19 Feb 2004

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    Hi alls!!

    This sis my first time writing so I'd like to say (I'm sure you've heard enough of it) great job on the site. This is really the best Mario site out there.

    Anyways, I was wondering if you could help me with a small issue I'm having in G&WG 2. I am trying to unlike the entire museum display in the gallery. All FAQS that address this say that I have to link my (completed) G&W2 game up with a (completed) G&W1 game. Well, I have tried that and when I link up 2 gameboys and turn em on...nothin happens. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this. I've looked everywhere for help and I feel like I am the only person to ever have actually completed these games.

    Thanx much.

    - "D" Porter

Chupperson: Perhaps you have the cord backwards? Or you may have to select some option somewhere.

Deezer: David Dayton's Nintendo Codebook has nothing on this. Hmm, David's slipping.

David Dayton: Drat -- I thought I had documented this. Yes, you can link the games to unlock extra features. The problem I'm having now is that I haven't done that in a few years, and I can't remember the details.

Okay, this is what I've found out...

=>Link Up Features: You can link up Game & Watch Gallery, G&WG 2, or G&WG 3
   with each other to unlock extra panels of game information in the Gallery
   Mode/Museum. To link the original Game & Watch Gallery, you need to earn
   1,000 points in each of the Game & Watch games. G&WG2 and G&WG3 can be
   linked before you earn any points.
     To link, you will need two Game Boy systems, two different games in the
   Game & Watch Gallery series, and a link cable. G&WG and G&WG2 link from
   the title screen; G&WG3 links from the Note Board "How To Link, Part 1"
   message. Set up your games as listed below, and data will be unlocked in
   the galleries of each cartridge.
   * Game & Watch Gallery: Leave the game on the G&WG title screen and link
     up to G&WG 2 or 3. Please note that you must have earned 1,000 points
     every game in Game & Watch Gallery for this to work.
   * G&GW 2: From the title screen, link up to G&WG or G&WG3.
   * G&WG 3: Enter the Note Board and read the message "How To Link, Part
     On the "Are you ready? Press START now to link" screen, link to a copy
     of G&WG or G&WG2 and press START.
I'm adding the information into the next version of my Nintendo Code Book. Thanks for helping me remember to do that!

    Hi,so,anyway,everyone by now knows that Mario and Yoshi are making an appearance in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid-The Twin Snakes. If you have not,then you should read about it first in the article below.


    Now,this brings up an interesting thing. While seems Mario will never shoot hookers,it looks like he will appear as a toy in the lab of a scientist in an M rated game. Kind of neat,Mario showing his little plumber face in a game full of blood,breasts,cutscenes. Wow,and people thought in was gnarly when Smash Brothers got a T rating? Who knows what boundaries Mario will break in the near future? What boarders he will demolish in a tubular fashion? I guess we will just have to wait.

    - gnidaplat

Chupperson: Yes, we know. But somehow I think you fail to see the point of a cameo. Yoshi is also there.

Lizard Dude: *demolishes boarders in a tubular fashion*

MEGAߥTE: As in inner-tubing over unsuspecting snowboarders?

Deezer: You t00bies.

David Dayton: I think Mario appearing in the Zelda games is much more confusing than appearing in Metal Gear Solid is.

Sapphira: You people sicken me. SICKEN ME, I tells ya!

    How do you do that SMW style fade in when I go to the site?

    - visiter

Chupperson: JavaScript, if I remember correctly.

MEGAߥTE: Or more like JScript since it uses Microsoft's proprietary DirectX pixellate filter. View the source if you're that interested.

Deezer: If I had a nickel for everytime someone asked me that... well, I'd have like 35¢.

David Dayton: All I know is that it doesn't work in Opera -- and for that, I'm glad.

    I'm baaaaaack! Muhahah.... O.o' Rude people submit to the mailbag... that means... MORE SOAP! :D
    I was reading stuff on (Which just happens that I am on... I am Lemita Koopa of the poerty section!) and there was a Sapphira there! *gasps* Is it a clone? Or is it the real Sapphira?

    - Erin aka Super Mario Girl the Nintendo Freak

Chupperson: It seems like your name gets longer every time you write us.

David Dayton: I really wouldn't be able to tell you. That's something only Sapph can answer.

Sapphira: ..... Unless my (one) work has been submitted without my permission, this "Sapphira" is an imposter!! Come! To the Sapph Mobile! This case must be solved!

    Hello, people. I was reading some of the latest mailbag, as I usually don't do anymore, and it inspired me to send in another message. Mesa hopes you like it.

    It's late right now, but I know that any motivation I currently have to write this e-mail will be gone tomorrow, so we're just going to have to live with the results. One of them is the presence of numbered points and/or questions; I don't have the will, the energy, or the time to write a fancy, flowing, so-long-that-it-will-be-excluded message, so a numbered list is a must. Mr. Dayton, you thus have my permission not to respond.

    (1) I noticed the inclusion of a link to my Mysteriously Excluded Mailbag Message in the last mailbag. Thank you for that. I don't know who's responsible for its presence, so I thank all of you.

    (2) Have you ever wondered why windows are made of glass?

    (3) Will Smith once asked an alien, "Who's the man?!" I say, Lizard Dude, that you're the dude.

    (4) My next two points will attempt to emulate mailbag e-mails. Enjoy.

    (5] why did u guyz hafta in my ribbon story because i was only worped for a litle while aaaahhhwhwwwwjjjjjjjjjj but its ok because i no that nothing really hapened

    (7) stupid people who hate mario my main man make me so mad that i could........ uh i dont no but who cares... what makes me the most maddest is how poeple r alwayz trashing x--boxes like its stupid or something its NOT stupid!!.!!!!! you dont even no cause you never tryed it before and give me a break its NOT TOO BIG the controler is so small i could lose it practicaly

    (8) Well, that's over. Just so you know, I don't support anything in those; they're just for fun. ^_~

    (9) If you lost your computer and did not have access to another one, what would you do with yourself during the first week of deprivation?

    (10) This is the last one. But I'm going to be nasty and ask two questions: If a genie were to give you two wishes, what would you wish for? And what would you do with a pancake shooter if you had one?

    Thank you for your time. Your mailbags rule even though I don't normally have time for them. You cool people rule even more, though. And you know I mean it.

    - Watoad

Chupperson: Why hello there. Hmm... 1) You're welcome. 2) I thought they were made of pixels. O_o 5~7) Those are almost as bad as our next message. 9) I'd probably go eat styrofome, or something. 10a) I'll just keep that to myself, thanks. :-P 10b) Uhh... eat... the pancakes?

