27 Nov 2003

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MEGAߥTE: Yes, it's been a while since our last mailbag. Well, I had this idea to let all sorts of fools answer the mailbag and it grew like a cancer. I hope your eyes aren't bleeding by the time you're done.

Oh yes, and for some stats:
E-mails answered: 124
Viagra ads received: 251

Questions about the Site (21)
Upcoming Games (12)
Game Questions (18)
Game Information (17)
Mario Sightings (21)
Randomness (17)
Other Questions (18)

Questions about the Site
'Sup TMK? It's The Super Mario Girl (again). Just wanted to say Hi and I can't wait till double dash comes out! *drool* ^_^ Anyway, I loved the Mario sheet music, and I play it perfectly. I play Alto Saxophone. ;) Do you guys like any other game series besides Mario? Later!
-Erin aka Super Mario Girl

MEGAߥTE: Sure, I like most Nintendo franchises, MegaMan series, Sonic series, Bonk series, and Final Fantasy series, just to name a few.

Deezer: Series? I haven't really gotten into another series besides Kirby. And Zelda.

David Dayton: Metroid and Zelda are quite good. I think this question has been asked countless times, but I also enjoy some of the Resident Evil games (or I did, at least), some of the Final Fantasy games, and others.

J.J.: ARGH, no seriously, stop printing these stupid letters in the mailbag. You don't have to include every single one we get sent, you know.

Sapphira: w00t! Go female Mario fans! WE NEED MORE OF YOU!!! XD Anyhoo, since this is my first mailbag, I'll gladly answer your question: While Mario is my favorite, of course, I'm also a fan of the Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie, and DK series (does that technically count as seperate from Mario?)
J.J., you know you don't have to RESPOND to every single one, either, if it makes you that upset. ;P

Lizard Dude: Oh, I've met plenty of female Mario fans. The problem though? "They made a Mario after Mario Kart 64???"
And one time, when I was playing Donkey Kong Country 3: "I just loooooove Zelda! Is that Zelda?" ...yes, you sure must loooooove that Zelda...:/
Mad props to you, though, Erin, for even just knowing that Double Dash!! exists, let alone looking forward to it.

Chupperson: MEGAߥTE, it's spaced "Mega Man"! ...Anyway, I enjoy Star Fox, Mega Man, Zelda, Kirby, F-Zero, Chrono series, and more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

MEGAߥTE: It wasn't on my Megaman 2 cart ;-)

Here is a picture of Mario.
(picture removed)
-D.J. Whitaker

MEGAߥTE: Please send these somewhere else. If that account is full, tell Chupperson.

David Dayton: I wonder what Mario looks like in that picture.

J.J.: It's probably another horrible MS Paint drawing. We're only on the second letter and this mailbag is already a horrible failure.

Sapphira: Umm...*runs away*

Lizard Dude: Hey, I like MS Paint.

Chupperson: Work, work, work...

Why are you covering Donkey Konga? This game fits in with the DKC continuity not the Mario one. This doesn't make sense at all. Why cover this and not the other games DK has starred in the past?

MEGAߥTE: Some of the staff had a discussion on this and we will go back and cover the DKC/DKL games now (like we should have before IMO).

Deezer: Did I agree to that? Argh.

David Dayton: Yeah. Someone pointed out that the Donkey Kong series is just as valid as the Wario series. (coughs)

J.J.: I thought the agreement was NO DKC stuff of any sort on TMK, including Donkey Konga.

Sapphira: Don't look at me; I just moderate and now, apparently, answer the mailbag...

Lizard Dude: Donkey Konga has Mario music, anyhow, so the argument is moot.

Chupperson: Mario music. If Viewtiful Joe has Mario music and gets covered, so should Donkey Konga. End of dispute.

hey TMK,
i'm the one that asked you guys where mushroom kingdom was. so now that i got the answer i'm becoming an even mario master that i am! (stupid quote) "theres always room for improvment" anyway i got another question, i asked my dad if i could download winamp but he said no stupid rule he made up don't ask i got a weird family back to the question, is there any other radio websites i could go to listen to mario songs because i got the original SMB videogame stuck in my head ever since i was three years old and its still stuck in my head so if you guys have any suggestions i sure would love to here them
P.S. i highly doubt ebay will help

MEGAߥTE: You can actually use Windows Media Player to play the Icecast/Shoutcast streams.

David Dayton: Yes. Or point out to your father that Winamp is safe and EVERYONE uses it... or just use the evil program that is known as Windows Media Player.

J.J.: I think you should talk to the school conselour about your family problems. I'm sensing you're developing an oedipus complex in response to your domineering father.

Sapphira: Umm...yeah, J.J., yeah...

Lizard Dude: Don't forget his hot mother.

Chupperson: Why did you ask your father, anyway?

hi guys greatweb site best ever anyway i just want to know what the deal is about the secret site im not asking where it is im just asking whats it about THANK YOU P.S. what does it take to become a member of tmk thanks again

MEGAߥTE: It's a secret.

Deezer: Classified.

David Dayton: By reading TMK you -are- a member of TMK. Don't you feel happy now?

J.J.: It's mostly just pornography.

Sapphira: We have a secret site now?

Lizard Dude: J.J.'s actually kind of right. And I guess TMK2 could be considered the "secret" site.

Chupperson: Psst... the Secret Site's right here.

Hey TMK,
I was looking at your splash page the other day, when a thought occured to me.. you haven't updated it for a long time. It's been up through 2 of TMK's birthdays and that's like an eternity in 'Internet time'. I'm not trying to be pushy or anything, just asking. To end on a happier note, what do you think of Mario Kart: Double Dash so far?? :)
-Jon Reed

MEGAߥTE: I've had a few ideas, but most of them probably require too much bandwidth. Maybe soon... I think MKDD will rock.

Deezer: Judging from screen shots, videos, and reviews, I'm fairly sure MKDD will be the goodliest Mario Kart ever.

David Dayton: "Goodliest". Arrgh.

J.J.: I think changing the Splash page every once in a while would be cool. We could use Mario box manual art and stuff.

Sapphira: Heehee. "Goodliest." BTW, I'm STILL drooling over MK:DD, here, people!

Lizard Dude: The box and manual are cool, but I've owned it for 7 days and still haven't played it.

Chupperson: I get ... paid .... soon........

MEGAߥTE (update): MKDD DOES ROCK (a little too easy though)

Sapphira: @_@ Dude, if you're not gonna play that game soon, I'll gladly take it off your hands for you. ;P

Hi i am liam i am a mario maniack i love mario he is so cool. I cant wait untill i get MP5 and MK-DD

MEGAߥTE: That's nice.

Deezer: Go Mario.

David Dayton: Go, Go Mario!

J.J.: I used to have a friend named Liam.

Sapphira: Uh...Go, Go, Go Mario?

Lizard Dude: Mario.

Chupperson: *starts singing Go Go Mario from Mario & Zelda Big Band Live*

Where can I find a Game and Watch Gallery 4 rom? No E-Mail address, a website that has it! And if you find it, make sure it really works!

MEGAߥTE: Here you go.

David Dayton: I wonder what that file IS, exactly.

J.J.: What the ****....

Sapphira: *Washes J.J.'s mouth with soap* Seriously, don't make me mad.

Chupperson: *coughs*

Hey guys? I've been hearing about a secret page. I know you won't tell me EXACTLY where it is, BUT, will you give me a CLUE or something, SOME people out here have no IDEA where to look! BYE!
-Bob Smith

MEGAߥTE: Ask Mushroom Boy.

Deezer: We have a secret page?

David Dayton: Yeah. It's in the same place you put our paychecks.

J.J.: It's mostly pornography.

Sapphira: I'd like a paycheck...

Lizard Dude: You don't get *your* paychecks?

Mushroom Boy: Even the mascot doesn't get paid. I'm not telling.

To the guys at TMK,
I've always thought your site to be the best Mario site out there, but only recently have I really gotten into your mailbag. I mean, honestly! Nearly all of you who answer the mailbag are incredibly rude. It's pretty funny, actually. Super Mailbag 128 showed how quickly and frequently Megabyte could shoot down peoples' questions and/or dreams, and your most recent mailbag displayed a side-by-side comparisson of how large a smart*** each of you are. Through that, I've decided Deezer and Chupperson are the least offensive, with David somewhere in the middle. Choosing between Megabyte and JJ was a bit more tough, but JJ takes the cake with this response to the Winamp skinner Luigi Hann:
"Your skin is hideous and I don't like people who introduce themselves with fake names."
In conclusion, I'd love to see all of your responses to this e-mail. It can help refine the results of the side-by-side comparisson between Megabyte and JJ. Oh, make sure to remember to make fun of any spelling errors I may have made! And JJ, don't go soft. Nothing's off limits! A word of advice, the souls of 10 year olds are easier to be crushed than even teenagers!
-Joe McKlay

MEGAߥTE: And Santa is dead.

Deezer: David in the middle? Hahah.

David Dayton: I thought everyone LOVED me.

J.J.: Ah yes, I was in "the zone" that day....

Sapphira: Oh no... Don't encourage him...

Lizard Dude: Arg! Not the Santa thread again! Oh yeah, and you spelled comparison wrong, stupid.

Chupperson: Are you being serious or facetious? <-- Uncharacteristic answer (question?)

I was wondering if the name megabyte was a reference to the villian on the television show re-boot.
-King Meteor

MEGAߥTE: NO. I had this handle before that show existed. Stupid ABC.

David Dayton: I thought it simply referred to a megabyte.

J.J.: I thought it was just a lame gimmick to show off how he can do various wacky symbols.

Lizard Dude: That, and a reference to a megabyte.

Chupperson: ߥ€ ߥ€

I wish to stay annonymous
just call me "the rom king"
question do you mind when I send you hacked roms or hacked rom related sitenames where you can download it ?
-The rom king

MEGAߥTE: You can send us links.

David Dayton: Zzzz.

J.J.: You sit on a throne of lies.

Sapphira: Aren't those things evil?

Lizard Dude: I can see why you'd want to stay annonymous.

Chupperson: Yes, we mind.

Hey. Sorry to bother u but i wanted to know if u know any programs i can d-load to edit roms as in hack/pirate the game. Something like the mariogame u got posted on ur site. thanks

MEGAߥTE: Check our emulation section for game editors. It's rather out of date, though.

Deezer: That's for sure.

David Dayton: Although I thought there was a reason it was out of date.

Lizard Dude: I miss the ZZT games. :(

Chupperson: I volunteer to update the Emulation page (specifically the editor part).

Well, ive been coming here for a long time, and I wished that my mario site could be as cool as this one. but then a realized something... you talk alot about people needing to get a life in your stuff like the how you know you play mario too much thing, but youre probably over 20 and you guys are still spending all of your free time making this site! But, it pays off, I font believe how perfect this high school is. I mean, this site has everything! But one question, where do you get all of your information? It's amazing how you have everything! And how long did it take you to make such and cool website?
Thankyou much, keep up the good work,

MEGAߥTE: There is no one source for information, we get it from all over the place and try to collect it here. This website has been around since March 24, 1997 with content continually added. I font believe it either!

Deezer: We spy on Nintendo.

David Dayton: Sometimes we attempt to flirt with cute Nintendo marketing reps. Sadly, this doesn't always work.

J.J.: "All my free time"? Haw haw haw! I'll have you know the vast majority of my free time is spent on internet messageboards, thank you.

Sapphira: Poor, poor, lonely David... XD I'm over 20? Man, I feel young... Heh...At least I'm not the youngest... ;P

Lizard Dude: Or sometimes we flirt with Sapphira.

Chupperson: High School?!

Sapphira: *jabs LD in the ribs* How 'bout I tell your supposed "girlfriend" this?

In your last mailbag, the following was taken from a reply to a question concerning Mario 128:
>Deezer: Super Mario 128 (tentative title) will be the next "big" Mario game. Nintendo has always been secretive because other companies are quick to copy their ideas. Case(s) in point: Directional pad on original NES controllers (Nintendo patented it); Rumble Pak; Super Mario 64; etc.
>Chupperson Weird: Analog stick too, if I'm not mistaken.
I think Chupperson is wrong because if memory serves me right, Playstation came out before Nintendo 64, and it has two analog sticks.
And as for the Super Mario RPG debug feature, perhaps if someone could produce an Action Replay code/SaveRAM File that made the game try to load a save slot that didn't exist, then we would be able to do it in an emulator.
-Jason Maloney

MEGAߥTE: Your memory serves wrong. Sony rereleased the PlayStation with "Dual-Shock" controllers that had analog sticks after the Nintendo 64 came out.

David Dayton: Yeah. Sony tends to observe what new ideas work, then steal them.

J.J.: The ********, how dare they incorporate new, successful ideas into their products!

Sapphira: GAH!! J.J.!!!! *Pours entire bottle of Palm Olive down his throat* When will you learn?!

Lizard Dude: Don't forget the L and R buttons.

Chupperson: The original PlayStation controller is basically a copy of the SNES controller, with two more L and R buttons. For further information, see MEGAߥTE's reply.

hi uh I have been going to you site for a while and uhh I never paid any attention to the up dates thing and um well it has been more then two weeks since you updated it um and yeah. o what is with that ya know and are you who i should be directing myb question at um yeah well bye then.

MEGAߥTE: WTF indeed.

David Dayton: ?

J.J.: You vile creature, from what demonic loins did such a monster as yourself spew from?

Sapphira: *Washes MEGAߥTE's mouth out with soap this time* J.J...I won't even START with you... (AAAAHHH!! I've turned into the TMK "Mom"! O_o)

Lizard Dude: Gnothi Sauton.

Chupperson: *takes Sapphira to an asylum*

Hi, Deezer or whoever is answering this. I just wanted to say that I love WTMK It's pretty much all I listen to. I heard a song called "Italian Plumber Lawsuit" by "The Woodbox Gang" and I wanted to know if you could supply all the lyrics so I can sing along next time it comes on WTMK. I can't get it out of my head so if you could do that, it'd be great. I appreciate what you all have done with the site and the radio station. So if you can, thanks a bunch!

MEGAߥTE: I hate that freaking song.

Deezer: The staffer most likely to transcribe those lyrics is David.

David Dayton: I'm not going to do it.

J.J.: Can't you just memorize the lyrics on your own? Geez, everyone wants to be spood-fed.

Sapphira: That's "Spoon." Heh. I don't even know the lyrics, so sorry.

Lizard Dude: You've never heard of a spood?

Chupperson: It's sort of like a Snood. ....You want to sing along with that song?! Anyway, if you just try and listen to the lyrics, they're not very hard to understand.

I'm writing a Mario Bros. Fanfic. Do you have room for more?
-Silver Crown

MEGAߥTE: Yeah, but don't send it here; send it to Chupperson.

David Dayton: Hey, Chuppy!

J.J.: No, don't.

Chupperson: Hey, Davey! And yes, plenty of room. Not enough time, but plenty of room.

Ok, on your third birthday page, you said that on 9/9/99,you made the secret hidden page and that you put the directions for it in the source code for the updates page. I went to the update archives and I looked at the source code there and I did not see it.Did I look at the wrong page or did you take the directions out?

MEGAߥTE: The secret page location has changed places of time and so that note was removed long ago.

