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i was wondering how you get your tetris records sent to you. i've beaten the high score posted on your site a few dozen times. my high score is a little over 493,000.
- Joseph P. Roy

MEGAߥTE: I don't think we're taking Tetris records since Tetris isn't a Mario game, as such. The score posted is for Mixed Match mode... is that what you meant?

Deezer: I got that one from Nintendo Power.

I don't know if you are interested, but these are the names from the credits of "Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium 4 (SNES)". It's not just a translation - I checked the kanji with known credits of other games. (That's why I cannot tell the names of the voice actors.)
(see credits page)
But I think there might be a mistake in the list, because Hiroji Kiyotake (Designer of Samus/Wario) and Shigefumi Hino (Yoshi Designer) cannot deliver "technical" support. (Maybe a missing job description?)
- kdh

Deezer: Thanks, that was the step I was too lazy to do. :)
I just checked again, and those were the three names under technical support. No idea what kind of technical support they were giving, but interesting nonetheless.

Hey Tmk, its been awhile since i last wrote to you guys. I've got a couple of questions. I only own Nintendo systems(Gamecube, n64, snes, and gameboy) right now...
1.) Do you guys have any intentions on playing Halo2 or GTA Sandreas, (they are both excellent games in there own respect, i've gotten to play them both fully at friends houses)?
2.) Do you any of you guys own x-box or ps2?
3.) Are you going to buy the DS right when it comes out?
4.) Which do you think is going to do better, the DS or the PSP
5.) Do you think there is going to be another platforming Mario game for the Gamecube, or do you think it will be a launch title for the Revolution?
6.) What do you think will do best in the future console war : The revolution, playstation 3, or the X-box2?
7.) Which has more potential, Revolution or the DS?
Thanks for your time with this email, I am really curious to see what you think.
- Nman202

MEGAߥTE: 1.) We have San Andreas (two words) here, but I don't really see the reason for that series' popularity.
2.) No, but I will get a PS2 eventually... I have no need to now while one of the guys in my apt. has one. When the XBox comes down in price, I'll probably buy one to use as a cheap media center as well.
3.) Well, I won it. So, yes and no.
4.) It's hard to say, and depends over what time frame we're talking about. It's pretty well given that DS will do well. PSP is harder to say; it will probably do well, but maybe not better than DS... I guess we'll have a better idea in a few days once the performance of the PSP is fully known. The systems are very different and might result in many people owning both. PSP is supposed to be a long term system, while the DS is supposed to be a "third pillar." Depending on their relative successes, we might see the next Game Boy earlier or later.
5.) The latest word is that Mario 128 will be released for GameCube, but I'm not sure if that will hold, as Mario would be a very strong launch title for Revolution.
6.) Too early to say since we don't have final specs on any of the machines.
7.) I would say Revolution since we don't know much about it. The DS was supposed to be a preview to the possibilities of Revolution, so it follows that Revolution will have the most potential... the name certainly implies it.

Deezer: 1.) I've played Halo 2. I like the campaign mode a little better, but I prefer the original Halo's multiplayer.
2.) A lot my buddies have Xbox or PS2 so I don't really need to get them. Anyway, I haven't played an Xbox/PS2 game yet that has made me want to purchase an Xbox/PS2 just for that game.
3.) I'll probably pick it up after Christmas.
4.) Too early to tell.
5.) Supposedly Miyamoto confirmed Super Mario 128 for GameCube in a recent issue of Famitsu. Of course, plans change, so who really knows.

Sapphira: 1.) No.
2.) No, but there's a PS2 in my house owned by another family member.
3.) MB is so lucky... ;_; I'll probably get one over the summer.
4.) I'd like to say DS, but I'm biased.
7.) What MB said.

