David Dayton: Well, to be quite blunt, I'd like to see a copy of this film in my hands before I decide it really existed. I've found some proof that it did exist, but nothing really substantial as of yet. The fact that is was never released via video to the Japanese market is quite weird, in my opinion. As I know nothing of the possible content, I have nothing I can really say about it.

The GBA SP is the same as the GBA. All Game Boy Advance games will work on it, and there will be no games made that work only on the the SP. So... all the Mario Advance games qualify as "SP" games, eh?

Deezer: I remember talking with JJ about that movie. The question of is this real or not never came up, probably because of the type of site (director filmography) the info was found on. You say it's available via P2P programs? What's the movie's filename? :)

    I am looking for software to make my own stare-eo's. Do you know where I might get one? Thanks, Chris Davis.
    - BattyNbobbins

David Dayton: I remember seeing such a program in the past, but I really couldn't help you find it now. Try using Google and see what you can find.

    I remember one of you guys said you always wondered what happened once you beat the final level (phase 100) in Wrecking Crew for NES. I've done it before. (The key is to anticipate the Eggplant men's movements.) The game just restarts at phase 1, exept the fireballs appear more quickly increasing the challenge abit.
    - Beau Skunk

David Dayton: Interesting. It makes sense, but it is a bit disappointing. In related news, I've heard that:
1) Mario Clash actually has an ending, but it's based on score. Supposedly, if you earn 1 million points, you get a victory screen. Is this true? I can't say, as I've never gotten that far.

2) Eggplant Man is a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

3) Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew appeared in an obscure Japanese GBC Golf game that was made to be used with the cell phone adaptor. Deezer, we need a page for that game. I think I sent you some screenshots already!

Deezer: Oh yeah, that "Mobile Golf" game or something. I'll have to look into it again, because I forgot everything I read about it. Basically, it's similar to Mario Golf.

    OK, 3 things.
    1. I LOVE THIS SITE!!! ....ALOT!

    2. My school let us pick topics for a sort of 'symposium' where we make a model, movie, and timeline, and my topic is Mario!

    3. In the last mailbag there was a lot of reference to a sequel too SSBM. Do you know when it's coming out?
    Thanx alot! --BillyI
    - BillyI

David Dayton: 1) Thanks. 2) I see. 3) No, nothing official as of yet. I wouldn't expect a sequel for quite a while, actually.

    im guessing that you guys have already heard about this, but im still a little confused. Its SUPER MARIO 128, at first everybody thought it was just that demo for the gamecube system, but that chief guy at nintendo stated that it is very well a game, and i was wondering if u have any inside news or anything on this whole confusing matter thanks a bunch
    - BMWZ830I

David Dayton: The "Super Mario 128" demo was originally a demo showing 128 little Marios (pulled from the polygonal model used in Super Mario 64 running around. The common belief was that this was an early example of code that later turned into the Pikmin game. However, Shigeru Miyamoto recently announced that there was a new Mario game coming, which he referred to in a rather cryptic manner as "Super Mario 128". I doubt that is the actual name of the game (although it could be the project's code name), and I also doubt it has anything to do with the 128 demo we saw. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the original plans for the sequel to SM64, though.

    can you email shigeru miyamoto ???? and if you can how ???
    - Bopeepsam

David Dayton: If you had his e-mail address, I'm sure you could.

    hello deezer and dayton this is my first e-mail to tmk, a friend off the web gave me the e address. so let me just ask you my questions in order:

    1.i just had a dream about super mario world, do you guys ever dream about games? old are you both?

    3. do you know if there is going to be a mario party 5,6,and 7and so on and son, b/c i just love the games so far.

    4. do you have a time that i can im you?

    5. and max told me about a new mario (live) movie and i spread the word but i'm not sure,if you know tell me if it is.

    - chewbacca (a total game freak)

David Dayton: 1) Not for a long time. 2) Old enough to have better things to do that wasting our lives running a video game website... but we do it anyway! Heh! 3) No clue as of yet. 4) Er, possibly. Are you cute and female? 5) I've heard the rumors too, but I'm skeptical until something happens.

    I just want to say? I LOVE YOUR SITE? IT BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES!!!, but that?s not important. You should get something new and orignal. Something no other site has. like? ummmm? a coin guide, yahhhh, a way to get 100+ coins on every level of every game. or a 1up guide for every one of the smb games. to find all the hidden lives. Yahhhh I havent searched mush. maby you do have them. buy
    - Christopher Cormier

David Dayton: We already have stuff no other site has. Like Mr. Face.

(David is dragged off and beaten to a bloody pulp by the Nintendorks)

Oof. Er, as I was saying, I think we already have many things uncommon to a site dedicated to an individual series. As far as getting 100 coins in every level of a game... that sounds like a lot of work to write up. Feel free to submit a guide if you make one, although the only games I can think of where such a guide might be useful would be in Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine.

    Hello once more! I thought I might ask you guys a few questions! Some just came straight outta nowhere, so have fun!!

    1.Would you ever (and I mean EVER!!) consider playing or even renting (oh, goodness, must hold it in) an X-Box(vomit)?

    2.Who is your favorite super hero?(Mario doesn't count)

    3. A:Do you think The Big N Should hold a contest to design a new character/video game? (I think the company that made Sly Cooper for PS2 held a contest similar to this, and so did Atari. The winner helped design the game Marble Madness!)

    3. B:If yes to the above, what kind of character/video game would you create? I personally would design a game similar to Metal Gear Solid, but have like cartoon-y like characters.