Deezer: Look again, I never said I gave directions to its whereabouts.

David Dayton: What he said.

J.J.: It's mostly pornography.

Sapphira: *Slaps J.J. around a bit with a large trout*

Lizard Dude: *eats trout*

Chupperson: *Slaps trout around a bit with J.J.*

What happened to the "weekly" mailbag? There hasn't been a new one for over a month.
Your sight is still the best though.
-me. (Superchris129)

MEGAߥTE: It's more of a 3-6 week thing nowadays.

Deezer: Pretty sure it's monthly now.

David Dayton: It's funny. The more people we have to work, the more infrequently we update.

J.J.: I think I would kill myself if I had to do this every week.

Sapphira: Heh.

Lizard Dude: *views small things at large distances*

Chupperson: I'd do updates if I could. But I wanna update stuff besides fan stuff. Ah well.

    hello, tmk. i had just looked through some of the mailbags, and i've just noticed that j.j. was bein pretty rude to people includin me! :( wut is his problem? does he hate me or somethin?


Deezer: Just be glad he didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed that day.

David Dayton: J.J. just needs love.

J.J.: Is that an invitation, David? Because I am so game.

Sapphira: AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! *Averts eyes in horror*

Lizard Dude: *directs eyes to the main event*

Chupperson: This is interesting.

David Dayton: I'm sorry, but I do believe that's against my religion. Ask Chup.

Upcoming Games
How come latley, games have been coming out in europe before the USA gets them? I aways thought we were supposed to be ahead of them.
-Dane and Ann Marie Clark

MEGAߥTE: I thought this has happened with only a couple games. I don't see why we are supposed to be ahead of them, though I don't see why we should be behind them either. Game companies should take note of the Matrix Revolutions release (over 10,000 theatres worldwide on the same day).

David Dayton: I think Nintendo of Europe is getting a bit worried about their general failure to sell many GameCube systems, so they are attempting to get a LITTLE bit of a boost by releasing titles a few days earlier. That's the only logical reason I can come up with.

J.J.: It's strange because I'm fairly sure it's NOA that's doing all the translations for the European editions.

Sapphira: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It's the end of the world as we know it!!! *bursts into tears*

Lizard Dude: Just imagine if we would have lost to Hitler.

Chupperson: Matrix Revolutions, bah.

Hey, take a look at this and see some wonderful news!!!
-ethan klein

MEGAߥTE: Yes, we became aware of that weeks ago. It is good news indeed. That site also had some newer shots like these:

Deezer: How come Petey Piranha is so popular all of a sudden?

David Dayton: Ask Miyamoto.

J.J.: I condemn the existance of Toadette in the strongest possible terms.

Sapphira: w00tastic. About time Toad shows up. Toadette? SERIOUSLY?! There are HUNDREDS of popular/easily recognized characters in the Mario Universe that would go well with Toad, and they MAKE A NEW ONE UP?!? I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY MORE!!! I'M STARTING A PETITION AND... head hurts... I have to sit down now.

Lizard Dude: Baby Mario cries when you spoil. :(

Chupperson: "Toadette." Like, why not use Raini or Miss T. or someone?

David, I am your father. Whoops! I meant I have a few things to tell/ask you: 1) I hate Final Fantasy and I hate SquareSoft! I hated that GameFAQs Character Battle Tournament where all my favorite characters were defeated by some psychopathic Final Fantasy *****es. Cloud Strife killed Sonic. Squall Leonhart killed Luigi. Auron killed Tails. And the biggest thing I hated of all was when Sephiroth, that long haired ******* who was the villain of Final Fantasy 5 or so, killed Mario!!!! I curse you, SquareSoft! All your games are gonna keep delaying and delaying until you finally cancel it! And by the way, Cloud won the tournament. He killed Link in his second to last battle while Sephiroth, who came 2nd in the whole tournament, killed MegaMan! I made a good choice to curse SquareSoft. Now sing it with me: If you hate SquareSoft and you know it, say that X-Box and PS2 stink!
2) For $1,000,000, which character rules above all?
A: Mario
B: Mario
C: Mario
D: Crash, Sonic, Spyro, Abe (from that oddesy series thing), and Lara Croft.
3) Is it possible that SSB3 will be rated M for Mature? I hope not.
4) Will there ever be a Super Mario Land 4?
5) Don't you think that those other characters from the Mario Golf/Mario Tennis Game Boy Color/Advance series look like those 4 kids from my 3rd worst show ever, Cubix?
6) Will Donkey Kong appear in Mario Party 5? I hope so, otherwise this party's over without the monkey. (not that he's my favorite character.)
7) Are Baby Bowser and Bowser the same person or 2 different people? I'm so confused because Baby Bowser can transform into Bowser and I saw Bowser and Baby Bowser together in the last 5 turns event in Mario Party 3.
Thanks! And by the way, I'm a big Mario fan. And a fan of your site.

MEGAߥTE: 1) I love Final Fantasy and SquareSoft. I did hate the GameFAQs tournament though.
2) M: Regis Philbin
3) Not likely.
4) It would be nice.
5) Never heard of that show... must be bad
6) Certainly
7) We the third parties really have screwed up the Mario universe. Because of the co-existence of Baby Mario and Luigi with regular Mario and Luigi, I would say that perhaps there are two generations. Thus the Baby Bowser is SMW2 is the current Bowser, but the current Baby Bowser is different.
I should hope so :P

Deezer: 2) Is that your final answer?

David Dayton: 1) I like some Square games. Not all of them, and certainly not many of the "modern" incarnations of the FF series.
2) This isn't a question.
3) Nope.
4) Perhaps.
5) Huh?
6) Donkey Kong is in Mario Party 5, but he isn't a playable character.
7) As best as I can tell, the child version of Bowser from Yoshi's Island is Bowser (a long time ago), but the one appearing in the recent Mario Party titles, Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is Bowser's newest son... that or some relative.

J.J.: You win J.J.'s award for Biggest Moron Letter of the Mailbag.

Sapphira: *washes Deven711's mouth out with soap* Mmm...yummy...
Correction: The "child Bowser" in SMS and MK:DD is Bowser Jr., apparently Bowser's son, whileas the one(s) in the Mario Party Series are known as either "Baby Bowsers" or "Koopa Kids" are different. Noticed the subtleties in appearance.

Lizard Dude: GameFAQs is solely for losers who can't play games on their own. To make things worse, people don't really go there for non-RPG spoiling, so how could anyone but Final Fantasy characters have a chance?
Also, I'd argue that Wario Land 2 is Super Mario Land 4. To see what I mean, just look at how the Dark Forces series has named its games.

Chupperson: First of all, I like Square an awful lot. Second, it's spaced "Mega Man."

Hello TMK staff,
My brother who is 22 went to Orlando this Friday for Holloween Horror Nights at Universal and went to a Wal-Mart while he was there. He told me he saw SMA4:SMB3 in the GBA case, FOR SALE!! Now you and I both know the official release date is Tuesday. My brother never lies about this kind of stuff. I showed him a picture of the box art and he said it was it. He said they had an entire stock full of the game. He would have got it, but my parents already sent in for the Nintendo Power bundle (where you get the game, player's guide, e-card pack, 1-year subscription to NP and 2 coupons), for a Christmas present. Anyway, I hope, for Wally World's sake, nobody from Nintendo walks in there and happens to see it before Tuesday.
With that out of the way, I have to say thanks for putting my e-mail in the 8/22/03 mailbag. It was neat to be answered by four staff members. I recall J.J. asking what the voices sound like on the comic cassette. To answer the question, they are really close to the SMB Super Show voices. I don't believe there are voice credits anywhere in the comic, so I couldn't tell you if they are the same actors.
A few more questions:
1. OK, I know Mario Golf Advance Tour is going to link the Toadstool Tour and have similar features that N64 and GBC duo had, but where are the imported characters from the GBA game going to go on the GCN character select screen? With the 4 secret characters unlocked, there is no room left!
2. Is there any way that you could remove that hosted ad code from the site? Yeah, probably not, those ads keep you online I guess, I just find it very annoying to be navigating the site and to be brought somewhere other than I clicked. I know there is a continue button and all..
3. You know what I hate? The way many (not all) cartoons are being relapsed on DVD. I have about had it with $20 Discs that only have 3 25 min episodes on them. You can fit at least 8 on 1 disc! Pokemon, TMNT, Kirby and it looks like the SMB cartoons are suffering the same fate. Why can't they just do it by season, like all the shows targeted at older viewers. In the case of the SMB cartoons, they could fit each series in on boxed set if they want to. Do you agree?
4. Did you notice that Bowser has black eye brows in the SMB3 artwork? He looks really weird.
5. Do the SMB3 e-reader cards actually have all the data for the secret levels on the cards or just the data to unlock them? I seriously doubt it, but you never know.

MEGAߥTE: 2. You answered yourself correctly
3. I agree
4. Yeah, but I don't think the red eyebrows came till later
5. From what I understand, the levels are on the cards themselves, which is good for indefinite expansion (and hopefully you can print your own one day...)

Deezer: 1. I'm sure they had something planned out way before they finished MG:TT.

David Dayton: 1) No clue, yet.
2) No... although I was under the impression that Gamespy was only displaying ONE ad per viewing session.
3) The companies are greedy, of course.
4) Yes, he does. He also had a cape in one piece of artwork, if I remember.
5) All the data for a level is stored in the barcode.

Click for the full size image

J.J.: Bowser must have been having a mid-life crisis. HUR HUR HUR.

Sapphira: Heheheheh.
"It was neat to be answered by four staff members." --w00t! Now you're stuck with us mods, too. ;P

Lizard Dude: Interesting that Bowser and Mario both have different hair and eyebrow colors.

Hey TMK, I've got questions:
1. what do you think of the N-Gage? I hear it can support 3D graphics
2. Does N-Gage have have any mario games for it?
3. GBA doesnt support real 3D graphics because the games are isometric right?
4. Why did nintendo make the Gameboy Advance SP with no headphone plug and make it completely non E-Reader compatable?

MEGAߥTE: 1. It sucks hard. Basically everything possible that could have been designed poorly, was: crashed 3 out of 4 times I tried it at E3, screen is small, screen is vertical, screen has a strange aspect ratio, performance is poor, look and feels stupid as a phone, buttons aren't great, games aren't good, costs way too much, etc. etc. It supports 3D graphics, but so does GBA.
2. No, and it never will
3. Wrong. There are lots of real 3D games.
4. You have to buy an adapter to use headphones. Also, it is completely e-Reader compatible.

Deezer: I think we just heard from one of the 5,000 people who bought an N-Gage.

David Dayton: I tried the N-Gage at e3 and was completely unimpressed. For $300 I'd expect a system capable of switching software without the need to remove the battery. As far as the GBA SP goes... the lack of a headphone jack is annoying, and the eReader does work with it (although the link cable plug sticks over the base of the SP).

Lizard Dude: I tried an N-Gage at a store, but couldn't figure out how to start a game. Specifically, I couldn't get past the title screen. Must have been a hard game...

Chupperson: *runs*

ok now hear me out before answering this.
1. the secret page, dose that have to do with the Quizzes page or is it hidden as in invisible-thingy-that-you-need-to-click or the secret-window-that-opens-when-you-goto-the-correct-page?
2. Do you have any thoughts about how good/bad Mario&Luigi will be?
thank you for your time
P.S. I am HUGE fan of Mario and this site, it is (seriously) the best Mario site i've seen!
P.S.S. I think that the mariopedia was a GREAT idea.

MEGAߥTE: 1. No.
2. I'm hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. It will probably be too easy.

Deezer: P.S. Thanks. P.S.S. Thanks.

David Dayton: How about the name of it? Huh? Huh?

Sapphira: *Gives Hargon88 the "Most Hyphenated Word" award*

Lizard Dude: Mario & Luigi is good.

Chupperson: I need Mario & Luigi.

Hey! TMK people! I'm Bob the default guy!
Not the weird address name!
OK! Do you want the japaneze SMB1 instuction book?
Sorry... I don't have it.
Do you want a game I made with Mario in it?
Sorry... I can't give it to you.
Am I seriously killjoying you just for fun?
Well, I guess I am...
Anyway, 9-Volt says, "Pillow? Blanket?"
Seriously! no joke that time!
What's Wario Ware GC like?
Is there any Paper Mario microgames?
I LOVE your site! (not to be confused with LOATHE.)

MEGAߥTE: Wario Ware GC is basically just a multiplayer version of the GBA game.

Deezer: Already have it - No thanks - Probably - Yes - I'd have to play it first - Dunno

David Dayton: I'm surprised MB answered this.

J.J.: I hate people who try to be witty in their mailbag letters. "Hi, I'm [fake name]! Aren't I a wacky and crazy guy! I crave attention from internet people because I have no friends in real life!"

Sapphira: Umm...then why did you offer, Mr. Default Guy?

Lizard Dude: If the GameCube Wario Ware has any completely new minigames at all, there are very, very few from what I've seen at this point.

Chupperson: I'm scared.

1. When I asked about the MK: DD!, I meant about the controlling: There are two people on each Kart, right? So I thought that one player controls the accelerating while the second player controls the item throwing.
2. Do you know about Mario Party 5 and can you remember at least ONE mini-game you think will be in it?
3. Do you think there will be a new game featuring just Luigi?
4. Why did Nintendo change the name to Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga?
5. How many Player's Poll contests have you guys won at Nintendo Power and what were the prizes?

MEGAߥTE: 1. You can have anywhere between 1 and 16 people playing, with a maximum of 8 karts. Thus, you can have either one or two people control each kart.
2. Something about getting chased by Chain Chomps
3. Don't know
4. They had to make it ridiculously long to match Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. In seriousness, it's called Mario and Luigi RPG in Japan.
5. None

Deezer: 1. Yes. 2. David might've put something about the minigames in his e3 2003 report. 4. Because it is a saga of superstars. 5. None.

David Dayton: Mario Party 5 is now out, so go see for yourself... and I've never won a single contest. Curses.

J.J.: I won a "Nintendo Power" T-shirt many years ago. It was one of those hideous white ones... I'm not sure what happened to it. It would be too small now, anyway.

Sapphira: I don't know; I just want to play those games! *runs off crying*

Lizard Dude: I won a pair of root beer boxer shorts but they never sent them to me.

Chupperson: NoA likes alliteration.

Hey TMK, Great site! I have some interesting questions.
1) What is the plot, who are the characters,and any other good info on Super Mario 128.
2) Do you think there will be another game starring Mario and Wario?
3) Will Mario Kart: Double Dash have secret characters?
-Gamewiz(as in wizard)

MEGAߥTE: 1) Nobody has any information.
2) Do you mean platform game? Don't know
3) Yes, Toad, Toadette, King Boo, and Petey Pirahna (see pictures elsewhere on this page)

Deezer: *covers eyes*

David Dayton: If you don't want spoilers, you shouldn't run a Mario website.

J.J.: Yeah, you big nerd.

Sapphira: *covers eyes, also* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :'( SPOILERS = EVIL

Lizard Dude: I'm with Deezer and Sapphira. Although racing game spoilers don't bug me too much.

Chupperson: *averts eyes*

Just reporting that Mario & Luigi RPG got its definitive name: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
here's the link from Nintendo website
-Cele the Ref

MEGAߥTE: We know.