Lizard Dude: 2) I never have wondered why windows are made of glass. 3) Momma always said that dude is as Dude does. 9) Homework, finish The Red Queen by Matt Ridley, and beat Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. 10) i) 1. peace on Earth 2. a GeForce 4 Ti 4800 ii) I would shoot pancakes at the inner city homeless, in order to feed them.

MEGAߥTE: 2) No, how many other naturally clear and strong materials do you know of? 6) 2 + 2 = threeve 9) Find my computer. In reality, I went for three weeks without a computer during my E3 trip and it was no biggy. 10) Wish for you to stop with the questions. And then wish for more wishes, of course. LD, why in the world would you want a GeForce 4? That's old technology.

Deezer: 1) I was reminded in the nick of time. 3) Agreed. 4) Eerily perfect. 8) Gahahah, you even skipped a number. 9) GameCube. 10a) I'd wish for infinite wishes. Wouldn't everyone? 10b) eBay.

David Dayton: I. No one has managed to explain to me why we needed to include a message that had been trimmed for the sake of our collective sanity. II. Not really. III. He is? IV. That's not even a question. V. Pinochle. VI. 42. VII. See your previous questions. VIII. As you like it. IX. Relax. X. I don't think you'd fully appreciate the use to which we would make of the wishes.

Sapphira: Woah, long time no see! 1) If it hadn't been put up, I was gonna suggest it sometime. ;P 2) What about all the windows made of plastic? 3) d00d. 4-8) O_o ...Why did 6 run away? 7 "8" 9? 9) Go insane, then realize I could play GCN. 10) a. Wish for more wishes, of course. b. Protect the world from Captain Syrup? Your brilliant randomness never ceases to amaze me. Bravo, Watoad, bravo.

PS-- I feel we new staff members have the need to thank you, for if it were not for your moderating idea, I doubt we would have our positions as staff today.

    why does roy speak japanese what kind of idiot puts a japanese dude on a us game im starting an angry mob

    - Michael

Chupperson: Hahahahahahahaha. It's not an American game. It's a Japanese game. And up until that time, no Fire Emblem games had ever been released in the USA. XD

Lizard Dude: Don't tell this guy about the Option -> Language menu.

MEGAߥTE: Racist pig.

Deezer: Someone tell this guy it's not 1942 anymore.

David Dayton: Well, obviously, all the people in the Fire Emblem games speak in Japanese, just like everyone in the Star Trek universe speaks in English... and no, I think the whole "Universal Translator" idea is stupid.

Sapphira: *shifts eyes and readies her soap*

    Hello I have many questions to ask you people...

    1. How do make a button/ get your's & sm128c's button?
    2. Get rid of that stupid wannabe Toasty 64!!!!!!(I'll be a better drawer ^_^)
    3. Please put me on the Friends of Tmk area, I'll put up a friends of GGG area!
    4. How much does it coast to be hosted on classic gaming?
    5. What is Toasty 64's newest email address/ who is he, how old???
    Also if your wondering whats my web page it's [link]
    (email me personally). Also if you think I'm so teenage loser, just to let you know I don't SWEAR, and I get A's & B's in my fifth grade class. Also tell every one you know(sm128c too) about my site.

    - nikki a.

Chupperson: 2) He doesn't work for us. *takes something out of the "better drawer"* 4) We're hosted for free, I believe. 5) Unknown. Why do you care? Also #2) You're so teenage loser. XD

MEGAߥTE: Yep, you're a loser.

David Dayton: What is this guy's site, again? I didn't get to see it.

Sapphira: *shakes her head and simply sighs* Hoo dearie... 1) It's not that hard. I've made several by simply using the normal Paint program.

    I was wondering why the Super Marioland Series is so different and especially Super Marioland 2 The six golden coins? Was it originally a different game. I think it was another form of game just like how Super Mario bros. 2 was. Oh and where did you get those Mario Kart Double Dash Music clips from? Is it on a CD if you can please help me thanks! I am sad also that Mario is in the Wax Muesum what about Luigi? My gosh If it werent for Luigi....

    - Kuribogoomba

Chupperson: Super Mario Land 1 was handled by a different development team than the previous Mario games. I'm pretty sure that was the case with SML2 as well. Not a different game, just different developers. The Double Dash tracks are recorded from the game.

Lizard Dude: Be happy for Mario in the wax museum! Luigi just stayed home this time as he oft is apt to do.

MEGAߥTE: Yeah, SML2 was also handled by a different development team. However, I think the team did a pretty good job emulating SMB for SML and SMW for SML2 as well as adding their own unique touches. If it weren't for Luigi we wouldn't have to write Bros.

David Dayton: I thought that Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins was very much like a SMB game. I'm not sure I understand what you mean, as SML and SML2 both closely follow the game style of the SMB series.

Sapphira: I believe Chupperson and MEGA▀ąTE stated it nicely...

    Hello, King Boo here.

    I have found the first MKDD glitch.

    I don't know whether you guys have discovered it yet, but you can hold items such as Shells, Bob-Ombs and Spiny Shells with the character in the back looking at you!

    This is how it goes: Use something like a Mushroom RIGHT NEAR an Item Box.Hit the box then hit Y quickly to get your item and before the character turns around so if you get an item such as a Green Shell you will hold it with the character in the back looking at you. But when you fire it will fire behind you, obviously.

    Ok, well that's enough from me. See yah!

    - King Boo

    King Boo here again.

    The glitch that I told you about was wrong. This is the real glitch(es)

    This works if you go over ramps with Item Boxes. You must use an item such as a Peel or a Fake Item just before you hit the Item Boxes.You character should stay looking at you till the Kart lands again.Whily your character is looking at you, hit Y quickly to get your item. If its an item such as a Green shell or Red shell,they'll be holding it when the Kart lands and they'll still be looking at you.

    Another glitch I found last night was when I was Mario and Luigi. I was small and I got fireballs, but the fireballs were invisible until I used them.Does anyone know why that happened?

    - King Boo

Lizard Dude: Cool glitch. Don't know about the fireballs.

Deezer: King Boo in da hizzouse.

David Dayton: Once we fully document these, I'll be much more excited. It sounds a bit vague right now.

Sapphira: Interesting.

