01 Jan 2005
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Lizard Dude
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Dear TMK Mailbaggers,
do any of you fine young men and woman know where I could find the tech demo entitled Mario 128? I've always wanted to see the 100 Marios running around or whatever they are doing, but I can't seem to find it. If it is on the world wide web please give me a link.
- TEM The Third, Esquire

MEGAߥTE: We're creating a new section covering the tech demos just for you, TEM. We do have some Mario 128 media, but IGN had the whole 7-minute direct-feed video up several years ago. They still do, but you now need insider to watch it. Does anybody have a copy of that video? For now, you can check the work-in-progress Tech Demo section.

Deezer: Sup TEM III, Esq.?

Greetings TMK mailbag answer gods (and goddess),
I was wondering if you (or more specifically, Deezer) could tell me what the notes are for the Super Mario Bros. "Flagpole" theme is for a piano? I saw the guitar tabs that you have on the site, but they made very little sense to me.
Also, what game decided to call all the Mushroom People Toads? I thought it was cool how they were all The Mushroom People and Toad was just the one with the name. (ok, so maybe they all had names, but I only really liked Toad..)
To keep from rambling, I'll end here. Ciao! :)
- Jon Reed

MEGAߥTE: I hope this helps!

Deezer: If I recall correctly, Paper Mario's "Toad Town" was the first time a game classified the Mushroom People as "Toads." Every Toad had a last initial of "T." which made for some nice puns. Interesting note: Toad has always been "Kinopio" in Japan, even in SMB, while the English SMB manual called them "Mushroom Retainers."

J.J.: The first time I ever remember hearing the Mushroom people referred to as "Toads" was in a "Mario Vs. Wario" comic in an old January issue of Nintendo Power. I remember Wario told Mario to "help the Toads with the decorations" or something along those lines. I remember it sounded weird at first.

Sapphira: Sweet, MB. Oh, and I'd really rather not be deified, Mr. Reed. I find it quite blasphemous. :P Thanks.

Hi! Hi! Hi!
It's Zanna728 wondering why the heck you don't like me. You never personally respond to my emails, and i feel like your not updating the site just to get to me. WELL, question time:
1) Are Dinosaur land, Isle Delfino, Rougeport, etc. all part of the Mushroom World?
2) Is it just me, or are graphics getting....... worse?
3) How much is a Nintendo 64?
4) What's up with the $49.99 rule?
5) Would you consider Zanna728 to be a guy or girls name?
6) What is SM128
That shall be all. (No rhyme intended)
- Zanna728

MEGAߥTE: 1) Yes.
2) In general, it's you.
3) $14.99.
4) What rule?
5) Girls'.
6) Nobody knows.
7) We have updates about every 3 days, fool.
(No rhyme inferred.)

Deezer: 1) Sure.
4) If there was only one video game system, I'm sure the games would be much more expensive. (I'm assuming you're wondering why most new games are $49.99.)
5) Girls'.
6) See my answer from the first time you asked this.
7) I have a life too, that's why there aren't more updates.

Chupperson: No, you've got it all wrong. We don't try to annoy you, we just don't care if it happens. As far as I know, not many people get personal responses to e-mails. Come on.
1) Of course.
4) It's not a rule, it's a standard. And a lot of games are cheaper than that anyway.
5) Girls'.
7) Guides are for losers.
It's a good thing no rhyme was intended, since "shall" does not rhyme with "all".

Sapphira: 1) Yes. Kingdom--no. World--yes. Not too sure on Rogueport, though.
5) Girls'. On another note, I've always figured my name sounded quite feminine, but apparently when Deezer first heard of me, he thought I was a guy. Well, he called me "this guy," according to Chup. For shame, Deez! For shame!
7) Guides? Isn't that what GameFAQs is for?

Deezer: Sapph-5) I have no recollection of the night in question.

Sapphira: Ah, this was in an IM. Here's the conversation (assuming anyone cares XD):
Sapphira: hey, my name sounds feminine if people didn't actually know it was an actual name :P
Chupperson: well sure
Chupperson: except when Deezer asked me about "This Sapphira guy"
Sapphira: O_o
Sapphira: ..............
Chupperson: and I replied, "I think it's a girl"
Sapphira: ummmm????
Chupperson: waaaaay back when
Sapphira: uh.....huh
Chupperson: when you posted the Mariopedia topic
Sapphira: the very first time? O_o
Chupperson: yes
Sapphira: I didn't know Deez and you were so chummy....oh wait, you DID give him the PM sprites...
Chupperson: yah
Chupperson: we used to AIM a lot

So, Deez, recall anything? Oh yeah, this conversation happened July 2.

Deezer: Ehehe, that does sound like something I would say.

