30 Sep 2003

Mailbag by Chupperson

Real name unknown
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    DK in fairly odd parents!
    More of an Allusion, part of the fairy duel is to save their kids from a giant ape, check out the attached pic!

    -Phred Levi

Chupperson: Heh. I'm including this because it's got a pretty good picture.

J.J.: I'm just impressed someone actually took a photo for once.

David Dayton: What, it's mailbag time again?

Deezer: I font believe it!

    Can someone tell me what it says above you in Mario Kart 64 when you slip on a banana peel?
    When you jump it says "boing", when you land from a big jump it says "pompf" or something and when you get hit by a shell or something it says "boom" or "ka-boom", but I can't tell what it says when you slip on a banana peel!


Chupperson: WHIRRRRRRR.

David Dayton: The hills are alive, with the sound of music...

MEGA▀ąTE: David feels compelled to answer every question...

Deezer: Sounds like my freezer.

    can you sell the super mario brothers gameto me i cant find it in stores

    -John B.

Chupperson: Sorry, can't do that. However, you can try eBay, or your local thrift stores. Thrift stores usually have old NES games, SMB being one of the fairly common ones.

J.J.: Who decided THIS was worth putting in the mailbag?

David Dayton: I don't know, but why can't I find these people anywhere else? I have crates FULL of SMB carts.

MEGA▀ąTE: I'd be happy to sell you SMB!

    is there any way we can download the super mario games free we have one that we play there is one we like to get for pc and that is the first one that came out

    -margaret k.

Chupperson: Sure, there is... but I can't tell you what it is.

J.J.: Argh!

David Dayton: You missed "International Talk Like A Pirate Day".

    I know i've been sending many e-mails last few weeks.
    but I always can think of new questions for you.
    1) Will there ever be released SMA 5
    2) hey the GBA was never develloped to be a 3D system
    but the games Super smash brothers and yoshi's story where never develloped to be 3D games why don't they release them for the GBA
    3) where is the secret site please just another clue
    4) is it true that on the Mario cartoon DVD the live action sequence is gone ?
    5) is sonic lame ?

    -The Rom King

Chupperson: 1) Unknown. 2) Actually, development aside, the GBA can do some 3D quite well. Also, they are going to release Yoshi's Story for GBA sometime... 3)What's the secret site? 4) Yes, as far as I know. 5) He's not quite so lame as he used to be now that he's on Nintendo.

J.J.: I was initally going to "answer" your questions by correcting your grammar, but that's more trouble than you're worth.

David Dayton: Actually, one entire set of live action sequences, including opening and closing credits, is retained on the "Movie Moments" SMB DVD. However, you need to complete the trivia quiz on the DVD to access it. Whenever Deezer updates the films section, we might have more information for you.

MEGA▀ąTE: 2) Neither was the Super Nintendo 4) Actually, only the last half of one live action sequence is on there. Part way through the secret cartoon, the cartoon loops to an earlier point and the sound becomes quiet. When the cartoon completes, it shows the last half of the live action sequence including an ad for The Legend of Zelda "coming next week." Then it loops back to the end of the quiz teling you your last answer was incorrect. That DVD might very well have the worst editing job in existence. 5) Nah

Deezer: 5) Sonic who?

    Depending on how much the game is finished, you sometimes get kissed by a princess that looks much different then in the news paper, after beating the game.

    -Lonic the Elfinhog

Chupperson: Deezer?

Deezer: I think he's talking about the newspaper in the game intro.

J.J.: What game are we even talking about?

David Dayton: Either Warioland 4 or Super Mario RPG.

Deezer: Wario Land 4. Definitely Wario Land 4.

    To Deezer/David Dayton
    I was browsing through your SMW bugs and glitches pages when I found a bug called 'Anti Gravity Chamber'. I wanted to try the bug but my SNES emulator has lost all it's data. Then I noticed my GBA sitting by my computer. I had just finished Vanilla Dome on SMA2, so I could try the bug on there.
    It worked, sort of. The game wouldn't let me spin-jump, so Mario bumped into a block and died. :}
    Please reply!


Chupperson: As far as I can remember, that can happen in the normal SMW too. I think I did it once. While we're on the topic, did you know that you can wall kick in SMW?

