Super Mailbag 128
31 July 2003

Mailbag by MEGAߥTE

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MEGAߥTE: I think your wait was worth it. Welcome to the largest mailbag yet, with 128 e-mails! (Yes that was on purpose). BTW, if you want to pre-order any games here, you can get 10% off until the end of August. Just enter the coupon code "TENOFF." Here are direct links to the Mario games: Mario & Luigi, Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Party 5. Yes, that was a shameless plug. Since this bag is so long, I've divided it up into topics.

Upcoming Games (20)
Game Questions (20)
Game Commentary (18)
Music and Movies (9)
Mario Sightings (18)
Site Praise (8)
Complaints (14)
Questions about the Site (10)
Randomness (11)

Upcoming Games
sir why don't they make a game with luigi and mario in it.

MEGAߥTE: They are. Ironically, it's called "Mario & Luigi." Here's a picture I took at E3:
Dear TMK,
I thought you might like to know that new games will be coming out soon some of them are:
Mario & Luigi RPG (GBA, this year)
Super Mario Advance 4 (GBA, 7/18)
Mario Party 5 (GCN, this year)
Mario Kart Double Dash (GCN, this year)
Mario Golf (GCN, September)
Thank you,
P.S. If you could, will you put these games and release dates on you site?
P.S.S. I love the sit allot!!!

Perhaps you've been told this already, perhaps not.. but
A new 'Mario' game is in the works, an RPG with co-op Mario and Luigi =D
If a box pops up, the User-Name is nintendo and the password is media...
See ya!
- Name withheld

MEGAߥTE: You really don't need to tell us this kind of stuff. If it's not on the site, then Deezer just hasn't had time to post it yet.
Hello mailbag person-
The site rocks. Microsoft and Sony suck. When is Mario128 coming out?

MEGAߥTE: Nobody knows yet; Nintendo is being extremely secretive about it. However, word is it will feature something so innovative, Nintendo did not want to show it at E3 because somebody might steal the idea. For now, you'll have to settle for Super Mailbag 128!
i mailed ya last month but notice that that toad's parkway is back in super mario kart double dash. And now there's baby mario And BABY LUIGI!!!!!! weird huh?

MEGAߥTE: This is an unfortunate move for the MK series. I had hoped that such ridiculous additions would stay with the Mario Tennis and Golf series only.
Dear TMK:
I read a letter in Nintendo Power about a kid who has friends and they make up all this wierd crap that it made me laugh my butt off! I mean, come on you stupid idiot! Your friends are morons!
But that was just a ran, here are my questions.
1. Will SMB3 on the GBA feature a fancy intro as the past 3?
2. Why can't Nintendo and Square make another Super Mario RPG (I like Paper Mario, but it wasn't as good and Mario RPG)
3. Why do X-Box act so stupid and type so stupid?
4. Do you like TMNT 3: The Mannhatten project?
5. I pressed.
6. stop.
-Matt M. Koopa

MEGAߥTE: 1. As long as they've spent working on it, it better. (it does)
2. I think this is within the realm of possibility. Let's see how Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and the GBA games go first.
3. What you say?
4. Yes.
5-9. No. you're. not.
Hi guys, let me just say it's one of the best sites I've seen. Anyway, I don't know if you went on the Nintendo of America website and saw this. I thought I'd pass it to you. According to their coming attraction game list, Donkey Kong + is still coming out. They have Mario and Donkey Kong listed as a action game. And Donkey Kong + as a puzzle game. Which I think is wonderful news. The Donkey Kong + screenshots I've seen looked cool. There's nothing like the classics. Keep up the good work and a wonderful website.

MEGAߥTE: Since then, they seem to have removed info about many of their upcoming games, so I don't know what's up. Only Mario & Donkey Kong was at E3.
Hi. Yeah... uh.... well... anyway, I read your latest mailbag. Super Mario Advance 4+Yoshi Story=Incorrect. It is actually SMB3. If you go to, you can see a couple of articles there. I even got a couple of screenshots, with Mario using a SMB2 turnip and a SMW cape. Apparently, these power-ups come from e-Reader cards that you swipe through, well, an e-Reader.
I knew that stupid e-Reader would be useful someday...
P.s. Have you heard about PlayStation Portable? I'm worried that sales og the GBA are going to go down with the release of a portable PlayStation. Some dude from Sony said in asn interview, quote ,"... we won't let Nintendo sit idly..." I really, really, really hate Sony now. ::cue shotgun loading sound::

MEGAߥTE: Yep, whatever magazine Deezer was reading was wrong. Yes, I've heard about the PSP, though Sony hasn't actually shown anything besides the discs yet. I'm not sure whether to worry or not: the specs were just released for the PSP, and it completely blows the GBA away (it looks to be as powerful as the PS2, it not more powerful). However, that means that the price will be much higher and the battery life much less. Executives from both Sony and Nintendo have said that the PSP is not a competitor to the GBA. Some have hinted that they might even work together somehow... On the other hand, Nokia also said their new piece of trash wasn't a GBA competitor, and then changed their stance, though this is a different situation. Anyway, we won't see the PSP until next year's E3, at which time we will be able to make a better assessment. (Perhaps Nintendo can release a portable Gamecube after their new system comes out). Nintendo still has their huge library of games to back the GBA up. I just thought I'd mention that Microsoft is still posting huge losses on their Xbox, while Sony PS2 profits are way down. Nintendo's revenues are also down, but they still made almost half a billion dollars last year, thanks to the GBA.
Is this Mario and Luigi RPG coming to GBA or GCN? I would really like a GAMECUBE MArio RPG, considering that I think Gameboy has lost its flavor, but a Mario RPG on GAMEBOY ADVANCE would be fine and dandy too. So I just wanted to know about that.
Also, I while back I told you about this Japanese cartoon movie. Well, with much stress, I was able to bootleg it, and burn it to DVD, and copy it to VHS, so, since I think you have the best Mario related website, I want to see if you would like to buy it.
Tank you for your time, it means a lot to me!

MEGAߥTE: Mario & Luigi is coming to GBA. Heck no, I'm not going to buy your bootleg DVDs! If you want to send me one for free for review, that's acceptable.
Its Lee again
1. Do you think its possible to download SMA4 JAP Roms since its not out in English but I bet it'll take a long tome to find it right?
2. I'm getting an Action Replay for my Gamecube! so on games I can get cool codes and you can push c up to grow c down to shrink and z to to jump really high and walk on air!
3.Who would win over between who should be Mario's Girlfriend
Peach, Daisy, or Pauline.
4.Do you know who's face this is ---> 'c' (if you don't know its baby mario!)
5. Something is weird on Ice Climbers when you jump it sounds like the SMB jump did you here it before?
6. Super Mario Bros 3. for GBA will i get bored since I played the Super Mario Allstars version?
7.Do you know any codes for Wario Ware?

MEGAߥTE: 1. Yes
3. Peach... of course you could add to the mix Mario's girlfriend from the movie: Daniella
5. Yes
6. Probably not
7. Yes
Hi I am Joey! I love your wedsite and I am currently making my own with my friend. Anyway, do you remember Super Mario RPG for the SNES? Well that is my favorite game ever and Me and all the other Mario fans were wondering if you could put nintendo's Email on your wedsite and have everyone who likes Super Mario RPG email nintendo and ask them to ask nintendo to remake Super Mario RPG on GBA! Since so many people visit your wedsite we could get hundreds of people to email nintendo. Well this is nintendo's email! It is !

MEGAߥTE: Perhaps this would work. After all, it was allegedly over 500 consumer calls that brough the Zelda Bonus Disc to the US.
Hi, will Nintendo make a next console? Do you hate PS2 and Xbox? I do.

