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First Question: What's crackin' guys? (Me, I'm typing some electronic mail.)
Nintendo Question: What game do you predict will be the most entertaining for an interFungi Forums multiplayer bout?
Clothing Question: What brand of underwear are you partial to?
- TEM of the Fungi Forums

Chupperson: SSBM.
Partial underwear. (?!)

Lizard Dude: SSBM.
Fruit of the Loom, baby.

Heeeelloooo there TMK staff! n_n Super Mario Girl is back after email problems galore!
Regarding Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, I reserved it, and am eagerly awaiting the trip to game stop to buy it. FINALLY. I stink at RPGs, but what the heck? I love Paper Mario!
I know a few years back they talked about SMB128. I don't think it's going to come out. Seriously. Since when do they actually have a spiffy game that comes out, huh?
*shrugs* Anyway, SM64x4. Looks cool. Like the Yoshi thing. Hate the Wario thing. Happy Luigi's there. n_n I love Super Mario 64.
See ya!
- Super Mario Girl

Deezer: I guess someone at Nintendo figured out how to get Luigi in Super Mario 64! Ahahahaha...ah... bad joke.

David Dayton: Hey, Wario needs love too!

MEGAߥTE: No, he really doesn't.

Chupperson: Does he even want any?

Sapphira: He doesn't act like he does...

I've sent stuff to you before, but you skipped me for 2 mailbags!!!
1. I think Nintendo and Square should get back together and make a true blue Super Mario RPG 2. You know, with Mallow and Geno. It could be on the GameCube, or even the DS! I know a few of you guys don't like those guys, but...
2. I hate the Donkey Kong-tinuity. It's totally neglective of Mario!
3. Instead of "Nintendo Puzzle Collection," it should be released here as "Mario's Puzzle Collection," featuring Dr. Mario, Tetris Attack (Panel De Pon was way too girly), Yoshi, and Yoshi's Cookie. I know this is a little much, but how about if two of them were unlockable by getting a high score of ______. It would be worth scoring 5,000 points in Yoshi to get Yoshi's Cookie, and 5,000 points in Yoshi's Cookie to get Tetris attack. Well, this makes it more like "Yoshi's Puzzle Collection, Featuring Dr. Mario!" I would just love the graphics, but I would not buy it if it had Panel De Pon.
4. I liked Luigi's Mansion, except for at the end where you blow his head off... His body just stands there while his head blows ice at you... AND THEN HE PUTS HIS HEAD ON BACKWARDS! AAAAAAAAAH! After a while it stops being scary and makes you laugh... Speaking of Luigi's Mansion, I rented it from blockbuster and beat Bowser before turning it back in. The cool thing is, the save data is in my memory card, so when I finally buy it, I'll still have the stuff! I'm getting it at Target. Target sells them for $20! Because it's sold 1,000,000 copies.
5. I'm glad it was Luigi's Mansion. Mario's Mansion just wouldn't fit. It gives Luigi a personality.
6. I hated the SMB movie. The Goombas were huge monsters, Bowser had blonde hair, and they used Daisy instead of Toadstool. They should remake it with entirely computer generation. Toad could look like a Mushroom guy, Bowser could be a giant koopa, and the goombas would be tiny. The graphics could look like SMS.
1. Why was Yoshi on the NES if his debut was Super Mario World? Was it because Nintendo was developing SMW for the NES and quickly made more Yoshi games to keep people from asking if he was permanent? Then they realized it would be better on the SNES and released it there and then released the puzzle game? Theories are good...
2. Where's the Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga walkthrough that I sent to you 2 weeks ago?
3. Where's the errata that I sent to you 6 weeks ago?
4. Where's my Yoshi's Story game pak that I lost 3 years ago? *sniff* I'll have to buy it again.
5. What's up with NOA and subtitles? It goes from Mario Kart Advance to Mario Kart: Super Cicuit. Mario and Luigi RPG to Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. I favor Mario Kart Advance. I like Superstar Saga, though.
6. Does the GBA SMB have Save capabilities? If not, I'd say SMBDX wins by a long, LOOOOOOOOOONG shot.
- IAmSamNoEgsNoHam

Deezer: You are mailing the fan art / fan fiction section, not the mailbag. I forwarded this one over.
1. They could make more money by releasing Yoshi, Yoshi's Cookie, etc. for multiple systems.
2. It's where you sent it.
3. It's where you sent it.
5. I don't know. For some reason they feel obligated to give every game a subtitle these days. Here's some insight from Nate Bihldorff (Nintendo Power vol. 184):

Nintendo Power: So for the final name of the game—Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door—how did the team settle on that name?
Nate Bihldorff: Subtitles are brutal. Basically, we sat down and asked what the central parts of this game were. We've got the Crystal Stars—you've got to collect seven Crystal Stars over the course of the game. But you did the same thing in the original Paper Mario, and then there was the original Super Mario RPG, which was the Legend of the Seven Stars. Did we really want to go down this road again and have stars? Probably not. . . . Then there's the door, plus what could possibly be behind the door. . . . We decided to concentrate on the door itself. . . . We wanted something that pops and sounds intriguing. You almost instantly find the Thousand-Year Door in the beginning of the game and hear a bunch of people talking about it. So the intrigue builds. Yeah, naming things. It's the hardest thing in the world.