    4. I am writing(and doing most of the art work) that consists of the Popeye characters(Bluto, Popeye, Wimpy) and Santa Claus. I posted a similar thing telling the story line to the two completed episodes and needed help writing the third I am at an impasse in which I would like to solicit your expert advice. What should happen next?

    5. Would you post a shameless plug? or if that one doesn't tickle your fancy, (It has some real German things, but mostly is a site that has stuff my friend and I think of in the wee hours of the night.)

    6.I must ask, have you ever seen a Super Mario Bros/Legend of Zelda toy Chest? My cousin has one, and it seems to date back to 1988. Si? No?

    7.In your opinion, should Nintendo release a second Animal Crossing? It would boast better graphics, more characters to interact with(not that there ain't that many to begin with) more NES games, the ability to converse with the people(humans?) in your town, A choose your face mode(so you don't end up with the face of the psycho killer standing behind you in a dark alley), The ability to skip the little conversation with Rover on the train, and (cue fanfare) INTERNET PLAY!! That would be soooooooooooo cool!!!

    8.Does that whole thing with the no computer games on our site mean that people who are designing computer games with Mario should forget about asking you completely to post their games on your site?(if answer is yes, Poop.)

    9. I have found a typing error in Super Smash Bros for the N64. During the end credits, when the voice actors part goes by, they spelled Charles Martinet's name wrong. The spell it: "Martinee". Just thought you might like to know.

    Well thats all I have to say for right now. So I bid you fare well.
    - David Edwards

David Dayton: 1) Sure, I'd play a game on an Xbox, if the game was any good.
2) My favorite super hero? Well, I did like the good Green Lantern, before those commies made him go insane and kill off all his friends.
3) Not really, as inviting folks to create a new character creates all kinds of issues when it comes to copyrights... and I don't think I'd want some of the stuff the general public would make, anyway.
4) "Suddenly, they walked into the street and were run over by a truck. The End". Or, if you live in England, "Suddenly, they walked into the street and were run over by a lorry. The End".
5) Ok.
6) Actually, I have. It wasn't a toy chest, though -- it was one of the special "gifts" a retailer could get for their World of Nintendo in-store displays, if I remember correctly. I had a picture of it once, but I can't really figure out where it went.
7) Animal Crossing 2 is being made.
8) Er, we can't put them on the site, but we could link to them, I suppose.
9) We'll have to get a screen capture of that. I do remember seeing such a mistake in a few games, though.

    Birdo!! Cute lil' Birdo... The Koopa Kids! I mean, the REAL Koopa Kids! Where did they all go off to? I can't wait to see them in another game... And I'm sick of MARIO'S ITALIAN ACCENT! IT TOOK ME 5 YEARS TO FINALLY GET USED TO IT! Ahem. But, anyway, this site's awesome. Sweet, ya know. Whatever ya wanna call it. Just letting you know- you da BOMB, Deezer!

    Um...Any other random thing I should say...?

    Yoshi. Yoshi really needs a girlfriend. But I guess that's what Birdo could be, huh? I mean, besides their heads, they're practically the same species... Anyway, keep trucking, TMK!
    - Destiny Smasher

David Dayton: They all ran off somewhere.... and don't forget, Yoshi refers to an entire species. I'm sure there are some nice female Yoshis out there.

    I long time ago when I was young, I was playing Super Mario Bros. 2, just messing around. I stumbled upon a trick that I haven't, to this day, met ANYONE WHO KNOWS OF IT!

    The trick is, you get a Starman right before you enter the Sub-con door, (the one you get when you hurl the bubbling red potion on the ground). You wait about a "one one-thousand, two one-thousand", and enter Sub-con (it will probably take a few times). By the time the Starman music stops (while you're still in Sub-con), Sub-Con's music (old Mario theme) just starts... as you leave Sub-con, (if timed right), the music continues to be (a FULL version) the old SMB's music as heard in Sub-con... it lasts until you enter a situation where the music is set to change (i.e. Birdo encounters). Try it... it can be done on the first level!!!

    Tell me there are other people out there who know of this! It's such a kickass little trick, I wish more people knew of it.

    It DOESN'T WORK FOR SNES GAME, I don't think!
    - DifferentType

David Dayton:

 =>Change Music: To change the background music, grab a potion and then collect
   cherries until a Starman appears. Catch the Starman to become invincible.
   Toss the potion to create a door to Sub-Con. Wait a little, then enter the
   door. While in Sub-Con, wait until your invincibility almost wears off, then
   go back through the door JUST as the music is switching from the Starman
   theme to the Sub-Con (Super Mario Bros.) music, and you will return to the
   normal world with the Sub-Con music playing in the background.

David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book

    hiya deezer
    - Digiking92

David Dayton: Deezer's not here, man.

Deezer: Say what?

    It's MegaKoopa again. This is a question that's been bugging me like heck: When NOA brings Nintendo Puzzle Collection to the US, are they going to take all that time to change Panel De Pon into Tetris Attack again? Or will they have mercy and leave it the way it is, so we can have another Tetris Attack clone to make fun of :) ? Please answer!
    - MegaKoopa

David Dayton: When NOA brings it over (and I do hope that they do), I have a funny feeling they may actually leave it intact as the original game. They could change it, but that would entail a lot of work, and Nintendo no longer has the rights to the Tetris games, so I'm not sure exactly what they would call it.

Deezer: To tell you the truth, I'd be shocked if NPC makes it to the US.

    In SML, what kind of clothing does Superball Mario wear? I'm curious about hat, shirt, and overalls colors. - dix34113

David Dayton: It's supposed to be his standard clothing.