MEGAߥTE: Yes, they have said that they will and have committed lots of money to it. It looks like ATI is going to make the graphics chips for both the "Gamecube 2" and "Xbox 2." PS2 and Xbox? I think they'd made good Linux super computer clusters.
Me again, the one who sent in the cameo facts. I noticed that in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode Super Koopa, when King Koopa got in a Kuribo's Shoe, most of the lines that say Kuribo were pronounced "Kuh-ru-bee", and not "Ku-ree-boh". Is how they say it really how you prnounce Kuribo? Or is it a screwed-up error?
P.S., when Mario Kart Double Dash gets released, can you still play with one controller or do you need 2 players to play just only one kart (4 for 2 player)? AND one more thing: How come King Koopa's skin color is green and Bowser's is yellowish-orange? Is there a problem? AND one more thing: Why are the Koopa Kid's names changed in the show??? (Example: Wendy to Kootie Pie or Roy to Bully)
-Bob Jindra

MEGAߥTE: Just more examples of the liberties DIC took with the Mario cartoons. In Mario Kart Double Dash, each kart is only controller by one person. You can switch between the two characters.
Woo more E3 pics.
ello there. It's sunbun. (Sunny coconut boy, from a year ago). I wonder what Super Mario 128 is going to be. (We already had SMS)
Question: What's with all the Mario Party sequels? The same concept over and over with improvements is kinda getting annoying. (but I still like it)

MEGAߥTE: Nintendo found a niche market for kids' party games and they're milking it for all its worth.
Do you know anything about super mario rpg on gameboyadvance becase now I know that most of the gameboyadvance games are from the super nentindo.
-Jonathan Golden

MEGAߥTE: Nothing has been said about porting Super Mario RPG to the GBA. However, an original game (shock), Mario & Luigi seems to be a Paper Mario sequel of sorts.
Man, this must be a good year for Mario. I mean this is amazing what they're gonna do. Diddy Kong's gonna be in the next Mario Kart, Mario and Luigi are gonna both star in a game together for the first time in years, I think you Mario freaks should be having a party right about now. I'm happy for them, but I'm also looking at the great stuff that my blue homie Sonic Da' Hedgehog is about to dish out. You see, I'm a supporter for both Sonic and Mario. But it's just that Sonic is a little more mature than Mario and Luigi. Don't be pissed off ok?
-Robert Poole

MEGAߥTE: Okay, but next time if you don't have a question or some useful information, then don't e-mail us.
Hey this is esl2005, the glitch guy and I'm needing some info. (If David is doing the mailbag this week I'm sorry for numbering my questions er.. whoever doesn't like numbered questions. Whatever.) 1. Could you give some info on what Marionette and Mario 128 is and if they will be games? Uuuuuuuuuh....
2. What do you all really look like. An actual photo of you all; not the .gif pictures you have on the mailbag of yourselves. Brain freeze..... uuuuuuuuh.
3. Not a question... I love how J.J. makes fun of everybody. I bet that from me saying that it will result in J.J making fun of me, but oh well, it's funny.
4. Not a question... I've sent you some glitches for SMAS and I am going to send some more so be watching for them.
5. Not a question... Keep up the good work, this is the greatest Mario site. Duh!
Duh and Der.... Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Hopefully next time I... won't... brainfr..eeeze. Uuuuuuuuuuh.

MEGAߥTE: 1. As soon as we have more info, you can be sure we'll let you know. Though Marionette might include Mario, Miyamoto said two years ago that it wasn't a Mario game, but actually a game with marionettes
2-5. Uuuuh.
I heard about Mario and Luigi RPG for GBA, but I heard from Nintendo Power that in the game, an evil witch replaced Princess Peach's voice with explosives (Scary). Do they mean that if Mario and Luigi don't find a way to get it back, she'll forever sing "An to ode nuclear explosives, huge bass volume style"?!
I also heard about Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. They said that you can use your E-Reader to unlock extras. Do you think one of the extra features is "Centaur Mario" that Nintendo wanted to do when they once made it for NES, but never released that type of Mario?
-Bob Jindra

MEGAߥTE: Yep. I doubt Centaur Mario will make an appearance. It seems everything from that age is lost (like the other bonus games and levels, which we'll be doing a special on sometime soon). The only new powers that I have seen so far are the cape and the boomerang. I think most have already seen the giant vegetable, Chargin' Chuck, and Rip Van Fish and new level screenshots.
Great onwards(takes deep breath):
1)don't delete this email
2)when will Mario&Luigi come out?
3)I hate people who hate mario
4)Will Waliugi ever get his own game?
5)Is ther really a new Mario tv show coming out soon?
6)Mario is better than sonic and can beat the **** otta him any day
7)Link sucks ****
8)When will 100 Marios, Marionette and Super Mario 128 come out?
That ends my blabbing

MEGAߥTE: 2) It's scheduled to come out on September 1st.
4) I hope not.
5) I haven't heard anything of this nature.
7) No he doesn't.
8) There is no word on whether all of these games are even going to be released, so there is no info on when they will come out.
I just want to apologize for my brothers' letter im not sure you really care but i was going through the email and i found it anyways i hope he didn't offend you or any of the other fans.
-CherryShadowZ (brother of UltraMario)

Game questions
Just why is Captain Syrup the one Mario character that's mentioned nearly never?! It's at the point as if she was never even made! I do searches online, I get mainly reviews of the 2 games for GB she was in, some fan fiction with her in it, among other things. There's not even much sprites of her and there's even little or no pictures of her too! And in your character/item list, you have Captain Syrup mentioned, but no picture, and all your other descriptions(well, just about all of them anyway) have pictures. And I even get results on some online person with a screen name of "Captain Syrup," and that's not even close to what I'm looking for! Just where did she just vanish off the face of the earth, and the video gaming universe?

MEGAߥTE: Good question. Maybe you should ask Nintendo about her future.
Dear TMK staff,
I'd heard somewhere over the Internet that the Animal Crossing tune titled "K.K. Song" was actually a song taken from the oddball game Mario Paint. Being the twisted fan of anything Mario I am, I asked for K.K. Song next Friday in Animal Crossing, despite the fact that I've never played Mario Paint myself. It turns out that K.K. Song sounds like rubbish (though catchy rubbish!) and I figured that there must be something odd about it, being "secret" and all. So what I ask is this: Where does K.K. Song come from? Is it actually from Mario Paint? If so, is there a midi or other file of the original music?

MEGAߥTE: Yes, this has been covered in two previous mailbags. Here is an SPC of the original music.
Dear Deezer
Does Mr.Martinet Do any other super mario charecters voices?
-Mega Toad

MEGAߥTE: Yes, he has done a large variety of other characters including Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Donkey Kong.
I have a question that has been bugging me for some time. On the back of the box on Super Mario Brothers 3 for the NES, there is a picture, I believe it is the one at the top, where there is a level which has a lot of flying turtle shells in a grassy plain. However, I have yet to find any level that looks like that. Can you please help me with this? I have been dying to know about this for more thatn 10 years.

MEGAߥTE: This was mentioned two mailbags ago. You can't find that level; it no longer exists. It was from a beta version of the game as was the World 1 Map. However, the ROM does include several levels that are not accessible in the normal game. More details will be available soon.
I was just wondering (sorry if my facts are wrong) if Princess Peach is 'gettin jiggy' with Mario and Daisy is 'gettin it on' with Luigi (Look at the Daisy trophy in SSBM) then why was Mario trying to save Daisy in Donkey Kong? Shouldn't the logic answer be Luigi? Fair enough, Miyamoto-san may not of planned out the future of the plumber brothers before they were famous, but surely consistency is a key role in Miyamoto's game planning, what with Zelda, Animal X-ing (You lucky Americans) etc.

MEGAߥTE: I would say so. However your facts are indeed wrong, Mario saved Pauline in Donkey Kong. He saved Daisy in Super Mario Land.

MEGAߥTE: Umm you might want to work on those counting skills. Also, your CAPS LOCK appears to have malfunctioned.
1. It will be for Gamecube. While they might try to get a new system out it 2004, I don't think they will, unless they've really been hiding development from everyone. The systems tend to come out later than they first announce anyway.
2. He wears red because it shows up well.
3. Well how many times has Mario died? That's what 1-up mushrooms are for, of course.
Hey TMK.
I have been a big fan of your site for about 2 years now. It is awesome. Anyway...
1.I know the donkey kong story is confusing, but how doesdonkey kong get from NYC to the jungle (donkey kong land) .
2. I think PS2 and XBOX are dumb, and everyone makes fun of me for mario and zelda. that is dumb huh? Mario and zelda Rule!!!!!!
3. What is the difference between DK land and country?
4. where in the story line do 6 gold coins and GB donkey kong fit?
5. Wouldnt a map of the mushroom kingdom be nice?
6. So would a DK family tree.
7. Is the castle in 8-8 in SMB, THe final Castle in SMB3 and the one in SM64 one in the same?
8. Why dosent nintendo make a 3D game like SMB bowzer takes peach, mario frollics around in the mushroom kingdom and finally arrives in an overtaken castle and wins her back.>? do they think "MARIO SUNSHINE" is good. I think it's a pice of junk.
9. I was reading the mail bag a while ago, and some person said mario is about drugs. that person deserves to have a punch in the face.
10. Some of these references are getting out of hand i mean realy, "some guy said on the amazing race its like donkey kong" thats no reference. Thats stupid.
11. JJ does the best in answering questions.