David Dayton: It isn't that hard to get Mario killed by spin jumping in the wrong place.

Deezer: You can wall kick in SMW?!

    Greetings Deezer and everyone else. I am but a mere fan of your site. I can never even near your greatness. But I must ask... I accidentaly gave your web adress to my Computer Class, but everyone loves your site so much that we simply HAD to post your site into our links page. All I ask is permission to keep it there.
    If you need evidence, the site is (removed). You'll see some text that says 'computer lab links'. Whether you look or not, it's there.
    And Please don't get angry.

    P.S. I made this over-sarcastic, didn't I?

    -Matthew Boyd a.k.a. Kamek 7000

Chupperson: No problem. Feel free to link to TMK, everybody.
P.S. Did you?

J.J.: Oh sure, now we've set a lovely precedent where every shmo can get a free link in the mailbag. On an unrelated note I would like to tell all readers to check out (removed).

David Dayton: Actually, there wasn't a link until I added the HTML code for the link. Links are underlined and a different color, like (removed).

MEGA▀ąTE: Everybody is going to hate me now.

Deezer: Oh man.

    how come the graphics of super mario bros 2 USA for the nes look so good and the grapchis of smb 1 and 3 not so good.
    how come ssb for the n64 looks lousy while super mario 64 looks so good ?

    -Leon G.

Chupperson: Personally, I think SMB3 has better graphics than SMB1 or SMBUSA. Anyway, it's all in the programming and sprite drawing. Plus, in SM64, there was only one Mario, while in SSB there were multiple high-polygon models resulting in the necessity of lower polygon counts for each model.

J.J.: SMB3 had some of the best graphics ever used on the NES. What are you talking about Leon?

David Dayton: I think he has a slight point, in that the Mario sprite in SMB2 is much more colorful and looks more like the Mario artwork than the SMB or SMB3 sprites do.

MEGA▀ąTE: In SMB2/USA the programmers added an animated layer behind Mario's face to create the sclera of the eyes. This added an extra color to the character palette, which had a profoundly positive effect on the appearance. It's too bad they didn't do they same thing for SMB3.

    I am trying to find a Yoshi Doll to purchase for my son. Can you please advise me where I might be able to locate one to purchase?

    -Dana M.

Chupperson: You can always try eBay, if there even is such a thing as a Yoshi doll.

J.J.: I have a Yoshi doll. It's a beanie baby thing I ordered from the Nintendo Power catalouge years ago. You can buy mine off me for $400 Canadian dollars.

David Dayton: Okay, I'm 95% sure I already answered this e-mail.

MEGA▀ąTE: I think they sell them on Koholint Island...

    i am making a fighting game with game characters and your site pointed me in the right direction. i am glad i found your site and i am happy you let people download your stuff. do you know of any other sites that contain free GIFs based on game characters for my game?


Chupperson: That depends.

J.J.: Your "game" sucks and will likely never be completed.

David Dayton: Anyone remember a cheap PC game called "Stick Figure Fighter"?

Deezer: All that comes to mind is the Stick Figure Death Theater or whatever its name was.

    hi just have a question. in super mario world for the snes, some of the question blocks that you hit have a set of what looks like angel wings that come out and start to float away. what are those and how do you get them if you can. thanks


Chupperson: Those are Yoshi's Wings. If you touch them with Yoshi, he can fly.

J.J.: And, after you finish a special bonus area, Yoshi will be blue in the next level.

David Dayton: Don't listen to them. They are telling you LIES. Those wings actually lead to the secret chamber containing instructions on how to play as Luigi in Super Mario 64. Really!

MEGA▀ąTE: Whoa, J.J. has a useful comment.

Deezer: Oh great, David just added five more years to the "Luigi in SM64" rumor's lifespan.

    on simpsons road rage for GC Bowser makes a cameo. in the grave yard level you run over a tombstone that says Bowser.


Chupperson: No, he doesn't.

J.J.: It's supposed to be a dog name, "Bowser," hence why it is the PET cemetary.

David Dayton: I found this neat cameo where Mario was this guy living 500 years ago in Italy and...

MEGA▀ąTE: You do realize that some Mario names are not made up? I suppose you'll tell me next that you saw a Luigi cameo in your local store's freezer.