David Dayton: It's possible we didn't at the time he first sent the message, though.

J.J.: Mail it to last month, when we might have cared.

Sapphira: You mean you *actually* CARED at one point?

Lizard Dude: He probably -did- mail it last month. -_-'

MEGAߥTE: Actually before that, but we still knew it before he sent it

Dear Deezer/David/J.J./MEGABYTE:
I have a few questions to ask (well, not a few, alot of questions).
1. When is Final Fantasy: CC coming out?
2. Is the guy who made that $#!^ty Unlimited SaGA working on CC? I heard this and I'm scared he is going to make it suck. :(
3. Are you getting Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3?
4. Microsoft can shove it.
5. PSP can shove it.
6. Zelda: WW rocks!
7. What is your favorite TMNT game?
8. What is your favorite SMB3 level?
-Matt M. Koopa

MEGAߥTE: 1. It is currently scheduled for February 9th, 2004.
3. Probably eventually
6. Yes it most certainly does.
7. The TMNT arcade games
8. Bowser's Castle

Deezer: 3. Eventually. 5. Paint Shop Pro?

David Dayton: Brown hair, glasses,... wait, wrong question.

Sapphira: GAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! *Washes Matt's mouth out with soap* You people will be the death of me! O_o
3) Yes. 4) I take it you're on a Mac, then. 5) PAINT SHOP PRO? I'm offended! 6) Yes, yes it does.

Hello Ness554 here. Anyway here's some questions/comments in listed form since I have nothing more productive to send you this time. (Unlike last time's scan of Mako from Wind Waker.)
1. That superchris guy or whatever his name was from the last mailbag said something about Mario Teaches Typing. Yes I have the game but I don't play it anymore and yes the game is a stupid resource for typing lessons but the talking Mario head was actually quite funny. Just something I thought I'd mention.
2. You did know that Wario Ware's website is up now don't you? (I'm not talking about the Japanese one.) The place is actually quite weird. (Unlike Wario Land 4's site. That was cool seeing Wario talk there. "Hey what's this look like? Mario's Mini-Mart or something? Hurry up!") The games are pretty hard sometimes though.
3. Is it just me or am I the only one who thinks Wario lives a disgusting lifestyle? (Read the Wario Land 4 manual and some of those Wario Ware games aren't helping either.)
4. You said something about Toad being a possible hidden character in Double Dash. Well I don't think he'll be in this Mario Kart. He doesn't even have anyone for a potential partner. Just who's he gonna pair up with? Toadsworth?
5. Just what are you're opinions on Diddy being in Double Dash with DK? (I can tell you this. The weirdoes who run DKVine are oh let's just say very excited and leave it at that.)
6. Any info on finding some Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine BETA shots? I love looking at Beta versions of a game so I can see how much has changed between the games plus I get inspiration for game ideas from looking at them. That's all I have to say. Now for E3 to come and bless me with sweet sweet Double Dash footage. Mmmm Double Dash footage.

MEGAߥTE: 1. MIRT rocks.
2. Yeah
3. Of course he does
4. Hmm looks like somebody was wrong. What do third-party game creators do when they need a matching character? Create a new one! Hence, Toadette was born. Toadsworth's car is featured, too.
5. I think it's pretty cool.. at least they didn't create another random character
6. We've found some and will be putting a page up when we get the chance.

Deezer: More spoilers, wtf guys.

David Dayton: I don't mind Diddy. Diddy and Cranky are great.

J.J.: Toadette was the worst idea since Virtual Boy. She will break Nintendo, you just watch.

Sapphira: *GASP!!* DEEZER?! I am shocked and apalled! *Washes out Deezer's mouth with soap* Shame on you! AAAAAAAAHHHH!! MORE SPOILERS!!! STOP IT, STOP IT!!! *Runs away crying*

Lizard Dude: That's it. I'm killing this spoilerer.


Chupperson: Um, there are plenty of beta shots for SMS. Just look at the earliest screens right here on TMK. I want a Virtual Boy. ......I think Sapphira has left people with a bad taste in their mouths... the taste of dish soap...

Game Questions
somebody told me about an secret room in Super Mario 64 You should be able to play arcade games (New style) in there Oh just between us I found an gameshark code That would give me 180 stars ?
-Leon Gillissen

MEGAߥTE: There is no such secret room. Yes, there were several unused bytes for castle secret stars. When the Gameshark enables all of the bits, the total ends up at 176. The star count is kept separately, and can go even higher.

David Dayton: Ditto.

J.J.: You deserve a hearty beatings.

Sapphira: *Is still waiting*

Lizard Dude: Anyone who uses a GameShark deserves many hearty beatings.

Chupperson: "Just between us?"

Was Dodonga, Hammer Brothers, Triclyde & Wart all characters in any of the Mario games?
-Peggy Moody

MEGAߥTE: Dodongo is a Zelda character (which dislikes smoke), Hammer Bros. have been in several Mario games. Triclyde and Wart appeared in SMB2.

Deezer: Wart was also in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

David Dayton: Mamu!

J.J.: Dodonga was in Ocarina of Time, too. So he's been in more games than Triclyde.

Sapphira: Looks like my work here is done...

Lizard Dude: Dodonga is in most of the Zelda games.

Chupperson: Burn! Bobonga!

MEGAߥTE: Dodongo

Mario 3 is most likely my favorate game. I have played it for as long as i can remember. But there are a few things that i dont unnderstand.
1 Why did they choose a racoon for mario o fly around in?
2 How did the leaf become the symbol for the racoon.
3 WHy is a music note on a bouncy block?
4 (this has nothing to do w/ mario 3) And you said that they couldnt get mario to ride aA DINOSAUR, but then why did in adventure island that dude ride one?
Finally i dont care about the rumor that luigi is in mario 64, everyone knows he isn't so why do certan people (koff) David dayton (koff) (koff) still keep it alive i think that is stupud. ( i am not implying that David dayton is stupid or anything....)

MEGAߥTE: 2 Why does a mushroom make him big? How about flowers letting him shoot fireballs?
4 We said that they could. Miyamoto claimed they couldn't.

David Dayton: 1) The Japanese love raccoons.
2) Er, raccoons live in trees?
3) Well, they'd look silly on the wooden blocks.
4) Ask Miyamoto.
Extra -- I don't believe I've ever said that that insipid rumor was true. I just do all I can to point out how stupid it is.

J.J.: Why does anything do anything? Who cares. The Japanese are a screwed up people, and we'd best not question the warped logic they inject into their video games. Especially now that they're trying to get nuclear weapons.

Sapphira: Note: Please do not take offense to anything J.J. has said. Apparently, the effects of the medication are not working, and so he can not be his pleasant self today. Thank you.

Lizard Dude: I wouldn't call different cultures "screwed up", just foreign. We're pretty strange ourselves; a clown keeps trying to get me to buy fast food.

Chupperson: Mythology. That's what it is.

ok, i know this game is old and EVERYONE has played it and beaten it. i admit if i skip levels i beat it too. but i am going through every level and i cannot for the life of me figure out how to pass level 7-4!!!!!!!!! i was able to figure out how to make the first part stop repeating, but not the second part. help a poor soul, would you?!?!?!?!?!
-Laura Marino

MEGAߥTE: See the Super Mario Bros. Complete Guide

David Dayton: Exactly.

Sapphira: I assume we're talking about SMB, right?

Lizard Dude: I take it you're bad in mathematics.

Chupperson: Just warp.

1) What the **** is mario & donkey kong kind of a game
2) What the **** is mario & Wario kind of a game ?
3) What the **** are thos tetriNet themes for?
4) What the **** is with the signing up at before you can download a fan-film
5) What the **** is Mario 128
6) What the **** is an E-Reader ?
7) Who in the **** knows about that song of group X
8) Who would't want to see that group X Movie at (removed) ?
who the **** am I ?
I am dave. A very big mario fan

MEGAߥTE: And a very big retard

Deezer: How special.

David Dayton: Stop destroying my name.

Sapphira: OOH! Time for the REALLY nasty dishwashing soap! Palm Olive breath, coming up! Didn't your mother ever tell you profanity's bad for your health?

Chupperson: That's "Palmolive."

I am in world 7 ok, the castle with all the blocks, how in the world do i get out of this. I have been trying for weeks, where is the way to get out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.
-Kathy Brooks

MEGAߥTE: It's kind of hard to help you if you don't even tell us what game you're talking about.

Deezer: Either SMB3 or SMB1, I'd say.

David Dayton: Jump, Jump, Don't Die.

J.J.: He's taking about that weird fortress in Pipe World in Mario three.. where it is all made of those blocks you can smash. I think "weeks" is a bit excessive.

Sapphira: Well, I think we have guides here on both those games... I suggest you check them out. XD

Lizard Dude: *psst* Hey buddy! Wanna get 99 lives?

Chupperson: Illegal life laundering.

Hey dudes of tmk
I really wonder what game this is it looks like it has N64 graphics but sonic doesn't look like N64 graphics do you know witch game this is thanks.

-The Rom King

MEGAߥTE: It's fake

David Dayton: No, really?

J.J.: I think this game is called "Super I-am-a-big-stupid-moron-for-believing-this-for-even-one-second Brothers".

Sapphira: *Mutes J.J.* Ah, there we go. And, yes, very fake.

Lizard Dude: That's not Sonic, further proving your moron-ness.

Chupperson: Character Identification Test - FAILED

Dear TMK mailbag readers and answerers,
1. I have just read your new (as of aug 27) "review" of the demo disc for the Gamecube. Yeah, this is the first for Nintendo, but my question is.... who in the world is going to pay for demos?!?! for the PC you can just go on the net and download a demo.. Now of course the GCN does not have the capabities at the moment but still.. I saw the disc at BestBuy (and I've seen it there for probably over a month now) and it was like somewhere between 30 and 50 $'s. Now, I'd be willing to pay maybe $10 for it, cause i know that the CD's cost money, espesially when they are 1.4gig (I think) cd's. Anywho...
2. Do you know of any good guides for SMS on the Net.. What I mean by "good" is, one with pictures showing where all the blue coins are. I can't find any Prima Guides at any of the stores around here..
3. I have SMB3 on NES, I'm thinking of buying SMA4 when it comes out, but I'm wondering if it's worth it. My NES controllers are messed up pretty bad from all the hours I've put into them. So is the game going to have some really neat stuff other than some chargin' chucks added to the game that should make me want to buy it?
4. What exactly was/is Nintendo thinking to put out the (ehh, whats itcalled?) Gameboy Player? I think it's a great idea, sorta.. I think there was one for the SNES, or N64? Now, its cool to play your GBA games on the TV. But wont that decrease the sales of the GBA? You can buy the Gameboy Player for $50, and the GBA cost about $70 and the GBA SP at about, err we'll be nice and say $99.99. Now, sure it's great to take your GBA on the road, and then when you get home play it on the Big Screen, but who would really buy both of these, other than the die-hard gamer?
5. Do you like chicken?
that is all.

MEGAߥTE: 1. Well then Bestbuy is ripping people off. I got mine at Gamestop for $10. Oh btw, GCN does have a certain capability now ;-)
3. It will have a lot of new stuff, but you'll have to buy a lot of e-Reader cards to get them.
4. A lot of people.

Deezer: 1. It was $40 at my Best Buy, too. And $10 everywhere else.

David Dayton: 1) I got mine for $10 as well, although technically they are only supposed to have been given away with the purchase of a new GameCube.
2) Not at the moment.
3) Buy it.
4) I like it.

Sapphira: 3) The game rules, even though I haven't actually played it yet. XD 4) I would, if I had the money. 5) The food or animal?

Lizard Dude: The inaccuracy of the Best Buy name heightens.

Chupperson: Weird.

Hey i've got a question
I once saw a game by a pal "Somari" or something like that but he said there where only a few people owning this game. is this true because I really enjoyed the game it was for the NES.
ps is there a fighting game released with mario and sonic ??????
-Leon Gillissen

MEGAߥTE: Somari was a Sonic conversion to the NES, with Sonic replaced as by Mario. It wasn't endorsed by either Nintendo or Sega, so there aren't many copies around. It is a pretty good game if you can get ahold of a copy. There is no fighting game with Mario and Sonic that I am aware of.

David Dayton: I remember playing that on my Dreamcast.

J.J.: I think we saw a screenshot of the Mario / Sonic fighting game a few emails back.

Chupperson: I shall never understand Sonic games.

Dear TMK
I have been wondering about Kamek, the mysterious Magikoopa who went AWOL ever since he got removed from the Mario Kart 64 lineup... He's been replaced by the not-nearly-so-cool Kammy Koopa, but has he really vanished? The reason I ask is because according to your information on the Japanese versions of the games, Kamek is called Kamekku. However, in Super Mario RPG, the Magikoopa was called Kamezaado. Fair enough, I don't know what Magikoopas were called in SMW (do you?), but on first look, it seems like there is Kamezaado, which is Magikoopa, and Kamekku, which is Kamek. However, then take a look at Paper Mario... The Magikoopa is called Kamekku. Now, this is the important thing... I noticed that even if you use Tattle on the first Magikoopa you fight (the one that attacks you at Star Summit), you still have to use Tattle AGAIN on the Magikoopas you fight in Bowser's Castle. This could be explained by the fact that the later Magikoopas have slightly different stats, but is it possible that the first Magikoopa, is, in fact, Kamek, lost in the translation, while the others are just regular Magikoopas (Kamezaado?)? Maybe this is just a pipe dream, I guess I just miss that guy. Almost as much as I miss the Koopa Kids... Thanks. I can only imagine how annoying wading through all the mail must be.
-GrimDark Demon

MEGAߥTE: I believe Kamek (or at least Magikoopa) will be back in the Yoshi's Cookie portion of Nintendo Puzzle Collection.

Deezer: ...if it's ever released...

David Dayton: Hmm. I didn't SEE him in NPC, but I should double check. Kamek makes a "Kameo" in Mario Party 5, though, via the Kamek item.

J.J.: - this page doesn't say the Magikoopa's Japanese name in SMW. How very odd...

Sapphira: Interesting theory... I noticed that in PM, too. Strangely, that's something I've also thought about... O_o

Lizard Dude: Dayton wins the Clever Response Award for this one...

Chupperson: Ahem, "Magikoopa" was taken out of Mario Kart 64. Kamek wasn't ever in it.

MEGAߥTE (update): Kamekku lives again in Yoshi's Cookie

Is there any way that you could change some of the hole locations or possibly make any other changes to the game, like maybe starting on a particular hole?
-Sam Schmale

MEGAߥTE: I'm sure there is.

David Dayton: Many things are possible.

J.J.: Yes.

Sapphira: Wah...?

Lizard Dude: I wouldn't want to start on a particular hole, because then I would fall in and miss.

Chupperson: What game is this?!

Could you tell me if any Mario Brother games come on Playstation II? My wife wants to play it.
-Dave Aleshire

MEGAߥTE: No, and there never will be any.

David Dayton: None. Buy a GameCube.

J.J.: I don't think this marriage will work out.

Sapphira: LOL! Hopefully your wife will "convert" you. Heh.

Lizard Dude: Again, buy a GameCube. Play multiplayer with your wife on Mario Party 4 and 5, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, and Mario Kart. Loser gives the winner a full-body massage.