MEGAߥTE: 1. He flew. I mean, the pigs do, so why not him?
2. Ok.
3. One is for Gameboy and the other was originally for SNES.
4. According to SML2's story, it happens right after Mario get's back from Sarasaland in the original SML. GB Donkey Kong is less clear, but it would seem that it may take place after SMW since he can do flips. On the other hand there's a fair amount of suppor that it may take place before Mario's adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom (when the original Donkey Kong takes place). If you've seen the ending of the game, you'll understand why I say this.
5. Yeah. Here's a map of the Mushroom World.
7. No.
8. I agree, we need an old-school, yet new Mario game.
does anyone have these games
mario party 1
mario rpg 1
-Mark Burry

hi i gots some questions there a screanshot of yoshi in sm64 i want to see him but i suck too bad to make it that far
2. u said that they wanted mario to ride on a dinosoar but they couldnt do it, birdo is the same has yoshi how could thy make birdo but not yoshi

MEGAߥTE: 1. Here you go.
2. Mario standing on Birdo's head is not the same as Mario sitting on Yoshi by any means.
3. NO.
Dear TMK,
I want to know how much the Donkey Kong Arcade Machine costs and where are your nearest offices loced by Ohio?
Thank you

MEGAߥTE: I saw a Donkey Kong arcade machine for sale on the web last month for $450 but the ones on eBay are going for about $800 right now, though prices vary and I've seen other machines go for far less. Offices in Ohio? We only operate out of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Im in a bit of a problem. i wanna get Game and watch gallery 4, but i cant find it anywhere! all i keep finding is game and watch gallery advance. are they the same?
-the ultimate yoshi

MEGAߥTE: I'm guessing they are the same since G&WG4 is the only G&WG game specifically for Gameboy Advance. You can buy it here if you want.
I haven't played Super Mario Bros. 3 since I was five years old. I recall making it to the final stage where you have to fight Bowser, or Koopa. The problem was I became so excited I didn't know what to do and I was instantly killed. I had to start all over from the beginning. What I'm asking is this: Was there a save feature on the game? Was there a save feature on any NES game for that matter? Keep in mind I was still illiterate in Kindergarten, therefore I could have easily overlooked the save screen and lost my progress. Thanks.
-Zack, Louisville, Kentucky

MEGAߥTE: No, there was no save capability in Mario 3. Plenty of games did have save capability, such as both Zelda games, both StarTropics games, and Wario's Woods. Most of them would tell you not to turn off the power when they saved (like GBA games).
Hey. Have you ever heard of the Naki Game Saver +? If not, it's a nifty little gadget for the SNES that lets you save your exact position in a game and then reload it at any time, much like an emulator savestate. The thing is, it doesn't work right on every game. When I try to use it on Mario RPG the game freezes and the file I was in erases. But once I tried doing something on I think the File Select screen and I entered some kind of weird thing where there was several Toad standing around on this landscape. Talking to each one reveals they each represent one of the worlds in the game. When you talk to them, you can pick a level to go to in that world. Do you know anything about this being some sort of debugging tool? It's been years since I did this, and I no longer have a Game Saver, but I'm going to try to get one off of eBay, and I'll let you know if I find out anything else. Thanks for your time!

MEGAߥTE: I've seen the Game Saver, but it was far too expensive when it first came out, so I didn't buy one. I'm guessing there's something with the extra chips or extra pins in SMRPG that the Game Saver doesn't handle properly. I don't know anything about a debug feature, so let us know if you find anything else out. There were several Game Saver +'s available on eBay for cheap right now.
To Deezer/David Dayton/ETC:
I have two questions and opinions-
1. Why, in Super Mario Kart for the SNES, whatever character you choose, another specific character is ALWAYS programmed to be in Second place or better? For example, if you choose Yoshi, the "secondary" character will always be Koopa Troopa. Now if you hit Koopa Troopa with a red shell, and he goes about 5 ranks behind, his kart suddenly speeds up ahead of all characters just to be back in second place. This is the same in Mario Kart 64: A specific character is knocked back about 3 ranks, you can see it speed up back to its original position. Plus, the computer players cheat- if you hit an opponent from far away with a red shell in Mario Kart 64, you can see it just only "delayed" the player, but didn't crash him/her into the air, and resulting in even higher acceleration! Why are the computer opponents programmed to do these things?
2. How come the Mario cartoons had such bad artists drawing and painting the episodes? For example, the character colors always change into random colors, making highly noticeable mistakes- like Luigi's outfit resembling Mario's, and vice-versa, and in TAOSMB3, Cheasty Koopa's head often changes colors, from the normal green, to either orange or purple. Why had DIC use such artists to draw the cartoons?

ETC: 1. This is why it was known as the "cheating AI." They did a little better in MKSC, but it's still pretty bad. I think the computer players don't crash because of potential memory limitations (or the programmers and artists were just too lazy).
2. What do you expect from a company named DIC? I'm thinking about doing a page on all the mistakes they made in those cartoons (wrong character's mouth moving, etc).
Is ther any cheat to get more coins on Mario Party 4? Because my best friends little brother keeps beating me!!!! ( I'm the jr. vice president of america GEORGE BUSH ROCKS!!!!!!! )

MEGAߥTE: Hmm how very much like Bush; if you can't win, just cheat? ;-)
How the hell am I supposed to get to that Star Road Entrance that's on the floating island in the middle of Dinosaur Land!? I just can't seem to figure it out!

MEGAߥTE: You have to pass through the secret exit in Soda Lake. On the other hand, you could get there from Star World, but then you'd just be stuck on the island with nowhere to go.
I am a grandma who has just gotten hooked on Mario because of my grandson. Can you please tell me how to beat that stupid Petey Piranha in Mario Sunshine. Be gentle to a little old lady.

MEGAߥTE: Fill up his mouth with water until he falls over. Then, butt-stomp his belly, where the arrow points. You have to do this three times.
esl2005 aaagain,
Sorry for wasting your time sending all this stuff to you but I keep forgetting stuff; I'm an idiot sometimes. Anyway, why in SMB and SMAS is it that when you hit a block containing mushroom and then you hit a block contain something else, i.e poison mushroom, that the first thing you hit just disappears? Hold on, let me make this simpler and shorter. Okay, I was playing when I hit a block with a mushroom. While it was moving along and I accidentally hit an invisible block containing a 1-up mushroom and the other mushroom that was already there just disappeared. I know that I didn't make that description shorter than the other one, I know that it has something to do with memory or something, and I was wondering, "What's up with that?!?" So could you give me more info on that and sorry for wasting your time again and for that long, hard-to-understand description I gave you. Oh wait, one more thing. If you could have Mario or Luigi's fighting/jumping/floating down fairly slow powers or some other Mario related person on SSBM who would beat up and what else would you do with them? See ya in the next mailbag and hopefully I won't make these questions so dang long!

MEGAߥTE: The original SMB game engine apparently was designed to only handle one power-up. Thus, if you hit a block with a second power-up, the first would disappear. In most cases, this doesn't show up in SMB, but it happens frequently in SMB2J (Lost Levels).
yeah i noticed that in world 1 in smb3 leval 7 i think was snow and ice but in super mario all stars its grass and dirt
why did they change it???

MEGAߥTE: Umm there is no 1-7 in SMB3...
Hey I played SMW (SNES) a lot recently but there are some levels that I can't find... I only have 90 goals. Is it possible to send me a map of all the lands so I could see what secret areas I am missing??? See you!
-Olivier Gagne

MEGAߥTE: Sure, here you go. If you're missing goals and can't find them on this map, make sure that you found both exits on all 5 Star World courses.