    Hey again , I tried mailing another letter to give you guys the correct information to counter-inform you from my last , and mistake filled letter . The Mario oriented "Vs. Arcade Systems" by Nintendo consisted of : Vs. Tennis , Vs. Wrecking Crew , Vs. Pinball , Vs. Super Mario Bros. , Vs. Dr. Mario , and Vs. Golf . Here are the pics I have found . Sorry about double letters guys ! :{ See you Next time !


Chupperson: Interesting.

J.J.: What website were these stolen from, I wonder.

David Dayton: The scary thing is that I own both the Vs. Super Mario Bros. and the Vs. Dr. Mario marquees.

MEGA▀ąTE: Thanks, though those are kind of low quality. I've seen better, we should probably get them and put them on the pages.

Deezer: Yes, we should.

    You have a cool looking site. Any way, Would you guys think that if Nintendo ever made a Mario Game in a first person view, what would it be like.
    PS- Mario Rocks


Chupperson: Obviously, it would be like a Mario game in first person view.

J.J.: It would probably suck and I wouldn't play it.

David Dayton: Only if Retro made it.

MEGA▀ąTE: There is a first person Mario game. It's called Yoshi's Safari.


    hi I have gotten a super mario world, super mario advance 2 for cristmas. i have been playing it and i can't get passed the vanilla dome i was wonder how you can help me to get passed that level so i can play the rest of the game.


Chupperson: Check the Super Mario World Guide.

J.J.: I have no wish to be a part of this web of cheating.

David Dayton: Jump, jump, jump, don't die.

    Hi i'm a mom of an 8 and 4 year old and they love to play mario on there gameboy, but they want to play it on our playstation. Is this a nintendo game only or can you get it for a sony playstation. I'm sorry i'm not up to date on this. But kids are just now starting to get into the games. I would appreciate your help. Thank you


Chupperson: Mario games will never appear on PlayStation. Take my advice and invest in a real console, like a Nintendo GameCube.

J.J.: I like it when we get emails from parents. So innocent and naive. I wish my mom knew how to use the email.

David Dayton: See, we were supposed to say that the Playstation is actually the spawn of Satan, and that the mere presence of it in the house brings doom upon them all. How long will Nintendo keep bribing us if we don't keep up our quot-- er, wait. Never mind. Go back to reading the mailbag. Nothing has happened here.

MEGA▀ąTE: BTW, Gamecube is only $99 now.

    Dear TMK,
    I was reading a copy of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) issue #170 and I read something about the e-Reader that you guys forgot to mention in the Super Mario Advance 4 preview. You guys said that the e-Reader is used to unlock levels and play modes but that's not all it does. The e-Reader can also be used to insert new items and enemies into different levels. The example in EGM was a screen shot of Mario with an oversized vegetable from Super Mario Advance and a Chargin' Chuck from Super Mario World. There was also information on other new Mario games but most of it was just basic stuff that you guys probably already knew. I hope this helps add more information to the preview page. Thanks for reading!

    -Apple Cat!

Chupperson: Aha!

J.J.: I mean, again, why is this a mailbag "question." What can I say other than some sort of dorky, David Dayton-esque comment, like "Hey, thanks for the info!"

David Dayton: Hey, thanks for the info!

MEGA▀ąTE: What are you talking about, we have mentioned all this stuff before (and even more). Check the rest of the site (ie. the mailbag) before you send us "info" (to the mailbag).

    hey TMK,

    i was just reading your super mailbag 128 and is was wondering about that guy who asks if there are any offices near ohio, and you said you work in the mushroom kingdom. so i was wondering again where is the mushroom kingdom? is it in japan since nintendo headquarters is in japan. if its not where is it? please don't delete this e-mail because i really want to go there so bad because i'm one of the ultimate mario video gamers anybody might ever know besides you guys thanks for answering this question

    -ultimate mario

Chupperson: The Mushroom Kingdom. Not Japan.

J.J.: The Mushroom Kingdom exists in the minds and hearts of all true believers.

David Dayton: The Mushroom Kingdom™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Acme Fungi and Backhoes.

MEGA▀ąTE: The Mushroom Kingdom is located in The Mushroom World.