Chupperson: I believe I said something like this in the last mailbag: "Invest in a real game system, like a GameCube."

Allrighty. I have a few questions...
First of all, why has there been NO FAN FICTION added to teh sight in over FIVE YEARS? I mean, sure, there is the Forums, but don't you think the really good stuff should go up on the sight? Oh, which reminds me, if any of you people out there are still looking for Mario's High School Days: Super Turbo... The first 7 parts are there- that's all I've found of it.
Anyway, here's another question: ARE there plans for Squaresoft and Nintendo jointing up again for another REAL Mario RPG? That would ROCK. I saw a pic in a gaming magazine that featured an article about the fact that it might be happening- Mario was riding on a Chocobo- it was sweet.
Am I the only one who thinks Mario's Italian accent is silly? I mean, YES, I HAVE grown very accustomed to it, even to the point of LIKING it now, but it still...It still kind unnerves me. I mean, when I'm playing Melee and I accidently blow myself up with a Bob-Omb and shout 'Woohoo!' in the same tone Mario would when being lit on fire...I freak myself out.
Oh, yes, and how come Geno, Mallow, Kamek, and the Koopalings (The REAL ones) haven't appeared in a game in a LONG time?! I mean, I'm glad to see Birdo here and there in Tennis and Double Dash, but...
What is the name of Mario's home planet? Now, don't tell me 'Mushroom World,' please, that's what EVERYONE calls it. The whole planet doesn't actually revolve around mushrooms, last time I checked. The Mushroom Kingdom is merely ONE kingdom on the planet. For my fanfiction purposes, I call the planet 'Stellon.' Then, of course, there's 'Mobius' and 'Hyleticus' the 'Sonic' and 'Link' worlds. But, only Mobius is an official name...And in SA2, they called in EARTH, which drove me mad!
Although the Super Mario Bros. Movie totally screwed up the storyline, it WAS a decent movie, and it was funny to see it played out with humans, etc.
Oh, yes...
And your site is VERY good- the best Mario one I've ever seen, I can assure you. Keep up the hard work!
"The vacation beings now!"

MEGAߥTE: It would rock if Squaresoft did more stuff on Nintendo systems. I also wish they'd bring the Koopalings back instead of the stupid clones of Bowser's son. Mario's voice is a little disturbing, but not as anoying as Toad's. Maybe everyone calls it The Mushroom World because that's what it's called? Vacation beings?

David Dayton: I've heard rumors that some of those characters may or may not be in the upcoming Mario & Luigi game.

J.J.: This was one of those emails that I just skimmed while saying "yadda yadda yadda."

Sapphira: I thought Chupperson updated the Fan Fiction section recently... And thank you for mentioning there being some on the Forums *cough*Mine*cough*. Heh. As for their "planet"? TMK is a *kingdom,* which is a small part of the vast Mushroom World. They're different from each other.

Lizard Dude: Don't forget the Kamek Kameo!

Chupperson: Dude. The Mushroom World is what it's called. It appears to be a parallel dimension of Earth. Also, Sapphira is correct. I updated the Fan Fiction like two months ago. More might come soon. We already have Mario's High School Days Super Turbo. It's just not on the site yet. Vacation beings? What are those?

Hello My name is Michael Anthony
I have Games "Super Mario Bros 3"
I Don't Know How get World 9
-Michael Anthony

MEGAߥTE: Just in case you didn't know, World 9 is the Warp Zone. You can check our guide to find out how to get there.

David Dayton: You know how to Whistle, right?

J.J.: My guess is you are six years old, correct?

Sapphira: Oh, leave the poor guy alone. He probably just didn't realize it was the Warp Zone. To get there, use a Warp Whistle. They're found sporadically all throughout the game.

Lizard Dude: Interesting how he used quotation marks...

Chupperson: ...

I have some questions for you about mario.
how can the fish fly? How are they alive if they arnt in water? why isnt mario wet after he comes out of the water? how can he breath under water? why are the fishes flying why arnt there birds?Why isnt there water power?how come turtles have wings? why is toadstool not like mario or luigi? How come when you are playing luigi and you beat a castle it says thank you mario?
Thank you.
-Ashley Torgerson

MEGAߥTE: There are actually flying fish in real life, though they don't "fly" they jump like in SMB. There is water, it's just below the screen. Mario does get wet and has sort of a water power in Super Mario Sunshine... earlier games couldn't have easily handled that. There are birds in SMB2. Why would Toadstool be like the Mario Bros? They're different people. Technically the "thank you" is alright since Luigi's last name is Mario. As for the rest of the questions... it's a game for crying out loud.

Deezer: Maybe they never expected Luigi to beat a castle level?

David Dayton: An oversight, I'm sure. That or everyone assumes Luigi is just Mario in green.


Sapphira: @_@ The questions! AAAHH!! SO MANY QUESTIONS!! *collapses*

Lizard Dude: Water power is breathing underwater and no turtles have wings. Koopa Paratroopas have wings, which is a completely different story. There, all questions answered.

Chupperson: It says "THANK YOU LUIGI!" Believe me. I just checked.

    Have you made Mario (and/or Luigi) moonwalk in Mario Advance 4? I have the replay saved to prove I've done it!


Deezer: Yes.

David Dayton: Yeppers.

J.J.: No (cries).

Sapphira: I still don't have the game yet... *joins J.J. in crying*

Lizard Dude: Have you made Mario (and/or Luigi) molest children in Mario Advance 4?

Chupperson: Hoo boy.

    Hello, the 'great' Badfex, here. Again.

    In Luigi's Mansion, I've captured 49 Boos. Now call me smart, but shouldn't King Boo count as a Boo? I'm stuck on the boss and was wondering that there is actually 50 Boos in the mansion. I'm sure I've searched every room... Ah hah, and there was an obvious Mario reference in the Rugrats. Not a crappy sound-effect, but the kids imagined being in an arcade game. On the last challenge, a dragon climbed up some ' stone platforms' (replace with 'girders') holding a princess. Then, at the top he bounced up and down, making the stone platforms go a bit wonky. Of course, there were ladders there. And finaly, the dragon started rolling 'eggs' (replace with some certain barrels) down the platforms. Cartoon Producers these days. Oh, and you probably know this, but Yoshi's superbly irritating voice (in the Super Mario World Cartoon) was done by the voice actor of Lisa Simpson!!!! Amazing.


Deezer: I don't know which Boo you could be missing, but I know King Boo doesn't count towards your Boo count.

David Dayton: Just check every room until your indicator blinks. Remember that Boos can move into hallways.

J.J.: Yeardly Smith or whatever? How could she!

Sapphira: Heh. Simpsons and Mario coming together... How could it get any better than this? Ahhh...

Lizard Dude: How about all those Simpsons and Futurama Mario cameos?

Chupperson: Yeah, and when you get all 50 Boos you get a nice shiny diamond. And Sapphira, I shudder at the thought.

    A quick question about Super Mario Advance 4: Does the King of World 7 still say the letter from Bowser is from the Princess? If he does, then what's Nintendo's problem? Oh sure, they corrected the colors of the Yoshi's Island Yoshis' shoes beyond the starting cutscene, make sure to mention Luigi in SMW's cutscenes, and all that stuff, but c'mon, mistakening Bowser's stuff for Peach's? What a drag.

    -NES Boy

Deezer: Yes, but, I figured it was supposed to be a surprise, like "Dum de dum, you saved another one of us. Here's another letter from-- OH NO IT'S FROM BOWSER INSTEAD, WE'RE ALL DOOMED AARRRGHGHJKDKFAJK!!!"

David Dayton: DOOM SHIP.

J.J.: It certainly scared me the first time. I was all like- WHAAAAAAAAA? Although to be honest I had sort of assumed the Princess was kidnapped from the start.

Sapphira: I still have yet to actually beat the 7th doomship in any SMB3 version... Even though I've beaten the game...

Chupperson: Um, the princess wasn't kidnapped until Mario finished world 7, methinks. More suprising that way.

Game Information
You know that one glitch I was talking about. The one where you can get hit by a wiggler while eating it. I found out how it works. What you do is go into a level with a wiggler, namely Forest of Illusions 1 with a Yoshi and big, fiery or caped Mario and run at a wiggler. If you time it right, you'll eat the wiggler with a Yoshi, but Mario will shrink to normal Mario. There's a picture below.
-Nintendo JJW

MEGAߥTE: Cool... or not if you weren't trying to do it.

Deezer: Freaky.

David Dayton: Keen.

J.J.: There's more to it than just "timing it right." You have to be running forward fast, and continue running while Yoshi grabs the Wiggler's head on his tongue. If done right, you'll run into Wiggler's body before it has a chance to dissapear. It is possible to die while on Yoshi's back if you do this when Mario is small.

Sapphira: Ouch.

Lizard Dude: My mom always told me not to play with my food.

Chupperson: Man, I sent this into the mailbag a long time ago, and no one responded then.

Hey TMK,
I'm Irvin and I'm just here to tell you some tips about Super Mario RPG. On the Japanese version of Super Mario RPG, where in the mushroom kingdom castle, Mario finds Princess Toadstool's "XXX," but in the American version, Mario finds her "???." the XXX's means kisses in America, in Japan, however, the XXX means something [well...] a little more deeper than hugs and kisses in love terms [know what I'm saying][Oh ****, Im 13 1/2 years and I'm open minded, & that's why I'm saying this in a professional way, so don't pick on me]. I hope this answer's some questions about how funny the Axis (on text) are when you look behind the chimney, in the Japanese version of Super Mario RPG.
P.S: I hope my letter added some humor in this letter, seeya.

MEGAߥTE: Heh heh

David Dayton: I think you are thinking too much about this.

J.J.: It's already listed in the SMPRG Japanese to English guide on this site, you ugly baboon. The world was a lot better before 13 year-olds had access to the internet.

Sapphira: *Washes Irvin's mouth out with soap* Whew...been doing that a lot lately...

Lizard Dude: That's my kind of tip about Super Mario RPG.

Chupperson: *wakes up* zzz... wha?

This is my first time writing to TMK! The reason I'm writing is...answers. It seems strange, I know, but it explains things.
1. Sometime, someone mailed in telling about a glitch ("Infinite Water" or something) in Mario Kart 64. Well, I know about that glitch. It works best in Battle Mode on "Block Fort". Have one Player stay ABSOLUTELY STILL, and the other player move toward him/her WITHOUT TOUCHING THE CONTROL STICK AT ALL. Keep bouncing into the other player and he/she will fall into the water.
2. A glitch in Mario Allstars was sent in. It was being about "stuck" on a trampoline. In the Lost Levels in World A-3, sometimes the Trampoline at the end isn't there. Instead, there is HALF a brick block. If you jump on it, you become stuck. Speaking of Mario Allstars, there are two things about that game that I want to point out. A few mailbags ago (I think) someone mailed about an icy 1-7 in SMB3 that is grass and dirt in SMAS. Well, since I am making a hack of SMB3 and have acess to all the levels, I know what he's talking about. There is a secret level in world 1, and it's a rising and falling ice level with water at the bottom. It looks like any other ice level. A while ago I started a Mario Allstars version of it, and played through that level. Indeed, it looks different; but not neccecarily grass and dirt. The sky is black, and the ice is red. Weird that they would change that. Since it never got into the final SMB3, I'm surprised they left it in for SMAS. The other thing is that in 9-3 in Lost Levels, the end castle is sometimes glitched up with something that looks like a Meowth head on the top. But that can't be! Pokemon wasn't invented then. I wonder what caused that glitch.
3. (Not about an answer) That SMB Complete Guide was great, maybe you should make more complete guides.
Maybe I'll write later. MARIO RULES!!!!!!

MEGAߥTE: Answers are good.
1. Odd
2. Hmm, I haven't had those problems happen to me. Just lucky I guess. Wait for a our next major feature... there's a lot more than 1-7 :-)

David Dayton: #1 sounds familiar.

Sapphira: Darn those stupid glitches...keep messing up our game play.

Chupperson: I still think those "new" levels in SMA4 are just the ones they didn't use the first time around.

Greetings! was browsing through your site, and happened upon the Super Mario Brothers Bugs/Glitches section. While impressed at the variety of information that is present, I found one of my favorites missing! It is similar to the "World 4-2 wacky warp to Worlds 6/7/8 without the Vine" trick, but involves breaking the break and making the vine appear. In level 4-2, if you break the block for the vine that leads to the warp area, then scroll so that the block is 2/3 to 3/4 off the screen, you can often walk into the vine and reappear on the right side of the screen. After reappearing, you can go down the third tube after the vine and appear where the vine would have taken you! I have provided a Nesticle movie of myself performing this trick (attached). Hopefully submitting this will bring the glitches/bugs section one step closer to having every known bug for SMB. Take care and hope to hear back from you. -MJS

MEGAߥTE: Awesome find. I wonder if there are any more areas like this.

Deezer: I saw a video that included the Vine trick where you appear on the other side of the screen, but I couldn't recreate it to save my life.

David Dayton: I did the vine trick once, after a lot of work.

J.J.: I'm sure this will be added to the long list of "things mentioned in the mailbag that are never added to the site but we pretend they will be."

Sapphira: O_o

Lizard Dude: Please prove J.J. wrong, Deezer! Do it for the children!

Chupperson: I still can't find the minus world.

Hi,just wanted to point out a cameo in the new Viewtiful Joe game. When you use a Shocking Pink Bomb,if you hold down kick for awhile,Joe will bounce the bomb on his knee and whistle the universally known Mario theme. Also when you beat up enimies,Gamecubes have been known to fly out of them as well. There might be more Mario(and Nintendo) related cameo's in this viewtiful game... And if you haven't picked up Viewtiful Joe yet,please do yourself a favor and do. It's really...viewtiful....

MEGAߥTE: Now if I had that game, I could make a video...

Deezer: Yes, I've seen the GameCubes during a certain boss fight.

David Dayton: Actually, there are two different SMB tunes in the game. One you do by holding down kick, the other you do by jumping in the air, then holding down kick to draw out a bomb. R.O.B. the robot is in the game as well, and the box art.

J.J.: Is it really good game? Everyone likes it but it looks so complicated, with all the junk on the screen and so forth.

Chupperson: VJ is awesome and I should buy it soon.

This tool is able to hack the Super Mario World ROM and change levels and stuff. Website is

MEGAߥTE: Yes, it's been out for quite a while. It's an extremely impressive editor. I implore you to try out his Super Demo World: The Legend Continues hack. It's the most amazing hack ever. Also shows how lazy Nintendo got with their rehashed games.

Deezer: I still need to play that hack.

David Dayton: Hey, I think the extra levels in Yoshi's Island and SMB3 are quite good!

J.J.: I've never actually played a hacked game before. But this actually looks fairly interesting.

Sapphira: Shame on you people! Playing hacked games...

Chupperson: Hacks are awesome, and I need to work on my hacks some more.

Dear TMK,
Recently, I have been working on a Super Mario World ROM hack. Upon putting in various sprites and objects, I stumbled on three items that I do not believe were used in the original SMW:
1) Purple coins--they are just the same as regular coins, only purple.

2) Flying red coin--a red coin with wings that is worth 5 coins.