Game Commentary
I like all of your Japanese/USA comparisons. I noticed that you missed a few things with Super Mario 64. There were tons more voices added to the US version. Such as Peach reading the letter in the intro, and Mario saying "Press start to play" and various other new sounds when he jumps around, sleeps, etc. Also, the rumble pak version keeps these new voices in it as well. What about comparisons of the Super Mario Advance series (maybe after 4 is released, well it is out in Japan now) with the SNES/ NES versions. Such as the larger enemies in Super Mario Bros. 2, and other things making the game harder. Maybe comparisons of the Nintendo Puzzle Collection games (again, maybe after the US release) I guess Panel de Pon on NPC will be the same for the US. It's basically the almost-released in Japan- Pokemon Puzzle League. Dr. Mario is basically the N64 version as well. Maybe a comparison of Tetris Attack/ Panel de Pon vs. Pokemon Puzzle League, PPL vs. Panel de Pon GCN version, etc. Also, how Super Mario World was also called Super Mario Bros. 4 on the cartridge label and box in Japan, but Yoshi's Island was not Super Mario World 2 in Japan, things like that. Anyway, keep up the great site!

MEGAߥTE: Nice spottings. We are working on more Japanese/English comparison pages. They'll be up when they're ready. Here's a picture of the Super Mario World game watch, which actually says "Super Mario Bros. 4" on it. Also, early versions of Super Mario World actually said Super Mario Bros. 4 in the title.
There is a minus -2 world.......IVE been there...
-Robert DeWitt Jr

MEGAߥTE: We know... the point was that there are no unheard-of-until-recently modern characters in old games.
I found this on some site:
Called Super Mario's Wacky Worlds. A good game was almost release for the CD-i.
-Kevin Grasso

MEGAߥTE: Wacky. This site has much more info and screenshots: A few are included below.
Hey, have you heard of the Famicom game, "Kart Fighter."
It's Mario Kart, only instead of racing, you select one of eight different characters, then beat then fight Street Fighter style.
You'd have to see it to believe it.

MEGAߥTE: Yes, this game is pretty cool, especially for a pirate game. It actually used to be found on this site, but Deezer took it down.
I really have [Mario is Missing for PC], a few years ago, a friend gifted me the original CD.
It comes with another game. Do you want it?
Is for MS-DOS

I wrote you a few weeks ago asking if you want I send you the game Mario is Missing for PC. As I got no reply from you, or I think i lost your reply. The game comes in a CD named "CD DUO", is for MSDOS, and comes with another game named D/GENERATION The whole CD is about 10 Mb, and Mario is Missing game only, in a zipfile, is about 5 Mb. So you tell me what you want. A ISO/NRG CD image or only the ZIP file.
Thanks and happy mario!

MEGAߥTE: I wouldn't mind seeing the ZIP. I already have the SNES version and it's crap, but does have some interesting remixes of SMW music.
I've noticed a little mistake in SSBM. The Course titled "Rainbow Ride" in SM64, in Japanese is "Rainbow Cruise." "Rainbow Cruse" is a SSBM course. Is that a mistake, or did they do that on purpose?
-Erin aka Super Mario Girl

MEGAߥTE: It's a different game therefore it's not a mistake. However, there is a Japanese/English mistake in SSBM. If you go to Sound Test, when the language is English, and choose Narration sound #50, the announcer says "Giga Koopa." If you switch the language to Japanese, he says "Giga Bowser." It should be the other way around. Oddly enough, many of these announcer sound clips are apparently not used in the game.
In the June 14 mailbag, you said Culex was NOT from any Final Fantasy game. Well, YOU were wrong. Culex is in a FF game, but from a japanese FF game, FF2 I think. Anyways your site is AWESOME!
-Carson Brokaw

MEGAߥTE: No, actually YOU are wrong. Culex is not from any Final Fantasy game, though he may be based on a boss from one of the games. The crystals are standard to many of the Final Fantasy games (especially at the time SMRPG was released). The battle and victory music is from Final Fantasy IV (II US) and the conversation music is standard to the Final Fantasy series. HOWEVER, CULEX IS A CHARACTER UNIQUE TO SUPER MARIO RPG.
One more thing to note (regarding the supposed Kid Icarus 2):
Back then, Nintendo didn't allow the word "God" in their games.

MEGAߥTE: While this was probably very true of NOA (they censored all sorts of ridiculous stuff like the word "Holy" from Final Fantasy games), it was probably NOT true of NCL. For example, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was called The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods in Japan. Additionally, NCL made a game called Devil World in 1984, which featured the Devil and a bazillion crucifixes. There are other examples, I'm sure, but I didn't feel like researching it.
Oddly enough, it seems as if the main character from Devil World may have been a precursor to Yoshi... it's a green, white, and red dinosaur that hatches out of an egg... and listen to what it sounds like when it hatches.
i got a hint in super mario all stars mario 3 hints, if u get a flute inworld three u save it and then start again u will still have the flute but then u can get another flute do it one more time and u can make it to world 8 without even trying

MEGAߥTE: Duh. Try capitalization and punctuation next time.
In response to your "next week's question": A few types of games would be cool to see with Sonic & Mario in it. SSB would be cool. So would a Kart GC. I would have to say, though, that if there were head-to-head side scroller/platform games sonic would have an unfair advantage. I mean, he can basically leave Mario in the dust! (I shudder at saying those words, but it's true. BUT sonic doesn't have any cool transformations or abilities. He just runs fast.
-Jim Raynor

MEGAߥTE: I found this commented out in one of David's old mailbags. I guess he forgot to answer it.
yeah i got a question which game did you guys find most challenging? I sorta thought it was Mario64....and one more question....which game was your favourite and why? I'd say Super Mario Brothers. (the first) It was intresting, original, cool, good music and i liked how the enemies looked. Nothing beats a mario brothers game! =)
-John Smith LOL!

MEGAߥTE: I think Yoshi's Island was the most challenging. Finishing the game isn't the challenging part, it is getting 100% in all of the levels that is so tough. My favorite game is Super Mario World because it was the last Mario game to keep the classic platform feel, had a huge map, tons of secret exits, and great variation in themes.
i found a cool glitch in sm3. it adds to the one about mario turning bronze. let me know if ull post it thanks./

MEGAߥTE: Yes, of course; why didn't you just send it?
I found some errata for your very sparse 'Errata' section. In the Isle Delfino comemrcial in opening of Super Mario Sunshine, various shots of the island are shown, bragging about how great the place is. One of the shots shows Delfino Plaza, and the bell is already covered in goop. Since (I assume) these shots were taken for the commercial before Shadow Mario attacked, the bell should not be covered in goop. So therefore this is errata.
I mean sure there are a billion possibilities how this could have happened in the game, but it's obvious the developers screwed up here.
~Man Monk

MEGAߥTE: No, they didn't screw up. If you notice during the commercial, Shadow Mario can be seen. Therefore, you can assume that the shots were taken after he started his grafitti spree.
I was just going thru some old mailbags, and I wanted to point out that I found this quote funny: Also, what's the point on adding BOWSER? He's a boss. Not a playable character. With this I don't doubt they'll throw in something like Ganon, Dedede, Mother Brain...
- Name withheld

MEGAߥTE: Hehehe. Too bad he's just a clone of Captain Falcon though...
one more thing my friend just bought a nes and he got super mario bros./duck hunt and its messed up...when u play 2 players luigi is white and green teh flower power colors when he gets a mushroom he grows the mushroom size and is still green and white the flower power colors and when u get a flower he grows shorter and has the mario flower power colors
strange huh??