J.J.: Groan, the "list questions" are still as persistent as ever, I see. Just so you, the reader, don't have to constantly scroll up to remember what the questions were, I will give complete sentence answers in my responses.
1) I do not like violent video games like GTA or Halo, so no, I shall not play them.
2) I don't own an Xbox or PS2. It's hard enough just keeping up with all the Gamecube games out there.
3) I think the DS is weird, and dare I say it, stupid. It has shown me nothing that makes me want to buy it.
4) I think the DS is too fundamentally gimmicky and strange to ever become a big mainstream hit. At the same time I don't think the Playstation thing will catch on either. So I predict they'll both be failures.
5) I think Nintendo's current strategy is to never again release a Mario platformer and instead just keep the world guessing until the end of time as to when the "new one" will be released.
6) Asking me to predict which one of three presently non-existent systems will win a future war is the height of stupidity, sir.
7) I think the DS has about as much lasting potential as the Virtual Boy or the Work Boy (look it up).

Lizard Dude: 1) No, but Halo 2 has gotten me into more game ending philosophy arguments than I care to think about.
2) I don't, but I own 2 PS2 games. I suspect I'll own one eventually and get more games.
3) Picking it up over Christmas break.
4) Looking at Japanese DS sales, I'd say PSP is doomed to fail the battle.
5) I have faith.
6) PS3 by a narrow margin to XBox2. Revolution will either doom Nintendo in the non-handheld market or catch it up to the other two.
7) I suppose something that I know nothing about has more "potential" than something I know everything about.

Chupperson: 1.) None at all.
2.) I plan on getting a PS2 sometime in the near future, so I can catch up on all the RPGs and Mega Man games I've been missing.
3.) I layawayed it the day after it was released. I'll be getting it in a few days.
4.) DS, simply because it seems like less of a hassle to possess one.

I just want to say how cool it is you won that contest, Megabyte! Enjoy LA and your new DS!
- Ian

MEGAߥTE: Thanks! I did and we'll have pictures up soon.

This concerns the debate of what Mario says after launching Bowser in Super Mario 64. First, where in the world did someone get the idea that Mario would say, "So long, gay Bowser?" That's just strange. Second of all, I would like to announce that you are all wrong. My and my brothers have listened closely and found out that he says, "So long, gigante (hi-gan-teh)!" For those of you who don't know, "gigante" is Italian for, what else, "giant. I hope this clears things up. Oh, by the way, Paper Mario - The Thousand-Year Door rocks. I already finished it and it is very creepy at the end when the...takes...she...creepy...and it's so funny that...and...[goes on and on and on].
- umandsf

I know what mario says when he defenestrates bowser in SM64! He says "Solanky donkey!" Don't you think?
- vishal gupta

MEGAߥTE: I think you're both wrong about the quote.

Deezer: To "defenestrate" is to throw someone or something out of a window. I don't remember any windows in the Bowser stages. Anyway, I recently heard the line when I wasn't expecting to hear it, and I heard "So long, big Bowser." I could be wrong.

J.J.: I come from a strange country where people often say "eh" before, during, or after making a statement. Therefore, I always assumed that Mario was saying "So long, eh, Bowser" as this makes perfect grammatical sense in Canadian.

Lizard Dude: This letter wins just for using the word defenestrate.

Chupperson: Mario never uses Italian words in the rest of the game, so why would he in this one instance? I've always thought it was more similar to "So long, eh, Bowser" too.

Hey guys! This is my first mailbag submission so, here goes with the familiar list:
1) Nintendo doesn't seem to be thinking about a new Mario cartoon anytime soon. I mean come on who saw an F-Zero show coming? Fox Mcloud will have a show before Mario at this rate (actually, I l would like a Starfox show). Anyway, If a Mario show did come, would you rather it be a normal cartoon, a CG cartoon, or a combination of the two?
2) Have any of you played Mario Power Tennis yet? If so, is it any good?
3) The image on the main page REALLY needs to be changed. See my suggestion on the Message Board under the Site Suggestions topic.
4) Do you think that the SMB from Super Mario All-stars will ever be on the GBA?
5) I have been working on a fan comic about Mario and Sonic characters meeting face to face. Since the rules about what goes in fan art are strict, It will all be hand-drawn. It will not just one comic, but a series of them. If I continue work on these comics, will you accept them? Some parts of the story may involve only Sonic's side, so if you wish I can put the Sonic Half on another site. My comic also includes some new characters (hint hint). Also, If I can't get a scanner, will you accept a sprite comic? I will credit those who ripped the sprites..
6) What kind of mailbag submission do you guys hate the most?
b) who is Mario?
c) TH sOnic S in Super smaSh Bros. O_o
d) one's with a lot of ****s.
e) I found a Mario cameo...
f)What kind of mailbag submission do you guys hate the most?
7) What is your other favorite franchise? ( non-Mario)
8) Finally, will the computer games section ever have more content? If not you may want to replace that section or delete it.
Bye and Thanks,
- SuperSonic_Yoshi

