01 Aug 2004

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omg u guyz did u know that therez a MARIO mask on the mask guyz bag in majjoraz mask
...I'm just kiddin'. Wanted to see if I could give JJ an aneurysm. =P
Anywho, hey there, Grandmasta Deezer, Cantankerous But Loveable JJ, King of Awesomeness Megabyte, Gamer Grrl Sapphira, Cha-Cha-Chupperson, Sexy Beast David Dayton, and the rest!
Got a grand total of two questions for ya... I've wanted to write in for forever, but I wanted to wait 'till I had a question or two that didn't sound totally moronic. Stupid TMK e-mails make baby Jesus cry.
Soooo, here we are:
1) What did you guys like better- Luigi's Mansion, or Super Mario Sunshine? Those two are the only strictly Mario games for the GC thus far (I think- I'm not counting the sports games), and are literally like night and day... personally, I gotta throw my emerald green hat in with Luigi. I've always been mad-crazy about the lesser plumber. ^^
2) The song in the trippy Game Boy Advance commercials where the guy's playing GB and all the stuff pops up around him like chain chomps, Samus, etc. (the original one, not the one for Mario vs. DK or the retro series)... what is it? I love that song, and find myself grooving to it whenever that commercial comes on, but I have no idea what it is. Help?
Thanks a lot in advance. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.
- Indigo X

Deezer: Hey there, long time no chat. (omg u killed jj)
1) I liked SMS better, but I probably played LM more after I had beaten it.
2) The "Move out" song? That's "Situation" by Yaz. Nintendo did a good job of picking one of the few 80's songs I actually like.

MEGAߥTE: 1) SMS, but that's not saying much.
2) Or Yazoo for those of you in the UK.

Chupperson Weird: 1) I dunno. I really dug LM when it came out. SMS didn't quite give me that pumped-up feeling LM did. But on the other hand, SMS had more free-roaming replay value.
2) They have two names?!

David Dayton: Hey there, Indigo. We wondered where you went... if it makes you feel better, I now have to explain why a girl named Indigo is referring to me in such a way. Grunt.
I'm not quite sure, actually... I loved the first 60% of SMS, and I loved most of LM, although it was a little short. I think I -should- say Super Mario Sunshine, but I think I'm almost tempted to say Luigi's Mansion. Weird, isn't it?

J.J.: I like Luigi's Mansion. I liked the graphics and theme better. It was too short, but Mario Sunshine was too d*** long. I still haven't finished it.

Mushroom Boy: "Sexy Beast"? Are you sure you have the right site?

Hi guys!!
I really love the site, it's really the best in Internet about Mario :)
Ah well I saw in the Sony channel, in a list they made of most popular movies at the moment, that the second was called "Mario Bros. Goes 3D" or something like that... gee I've never heard about that movie and couldn't find anything in the Internet, do you guys know what is it?
Ah and Iove the Wavs. section, why don't you guys put some Mario Kart: Double Dash!! ones (especially of Luigi because his voice is so weird hehe)? That'd be really cool, I never played that game but watched some videos, seems so fun!
So that's it, sorry for bothering^^;
- Lila

Deezer: Sony channel? Popular Mario movie? I am confused.
We'd put up some MKDD voice clips or something if we can get them without the background music.

David Dayton: Were these actual movies, or video clips? There does appear to be some sort of "Virtual Worlds" SMB clone video clip going around at the moment.

J.J.: I suspect your're either a big liar or some clueless shmo who doesn't know what he's talking about.

Mushroom Boy: Wow, could this be two letters in a row from female readers? ^^

I don't know if many of you all know this but Toad and Toadette are not actual Mushrooms. Along with the other Mushroom people. They are in fact boys & girls dressed up as Mushrooms by putting on that hat. I thought you all would like to know. If they were real mushrooms Mario would have eatin them along with them eating themselfs for example in Mario Kart. I have an Official picture of Toad without his hat I would get in trouble though if I shared it. Thanks.
- Kuribo Goomba

Deezer: It's a conspiracy!!!

David Dayton: Toad and Toadette are Mushroom people. No, they aren't -mushrooms-, but they are the Mushroom people. They aren't human, but they are humanoid. Does this help?

J.J.: I know in the cartoons Toad sometimes took his mushroom hat off. He had three tiny hairs, like Lakitu. But as far as I know this has never happened in any game or game literature, so it's safe to assume those "hats" are actually giant tumor-like things held in place with vital bodily cords.

Mushroom Boy: No comment.

