18 May 2004

Mailbag by Deezer
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Mailbag by David Dayton
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Mailbag by J.J.
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Mailbag by MEGAߥTE
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Mailbag by Sapphira
Welcome to another mailbag! Sapphira's answers will be added a little later.

Got something you want us to answer next time? Send it in!

    Dear TMK Staff
    I havn't sent in any E-mail for the mailbag for a very looooooong time... I think some of you may know me from the Fungi Forums. Okay, let's get this show on the road! Here's a few things I wanna say:
    1- Did any of you ever fly with the Malaysian Airlines? I did. Let me tell you, even being in Economy Class, you'd get the best service anyway. What does this have to do with anything Super Mario? Here's the tip: At each seat, in any plane, you have this screen, right? An entertainment system! Even though you don't get to choose any in-flight movie you want in Economy Class, however, you could select music radio, music TV, TV shows, and finally GAMES!! You get a great selection of games! This includes seven classical PC games (Four single player, three multiplayer), and 36 - count 'em - 36 SUPER NINTENDO GAMES, the U.S. versions even!! Don't worry, those games download, they show you the words 'Nintendo Licensed'... Within the 36 games, you find the following:
    -Dr. Mario
    -Super Mario All-Stars
    -Super Mario World
    -Tetris Attack
    -Tetris & Dr. Mario
    -Wario's Woods
    Plus, some other games with Mario cameos, like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
    2- Ever played both PAL and U.S. versions of Super Mario World and Super Mario 64? I did. There are regonizable differences in both versions. For example, in the PAL version of Super Mario 64, in the Option Screen of the File Menu, you do not only choose your audio mode, but you can even change the game's language to either French or German!! Sometimes, it can be a lot funnier in a different language, like for example, the Mother Penguin says, 'Je veux mon bb! Mon chou! Mon chocolat!' (Literal Translation: I want my baby! My cabbage! My chocolate!). In the PAL version of Super Mario World, the fire in Yoshi's House is NOT animated. Whenever you finish an exit, Mario (or Luigi) would stick around longer showing off the V-sign, around 4 seconds. In a Bonus Stage, the 1-up Mushrooms take longer to come out of the pipe one after the other... I wish I had screenshots and movies to prove it...
    Why not make articles on games called 'From American to PAL'? I bet there are more Super Mario games with such difference!
    3- Hey! Do you know of Click here and see Mario on a shrink's sofa, looking aghast. Be careful, those animations go by real fast, but Mario's easy to spot...
    4- Errata Time: Last mailbag, someone mentioned that Lady Bow was called 'Lady Boo' in Paper Mario. I recall that this happened TWICE!! Happy browsing, Sapphira!!
    Printing Errata: On the U.S. Paper Mario box, on the back to be specific. Read the following phrases: (Note: It really appears as written below)
    -'...since Super Mario 64,and this time...' <---No space between 'and' and the comma.
    -'Mario plotsto rescue the seven Star Spirits...' <---No space between 'plots' and 'to'.
    -'...the abilities of Mario's seven new sidekicks...' <---Should it be EIGHT sidekicks?
    5- Last mailbag, someone asked the relation between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Fact: Donkey and Diddy are just buddies, no blood relation. However, it seems Donkey regards Diddy like a little nephew of his.
    6- Last E-mail I sent to you, around three years ago, I mentioned that I will show you some pics for Mario jeans I own, finally with some details on this page, here it is!! Phew! (Get 'em fast! 'Cause I'm gonna delete that page someday! Seriously!)
    Here's a few things I wanna ask:
    7- When will you change the splash page? It hasn't changed for two years!!
    8- Will you ever make any pages based on the bios of the TMK Staff?
    9- Is Stanley the Bugman in any other games other than Donkey Kong 3?
    10- Why does Bootler call Lady Bow his 'master' rather than his mistress?
    11- I still have my Paper Mario booklet. I could and want to one day convert it to text format. When I do, could I send it to you so to put in the Manuals Section?
    12- Did I talk too much? I hope I didn't bore you...
    Keep on playing Super Mario guys, you're the best website dedicated to him on the internet!!