MEGAߥTE: Yes, it is strange that Luigi would shrink, but green and white are Luigi's normal colors for SMB, while red and white are the fire power colors for both Luigi and Mario.
Just a insight:
1-The logo Wario you see at the bottom of the startup screen is a play on the Vaio name and logo. Vaio is the brand of computers manufactured by Sony (a bit ironic) and are quite popular in Japan. One reason Nintendo may had opted for a PC instead of a Mac (which are also quite popular in Japan) may be the fact that Apple is quite hard on their copyrights, even if it's a joke.
2-A bit more obvious is the Windows XP like interface. Again, the startup screen has a taskbar like Windows (in the same blue), a "W" menu (like the start menu), clock and programs at the right and icon placement like WinXP (computer on the top left, trash on the lower right). Finally, the characters windows were the high scored are displayed are shapped exactly like WinXP's.
Now, if someone could explain some of the Japanese references in the game, I would be happy ;)
-Cédric Joyal

MEGAߥTE: Cool, very interesting. Yes, more reference explainations would be quite welcome.
Well, I was playing around with a bunch of codes the other day for SMB3. I got sick of choosing them, and tried out a level. As soon as I got into the level, Mario fell from the sky, Toad was in the level jumping up and down, and the king was sitting on a block catching his scepter and giving me his message. I got the princess's letter and item. So, it went this way throughout the game. I hit world 8, and the background and king were glitched. A few of the letters and numbers were there, and a few oddly placed and colored numbers spelled out YO (A coincidence? Perhaps.) Anyway, there was a message from the princess, plus I got a P Wing item. When the screen faded out, I went on to World 9/Warp Zone. I entered a weird and glitched level of some sort, and there was STILL a king. After that, it started me back in World 1, where I went into the first level and repeated the king thing, with a slightly messed up background. I found this quite interesting, and wonder if there wasn't more to be done with the game.

MEGAߥTE: While there was more (which we'll cover soon), from what you've described it seems pretty certain that there wasn't anything else with regard to the worlds/kings. Do you know what code(s) you used to produce this effect? BTW, the data for letter is located directly above the data for the throne room.

Music and Movies
I hated that darn Mario movie. Mario and Luigi's overalls are gone, Princess Daisy was on Super Mario Land, not Super Mario Bros. (and she was a brown, not a blonde), Yoshi looks like a T-rex, Bowser's name is once again (like on the cartoon) replaced with King Koopa (and how come he's not a turtle?), the plot about them living in Booklyn (instead of Mushroom Kingdom) is lame and were is Luigi's mustach? Regaurdless, it is not as bad as Mortal Kombat: Anialation, Street Fighter:the Movie or even the Double Dragon movie for that matter, but not by much!

MEGAߥTE: While the fact that the movie wasn't directly based on the game, it had its own originality. Mario and Luigi did eventually get the overalls-- the point was that this was how they became "Super." Likewise, this is why Luigi didn't have a mustache. The plot about them living in Brooklyn has existed since The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, or maybe before, and I thought this was pretty much the accepted fact until Yoshi's Island changed that (that's really where the incontinuities started). I'm guessing they chose Daisy because the name Peach had not been introduced the the U.S. yet so a name like Toadstool would be implausible for Brooklyn. Also, Daisy originally did have blonde hair, not brown, and the brown-haired Daisy was not introduced for many more years. It should also be noted that, Peach had brown hair in early artwork, red hair in SMB and SMB2J, and brown hair in SMB2 and SMB3. I find it interesting that Nintendo has brought back the Luigi - Daisy link in their multiplayer Mario games. The King Koopa thing is odd, especially weird is the fact that Daisy's father is named King Bowser (!) according to the Golden Book based on the movie, though the credits simply listed him as "The King." Since they used the Brooklyn thing, I'm guessing they also got the name King Koopa from the cartoons. Perhaps it was a project that needed today's level of computer animation to really get the original essence. I think Rory Derring's movie showed that animal-costumed actors just don't cut it for Mario. Granted, the movie isn't as good now as when I first saw it in 6th grade, but I think it has a lot of originality and wish they had made the sequel. BTW, if you think the movie is bad, you should hear the audio tape...
The first is Daisy, the second is Peach
Hey guys,
Just wanted to know if anyone else out there had any information regarding this. At the movie store where I work, we have a computer database system called Oasis that allows us to look up movies and other goods. We recieve updates for it every month via CD, and often titles that have not been released or even officially confirmed yet are integrated into the system. For example, back in February, there was a 'ghost listing' for the Super Mario Brothers live-action movie on DVD with no information except the title and release date. Even titles that are currently off the market or out of print appear listed, to serve the purpose of telling the customer that they cannot likely be ordered by us or any other store. Every once in awhile, I'll do a search for 'Super Mario' and see what comes up. Until recently, there were the two available DVDs (live-action movie and the out of print "Mario's Greatest Movie Moments" Super Show DVD) and a bunch of out of print VHS tapes of the cartoons (including a Christmas Special!). As of the beginning of June, a new listing has appeared, a mysterious third DVD simply entitled "Super Mario Brothers." Upon further searching in Oasis, it's genre is classified as "Family - Animated" and the list price is $14.99. The release date is said to be June 10, but I can not find this title anywhere on our shipping charts or any information about it on the internet. I have ordered it, but do not expect anything to come in (due to scrutinization of shipping charts and the time between the date I ordered it, late April when I first discovered the entry, and now). The only hypothesis I can think of is that it may be a re-release of the other animated Mario Super Show DVD that was released by Lion's Gate. The "Mario's Greatest Movie Moments" one. Things that lead me to believe this include the fact that the list price is the same and that a Sonic the Hedgehog animated DVD appeared in Oasis as well, also with a June 10 release date. If you remember correctly, Lion's Gate released both the Mario and Sonic DVDs at the same time, and both are now currently off the market. The things against me in this hypothesis are the fact that there are absolutely no listings for these DVDs anywhere else, and the fact that the manufacturer is listed as some company I have never heard of before - UAC or something like that - as opposed to Lion's Gate. I have attempted to contact Lion's Gate asking about this, but they are untrustworthy in e-mail ventures - they never contacted me regarding the e-mails I sent them about poor and missing sound quality on other DVDs I own from them. If anyone has any information regarding this mystery DVD, please write to mailbag about it. If anyone requests, I can provide the X-Reference Identification Number and possibly a picture of the screen displaying the information. Thanks.

MEGAߥTE: Strange. Is it possibly the recently released Super Mario Bros. 3 DVD? If you or anybody else comes up with any more info, let us know!
Sinse I already own an old VHS copy of Super Mario Brothers, I was wondering, does the DVD include any neat extra features, or is it a bare bones disc. Because if it has a lot of extras I may want to buy it, and I cannott find anywhere on the web that can tell me.
Yhank you for your time!

MEGAߥTE: Nope, unfortunately it has absolutely no extras. The video looks like they copied it from a film reel (you can see the dust particles like you do when watching a movie in the theatre) and it is grainy for a DVD.
Do you know where I can find/buy Mario Bros. soundtracks?

MEGAߥTE: eBay. I just bought the single version of Super Mario Land by the Ambassadors of Funk featuring M.C. Mario for 0.01£.
Do you have a code on your music files that makes them so that they can't be copied to a CD?

1. In August is the G|C in (the olympia town 2012) Leipzig... and Nintendo own a whole hall there, so will you come to Germany to the G|C?
2. The Regio 2 Version of the Mario DVD is crap, because the extra is the Trailer for Highlander; only 4 topics to choose in the main menu (Play, subtitles, language, trailer).. should I buy me the Regio 1 DVD (and a Code Free DVD-Player)?
3. Need episodes of Mario in a European language like German or French?

MEGAߥTE: 1. Sure, just provide airfare and a place to stay...
2. At least you got an extra... the other regions' versions don't even have that.
3. This could be interesting. Can you compare them to the English verions and let us know of any translation differences?
Ya know about the guitar tabs right? I was woundering if you could find some guys who can play mario music on the piano. This is just a suggestion.
P.S if ya have a answer pleez send back a e-mail

MEGAߥTE: We did. See Lizard Dude LIVE!
I read on the WTMK page that you use WinAmp. If you have WinAmp 3, you can download these Nintendo-related skins:
Game Boy Advance SP:
I'm using the latter, I like it better. I'm listening to WTMK right now!
Keep up the great work!
P.S. There are also two Zelda-themed ones.
-Skylar Wilcox

MEGAߥTE: Thanks.
I tried to send this to you once before, but instead you re-posted my previous message. -_- Anyway, since you're making a sheet music section, I reccomend this site: It'll speed up progress.
-Shay Guy

MEGAߥTE: Thanks, though I already have notation software.

Mario sightings
Hello TMK staff! It's been awhile since I wrote to you guys. I hope you didn't miss me! I am happy that some of you guys were able to go to this years E3. You're SOO Lucky! I just wanted to write to you guys something about a special on the Nick GAS channel. There's this show called "Play to Z", Which shows a top five video game list in different categories and some info on a few other games and techniques, and some trivia. There is a new episode Saturday, May 17th, at 8:00 PM ET, with an interview with Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, and it shows a bit of him doing some voice acting for the games Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine! But, seeing your speed of doing mailbags, the episode will probably already have ran by now, but, I'm sure that there'll be re-runs. Also, I compliment you on TMK's 6th birthday. I personally started visiting your site the summer after TMK's 4th birthday.