Bad news guys. Although many people love the new DK games,there is still some animosity over them. Every big fan of the DKC series hate the new DK games not made from Rareware (THe most vocal spout of hatred is the Dk Nniverse Forums). THey have three reasons : 1 they are still bitter about Rare leaving Nintendo and think Nintendo will F### it up 2. Most of them HAATE the old Dk games that were Made by Nintendo (DOnkey Kong, Dk Jr. and DK three and DK '94) ANd three:... Well I cant figure out three yet <_<. WHat are your thoughts on the subject??
- tbok1992

Deezer: I didn't like what Rare did with Donkey Kong, and I think Nintendo will continue on and hopefully not invent 98234 more Kong characters.

MEGAߥTE: Yes, we were quite aware of the animosity. I thought the Rare contributions were good until DK64 with their excessive addition of characters. DKC "felt" the best to me, and I had lost interest by DKC3. I like the other Rare games, though. I even managed to get a copy of the DKC Competition cartridge. Both DK and DKC were revolutionary for their time. GB DK is one of my favorite GB games, but making any comparisons between Nintendo's old DK games and Rare's DK games is a waste of time. I don't have any opinion on most of Nintendo's new DK games since I haven't played most of them yet. I have played Mario vs. DK, and it seemed too easy to me, and the pre-rendered graphics look pretty crappy.

Chupperson Weird: Donkey Kong Country was good, and it was pretty much downhill from there. I like the Made by Nintendo DK games.

David Dayton: I liked DKC, but disliked DKC2/3 and DK64. I think Rare was generally a very good game company, but that DKC2 and 3 weren't the highlights of their company history.

J.J.: Personally I loved the Rare series. I think along with the Mario games they were easily the best platformers for the SNES. I'm sort of the opposite of most people in that I liked DKC 3 more than DKC 2 and DKC 2 more than the original Donkey Kong Country. I really hated DK64 though.

Hey All! i was wondering if theres any pics of the famicon disk systems worlds -1, -2, and -3 on Super mario bros....... i would really like to see them :)
- Doug

Deezer: Perfect timing, I was about to get some for the Minus World bug description.
World -1 (swimming in a messed-up 1-3)

World -2 (just like 7-3) World -3 (a blue 4-4) I also have a map of the Minus World from the US SMB. There is no exit.

MEGAߥTE: Heh, you can tell I made that a while ago...

David Dayton: The mapping madness never ends.

I heard that there were differences in the arcade and NES versions of SMB. What are they?
- rgimenezmiguel

MEGAߥTE: There were two releases of SMB for the arcades. The first was called Vs. SMB and the title screen reflects that. It ran on the VS. SYSTEM and came out in 1986. The game keeps a hi-score table as most arcade games do. The shadowed text style from SMB2J is used. Also, the levels are different, but not TOO different. Places where bugs exist are "fixed" by adding or removing blocks. There are less 1-ups, power-ups, and warp zones. The coin counter has a hundreds place. And of course, you have to "insert coin" to start the game. The second release was identical to the NES version in-game and ran on the PlayChoice series of arcade machines. All games for these machines reset after a certain time limit regardless of how well you were doing in the game. The Playchoice also displayed instructions either before the game, or during the game on a second screen, depending on the model.

Deezer: VsSMB uses some levels from SMB2(J) too. That reminds me, that "Ultimate History of Video Games" book mentioned that VsSMB was released in Japan first, but I haven't found anything to prove it was released in Japan at all except for a few sites that are obviously quoting the book.

David Dayton: I've always wondered about that... there is really no proof of a Japanese release. Everything points against it, really -- including the fact that the marquee for the arcade game is completely unlike any being done by NCL at the time.

J.J.: Well I wouldn't say EVERYTHING points against it. I still cling to the belief that there was an arcade version of SMB in Japan before the Famicom / NES version. It's very difficult to find a conclusive history of SMB's origins at all. The "Ultimate History of Video Games" is the only book I've read that actually says something more detailed than "and then in 1985 Super Mario Bros. came out."

Mushroom Boy:

I have somthing to say, On VH1's I love the 80s They talked about Donkey Kong in the '83. Why in 1983 if it started in '81? They also used the "The original Name was Monkey Kong but the Japanese screwed up" story. Didnt Miyamoto Name it "Donkey" to show the players that DK was stubborn.
- rgimenezmiguel

Deezer: has some good info on DK name origin theories, and they eventually arrive at the correct story: Miyamoto got "donkey" from looking up manuke (Japanese for "stupid") in an English dictionary.
No idea why they had it in '83 unless they wanted to talk about all three DK arcade games...

Chupperson Weird: Heh, I remember laughing at the fool that told that story. ...Actually, it was more like I got irate and started yelling at the TV. In conclusion: Don't have someone on TV talking about something they don't know about.

