11 Sep 2004
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Hello TMK staff!Im writing on behave of all us Yoshi fans at And me and the rest would like to know wether or not Nintendo really does have plans to release a new versoin of Yoshi's Story on the Gameboy Advance. (Or maybe the DS) Just wondering if you had any idea if it will come out or if there's any new info on it. Thanks for taking your time to read this.
P.S What do you think about the idea of releasing a Mario Party for the Gameboy Advance?
- Noshi

Deezer: They probably won't release it. I mean, I hope they don't, for obvious reasons. They used to have it listed as an "upcoming game" in Nintendo Power for a while, but I think at this point they would rather focus on other games. Why don't you ask Nintendo and get back to us?
P.S I hope Mario Party Advance doesn't bomb.

Lizard Dude: I'm just scared of the classic everyone needing a cartridge dilemma.

Deezer: Well now that "Yoshi's Universal Gravitation" was revealed a couple days ago, I think we know what happened to Yoshi's Story on GBA...

David Dayton: The Yoshi GBA game will be interesting... and Mario Party could be either really good or really bad.

Chupperson: Or... it could be really mediocre.

MEGAߥTE: Yoshi + King of Red Lions = win?

I war with a girlle and...I want-a things to grip her! OK JUST KIDng. Now starts it, starts I to write, the, my question of mario mario. Did you says MARIO USA was unfortune? Fall out! Here now to reply f.fortune from the prior. They (the representative) bring the "radishi" intoworld 1-3, proof you are WRONG of "radishi" becoming. Here's. Now, take the p6ti6n might be there! And faill just a little farther the vine (glitch no, outlandishness) but accept as real and forever more like poety of magnfcence beauty and canndor.

Deezer: Glitch of hatchet (or as for cheat? Certain) it is beautiful unexpectedly, but it is. When it has radish in the crane,! Be careful: It cannot kill the that of radish, nor we want.

Lizard Dude: Type, I cannot include/understand what the pier with ?laire-way indicate to you.

Chupperson: Is your home country language what? Is the fact that it picks liked? Method I don' in the angle which is the strange quantity of the oxygen of the atmosphere, turns; You know t. As for good day in crack of noon awaking.

David Dayton: Potchgult, potchgult potchgult. Potchgult, potchgult potchgult potchgult. POTCHGULT.

MEGAߥTE: We thank you for your lessons on sex, drugs, RADISHI and roll.

I've been lurking in the shadows for many a year, and finally decided to submit to the mailbag.
Anyway: In a recent Nintendo Power issue, a screen shot from 'Pikmin 2' was shown depicting a group of Pikmin carrying away a very familiar crown. After cross referencing it, I realized that it bore a striking resemblance to Peach's crown. Was this just purely coincidental, or is it a hint of things to expect in the game? (ie, other 'Cameo' treasures).
- Ian K.

Deezer: I noticed that too. :D
There are a few more Mario references, but I don't want to spoil it here.

Lizard Dude: Remember, the Pikmin live in the Mushroom Kingdom as seen in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

David Dayton: I need to document all these with screen shots.

I was wondering. everytime when Micheal Schumacher wins the Grand Prix race the German National song will be played right ? Now when Mario wins a race in Mario Kart is that The Mushroom Kingdom national theme ? I've added a link below to listen to the song. this could be right XkyMK64.mid
- Dave

MEGAߥTE: That doesn't make sense since (most of?) the other characters are from TMK.

Lizard Dude: That does make sense since (most of?) the other characters are from TMK.

Chupperson: Who is Micheal Schumacher?

David Dayton: They should be playing either the American or Italian anthems, then.

I was a tad annoyed that the link to the video in the mailbag a while back was a broken link, so I've decided to take care of this myself!
Hosted by myself! Let's see you 404 your way out of that! Oh yeah, and a quick question, have any of you ever seen a Vs. Super Mario Bros arcade machine anywhere? I don't think I'll ever find one.
- Kyle Mack

MEGAߥTE: Do you mean in use or for sale? I haven't seen any in use since sometime around the late 80s. I have seen many on eBay, as usual.