Super Mario Land boxart, Japanese version

    Hi, Have any one who is in Australia seen the "Old El Paso" tacos ad because it has a bleeding obvious cameo of Mario tennis that have sound effects that are most likely the new version(GCN) played with an N64 controller.If some one can taped it and send it in it would be quite interesting to compere it later on with the new version.By the way with the N64 rumble pak corrupted my files of Mario tennis and now it will not save any thing stored on it.
    - DWTMatthews

David Dayton: Never seen the ad, but I would hazard to guess that it simply has sound effects tossed into it to represent "video game sounds" and N64 controllers are being used as they are what was in the prop room. I really doubt that the upcoming GameCube Mario Tennis game was secretly smuggled into the ad. Also... there really shouldn't be a way for a rumble pak to corrupt the saved data on the N64 cart, as the game stores saved information on an EPROM. You might need to have the cart repaired if the memory save function has failed to work, though.

    I have some Notes & Queries, most of which refer to the mailbag of 14th March 2003.
    1. How could anyone think that a game called 'Marionette' could POSSIBLY star Mario? Unless Bowser had turned Mario into a puppet and you had to guide him around 17 detailed 3D levels, a game about puppets could NEVER have Mario as the star. For Real.

    2. If you want N64 emulators, go to It's in spanish, but it's not too hard to understand. ...and Dave, N64 emu's don't blow up your computer, they just don't work very well. Once I tried to play SM64 on my PC, it had a very good framerate, and brilliant picture quality, but when it got to the press start screen Mario's head was BLACK!!! Apperantly my video card isn't any good at texturising or something. Hmmm...

    3. I have been playing Made In Wario (Wario Ware in Japanese) and it is BRILLIANT! It has to be one of the greatest GBA game EVER!!! OK, I admit that my taste in games is a little... well, different (I HATE ZELDA), but I do think that Wario Ware could be the best underrated game ever. Yes, even better then Monkey Ball.

    4. Square IS making another Mario RPG. Maybe.

    5. About the mem card screen in the manual, in England they replaced it with Luigi's Mansion, but all the other blocks are filled with video-game nonsense, like the Triforce, some mushrooms from Mario Kart and what's-his-name from Wave Race. There's also an Animal Crossing character there, so could that be a sign that it will come out in England...? OK, main statements out of the way, here come the quickies:

    6. Don't buy Xbox. You'll regret it.

    7. We get Doshin, you get Cubivore. It's perfectly fair that way.

    8. You get Animal Crossing, we don't. That's not fair.

    9. You honestly DON'T want to play Doshin. It's just that bad.

    10. SMB has more than 4.8 'deaths per minute'.

    11. Nintendo characters don't die, they 'faint'.

    12. I found a glitch in SMB. If you press A, Mario does a little jump! It you hold it down, he does a larger jump! Crazy or what?

    13. And finally, Sir Jeff seems to be describing not Doki Doki whatever, rather, it sounds more like an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.
    - Eternal Phoenix

David Dayton: Boy, I hate numbered e-mails.

1) Of course. Nintendo would never try something new or different. What's next, a Mario game where all the characters are two dimensional and flop around like paper dolls?
2) Sure. You just want my computer to blow up. I see your game.
3) It does look neat.
4) I hope not. I want the next Mario RPG game to be fun.
5) Hmm.
6) I don't know. I do need a new heater.
7) If you say so.
8) You have Chaucer.
9) Actually, I like the game quite a bit.
10) Depends on how you play.
11) Depends on the game.
12) That's intentional.
13) Perhaps.

    Hello TMK mail people!:

    I hate Nintendo Of America!!! They are worse then Microsoft in marketing! They don't know how to market games! >:(
    Now with the questions:
    1. I've figured out why the animals in my town go away. I don't send them letters or don't visit them to often.
    3. Hope it's like Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland! :)
    4. What's the code for the Mario wallpaper.
    5. Need it to get a better score in that HRA.
    6. NEED SMB3 for GBA!

    - Matt M. Koopa

David Dayton: If it makes you feel better, I have received some indications that the next Mario Advance game might be based on Super Mario Bros. 3. Whether this is true or not, I really can't say... although I will say that if it does come out, expect the Mario brothers to have a few friends helping them out, this time.

Deezer: Mwahahah...

    Do you have any full downloads from the Super Mario Compact Disco?
    - Gimenezrgim

David Dayton: What do you think?

    Wario, Warluigi, Prince Poo (Why not all the other Earthbound team? Jeff? Paula?), Pacman, Megaman, Zero, Toad (Have Peach use a veggie instead w/B attack), Daisy, What about Slippy and Peppy? , Diddy Kong is also a good idea (or he could work with Dixie like the ice climbers do).
    Wario's A would be like Marth and Roy he would charge up his signature shoulder thrust. He would shoot fireballs (yellow) with B like Mario and Luigi. Just A normally would be that punch he does. His taunt would be his laugh. One of his 4 victory's would be "Me'sa'Wario I gotta win!" Warluigi could be a clone of him if they insist on doing the gay clone thing (Purple fire balls tho). There statistics are different atleast. Megaman and Zero would be so easy I could make the complete move list no problem! Pacman also would be easy! Diddy would have his cartwheel and jetpack. Dixie could do her signature hair twirling! Jeff could use his gadgets. Prince Poo would be more of a fighter and some psy moves. Paula would be more like Ness. Possibly clone if they must do the dumb clone thing like I said. Daisy would be a little like peach possibly the same jump like movement. But her other moves wouldn't be hard. The Sonya like kiss would be a good one. I also would make Dr. Mario one of Mario's other costumes because that was a stupid choice! I wouldn't get rid of anyone but I also thought Mr.Gameandwatch was a bad choice also. Young Link, Gannondorf and Falco were good ideas. I never thought of them before Smash Brothers 2's characters were released. Smash Brothers 3 wouldn't be a smart move by Nintendo from a business point of view until the next system, but I'm all for it because I'm not a business man, just a die hard fan!!!
    - Greenyoshidlf

