12 May 2003

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton
E3 bound
Got something you want us to answer next time? Send it in!

e3 is coming, and I'll be there. Weird, eh? But just before e3, time for another mailbag.

    Thanks so much for answering my questions and calling me "friend from the southern hemisphere" . I'm so happy because on April 10th, my uncle came back from Japan to here and he gave me pencils of Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 2 and Super Mario Advance.

    Paper Mario is very cool, but the most coolest part is that you can dub the characters' voices. I use different types of voices in each character like Twink in a childish one, Peach in a teen, ['cause she is a bigger princess with such age now] Bowser in a bad one, etc.

    I wish I had a Gamecube to see how to play Mario Party 4, Super Mario Sunshine and other games to see Mario's and the other guys' new faces.

    Bye from your" Brazilian miss" and "friend from the southern hemisphere".
    - Ana Carolina Teruya

David Dayton: Greetings, yet again. How much do Gamecubes cost down there, anyway? Keep in touch.
Deezer: You two are like penpals now, how cute.

    How can I download Kart Fighter off the non commerical roms part of tmk?
    - Bobbi Gatcomb

David Dayton: You can't. Legal issues.

    In this one magazine (not owned by Nintendo!), they were reviewing the Top 10 for sports games. Weirdly, they rated Mario Kart: Super Circuit no. 7, saying: "There's no better video-game racing than the go-kart racing games. There's no better kart racer than the original Mario Kart series. One lap and you're hooked. By shrinking Super Circuit into a portable, you really are go-karting. "
    Note: no. 1 was Madden 2003.
    - David

David Dayton: What magazine was this? It sounds familiar, for some reason.

    Hey. I'm just writing to tell the other mailbag readers (and David) that there is, in fact, an Animal Crossing trading, etc., thread on the Fungi Forums. The most popular one has been Animal Crossing Help, in General Mario chat.

    Also, there is a universal password for the Mario Trophy:


    Although you have to mail it to a resident of town instead of just telling Tom Nook.

    Oh yeah. Along with all the other characters people want for another Smash Bros. game, Krystal should be in there too. Heh. SFA rocks. *runs from David*
    - Chupperson Weird

David Dayton: I was going to link to the thread, but I can't find it. Scary, eh?
Deezer: I found one.

    Dear TMK Folks,
    first Item of business,
    You know you want 'em, and now, you can have 'em!! Animal Crossing Universal Codes!! I've tried most of these, and they worked. Some are like a contest, though, so you might want to try again if at first you dont succeed!

    Luigi Trophy:
    Mario Trophy
    o3Xl(little L)P3ISl(little L)EqI#K
    (Tell Villager)
    NES Donkey Kong
    l(little L)jcGr4%ync5EUp
    NES Golf
    9un8exzzKwoZl(little L)

    Hope these bring you much joy!

    Second, Thanks for putting the links in the last mailbag. That was really nice.

    Third, you spoke of Animal Crossing 2... Any real news?

    And finally, I want to say, I think I read in an EGM that SMA4 might be Super Mario Bros 3 (Although the title "Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3" sounds kinda cheesy. I hope they'll change it.)
    - David Edwards

David Dayton: I'm guessing that if it is SMB3, it will simply be called SMB3.
Deezer: I heard that some magazine (I think it was GamePro) recently said that SMA4 will be Yoshi's Story. Disturbing.

    i noticed in the mario kart GC some new characters are koopa troopa & paratroopa. Baby bowsers. Daisy. Diddy kong.and Isle delphino is a new course see ya yu guys rock
    - Digiking92

David Dayton: I notice we saw no screenshots of Wario, nor Toad in those pictures. This makes me suspicious. While I could imagine Toad being dropped... there is simply no way Wario was dropped from the roster. Nintendo has some trick up their sleeves, I am sure.
Deezer: Wario was listed at Nintendo's E3 site. As for Toad, well... it's possible he's a hidden character.

    Actually, my SML question is, do Mario's clothes change colors when he runs into a superball flower like they do when he runs into a fire flower in other games? And if so, what shades are used for the hat, shirt, and overalls.
    - dix34113

David Dayton: Honestly, we have no idea. The game was in black and white, so there was never really an effort to dream up colors for Superball Mario. Feel free to imagine any color scheme you wish.

    Hi, some guy said he couldnt find all the DKC coins. My friend and I checked with others and looked, and sadly, they forgot to put the last one in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either that, or theyhid it so well, after 7 years nobody found it.
    Like your site
    - Donna Croney

David Dayton: I need to play through the game and check. Sometime.