6. Yes.

David Dayton: Opinions: 1. Paper Mario / Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door / Mario & Luigi > Super Mario RPG.
2. I think you neglected my article on this very thing.
3. I'm starting to think we'll see a puzzle collection on the DS.
4. Well, it's NOT Bowser, so I think that explains everything.
5. I'm sure Daisy approves -- although I've yet to hear of what she thinks of that whole Princess Eclaire episode.
6. It's a weird little film.
Answers to Questions: 1. Yoshi was popular, so Nintendo decided to release an NES game featuring him. Remember, the NES was supported for several years after the release of the SNES.
2. See Deezer.
3. Sorry, not my department.
4. Mr. Face stole it.
5. Subtitles are better than numbers or silly tags (64, Advance, DS, Super) at this point.
6. The NES Classics SMB allows you to save the NES data. This essentially means that your high score is saved, and that you can use the SMB Continue Code to resume play from the world you died in.

MEGAߥTE: O3: What about Wario's Woods? It would be nice if any of these things get a release at all now...
O6. The Mario movie stands by itself. It's good in its own way, but it's just not standard Mario (unfortunately alienating both Mario fans and non-video game playing people). I don't think I'd want a SMS-based Mario movie though.
A1: Lots of games had SNES/NES/GB releases, particularly puzzle games that didn't take much to program.
A5: I've said this before, but Nintendo likes stupid subtitles. Of course, now we've got this absolutely ridiculous name: Super Mario 64 DS, a stack of FOUR titles: Mario Bros. -> Super Mario Bros. -> Super Mario 64 -> Super Mario 64 DS. Better than 64x4 or the entire Street Fighter series, I guess...

Sapphira: 1) Yes, yes they should. Although more new Mario RPG games would be even better, which it seems Ninty's been doing. ^_^
3) 'Twould make more sense if they changed PDP to Tetris Attack, and they'd probably see more, too. What ever happened to that Puzzle Collection game? A whole lot of games seem to be on hiatus, or something.
4) IS a Mario game, you know. It's not supposed to be truly FRIGHTENING, you know, but "scary" in a humorous way.
6) Future NEW Mario movie? ^_^
5) What David said.
6) SMBDX is awesome. Gotta love those extras you can earn, especially the photo album. ^_^

Dear Chupperson Weird, David Dayton, Deezer, JJ, Lizard Dude(Yep, I remembered you), MegaByte, and Sapphira,
It is I, TEM, back to ask you the tough questions, with my shotgun-style journalistic approach to Nintendo matters.
)1( Would you prefer SM64 DS to have the same jump system as the original SM64, or have each charactert have one non dynamic, but original, jump?
}2{ In your opinion, which deterred from the videogame plot line more: The Super Mario Super Show or the movie, Super Mario Bros.?
]3[ I thought the Bob-omb in the Super Mario Bros. movie was pretty cool, don't you?!

Deezer: )1( Yes.
}2{ The movie, I guess.
]3[ Sure.

Lizard Dude: )1( I'm not sure what you mean by dynamic, but I would prefer each character to have his own style of jump.
}2{ Definitely the movie
]3[ That's my favorite part!

David Dayton: 1. Brunette.
2. Hazel.
3. 5'6".

MEGAߥTE: )1( Each character does have his own style of jump. There will be multiple jump systems depending on if you use the pad or stylus to move around.
}2{ The movie, for sure.
]3[ Yes! That part (and the Reebok ad placement) rocked.

Hey, in the last Mailbag, someone was looking for a Luigi Artwork from SSBM. You couldn't find one, correct? Well, I've found one but it has some background stuff in it.
- Michael V.

Deezer: Not exactly what we're looking for, but maybe that dude from last mailbag will find it useful.

David Dayton: We could try making up some, sometime...

Sapphira: No, that's not an art render; it's more like an art....poster? What I was referring to before was a SSBM render of Luigi with a white background (in other words, none).