David Dayton: Yes, Wario should be in a new Smash Bros. game, if one is made. For the record, Daisy is already in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Daisy in SSBM

    Would you ever want to work at Nintendo someday( I heard you're in college )?
    - Holly Kessis

David Dayton: Sure. The question is, "How do I get them to hire me?" So, if the TMK readers want me hired, all you have to do is convince NOA or NCL that they really need me for something. Nintendo Power editor, website writer, guy that names the new enemies in the Mario games... stuff like that.

    Hello. My name is Christian. I am a member of the The Super Mario Brothers Monster Compendium. We have a portion for links. I was wondering if I could add this website to our links. If its alright with you, we can add it. Thanks
    - Christian

David Dayton: Link away!

    Hey whats up? I have a problem!! I found all of the DK Coins except for one in Donkey Kong Country 3 for SNES. Can you pLeAsE tell me where the last one is?? Write me back soon @ The "o" in "shorty" is a zero! Thankx so much! :)
    - ITaLiAnSh0rty6t9

David Dayton: No clue. I've never played that game for more than 5 minutes.

    Hey Im a very big fan of Animal Crossing and was wondrin bout stuff.
    1. Can I Pleez have the codes for the Mural wall, I'll trade for block carpet
    2. Do you have a code for the Mario trophy?
    3. is Zelda a playable nes game in AC?
    4. you guys should do a texture contest but they should only be like Mario Themed
    5. Your Site Rocks
    Name:Celia(cowsymbol) town:Canada
    - Jaime Carrillo

David Dayton: I have no codes for the mural wall... and there is no general code for the Mario trophy, although it is tradeable. Perhaps someone should start a trading board in the Fungi Forums, eh? The Legend of Zelda is in Animal Crossing, along with Ice Climber, Punch-Out, Super Mario Bros. and Mario Bros.. As of now, those games are all completely locked away and unavailable unless you happen to purchase the GameCube Action Replay. I do hope that Nintendo will make them available, though.

    I remember seeing these Internet Browsers a couple of years ago that were in a theme of Paper Mario and Majora's Mask, and a couple of other Video games. I tried typing it in Yahoo and Google and metasearchs, but I can't find them. I thought they were at, but I went there, and nothing was there. Do you know where I can find them?
    - James H

David Dayton: Sadly, I don't. If anyone does, let us know.

    I have a question. On Super Mario RPG is the cinema picture taken from the game? What I'm trying to say it a screenshot?
    - Jeff Ellis

David Dayton: Cinema picture?

Deezer: No. It's just concept art, I guess.

    phew, richard again. i finally go rid of the caps lock disease. unfortunatley, it had some sife effects. i can't use capitals at all now! anyhow, i'd like to say, when i got super mario sunshine (the best mario game in the world ever) i beat it in 1 week flat with 79 shines. it was so extremely fun but so easy. the second time, i ejected the memory card and started from scratch, i only took me 6 hours with 50 shines! see if you can beat that. well, time is money so, sinerra!
    - Richard

David Dayton: Sadly, I haven't been motivated to replay Super Mario Sunshine yet. Once I defeated Bowser, I had little motivation to return. I haven't even collected all the Shines in the game yet. I am a bit curious as to what the minimum completion time for the game is, though.

Deezer: "Sinerra?"

    I was just wondering if you knew of any plans for either a remake or a sequel to either Maniac Mansion and Splatter House will be developed for the NIntendo Gamecube? or Game boy advance? Please give me good news!!
    - Jesse W. Weber

David Dayton: At this point.. no. However, I don't think we'd be the place that would know first, anyway. I'd love a new Maniac Mansion game, though.

Deezer: That's funny, I must've mistaken this for a Mario website.

    Hi, eh, I don't recall seeing this on your site, don't know if ya ever saw it before:

    It's Yoshi and DK jr keychains from Super Mario Kart =D Pretty cool...
    - Name withheld

David Dayton: I have a Mario and Luigi keychain from that set. Never saw the DK Jr. one before, though.

    Looong time listener (literally been frequently dropping in for around 4 years now!) first time caller. Unless you count my tireless attempts to make to link to my site, which is now defunct :'( ! Anyway, I'm actually writing in to notify those of you in nintendo fanland who really should be included in SSB3.
    Bubbles (Clu Clu Land)
    Captain Olimar (Pikmin) - Nes clone
    Donbe & Hikari (New Demon's Island) - Ice Climbers clone
    Darunia (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time)
    Jody Summer (F-Zero X) - Samus clone
    Metal Mario (Super Mario 64) - Mario clone
    Mew (Pokemon Red/Blue) - Mewtwo clone
    Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)
    Wario (Mario Land 2: 6 Golden coins)
    - Jimmy Davies

David Dayton: Olimar and Wario are the only ones I'd really want in a new SSB game... although Olimar would be too tiny to play as, really. He's supposed to be about the size of a quarter, you know.

    is teir any flutes in suber mario bros. 3 in the super mario all starts game?? i looked but i dont see one is their any and if so where can i find them???
    - Jks192

David Dayton: Yes, there are. They are in the same places that they are in the NES version of the game. See the Super Mario Bros. 3 guide here on TMK.

    hi my name is joe and I Wanna know how i can get the "Mario Bros/No Mercy" cd Can U Help me ?
    - Joe

David Dayton: Try eBay.