MEGAߥTE: 1) Nintendo is planning on opening an animation studio and may eventually use their own characters in animated movies. I think a Mario cartoon should be a "normal" cartoon, but that doesn't mean it can't be computer generated, just with a more traditional art style.
2) Not yet, I hope to remedy that soon.
3) We're on it.
4) Probably not the GBA, maybe some other system.
6) c)
7) Zelda
8) Eventually. We're working out the legality details of hosting such games.

Deezer: 2) I tried the demo. It was just how I expected, and I expected to still be tired of Mario Tennis since completing the first one.
6) c)
7) Tie: Zelda, Metroid

Sapphira: 1) Hmm, I suppose more traditional cartoon like, but if there's ever a (new) Mario movie, computer animated all the way.
2) Haven't played it yet.
4) That would be cool. I like those graphics better. Oh gosh, I'm sure gonna hear it...
5) Is anyone gonna answer this?
6) C
7) It would've been a tie between DK and Zelda, but apparently the DK series has now merged with the Mario series.

J.J.: Ugh, this one just kept going. I'll just skip ahead to the questions I want to answer.
5) Your comic sounds horrible and I'm sure it is poorly drawn and barely coherent. So no, we don't want it.
6) yours.

Lizard Dude: 1) CG
2) I've played it a ton. Two green scaly thumbs up.
4) No
6) That's like having to choose a least favorite kid.
7) Space Channel 5

Chupperson: 1) Personally, I'd rather have a Star Fox show than a Mario one, provided they did it as well as that SFA manga...
2) Not yet, anyway.
4) The graphics and music are nice, but otherwise, I'd say the NES Classics or whatever SMB is better.
5) If you do a sprite comic, I don't think I'd be able to allow it into the section.
6) f
7) I'd have to say I like Mario, Star Fox, Zelda, and Mega Man about equally as well.

I read that when using something I believe to be called "action replay" it is possible to obtain the SMB NES game in Animal Crossing (GC). I don't know if this has been confirmed but my sources are credible. Anyway, I was wondering if you knew anything about this and if so, how to get it (without action replay)?
- Kitty

MEGAߥTE: Yes, you can get the games through the use of Action Replay. Unfortunately, there is no way to get the games otherwise at present.