    -Hope(N Forever)

Deezer: 1- Can't say I have. 2- Also when you have 96 goals the "96" is blue. 3- I'm sure Watoad would what to read their "rant" about Mac vs. PC. 7- I centered the banners a few days ago. 8- I never really thought about it. 9- He was a trophy in SSBM... 11- If you still want to.

David Dayton: 1) Maylasian Airlines has something very similar to Lodgenet... and I've heard of it before. I do believe that I heard Virgin was thinking of carrying the service on their flights as well.
3) Okay. I see Mario.
5) I still need to finish the DKC page for the site. One could make the case that Diddy could be related to D.K., as chimps and apes are a bit like "cousins".
6) Someone should really save those pictures.
7) I keep bugging Deezer about the splash page... I just need a decent idea for a splash page.
8) Why would we want bio pages?
9) As far as I know, he's limited to Donkey Kong 3... a game we should really set up a page for, as it features Donkey Kong. (Cough cough cough cough.)

Lizard Dude: 12) Nah, it was a nice email. I just don't have anything further to say. Thanks for spending the time to make it coherent.

J.J.: 1) I think they offer the Nintendo service in a few of the ritzier European and American airlines as well. Some charter buses have it as well.
11) No.
12) Yes.

MEGAߥTE: 1- No, but those types of machines were mentioned in Nintendo's recent Game Boy emulator patent. 2- Yes. 3- I do now. 6.5- You already asked a few things... 7- We do have plans, but what would you rather us work on, content or the splash page? 8- Answered later. 9- Yes, he's an SSBM trophy as has been stated here before. 11- Yes. 12- Yes.

    why do you guys pimnghyg so much and how do you feel about it


Deezer: We do it all for you.

Chupperson: Well, it's better than brngquiding.

David Dayton: I refuse to answer on the grounds of religion.

Lizard Dude: I'm ashamed! *cries*

J.J.: Come on, fgwghawgads!

    Hello all. It is I again with 4 quick comments/questions and no bad Mario puns...
    1. If you go into SMA and play either Levels 1-1, 4-2, 5-1, or 6-3,(pardon me if I didn't mention them all...) you can hold B on top of the 1-up bubbles, and your character will begin to attempt to pull up the bubble and, as long as you hold B, they won't stop...
    2. Will the 'L is real 2401' thing EVER be solved? I really doubt it.
    3. What game do you think Peach is most helpless in?...:-)
    4. THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!


    -L. Riccocupp

Deezer: 2. Well we already know it doesn't say "L is real 2401." 3. The first SMB because you don't see her doing anything like throwing out Mushrooms or sneaking around. 4. Thanks, come again.

Chupperson: 1. I know that. 2. Solved? Huh?

David Dayton: The tile has no meaning!

Lizard Dude: 3. You don't even see her baking cakes.

J.J.: I think she is most helpless is in SMB3, where she is actually shown weeping in prison. I mean, weeping! What wimp! And then she makes that god-awful joke! You'd think she would have come up with something better than THAT, with all the time she spent locked up there.

    Hey Deez, Sapphira, David, and I forget who else is here.
    1. I was looking at a Daisy trophy, frustratingly trying to see the extra eye, and when I had finally given up, I looked at the SSBM section of your site for more help, and it said the eye was removed in later versions of the game. Well, I bought the game on December 30th, and it was a Player's Choice game!
    2. I noticed in the March 2004 issue of Disney Adventures magazine, at the Last Laugh, it had a topic about "You know your life is like a video game when" and the 3rd picture said you dodge monsters to get home, and there was a gorilla throwing barrels! I'd give you a scan, but our scanner's broken. Just thought you might want to know, and tell GSGold to shut up!
    3. I think I might know that DK Jr. is Donkey Kong today, since Cranky Kong was supposed to be him YEARS ago, and he's given the name to DK Jr. At least, I THINK DK Jr. is DK now.
    4. Speaking of DK Jr, I was looking at the DK Jr. trophy, and what the heck is he wearing?! A jumpsuit or something?! He's not supposed to wear anything, he's a monkey, er, gorilla, for crying out loud! Okay, I WOULD'VE told you this, but I ran out of questions here.
    6. 2 guys in the SMBSS episode Plumber's Academy look like Wario and Waluigi. Now now, I know they don't exist and it's not a cameo, but I just wanted to tell you guys that. Actually, I never saw that episode, TV Tome said they appeared in it.
    Oh, and Sapph? Those foul-mouthed kids at school are beginning to bug me with profanity. Can I have a couple of Palmolive bottles? Thanks!