    Hey tmk! I have problems and I need advice.
    1. I caught 2 STRINGFISH and 2 Koi !
    2. On March 10th is Mario Day!
    3.I heard a "mario gets a coin" sound on The Weekenders.
    Actully these are comments but (I think) Stringfish are the biggest fish on Animal Crossing and I tried to get 2 more big fish but I was too fast..... Oh yeah ,another comment!
    5. David , Deezer should tell you about the secret page .All I know is there this some dumb page on the site and you can't get to it...........

David Dayton: 1) Okay. 2) You know, you're the second person to tell me that, but I'm still not sure whether you are talking about some obscure thing in real life or in Animal Crossing. As far as the secret page goes... Deezer still hasn't told me.

    Hi im Lario I love this site! I have little thing ( or big ) for you.
    1. In Ghostbusters 2 a man says "Wanna play Super Mario Bros.?"
    2. In Inspector Gadit a man says "Nintendo." somewhere.
    3. My life long dream is to have (my site) be linked from your site.
    - Lario

David Dayton: These e-mails are getting weird.

    i think you have to have a how to draw mario(or do you know a link) and do you think i should buy super mario world 2 yoshs's island thanx buy
    - Lex Luthor

David Dayton: Interesting idea, and yes you should buy a copy of Yoshi's Island at some point. The Game Boy Advance version has six extra levels, in case you're interested.

Deezer: Yoshi's Island is only THE BEST SNES GAME EVER. Just my opinion.

    Are they going to make Paper Mario for GameCube?
    - LGreenleaf98

David Dayton: This is an interesting question. The game was such a late release on the N64 that it might not be that well known. If they do make a GameCube Mario RPG game, I'm starting to think they might do the same thing they did with Zelda and include the entire N64 Paper Mario on the disk as a free game promotion.

    I've been frequenting a video game site for over two years now called GameFAQs, the majority of my time at the message boards. Over the course of the past two months, I've been hosting a special tournament to determine the greatest video game of all-time.

    One hundred twenty-eight games were hand-picked by the users of the message boards themselves, the likes of which included "Grand Theft Auto," "Dead or Alive," "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Pong" and, of course, the Mario Bros. series. The 128 games were separated into four Division, one for each compass direction. Division Champions were determined, and a six-day Final round would determine the winner. Many Mario highlights included:

    -The original "Super Mario Bros." defeating none other than "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" 9-8 in Round 2 of the North Division.

    -Then, in the North Quarterfinals, "Super Mario Bros." went up against "Super Mario 64," a match some would consider a tough contest. Indeed, it was. They tied 8-8. In the tiebreaker round, "Super Mario Bros." triumphed

    7-4. Unfortunately, "SMB" would face demise to "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" in the next round by a single vote, 8-7.

    -"Super Mario Bros. 3" slammed through all its competition throughout the tournament, even defeating "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" in the East Division Semifinals 9-6.

    -In Round 2 of the West Division, "Super Mario World" went against its own sequel, "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island." "Super Mario World decimated its successor 11-4.

    -In the Finals of the tournament, two Mario games shone: "Super Mario Bros. 3" (the East Division Champion) and "Super Mario World" (the West Division Champion). Over the course of the next week, these two games would face each other and two other games ("Final Fantasy VII" and "Metal Gear Solid") in three separate phases. The first phase was 72 hours long, the second phase 48 hours, and the Grand Finale would be a piddling 24 hours for voting.

    -"Super Mario World" got the least votes in Part I, thus it was eliminated (fourth place out of 128 is not that bad).

    -In the end, it all came down to "Final Fantasy VII" and "Super Mario Bros. 3" in Part III. We all thought "FFVII" would cream "SMB3," but the little game that could shocked us all. "Super Mario Bros. 3" doubled the votes that "Final Fantasy VII" got, 16-8.

    Just yesterday (April 4, 2003), "Super Mario Bros. 3" was declared to be the greatest video game of all-time. Whether this surprises you or not, I don't know. One thing is for certain: Long Live the Mario.
    - The Eggman

David Dayton: Of course. Everyone knows that Super Mario Bros. 3 is the greatest game of all time. It's good for it to be confirmed as such every once in a while, though. I am surprised Tetris didn't do better, though.

    How come Kammy Koopa an't in the Mariopedia? I'm just wondering why she an't.
    - Pdzilla

David Dayton: Umm... something about her agent.

Deezer: The Paper Mario characters will be added soon.

    Hi, TMK staffers! It's Melissa Mario Sister (and her lovely assistant Wanda, in the background). We were just visiting Nintendo Japan's Wario Ware website ( and we noticed that Wario and his friends have their own mini-websites. We used Babelfish to translate them, but they make absolutely no sense, and we can't understand a word of Japanese so we can't translate it ourselves. I don't remember which one of you knows Japanese, but we would really appreciate it if you could tell us (and anyone else who saw the website) what they're saying? If you can do that, thanks!
    - Melissa Marenfeld

David Dayton: Sounds like a job for Deezer.

Deezer: Sorry, that would take me way too long. Besides, I already skimmed for important stuff, and didn't notice anything.

    3.Hey! I have been visiting this site for about four years, and this is my first mail to your site. I have a couple comments on several games on the site. First, you say that, UNlike super mario world for SNES does not save the yoshi coins you collect. That is true, but you fail to mention that it does keep track of which levels you have collected at least five on until you power off the console.