Konichiwa! Hello again, mailbag masters! I'm not going to say much in the intro this time; just wanted to warn that this letter is really long and kind of stupid. It doesn't have much to do with Mario but I want to ask these questions ayway because I like to hear your ideas and opinions on them (and I didn't want to make more bad topics in the Fungi Forums). So, grit your teeth and prepare yourself for a real yawner!
(1) When I think back to all of my letters to you I realized that I never asked you guys any personal questions. There might have been a few in the old mailbags but I can't remember everything that people said. So I'll ask them now just in case. So, are any of you guys (and gal) married? How many times have you all been to E3? Have you all met before at one place at the same time besides E3? Are any of you friends with the people who come here often (such as Markio or Luigison)? What is the first thing you're going to do or did do when you got a Nintendo DS? Who owns the most Mario merchandise? What are your favorite websites besides this one, if any? What kind of jobs do you have? What are your favorite outdoor activities? Where in the world is JJ (the Jet Plane)? Lizard Dude, are you ever going to do another piano recital and record it so we can all experience more Mario magic? That's all I can think to ask right now.
(2) I really hate to ask this question but I need your help. I want to send you some scans of the covers of my old Mario videos I own (which I still like but accidently taped over one) but don't have a clue how to do that. I know how to scan objects, adjust color and size and stuff, and then save it to a file, but I don't know how to send one to your website. I mean, I do know how but my way of doing it probably wouldn't look very good. Do you have any tips or tricks or maybe a link to a site that could help me out? I would love to add some more merchandise to your collection!
(3) As the Holidays approach us I've been wondering... has Mario ever dressed up as Santa Claus? I know he did it one episode of Super Mario World but I mean besides that? I don't know why I even care but I do. And since this is kind of related... what is the exact number of major enemies Mario has fought against and what are their names?
[4] In one of the old mailbags someone asked a question about an episode of the Super Mario Bros. 3 TV show. They wanted to know what Koopa said when he was flying at the Mario Bros. and they thought he said a bad word. Well I watched that episode on my tape not too long ago and realised that what he actually said was, "No way, fungus face!" He said this because everyone saw Koopa flying at them with a raccoon tail and they started to do the super man thing, with Toad being the last to ask, "Is it a plane?" I just thought I should clear that up (please don't hurt me!)
[5] Oh no! Look what I've got... more Mario references to bug you about! Here's the two that I saw. First, on one episode of Last Comic Standing that aired last October, a guy talked about how he and his loser friends would go to parties and play their own version of "Donkey Kong". They would roll kegs down a bunch of stairs and make the guy run up the stairs and quickly jump over them (I sure would love to see that). The second one was in an episode of the new cartoon F-Zero GP Legend (huge surprise, not) where this one girl was dressed up almost exactly like Luigi. She had a yellow shirt, green overalls, and a green painter's cap with an upside-down heart on the front. And she was tall and skinny just like Luigi! Except for the yellow shirt, symbol on the hat, and no mustache it was pretty dern close. And one more thing I just wanted to point out. In the character select screen for Sonic Heroes I noticed that the music sounds very familiar with a part of the music in SMRPG, in the first fight with Smithy (the chorus around seconds 17-33). Not exact but kind of close. Oops, there's still one last thing! I remember a few years ago when I would go to work at a campground that this radio station used to play SMB music in the early morning whenever they did the news. I don't remember which station it was, only that they called it a Tuner Check. Okay, that should be enough Mario stuff to make you sick!
[6] And now for my last big comment. This is pretty dumb I'll warn you but I wanted to say it anway. I read a cool book not too long ago that talked about the ancient and mysterious code that lies within the Bible and possibly predicts the future. The book showed how the codes worked, how some of the codes had come true, and a few found that were left to happen. One of the codes that really jumped out at me when I read it was one that said "Great earthquake Japan, 2006, Fire and earthquake struck Japan, Economic Collapse." I was shell-shocked. Could it be that in only a little over two years or less Japan could experience such devastation? An earthquake and fire that would collapse the whole economy? That would be terrible (it must be a curse from God on their adult anime, just kidding). Now, I'm not saying that I'm positive this is going to happen and I don't expect you to believe it, but seeing how many of the other codes have come true, I can imagine that this could happen as well. What do you think about this? What kind of impact do you think could this have on our dear Nintendo?
Thanks again for reading this boring list. You guys are 2 cool and have a great site. I look forward to the new Mushroom! Mario Christmas! (super lame)
- Yoshisaurus Rex, the correct answer to David Dayton's game of Spot The Idiot

Dear TMK people,
Sorry, there was one last thing I forgot to say. Some of the links in the secret page still need to be fixed. Just thought I would bug you about that again to make you go crazy. Well, see ya!
- Yoshisaurus Rex, the lucky dude who finally found the secret page which is indeed cooler than sliced bread