Lizard Dude: That guy is awesome. And I don't mean awesome in the corrupted, diluted sense that it has today. I mean awesome, provoking a sense of awe. The SMW Castle and SMW Athletic in particular made me spin around, slap my head repeatedly, and yell, "z00000 z00000 z00000!"
A few comments, 1) Someone should tell him to play the SMB Overworld at its real tempo. 2) SMB2 Overworld is not to be left out! 3) Put on some clothes, preferably red shirt and overalls. :P
And just in time for 9/11, here's the same guy playing his own piece, "Images of 9/11" Or go here for a few more videos.

Deezer: The only VsSMB I saw in real life was at my local roller skating rink. :-\

David Dayton: I've seen a few Vs. SMB units, but I've never understood WHY SMB was a Vs. game. It doesn't make any sense. I've never seen a dual cabinet or duel screen SMB Vs. game being -used-... I have seen a dual cabinet SMB unit, but I don't think that changes any aspect of it.

MEGAߥTE: That's why it was a Vs. Unisystem game, not Dualsystem...

Hey guys. First off you have a great site! Keep it up! :)
Believe it or not there was Super Mario comics published by Valiant in the early 90's. One of them called "Bowser knows best" Features the koopa kids. But Larry for some strange reason never actually "speaks". Instead he uses thought bubbles that have pictures in them. Lemmy can only translate what the heck he's saying. (which is Surprising considering he's the dumbest one).This is the only Valiant comic i know of that the koopa kids play a role in. But they never explain why he's like this. Is he on drugs? Did he lose his voice? Id like to know what you guys think about this.
P.S. Here's the front of the page to show what i mean.
- ShotNtheDark

MEGAߥTE: Considering I've scanned in several samples of those comics for our mailbags, of course I believe it. My comic book doesn't have "Bowser knows best" but it does have several other comics with the Koopa Kids. I don't remember Larry being in any of the other ones with speaking roles, at least, so I don't know why he talks like that. I guess he's "special."

David Dayton: I picked up a hard bound collection of those... They are horribly horrible.

Mushroom Boy: Their puns are better than yours.

Chupperson: And this guy says he's an English teacher. There are two videos showing Mario games being played with a webcam. Looks pretty promising!
- Mike

MEGAߥTE: That does look promising if it already works that well. What if you need to go backwards though, do you need a mirror so you can see what you're doing?
Since somebody doesn't know how to code properly on the Physicam page, here are direct links to the videos: #1 #2

Lizard Dude: When I watched the first vid, I desperately wanted the host to do something besides run into a wall. The second delighted me.

David Dayton: The fact that they are playing SMB roms on television is rather amusing.

Howdy! It's another "wonderful" letter from the big dino dude. After sending my first letter I got several more questions and decided to ask them before I forgot. This time I'll try hard to keep it short for your sanity but I probably won't be able to. Very well then...
(1) Did the phrase "1up" first come from Super Mario Bros. or was it used in video games before that?
[2] I've found another Mario reference (this being number one billion and dickity-seven) which no one has said yet (because they know how much you hate them) so I'll quickly tell you about it (and risk my short reputation). On a weird and wacky new show called Dave the Barbarian, a nerdy guy goes back in time and tried to take over ancient civilization by selling GameBoys to the townspeople and forcing them to work for more batteries when the old ones die. But whenever they do play the GB's you can hear tons and tons of SMB sound affects (although a little scrambled)! That's all I had to say. Someone can look for it if they want to.
(3) I really enjoy listening to fans' Mario songs in the download section, but I can only enjoy them for a certain length of time! Here's the problem: when I turn on Windows Media Player (ugh!) I open some of the turns and "get shiggy wit' 'em" but after awhile of glorious music the songs turn into a mangled mess of mushroom mayhem and sound like porcupines breakdancing on a chalkboard. I keep listening to see if they'll get better but they almost never do. However, after I turn the computer on and off and listen again they sound ok... for awhile. Got any tips to fix this?
[4] I heard that the Super Mario Sunshine commercial was really dumb, and I can believe it even thought I've never seen it before. Well I decided to make up my own idea for a SMS commercial and see what you thought of it. I know I'm just asking for disrespect but I'm willing to face it. Here it is: at the beginning, Mario is shown as a baby (before Luigi) and sitting in a bath tub full of soapy water (and he still has a cute little mustache). While his mom washes him he starts to splash lots of water on her. Right after this scene, Mario and Luigi are little kids and in a sand box sitting by a little girl with blonde hair and pink dress (Peach). Mario grabs a bucket of water and dumps it over her head with her squealing. Next Mario is a little kid with his brother and they are having a squirt gun fight with gigantic super soakers and Luigi is getting drenched. After that Mario is a teenager and watering the flowers (fire flowers) for his mom while Luigi is taking out the trash. Mario sees a cat walk by and sprays it (it would be CG to save on actors). Finally Mario is an adult and inside his house watching TV. The doorbell rings and he steps out and sees a big package on the porch. He opens it to find the FLUDD machine, and gleefully straps it on and runs down the street to create more water-drenching havoc. Screen cuts to game clips and the narrator says, "Quench your thirst for water-blasting mayhem. Squirt, rocket, and blast your way through the island as you help Mario clean up the town from the messy enemies and return his good name. Super Mario Sunshine. Only for Nintendo GameCube. Rated E for everyone!" End commercial. For a fun addition there could be the song "You are my sunshine" playing in the background the whole time and there could be lots of Mario merchandise. Do you think this is any better than the old one or worse? "It... stinks!"
I better stop now, that's pretty long as it is. Thanks for all your hard work on this great website and for answering repetitive questions in the mailbag (mailbag, mailbag, mailbag!). See you all later! Muhahahahah!!!
P.S. Here's a scan of a Far Side comic with Mario refs. that Mushroom Boy forgot to send. Hope you like it! I can send another scan if it's too small.
- Yoshisaurus Rex, the 5,327 pound, 11-foot tall, long-tongued, big-nosed, fruit-eating, cute "little" red dinosaur