    Yesterday I got a copy of SMA2. And it really got me thinking. Why does Nintendo insist on only re-releasing Mario games? I'm sure they would have great successes re-releasing other types of games. Perhaps Rpgs like Chrono Trigger or FF3, or puzzle games like equinox. And why just one game, why not put lots of games onto one cartridge. or they could even skip the middle man (Game boy player) and release games right onto the Game Cube. Why is Nintendo being so stubborn?

    - Goodman

    A few days ago I was at a garage sale, when I saw an Snes cartridge that said "Yoshi's Safari." Now I'd never heard of the game before, so I bought it. So when I first put it in I saw that it required A super scope. After I had dug it out of a closet and played for about 2hrs I thought that it was probably the second best (Far behind "Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge.")of the dozen or so super scope games. Anyway enough are my questions.

    1. In your opinion why did the super scope fail?

    2.What do you think of Yoshi's Safari?

    - Goodman

Chupperson: Square's RPGs do not belong to Nintendo. Nintendo can't just go steal the copyrights to release the games on GBA. You ask, why one game? To make money, duh. If you put a bunch of games on the same cart, it would be way cheaper, and they wouldn't make nearly as much money. Rereleasing them for GameCube would make no sense; they've already been released on other consoles. Nintendo isn't being stubborn at all. 1) I wasn't aware it failed.

Lizard Dude: 1) I don't know if it so much as failed as just had too limited of a fanbase to warrant lots more games. 2) I have never played it.

MEGAߥTE: 1) I would say the Super Scope was quite successful as a cheap movie prop.

Deezer: 1) The Super Scope, Super NES Mouse, Zapper... All these peripherals, not many games. 2) Yoshi's road hunting adventure was an intriguing perspective on the annihilation of the dastardly Koopa tribe at the hands of the Mario and Yoshi duo.

David Dayton: Nintendo would have to pay other companies to rerelease their titles as GBA games, and they don't seem to be interested in doing that. The Super Scope did moderately well (in Japan) for what it was -- namely, a limited support light gun device. Yoshi's Safari is a neat little game.

Sapphira: What David said. They've been re-releasing other SNES games on the GBA, too, but most of them don't have a 3rd party developer; 1st party is much easier and less complicated, I believe. It just so happens that a lot of the games they HAVE re-released ARE Mario ones. They re-released LoZ: LttP on 4 Swords, correct? It's probably just a matter of time and how popular the games were in the past.
The GBP? To make money, of course. It's annoying for us, the buyers, but is actually a pretty smart marketing tactic.
As for Yoshi's Safari, I received that game for Christmas one year, but was unable to play it since we didn't have a Super Scope...and it had been discontinued. :'( (This was also before we had a comp, so no ebay.)

    You should really really really put up a Game Art page on your site.

    - Richard Sallis

Chupperson: What?

Lizard Dude: Doesn't Sapphira manage that or something?

David Dayton: Game art or fan art? Perhaps he means those promotional bits of artwork.

Sapphira: ..... Um...we have BOTH. CW manages Fan Art; I manage Game Art. Although it hasn't been updated in a looooong time 'til recently, it's definitely THERE. And more is coming soon... A LOT more... ...hopefully.

    Could you please explain what a tanooki is? I've never heard of a brown racoon and at first it looked like a bear, but it has a tail. Is there some breed of brown racoon in japan or something?

    - Bob

Chupperson: I'll let Lizard Dude field this. Heheheh...

Lizard Dude: The tanuki is a raccoon-like creature indigenous to Japan, southeastern Siberia, and Manchuria. Some were introduced to western parts of the Soviet Union for fur farming in the 1950s, and have since spread into Scandinavia and as far south as France. In Japanese folklore, the kitsune (fox) and tanuki are considered masters of transformation. There are countless tales about the mischievous Tanuki. The Tanuki can transform into any living or inanimate shape, but in legend it often assumes the form of a monk or a tea kettle to play tricks on people. Even today, ceramic Tanuki statues can be seen everywhere around Japan, especially outside restaurants and bars, where the Tanuki beckons drinkers and dinners to enter. Another interesting defining characteristic of Tanuki is its gigantic testes. The shape-shifting Tanuki is said to put leaves on its heads and to chant prior to transformation. In some legends, the leaf is the sacred lotus plant. It is also believed that Tanuki can change leaves into money (as one of them did in Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko). See any connection with the leaf in SMB3? I sure do.

MEGAߥTE: Obviously, the limited NES hardware couldn't handle the full power of the tanuki...

$3 Mario: I did it all for the 'nooki...

Deezer: I used to do it all for Tom Nook, but I haven't been to Deeztown in a while.

David Dayton: A magical raccoon.

Sapphira: Hoo dearie... There IS a such thing as "TMI" --not to be confused with "TMK."

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to throw this out there if anyone was interested. I recently moved into a dorm room and in an effort to spiff it up a bit (other than putting up some old Nintendo Power posters :D ) I made this banner of Level 1-1 to put up on the side of my bed. I know some things may seem out of place (the first fire flower and number of goombas in some locations, for example) but I was using VS. Mario Bros. as my reference and a few things are different in that version. I guess it could also be used for a border around the room or something as well. Anyway, it's gotten quite a few people's attention here. I'm including it with the e-mail if anyone wants to print out their own copy.
    In addition, I wanted to ask Lizard Dude if he had sheet music or knows where I can find some for some of the songs he performed in both of his videos. The basic melody is easy to get by ear, but I'd like to know the left hand progressions and all that good stuff if possible. :) Take care.


    - Thomas Sheppard

Chupperson: I'll let Lizard Dude field this.

Lizard Dude: I fielded this last mailbag. Just say henshin, remember? SuperCool banner, also.

MEGAߥTE: Ekk, wouldn't PNG have worked better for that?

Deezer: JPEG'd!

David Dayton: That's odd -- Opera doesn't want to display that banner image.

Sapphira: Grooviness. But...AAAAAH!!! JPEG?!?! *dies* Actually, GIF would've worked, too, ya know.

    I've heard that during the era of the NES, a Super Mario Brothers board game (the board was laid out like a side-scrolling level (?)) was made. Do you know anything about this?

    - Dom

Chupperson: Yes. The general idea was to take turns moving Mario along the 4 levels while jumping on Goombas and Koopas and collecting coins.

David Dayton: I want a copy of that.

Sapphira: Is there anything they HAVEN'T made? O_o

    Will Yoshi Story ever be on GBA?

    - Govindh3

Chupperson: Yoshi's Story has been announced for GBA, I believe. Not sure when it'll be released, though.