David Dayton: I think there might be something to the "mistake" theory... mainly that Miyamoto may not have realized that Donkey had a meaning -other- than stupid. However, trying to imply that he meant it to be "Monkey Kong" is rather inane.

J.J.: If I had made such a stupid mistake I'd be constantly trying to re-write history, too. I think the biggest surprise is that NOA allowed the "Donkey Kong" name to be used in the US, and didn't attempt to cool it up with some new name like "Evil Gorilla Fighter."

Here is somthing I find strange.
Quote from the site:
When Mario and Luigi blend their beans at the Starbeans Cafe, E. Gadd arrives to provide a new invention every time they blend a new drink. There are seven drinks in all, which yields seven gifts. The gift given depends on how many new drinks were made previously.
According to this unused text we found in Mario & Luigi, it appears as though each drink was originally supposed to trigger a certain cameo by a different Nintendo character.
Below, I have broken down the text into seven different conversations between the Cafe cashier and the guests."
You said that is was Orriginally supposed to trigger a cameo. But I was drinking one of the blends and I saw Professer E. Gad appered. I think that means I could see Link and ect... Was he suppose to appear? Or was originally a typo?
Oh and love your site!
Also, dont ask about the e-mail.
- Blader128

MEGAߥTE: I suggest you read that "quote from the site" more carefully...

David Dayton: Why am I not supposed to ask about the e-mail?

Hello...TMK Staff...
Here's my next batch of questions for y'all:
1. I've got a few funny pictures on my GC memory card for your SSBM photo album...but how do I transfer the pictures to my PC? Is there any way to hook the GCN up to a computer?
2. In the SMB games the story says that Bowser used some "dark rite" to turned all the Mushroom People into bricks and stuff, which makes them look pitifully weak. But the most unfathomable part in the game is that in the process of saving the princess, as you know, Mario breaks up to hundreds of bricks. SO, in essence, has he just killed hundreds of tMK's citizens? How thoughtless.
3. That "Mario Tornado" move...what game did it premier in? or was it made up just for Smash Brothers?
4. Where's Mushroom Boy? Did he die of boredom in his Mushroom House like he threatened to?
5. Did you see my YKYPMGTMW...'s...Aarrgh, I read one of the older mailbags and figured you don't accept them from fans anymore?
6. What's a source code?
7. Have you been to this page:
8. In you last mailbag someone who mentioned "Wart Jr." You think it's possible that maybe Wart's son could be Mamu from Link's Awakening? :D
9. NOT A QUESTION Whoa, it's amazing that both Lizard Dude and I have played piano for 8 years...
10. NOT A QUESTION Awesome site, man! Keep up the good work!
- owlwiseoo

MEGAߥTE: 1. Well, you can either use a TV capture card or you can use GCNrd if you have a BBA and PSO.
2. "Oops"
3. Well, it's basically the Cape Spin from SMW.
4. What are you talking about? He was in the last mailbag...
5. No
6. Code to a program or website
7. Well, not that page in particular, but I've seen that Flash.
8. Mamu is the Japanese name of Wart. Interesting how he exists in two different dream worlds, huh?

Deezer: 5. Right.
8. Wart Jr.'s Japanese name is Samu, which implies a reference to Wart (Mamuu), unless there is some connection between frogs and -mu that I don't know about.

Chupperson Weird: What say you about the fact that the Mushroom People were turned into the blocks that gave Mario the mushrooms in the first place?

David Dayton: 1. Capture card. Aren't you excited?
2. Actually the excuse given in the SMB manual is that Mario is freeing the Mushroom people when he breaks the bricks... and they give him stuff as a reward, such as mushrooms and coins. I somehow doubt the Japanese development team knew about this interpretation.
3. It's a capeless cape swin... I would rather see the move down WITH the cape flipping around. Oh well!
4. Pizza Sauce.
5. Please no.
6. Force Mode with a speech impediment.
7. Nope. Is it any good?
8. Probably not, but the cameo is clear.

J.J.: Argh, this email got too confusing too fast. I'd just like to say to my friend "owlwiseoo" that you're a stupid monkey face baboon. Hey, I haven't insulted enough people in this bag.

Mushroom Boy:
4. ...

writing in to tell that i realized that the SMB pics for mario and luigi are form super mario all-stars, and not the original pictures. you might want to check out the SMB2 pics as well (i think luigi is wrong, but I haven't checked mario
- kevin McGiffen

MEGAߥTE: Way to read the Mariopedia introduction...

Chupperson Weird: . . . What?

David Dayton: I like the Mariopedia!

J.J.: You're cooking what for dinner?

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