Deezer: 1. Well there you go. 2. Heh. 4. A monkey suit? *rimshot*

David Dayton: Yes, the Player's Choice version has been "fixed". The DK/DK Jr. thing has never been resolved... if the modern DK were DK Jr., everything would be much easier to figure out. However, Cranky is referred to as DK's grandfather, which would make the modern Kong the son of DK Jr.. This would actually work, but it fails to resolve the problem caused by having DK and DK Jr. appear together in Mario Tennis. Of course, we could just ignore that game...

Lizard Dude: It's pretty fun, though.

J.J.: I am shocked that you remembered "Sapphira," who I barely consider legitimate, and not me! I mean, I have been here forever! And my name is only two friggin' letters! Geez!

As for number 3, you have clearerly never seen those baby monkeys in diapers that always appear on the talk shows.

MEGAߥTE: Since you can't be bothered to remember me, the 2nd staffer, I think I'll just forget to answer this e-mail.

    In your last mailbag, you addressed a question about a "Super Mario Bros. 4." Sapphira said she thought that SMW was unofficially SMB4...well, if you look at the Japanese box (I think that's where it is) for that very game, that pretty much makes it official.


Deezer: Pix plz.

Chupperson: Well, here's a puzzle box that says "Super Mario Bros. 4" on it.

David Dayton: Someone has to find the infamous box. I do know that early box art and title screens had the "Super Mario Bros. 4" subtitle, but I think they were dropped by the time the game was released. I had a box of Dr. Mario candy with Super Mario World trading cards, and they featured the "Super Mario Bros. 4" title.

Lizard Dude: Releasing SMB4 for GBA would be a great marketing gimmick.

J.J.: Nintendo Power called it SMB4 in the early days too, much like how they called the N64 the NU64 until that changed. We have a picture of the alleged Japanese box that David is talking about on the site, you can make out a tiny four beside the red Japanese text on the right.

I guess we will have to keep searching Ebay until we can see a box pic. I couldn't find one currently listed.

MEGAߥTE: SMW was officially SMB4 in Japan as has been stated here before when I posted the shot of my SMW: SMB4 game watch. The box J.J. referenced is from Nintendo Co., Ltd.'s site and the "red Japanese text" is actually English (it says Super Mario Bros.) Chupperson's picture is a scan from the Nintendo Power Mario Mania guide. I'm including a ton of shots, some from eBay, including a scan of my own cartridge. The in-game subtitle was dropped, however, and while a screenshot exists, I was not able to find it. [cartridge] [box front] [box back] [manual] [the whole package] [guide 1] [guide 2]
I also scanned this article from Nintendo Power Vol. 20. See anything odd? We'll have more info in another special ;-) If anybody has any beta shots, (from old magazines), please send them to me. Thanks.

Deezer: Cool, that is Miyamoto's artwork on "guide 1." Another interesting thing, other than the box art there is no "Super Mario Bros. 4" on Nintendo Co., Ltd.'s SMW page.

    In regards to the Eternal Star plaque in Zelda: OoT. I think it's really just another of the many Mario cameos in the game. This one being of the most obscure variety and only the most watchful eyes of the Mario fanbase could identify. In other words, they threw it in there to see if anyone could recognize it as the Mario 64 plaque. Also a word about SMB3 "Lost Level" 11. Is it just me or does it look suspiciously similar to Level 1-3 from SMB1? I'd offer a comparison but I have no way of obtaining a map of said SMB1 level so I'll leave that up to you people to analyze and see if I'm right or wrong.