MEGAߥTE: (1) Hey, this isn't question 1, this is more like Chapter 1! This has got to be the longest non-truncated e-mail ever. Nobody on staff is married. I have been to E3 once. I recently met Deezer in LA for the DS launch. I have no Fungi Forums real-life friends. I played the included Metroid Prime: Hunters demo when I first received my DS. I may own the most Mario merchandise, the most games at least. I visit a lot of websites everyday, including Slashdot. I am a college student, but I also do various Internet programming work, and biological research. I enjoy playing basketball.
(2) Well if you already know how to scan them in and everything, just attach them.
(3) There has been Nintendo art of both Mario and Yoshi dressed up as Santa at various times.
[4] Thought so.
[6] I wouldn't put any trust in the Bible Code book that you read. While there are a lot of problems with that book that I won't go into, I'll note that they were able to use the same methods to find "predictions" in Moby Dick. Words scattered in the Hebrew can have lots of meanings put to them after things have already happened. (I'm still trying to figure out how "Atomic Holocaust" translates into Ancient Hebrew). You can download your own version of their search program on the Internet and find all sorts of ridiculous things if you want. All this doesn't mean there won't be an earthquake there soon. Japan is located in the ring of fire, after all.
There is nothing wrong with any of the secret page links. I have a feeling you didn't actually find the secret page.

Sapphira: 1) If you mean are any of my real-life friends TMKers, no. If you simply mean are any of the TMKers my friends, yes. When I get a DS?--open the box. I'm unemployed, don't like outdoor activities, and JJ is in Canada.
3) Calculate them by looking at the Mariopedia.
6 and this whole letter) x_x

Deezer: (1) No. Zero. Not all of us. I guess we're e-friends? I'll set the time/name. No idea. I can't pick just one. I used to work at a supermarket. Basketball.

Lizard Dude: I worked selling makeup over the phone. I never knew so many staffers like basketball. I'm not sure about a new piano video, but I did recently learn a mean version of the SMW Athletic Theme.

J.J.: I stopped reading at "really long and kind of stupid."

Chupperson: 1) Outdoor activities? Uhh... running around. I like to play Basketball and Tennis, also. And I ride my bike sometimes as well. DS? Um, probably what Sapph will do. For such a large amount of e-mail, I had an amazingly small amount of reply.

Dear TMK Staff,
I can't belive they are giving away DVDs in cereal boxes WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO????????Well...I just realized that SNES is one of the best systems ever.It may even be better than these "new" systems (gamecube,XBOX and PS2).I mean dang these systems have good graphical capabilities but some of the games for them are truly pieces of crap(Sphinx and the cursed mummy anybody?)!But the SNES...WOW!It has games with 2-D graphics yet they are fun(Super mario world, Secret of Evermore, the Legend of Zelda:A Link to the Past, Super metroid, EarthBound and many, many more!)!Not to mention it has some of the best RPG's ever(EarthBound, Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 2 and 3, Super Mario RPG and a lot more!)
So in closing respect your SNES.
11-year old SNES junkie,
- Kyler Daughtery aka Ghost of Starman

MEGAߥTE: Well, I'm glad that somebody your age got to play the unadulterated versions of SNES games and appreciate them so much. It will be hard to top the scope of the SNES's game library.

J.J.: Yes! Thank you! Finally, someone who feels the same way I do. And only 11? wow. I thought kids today were supposed to only care about flashy graphics.

Lizard Dude: I thought they were supposed to care about senseless violence.

Chupperson: Dude. This is one of the coolest e-mails to hit the mailbag in a long time.

1.Waluigi should have his own game
2.Can you hear me now
3.Can I slap you with a really big fish
4.What is your least favorite Mario Game my least favorite is Yoshi's Cookie
5.What is your favorite mario game my favorite is Super Mario RPG
6.I found the secret page! it's adress is
7.Mushroom boy looks yummy
8.Can I eat him?
- Nobody

MEGAߥTE: Remove "body" from your name and you have my answer to all 8 of your questions.

Sapphira: Those were questions? I only see one, and it's #8.

J.J.: Words cannot express the hatred....

Lizard Dude: 1. Yeah, I agree.
2. Uh huh.
3. Please don't.
4. Mario is Missing, I guess
5. Good choice
6. Hmm, kind of
7. Oh
8. Please don't.

Chupperson: I can't stop laughing!