What *does* Mario say in SM64 when he throws Bowser? A lot of people seem to think it's "So long, Gay Bowser!" but obviously that's not it... so what is it?
- Knawdas

Deezer: I guess you're referring to that interview we linked to last mailbag where Charles Martinet himself forgot what he said. Well, I always heard "So long-a Bowser!" and figured it was an Italian thing.

Lizard Dude: I always thought, "So long, kay Bowser!" which I assumed to mean, "So long, King Bowser!"

David Dayton: "So long, King Bowser!" It seems fairly obvious to me.

MEGAߥTE: "So long-ee, Bowser!" Honestly, I'm not sure what he was smoking when recording those lines. "Thank you so much for to playing my game" ??

Chupperson: It's, "So long-ey, Bowser!" Or "so long-a," I suppose. It sure as heck isn't "king." Also, "Thank you so much-a for to playing my game" is awesome.

Sapphira: I always heard it as "So long, kay Bowser!" I figured it was "So long, eh, Bowser!?" or "So long-a, Bowser." ...Er, basically what Chup said. XD

Hello to anyone who is reading this,
Just in case you don't know, I'm now LuigiWolf. OK, now to the questions...
1. What are Smithy's moves?
2. Do you think there is a place on the site for bios, because I'd like to send some in...
3. You know Nintendo World Championships 1990? Well, I searched on Google and I found it.
4. Are they going to release SMA5? Like I said in my last E-Mail, a good name would be the Master Amulets with Master Hand as a boss... whoops. That was my game's biggest secret! Well, at least you don't know about the...
5. Can you tell me all of the items in SMB3 and SMW? Just for the game...
6. Can I send you my game plans?
7. Can you complete SMB3 in under... 11 minutes? I can't, I suck at that game. But, check out a movie here, at!
8. Are there any tricks to beating the 3rd Bowser? I get up to throwing him off for the third time, but I always underthrow. I can never hit the bombs in the air!
9. Something to try... I've heard of cheats to get new SSB characters! They aren't verified at all, and I'm just not good enough to do it.
- LuigiWolf

Deezer: 2. I don't think so.
3. That reminds me, I still have to add screen shots for that.
4. You'd have to ask Nintendo.
5. Have you heard of the Mariopedia?
6. I can't stop you, but I wouldn't know what to do with them.
7. I am tired of explaining this video.
8. Get as close to the bombs as you can. And practice a lot.
9. Yeah, those are fake.

David Dayton: 1. Diverse.
2. Bios for whom?
3. That's a rare cart, it is.
4. They seem to be running out of Mario games to bring to the GBA.
5. Use the MMMMMariopedia... M A R I O P E D I A.
6. Why?
7. Now now, Deezer, it is hypothetically possible.
8. It's possible to slowly "walk" him to a bomb by alternating between grabbing and releasing, and then you could spin and toss him.
9. Oddly, they aren't in my sources either.

MEGAߥTE: 3. Yes... and?
6. No.
7. Welcome to last year.
9. Welcome to several years ago. FAKE.

Sapphira: 1) First Battle: Sledge, Meteor Swarm. Second Battle: Magnum, Arrow Rain, Sword Rain, Spear Rain, Dark Star, Meteor Swarm, Boulder, Shredder. Those are his named Magic Attack moves. (Aren't I so nice to look this up on my ancient SMRPG guides, buried on the hard drive of my old, unused comp?)
5) What they said. I've done my work by supplying that info ^

Hi. I thought today it'd be nice to visit one of my favorite web sites from yesteryear. So, after checking out Planet Gamecube, I found myself at your new front page.
Of course, I'm only kidding: TMK was always my favorite, and I write to you in appreciation of the new art piece. Politics bore me, and the underlying message--while hidden subtly under the initial impression of, "Oh yay! Nintendo guyz heads on the people!"--showed through immediately. Of course, I could be entirely wrong in my interpretation, but I think it's no coincidence that Mario and Luigi's lovable noggins weren't on those suits...
Anyway, keep it real. My hat is off to the artist behind the new pic.
- Grady

Deezer: Glad you enjoyed it! Hats off to MEGAߥTE for Photoshopping it for me. :)

David Dayton: \/\/

MEGAߥTE: Thanks! It's interesting how many different levels of interpretation can be gotten out of it (and they are all correct).

LD: my apologies.
EVERYONE ELSE: do you plant mushrooms around your big gigantic headquarters box? like, the kind you eat? .. anyway, do people constantly steal material off your website without permission?
- sunbun

Deezer: SUNBUN: Yeah. If the site is well-known I mention something on the About page. :) That reminds me, some images from TMK are in Power-Up : How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life. It's a pretty new book, and from the small part I've read, pretty interesting too.