Lizard Dude: It was showcased as a demo even before the GBA came out, but who knows what's keeping them.

MEGAߥTE: I grabbed these from the demo... most of the playability was missing. In all this time, they should have been able to complete a full port, though.

Deezer: The real question is, who would buy Yoshi's Story on GBA?

David Dayton: Well, I know I would. I wouldn't want to, given the overall experience that is Yoshi's Story, but I'm sure I'd end up buying it anyway.

Deezer, did you know that the N64 Game Release page here on TMK doesn't contain a direct link to the USA release of Yoshi's Story?

Sapphira: w00tness

Deezer: Fixed.

    1. How did Geno get into Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga? Isn't he Square's property? (In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Geno shows up when you play the game in the Little Fungitown arcade.)

    2. In Super Mario Sunshine, there is a glitch you can do in Noki Bay. Find the sand dune shaped like a footprint. Spray water on it. Just as the footprint appears, do a ground-pound on it. If your timing is just perfect, Mario will be launched up VERY high into the air. When I tried it, it took 15-20 minutes for him to land. It's very hard to get the timing right. I've only gotten it to work a couple of times. Sometimes, the camera will point at the sky and start zooming in on Mario from very high up. (Someone on the GameFAQs board found this glitch. I can't remember who, though.)

    - James

Chupperson: 1) Geno was licensed from Square. In the credits, it says Geno is property of Square Enix Co. 2) Interesting. Yet another bug to try.

MEGAߥTE: Geno got pwned.

Deezer: Ahh, Mario & Luigi. What a great game.

David Dayton: Actually, given that Square/Enix and Nintendo jointly own a copyright on Super Mario RPG, there's probably some sort of clause written up so that Nintendo can use elements from SMRPG in future games. However, I'm sure that Square/Enix didn't mind, given how friendly the two companies are again.

Sapphira: 1) .............!! 2) Hmm...don't you mean Gelato Beach?

    Can you guys please take a min, and tell me what the "N5" is? Sounds like a Star Trek rip off.

    - Mushroom Matrix

Chupperson: N5 is the codename for Nintendo's new console.

Lizard Dude: Uh, the one that isn't the Nintendo DS. Or the next Game Boy.

MEGAߥTE: As in the 5th major console from Nintendo.

David Dayton: It's a fictional code name for the next Nintendo system in the works.

Sapphira: Umm...yeah.

    I was watching a Japanese Dragonball Z with english subtitles recently, and I noticed that a certain word, pronounced 'Yoshi,' meant "good," "great," or "I'm happy," etc. So I thought this is where Yoshi got his name, since he's always happy? Although your site is not a yoshi site, I think you could add this on.

    Also, I tried the glitch "Flying corpse" for SM64 in Course 8, Shifting Sand Land. It's pretty funny, but what if your flying corpse touches Star #2 on the pyramid wall? do you get it and live to tell the tale, or do you go through it, bump on the pyramid and die? or do you get it, jump out of the picture and then fall down dead? I hope you will try this. (I can't because my N64 broke down today.)

    - Moody

Chupperson: Yoshi is a Japanese name. It is also an interjection meaning "good," among being other things. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Yoshi is named Yoshi simply because it is a name.

Lizard Dude: I decree that Deezer has to try hitting the star. Yatta!

Deezer: You probably get the star and then die. I'll try it later.

David Dayton: I bet our pal Elzie would be happy to know that Yoshi means that.

Sapphira: Actually, "Yoshi" means "good" as in like "okay" or "all right" -- used more as an intejection than an adjective, i.e. "Okay, let's go!"

    About the SMB64 plaque that says, "Eternal Star." I don't think that the writing is Japanese because of the fact that none of the characters will fit into most parts of it (and make sense, at least). I tried to put in some as best as I could, but most of it was jibberish (aside from the [Pronounced, "Dorori"], which is used to describe something close to "muddy"...). I can safely assume that none of the hiragana nor katakana will fit in the white spaces, and the kanji simple enough to fit just won't make sense. I hope this can clear up some of the questions concerning the plaque.

    - Nameneko

Lizard Dude: Okay, that's good enough for me. I'll retract my statement that it was probably in Japanese. Thanks for the research!

David Dayton: I think it's intentional jibberish. Why would Nintendo go through the trouble of intentionally blurring out text that had a meaning?

Sapphira: I still say it says "Eternal Star"... David, you gotta remember that with the texturing, words would be very hard to create withOUT them becoming blurry. Take the text written on the sign boards, for example. I vaguely remember being able to make out what looked like "Mario" written somewhere. ...Maybe it was in Paper Mario, though. Dunno.

    Hey i just want to thak you all for putting up the merchandise round up thing I am getting at least three thing I wouldn't have known about with out it. *laughs cauticly as he goes down stars for more gift (shaking)*

    - Joey H.

Lizard Dude: Hmm, I wonder if we should charge for this kind of advertising...? ;)

MEGAߥTE: Isn't a good thakking sufficient reward?

Deezer: *is thakked*

David Dayton: If you liked that, you'll love David's Wish List.

Sapphira: *knows where you live* EEEHEEHEHEHE!!


    Before my question I just want to tell you that I found your site last night and that you brought me a bunch of memories of my childhood. Keep up the good work!

    I used to have SMB3, and I remember that on the back of the SMB3 box, there was a level that I don't ever remember seeing. It had a bunch of those red parabeetles flying around. If I'm not mistaken, I think I saw that level ONCE in my life, with a cousin of mine. I'm not sure, but it could have been a new level after beating the game.

    Is this true? What level is that? It has pondered my brain for years. In case you don't remember, I've included a picture of the back of the box with that level (the 2nd one). Please answer this all-curious question, and keep up the good work. Thanks for the memories.


Lizard Dude: That level is not in SMB3 as it exists today. It was a level that got cut from the final game. Since box design and manuals are often finished before the actual game, situations like this crop up fairly often. An upcoming special will shine much more light on this exact subject.

MEGAߥTE: Are we supposed to answer this question in every other mailbag?

Deezer: There were also some unfinished/unused levels still left in the game (we just finished the special about it), but nothing like on the back of the box, unfortunately.

Chupperson: Déjà Vu.

David Dayton: One of the eReader levels for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 vaguely resembles parts of that screenshot.

Sapphira: What picture? Oh, there IS a level with Para-Beetles in it, though: Level 5-6. But from what it sounds, that's not the level on the back of the box...XD

    Dear TMK,
    Well, I finally found the secret page!