Greetings to you, ancient masters and/or mistresses of Tibet... er... the Mushroom Kingdom.
I've been reading the mailbag for some time, and occasionally mailed stuff in, which obviously wasn't as good as other stuff, since you guys didn't post it. BUT THIS SHALL CHANG EVERYTHING! BWAHAHAHAHA!
I was wondering, have you ever seen or heard of the legendary ascii art LUEshi? Also known as Mario Riding Yoshi, it is considered a symbol of perverseness, chaos, insanity, and ramenburgers. Seen here:
Other than pointing that out to you, if you hadn't already seen it, I also had a few various quesitions. I'm sure you're tired of these lists, so I'll try to make it brief.
:I Do any of you have a favorite level in any particular Mario game? A favorite powerup?
II: Which repetitive Mario sighting amuses you the most by now?
III: What would you do if you were stuck in the Mushroom Kingdom for one month?
IV: What's your favorite Mario sprite? I like Super Mario World Mario myself.
V: Did Tatanga from Super Mario Land appear in any other games? I've heard he makes a cameo in one of the Mario Party games, but I have no proof of it.
VI: In a fight between Bowser, Tatanga, Wario, Wart, Smithy, and any other villains you may choose to throw in, who would win?
VII: Why is there only one female staff member?
- Chris Trueman

MEGAߥTE: I. Hmm... Rainbow Road and Special World might be my two favorite areas in Mario games. I think my favorite power-up is the new Super Mushroom in SM64DS.
IV. The sprites used in the SM64DS minigames are pretty cool.
V. Tatanga appeared as the Space Zone boss in Super Mario Land 2.
VII. Why are there so few female gamers?

J.J.: Honestly, when you people ask these sort of asinine questions do you even care what the answer is? Like, does it really change your life in any meaningful way if you learn that David Dayton likes the third underwater level in Mario 3 or something? Or are you just making up stupid questions because you have nothing meaningful to ask? Commanding us to entertain you with stories about what we'd do in the Mushroom World isn't much better. This is a MAILBAG not storytime afternoon down at the library. And as far as question VII goes, I think we have one too many as it is.

Lizard Dude: I. I love jumping the Piranha Plants in SMB's 4-1.
II. Either "It's on like Donkey Kong" from the Amazing Race or the song from Who's Line Is It Anyway?.
III. I'd compose lots of ending to Toadofsky's song, pet a Yoshi or two, and spend lots of time lounging around in Toad Town, sipping on Kerokero Colas.
IV. I suppose the SMAS Mario is "the" Mario to me.
VI. Darth Vader
VII. This question explores the depths of our very souls.

Chupperson: :I There's usually at least one level in each game I really get a kick out of.
III. I'd have more fun than a bucket of sliced bread.
IV. SMAS-SMB3 Mario.
VI. I'd vote Boris Badenov, Dracula, or Lavos.
P.S. Are you sure you didn't take that E that was supposed to be in "chang" and misplace it in the middle of your last name?

Sapphira: I. Hmm....overall, of every game, probably Forest Maze (SMRPG) and Bowser's/Peach's Castle in PM. ...if those count as "levels." Power-up? Either the Tanooki Suit or P-Wing, I suppose.
II. Probably on the Simpsons, when they're trying to coax Bart to steal a game.
III. Visit every place, meet everyone, collect everything, and do everything. Oh, and party. ...And take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. ^_^
IV. Skiing Yoshi and Baby Mario from Yoshi's Island. ...Or Peach from SMRPG, especially whenever she uses her healing powers. But if you mean just Mario....yeah, I can't resist that Baby Mario wearing a ski cap with an "M" on it. ^_^
VII. *Slaps JJ across the face and kicks him repeatedly in a not-so-great-place-to-be-kicked until he's beaten to a bloody pulp* I knew I'd get my revenge one day, chauvinist pig. I warn and I warn people not to get on my bad side, but do they listen? Of course not! ..........Anyway..... ^_^; Because I'm the only one awesome enough for the position. And everyone loves me (except for JJ....especially after now)....and only me....(although I hope not in that way.) ^_^ ...Oh wait, no, I thought we DO have another female staffer; it's LD, right?
P.S.: Sweet questions, dude! Almost all of them made me ponder and gave me nostalgic memories. I give it four (now five) "^_^" faces up. (Count them yourself. XD)

Deezer: I. "Awesome" in Super Mario World. Favorite power-up would be the Hammer Bros. suit in Mario 3.