Deezer: The Mushroom Kingdom can be found at

    This is my first time writing to the mailbag but I mailed in pick up nothing. (A glitch for smb2.) I mailed in another one but it wasn't put on...
    Anyway, I noticed somthing wrong in Wario Ware Inc. When you do 9-volt's microgames, you'll notice that at the top of the Gameboy, it says DO NOT MATRIX WITH STAREO SOUND. On a real Gameboy it says DOT MATRIX WITH STEREO SOUND. I thought you might wanna put that in your Errata section.

    -Elena K.

Chupperson: Actually, that seems more like a parody than an errata candidate.

J.J.: Some people have a hard time with humor.

David Dayton: J.J. is a dorky name.

MEGA▀ąTE: Do you really think the designers at Nintendo are that stupid? It's clearly parody; there are many many others in the game.

    From the last mailbag--
    "MEGA▀ąTE:: The level data is apparently on the cards. Series 1 will contain 25 "helper" (item) cards, 14 "example" (shows you how to beat stages), and 11 "course" cards. They start selling in Japan on Sept. 19 for ą191 ($1.60) per pack. Therefore, unlike Animal Crossing, you may not be able to unlock stuff by cheating with Action Replay. I wonder how long before somebody decodes the data and comes up with a program to print your own levels on cards."

    Answer: never, it'll never happen, since you would need special, expensive, not easily buyable equipment to print the cards, which have such tiny print that standard printers can't possibly create. Much like the cube discs.

    Oh yeah, and the guy that got that response said he wouldn't buy animal crossing just because the e reader [made] him [angry], I think. I ask, why? That's kind of dumb, animal crossing is a fine game on its own without e reader extras.

    -Domingo I. G.

Chupperson: Never, you say? *goes off to print e-Reader cards*

J.J.: *left three questions ago*

David Dayton: I've got the audience all to myself now. Bwahahaha...

MEGA▀ąTE: Umm? My printer is 4 years old and it can print 1440 dots per inch. Obviously easily buyable equipment is available. This is nothing like the GC discs, which use a several methods of protection, none of which I care to list here.

    Ok, i see your answers to my last mail, and maybe Dayton, JJ and megabyte are thinking "this guy just don't know how to write a letter", so i reply but now in my language.
    Las tres personas que menciono arriba se centraron en mi gramatica, incluso "megabyte" me tacha de inmaduro e incluso, deja ver que por no pertencer a su misma cultura (anglosajona) entonces merezco que se jacten de mi mala gramatica, tal vez piensen que por ser ciudadanos estadounidenses tienen derecho a tratar a quienes no lo somos como seres inferiores, no me importa...repito, no me importa en absoluto lo que digan, piensen o escriban acerca de mi gramatica y dado que eso fue lo unico que tomaron en cuenta de mi correo, ahora retiro lo que escribi en mi correo anterior, definitivamente no son inteligentes, no saben tratar a personas diferentes a ustedes, su cultura se centra en "mirar por encima del hombro" a quienes no comprenden, supongo que por esa razon su pais solo conoce un metodo para resolver los problemas: la violencia, en vez de intentar dar una respuesta clara y honesta a mi correo, se dedicaron a jactarse de mi gramatica, incluso, "J.J" supone que tuve que "pelear" con su lenguaje para poder escribir la carta, supongo que peleando es la unica manera de comunicarse con ustedes.
    Si vamos a hablar de lenguajes, el ingles esta muy por debajo del espa˝ol, mi lengua esta enriquecida con miles de verbos y palabras, su lenguaje es pobre e incluso si tradujera textualmente sus palabras en espa˝ol se escucharian como idiotas, el hecho de que el ingles "domine" el mundo obedece al yugo comercial ($) con el cual su pais somete al resto del mundo.
    1.- Son ustedes fans de Mario? o solo quieren que la gente los asocie con un personaje mundialmente famoso? (hablando de vanidosos)
    2.- Para alguien que pide "madurar" a otra persona... no es extra˝o que publique una "entrevista" a Mario?
    3.- Aprecio la satira, pero viniendo de ustedes, mas bien parece ironia...por cierto,no es ironico que una de las consolas que menos aprecian en esta pagina web es la XBOX de microsoft siendo la unica consola que proviene de una compa˝ia estadounidense?
    4.- A quien creen que Nintendo aprecie mas? a quienes se la pasan hablando de ellos?, o a quienes compran sus productos?