Deezer: I think they wanted a plaque and simply reused the one from Mario 64. As for the maps, see for yourself...
SMB 1-3 | SMB3 LL11

Chupperson: I'm getting awful sick of all this SM64 plaque business.

David Dayton: It's just a reused piece of art. Pay it no heed. I will say that those two levels do seem to have similar beginnings, though.

J.J.: Those levels look nothing alike. What the hell are you smoking?

MEGAߥTE: I think the level similarity is a coincidence because they are only generally alike.

    Davids wish list was dumb, and further more my e-mail program has no spell check and I am lazy and tired so I dont check them myself. I really like your site dispite your bitter and enthrauling (yeah theres your college) mailbag. Bye the bye Sapphira, drop the soap thing. It was seldom funny when it was new. But now it is old and annoying. you I cann critisise too! Wat wat G, wat huh bring it.

    -Joey H.

Deezer: I respect your opinions, however invalid they may be.

Chupperson: Bitter and enthralling? Wow, talk about both ends of the spectrum...

David Dayton: How was my wish list dumb? Just because you can't afford to purchase some stuff for a poor soul like me...

Lizard Dude: "Wat wat G, wat huh bring it." <--My first true LOL of the day.

J.J.: I like this guy. He bashes everyone, especially Sapphira!

MEGAߥTE: Your e-mail program sucks.

    Dear TMK:
    I have discovered a way to warp to word eight from world one of SMB 3. First, go to level 1-3 and get the warp whistle. Don't use it yet. Get a game over. Go back to 1-3 and get the warp whistle again. Don't use it yet either. Get another game over and go back to 1-3 and get the warp whistle again. You should have three whistles. Use one to warp to world 4. Use another to warp to world 7. And then use the final one to warp to world 8. I only tried it on the super Mario all-stars version, so I have no idea if it works on the other versions. If you don't know how to get the warp whistle tough poodles! Also, I just want to say Deezer, you are a genius, Sapharia, you are very computer savvy, and JJ, your um, kind of nice.Sorta. Kind of mean, actually.
    Keep up the beautiful sight.


Deezer: By the way, warping from the Warp Zone also takes you to World 8.

Chupperson: I'd be inclined to say that MEGAߥTE is the more computer savvy and Sapphira the more beautiful sight.

David Dayton: I remember when I first learned about the proper mixing of warp whistles.

Lizard Dude: Being sorta kind of nice is being kind of mean? Neat!

J.J.: Oh, I'll show you "kind of mean" you filthy urchin. Your "discovery" is about 15 years old! Take that!

MEGAߥTE: I agree with Chupperson, though I'm not sure who "Sapharia" is... And why in the world would you repeatedly kill yourself to warp to world 8 when you can just warp to world 9 and then back to 8 with only 2 whistles, one from 1-3 and one from 1-Minifortress.

    Just curious, how do ya'll do the mailbag. Does it get sent from one person to another, or in a chatroom or...What?


Deezer: Carrier pigeons.

Chupperson: That, and we yell a lot over great distances.

David Dayton: Actually, we just have the ugliest staff member carry it from house to house.

Lizard Dude: On a completely unrelated note, boy am I tired!

J.J.: It's a complicated and frustrating ordeal in which I am participating at this very second.

MEGAߥTE: We could tell you the truth, but the fact is that the way we do it is going to change for the next mailbag, so it doesn't matter.

    For my first question, I'd like to make it clear that I've checked places, but no one has anything to say about the matter. You (the collective staff of TMK) seem to be more in the know about all things Mario than those asked, though, which is why I've come to you. Are there any plans to re-release the "Super Mario Land" games, perhaps in an "All-Stars" motif including all of them? If you could help in any way, that would be nice. If not, that's fine too.
    On a completely unrelated note, I have a bit of a complaint about your site and its updating policies. From December until March, I was unable to get onto the Internet and all, and your site updated about twice a week. However, before December when I was checking for updates daily, you updated every two weeks. Does my online presence somehow cause you to not update? Just wondering, because it's most liklely untrue.
    One last note: Perhaps you could introduce a new female staff member to take all the heat off poor Sapphira. And by introduce, I mean "Make one up and pretend it exists". It sounds stupid, so I doubt you'll do it.
    Yours truly,

    -Mike P

Deezer: I haven't heard anything about a Super Mario Land series re-release.