Sup TMK,
Hoping you have some time (yet again)...
1. Just so you know, you really overhype the Secret Page. BTW,
1b. Does the 'Secret Site' still exist?
1c. Can you at least tell what TMK PAGE it's on?
1d. You don't have to...
2. (on a totally unrelated note) Bush or Kerry?
THE REAL 2. Do you think Yoshi's Story would make a good SMA5?
3. Do you think the Mario Party's Luigi is a phony?
4. Were any of you at E3? (I think MEGABYTE was there...)
5. Peach or Daisy?
6. Do you ever get tired of the Mailbag?
7. To J.J.: Are you who I think you think you are?
8. Do you ever wish Mario was real?
9. An interesting DK3 glitch... I was on Round 2. The caterpillars were on the vines below DK. I fire. They freeze. Suddenly, the bottomost one dissapears. It did not die. I let the caterpillars move. I fired at DK, nothing happened. The missing caterpillar was there, althoguh I gave it more than enough time to move. My shots fizzed out when they reached the spot. I couldn't fire at DK, so he climbed off the ropes, fell down, and I got GAME OVER. Weird,'s been BUGGING me for a while...(Bad pun intended)
10. Are my e-mails too long?
11. Where do you stand on where Baby Mario came from? (Mario Golf, people...)
12. Chupperson, do you know the guy that knows the guy that knew the guy that is my 3rd best friend?
THE REAL 12. The site needs a more frequent Mailbag updating...I think MEGABYTE covered that...
13. I don't like United Airlines. Do you?
14. Are there too many numbers?
15. I'll stop now...or it would BRAKE me up! (haha..yeah.)
P.S. That's my real first Italy. My real name is Louis Riccocup.
- Luigi Dude (Luigi Riccocup)

MEGAߥTE: 1. I don't know what "Secret Site" you speak of.
2. Neither.
THE REAL 2. Probably not.
4. Not this year. David was.
5. Depends. Old school or CG versions?
6. Only letters like this.
9. Weird... too bad stuff like that isn't usually reproducible.
10. Yes.
11. I don't think the Mario's children explanation is out of the question. The time warp one is just silly.
13. Well, I flew United to LA. It seemed okay to me except for all the delays. The only other airline I've flown on is Delta, and they were pretty much the same.
14. Infinity is not enough.

Deezer: 1) I don't remember hyping it up at all. I've only mentioned that it existed and, later on, given hints. That's it. The hype comes from the readers.
1b) There is no "secret site".
4) Not me... yet.
6) Not really.
THE REAL 12) It always depends on the letters we get.
13) I don't think I've ever flown United.

Sapphira: THE REAL 2) Considering Mario isn't even IN Yoshi's Story, it wouldn't make sense.
3) ...
4) I wasn't, but hopefully next year (although not likely ;_; ). 2006, baby, yeah.
5) Depends. Overall, Peach. In multiplayer, either.
6) Heck yeah. (Please don't fire me....) >_>;
10) Yes. Although not as bad as Yoshisaurus Rex's.
11) Loophole in the Time-Space Continuum. ...And lack of creativity on Camelot's part.
12) Dark Helmet from Spaceballs?
THE REAL 12) Please, for the love of Pete, no!! x_x
13) I've flown once. Go Southwest, though! ^_^

J.J.: Dear Luigi Dude, you send us way too many letters. In response to your latest dribble:
6. YES.
As far as 7 goes the answer is "probably."

Lizard Dude: Baby Mario is just some baby named Mario who acts like the old Mario and wears the same hat. He idolizes Mario; that's why he does it. Unless we're talking about Baby Mario from SMW2. Then that's the young old Mario.

Chupperson: 2. Ugh.
THE REAL 2. No, I think it uses too much analogue to work well on GBA. Maybe.
4. I was there two years after last year.
5. Peach, most definitely.
6. What for?
8. That would be freaky.
12. Depends on who you are.

It's November 13th, a month and two days after your previous mailbag. Where is it? It's 2:31 EST. Hello?
- A very angry, annoyed, and agrivated Zanna728

Deezer: It was actually scheduled for November 21st, but we put it up on the 19th because MB and I were leaving for LA.

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