Mushroom Boy: P.S. Here's a better scan of the Far Side strip than the one the reader sent in. I posted this in a mailbag over 3 years ago and it never got added to Mario Mania. See what kind of slackers I have to deal with?

MEGAߥTE: (1) It was used in games before that, though it was more common as an indication of player (Player 1 = 1UP, Player 2 = 2UP). Wikipedia has a small discussion on the origins of 1-up, but doesn't say which game first used them as items.
(3) Don't use Windows Media Player.
P.S. Heh, that date is less than a year away now.

Lizard Dude: [2] We actually like Sightings now. Just send them to me instead of the main mailbag maybe.
(3) But seriously, the problem is probably not actually Windows Media Player.
[4] Whoa, that commercial is pretty good. It's a lot like the Mario & Luigi commercial, though.

Deezer: I think we've always liked sightings, but "liking" and "updating" are two different things...

Lizard Dude: Mere semantics shall not stop me.

David Dayton: 1) It existed previously.
2) If you say so.
3) Microsoft is evil.
4) That wasn't that bad, although I'd doubt that CG would be -cheaper- than actors.

Hey everyone- Question:
How come whenever you click on on the mario commercial game ads, you go to this file planet thing, and it won't let you view it unless you have an id?
- Zanna728

Deezer: This is explained on the top of the commercials page. Basically, GameSpy has this FilePlanet thing for its hosted sites to try to keep their bandwidth usage to a minimum.
You'll need to sign up for the GameSpy ID to be able to download commercials. The ID is free, and there are free downloading options for the files as well.

David Dayton: Yah. It's a necessary evil... Although we COULD try to use

Greetings TMK'ers! I, lazermario, have spent many hours through the night creating this great SSB parody file. All the ppl that come into #tmk and that I have talked to more than once I have included in this file.
What is it? Why, the character select screen from Super Smash Brothers! But instead of hearing Master Hand announce Nintendo characters like, Mario, Luigi, Link and so on. You hear him (Master Hand played by me) announcing chatroom members like Deezer, MushroomBoy & Sapphira (^_^).
Please feel fre to reply to me with your comments/questions/opinions at Or you can just tell me in #tmk or in a pm window on the dorksnet server.
Note: Please feel free to post this file on TMK and to freely redistribute it to any and all people you know from TMK. Please do not tamper with the ID3 tags as they give me credit. Enjoy!
- Lazer Mario

Deezer: "In da hizzouse!"

MEGAߥTE: You included a bunch of random TMK visitors, but not me? You suck.

David Dayton: Oddly enough, I am unable to download this.

Chupperson: You could consider yourself lucky.

Where did David's responses to that last mailbag go? I read the mailbag to see David's responses, NOT to hear LD demand a more important role in some piece of TMK fan fiction!
- David

David Dayton: Truly, I wish I knew the answer to that.

Deezer: This guy sounds familiar...

Mushroom Boy: The bum didn't write any last time, but we apologize for rectifying that issue for this mailbag.

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