Chupperson: Mushroom Girl, anyone?

David Dayton: There are currently no plans for a Super Mario Land anthology. There are only two games in that series, you know... as I'm sure the Warioland games would be considered a seperate collection entirely.

Lizard Dudette: A watched site never updates.

J.J.: I think SML was a horrible game with horrible graphics and no amount of re-makery could save it. SML2 was pretty good. It's a kinda funny when you consider how Nintendo only made two "true" Mario games for the Gameboy. I never really thought about that. Ah well, they only made two for the SNES. And two for the NES, if you ignore SMB2 which wasn't really an original creation. So maybe it's not that weird after all.

And yes your presence did stop the site from updating. So please stay off the internet.

MEGAߥTE: We have no updating policies.

    In a battle, who would win, a samurai or a knight? This is an age olde question... infact, it's so old, I had to spell old with an e. People have argued it for ages, but there really isn't enough information in the question... I mean, does the knight have a horse? Or a morning star? and 5 inch thick reinforced European steel armor? Can the samurai swing his sword at mach 10 and jump 50 feet in the air? Is he able to turn Super Sayain? Perhaps the world will never know.
    Oh, I do believe I forgot the required kissing of the posterior. Your site is great blah blah blah how are you blah blah can I have roms blah blah blah I love you Sapphira blah blah blah... blah. Ahem. Right.
    Love... no... Sincerely... nah... Ah! Flarglebarn,

    -Mad K. Rhetoric

Deezer: Sup Mad.

Chupperson: What's the K stand for?

David Dayton: Isn't a samurai considered to be a kind of knight, to a degree?

Lizard Dude: P is the funniest fake middle initial, just to let you know.

J.J.: Stupid, stupid, stupid.

MEGAߥTE: It probably stands for "Special K" because everyone knows that Mad is "special."

    Yay, it's the mailbag! Yeah.........Hi.
    Let's go run and dance in the meadows! Whee!!!!! *Sees that no one is with him* Aww..... *Goes and sprays some more whipped cream into Chupperson's mouth*
    Oh, question. Why weren't there any more SSBM movies besides the special one and the "How to Play" one? Couldn't they have made more movies, say, of the secret characters, when you unlocked them?
    .....I think I might know the answer to this question, though....

eoaeeae: I've been looking for you!

Chupperson: I'll make some movies for you.

David Dayton: This fellow scares me.

Lizard Dude: *shrugs* I didn't know Chup had had whipped cream in his mouth to begin with.

J.J.: I cannot STAND people who do that asterisk garbage. *kills everyone who does it*

MEGAߥTE: The SSBM disc is nearly full so I'd rather they have added game play elements than movies.

    I was wondering if it was possible to save your progress in smb3 for the original Nintendo, I just re-purchased the system and the greatest game ever, but could have sworn that when i originally had the game I could save the progress, am I just sorely mistaken?


Deezer: Save? No. Mistaken? Sorely.

Chupperson: So were the NP Player's Pulse writers.

David Dayton: You can't save your game... which is yet another reason why it is superior to Super Mario World.

Lizard P. Dude: Nintendo rereleases are distorting the past.

J.J.: We were heartier players in those days. None of this wimpy "save" BS in our Mario games like you youngsters have now. Although I never quite understood why only some games had the save feature. Like, Zelda had it, but Mario did not. And even a whole bunch of third-party SNES games never had it. Maybe it was expensive to make. And why does the alleged "battery" in the games never run out? Huh? Huh? See, look at me asking way better questions than you weirdos.

MEGAߥTE: Though the original doesn't have save capability, ROM hackers have figured out how to add save progress to the game. If you are fairly skilled you could make your own save version of an SMB3 cartridge.