3) Flying Yellow 1-up Mushroom--yellow 1up with wings

I have also enclosed screenshots of my hack with the items, along with the sprites, in case you want to put this in the Mariopedia.
I will continue to look in SMW for any bonus areas I haven't seen to see if they were in the actual game. Until then, see ya.

MEGAߥTE: Thanks for the info. I wonder if these items were going to have different uses like the different coins in more recent Mario games. For those who want to try these items out for themselves, see the link above for Lunar Magic, which will let you easily use these items in your own hacks.

Deezer: Neato.

David Dayton: Interesting.

J.J.: It won't go in the Mariopedia, though. The Mariopedia is only for things that actually occur in games, not for things that possibly might have occured in beta versions.

Sapphira: *Pokes Deezer* Update...*cough*

Lizard Dude: Update the SMB Glitch page and the game list pages for the slew of new releases.

Chupperson: They act just like the normal-colored ones, except the flying red one.

Heres how to get 99 lives in world 7 of Super Mario Bros. 3. In the first castle ( level 5 I think) the first room is of breakable blocks. The path through the blocks drips down in the middle of the room before stepping back up to exit door. In the over hanging blocks there is a hidden "P" button, which, of course, changes all the blocks to coins. At the bottom of the room is door that leads to the 2nd room. Once there you can go straight back in, and be at the top of the 1st room with all the block there. By repeatly hitting the "P" button, collecting coins, and re-entering the room, you can get 10 to 20 lives before dieing. Return to the castle again and again to gain 99lives before beating it.
*Note if you are small when you enter to castle you can get big by: Go thru the 1st room, to the 2nd room, take the door at the end of the room, us the floating ledges to get to the ledge over the door where a mushrooms is, then go back thru the door to the 2nd room, and on into the 1st. After get your lifes filled in world 7, you will be in good shape for world 8.
Hope this is helpful.
-Patrick Robinson

MEGAߥTE: Nope, not at all. Things like this have been known for around 15 years...

David Dayton: I think I have some lovely codes over at my Nintendo Code Book for things like this.

J.J.: The game is easy enough as it is. You'd have to be the world's biggest moron to need 99 lives.

Sapphira: *Sighs and shakes her head* He's hopeless, isn't he...?

Lizard Dude: *gets 99 lives* Too bad I don't believe in reincarnation...

Chupperson: *gets his lifes filled*

I got a glitch for super mario world ive been playin it for so long i figured out how to get invisible yoshi for one stage also it makes you invinsible except if you fall down hole.. but yea ive got it when it first came out in the early 90's and figured out how to get it not too long afterwards, but i never thought about postin it if you'd like ill email a zsnes movie to ya.

MEGAߥTE: Sure, send it over.

David Dayton: Folks, if you have something to share, just tell us. Don't send an e-mail saying "Blah blah blah.. should I tell you?"

J.J.: Exactly! This isn't Grade 3 recess here, people.

Sapphira: Uh oh...Normally-calm David's starting to get annoyed... 'Tis not a good sign, people. I'd be careful sending in mailbag stuff now... ... Oh no...Does this mean I'll get stuck doing the whole thing someday? @_@

Lizard Dude: Actually, about three people (including me) have already sent this one in. I'm not sure if there ever was a full explanation of how to do it, though.

Hiya! It's-a me! Meowrio! (I love starting every e-mail and post like that. Oh and in case you're wondering, I'm Meowrik. I changed it to Meowrio since I'm on a Mario site. Makes sense. Heh-heh) Anyway, I was happy to see you posted my e-mail on your site in the mailbag. Thanks. I think you need to do your mailbags more often. You used to do them a lot more often, but just started to slow down. Oh well. THe point of this e-mail is because I tried e-mailing a glitch for Super Mario Bros. 3 to Deezer, but I had no luck. Here it is!
"Flying Duck"
If you become Racoon Mario, it is possible to fly while ducking. Run through a stretch to fill up you P-Meter, and then duck by pressing down and immediately start pressing B as if you were going to fly. Keep holding Down and pressing B, and Mario will slowly "float" into the air while ducking without the flapping tail sound effect. Fixed in Super Mario All Stars?- No
Submitted by Meowrio
Well? What did y'all think? Is it worthy of being in your Glitches section? Thanks again!

MEGAߥTE: This is not a glitch. That's probably why Deezer ignored your e-mail. Please don't send us stuff Deezer ignores.

Deezer: Hey Meowrik, long time no see.

David Dayton: That's not a glitch, it's a design feature. Otherwise that one level in world 5 wouldn't have a secret only made accessible by flying while ducking.

J.J.: Your observation reads like one of those "tips" they used to print on the back of the Kraft Dinner boxes.

Sapphira: Hiya, Meowrik! changed your name back again since this email was sent. XD

Lizard Dude: I like J.J.'s observation better. Heh!

Chupperson: Are you playing Duck Hunt?

This message is in regards to the Luigi rumors in SM64. I am sure you know about the infamous "L is Real 2401" in the castle courtyard; it's amazing, the stupidity of some people, isn't it? Most people seem to have ingested the fact that Luigi isn't in Super Mario 64--yet, they still seem to think "L is Real 2401" has some sort of signifigance! Which, obviously, it doesn't, if you look closer at the statue with those words on it. It looks more like "Eternal Star," doesn't it? And that would make sense, seeing as the statue is of a star. I mean come on--what is wrong with people these days?
Also, "in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," the same texture occurs in Dodongo's Cavern. (It still looks like "Eternal Star" to me.) That seems to further convince some people that "L is Real 2401" is really Nintendo's best kept secret...*spooky music*
Anyway, just something I wanted to get off of my chest. Great site, by the way.

MEGAߥTE: While we covered this in a previous mailbag, I'd like to take the time to show the different ways people have interpreted that plaque. We can clearly see one of the drawbacks of the cartridge format: to save space and costs, they compressed textures too much. While the top should say Eternal Star, what do you think the text under it was supposed to be?

Deezer: It obviously reads "Eternal Star - Fo humqr tr"


J.J.: Who puts a statue of a star in their fountain? How lame is that?

Sapphira: Uhh...because the Star is an important symbol in TMK? "Eternal Star" looks the most correct AND makes the most sense to be put on a statue of a STAR. Heh. As for the bottom part...I think I may need glasses... "Fill (For?)" ..."Player (Prayer?)" ...and I can't make out the rest.

Lizard Dude: *slaps everyone* Shouldn't it probably be IN JAPANESE? This really reminds me of ink blot tests. Someone should ask Nintendo someday.

Chupperson: I'm sure it's in Japanese.

I have a slight theory about Toad in SSBM. When I saw the ending screen for Peach in All-Star Mode (I believe it was All-Star mode....) it shows her with a sort of Toad keychain hanging from her belt or whatever. So I started thinking, maybe she isn't pulling Toad out of her dress, but she's actually yanking off the keychain and it turns into a real Toad, sort of like a summon. Yeah...
-Mike P

MEGAߥTE: I tested your theory. In game, Peach doesn't have a keychain, and Toad definitely comes right out of her dress (through it really).

Deezer: Interesting

David Dayton: Toad is hiding.

J.J.: Toad is a perv.

Sapphira: It's the magic of the Video Game Universe. Like how cartoons can just randomly pull something out from behind their backs. Heh.

Lizard Dude: You should see the kind of things that Guybrush Threepwood manages to fit in his pants.

Chupperson: Since Toad isn't under her dress all the time, I can safely say it's just magic.

I have Pictures to back up my explanations, anyway... Mario has been found in many places but one Common Kirby enemy appears in SML2. Gordo the spiked ball. The Star Rod from Paper Mario/ Kirby, nightmare in dreamland. Star Haven which looks like the fountain of dreams in popstar. Jumpershoot (the umbella ememy in SML2 also found in KDL2.) And last but not least, Stars Kirby Rides them, and Mario powers up by them. Answer this Question, Why aren't these things in the mariopedia?

MEGAߥTE: I think I told Deezer about Gordo a while back. The star rod is another obvious link, unless it was coincidence. I think stars are pushing it though. The reason we don't have SML2 stuff in Mariopedia is that Nintendo did not name most of the enemies as far as we know, so it's hard to include them.

Deezer: The interesting thing is that the two games with the "Gordo" connection were released only a few months apart.

David Dayton: What is odd is that the the Gordo character appears in the Kirby's Dream Land games as well. That one enemy is in three different series, one of which was developed by Hal and not Nintendo.

J.J.: The umbrella connection is pushing it as well. In fact, they're all pushing it except for Gordo.

Sapphira: I've noticed that Gordo thing, too... As for the other things, coincidence, probably.

Chupperson: The Kirby Star Rod is from Kirby's Adventure. Nightmare in Dreamland is just a remake of that.

To Deezer/David Dayton/MegaByte/ETC:
I have some questions and comments.
1. There were some more changes while Doki Doki Panic was converted into Super Mario Bros. 2, after playing and observing myself- For example, the waterfalls in DDP were running about 3 times faster than in SMB2, and another big change in the games is the Overworld Theme- it was a a lot longer in SMB2, and all musics were slightly different in tone. DDP also had real credits, of the programmers, executives, and designers, while SMB2 just showed the cast of characters. And, if you look on Super Mario All-Stars at the Lost Levels box, you can see some Japanese above the Mario logo.
2. In the cartoon TAOSMB3, it sounds like King Bowser uses profanity in one shot of the episode "Super Koopa". As he dives at Mario, Luigi, and Toad as Racoon Koopa, he says something like, "No way, f***er-face!" What is he really saying here?
3. Did you heard of a Super Mario RPG hack entitled "Super Monkey RPG"? I tried it out, and in this hack, all the text has been changed, making it an R-rated version of SMRPG, since it has adult language, sexual themes, and drug abuse. Even the whole plot altogether has been changed! This plot is that the whole universe was out of milk, because the sword crashed into Bowser's Keep, which was a "Milk Factory" and Smithy cut the supply off. So Mario and his friends have to get the 7 Star Pieces so they can wish for more milk. You can find it in the search engines!
4. I was looking through my Super Mario Sunshine booklet one day when I found a Japanese version reference. On pg 29 "Isle Items", if you look closely on the picture of water bottles, the large one reads on its label "Monte Drink"!
5. While playing Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, I had found errata in the lesson, "Approach Shots." At the start of the third message that Toad gives you in that lesson reads "f you press B and the meter turns blue...". The f at the start should be "if."
6. I have also been learning some Japanese this summer, and I found out a few things in the games- "Kinopio", which you all know is Toad's Japanese name, actually comes from the word "kinoko" meaning "Mushroom" or "Toadstool." And, in Mario Kart 64, in the course "Toad's Turnpike", if you look around the bumper at the back of the buses, you can see something that looks like mirrored Hiragana.
See ya!

MEGAߥTE: 2. I didn't try to find that episode, but he was probably saying "faucet face."

Deezer: 4. I'll have to check my copy... 6. Yes.

David Dayton: Doo dee dum...

J.J.: Why must the internet pervert everything? Whoever went through the hundreds of pages of SMRPG text and changed the dialouge to make it "dirty" must be the most pathetic person in the universe.

Sapphira: 2 and 4) O_o *Cleans Thomas' brain out with soap*

Lizard Dude: 1. The Overworld Theme got longer? What did DDP have, just the part before the walking baseline? If it only had just the A section, it would have repeated every 8 seconds and been extremely annoying. And if it only had the B section, it still would have been a pretty quick loop. It's short enough in SMB2. Can anyone who has played DDP confirm this?

Chupperson: Yes, actually; it has no C part. After the A and B sections, it loops back to the A section.

I've known this for a long time, but I thought I'd post this in a mailbag:
Boo's and Bowser's Laugh both debuted in Super Mario 64, but the interesting fact is, they're the same exact sound! Boo's chattery laugh is just a sped-up version of Bowser's sinister bellowing. I've included an MP3 sample of this as an attachment. It starts out as Bowser's Laugh, then doubles in speed and plays again, doubles, plays again, then finally, at 8X speed, turns into the authentic Boo laugh.
-Stealth Yoshi

MEGAߥTE: Awesome find!

Deezer: Cool. I heard of something similar with the Thwomp sound effect in MK64, but I don't remember the details...

David Dayton: Interesting. That's one way to save on memory size.

J.J.: Woooah, trippy.

Sapphira: Wow...Impressive... @_@

Lizard Dude: I think you win Best Letter Award. Congrats!

Chupperson: That's, like, the coolest thing anyone's ever sent in.

    I'm not sure if many others would've caught on to it, but has anyone here ever noticed that in Mario Parties 2 and 3, Hudson may have tried to slip some inconspicuous references to Bomberman in the games? I don't have pictures or sounds on me for proof or anything, but this is what I've got so far:

    1. Mario Party 2 - The minigame theme for Dinky Rink (and some others, I believe) sound like a remix to the Super Bomberman 4 theme, made so it would be able to loop in the game.

    2. Mario Party 3 - The Skeleton Key. It has Bomberman's face on it, or rather it looks like Bomberman.

    I haven't played 1 or 4 recently, so I'm not entirely sure if there are even "references" in those and the ones for 2 and 3 are all I can pull up at the current time.

    P.S. - J.J. rocks and you all know it. He's the funniest Canadian person I've never met. :)


Deezer: As a person who has never played a real Bomberman game, I did not notice.
P.S. I agree.

David Dayton: I'll have to check that out sometime.

J.J.: If you think I'm funny now just wait until you hear my latest bombshell- I find your "references" idiotic at best!

Sapphira: Oh dear...

    Hi, I just found some more glitches to SM64:

    1. In Cource 3, click the 4th star, then collect the red coins. Now, go to where the star appears and wait until the ship tilts upward. Walk close to the star and ship will go downward, but at that point wait until the star is the highest above you and use a backflip to get the star. Mario will do his normal moves but then the star won't be above him, it'll be below him!

    2. In Cource 7, click the 5th star, and head toward the volcano. Once inside, do to where the 5th star is. Jump the poles and you'll land on a platform where the star is. As you can see, there is a ramp leading toward the star, so walk the ramp, but before doing this, switch to Mario cam. Now, stop in the middle of the ramp'l be IN that little ramp, not on it!

    3. In Cource 13, be big and click the second star. Now, go ahead and kill the little Goomba and go toward the hole in the wall, 3 butterflies will come out. First off, follow the 2 that are going opposite of the third, BUT DO NOT DO ANYTHING. Now that they have passed follow to the third toward the invisible wall. While he's just standing there, punch him, and if lucky, you will appear to see a stuck 1-up outside of the invisible wall! If you get a bomb just do it again.

    Try these.


Deezer: I don't feel like it.

David Dayton: I will, eventually.

J.J.: These are too complicated and the payoffs sound lame.

Sapphira: X_x

Lizard Dude: I'll do them!...(that is, if I were home with my N64)

Chupperson: Sometime, I might. I haven't played SM64 in a long time.

Mario Sightings
Greetings and salutations!
On, there is a Toon called "A Pumpakin Carve-nival" in which everybody (everybody!) takes part in a jack-o-lantern carving contest. The King of Town dresses up as Mario! :-P After his 'pumpkin' is judged, he mutters "Sorry, King, but our princess is in another castle." After the Toon ends, you can click on the moon to play "Super Kingio Bros."! :-D
-Shay Guy

MEGAߥTE: All I can say is, MSG'd!