MEGAߥTE: While I didn't see the Charles Martinet interview on Play to Z (as if I have cable/satellite), expect one from TMK's very own David Dayton soon.
Someone on some forum revealed that the address redirects to Nintendo webiste... looks like Miyamoto & co. are working on 100 MARIOS My guess is that multiple copies of Mario will be employed to play the game.
-Cele the Ref

MEGAߥTE: Yes, this is old news. Of course, Sega used to own, and Square registered numerous addresses way back when, so who knows what's in store with
1. On this July issue of Nickelodeon Magazine they are celebrating their 10th Birthday, they have page 23-26 full of celebrities giving them birthday greetings. But on page 24 it has Shigeru Miyamoto saying,"Happy 10th Birthday, Miyamoto" With a Mario head underneath.I have a picture, but it's blurry. Underneath in the orange it says"Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo game creator (Mario Bros.,Animal Crossing, and others.)
2. On an episode of the A- Team this old tour guide women gets attacked by two men ordering her to quit, so she goes to a bar to get help. She goes over to a Mario Bros. Arcade game and inserts a quarter but instead of a game she answers questions on it like "Were you Sent by Mr.Lee?"

MEGAߥTE: 1. Cool, any way you can get a better shot?
2. I pity the fool
Your site is one of the best Mario sites ever. If you just would get your official art section up to date. If you would like I can collect those for you.
I also was thinking you should have a page with a list of all the Mario games. Spin offs and all. I also can do that if you would like.
I also noticed your missing one! Donkey Kong 3!!
Mario and friends appear in the 10th installment in the Zelda games, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. At the island were you meet the Deku Tree there is a small island you can hover over to with a locked door on it. Shoot the hidden switch to open it and ohh...sorry If I told you the rest what's the fun in doing it? But Mario and friends show there faces in Wind Waker also.
I would be happy to tell you more about Wind Waker and collect/make the things I mentioned above. Just email me if you would like me to help. Keep up the great site!

MEGAߥTE: Donkey Kong 3 was not included because it stars Stanley the Bugman, NOT Mario.
I was recently reading the Earthbound Cameos. As my username suggests I enjoy Earthbound very much. I know another Cameo. In the fight with Master Belch it plays a remix of the Mario theme in the background. I hope this small token of information has helped.

MEGAߥTE: Deezer and I agree that 5 notes similar to the SMB theme is most likely a coincidence. However, others may disagree. Here's the SPC.
Great site! Here's a cameo appearance for you all(great collection, by the way)
In the Nickolodeon's Kids Choice Awards-they play Mario Party 4's 'Making Waves' game along with others. I also had a question:
1)Do you think Shigeru Myamoto will ever come to America(maybe Oklahoma??)
2)Doesn't Sony's playstation owe Nintendo? I mean, they made that CD-i thing together and that was the first CD entertainment game console.
That's pretty much it. Again great site. I like how you keep the layout the same and don't change it every five months like others do.

MEGAߥTE: 1)I think he has been to America many times. I don't know why he'd want to go to Oklahoma though...
2)Umm Nintendo didn't make the CD-i, Phillips/Magnavox did that (with Sony collaboration). Sony's project was a system that would play both SNES cartridges and CDs and was known as the Play Station. Thus, the first system they released was really the PlayStation X, though the X was not official and should not be confused with their new PS2-based PSX. Sony and Nintendo split when Nintendo realized that Sony's licensing scheme would allow them to control the console market by releasing/licensing their own CD games and being able to play SNES games. Nintendo did actually get something out of the deal, though: the sound chip for the SNES was designed by Sony. Nintendo suddenly switched development of their SNES CD drive, called the ND drive (Nintendo Disk) to Phillips. This is how Phillips got rights to make a Mario and 3 Zelda games. This new drive would also play CDi disks, but was cancelled. The full story is much more complicated, of course. Pictures of one of the three development units, along with the planned look and disks can be found below.
I was watching G4, a channel about video games, 24-7 This show called Filter was on. It was about the Top 10 most Influential game developers. Yuji Naka placed 5th place. The position for 1st was between Miyamoto and Final Fantasy's Creator. Although as we all would know, Miayamoto placed 1st.

MEGAߥTE: Of course.
Dear Deezer, David, or whoever else is answering this mailbag,
I saw some Mario merchandise, and I thought I'd sent you the website with the pics.
-Dr. Mario

MEGAߥTE: Just what are those things sticking in the bomb-omb's head?
Hi, It's me again. I have found a Mario cake decoration, which is the Mario with the blue shirt and red overalls on a vine. He also has black hair. If I had a scanner, I could send a picture of it, but I can't. I've also heared that John Leguizamo sometimes does the voice for Luigi. Please clarify this for me. And who is this J.J. person, and why is he so mean? That's all.

MEGAߥTE: It would be cool if you could get a shot, because all I could find was this cake pan.
John Leguizamo played Luigi in the Super Mario Bros. movie. I wouldn't say J.J.'s mean... he's Canadian, hence everyone wants to blame him for their troubles.
hey!! wanted to say that ur site was great!!! Also, I found another Mario allusion that you might want to add. It's from a game called PLOK. See the attachment. In the picture, the main character Plok, pulls up a pair of Mario's overalls (when Mario used to wear red pants, not blue) The game was in the action genre, released by Tradewest, and developed by Software Creations It was released on 9/5/1993 in US
well thats all for now. byedy bye

MEGAߥTE: Hmm, in '93 Mario was wearing blue pants. Anyway, it still might be a reference.
Hey TMK, This is esl2005 again and I got two refrences off of Dexter's Lab.
On the episode, "Copping for Apptitude," Dexter is trying to study in a room where three people are playing what looks like an N64. While I was watching it they said:

Girl: "Watch out Toad!"
Boy 1: "Here comes a leader shell!" (My guess is that he was talking about the spiky shell since it goes to the leader.)
Boy 2: "Here's lightning for ya!"

I don't know which episode this second refrence I got was called but it was when Dexter was watching a comic on his big screen. He said, "I can now add voices to this comic because of my invention, The Super Entertainment 64!" He was obviously talking about the N64 because he said 64. Also, we know it's Nintendo because he says entertainment and that happens to be what NES stands for. Nintendo Entertainment System.
P.S. Where's J.J. again?
P.S.S. When is the maibag going to come out? Today's the 13th of July and the last maibag was June 14! That's around 3 weeks! -esl2005

MEGAߥTE: J.J. is in Canada. Umm actually that would be around 4 weeks. Anyway, it's here now.
Here is an ad from the Staten Island phone book.
-douglas q davidson

MEGAߥTE: Hahaha, surely that's not endorsed by Nintendo!
Okay, this is not one of those "Cameos" that involve noises that come from Mario games (sheesh, those are starting to get annoying!) but actually one that BAISICALLY mentions Mario and Peach. When I was watching "Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas" (no, I'm no really a fan of shows meant for little kids, I was just mearly watching it with my little sister. Besides, Veggies Tales IS pretty hilarious) and I noticed that the name of Bob the Tomato's play is "The Princess and the Plumber". Does that sound like a Mario cameo to you? I wouldn't be surprised if they were refering to Mario and Peach, because Big Idea tends to put cameos from different things in their Veggie Tale shows (one was entirely based on Giligan's Island and another on StarTrek). Anyway, great site. I go on it everyday even if its not updated everyday, but hey, thats understandable.
(If anyone reading this has an account on Neopets, please neomail me at Utopiancitizen or Youlootamax.)

MEGAߥTE: Interesting. I wonder if the kids watching the show get the connections or they put them in there for the grown ups watching the movie (like Disney movies made in the past decade or Shrek).