MEGA▀ąTE:: Just like your last letter, this one was completely uncalled for. This time around, you've shown how big of a hypocrite you are. I said perhaps it was cultural differences because you don't appreciate our sarcastic remarks. Because of that, somehow you claim that we are being bigoted Americans. You're the one attacking the site we put so much time into. It is ours, thus we can say whatever we want. If you do not like this, then don't visit the site or write the mailbag. In our culture, if your grammar is especially bad, then your intelligence many be questioned. This would not be the case if you identified right away that English is not your first language. My comment was an act of looking for a better explanation than you must just be stupid; it was optimistic. However, you now not only concede that you don't know English especially well, but you attack it and claim that yours is better. We never made any comments about our language or culture being better than yours (we were not even sure if it was different), yet you start bashing English, our culture, and capitalism. If you don't like Americans that's your business, but that has nothing to do with our site, and your attack clearly shows which culture's members are acting worse. If it wasn't for elements of the things you attack, video games might very well not even exist today. You don't even know what our backgrounds really are; you include J.J. in all of this, but he's Canadian. (though technically all of us including you are literal Americans). I suppose next you'll tell us that the southwest belongs to you.
1. Yes; we wouldn't dedicate our time, and I wouldn't be replying to this drivel right now if it wasn't so. It is an insult that you would even suggest otherwise.
2. I used the word "perhaps;" I never said that I wanted to "mature" you. Also, I didn't write that interview, and honestly, I think it's stupid. However, that has nothing to do with this.
3. Again you're being hypocritical. We are open to other cultures, like the Japanese. I personally do not like the way M$ operates, and see no reason why I would be motivated to support them just because they are based in the United States. Also, I never said I hated the XBox. I grew up with Nintendo, and appreciate their games; there's nothing ironic about that.
4. I think they (the management) appreciate those who buy their products more, like most businesses. We are not here to be appreciated by Nintendo. We are here because we are Mario fans; that is all. Please take your negativity and preconceptions away from this place.

David Dayton: My Spanish is beyond rusty at this point; I may have had three years of it, but nothing stuck, really. However, I can reply in really lousy Spanish, thereby allowing you to make fun of me. Is that fair?

Donde esta el... oh, never mind. I stink at Spanish.

Anyway, I think you are getting overly excited about nothing. First of all, if I had known or realized you were writing to us with English as your second language, I wouldn't have said a thing. I only get upset when people with ample opportunity to learn a language fail to do so. As far as culture goes, I'm probably closer to sharing with your culture than you think, as I consider myself a Catholic first and USA citizen second, and I see Catholicism as a culture in and of itself -- a culture shared by MANY people living south of the USA.

As far as English goes... if I understand you correctly, you are saying that Spanish is a richer and better language than English. If so, you are wrong, and I say this with no anger in my heart. English has a much larger vocabulary than Spanish, and it is growing every day. English carries words from cultures all around the globe, constantly building so as to better describe the world and the people within it. While Spanish is a fine language, it isn't quite as complex as English... English tends to have several words with similar meanings, each slightly different, allowing for a more precise description of all kinds of things. If I wanted to say "Mario jumps", I could alter the word choice to as to better demonstrate HOW he does it. He might jump, bounce, bound, leap, hop, skip, pounce, hurdle, lop, spring, vault... the list goes on and on, and each word gives a different twist to the concept.

As far as "Anglo-Saxon" goes, I'm neither Anglo NOR Saxon. My family background is primarily German. I'm not a "WASP" either, so kindly keep your blanket statements to yourself.

Oh, yes, another note... Spanish is a European language, you know. If you must try to insult and entire culture and language, you might want to consider the fact that the language you are praising is, for all extents and purposes, European.

Anyway, as to the responses... 1) Yes, I like Mario. 2) Being mature is overrated. The most mature people are often called immature, and those striving to "be mature" are often pompous fools. 3) Hey, I've never claimed USA products were better than those from any other country, and certainly not the Xbox. However, you might want to rethink that statement, as the mass production of the Xbox was done in Mexico, which happens to use the Spanish of which you are so fond. 4) Both. Buyers make money, and those praising it get more people to buy it.

J.J.: You sound like one of those annoying South American Marxist types.

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