Deezer: How do you type with those boxing gloves on?

David Dayton: What's a "pumpakin"?

J.J.: I didn't know about the hidden game.... UNTIL NOW!

Lizard Dude: What's a "carve-nival"?

Chupperson: I'll never understand Homestar Runner... at least until I see it.

TMK Staff
I have found a cameo referring to SMB in the Invader Zim Pilot Episode, where Zim is playing a arcade looking game. The background looked exactly the same as the background in SMB1.
My question is: Are you going to form your own web address thingy? I know it must take a lot of time and almost all the names are taken but all those stupid classic gaming advertisemnts keep popping up instead of the link I clicked on. Great website. My favorite (other than which it is in close range with)

MEGAߥTE: We could get a domain but haven't felt like it. It wouldn't get rid of the ads because we'd still be hosted here. If you'd like to send us lots of money I'm sure we could get rid of the ads. Also, I just noticed that Firebird/Mozilla will let you type in "the mushroom kingdom" to get to TMK.

Deezer: Or, you could just send lots of money to me.

David Dayton: I'd love a custom domain. The problem is that all the good ones we might want to use have already been taken.

J.J.: How about

Sapphira: *cough* Cheap, lazy bums... *cough* Uh oh... Please don't hurt me...

Chupperson: I like that domain name, J.J.

I sent a previous e-mail about this before but then I checked the cameo listing thing and saw Invader Zim already there so here is a couple screenshots of it. Now that I looked at the screenshot again, the background doesn't look all that alike... who cares.
Where did 'Daisy' come from? She just seemed to have popped out of nowhere in "Mario Tennis". -K

MEGAߥTE: Yep, sure doesn't look like a cameo to me. Geeze... Daisy came from Super Mario Land. Waluigi on the other hand did pop out of nowhere.

David Dayton: I'm still not sure of the reasoning behind Waluigi. Did Camelot just want to add something to the Mario universe?

J.J.: This does not even look slightly like SMB1. Why is this letter in the mailbag? STANDARDS people!

Sapphira: Daisy rocks, dudes. .oO{Hmm...was "rocks" a verb or a noun...?}

Lizard Dude: Verb.

Chupperson: It's what you do.

Dear TMK--
In sightings for mario he is in 'Master of Disguise' at the end of the movie, or it's just a midget wairing mario's clothes without a hat

MEGAߥTE: Yeah, that was random and funny. A pic would be nice.

Deezer: Dang, I turned that movie off about 1/3 of the way through.

David Dayton: We need a screenshot.

J.J.: So.... without a hat. So it is just some guy wearing overalls, then? OMG, the guy who works at Home Depot is a Mario cameo!!!!!

Sapphira: *gives J.J. some chill pills* .oO{He's gonna hate me, isn't he?}

Lizard Dude: *gives J.J. some fever pills* Hey, he's right, you know.

Chupperson: *gives J.J. some weird pills*

Hi.I'm e-mailing to say I've heard a Mario reference in a show on satilite T.V.Its on the Family channel .Its called the Weekenders.There's an arcade that the characters go to.I don't know if there from Nintendo or not,but I've heard Mario game sounds(and maybe music)in the background.The sounds are from Mario's first few games,like Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Land.Anyway,I thought you'd want to know.
-Kyle Wilcox

MEGAߥTE: You thought wrong.

Deezer: Zing!

David Dayton: Zzzzz....

J.J.: Wow, "a show"! Thanks for being so specific, Dorky McNerdenstien.

Sapphira: *Waits for J.J.'s chill pills to sink in* Hmm...while I'm waiting... *pours cold water on David*

Lizard Dude: Why are you being so nice, Sapph? This email bites! Pouring cold water on David, however, is always a good idea.

Chupperson: The Weekenders... *blech*

Hi TMK Mailbag Staff!
There was a strange cameo (or allusion, I don't know which) that I saw while watching My Life as A Teenage Robot. The were these two thugs (I think they were called the Hammer Bros., which is obviously one of the many great Mario enemies) who looked a lot like the Mario Bros. The short, fat one wore red and had a mustache that looked Wario's mustache, and the tall, thin brother wore green and had a mustache like Luigi's mustache. They spoke with Italian accents, and it seemed they liked to call each other spaz. I don't know if this is a reference to Wrecking Crew, but they used dynamite to blow up rocks(It probably isn't, though). That's about all. Ok see ya.

MEGAߥTE: I have no idea what that is either.

Deezer: x_X

David Dayton: Er, okay.

J.J.: I think we should rename the mailbag "Morons on Parade."

Sapphira: *Gasp* You've killed Deezer!

Lizard Dude: Heeheehee, parading morons...

Chupperson: X_x

when i was watching the Commercials of the Comedy Central's Crank yanker, the retarded Puppet said: " Yay, Donkey Kong!" and the woman on the phone goes: "yay, donkey kong." it'll be air on next week or 2 on C.C. of C.Y.

MEGAߥTE: You mean "special" puppet. Nice AOL handle btw. heh.

Deezer: I have an uncanny knack for missing that show.

David Dayton: That could well be a good thing.

J.J.: His name is Special Ed. I'm not sure how I know that, considering we don't get Comedy Central in my strange and backwards country.

Sapphira: that explains it...

Lizard Dude: So that's why Donkey Kong got so Cranky when he got old.

Chupperson: I am the only AOL user without numbers in my name, I'll bet.

in the episode with robot robo ranch the (the scene when ed gets scared) you,ll see 2 robots.the right robot looks like K-9 from super mario RPG:legend of seven stars.

MEGAߥTE: This is quite possibly the most ridiculous "cameo" I have heard in my life.

David Dayton: Come on, what about the one where Wario was cameoed in a cartoon that broadcasted 4 years before he was created?

J.J.: Please stop wasting my planet's oxygen.

Sapphira: How do you know he doesn't breathe carbon-dioxide?

Lizard Dude: Good eye. Keep up the great submissions.

Chupperson <-- Oxygen addict

Hey, guys! COOL SITE! I found a Mario cameo in Spongebob Squarepants. When Spongebob picks up a phone at school in the episode "The Bully", Patrick's on the other line and he said "Yeah, hey Mario."!
Also in the episode of The Legend of Zelda "Doppelganger", at the beginning of the episode when a Moblin climbs up a castle tower, Link was practicing his sword and whistling the Super Mario Bros. Theme song!


Deezer: Great, now I have to watch this Zelda cartoon.

David Dayton: The Zelda cartoon clip is an allusion.


Sapphira: Umm...I think I'll hold my tongue on this one... *Grabs tongue and holds it*

Lizard Dude: Maybe if we didn't reply to cameos, people wouldn't send cameos?

Chupperson: *grabs Sapphira's tongue*

Yo! TMK!
Lissen up! It was me birthday a few days ago. My friend Niek (yes, thats how its spelt) gave my a Donkey Kong lollypop!
Thought you might like to know.
Plese put this e-mail in the next mailbag! Then everyone can know Nintendo still lives!

MEGAߥTE: No, but Lizard Dude won a Link one...

What does your e-mail have to do with Nintendo's success?

Deezer: (LD is on the left.)

David Dayton: I have both of those thingies.

J.J.: Is this 'Niek' some sort of filthy Eastern European or what?

Sapphira: I have a Yoshi, Mario and DK one, each preserved carefully on my bookshelf.

Lizard Dude: I didn't win a lollipop, I won a bobblehead.

Chupperson: You sure you spelled it right? What with the "he gave my" business...

Hello every1 at TMK.
You guys need to make more mailbag updates.
I have 2 strange Mario items I want to tell you about.
1.) Mario Binder. (I tink they're rare, because I've only seen 1)
and 2.) Mario Character Bobbleheads. Have you ever seen ne of these? They have Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Yoshi.
That's really all I have to say. See ya next Mailbag!

MEGAߥTE: 1.) Rare is defined as what you've seen?
2.) Check the picture of Lizard Dude above for the Mario Bobblehead

David Dayton: The Mario/GameCube bobblehead MIGHT be slightly more rare.

J.J.: Binders sure are strange.

Sapphira: Heh. Yes, "Heh."

Lizard Dude: Which is the head that bobbles?

Chupperson: I have that Mario with 'Cube bobblehead. Sapph, don't steal my lines.

Hey TMK,
Well, being a huge Mario fan myself, I'm always searching for Mario merchandise. I finally found some at my local Save-On Pharmecy (strange place, eh?). Anyway, called the Mini-Classics Series, what it is is three individual remakes of old Game&Watch's; Super Mario Bros., Mario's Cement Factory, and Donkey Kong Juniour. But I'm not just sending you this just to tell you. If you guys would like to get your own copy of the series, I recommend you check out your own Save-On Pharmecies. These things are still in stock, but hard to find.

MEGAߥTE: Save-On? Never heard of it. Wal-Mart has them though.

Deezer: Sounds cool.

David Dayton: Rite-Aid pharmacies have them too.

J.J.: We have Save-On in British Columbia, I think it's only a Canadian thing. The guy who owns the chain lives in my province.

Sapphira: I've heard of Save-On...Don't remember from where, though...

Chupperson: Walgreens has them.

I sent you guys other emails also for the mailbag so if you post any Id like for you to make it all one email. I wanted to say that I bought this book called "Game Over" with Mario in a wing cap, and it is a VERY interesting book. It talks all about the history of Nintendo and the "Maturing of Mario". I thought you might be interested in that, and also 2 years ago I bought these 3 books. One was "How to draw Donkey Kong and Friends" another was "How to draw Zelda characters" and another is "How to draw Nintendo heroes and villians" They are very cool books and really taught me how to draw em good. Although, how to draw peach and luigi and mario only shows them in their costumes from Mario Party 2 whcih really sucks. But the rest is good. Thanks for reading!

MEGAߥTE: How about some scans?

Deezer: Here's one.

David Dayton: Ahyuk ahyuk, look at me, maw!

J.J.: I'd be impressed if you had actually read all of Game Over.

Sapphira: Hmm...I remember a friend of mine having that Donkey Kong one...

Dear TMK,
I have a few things to report regarding merchandise, so here they are:
1. At the mall, I saw a shirt at store called "Express", which was green with a 1-up mushroom, and under it it says 1-up. I tried to find a picture on the internet, but I couldn't seem to find anything. I'll try looking harder.
2. I saw a RC toy at Target which consisted of Yoshi and Mario. Each came with 2 banana peels, 1 mushroom, 1 red shell, and 1 green shell. Each of the karts with the characters were about a little less than 3 in.
3. For these I have pictures. While searching for pictures for 2, I came across a Mario Kart Phone. I enclosed 2 pictures:

Click to view the full size images
-Chilly the Snowman

MEGAߥTE: 1. HotTopic has several shirts including the 1-up one now:

Click on an image to view the full size version
2. I saw that too. 3. That doesn't beat the Mario Bros. pizza phone!

Deezer: Too bad my Hot Topic doesn't sell any of that. Gotta love e-shopping!

David Dayton: I've seen many of those at the local Hot Topic. I don't think I stood out while walking through that store. (cough)

J.J.: The Mushroom ones look semi-unauthorized, but maybe not.

Sapphira: I like the light-blue one with Mario, Toad and YOSHI (^_^ !!!). Then again, I'm partial to Yoshi (if you couldn't tell XD) and the color light-blue. Heh.

Lizard Dude: Don't make me go Zelda on you.

Hey everyone! Still love your site.
1. I am very sorry to hear that JJ dislikes the use of fake names. I won't do it again.
2. Early Dexter's Lab episodes were much better than the more recent ones.
3. I have a nice new Super Mario Bros 2 skin, here: Super Mario Amp 2 @ 1001 Winamp Skins I apologise in advance that it is ugly, not freeform, and posted under a fake name.
4. I never much cared for "numbered list" emails, so I'll stop after 3.
Keep up the good work at the site!
Sincerely, (no name given)

MEGAߥTE: 4. Liar.

David Dayton: I never saw the point of most of these Winamp skins.

J.J.: I'm glad someone listens to my rantings.

Sapphira: *Scolds J.J.* Look what you're doing to people. :P

Chupperson: 2. Right on, brother.

When I wen't to Florida in July, we wen't to a mall in Cooper City. There, I found a Mario shirt and I had to have it. It's really cool, it's all white, and it has a picture of Mario holding a huge mushroom, and its perfect coloring. It had the Nintendo Seal on the tag. Also, they had another shirt which was black which said "Picture of Mario + Picture of a Mushroom=" Then it showed a picture of a huge Mario. It was really cool. Just thought you should know.
P.S. Your site rocks!

MEGAߥTE: Here's are pictures (thanks to

Deezer: The "Mario equation" shirt is my current favorite.

David Dayton: Lots of images.

Sapphira: Yes...lots...Lot's of pretty images...@_@

Lizard Dude: That's it, I'm going Zelda.

Chupperson: "Wen't"? "Lot's"?

Sapphira: Yes, "lot's." You have much to learn in the ways of the Sapphnish, my strange, long-haired friend.

On ABC channel's Who's Line is it Anyway, The contestants have to sing a song about video games in Britney Spears style. One guy says,"Oh,I could just hold you in my arms,Mario".

MEGAߥTE: That is just wrong

David Dayton: Weird.

J.J.: Let me guess, was it the black guy who was singing? God, is he getting annoying fast.

Sapphira: J.J.!!!! ARRRRRRRGHHH!!!! *Begin's transforming into She-Hulk*

Lizard Dude: One of the J.J. haters finally got a voice, and a slot right behind him. -_-'

Chupperson: "Begin's"?!

She-Hulk: GRRRRRRRRRR!!! *picks up CW by his collar* Bad time, bad place, dude...

Hey, I'm new to the mailbag...First of all, I'm not sure if a song counts as a reference, or even if you've recieved this before, and filtered it out, or if i haven't looked hard enough...well, anyway, I have a question/comment.
What is your opinion of the somewhat explicit (or as they say in New York, sophisticated) interpretation of Super Mario Bros. in Benefit's "Warp To World 6-9"? Personally, I DO find the song funny (forgive me), but I also of course deplore in general at the ideas of Mario (leaves out a few words) conveyed in the song (and the fact that its a song I'd never let my parents hear). I'm appalled at how much a fun game like Super Mario Bros. could be bashed like that. Yeah, I am probably understating.
(Oh, yeah, and keep up with the Canadian satire, J.J.; I wouldn't even care if you mocked me)
-Lemon Wedge, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

MEGAߥTE: It was a horrible parody. At least nobody made a Flash animation like someone did for Mario Twins.

David Dayton: I've never actually heard it.

J.J.: Hahaha, you live in Saskatoon. Why the **** did you people elect the NDP again? I mean, geez, why not just formally erect a sign saying "loser province."

Sapphira: Oh gosh...For the love of Pete, don't egg him on, Lemon...

Lizard Dude: Mmm, lemon meringue...

Chupperson: Mmmm... *wakes up* Um, I'm glad I've never heard that song.