    Hello, and thank you for your time.
    I've looked at your Animal Crossing section and noticed that there is a reference to Doki Doki Panic/Super Mario Bros. 2/Super Mario USA that you don't have:
    A while back, I bought some Animal Crossing cards and I found a WART JR. CARD (#269, 4th Series, Copyright 2003) Yes, that's right, the son of Wart!
    The back of the card reads as follows:

    Gosh, Wart Jr. Not much to look at. Kind of a cranky. Never really says much. But deep down, he's one of the kindest frogs you'll ever meet. It just takes time. Get to know him!

    In case any of you has him in your town, here's the password:

    I would like you to do this as a favor, but PLEASE, NONE OF YOUR STUPIDITY! (That means: NO stupid jokes. Also, no teasing me. I can't stand it anymore.) Sorry, but if I see any dehumanizing comments, I will be angry. (and I'll know you'll say, "what does that mean?")
    Also (on an unrelated note), I'm trying to look for Urban Champion-e, but I can't find it ANYWHERE!
    I really, truly, like your site, but the Mailbag jokes STINK!
    Pardon me for my anger, and Once Again, thank you for your time.

    -Daniel (A.K.A. Wario Barker)

Deezer: Wart Jr. was my favorite townie.

Chupperson: What does what mean?

David Dayton: I never ran into Wart Jr. Sadly, my town got destroyed recently... I have to build it back up. As far as Urban Champion-e goes, just keep looking. I have most of the eReader NES sets at this point. I'm still wondering if Nintendo has some stealth plan to bring it back... in Japan, it has been relaunched and has decent support, and NOA did just start up a U.S. card manufacturing company.

Lizard Dude: Wart from SMB2 was Mamu in DDP. And couldn't a frog just be named Wart by chance, not neccessarily reference?

J.J.: Yeah stupid, ever think of that?

MEGAߥTE: I'm surprised J.J. didn't take this more seriously considering his e-mail address...

    Though this is the first time I wrote a letter to the mailbag, I have been visiting this site for quite a while and let me tell you something, it's awesome! My first personal video game system was a GB pocket and my first game was Super Mario Land, a game I sadly lost years ago. The Mario series continues to be one of my most favorite video game series.
    I have also never owned an NES or a SNES. I began with the pocket, then upgraded to GB Color followed by the N64, the GBA, and the GC. Some of you may complain about them remaking older games but you have to remember, some of us out there have never played older Mario games and the remakes are they only way to play them other than emulators and buying used systems and games. The games I really wanted to play were finally available on knew systems and that made me very happy. I especially loved Yoshi's Island with the music, gameplay, and colorful images. Sadly, my sister lost the game on a recent camping trip with her friend(grr!).
    I'm also excited about the upcoming Paper Mario 2. PM was my most favorite N64 game. It was also one of the longest times I've played a game in one sitting (from Shiver City to the end of the game). My sister and I didn't even have lunch that day! I could play that game over and over and not get tired of it. Heck, I'm not sure If I like PM or Mario and Luigi more (M&L was funnier though. I especially love Fawful, my new favorite video game villain). I didn't see any of Mario's old partners with him in the screenshots. I really want to see them in another Mario game (seeing the Star Spirits in MP5 was cool, though). Oh and I also like doing voices for games with no voice-acting and it all started with Paper Mario!
    I have a long shot question since most of you play mainly Nintendo games: Have any of you played any Phantasy Star games, the RPG series from Sega? I also play only games on Nintendo systems, but I had bought Phantasy Star Online some time ago for the GC. I learned about the earlier game in the series and became curious. I bought the Phantasy Star Collection GBA games and PS (Phantasy Star mind you!) became among my most favorite RPG series. I guess it's strange for a Nintendo fan like myself to like a Sega RPG series, but I do! I especially like PS4 and PSO!
    Well, that's all I have to say. Keep up the good work you guys!

    -Latias Dita

Deezer: I looked at the back of a PSO case once.