    2.Also, I was wondering- on SMW isn't there a glitch that causes yoshi to look glitchy on the map screen? Becuase I saw it on this site.(I think it was the mailbag) but I can't remember if the reply endorsed the glitch, or what.

    3.On the topic of Super Mario World, what is your favourite course? Mine is Donut plains 4. Because it has lots of different enemies to knock heads.

    4.On the topic of knocked heads, why do you get dizzy when you spin really fast, and then hit your head into a game console?

    5. Why is Nintendo just remaking the games they made previously? I can see people saying it's portable, but, that alone can't make the majority of sales- I think they could have used the same engines on those games, and made the levels different and everything.( kind of like the way they made SMB1 and SMB2 Japan.)

    6. What exactly causes complicated glitches like the "minus world", and why don't the programmers catch it?

    - Michael Burgwin

David Dayton: I don't know about the Yoshi glitch, although there could well be such a glitch. I don't think I have a particular favorite level in SMW, but I shall think about it. Nintendo is remaking games, particularly in the case of the Mario Advance games, because they can... and because there are a decent number of young folks who have never played the classic Super Mario games. Glitches are caused by small errors in the code, generally ones that require bizarre gameplay to pull off. If the programmers and testers never think of the particular weird trick that is required to create the glitch, they won't find it. The Minus World trick is probably the result of the warp pipes sending you to alternate worlds by changing the world number data stored in the NES memory. If you slide into the warp zone area through the bricks, the game doesn't trigger the "display WELCOME TO WARP ZONE" command... and I'm betting that the program sets the world values of the warp pipes when that text is displayed. Until then, it is set on on odd value, like 0. Entering the pipes "early" tells the program to change the level number to "0"... and it just so happens that the level you end up in is the result of whatever data the game pulls up for level 0 world maps.

    Do you guys think there will be any Waluigi Connection in Wario World? Or let alone a game that actually has a plot with Waluigi in it. It is really bugging me that there is no background on him yet he has the potential of being a major character.
    - DaBest

David Dayton: I really doubt Waluigi will be there, or I think we would have seen something about that by now. However, Waluigi keeps popping up in recent games on the Game Cube and GBA in some fashion, so he might appear.

    Why is the mario show dvd worth so much all of a sudden that I would have to pay 75.00 for it on
    - MyArmismissin

David Dayton: It is? Must be some really gullible people on

    Hello. I've been a fan of your site for about 2 years, and I'm pretty sure you're getting tired of all the e-mails about the Mario references but I have a pretty interesting one for you. The is an internet cartoon site called and in one of the halloween episodes, there is a pumpkin carving contest. The King of Town, one of the mai characters, is dressed as Mario and when he loses the contest he says, "Sorry King, but our Princess is in another castle." But there's more, another guy named Bubs is dressed as Lou Albano, which probably wasn't intended to be a Mario refernce, but I know that guy did the voice of Mario for the SMB Super Show.

    On top of all that, after the cartoon is over, you can click on the king and play a Super Mario Bros-like game.

    - Ness

David Dayton: Interesting.

Deezer: is da bomb.

    A while back, I e-mailed you about some orchestra version of the Mario song. This is what I meant, Newgrounds presents: Super Mario Orchestral . Tell me where the music to this Newgrounds film originally came from and I'll buy you one of those Mario candies that are shaped like a bobomb.
    P.S. here's a little something for your troubles Newgrounds presents: Super Mario Blitz
    - Robert Poole

David Dayton: Those links you gave me generated error messages. I think you need to link to the Newgrounds page, as opposed to the files.

    To the person who wrote in about the Arlo thing, I think Arlo was the early name for Totakeke. At this point I guess they hadn't decided whether or not to keep Totakeke's japanese name, or they were planning to change it to Arlo. In another in the long line of 'official' nintendo guide mistakes, Arlo made it into the guide, while Totakeke is used as the trophies' actual name. As we know, Arlo is nowhere in Animal Crossing, and Totakeke's only alias is K.K. Slider.

    -Cube moved into my town, but immediately moved away. I never even got to meet him, much less steal his shirt. *cry*

    -What do you guys think of the Hori GameCube controllers that look like SNES controllers with Cube button layouts? I'd really like one, myself, if just for Capcom Vs. SNK 2.

    -In your opinion, what's the best Mario Party game out there? I found 4 to be disappointing...MP 3 is still my favorite.

    Oh, and here's the universal code for the Brick flooring, which is pretty sweet looking. My Mario room is only lacking a Mario themed wallpaper.
    Um, if you feel like giving me something, I'd groove on Punch-Out! or Pinball. Travis in Kittyton is the name.
    - Travis

David Dayton: I actually ordered two of the Hori pads. I like them pretty well, although for some reason the A and B buttons seem a little bit "loose" to me. I also noticed that the SELECT button on the Hori pad is exactly the same as Y, so I assume that Y in the Game Boy Player will function as SELECT. This is a little annoying when you play the NES games in Animal Crossing, as that game uses Y for START and X for select... which means that SELECT and START on the Hori pad serve exactly the same function. The original NES Metroid in Metroid Prime uses a really strange configuration for the NES buttons, too.

Hori Controller for the GameCube

If you want to order your own Hori pads, I'd suggest Tronix as a source. They sell them for $19.99 plus shipping (choose USPS Priority Mail for cheap $3.85 shipping), and they also have the Game Boy Player in stock for only $65 ... which is only $15 more than the official USA version might end up being. I'm tempted to order one just so I can get a Platinum model to match my GameCube, but I'm not really sure what I'd do with the Japanese disc.