I know this isn't a question, but I just saw the movie today and noticed really cool stuff.
#1. Carmen calls a character "Game Boy" in one scene.
#2. When Juni first enters the game, Arnold is collecting coins, just like in the Mario series.
#3. In another scene, Juni referred to his grandpa as "The Wizard of AtariSegaN'endo". This is without a doubt referring to Atari,
Sega and Nintendo {shortened into "N'endo"}.
#4. During the big race, which resembles F-Zero, the city in the background looks an awful lot like Mute City. Also, during the
race, Demetra was wearing an outfit like Mighty Gazelle's outfit.
#5. One character asks why EVERY video game has to have lava. Another kid says this isn't true, and mentions Metroid.
#6. One character can fly by twirling her pigtails around, just like Tiny Kong.
#7. Juni flies out of a sewer pipe in one scene that resembles Mario popping out of pipes.
#8. This has nothing to do with Nintendo, but it's funny anyway. A character introduces himself as Res, and Juni responds by saying "Hi, Res".

MEGAߥTE: I heard that movie sucked. I have no plans to see any of the series.

Deezer: Uh, what movie?

David Dayton: ??

J.J.: Are we talking about the Hey Arnold Movie? Cause that was pretty wacky.

Sapphira: ??, indeed.

Lizard Dude: XX

Chupperson: Does he mean that Spy Kids 3D movie thingy? Metroid games don't have Lava?! Sez who?

MEGAߥTE: Oops, yeah he was talking about Spy Kids 3D.

Here's something that might interest you. Here in Holland, some merchandise is different:
We only got 2 Video's of The Adventures of SMB3:
1: Reptiles in the Rose Garden / Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas
2: Toddler Terrors of Time Travel / The Beauty of Kootie
3 video's of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show:
1: The Bird! The Bird! / Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid
2: King Mario of Cramalot / Mario's Magic Carpet
3: Rolling down the River / The Great Gladiator Gig
The order of the CYOA Books is different here, too:
1: Double Trouble
2: Leapin' Lizards
3: Pipe Down!
4: Doors to Doom
There might be more, but those are all I have seen here. And there's also an RC Mario Kart (Which I have), an SMB3 bedhseet, a balloon (Still magically full of air after about 12 years), more pins, a Keychain of Mario & Luigi shaking hands, and a rucksack of Super Mario Bros.. I'll try to get pictures for you.

MEGAߥTE: Interesting... quite a balloon you got there.

Deezer: Pictures are good.

David Dayton: Always.

J.J.: I was in Holland, where were you then?

Sapphira: Hmm...I still have a balloon that's full of air and over a decade old, too... @_@

Lizard Dude: I have my suspicions as to why J.J. went to Holland.

Chupperson: I want to see this "rucksack."

Hey guys, I have something that you might be interested in having on your site, they are Mario RPG cards from an old NP ish. When the game came out in 96. The cards have (on front) a picture of the person in their ''slanted 3D" model from the game. And the back sorta looks likes this Mario home:
Marios Pad
**Small back story, about 4-5 lines long***
*quote from game*
*Tells Attack, how much FP and effect*
Then thats all. These are regular sized trading cards and if you are interested in having a scan I'll be more than glad to send you them, in total there are 8; Frogfucius, Mario,Mallow,Bowser, Geno,booster, princess and jonathon jones.

MEGAߥTE: I have them too.

Deezer: ...

David Dayton: Scan and send, please.

J.J.: Do neither, please.

Sapphira: To quote Peach: Sa-weet!

Lizard Dude: Frogfucius has attacks?

Chupperson: Send them in.

For in Nintendo, so join Peach from Mushroom Kingdom, and Daisy from Sarasaland in "The Princess Story Adventures" from Super Mario. Is the whole new fantasy of wonder. With great stories from "Peach's Mushroom Enchanted Tales", and great stories from "Daisy's Journey of Fantasies". These are 2 new stories of the kingdom in all. But wait, there more! And now Lady Bow from The Haunted Kingdom joins the princess story adventures. Our newest princess to share her love, stories, big adventure, and of course scary. Introducing, the princess great stories of "Lady Bow's Haunted Adventures. So enter the magic for the world of Nintendo!
-Shawne Vinson

Hey wait a sec, if Lady Bow's had a child, she'll become "The Queen of a Boo!"
-Shawne Vinson

MEGAߥTE: What ever has become of quality public education?

David Dayton: I am scared.

J.J.: Okay, NO.

Sapphira: Um... Looks like there's nothing I can say.

Lizard Dude: I am not wait for to hear it!

Chupperson: Someone at Disney needs to hire this guy.

Dear Portal Administration!
I have recently come across your site and liked it very much. I suppose that the visitors of our resources belong to the same social group and my site could be useful for your audience so I suggest to exchange our links.
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Yours sincerely,


Deezer: ...

David Dayton: Who WAS that masked man?

J.J.: Again, all I can say is why?

Sapphira: I'd like to quote Deezer on this one.

Lizard Dude: Same social group? Huh? You mean like people who play Ice Climber?

Chupperson: Nah, he means people who eat pie for a living.

Well, it's been 2 years since my first mailbag submission to you. I'd like to start off by marking a good point. The point is that ever since Sonic X came on tv, it came clear to me that Mario needs to get back into the animated groove. I could picture the show being about Mario and Luigi defending the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser(just like old times). The major thing would be that all the characters would have to be like they are in the recent games, that means Bowser can't be that dopey looking "King Koopa", and Peach can't have red hair(and maybe we'll do something with her voice, making it more mature and aware of things). We could even have characters like Wario, Waluigi, and even Donkey Kong make appearances as well. For my second thing, I'm quite puzzled over the original commercial for Mario 3(I'm bringing this up for both the release of Mario Advance 4 and the fact that I saw the commercial on Kazaa). I really think it's like film noir or something(it's both amusing and confusing at the same time), what do you think of it? Well, happy 2-year anniversary for me
-Robert Poole

MEGAߥTE: Are you talking about the global one?

David Dayton: Actually, I can't imagine a modern cartoon or film using Martinet's Mario voice. I think it works well as a game, but I can't imagine it on an extended basis.

J.J.: The new image of Mario is someone who never speaks. If there was a cartoon, he would have to be silent, like Kibry in the Kirby Cartoon. Or to a lesser extent, Pikachu.

Sapphira: X_x *collapses to the ground, twitching*

Lizard Dude: Mario sure jabbers a lot in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Chupperson: Computer generated feature film, baby.

heres alitte comic i made i hope you like

MEGAߥTE: That made no sense at all.

Deezer: Yellow text + white background = bad.

David Dayton: Lots of white space. Lots.

J.J.: I hate it with a fiery passion. You are without a doubt the most untalented person on earth.

Sapphira: *groans* Time for J.J.'s second dose of pills...

Lizard Dude: DIE MORON DIE!

Chupperson: i don't get it

Hello there!
What has happened to VG Jam - have you decided to stop updating? I've got a few tabs I wanna send you for the site, but the VG Jam mailbox is full. Whadda we doin, here?
-Lee Thomas Robson

MEGAߥTE: This is not VG Jam

Deezer: The 'ߥTE is right.

David Dayton: What a lazy editor that VG Jam site must have.

J.J.: If only it had more pictures.

Sapphira: Deezer's a poet! :O

Lizard Dude: And he doesn't know it! :D

Chupperson: Are you related to Rob Thomas?

Hi, ii hope I am submitting this to the right place. anyway I <3LOVE<3 your site! i acutly looked into marring it, but i couldn't find anyone who would wed a person and a website. but anyway (ACK! I CANT STOP USING THAT WORD!!!) i want to know is the mario bros. 2 bugs posable in super mario advance? i can try some for you as soon aqs i find that game (nintendo peopusly made them tiny so i'd lose em`!!) ho, and i have some neat SSBM pictures fo ryou gallrie, but i had to use the picture mode and then snap them from thare with my digi cam (after saveing them) well here ya go.
PS. all the pictures from SSBM are "self expanalatory", i mean if you see pikachu, some ligthning and bowser getting zapped, i think you can figure it out. and sorry for any typos as I am typo proned. Games U like 4 A Price u like!

click for larger image
-Damon v.damore

MEGAߥTE: HAHAHA Nice impressionist artwork. Might want to work on your focus there.

David Dayton: My eyes. My eyes....

J.J.: What monkey puked this up?

Sapphira: What did the website say when you proposed?

Lizard Dude: "I'm not really into artists."

Chupperson: *faints*

Hey guy(s) at TMK, I was looking around the ol' net for some Mario -anything- and came across this on some action figure selling site. I've never seen it before, and I was hoping you knew anything about it. Well, beside that, I just wanted to say I think Nintendo should bring back the old slogan "Now your playing with power!" Or maybe make a new version of it like, "Now your playing with power, cubed!" What do you think about that idea?
-kyle mack

MEGAߥTE: Haha, excellent. There were several Mario movie actions figures released, just as most action movies. I don't think Nintendo should bring that old slogan back, it was definitely an 80's thing. People are having interesting reactions to the new "Who are you?" campaign though...

David Dayton: I need the SMB Movie figures.

Sapphira: I still need to SEE that movie... @_@

Lizard Dude: i'm lovin' it

Chupperson: Nothing says lovin' like Chupperson from the oven. (And no, Sapph, you don't.)

> MEGAߥTE: 1. Sure, just provide airfare and a place to stay...
> 2. At least you got an extra... the other regions' versions don't even have that.
> 3. This could be interesting. Can you compare them to the English verions and let us know of any translation differences?
1. hmm.. no Ryanair-Airport in Halle/leipzig... and all hotels are full.. so *took a digicam* I'll make photos for your site.
2.O_o ... (Info: the Regio 2 DVD only costs 5€ @ Wal*Mart / 10€ @ Amazon [])
3. I only need the EnglishVersion of the Cartoon, because I don't have them (and a credit card ,too)

MEGAߥTE: 1. We're awaiting the photos :-)

David Dayton: ...and the tickets.

Sapphira: Did I miss something?

Chupperson: ...You don't remember good old Yoshizu?

Sapphira: Of course I remeber him! I meant... *rolls eyes* Ugh...never mind. XD

Nintendo is probably gonna lead the GAMING industry when their system comes out 10 years from now(not da GCN 2,the system after THAT). Know why? Cuz Xbox and PS2 seem to be more about da features than da games. Heres what might be an ad for da future Playstation. 'New,PlayStation 5! It will clean your dishes,play DVD and internet,clean your room,and even walk your dog! Oh yeah,it can play some sort of game thingys,but nobody cares!'See wut i meen?
oh ya,yo site rocks!

MEGAߥTE: Recent commentary has indicated that most consumers actually do not want do it all boxes, so Nintendo may have been right all along. I still wouldn't mind DVD though...

Deezer: I'm waiting for a PlayStation that will go to work for me.

David Dayton: Silly consumers. Games are for kids!

J.J.: By saying "da" instead of "the" you have proven your coolness.

Sapphira: That would be nice... Oh wait...I don't have a job. >_< Okay...School, then. Yeah.

Lizard Dude: Deliver de letter. De sooner, da better.

Chupperson: That PSX thingy is gonna mail fiserably. ...If they had a region 2 DVD player, that would be kinda cool. Then I could run the Mario & Zelda Big Band Live DVD.

Hi TMK dudes! I wanna say some stuff-
1. I love Animal Crossing! ^_^ My 1st character is Zippy and his town's Brinstar (Yeah, I'm a Metroid fan). My 2nd character is Peach (I made some cute Mario and Luigi shirts 4 her! It's like mario's outfit and luigi's outfit!) and her town is Big City (My friend's think that my town's names are silly).
2. I can't believe people dis your site! I go on your site EVERY day! :P
3. I like Sonic. Yeah, go ahead, say I'm crazy, I like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. It's a really good game ya know!
-Erin aka Super Mario Girl

MEGAߥTE: 1. My town is named "nowhere" 3. I like Sonic too, but SA2B didn't impress me much.

David Dayton: If I remembered to turn it on, I'd have made an Animal Crossing item password for you. Send another message and I will.

J.J.: You're a mad, mad, woman.

Sapphira: Hey, my second town is called "Spazvile", and Chup thinks I'm weird... (Yet the guy has WEIRD in his NAME. @_@ Hypocrisy, pure hypocrisy.)

Lizard Dude: Kind of like how you have SAP in your name?

Chupperson: Chupburg. I live in Chupburg, baby.

I was reading your mailbag. The really big one. Ya know, the 128 emails thing. A lot of the emails were saying stuff like "PS@ and Xbox suck!!!!1". Now i own gamecube, super nintendo, n64 , game boy and a gameboy advance. But i have played all systems. If i had the money i would love to get PS2 and Xbox. But i don't. I have nothing against mario or sonic, in fact i happen to like them both. I once went to a friends house and we played Xbox. We played halo. That game was a ton more fun than Mario Sunshine. People are willing to badmouth systems, even before they have played them. And(this is the truth) nintendo out of all the 3 consoles is doing the worst. Ps2 is holding the number one spot, and X-box has number 2(this is from system sales). Though as companies Nintnedo is in second place because they have the gameboy advance. I got gamecube when it first came out. I got it because its game looked really good. The games are great. There just aren't enough of them. I had great times with animal crossing, zelda wind waker, and metroid prime(which took me a long time to beat). Right now i wish i had Ps2, they have plenty of great games out right now. I have gotten threw nintendo' stream of games. Ps2 has a river of games(gta, FF). But i am not gonna let mario go, i am sticking with gamecube cause its future looks good(fzero, pikmin, and mario kart double dash). Also i just wanted to point this out(even though this is a mario webpage) nintendo power failed to mention Star Fox Armada in there E3 section a couple months ago. I got to see the demo from and i figured out why they didn't mention it. Its video sucked. Oh and remember, mario was created for two and entertainment. Thanks for reading this and putting it in your mailbag, now make your witty comment or agree with me. I play games for one reason. entertainment, not to brag to other people
"Nintendo rocks, Ps2 sucks"
P.S:Your site is great, keep it up.
-Nate Ziller

MEGAߥTE: X-Box only has #2 in the US. Worldwide, Nintendo has #2. If you include GBA, Nintendo is clearly #1, not #2. Unless Square starts porting their games to the GC, I might end up getting a PS2 if the price drops to $99 as some rumors have indicated. Starfox at E3 was lacking because it only had a simple multiplayer mode. Now that there's a 1-player mode, it looks like it's starting to shape up as a great game
MEGAߥTE (update): Well, with their recent price cuts, the Gamecube has risen to #2 worldwide, doubling their US marketshare (37%) and quintupling their European market share (25%) and there has been an even greater surge of buyers with MKDD coming out soon.

David Dayton: I like Nintendo.

J.J.: As long as these wimps are in charge, every mailbag is going to be a "really big one" it seems.

Sapphira: It's quality, not quantity. And, J.J., hey! Be glad LD and I are here helping you guys out! We don't have to, you know. >:P

Lizard Dude: I have to. Deezer whipped me. And fed me bread.

Chupperson: I am eagerly awaiting the next Star Fox game. It's not called Star Fox Armada. That video was kinda cool.

Sapphira: Aww... Well here's some broth to go with your bread.

You know what I think of Playstation? It's OK, but Nintendo is the KING! Viva La Nintendo!

MEGAߥTE: I agree.

David Dayton: I like Nintendo.

J.J.: That's what they said about the Sega.