Chupperson: Meh, it's never really looked all that great to me. As for other RPGs, that's an entirely different matter.

David Dayton: I have Phantasy Star Collection, although I've yet to play it... did you know that the first game on the cartridge is running under a Sega Master System emulator? I also have Phantasy Star Online I & II, although I tend to use it for purposes other than online gaming these days...

Lizard Dude: Sega and Nintendo are allies these days, so it's not strange. I've watched friends play the PSOs on DreamCast a lot.

J.J.: Woah! We didn't ask for your life story! Your letter was so long I didn't even have lunch! Hahaha, spot the reference!

MEGAߥTE: I own PSO, but I've only really played it once. I use the disc for the same reasons that David does... I've thought about getting PSC at some point, but it's not high on my priority list.

    Hi, TMK Staff...
    You know there's a Nintendo of America, and a Nintendo of Japan, so why isn't there a "Nintendo of China?" If there is, then sorry, I'm mistaken, but look--the only Nintendo consoles I've ever set eyes upon in China are the SNES and the GBC...and a load of pirated games.
    P.S. Great website! (I bet you're dead tired of hearing this but it's actually my first time saying this.)


Deezer: I'm sure you'd see the iQue there these days. And probably some fake ones, too.

Chupperson: "Nintendo of Japan" is properly referred to as Nintendo Co., Ltd. You also forgot Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of Australia.

David Dayton: Nintendo forgets Nintendo of Australia.

Lizard Dude: Poor blokes.

J.J.: The filthy Communists didn't want a Nintendo of China for many years, because of their closed market economy. But I think they are making one now. I remember there was some big special about it in that one "serious" video game magazine with the hard covers. Or maybe that was about Playstation. Either way, the video games are coming to China.

MEGAߥTE: Video games have been in China, just not sanctioned. iQue, Ltd., operating in China is half-owned by Nintendo, but for whatever reasons they have chosen to replace their brandname with iQue's in the games there.

    hey guys and girl,
    This is Kyler that guy who wrote in about the axem rangers(I beat smbrpg). have you heard about the nintendo DS I'm gonna be the first in line to buy one. Ok, back to the point:you guys and girl should put a special personal info page about yourselves, that would be great.Do any of you like homestarrunner it's awexome but not better than mario, though!You guys and girl are the greatest! I worship your site!!!!

    -Kyler Daugherty

Deezer: Hmm, another reader that wants to see staff info pages. But I don't think it's going to happen.

Chupperson: Homestar Runner is funny. And about worshipping this site... um.

David Dayton: Next thing you know, folks will start asking whether or not staff members have their own webpages.

Lizard Dude: You'll get more info on me than you want with some Fungi Forum cruising. 20X6!

J.J.: If you want to read about me, check out my own bio page on my own site.

MEGAߥTE: Surely you mean SMRPG. Of course we've heard of DS, and I doubt you'll be first in line. Homestar is not very funny with the exception of TGS. As for a personal page, I own my own personal domain, but there's nothing personal on it yet.

    Hey TMK staff, it's "Toadeeboy" again. I was the one who gave some answers a few mailbags back.
    1. I have noticed a few mistakes in the Mariopedia. First, there are two "Ancient Pants" entries from Mario and Luigi. The second one should say "Anuboo Jeans". Also, the entry for Beezo lists it as an item instead of an enemy. Thought I might point these out to you.
    2. A long time ago, someone mailed about warping to 7-2 in SMB...Well, I once saw a store display of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, and in challenge mode select stage, it was as if the player warped from world 4-2 to 7-2, and then from 7-2 to 8-1. Perhaps it was a special edition for stores. I'll write again later.


Deezer: 1. Fixed.

David Dayton: Kindly get the game and mail it to me. While you're at it, feel free to get the Wal-Mart exclusive SMB3 eReader cards and mail them to me as well.

Lizard Dude: David can defecate in one hand and wish in the other and see which hand gets filled up first.

J.J.: It's just demand, demand, demand with him.

The Mushroom Kingdom \ Mailbag \ 18 May 2004
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