    It is the most overhyped peice of crap I have ever seen. I won't delve into what I saw as to not spoil it for the people obsessed with finding it, but seriously! You guys are sadistic jerks for having such dissapointing content. You should add more to it to make it worthwhile. I'm not sure what, but more than the rubbish that's on there.


Lizard Dude: Wow, this guy must have high standards. Don't listen to him, folks! The secret page is AWE-SOME!

MEGAߥTE: Love?

Deezer: Wouldn't you prefer that we put most of our effort into the "real" content?

Chupperson: I love you too.

David Dayton: Did we ever claim the Secret Page was any good?

Sapphira: I agree, Deezer. Besides, didn't JJ say it was just mostly pornography? :P

    well i figure for absolutly no reason i would give you my xmas list. Evry bodys doing it.
    __GameCube Memory Card 64 $19.99
    __GBA SP Leather Case 7.99
    __MicroCON Control Pad for the game cube $19.99
    __GameCube Powerboard $19.99
    __Nintendo GameCube Wavebird Wireless Controller $29.99
    __Simpson's hit and run for the GameCube $49.99
    __Fire Emblem for the GBA $ 29.99
    __Breath of Fire for the GBA $19.99
    __nintendo hoodi from hot topic
    __super mario bros adgvance four super mario bros3
    __mario kart double dash
    __matio paint for supernitendo
    __bowser and yoshi bobbkle heads from gamestop(I already have mario and luigi

    - Joey H.

Lizard Dude: I'm glad to see kids these days know how to plan for the future. But the real question is, have you been naughty or nice?

MEGAߥTE: Unfortunately, you've spent too much time on your xmas list and not enough time on your spelling list...

Chupperson: Pikmin 2 isn't even out yet.

David Dayton: Have you visited David's Wish List yet?

Sapphira: Here we go again... *rolls eyes*

    J.J.: Why does anything do anything? Who cares. The Japanese are a screwed up people, and we'd best not question the warped logic they inject into their video games. Especially now that they're trying to get nuclear weapons.

    Seriously? Nuclear weapons? When'd that happen? Nobody told me!

    - Domingo G.

Lizard Dude: How sad. A poor little man blind to the warped logic that saturates his own culture, also.

MEGAߥTE: Old news.

Deezer: Ignorance is bliss.

David Dayton: If you knew just why you're here, that fear would just be heightened.

Sapphira: *Shakes her head and sighs*

    Hidy Ho Mammels ! Once apon a day I got my National Geographic Kids magazine when on the back cover I saw, MARIO ! On the Nov. 2003 issue on page 17 theres a picture of Kirby on his warp star racing 4 jets: Kirby's air ride advertisment.And on the back Mario's head is taped on a skydivers head: SMB3 advanced advertisment.

    Dec. 2003 issue
    Page 22 It shows 6 main games throughout the systems.
    Page 23, Mario Kart D.D. advertisment. Mario's head is taped on a race car drivers head and D.K. is behind him about to pelt a guy with an egg.
    Page 24, an interview with a video game tester.
    Page 25, Mario+Luigi S.S. advertisment. Mario and Luigi's heads are on mountain climbers heads.
    Page 26, Draw The Next Super Mario contest. Draw what you think Mario will look like in the future and win a Gamecube.
    Page 27, Mario Party 5 advertisment. Mario giving the thumbs up sign in the presidents desk.

    Also,theres a jacket out there thats wanted,by me. Its red,has the Nintendo logo on the back,and 3 white stripes going down the sleves,I dont think youve seen it.
    So check out your next National Geo. zine and merry Christmas!

    - Yoshi Master

Lizard Dude: You know how I love sightings of Mario, but advertisements don't really count as cameos. And just for the record, I would draw Mario just as he looks now for the The Next Super Mario contest, because I doubt his appearance will change.

David Dayton: Feel free to scan in all those pages for us.

    Dear TMK staff,
    First off, I loved the November mailbag! Sapphira sounds cute. ;) You guys gotta do that more often! Now onto the point of this email... On Oct. 27, IGNcube had an article about playing MKDD online (, thanks to Warp Pipe ( I'm surprised theres never been any mention of it in your news section. I dunno if you guys were too lazy to add it or what, but I thought I'd give you a heads up. :) Great job with the site, by the way. I always enjoy coming here.

    Stay cool,

Lizard Dude: Using hawt babez to increase site hits was the best idea Deezer ever had. Maybe he should pitch it to the Square Enix executives. Oh...wait...

MEGAߥTE: We mentioned Warp Pipe in the mailbag. Also, there's XLink KAI, which uses a different method of connecting (and also works with XBox)... Both of these now work with varying degrees of success, but they didn't a few months ago, which is why we didn't feel the need to report the news. However, since the very beginning, we've been posting release info in the chatroom. If you don't have a really low ping rate, your game won't be much fun, though.

David Dayton: I've yet to have any success with Kai, although I've used Warp Pipe on many occasions. It works well.

Sapphira: -_-' ...I'm curious as to how one could "sound" cute without actually having heard his or her voice...

    Hey, guys, thanks for metioning "Italian Plumber Lawsuit" by Woodbox Gang. That song is really getting around. I don't blame anybody for not liking it. As bass player in the band I can honestly say I never liked it a whole lot either, but it is catchy and seems to turn heads. The band doesn't play it anymore, but mentions of it keep turning up on websites. Anyone who wants the lyrics can just type in and they are on there.

    - Brian DeNeal

Lizard Dude: From one bass player to another, the more I hear that song the more I agree with your opinion of it. It's cool that you mailed, though.

MEGAߥTE: That makes three of us (people that dislike that song, not bass players)

Deezer: My favorite part has always been the underlying theme, because I believe video games should not be blamed for violence.

David Dayton: There was bass in that song?

Sapphira: You mean one of those singing rubber fish? ;P

    Is there a way to make mario stop on the blue lake just as he's going up the ladder to the yellow swich palace? I heard it is a level and that blooper and cheep cheep are in it.

    - John B.

Lizard Dude: Nope. Fake.

Deezer: Wrong. False.

David Dayton: Nada.

    Im just writing this to **** Saphira off. I will quote the great Eric Cartman and say this:

    "**** **** ******* **** **** ****. See, it dont hurt anybody."

    - stevozjr

Lizard Dude: OW MY LEG!!!

Deezer: *prepares a Palmolive mouthwash for when Sapph gets back*

David Dayton: Why did we leave this in the mailbag?