And more compulsory Mario sightings... completely unverified.
Hi im Logan and i have some thing for you sightings page. I was waching a show called clone high and JFK killed one of his friends and he took a time out from crying and sed "I'll be playing my game goy" after a bit you here a sound and then he yells "No! i killed mario... why couldnt ( he say's his friends name) have 3 lives like mario!!.
P.S i suck at spelling and i dont remeber JFK's friends name. Oh and i LOVE you sight i come and see it every day to study mario
-Logan :)

There was a major Mario appearence in the movie "Pinball Wizard" in the video game contest. Players had to play, what I think was Super Mario Bros 3 in that VG contest. It's been a while since I saw the movie so that's all the info I have.
-gary johnson

I think I found a cameo in Sim Theme Park. On the sign on the ride "DinoKarts" the "Karts" part is close to the Mario Kart 64 one. Observe...
[Unable to display image]
-Nintendo JJW

Greetings, all of you at TMK. I've returned for another email to inform you of a Mario reference I've seen, or rather, heard, on TV. In a recent episode of Jackie Chan Adventures, Jade and Tohru are constantly playing video games (both console and handheld), during which a number of Super Mario Bros. sounds can be heard, including the powering-up, fireball throwing, brick breaking, and the vine climbing sounds. There's also a generic-sounding blip, but it probably can't be associated with any specific game. Anyway, that's all I can think of for now, so until next time, stay strong, and eat your mushrooms!

Hello first pick this one plz ok any way i know that sence your a nintendo website im thinking that you do not like ps2 or ps one right well I think I found a Mario cameo in crash Bandicoot2 for PS One. In one level called road to ruin, there are these statues that look like Donkey Kong,and spit fire at you like i said before you probally do not other game brands but i thought you might like this
p.s your site is the best ever

Site Praise
I see that you have just added a new member to your staff: Chupperson Weird. My compliments to you, Deezer! You have done yourself, your other fellow staffers, and this web site a great service. Chupperson so well fits as a staff member here—as you will learn if you haven't already—that you not so much chose him as simply allowed to him to go where he naturally belongs. I'm glad you're in charge of this place, and I thank you for your excellent decision-making. If any of the rest of the staff had anything to do with Chupperson's hiring, I give them my thanks as well. Is there any chance that we will get to have some of our future mailbag e-mails answered by the new manager of fan art and fan fics?
-Errol (Watoad)

MEGAߥTE: Most likely. Just how much did Chupperson Weird pay you to say all that? ;-)
dear tmk,
your site is amazing! every source of information is there, and all of those other stupid mario sites are so trashy. the site if very helpful. it's so detailed with mario! anyway, keep up the good work. i hope my letter gets posted in the mailbag. have fun updating your site. good luck, too!
from the mailgirl,

MEGAߥTE: Thanks! We try.
Hey! I found the best site! You want Ac Codes, go to:
I swear it has every one. By the way, awsome website. Keep up the good work.
-Murray Christopherson

MEGAߥTE: Well, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have every one.
By the way(I know it's been said a million times before, but...),GREAT SITE.
Check out my Yoshi cartoon! Can you put it up for download? (there is a player program in the zip file-FLICK.exe)

MEGAߥTE: Well we would, but the file was corrupt. If you send again, please send it to Deezer, and not the mailbag. Thanks.

J.J.'s Fanbox
TMK ( Again )
Ha ha...J.J. is the best at answering these questions, give him credit!!! I mean, WOW a Mario camo on a Mario T.V. show and video Yeah, I have some game secrets too, if Mario gets a 100 coins he gets an extra Oh and someone please tell me where I can get a Goomba lol lol!!! Come on people...I ain't making fun of you guys or anything, but think about it......( Laughing Non-stop! ) J.J. needs to come answer more questions more often!
-PresidentMWC, Jr. President of the United States of America

Hey, my god finally someone answers the mailbag questions truthfully, seriously when I read that someone found super mario bros sounds in the background noise of boy meets world I think to myself omg who the **** cares and then the responce they give them is something like I think thats just great keep sending them in BUDDY!! Also JJ pointed out that mario and luigi are in fact fictional characters, iam sorry but it had to be said... people where getting a little to carryed away with the character placement questions like that thing about baby bowser... look if the plot of a mario game calls for a baby bowser then so be it, but when you try to place that character in a fictional time line in a universe that dosent exist then well I think you have no life. And dont think Iam some anti-Mario...person.. cause iam not at all I love Mario games there so ******* cool, I been playing them since Mario first appered but some people just need to relax.

Hey J.J.
Geez, I loved that mailbag (June 10th, 2003). I needed a good laugh today, and that mailbag was hilarious. I'm glad to hear that your back, someone has to keep the idiots inline.
(I heard there was an extremely secret level in SMB that only a few people have found. You have to decode the rom a very special way)
[Delete this]j/k on the comment, but I figure you'll have fun with that one, and I know a whole bunch of people will waste countless hours hunting for it...hehe[/Delete this]

"does anyone play those Wario games? We're up to what, Wario World 7 now?"
J.J.... is... awesome...
I'm SO sick of the Wario games. I thought everyone else loved em' !
You speak the truth, sir. I can rest easy tonight.
-Jay G


J.J's Flamebox
hey J.J quit mocking everyone. and wat do you mean i expect it from a aol user . leave the letter aswering to david dayton. if your sick of our questions don't aswer them

Why does J.J. answer the mailbag when he's just an *******?
-Cal Thomas
To whomever is answering this mailbag:
I don't know your personal opinion of J.J., but I for one dislike him immensely. He may think he's funny by answering e-mails the way he does, but in my honest opinion, he only comes off as being cruel and immature. I thought he'd be gone for good from the mailbag, but as this is apparently not the case, it might be in your best interest to rectify the situation. In other words, tell him to go away. Someplace far, far away from a computer. Preferably Antarctica.
Yes, there are some e-mails sent to TMK that are ignorant and somewhat stupid-sounding in nature, but one must keep in mind that the Mario games cover a very wide range of age groups. For all you know, half of your viewers could be ten years old and under. Granted, some older persons (myself included) have sent the occasional crappy e-mail. We have our bad days, though. We're only human.
J.J., on the other hand, seems to be having consecutive bad days, which would explain his attitude. But that isn't a suitable excuse for being just plain mean. Perhaps I am being overly sensitive about this? Maybe. But that won't stop me from having my opinion being heard.
P.S. On an unrelated note, if Pauline ever returned in another game (her last one being Donkey Kong '94 if I remember correctly), do you think she'd fit in well with the rest of the Mario gang?
Many thanks for your time,
-Melissa Mario Sister

MEGAߥTE: I don't see why not, they've integrated plenty of ridiculous characters into the 'gang.'
First of all, J.J. is an insult to your site. He does nothing but constantly insult people in mailbags. Now, the bad news. Nintendo is planning on replacing Mario as their mascot. Here's the proof .
Here's the address.
What should us Mario fans do? It's video game armageddon.
Cowabunga Dude,

This horrblie news mario myth get replaed from new mascot they can`t do that NOOOOOOOO this sucks

MEGAߥTE: Perhaps you should read my last mailbag where I said not to trust everything you see on the Internet... This 'news' that has been reported everywhere is the result of a bad Japanese to English translation. I think what he was trying to say was that they want to create a new franchise that will become as popular as Mario and Pokemon, not replace them.
when u gonna do a new mailbag!!!!! im bored gimmie somthin to do

MEGAߥTE: Umm, that's not the kind of punctuation I meant... Seriously though, I delayed the mailbag for every one of these complaints we got.
I am wondering why no new mario games are being developed for the game boy advance. I am aware on how long it takes to get an idea for a gamecube mario game(thats why there are so many spin-offs)and that it takes it while to make. But if Nintendo would turn their motor on, then we could see some really great Super Mario plat-forming games. I am getting sick of playing all the old mario games. Sure,they add in a few secrets here and there..but i still have the feeling,done this and that already. Well...thats it...a pointless email...

MEGAߥTE: I wholeheartedly agree.
Dear guys at TMK,
I'm gonna say some stuff that going to horribly sicken you! To me, Mario is obsolete! I haven't played a Mario game in at least 6 months. Hell, i even sold my Gamecube to buy a PS2. And now I'm enjoying Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts instead of that LAME Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. All I ever play on a Nintendo system are Sonic the Hedgehog games on my GBA, and I'm anxiously awaiting Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The only Mario character I even have the slightest interest in is Wario, because I ALWAYS played his games when i was little, and compared to normal Mario games, they rule ***! Sonic and Final Fantasy games are way better than Mario games. I guess you could say I kinda grew outta Mario. He's too.... immature. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go play Final Fantasy VII now.
-Vincent Valentine

MEGAߥTE: Thank you for wasting my time with this flamebait.
yor website is trash
-James G. Holloway

MEGAߥTE: Your spelling is trash.
YOU ARE A FAT ***** THAT ***** MEN!!!!!!