Sapphira: Nintendo always rules.

Lizard Dude: I'd like to quote Deezer on this one.

Chupperson: Ditto.

From Fox
(lots of SSBM screenshots stolen from Gamespot)

MEGAߥTE: Real creative there, buddy.

David Dayton: Whee.

J.J.: Death.

Sapphira: Heh.

Lizard Dude: Crazy like a fox!

Chupperson: Bleh.

I found this picture on (removed). It's a good website. :-) (image of Pikachu and Pichu) -El_barto

MEGAߥTE: Pervert.

David Dayton: Huh?

J.J.: Death.

Sapphira: Seriously, what is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? *washes El_barto's brain out with soap*

Lizard Dude: ...and when mommy and daddy love each other very much...

Chupperson: ...they go eat pizza together.

Hey,I was Mario for Halloween,I even had a hat with a red M on it,isn't that cool!?
-Govindh Vijay

MEGAߥTE: I did that, 11 years ago.

David Dayton: Good for you.

J.J.: Nerd.

Sapphira: w00tastic. I happen to occasionaly wear overalls and a red shirt, but part of as my normal wardobe. Then again, girls can wear that and not get strange looks. Heh.

Lizard Dude: I wore overalls and a red shirt to school twice.

Chupperson: I did that, 3 years ago.

I'm scared to say anything at risk of being made fun of.
I found a large terra cotta pipe, primed it, made the perfect mixture of green paints, and painted it with several coats. It then sat in my yard for a few days until we got enough manpower to get it up the stairs. It now sits in my room and is home to 'stuff I need to put places but find it easier to toss in a big green pipe.' Pictures are attached. If you want pictures to gauge how tall it is, I'll get some pictures of me next to the pipe, or in it, or whatever.

Click here for a larger image

MEGAߥTE: Watch where you throw stuff...

Deezer: Wow!

David Dayton: Interesting.

J.J.: Clever fellow. You should bio-engineer a Piranha Plant next.

Sapphira: Once again: Sa-weet!

Lizard Dude: What kind of pipe dream did you think that up in?

Chupperson: Animal Crossing, now in real life.

Other Questions
my son is looking for a halloween costume for someone in the mario brothers cast. any suggestions ?

MEGAߥTE: I must apologize for this and the next e-mail. I didn't get to the bag in time for this Halloween. Oh well; there's always next year... Do you mean looking for character suggestions or looking for where to get one? Mario and Yoshi would be the most recognizable choices.

Deezer: I doubt they sell pre-made Mario costumes.

David Dayton: I'm sure they did at one point. We should investigate that.

J.J.: I suggest Bullet Bill. But I don't think it matters what we suggest because I don't think the clueless parents who email us ever read these mailbags.

Sapphira: No way; be Formless. You know, those invisible cloud things from Super Mario RPG? Those things rock!

Lizard Dude: Gotta go with Peach. Trust us, your son would absolutely love it. Just go buy the costume now without telling him.

Chupperson: Do as Sapphira tells you, and be sure to send us a picture.

Please do you know where i can find the super mario bros costume for this upcoming halloween? your help and guidance is really appreciated. thank you.
-fadi georges

MEGAߥTE: Umm make one? It's not that hard to get the materials. Just check out Lizard Dude LIVE.

Deezer: I doubt they sell pre-made Mario costumes.

David Dayton: Remind me to get those slightly infamous Mario character Cosplayers to help us with a guide, sometime.

J.J.: Just wear your normal clothes and tell everyone you are Mario on his day off.

Sapphira: Or you could just buy overalls and wear a red shirt underneath...

Lizard Dude: Like this guy:

Click for the full size image

Chupperson: Hey David, Lizard and I are writing a guide...

Ive been curious of how many games mario has appeared in......i have a nintendo power from a few years ago taht said he was in about 45 games........of corse the numbers have what would it be now
-Tommy "jungle_wookie"

MEGAߥTE: It depends if you're including cameos. Go to our games listings and start counting. That should give you a pretty good idea of the number.

David Dayton: Tell us after you do.

J.J.: Stupid lazy moron.

Sapphira: Oh, so that means YOU are intending to do it, J.J.?

Lizard Dude: As of this date, 11/23/03, Super Mario has appeared in 198 released games. This includes all cameos, references, and Japan-only releases, but not games that had Mario characters but not Mario himself.

Chupperson: *applauds*

i have been trying to locate a pc version of super mario bros like the one shown in the picture in the attachement. if you would help me tell me where i could download it i would be very grateful
-Eric Cartman

MEGAߥTE: There is no such thing.

David Dayton: There WERE a few SMB clones floating about, though.

Sapphira: -_-

Chupperson: *shudders at the thought of Shigeru Land*

Excuse me this is Owen, aka Wario. I also participate in the chatroom. I was wondering two things. I have the SMB2 wallet shown in mario mania, and I was wondering if it is worth much money. Also, I wanted to know if there are any sites that have emulators and roms in one download. my computer crashed, when I had hundreds of roms, including all of the mario games, and didn?t want to spend hours redownloading them.
Thank you,

im looking all over the internet for roms but all there is, is commercials can u please send me some links to some roms or links from your site
thank you


Deezer: The wallet is worth nothing until you sell it.

David Dayton: I'll give you 50 cents for it.

J.J.: Are you sitting down Owen? Good, because the wallet you have is a super rare item, worth over 100,000 dollars on the collector's market. Congratulations.

Lizard Dude: I'll give you 49 cents for it.

Chupperson: Heck, I'll give you a whole dollar for it.

Can you please explain this to me ? You said the dvd was already released in europe and it would be released on the third of june in Amerika. well I live in Europe and I've checked allmost every shop In the netherlands,germany,belgium,london and luxemburg but I can't find it can you please tell me where to find it ? -DAve

MEGAߥTE: Wow, you must get around. You need to specify *what* DVD or we can't answer your question.

Deezer: The Super Mario Bros. movie? (if you speak German).

David Dayton: Something being released and something actually making it into a store near you are often entirely different things.

J.J.: When I was in Holland they had it. Check the store in Arhem.

Sapphira: Wow...while I've been to 3/5 of the states, I've never even BEEN outside the country...

Chupperson: No, it will never be released in Amerika.

My friend said that he read somewhere that Nintendo will fall out of buisness like sega and become a third party publisher for all the other systems. Is this true? I doubt it, and I hope not!

MEGAߥTE: Not anytime soon.

David Dayton: Nope.

J.J.: Yes, it is 100% true.

Sapphira: *Covers J.J.'s mouth* No. Never. Not in a million years. I won't let it happen.

Lizard Dude: I ended up really liking Sega becoming third-party because I got a lot more cool games for GameCube. I imagine if Nintendo went this direction, I'd end up with an über-PlayStation collection.

Chupperson: Nintendo has been around for like 105 years already. I have a feeling they'll be able to stay in business for a while yet.

Your site is da bo-bomb (Which is good.), so here's some questions:
1. Why didn't they release SM64 Rumble Pak version for the N64?
2. What's the plot for the Japan Mario movie?
3. How do you beat Bowser in Super Mario Sunshine?
4. About that e-mail address you sent me about the roms, THAT STUPID SERVER THINGY BANNED ME FROM E-MAILING THE STUPID REQUEST!!!
5. On Ed, Edd 'n Eddy, at the trailer park, May (I think) wanted to kiss Edd (A crush. Ew.) so she punched Lee (I think) and said "Back off, Bowser!" in sarcasm. Isn't that amazing? A Bowser cameo?
6. Is it just me, or do the Mario toys get released to a different restaurant every time?
7. I heard a rumor that Mario XXX is going to be released. Uh, that's not an X-rated Mario game, is it? If it were, it'd be disgraceful and downright creepy. And Nintendo is trying to keep A-O rated games away from them.
-Bob Jindra

MEGAߥTE: 1. They probably didn't think it would sell enough here to warrant a release.
2. There is no confirmation such a movie exists
4. Then try the link I gave you above.
5. No. Bowser is a legitamate name.
7. There is no such thing.

David Dayton: The movie seems more and more real, but we can't track it down.

J.J.: Somone emailed me a scan of the box or something.

Sapphira: 3) Ground-pound those...uh...thingies... FLUDD should tell you... XD

Lizard Dude: So I went to the supermarket, right? And there were these foods and one of them was called a Peach. Isn't that amazing? A Peach cameo? In a supermarket, lol.

Chupperson: Amazing! Wow!

What is "PAL"?

MEGAߥTE: PAL is a video format used in much of the world except North America and Japan, which use NTSC. PAL stands for Phase Alternation Lines and runs at 25 frames per second as opposed to 30 frames per second for NTSC. PAL has 240 horizontal lines per screen compared to NTSC's 224. It's funny running PAL games on NTSC machines because they run faster.

David Dayton: Be a PAL!

J.J.: That Megabyte sure takes the wind out of everyone else's sails.

Sapphira: Umm...What MEGAߥTE said. David...? O_o

Lizard Dude: *waves baton up, left, right*

Chupperson: Heh, video mode differences are fun.

Dear TMK Staff,
First, a comment. I have recently found out that J.J. posted artwork at, and I am a big fan of his work. One of the best artists on the site.
Anyway, I have a question relating to business: When Mr. Myamoto dies (GASP!), who will take over once he is gone? Will his son continue the mario legacy or is he interested in some other business? Lastly, is there anyone that can create as well as him? If you can't find a real answer, a hypothetical one would be just as good.
-Joseph Gordon

MEGAߥTE: Barring accidents, I think it's far too early to speculate about games after Miyamoto's death.

David Dayton: How old are Miyamoto's kids, anyway?

J.J.: I assume they are being groomed for succession. And thanks for the comments on my art. I have my fingers in a lot of different websites.

Sapphira: NO! Don't make me even THINK about such a terrible tragedy! It'll be the end of the world!! O_o

Lizard Dude: It won't be so bad. Many cool games have been released that Miyamoto has had nothing to do with. He's also having less and less to do with modern Nintendo games, directly.

Chupperson: Japanese people live longer anyway. Heh.

Hi, I was wondering if you knew anything about how to get the SSBM Orchestra Performance of the New Japan Philimonic (The CD). I already E-mailed them (NJP) but I still haven't gotten a reply. I heard the Rainbow Cruise theme on WTMK Radio and I searched for at leat an hour and a half looking for it. The most I found was a soundtrack list and a photo of the concert. Well, thanks for your time! PS: I really like your site! -Chilly the Snowman

MEGAߥTE: I got my copy from my public library. They subscribe to Nintendo Power, and had the CD in with the magazine.
MEGAߥTE (update): So I actually got a real one off of eBay now.

Deezer: Got mine from NP also.

David Dayton: I did the same. You might check eBay.

Sapphira: Hmm...I happen to have an extra copy of that issue...meaning an extra CD...

Lizard Dude: A friend burned me a copy. Side note: Why does everyone call the performers of every Japanese video game music concert the New Japan Philharmonic? Do people just make this stuff up? I thought the same orchestra that recorded the Melee soundtrack got back together for that concert.

Chupperson: They did.

Sorry, but I forgot to mention that if you have the CD at hand, could you send me the music? Just a thought though.
-Chilly the Snowman


Deezer: Let me think. No.

David Dayton: Nein.

Sapphira: My extra one for money, perhaps. Hmm... The bidding starts at...

Lizard Dude: I'll send you a copy if you email me your mailing address.

Chupperson: I'm sure someone you know subscribes to Nintendo Power.

If you wanted Super Mario Bros. (in Animal crossing) sorry I can't trade it. what do you want for your Donkey Kong Jr.? I'll give you any nes game (besides Super Tortimer) i dont have it... Do you guys like sonic a little bit? If you had to jump off a clif without a parachute wich hands would you land in Peach's or Daisy's? Who is getting Mario and Luigi!! ( I am!) Do you want me to stop? yes i'll stop
-Lee the Mario Lover 100% (It's a me! catch phraise get it?)

MEGAߥTE: I already have all the games. Yes. Old-style Daisy. Me. Yes.

Deezer: O_o

David Dayton: I should offer a contest for a memory card with all the Animal Crossing games on it.

J.J.: I would enter this alleged contest.

Sapphira: As would I. David, did I ever mention you're my bestest friend? *Grins hopefully*

Lizard Dude: If I were falling off of a cliff, I'd want DK to catch me.

Chupperson: And then the Papa bear said, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed!"

MEGAߥTE: Hey David, what's this "ac-travel.gci" thing you sent me? ;-)

This is my 2 year anniversary of when I first e-mailed you guys. So I'm going to say what's on my mind. I've been playing Smash Bros. Melee lately and got to thinking, doesn't it seem that Smash Bros. Melee is like "Nintendo's 20 years of magic" to you? I mean look at the basics: the trophy gallery was a collection of classic moments from Nintendo's history, they had playable characters that some of us never heard of(Ice Climbers, Marth and Roy), they had a big band do the music, they even had their 1st mascot Mr. Game & Watch in there! Plus it was released in december 2001, 20 years(and 1 month) after Nintendo struck their 1st hit in Donkey Kong. Doesn't it all look obvious? I don't know what you would say to this but I think it's exactly that. Well, have a nice day.
-Robert Poole

MEGAߥTE: I think it the timing was just coincidence, but it was certainly a collection of some of the best aspects of Nintendo. How come nobody's ever heard of Ice Climber??

David Dayton: Mach Rider was more unknown to me.

J.J.: I think it's sad that you know this anniversary.

Lizard Dude: "20 years of magic"? i'm lovin' it

Chupperson: You never heard of Ice Climber?

Sapphira: You've been spending WAY too much time at McDonald's.

    i had a question i have recently seen the new commerical for super mario advanced 4 for game boy advanced (it is really a gameboy version of supermario 3) and my question is this the song in the commerical is very catchy i would like to know who is the artist and the name of the song thanks for any help u can give me


Deezer: "Hatsukoi" by Kojima Mayumi.

David Dayton: Thank ye.

J.J.: Is it really? Cause I would have just lied about that.

Sapphira: Um..'kay... What the Deez-Man said.

Chupperson: w00t w00t Go Deezer

    I dont right much but I go to your site all the time. ITs that time of year agien aand I was wondring if you knew any places i coyuld fing a pumpkin stencil for mario or the mush room? I am really wan tot do some hting mario this halloween? if not its cool you all ahve a awesome sight and this probly wont make it to the top of you to do list anyway.


Deezer: Whoops, too late.

David Dayton: Watch me miss all the Thanksgiving questions when I do the mailbag.

J.J.: There is always next year. Just stab some holes in it or something. It's not that complicated.

Sapphira: *Yawns*

Lizard Dude: David's quite the turkey.

    Dear TMK,

    I tried to post this up last time but I saw it nowhere. It's about a rumor about a Mario Anime. I first found this out at Danny's Super Mario Site where he said that it was airing in the fall. Then I saw lots of fan art based off it. Is this true? If you find any evidence, please tell me. Oh, and if you don't post this up, I'm gonna scream.

    -Deven D.

Deezer: Dear Deven, there is no Mario anime. Please don't scream. Sincerely, Deezer.

David Dayton: Ditto.

J.J.: I for one would enjoy the screaming.

Sapphira: Heh.

Lizard Dude: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Chupperson: Can I scream instead?

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