Sapphira: Because LD is a moron, as is this "stevozjr" person. Why, thank you, Deezer. *Takes soap and vigorously washes stevozjr's mouth, scrubbing it with a scouring pad.* Seriously, get a life.

    I have a question. Some of the zelda games have mario cammios. Why?
    Funco Land sells video games. Will they sell zelda games?
    The game boy advance I found at didn't come with a game. Meleny got one that came with Super Mario World:SMA2.
    Zelda:A link to the past is also on GBA including a Multi-player Zelda game. Can walmart.Com update the product by adding the zelda game, then call it the GBA and Zelda:A link to the past pack?
    Well I have the SPCS for zelda 3 on my laptop. Where can I get Zelda 3?

    - David M.

Lizard Dude: Zelda games have Mario cameos because both universes are developed by the same company. Funco Land should sell Zelda games, at least the more recent ones. Most Game Boys don't come with a game. Meleny got a bundle. could do that, yes. You could probably find Zelda 3 (Link's Awakening) on eBay or sold used in a game store.

MEGAߥTE: Umm Zelda 3 was A Link to the Past... Link's Awakening was #4. I'm sure FuncoLand (or any of their sister companies) would have both.

Deezer: Are there still FuncoLands? The ones around here changed to GameStop.

Chupperson:There is one FuncoLand here, and the rest are all GameStops, but they are newer than the FuncoLand.

David Dayton: Miyamoto and his team made most of both the Zelda and the Mario games, and they like tossing little jokes in the games. You can get The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past from many places (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.) You can also buy a new copy of the GBA version... which Deezer still needs to add a TMK cameo entry for.

    Hey guys merry Cristmas! ok, I made a really big lecture story thing about Subcon and how it wasn't a dream from SMB2. See, while the Mario gang was waving at the crowd of subcons at the end of the game,one subcon came behind them and made them fall asleep. He carryed the Mario gang through a portal to Marios house. He put them in their beds and made it seem like it was all a dream. So I was wondering if U wanted to check it out. Do U?

    - TahoeDeepBlue

Lizard Dude: Somehow this reminds of The Matrix.

Deezer: If Dr. Mario offers you any pills, don't take them.

David Dayton: Don't we have someone in charge of fan fiction now?

Sapphira: Bah, I always figured they only THOUGHT it was a dream, when really it was reality...if that's a good word choice... ;P Or like that Star Trek: Voyager episode...hmm...

    You Know You Play Mario Games Too Much When...

    you turn down your friends for a weekend in Vegas to stay home and unlock that last mystery mini-game.

    - arourablack

Lizard Dude: YKYPMGTMW... you become TMK staff?

MEGAߥTE: YKYPMGTMW... you do something like this fool.

Deezer: <--PMGTM

David Dayton: What? Sorry, I was busy playing a game.

    I know a bug for "Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2"

    Ultra Bug (This may or may not work) With Action Replay
    With Action Replay use ALL cheats.(By the way make sure you have no important files saved) Then Start super Mario World.This may earase some files.When your at the map screen there should be a red blur with LUIGI then start a level. If this worked, there should be Luigi playing and he should be invincible. In the stored Items Box there should be Luigi's head that is throwing stars.When you beat a level you should (if you hit bar) get 100 goal stars! Then you should get a bounus game.Wait about 5 min. and a block should turn into a coin! Then YOSHI should turn into a coin!

    - Nathaniel and Duncan

Lizard Dude: Dear sirs, stuff that happens because of Action Replays are hacks, not bugs.

MEGAߥTE: We know who should really turn into a coin here...

Deezer: It took two of you to write that e-mail?

David Dayton: I won't be adding that to my code book.

    I was wondering if you could create a section on your site devoted to pirate mario games. or at least list them [perferably with screenshors] via mailbag please. ps. i love your site and can you send more than i email for mailbag before the mailbag is displayed if you understand what i just said because i sure dont. bye.

    - Videogame622

Lizard Dude: That might be interesting. See what Deezer says.

MEGAߥTE: Umm, we sort of have a page for that already, it just hasn't been updated in a while.

Deezer: Woah, we have an emulation section?!?

Chupperson: Ahoy, matey! Aye, I be at the screenshor'!

David Dayton: I thought that Sub Con "officially didn't exist"?

Sapphira: Or does it?

    I'd just like to correct Sapphira, who in the previous mailbag stipulated that "sic" was an acronym for "spelled incorrect." Actually, it's Latin, and it means something along the lines of "in this way," or "like this." It has nothing to do with spelling, and can be used even when words are spelled properly if the writer would like to designate that something is reproduced the same way it was originally written.

    Your friendly neighborhood proofreader,
    - Andrevan

    Random pedantry after reading Jan. 11th's mailbag: "sic" does not stand for "spelling incorrect," or anything at all. It's the Latin word for "thus." David's absolutely right about the meaning in context, though.

    And Sapphira won the forum awards for best spelling/grammar. Psht. ;)

    - WanWan

Lizard Dude: That's what I thought also, but I didn't argue/couldn't think of what it really meant. Thanks for setting things straight.

David Dayton: Of course I'm right. I'm always rite... er, right.

Sapphira: ... Hey, it's spelling and grammar; I never said anything about vocabulary. >:P

    Hiya! It is I, once more. Yes, you know I changed back to Meowrik since the last mailbag, because we talk frequently in #tmk. Anyway, I have a couple of questions... First off, I have compiled an extensive personal copy of all the "Mario Kart: Double Dash!!" shortcuts, pathcuts, etc..., which I am typing up on the computer. However, at the time being, I am unable to upload any pictures of these yet. If you are interested, lemme know sometime, and I would be glad to send you a copy since I know you all are busy people and it'd save you quite the time. Another side note, whatever happened to Dr. Mario on the forums? Have you guys heard any word on him? I have asked around and come up with nothing, and suspected maybe Deezer would know considering he hired him. If you're looking for a replacement anytime soon.... *Cough* Anywho, one more note... I am unsure of whether Megabyte has informed any other staff of TMK on the news of the Kirby Sister Site for TMK that Megabyte abandoned. He is soon to be turning this website over to Chupperson Weird and myself. if this project is to be completed ever, is it bound to become a sister site to TMK? Thank you for your time, and see you in the chatroom.

    - Meowrik

Lizard Dude: I'm sure Deezer would like to recieve the guide for possible use. Couldn't hurt, anyway. As for the other things, beats me.