    Dear tmk, here are a few questions for you:

    1. Is rarewear a british companey?
    2. If mario is italian why was he bourn in the mushroom kingdom
    3. why is it the mushroom kingdom and not the grass kingdom or the leaf kingdom?
    4. Where IS Waldo?
    - Mega Toad

David Dayton: Rare is now owned by Microsoft... which would seem to make them a U.S. company now. Mario is Italian. It's the Mushroom Kingdom because it is filled with mushroom people.

    1) How do you beat young links target test in SSBM?
    2) There is rumors about a new mario game for the GBA, is this true?
    3) How did Waluigi exist?
    4) What is the secret page?
    5) How did you set up WTMK?
    6) Did you know
    7) Have you heard some SMB ReMixes?
    - Evil_Cartman

David Dayton: 1) Very carefully. If you are stuck, be sure to use wall jumps, spin attacks, the boomerang, bombs, and arrows. 2) Yes it is. 3) His mommy and daddy loved each other very much. 4) Hidden. 5) Skyhooks. 6) Now I do. 7) At times, yes.

    Here are a couple questions:

    1. I've been trying to ask you guys about this for a while. Do you ever update anything on the music files because I made a lot of MIDIs (which can be found on, BTW, and yes they are Mario-related)?
    2. If yes, how can I send it to you or how are you going to manage it?

    - Chibi Vegito
    P.S.: Your site is doing great! Keep it up!

David Dayton: That's actually Deezer's department. I'll let him handle it.
Deezer: I take it you're giving us permission to use your MIDIs? I don't know when the next MIDI update will be, though.

    1) March 10 being Mario day probably has to do with this: March 10 - Mar10 - Mario

    2) Actually, I did some research on it, and you're close about Minus World. It takes whatever character is displayed above the pipe (a space in this case), and sends you to that character-1. Technically, this would be world 36-1, using the in game character value. You can get to some interesting things by changing that value, like a World 8-3 that repeats every time you beat it, or an underwater World 8-4. If you can find "some way" to change the hex code in the game, you can find the values at offset 0x800. You'll see the code for the warp zones as follows:

    10 12 04 03 02 00 24 05 24 00 08 07 06 00 00 00
    with 24 being the space character in Hex. I have to credit yerricide from for this information.
    - Idran

David Dayton: Interesting theory on the Mario day bit, and it sounds rather plausible. Thanks for the warp zone info!
Deezer: MAR10! Brilliant.

    Hi TMK!!! You might remember me as, Super Mario Girl. I also LOVE Lemmy Koopa. Hey, my neopets username is lemmykoopa332! Anyway, I wanna tell you a cute Animal Crossing refrence. When you backspace 3 times evenly (on animal crossing) It sounds like a warp pipe! I love it. Also I think Samus Rocks the Nintendo Universe, and Mario too. (Can't forget him!)

    These are the guys I wanna see in The next SSBM.
    Diddy Kong- He'll throw a banana peel and make someone slip on it! LOL!
    Wario- He rules.
    Pikmin and Olimar- They'd be larger. DUH! (Sorry 'bout that!)
    Lemmy Koopa- I... LOVE.... LEMMY! HE RULES!
    Baby Bowser- Real cute!

    Oh yes and I read the thingy about The England or whatever memory card screen. Thanks! I go on this site EVERY day! I also like

    Here's a funny Mario joke I made up. Ok. Why is Toad always invited to partys? Cuz he's a Fungi! Fun Guy, fungi, get it? Well, your site totally rocks the net, and I love The Metroid Database too! Samus Rocks! So does a Mario and Animal Crossing! TTFN!
    - Erin aka Super Mario Girl
    PS I'm a Metroid Know it all too!
    PS I mailed Nintendo Power for the Gamecube SM64 thingie and those stupid guys didn't give me a straight answer! Thanks! Oh, yeah. Nintendo Power isn't stupid.

David Dayton: Well, for all neopets users out there, take a look! Yes, Samus is quite cool. Many gaming girls I know love her.

    Dear TMK,
    I want to know how much the Donkey Kong Arcade Machine costs and where are your nearest offices loced by Ohio?
    - Jaguarsmasher

David Dayton: Sorry, try eBay.
Deezer: Ahahah. If I had one, I wouldn't sell it.

    Why don't you have a SSBM Trophies page in your image archive?
    - Nintendo JJW

David Dayton: We have all the Mario related ones stored under the Super Smash Bros. Melee section.

    i know there is alot of mario merchendise out in the world but what was the wierdest peice of mario merchendise you ever have seen and why??

    if dk can talk in donkey kong 64 why cant he talk in mario kart, mario party, super smash bros, ect.?? when did donkey kong first get the tie and why???
    - Jks192

David Dayton: Ummm... perhaps the Mario beer mug?