    Hey David n' Deezer, I have some Mario cameos for you:
    1-In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, a cartoon featured on the cartoon Grim and Evil, there is an episode where Billy and his friend Irwin are playing a video game (The system they're playing isn't from Nintendo) about barbarians and magicians and if you listen carefully you can hear sounds from Wario Land 2.
    2-In Invader Zim, the kid who wants to prove that Zim is actually an alien goes to a place that kinda looks like Chuck E. Chese with his family. At one part it shows a few arcade games and one kid is playing a game that makes the Mario coin sound every few seconds.
    3-After the credits in Master of Disguise, there is a short scene where Pistachio is sweeping the floor at his fathers restaurant and the slapping dummy is right behind him. He opens it up and a midget that looks almost like Mario (except the midget is bald and has no hat on) comes out.
    I also have stuff to say.
    1-y'know, I saw that picture of Peach "without" a skirt (she had a skirt, it was just short), and she reminds me of that female cop in the Pokemon cartoon (yes, I used to like pokemon when I was a young boy). If you saw the show, you know what I mean.
    2-It really seems like there are only female fans writing to the mailbags today. I think you should encourage male fans to write by giving them an Animal Crossing code or something.
    I really hate the thought of being the only male fan to write to you.
    That all for now. Your website is still awsome. See Ya!
    - Celebi413

David Dayton: Oh, we have plenty of male fans writing in. Don't worry about that.

    Subject: r there any gameshark codes for SSBM

David Dayton: I'm sure there are.

    You have best the site I want to ask to ask how you get mario dolls. Also when will they realease 128 marios also will they make a diffrent fighting Mario game and when will they`ll realease Mario golf
    - Austin

David Dayton: Check eBay for most Mario merchandise these days. As far as the new Mario games... I thought I read somewhere that the GameCube Mario Golf was coming this summer.

    Do any of you know Pteryx's (writer of "Lakitu's Defection") e-mail address? I'm trying to track down his home page.

David Dayton: If anyone knows, please let him know.

    Do you guys have any information on the three different version of Super Smash Bros. Melee (US)? I just found SSBM, SSBMv1.1 and SSBMv1.2 listed on the Action Replay homepage, and I really wonder what that's gotta mean, i.e. if there are any differences in the versions you are aware of. (£&r=0&l=1&p=7&AZ=S)
    - Markus

David Dayton: Nintendo tends to make minor revisions to game code sometimes, generally to fix up glitches or change other things that might come to light (such as the red blood changing to green in The Ocarina of Time). I don't really know what was changed in the revisions to Super Smash Bros. Melee... so if anyone could figure that out, it would be great. Perhaps Daisy's third eye was removed?

    1: Do you have any catchprase for AC like mario ones?
    2: Did this ever happen to you: I hit a money rock like seven times and on the last hit I got 10000 Bells!
    3: If you know the UC (universal code) for the mario wallpaper I wont tell anybody cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye!
    4: Can you give me the code for Donkey kong Jr and Punchout?
    5: My name is Lee mind you! and I'm not a girl
    6: I love mario!
    7:on AC my town is Jersey and my name on it is Lee
    8: Can you give me the UC for the candy code?
    9:Do I ask alot of questions?
    10:on SMS I got 68 shines!
    11: The End!
    - SupeMario128

David Dayton: 1) Not yet. 2) Sometimes. 3) Nope. 4) They can't be traded. 5) Ah. 6) Yep. 7) Okay. 8) Nope. 9) Perhaps. 10) Okay. 11) Whew.

    In Super Mario Sunshine I have already gotten all 120 Shine Sprites, beaten the game, but nothing else happens; the headlines keep saying "The Shine Gate has also opened...". What do I do here? Thanks!
    - Thomas

David Dayton: Pat yourself on the back. As far as we know, nothing else happens... wait, let me correct that. I do believe that the final picture in the ending credits changes if you collect all the shines, but I haven't done that myself so I can't really say if it does or doesn't.

    To Deezer/David Dayton/ETC:
    How come in the Mario cartoons, the charcters' color scheme always stays the same despite that their colors change throughout games? For exmaple, in all cartoons, the normal colors of Mario and Luigi's shirt and pants are always opposite of each other, Princess' hair is always red, despite it turns blonde in SMW, and Bowser's body is always green and bald. Plus, why did all the Koopalings' names change? For example, Lemmy and Iggy had their names changed to "Hip" and "Hop". Thanks.
    - Thomas

David Dayton: Didn't I just answer a question from you? Anyway, I'd assume the color scheme doesn't change because the DIC animation team didn't bother changing their model schemes. The Koopa kids have odd names for unknown reasons, although one idea that seems popular is that the DIC team scripted and started work on the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoons before Nintendo of America decided on names for the Koopa Kids.

    Dear David, Deezer, or any other dude who might happen to do the mailbag this time,
    Greetings from Belgium, the only country in Europe where the leading source of natural gas is the local dairy farm. Long-time visitor, second-time writer.