Lizard Dude: SUNBUN: Apology accepted.

David Dayton: I really need to order that book... the author is the same guy that did those old Mario/Yoshi ZZT games we used to have on the site.

Chupperson: Yes.

MEGAߥTE: (Update) David and I won copies of that book in the latest Planet Trivia ( among other things ;-) ). Thanks Chris! Note that it does have some mistakes though; hopefully they'll be cleared up in a future edition.

TMK is in da house!
dis is ultra mario, master of mario games in my league. anyways i got a question about the new banner for your new site. i don't know if i read wrong but it says to be part of the contest you gotta have an invitation/invite. if i'm right where can you get an invite? aiight aiight 2nd question, i've been hereing some rumors about gamecube2 ( i heard it in a mag and friends.) personally i think it's the nintendo DS. besides it sounds like it's copying from PS2 (which sux)

Deezer: The invitation is what you can win. Basically it's a key to open a Gmail account. Anyone can participate.

MEGAߥTE: The next Nintendo console system is currently referred to under the codename "Revolution."

Hi. I have two questions for you guys:
1. How do you install an N64 expansion pack? (If you don't know, could you point me in the direction of a place that does?)
2. Is there a way hook a NES controller up to a computer for use with my (whispers) emulator?
tanks for listening,
- JohnDog

MEGAߥTE: 1. You open up the expansion cover, take out the jumper pak, insert the expansion pak, and replace the cover.
2. There are plans here, but if you couldn't figure out how to install the expansion pak, then don't even bother looking.

Sapphira: 1) This pic might be able to help you more. To get either pak out, I think you have to use that little gray device it comes with. A spoon may work better.

Spoon Boy: There is no spoon.

L.O! I'ts me, IAmSamNoEgsNoHam!
1. If you tell me how to make screenshots (without playing on o ROM of a game), I can get you official screenshots of Paper Mario. The ones you have are for the previews of Super Mario RPG 2, which was never completed because of Square and Nintendo's fight. I'd like you to explain the fight if you can... I can also get sprites of Mario and his friends (all 6 of them) from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
2. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is... AWESOME!!! If you've got it, say so. I love how the people put emphasis on the fact that Mario's made of paper.
3.They should make some decent Mario sports, like basketball and baseball. Short survey: who's bored of Golf and Tennis?
4. Errata! On the back of the box for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, look under the screenshot of Bowser breathing fire at an X-Naut. It says ~ahem~ "No need to go it alone! You'll need to rely on sidekicks to survive, and even enemies have a role to play..." The error is in the first sentence: No need to go it alone! Either omit the word "it" to say: No need to go alone! or change "go" to "do" to make: No need to do it alone!
5. Errata! On the front of the box and the title screen of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the Yoshi that you get to name is green with red hair. In the game, he is red with green hair.
wake up, Deezer! Don't create the Thousand-Year Errata Page that only is updated once a millenium!
Hope that this mail wasn't pointless! J.J. will say it was...
- IAmSamNoEgsNoHam

1. The SMRPG2 shots were taken long after Square and Nintendo split.
3. I'm certainly not bored of tennis.
4. "going it alone" is a common expression used in the same way as "going alone." Not errata!
5. The color Yoshi you get depends on certain things. Not errata!

Deezer: 2. Agreed.
3. I think someone should make a "Super Mario Sports" game or something that includes a bunch of little modes like bowling, volleyball, foosball, etc.
4.&5. Ahahah, these reminded me of those articles on The Onion by that one character that lists news and rumors about Hollywood. "Item! Luigi has been spotted in the Waffle Kingdom!" (This reply might be funnier if I could remember the name of the article or author. Or not.)

Chupperson: 1. We can get them ourselves, and they didn't really "fight."
2. I hate how the people put emphasis on the "fact" that Mario's made of paper. Paper Mario 1 was cool because for one, it was like an old school Mario game in a way, and two, because it was novel without going over the top, by which I mean to say they stopped at the pop-up book stage. Paper Mario was, I believe, just a representation of Mario, made of paper. It was more of a story about Mario, instead of a direct representation, as what most games seem to be. Now they come along with Paper Mario 2, in which Mario is no longer an abstract representation, but somehow seems to have been literally transformed into a sheet of paper. It makes it way less cool and much less original than Paper Mario.
3. I still want Mario Basketball and Mario Skateboarding. Mario Soccer and Football could be good as well. I'm not bored of tennis either, by a long shot.

Lizard Dude: 2. Chupperson, if you play PM:TTYD and see how Mario gets those "paper" powers, I don't think you will dislike it as much. The game actually explains why he can do these things; it doesn't just "somehow literally transform" him into a sheet of paper.

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