Also, DK can only "talk" to other apes. He grunts in ape language otherwise. As far as the tie goes... that's something I used to know. The tie appeared in Donkey Kong Country and in Donkey Kong for the Game Boy -- the problem is that I can't remember which came first right now. Both were listed as 1994 releases... I am thinking the GB game predates DKC because DK for the GB was the first Super Game Boy game... and when Donkey Kong Land came out, it was a Super Game Boy game. Deezer?
Deezer: According to the Nintendo Database, DKC was released November of '94. Therefore, DK first wore the tie in GB Donkey Kong.

    i know this is old but in the aug.21 editon of mailbag (2001) u said bowser was probably 100 years old but in super mario world 2: yoshi's island he is a baby as well has mario

    what is super mario bros. the lost levals?? i never seen that game for nes
    - Jks192

David Dayton: Didn't I just answer your questions? Anyway, Bowser is old... and "The Lost Levels" is the name Nintendo of America used when they brought the real Super Mario Bros. 2 to America in Super Mario All-Stars. It also appeared as the "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players" bonus game in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

    Hi eyerybody 'at' TMK! I 'hope' you 'have' a great day. You 'all' are very good at making a site. Now I look for 'Junior's' 'Bounce' moves. Annnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyway, I have a funny list.
    1. My new games: Super Mario XXX, Super Mario: War On Saddam Bowser Hussien!
    2. Gex Smells.
    3.Sonic is very fun to play.
    4.Me and Dan are making games about fire-breathing parrots and Bart Simpson lookalikes with swords.
    5. Do you get NGC Magazine over there? Best mag ever!
    6. Nintendo could make a game three times as cool as a bunch of rollerblading hedgehogs.
    7. Played Sonic Adventure 2?
    8. Does Mario smell? I mean, he is a plumber.
    9. Luigi is not a plumber, he's an exorcist.
    10. I am from England, but Japan is better.
    11. You live in America. I've been to America.
    12. Zero will not be in Smash Bros.
    13. Zero smells. Mario does not smell.
    14. Kingdom Hearts? More like Kingdom F----!
    15. Shigsy got his ideas from arsing about in caves. Me, Dan and Louis get our ideas by slamming our heads against the wall.
    16. I drew a suberb Croco Hentai Comic last night.
    17. Anyway, here's a fantastic Donald Duck boomerang.
    18. I was kidding about the boomerang.
    19. I wasn't kidding about the comic.
    20. This is question 20.
    21. Roms is down, fellow British boy/girl!
    22. Super Mario, Super Mario, Super Mario, World!
    23: Seen a Mario cartoon, mush-rumours, with a bloke called Norman in it?
    Well, We're making comics about him. I have enclosed a picture.
    24. Plus voice samples.
    25. LIVE AND LEARN! Hanging On The Edge Of Tomorrow...
    Well, good bye. I go on your site every day!

    - Badfex, the Wrestler Of Doom!

David Dayton: Oh, sorry, I missed that. I was busy watching videos of the new Mario Kart game.
Deezer: That was a 'great' e-mail.

    Hey, guys, it's me again. Nah, don't worry; I'm not spouting any more things regarding female gamers. What I am here for, however, is to try to clear up the whole Bowser's Koopalings mystery that's rotted my brain since Super Mario Bros. 3. It's very apparant Bowser doesn't hate a mate (or is it?), yet he seems to have seven children and endless numbers of baby Bowser Jrs. I'm thinking, what the c--p?

    First off, I really dislike these tykes that have appeared in Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Party 4, to name a few. They're just plain annoying! And why did they take the name "Junior", when last I read, Morton Koopa was the Junior (strange enough as it is).

    After extensive research, I think I have found some sort of answer. After reading books on ancient Egyptian civilization, I've come to the conclusion that the original seven Koopalings are all from different mothers. See, if Bowser is king of all Koopas, he's bound to have a harem, right? And he must have been attempting to have an heir for his kingdom. I figure Ludwig/Kooky and Larry/Cheatsy are true brothers (the hair gives it away); Wendy O./Kootie Pie and Roy/Bully are true siblings (pink shells); Iggy/Hop and Lemmy/Hip are twins (of course); and Morton? Well, he's in a class of his own. And maybe since they all have different abilities, Bowser allows every one to be his heirs, thinking seven can rule a kingdom and trample Mario better than one.

    Also, what's the deal with the GameBoy Advance SP? They just came out with the regular one, and already are upgrading? I have the original GameBoy Advance, and think it's just as peachy as it's replacement.