MEGAߥTE: Well, I have yet to see any submissions for Popstar...

Deezer: I wish the Popstar crew the best of luck.

Chupperson: Someday, when I have a little more free time. And when Deity makes something.

David Dayton: Doo doo doo, doo dum doo doo doo doo doo, dum dah doo, dum dah doo, dum dah doo...

Sapphira: Dr. Mario's shown up as of late...

    Hello. I really like your site, but I guess you may be pretty tired of hearing that in practically every message you receive, I'll get to the point. Do you think Nintendo should remake Super Mario 64? I think so, especially if they touched up certain things like sound and visuals, added extra challenges and included things like 4-player cooperative and such. But knowing Nintendo, they would most likely slap in a Mario Bros game and call it a day. Why they would include that in a Gamecube game is beyond me, but they've included the exact same game with absolutely no changes in 5 GBA games already, so it isn't so far-fetched...

    - Ragey

Lizard Dude: I think it is too soon to remake Super Mario 64. I'm sure that when Nintendo releases a handheld powerful enough to run it, though, that Super Mario 64 will surely be one of the games they use to show it off.

MEGAߥTE: Like I've said before, I think they should have included the original Mario Bros. game embedded into the GBA SP (and why not? Sega Master System had a built in game).

Deezer: I think MEGAߥTE should work for Nintendo.

Chupperson: I think I should work for Nintendo. ...Their pitiful soundtrack section, at least.

David Dayton: I'd like to see Super Mario 64 redone using the Super Mario Sunshine engine and released on the GameCube as some sort of bonus.

Sapphira: Maybe we should ALL work for Nintendo... But, hey, they did remake OoT for the GCN, and it hasn't been out as long as SM64, right? So there's always hope. ;P

    Hello, Mushroom Kingdom, You have an excellent site. Anyway, I would like to let you guys know that I have seen a mario and donkey kong appeince in three places on tv.
    1. On Who's line is it anyway?, Wayne Brady sang a song about video games, And in his song he sang about mario, and donkey kong.
    2. On spike TV's Video game award show. Former Jack*** Stuntmen, Steve-o, and Chris Pontius, did a reactment of donkey kong. Chris pountius dressed up in a gorrila suit, wearing a tie, And Steve-o, dressed us mario, with a mustache and everything. Chris was throwing barrels and stuff at steve-o and stuff.
    3. I forgot what channel it was on (sorry) But on the childrens cartoon show, "arthur" The little sister sang some kind of song, and SHe imagend she was in a video game world. And was walking threw a level similiar to a Super mario bros level. (It had pipes, PHarana plants, and the floating pullys. It might of been on PBS Kids

    Also in the Red, and Blue versions of Pokemon. (made by Gamefreak) Featured a mario cameo (you may already know) but on the tv, where It says mario is whering a bucket on his head, (Mario and Wario) was also a game made by the same company (gamefreak) Just thought I would point this stuff out.

    - JustinMew

Lizard Dude: Whoa, I hadn't heard about that DK re-enactment one. That sounds awesome! Anyone have a video clip?

Deezer: No one ever has video clips.

Chupperson: Arthur airs on PBS.

David Dayton: ...and I said HEY (hey), what a wonderful kind of day (day)...

Sapphira: O_o David, sometimes you frighten me.

    Hallo TMK. Once again.

    I see I was wrong about the Yeardley Smith issue, but then I'm not to blame- it's the Uk's only Lying Official Nintendo Magazine, NOM (Nintendo Official Magazine.).I guess they've started to use all sorts of crap to take up space. I believed them, though, for the primary reason that Yoshi sounds like a girl. In the cartoon.

    Oh...and there is a ROM hack of SMB3 going around called Super Mario Bros 3: Challenge. It offers pretty much new levels (but at the same length) and is the only worthwhile hack I've ever downloaded. At least it's not Super Mario Bros on Crack....... (shudder). I've only managed to get to the second half of World 3, and the Warp Whistles can only take you to World 2. Unfair? There is only 1 Toad House per world, and harder enemies are brought in much earlier: For example, you'll meet the lasers that the Bowser Statues fire out on the first Doom Ship.

    Better than other crap hacks like 'Porno PunchOut' and 'Farty the HedgeHog'. Guh.

    - Badfex.

Lizard Dude: That hack sounds very interesting. It might make for a fun diversion sometime.

MEGAߥTE: I'm sure it doesn't even begin to touch the recently released Mario Adventure. This hack has over 120 levels, with much of the assembly rewritten. You start in the Warp Zone and you have to collect keys to unlock World 8. The weather in levels is random. Also, you can save a secondary power like in SMW. There's a lot more that you can read about (or try for yourself) on the linked page. It's quite amazing.

Chupperson: SMB3 Challenge is too unwieldy to be fun.

David Dayton: I need to put both this and that SMW complete game hack onto a CD-R and run it on "special system".

Sapphira: Don't like it, then play the REAL version. :P

    I hate Mario Party. You all probably hate me. At the begining of the first one it says something like "Mario and his friends," but Wario is there, Woah I did not know that they were friends! If I wasnt a BIG fan of Mario I wouldn't have wasted my time with it. Also, its the same exact thing every #*$(%*^ time!!! Take turns then a Mini game. OK i feel better now. One question though. How come in SMB3, the Princess dosent tell you about the "eastern" part of the desert before that world? Wouldnt it make sense to have it before it?? Also, in one of the letters, (I think its the third or fourth, im too lazy to look it up) she refers to a "white block." What is that. Im probably missing something because I am really stupid. By the way, how long did it take you all to learn HTML, im trying to learn it now. But untill next time, Keep up the good work.

    - Koopaslaya

Lizard Dude: With four humans, all the Mario Parties are fun. As for the letters, either the postmushroom took too long or the designers wanted to help you find something new your next time through the game. The white block that she's talking about are those ice blocks. I'm not sure if I ever learned HTML.

MEGAߥTE: I haven't played the Mario Party games, but from what I've seen (mostly the intros and demos), they haven't impressed me. I don't hate you. Well, I first learned HTML 1.0 so that only took a day or so... the newest version would take far longer if starting from nothing I'm sure.

David Dayton: The MP games are pretty decent, but only if you have actual friends to play them with.

Sapphira: Actually, I believe the "white blocks" are, well, those white...uh..blocks (XD) that when you stand on and hold Down for like 10 seconds, you can get behind the "scenery," which may hold a very useful secret....