Hey it is Evil Geno from you message board! I wanted to say if you could please un ban me from you message board because some one found out my password and said all that bad stuff on my name! Please email me ASAP!!!

MEGAߥTE: Was this somebody at your computer who did this? Both of these messages had the same IP address so I'm inclined to not believe you.
YOU GUYS NEED TO ADVERTIZE MORE OR SOMETHING BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN NO MAIL BAG FOR A LONG TIME. opps sorry caps lock was on. i wasnt yelling. BTW the website is doing good. i think a SMB3 overview would be cool........

MEGAߥTE: Umm not sure what advertising has to do with the mailbag. An SMB3 feature is forthcoming. Whether it will be a full overview is up to Deezer.
I was just sending this to tell you that your fanfics are somewhat outdated. I went on another Mario-based site the other day, and turns out, Toasty has a whole new series of Mario's high school days. There were many others as well. These are really good fanfics, by the way, I was just seeing why there hasn't been much of an update on this section in several years.

MEGAߥTE: Chupperson Weird should be updating that section soon.
1. Your Link's submit a website page doesn't work.
2. I was hoping for a link to Nintendo JJW on this site.
3. There's a few things in your glitches page that doesn't belong in there. (The Funky thing on SMW was probably on purpose, and I can tell Nintendo ment for that forever Lakitu cloud thing to exist since, how could Nintendo miss it?)
4. Can you get more screenshots for the SMW glitches? The movies for some reason mess up and immediately exits out of Zsnes when I try to use them. I have one for Smashola...
[Unable to display image]
...Oh yeah, I also know how that glitch works, but you probably already know.
-Nintendo JJW

MEGAߥTE: 1. It doesn't? Looks okay to me. Perhaps Gamespy had a temporary problem on their server
3. I disagree. Such things would be very easy to miss if you consider how programming works.
4. Perhaps. Which ones did you want more of?

Questions about the Site
What is on the secret page?????
P.S. Like your site
P.P.S.- Dont use my name, use my e-mail address.

MEGAߥTE: It's a secret.....
Hi, I have a question about sending in fanart, maybe I'm a loser at finding info like this on websites, or maybe I'm thinking to much about this, but I was wondering if there is anything special I need to do in order to send it in (like attaching it) or do I just insert it into the email itself, and do i need to save the picture as anything special (such as .jpg) I dont believe its .bmp and I would change it anyways, sorry about writing so much, but I know sometimes certain websites want you to do this or that and I was just making sure there wasn't anything special about sending in fanart here. Once again sorry about making you read all this, oh and thank you for taking the time to read this.

MEGAߥTE: Well, just don't send us BMP's or anything else uncompressed, and make sure you can view it in a web browser.
1. hi heres a a bout havin a sprite sheet ok
2. r u good at ssbm
-max hudson

MEGAߥTE: 1. What do you mean by sprite sheet? The CHR ROM data directly out of the game, or simply lots of ripped sprites side-by-side?
2. Yes. better than you'll ever be
hey, i was wondering, is that classicgaming ad page that comes up in place of your site sometimes the secret page?

MEGAߥTE: No. However, the secret page was accidently readily accessible for two days last month. Did anybody find it?
Hey dudes, hows it going? Have you guys thought about being linked from as a fan site?
-Aaron irvine

MEGAߥTE: We used to be. That was before they became more "corporate."
was geht bei euch ab?!
warum kann ich keine nes-spiele auf mein`pc douwnloaden? tut mal was dagegen,das währ`echt cool. danke im vorraus.

MEGAߥTE: Umm English please next time. I'm not 100% sure of what you said, so I'm hoping this answers your question. ROMs are illegal if you don't own them (in the U. S. at least). Thus, we can't make them available for download. If you're asking how to play ROMs, you need to find an emulator.
esl2005 again,
I forgot to ask something. Who is Mr. Face? I bet all the people that come to this site know about him and I'm an idiot for asking but I just want to know. I bet I will get dragged off and beaten to a bloody pulp by Nintendodorks for asking that like David was in the April 15, 2003 mailbag. I feel Mr. Face has something remotely to do with the secret page but I bet I am idiotic moron for thinking that. Thanks!

MEGAߥTE: You can find out answers to questions like these by reading previous mailbags. Now that the search engine is working again, there is no excuse not to.
Hey! This is awsome! I love it! But if this site wasn't about the Mushroom kingdom, what do you think it would have been about?

MEGAߥTE: Sub-space
To TMK staf,
what the heck is going on in the site? Ive ben hear for abot 2 years readi'n the site's updates and posting in 'dem formes for a year, and i never had such cofushen in my life! you see, I was antisapate'n wario ware, mega microgame$ sinse I saw it on you'er hear website, but I saw it out in wall-mart before you rote about it, but the neckt day it wasent ther in k-mart yet. Then the day after, at k-mart I saw it, but dident biy it. so I went onthe internert and it said that 'der wer in on the nect day. so I went on agen the day after that day (wich is today) and it said that it came out the ferst day I roet abot. I emaeld the second day, but I diden't get a respons. Pleas anser so I can get the facts set up! Thankes!
the wost speler in the fungi forms,

MEGAߥTE: What you say !!
This question isn't for one specific person, more like a question for all of you. Where do you guys all live? I know JJ lives in Canada {that's correct, right?}, but where do the rest of you live?


Hey, TMK, I have this question: Do you know where I can download a Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World rom? If you find it, make sure it also includes SMW, 'kay?
-Bob Jindra

MEGAߥTE: Yes, send your request here and it will automatically be sent to you.
I've noticed that there isn't too many (maybe none!) "K-A" or kids to adult ratings anymore. Why is that? Has that been changed to The "E" rating? FYI "K-A" waz on SM64.
-Erin aka Super Mario Girl

MEGAߥTE: Yes to the second question. In more recent news, the Great Satan of Video Games, IDSA, has changed its name to the ESA (Entertainment Software Association, not to be confused with the European Space Agency).
Hello again this is Shawne Vinson, I create a story from super mario series, is about Lady Bow's family. The new story is called "Lady Bow & Ribbon"
-Shawne Vinson

For in super mario series, the reason was my idea call named "Ribbon" but I was just thinking to make a beautiful girl's wearing name was avassive to born. So then they really called umm "Ghost Girl" but the good on is for along ago that since she was a baby ghost. And Lady Bow was at the first time of the story in paper mario.
-Shawne Vinson

MEGAߥTE: All your ribbon are belong to us.
May 21th, 2003?

MEGAߥTE: Huh? Do you have a lisp, sir?
Deezer: Ahahah. I remember making that mistake and then fixing it. Good times.
MEGAߥTE: My apologies.
My name is Owen. I was wondering if you new of any sites that contained roms that dotn require emulators, like the ones your site used to contain, that got knocked off because of copyrighting problems. Thank you.
A Big Fan of Your Site, and Mario,
PS I am loking for computer versions of Sega, Kirby, Star Wars, and Mario games especially.
Thank you very much, and i would also like to tell you how hilarious your mailbag is. I laugh my butt of everytime I look.
-Owen Berry

MEGAߥTE: Umm all ROMs require emulators to play unless you have the hardware to copy and run them on real systems...
heres my like code
(HTML removed)
-Zachary Deem

MEGAߥTE: Umm right...
I am creating a new poll
Poll removed

MEGAߥTE: That doesn't belong here.
I am looking for an instruction Manual for the game Ms. Pacman Maze Madness for my Nintendo 64. Can you help me?

MEGAߥTE: No. What does Ms. Pacman have to do with Mario?
dear TMK mailbag,
well i was looking at the kirby super star page and on the screenshot of the great cave offensive treasure inventory screen and i noticed a 1. zelda triforce 2.a mr. saturn (pig thing from ssbm)

MEGAߥTE: Yes. What do they have to do with Mario?
hi i recently acquired a nes game called satan den and it looks japanese. i was wondering how rare is it if in fact it is rare , have u ever heard of it? and anything else about the game thanks

MEGAߥTE: Practically the only things I could find online when searching for this game were all your posts to other sites asking about this game.

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