    And there you have it, folks. Mindless ramblings are done. Thank you; have a nice day.
    - Loni
    P.S. Yes, you must think I'm insane now, but I'm going to hold onto my reasons. But I still love ya'll anyway! Muah!

David Dayton: Bowser obviously has a wife at some point... and the SP is very, very nice.

    This is kinda simple ahh what is mario hotel for what system heh thank you.
    - Maggie Thorp

David Dayton: The CDi system, a CD based "game" system that was out in the mid 90's. It failed miserably. There were also 3 Zelda games for it. None of the Mario nor Zelda games were by Nintendo, but Philips got permission to make them as part of the whole SNES CD drive debacle.

    Regarding the old El Paso Mario Tennis commercial...
    Actually, we got that ad in canada about a year ago; it was just the N64 version, but you could see them playing on the screen and everything.
    - Max J.

David Dayton: Thanks for clearing that up.

    This is my second letter! I saw an episode of The Simpsons were Krusty was trying to remember the elephant's safety word. He said stuff like, Bungomi Jamoni, Nintendo. Mughoumbo, and stuff. You can add that to the reference page. It'll make Deezer cry!!
    Oh, and Mario Bros. and a few of the larger NES games can be used via the new batch of Animal Crossing E-Reader cards coming out this summer!! Zelda!! YAY!!
    - Mike Butler

David Dayton: I hate to say it, but don't count on Zelda or SMB coming via the eReader cards. They are in the game, but..well... they don't show up in your catalog when you have them. Every other game does, even Punch-Out!! I do hope they are unlocked, though.
Deezer: First off, SMB (and Zelda) are unlockable with the Action Replay in case you haven't heard. Just a warning if you're planning on doing this: David told me that if you beat SMB in AC, the Goombas change to Buzzy Beetles for the hard quest (as usual)... but the info is saved to your memory card and the Goombas NEVER CHANGE BACK. So if you don't want to lose the Goombas, don't beat SMB in AC.

    Hey TMK people, I need some advice, my friends always play Super Smash Brothers Meele from Gamecube and when i play against them, i have no hope, i need to know were can i find the perfect to win. Maybe the practice is the best way but i have no access to practice, with the exception of the moments my friends kill me. I hope someone of your people know a good strategy, or where can i find one, i need to be more than the first player to leave in the game, at least the second. Also i read and answer about mangas and animes, can i ask u where can i get Pia Carrot movies?
    - Pablo Mino

David Dayton: Pia Carrot? No clue. Is it like a pickled carrot? As far as game help goes, I'd suggest you check out the Fungi Forums here on TMK, as all I'm going to say is "jump, jump, punch, don't die."

    Hey there Mailbag people! Since David hates numbered e-mails, I will not put numbers in this e-mail! About SSBMv1.1, I have it. And indeed, Daisy's third eye is gone... But that's the only change I noticed. Everything else was left intact: Birdo is still "missing", coins aren't Mushroom Kingdom's currency... And despite Daisy's eye problem being corrected, her description wasn't (The trophy still claims she's in Mario Golf)! Odd.

    This is just something I noticed about Metal Mario's trophy: If you close up on Mario's cap, you can see SMW Yoshi's Island stage being reflected! About the sound/singing of Wario Land 4: It's the Wario Karaoke song you unlock either by inputing a code on the Sound Room or by collecting all the CDs. You hear it on the first Green level.

    Finally, I found my Mario & Yoshi dolls! (Yes, I'm the guy who mailed about Yoshi's Safari Special Edition dolls) Now if only I got my scanner to work...

    PS.: Earthbound's being ported to GBA, plus its sequel is under development! Isn't that great news?
    - Pishi

David Dayton: Nifty things! Earthbound will be fun... and what is the code for Wario Land 4, if you please?
Deezer: That reminds me, I'll go put up that code now.

    Hey guys! You'll never believe what I found in one of the old Mario shows! In the Super Mario 3 episode,"The Ugly Mermaid", there's a scene near the end that has a small "cameo" by Wario. In this scene, Holly Mackeral the mermaid princess is getting married with Mario in his frog suit. What happens is when Holly puts a "wedding helmet" on Mario, it squishes his face and it actually looks like Wario when you see him. I'd send you a picture of it, but I don't know how to do that stuff. But it was pretty dang funny.
    - Robert Poole

David Dayton: That is not a Wario cameo. You can't cameo a character before that character exists.

    Mario Bros: 05/1983
    Donkey Kong: 07/1981
    Dk Jr.: 08/1982
    The dates are for the US version more informations look on keep doing th egood job
    - Rafael

David Dayton: Hmm. I wonder if those are the correct dates? I don't necessarily trust the site for such info.