    Coupla quick questions:
    1. What's with your search function? Every time I use it, I get sent to some "Konfiscated Technologies" website. It's not the secret page, is it?
    2. Just so you know, I still have an old SNES. A few months back, after breaking it out and blowing the dust off of it, I started playing Super Mario Bros. (All-Star version). I had forgotten that in SMB, it was impossible to jump out of the water in a water level. Well, after trying to jump out onto the green blocks for a few minutes, I finally succeeded. However, I noticed that I couldn't jump, and I couldn't fall back IN to the water. So, do you think I forced a glitch? Try as a might, I never could do it again.
    3. Would you support another attempt at a Super Mario Bros. movie? Just curious.
    Alrighty, thank you for taking time out to read my email! Take care!
    - The Chadster

David Dayton: It appears the Kontek search engine is failing to work. Maybe Deezer and MB can take a look at that. The glitch in SMB is just an odd glitch that I can't think of having heard of before, but I'm sure it is just and odd glitch. As for as movie... well, it depends. If it makes lots of money and keeps Nintendo rich and producing games for us, sure.

Deezer: 1) I'm pretty sure I've told MEGAߥTE already. He's a busy guy.

    Here's some cameos that you guys haven't listed yet.
    Gremlins: After Billy tells his father about the Mogwai, it shows Stripe and the other offspring crowded around a miniture Donkey Kong arcade game.
    Roseanne: In one episode, D.J. is playing the SNES. At the end of that episode, Roseanne's playing it. You can hear the Super Mario World title screen music playing.
    The Wizard: During the game sequence where it shows Jimmy playing all the games in the arcade, you hear the familiar coin sound from Super Mario Bros, and you see Super Mario 2 as well. In the NOA HQ, one of the TVs also has Mario 2 playing on it.
    - Tuxedo Ken

David Dayton: Ah, cameos... and The Wizard.

    I saw that they made to types of Nes consoles what was the other one, I mean i know what the original was but what was the second one. Who made it? Thanks
    - tviola453

David Dayton: The late model NES is generally referred to as the "top loading NES". It was made by Nintendo during the last year or so of the NES's life span, and sold for $50 new, I do believe. It is really hard to find these days. It did have one major design flaw, though -- the USA version only has an RF video out port, not a RCA style A/V output. This means you can get a better quality picture out of the old style one. The Japanese version of the updated Famicom featured the SNES/N64/GC "media out" cable jack. The interesting thing about the updated NES is that it is identical in internals to the Japanese one, meaning that there is no lockout chip design in it. Interesting, eh?

    I am jealous of Japanese People. For many reasons. But check this out...

    Now, it's hard to see, due to the c----- quality of this picture, but if look down at the bottom corner of the screen, you can see Mario and Luigi. :( :( :( :( (major unhappiness)
    - Evil Midget Clown (mwee hee hee!!!)

David Dayton: I did a little searching, and I managed to find some even better pictures of the Mario Limited Edition GBA on EAGB. Check out their information page for it here.

The Mario Limited Edition GBA, available from Jusco in Japan. Images from EAGB

    Alright,as with many Zelda games,the Zelda community has found some refrences to the Mario Universe in the Wind Waker.
    1.First of,the guy with the broken glasses who you've mentioned before is more likley than not a nod to Egad. Everything from the wacky glasses to the gray hair under his hat,it is likley they thought about the good Prof when making this guy.

    2.When you eventually meet the Queen of the Faries,the standard fairy music plays,but you might realize that this is a mixture of the familar Zelda fairy cave theme,and the sorta familar SMB 3's Third World ( the sea)main map Music(particulary the vocals repeating Ahh Ahh ahh ahhh sounding like the Sea Sides's Doo Dooo do dooo...). Play one of the tunes after the other and you'll see the connection.

    3.Gillian(the owner of the Cafe Bar) will say after an event that pirates stayed in her bar all night drinking coffee and singing songs of "Love and Loss"...wait,that's just an Animal Crossing refrence,but is still a refrence that only hard core players of that game will get. Just thought that would be a little neat bonus.

    I'm sure there are more...but that's all I can think of right now....

David Dayton: As much as I'd love to say that there are Mario cameos in Wind Waker, I can't find any. I don't detect any connection between the two pieces of music you mentioned, and I really don't think the pirate and Gadd are supposed to look the same.

Pirate from Wind Waker, and the ever popular Elvin Gadd.

Okay, they do look a bit similar. The thing is... I don't see why such an obscure connection would be made. On the other hand, Gadd was brought into Super Mario Sunshine in a pretty indirect manner, so I suppose there could be a connection here. However, the whole "swirly glasses" thing isn't uncommon in Japanese animation.

    I have found your great homepage with . I was searching a special sound from the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. I am sure, you know, that in one of the first level you can hear a funny sound and a woman sings a song in the Japanese language. Do you have this sound? If yes, could you send it to me? It would be very nice!
    - Ilja from Switzerland

David Dayton: I'm not sure exactly which funny sound you are talking about here. I do remember the singing, though. We do need to capture more audio from that game, I will agree.

    Yeah um I have a question and I dont know if you know but um where can I find pictures or Posters of Super Mario Box arts? Without the Logos and stuff on it just the Picture like See image of GB Donkey Kong I included but with out all those logos and stuff...... ^.^? Um.. Yeah ^o^ Please if you knoe... Thanks ^__^V

    - Kuribogoomba

David Dayton: Well, I'm not really sure what to say. You could try scouring the NCL site... they have a lot of nifty stuff over there. We tend to put up most of what we find here on TMK on the Images page when we find it.

    I don't think you know but if you go to hotopic or there website you'll find mario items. Like pins,shirts,wristbands,and a sticker and all of its very cool. Im just telling this to you because I think you would should know this.

    - Rosa M Izaguirre

David Dayton: Actually, I got a few Mario shirts from Hot Topics for Christmas this year.

Deezer: I just bought a couple T-shirts from Gadzooks.

    Here ya go,,,the wario ware boxart

    - Seffy

David Dayton: Gracias.

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