    The last time I wrote the mailbag, I wrote to tell you about The Great GameFAQs Video Game Battle, in which "Super Mario Bros. 3" beat 127 other games to be dubbed the Greatest Video Game of All-Time as determined by those at

    Well, just today, we wrapped up The Great GameFAQs Video Game Battle 2 and guess what? "Super Mario Bros. 3" didn't win. Nope. Sorry. It was gone. Done. Patootie. Maybe next time.

    That's the bad news. The good news is that "SMB" avenged "SMB3"'s defeat and came through in the end. "Super Mario Bros." has won the second Video Game Battle.

    - Matt "The Eggman" Briner

Lizard Dude: Crazy. RPG characters always win the character contests but Mario games always win the game contests.

MEGAߥTE: Video game battles are stupid. Except for the "worst game of all time" ones.

Chupperson: You said it, MB.

David Dayton: All I know is that Link won the 2002 game character battle on GameFAQS, and he are Mario are practically brothers.

Sapphira: I thought that was wait, they're COMPLETELY brothers... ^_^'

    Reading some pass mailbags, I noticed this monstrosity... And I ripped those SMW sprites! Such use pains me!

    To see the correct use of sprites, visit !

    - The Flat Footed Boy

Lizard Dude: And thus the "comic" gets its second mailbag link. It just won't DIE.


Chupperson: DIE.

David Dayton: Long live 8-Bit Theater!

Sapphira: O_o

    I am wondering if you have heard anything about some game called 'Super Mario Bros. 4'. No, I don't mean Super Mario ADVANCE 4, I mean Super Mario BROS. 4. I heard it would come to GBA in 2k5. Have you guys heard anything on it? Or is it just a pipe dream? Get it? Pipe? Mario's pipe?Haha. Just curious.
    2. Did you people ever about the 'Trashed Battle Levels' in MKDD? I heard that they trashed 2 Battle stages for glitchy coding problems. Hear anything? I heard that one of the levels was the interior of Princess Peach's castle from SM64....Oh! I also heard rumors of a sixth MKDD cup. And I don't mean Mirror Mode. Any ideas?

    - Luigi Riccocupp

Lizard Dude: There is no such announced thing as Super Mario Bros. 4. If that pipe dream did become reality, though, I would sell my unborn babies to Nintendo for joy. I know nothing about the trashed battle stages and cups. One of the people listed below may or may not.

MEGAߥTE: I can assure you that there are no more cups in MKDD. If there were any more battle levels, Nintendo completely removed them from the game before shipping.

David Dayton: See MB's answer.

Sapphira: I always figured SMW was the unofficial SMB4...

    hey! i go to your site a hole lot and i luv it!but i was in the gameboyadvance placeand i was looking in the japan stuff, and it said supermarioadvance4 was NOT YET realeased in americe, it has been out for a long time!i just wanted to tell u that......sorry if i ed any1 off.

    - Doug

Lizard Dude: Deezer is busy and lazy. How that works...I do not know.

MEGAߥTE: Americe-a-roni, The Mushroom Kingdom treat.

Deezer: Whoops.

David Dayton: Golly gee, where has our commitment to quality gone?

Sapphira: To laziness. Whee! :P

    It seems I sent my mail to the wrong address so I will begin anew. First of all I would like to introduce myself with credentials and such. I am an avid Ole Skool gamer and listen to your internet radio nightly I have also posted once or twice a couple stories and a couple about my Mario Golf skill. But to verify anything I say just talk to your fellow staffer Lizard_Dude he's a freind from the same town and all so he'll know best about me. My favorite Mario is indeed Super Mario World *WOOT*. Ok now on to the questions and there will only be three so i'll keep them brief. The first is a personality test just to see what you guys are like. the secound is a semi problem i haven't a solution for yet. and the third is the stumper that might be outside TMK jurisdiction.

    1. If the building is surrounded and the terrorist leader is in front of you with a hostage which would you do?
    A. Shoot the hostage B. Shoot the leader C. Call for back up D. Wander around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

    2. In Super Mario World I completed 99% of the game the last obstacle is the side door to Bowser's Castle please give me an indef guide on how to get there.

    3. In Zelda 2 Link's Adventure a freind of mine got all the way to the hidden village in the forest where we need some sort of reveal invisible enemies spell to finish out the game all we could find is a person asking us if we were ready so please help.

    - Paul V.

Lizard Dude: 1) B 2) Check the SMW Guide from this very site. 3) That is outside of our jurisdiction, cross my heart and hope to die.

Chupperson: 1) B and C

David Dayton: 1) Ask Keanu. 2) I don't think you could have beaten 99% of the game and still be unable to find that path. 3) Visit GameFAQS.

Sapphira: Oh no...there's MORE OF HIM!!! AAAAAH!! E) Mmm...Chicken...

    Hey, I just found this out, I know Luigi is NOT in Super Mario 64, but there are still many people who think that he is, I found some more proof, Someone probably already found this out but that whole "L is real 2401" is also in the legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time! Just look at the Screen Shots I took. Cool huh? It's like, the same plaque and everything. I think this is the same thing, I took these with the Zelda, Ocarina of time Master Quest rom, so mabey it wasn't in the original game. Anyways, I just wanted to point that out, It's probably in other games also, I'll keep looking.

    Thanks for putting this in the Mailbag
    P.s. Great site! again... I think you should update the mailbag more though...
    - Superchris129

MEGAߥTE: Yes, that plaque is well-known for being in the original Ocarina of Time (see the mailbag from 27 July 2001, or 16 Aug 2002 where David claimed no knowledge of its existence -- he still didn't know until you sent this message). Still, nobody has any idea of why it was included, as it only fueled more of the ridiculous Luigi theories. Interesting that they kept it for Master Quest as well. The misquoted 2091 coins in the SM64 courses and the Lisreal2084Lug Animal Crossing code hasn't helped the matter. Some have speculated that if that really is an L, perhaps it stands for Link. Eternal Star in this case doesn't make sense because there's no star there, though it seems even more obvious that's what it says.

Deezer: Yeah.

David Dayton: It is random gibberish.

Sapphira: wHaT eVaH

    Happy Y2k+4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - TahoeDeepBlue

MEGAߥTE: Happy Groundhog Day!

Deezer: Hmm... so did the groundhog see his shadow, or what?

Chupperson: No, he sees the JADOW! AAHH!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

David Dayton: Blue wizard, your life force is running out...

Sapphira: Merry G-hog, V, Prez, and Leap Day, everyone! And a Happy New Bag, too!

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