    I'm not sure, but isn't Super Mario Sunshine the first and only 3-D Mario game to feature Mario being able to ride Yoshi?
    - RGimenezMiguel

David Dayton: True, although Yoshi's Safari was a 3D perspective game where you shot things while riding Yoshi.

    Hello once again. It's-a me. I have found another Marioesqe cameo in Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. A few enemies resemble Mario enemies. Boko Babas (carnivorous plants) resemble Pirahna Plants and Poes (lantern-carrying ghosts) have the same function as the Shy Guys with skull masks in Yoshi's Island (they both grab onto the player and reverse their controls).That's all I found in my player's guide.

    There is a funny yet strange thing I found in Super Mario Advance 3-a part of one of the levels has a Vincent Van Gough backround. It was such a long time ago I forgot the level, but I know it was towards the last world.

    You should make mailbags in a shorter period of time.

    You guys have the best Mario website, but I know the best Koopa Kids (the ones in the Mario cartoons, not those stupid Baby Bowser rip-offs) website. In one mailbag a person called this website Lemmy's Land, but you have to type it as to access it. You'll like it, but just as a warning, they make fun of Mario sometimes (they just make him a brainless moron that loves cheese, not call him gay or anything too harsh), just in case you take that as offensive.

    Next time, I'll write about what I think Wario would do if he was in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Saiannara!
    - celebi413

David Dayton: Those aren't cameos, though. Those are preexisting Zelda enemies. Cameos are fairly obvious when they do occur. Mailbags appear as quickly as one of us can write 'em.

    there is actually one more version of mario brothers for the arcade and its not the original one you listed here, its actually similar to the ninendo version of it (the NES version came out after this one did, and the NES version is a stripped down version of it!)

    if you can find this rom i would really be greatful because i have searched for it everywhere!, i used to play it in a few arcades and one store where i live, one of the arcades is still around and i think they are the main supplier for my city as they have been all these years, i dont want to go and ask the owner about it because i feel like the guy would look at me a little strange :)

    the game frustrated me because the controller was a little skinny one with a small ball on the end of it (small pool cue like ball!, was red!)

    let me know if you have any info on this
    - slashx199

David Dayton: Well, I'm supposing you aren't talking about Mario Bros., the two player single screen action game, but about the arcade Vs. Super Mario Bros.. It was a modified version of the NES game, which came first, if I am correct. I don't know whether it was ever released in arcade form in Japan, though.

    I heared a romer that there was going to be 7 mario parties? is there any truth to this? ive also heard that there would be 5 playstations? or was it the other way around?

    Did you know that mario is accually very selfish? yah, In mario teaches typing (it wasent my idea to plat that...) mario says "This is a very nice-a computer you-a gotta there, can I Have it?" How stupid,or is it just a stupid game?
    - superchris129E

David Dayton: Rumors are rumors. Ignore both of them. The quote is interesting, though.

    I have just found Super Mario Sunshine doll set.It has Toad,Mario with fludd on him and a Shine Sprite.Go to and it is $80.00. Press on the video game figures button.

    I heard that 128Marios comes out this year is that true?And how come there hasn`t been any new screenshots of Mario golf?And how come in 3D Mario game`s they have mushroom`s that make you big or fire flower`s so you can shoot fireball`s?
    - Austin

The Super Mario Sunshine figures

David Dayton: Nifty. Too expensive for me, though. Mario 128 is still a mystery.
Deezer: EIGHTY DOLLARS??!??!?!?!

    Hey ! I like your site . {Been visiting for 5 years}
    Please don't give a personel reply and please DON'T show the return address at this letter's end . THANKS
    ! A couple of things:
    1.In Animal Crossing , I found a glitch that occurred when I played the igloo-wrestling game , and someone {I forget who} gaveme something called a DUMMY . I suspect it to be what the programmers/testers used to test the program piece that relatedto furniture movement . I suspect this due to: 1.its name is all can rotate it , and move it vertical and horizontal but can't set stuff on it , you can't set on it , and you can't walk on and over it 3. it doesn't appear in your catolouge . What do you think ?
    2.I think some Smash Bros. Melee characters {mostly Peach and Zelda} should be given different outfits {not dresses} . I'm not saying have them wear just underwear and a bra , However , I think wearing dresses in a fight is just a bit weird even though it is out of character. Tell me what you think they should wear {one answer regarding all aged gamers and another your own opinion}
    3.Did once {if at all} have info for a SMB3 Gameboy advance port ?
    4.Your site "Rocks In Stereo"
    See you next time !
    - vleit

David Dayton: Thanks for visiting. I have the DUMMY as well. It's unique... and the ladies of Melee are pefectly fine in their current outfits.

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