Hey guys and gal, This is my 3rd time emailing you......maybe you will post this one........
At a REALLY funny site called Homestar ( I've noticed two Mario References
#1. In the one Halloween special The King of Town is seen dressed as...... MARIO!!! Later on when the King gets last place for his pumpkin pie in the ''Pumpkin Carving contest'' you can hear the king say ''Sorry King, our princess is in another castle.'' After the movie they show all the characters and if you click the king you can play a game of ''Super Kingio Bros''. Watch it all by clicking this link:
#2. In Strong Bad emails you can email Strong Bad and MAYBE he will do,answer or ,your email him to do(Remember all emails are REAL not fake). Anyway...... in this email some guy emails Strong Bad and asks what would happen if you poked Pom-Pom with a pin(Pom-Pom is a character on this site). When Strong Bad tries to poke Pom-Pom with a pin. Pom-Pom starts beating the everloving snot out of Strong Bad. While this happens you can hear Super Mario Bros Sounds.Like the the coin collecting sound and finally the 1UP mushroom sound. Hear it all by clicking this link
I hope you like this one. Took me a Half a hour to type this.
A computer nerd who like your site,
- Jordan Tregea:

MEGAߥTE: You could have instead spent that half hour reading old mailbags, where you would have found Homestar references already mentioned.

Lizard Dude: I don't like Homestar Runner. I don't think it's funny.

MEGAߥTE: I also agree with Lizard Dude.

Deezer: I really liked Homestar Runner when I first found it, but I got tired of it after a while, and now I rarely visit it. Kind of like how I am with South Park.

Chupperson: Most of the Homestar cartoons aren't that great. But the SB e-mails are hilarious. As a side note, I already knew about these references too.

J.J.: I like how the Homestar Runner guys have this sort of ongoing obsession with classic video / computer games. Makes for some amusing in-jokes.

I just need to know if the Mario movie, cartoons, and comics count towards the Mario continuity, and why. Actually, it's not as much "I need to know" as it is "I need an expert's word to settle this and you guys are the closest to experts that I know of".
Oh, one more thing: Are Mario and Stanley the Bugman actually cousins? A number of sites say it, yet I've never found any proof to it.
- CodeHunter Josh

MEGAߥTE: There is no continuity, so they can't count towards an incontinuous existence. There is no evidence to support any Mario and Stanley relationship that I am aware of.

Chupperson: Sure, there isn't any continuity, but the movie and cartoons are even less continuous than the games. They have no bearing on the games; end of story. At least the games don't change details and things randomly. At least not frequently.

J.J.: I think there are really only about four established, continuous principles in the entire Mario franchise: 1- Mario and Luigi are brothers. 2- Bowser kidnaps the Princess a lot. 3- Mario is a popular celebrity figure in the Mushroom world. 4- The Princess and Bowser live in castles. Nothing else is certain.

Sapphira: I pretty much concur with what everyone else said.

Hello, I'm a very huge fan of your site, and finally thought it was time to send you guys some feedback (well, it's my second time but the first time I was drunk while writing the letter). I know you guys hate these question lists, but as a webmaster myself, you need to get used to them =P. I'll start with the least relavent to the most.
1) Why is J.J. on your mailbag? He's the biggest deusch I've seen, and isn't professional at all. I understand you probably have him on because he does, in fact, piss people off, and you feel it's essential to have one person like that, because it makes for better mailbags. However, this guy really pisses me off how stupid he is. I don't think he gave an answer in the last mailbag at all, but just critized everyone who sent those letters in. Kinda sounds like some guy I know over at a Sonic site, and c'mon, do you want to be compared to the inferior of the two? (Oh I went there)
2) Why isn't this site updated so much anymore? I can understand alot of the content is already here, but can't you guys spend some time plugging your forums, or introducing these new mailbag people (I don't remember JJ being part of the 2nd to last mailbag)? Any news is good news. Also, why don't you guys add sections of concept art, developer ideas, prototypes, and nixed ideas? Or are they all stored in the vault somewhere in Seattle?
3) How do you feel about Nintendo's new approach to 'innovation above all' with everything they do? Honestly I feel it will be their downfall, but maybe it will be good to have them just develop games, because they have some piss poor console decisions. Although I would hate having to support these eletronic mongrols after they killed our industry (yet at the same time, made it so much more profitable). I'm hoping the Revolution will be something great, but Nintendo needs to remember its all about games, not some gimmicky crap (even though the DS games are good the stylus makes it way too hard to hold the DS, and it's too **** gimmicky).
4) Speaking of the Revolution, what would you guys like to see it feature? Myself, I would love to have it hook-up to my PC, straight from the box. Preferably a USB hook-up, and while not hvaing it play on my monitor (rather the TV), be able to do alot of management (memory cards) and special software that interlaces with the Revolution, like map editors, soundtrack adders, etc. Also, I would love to use my PC as a memory card, as I have a few gigs of space to waste. Also, how awesome would it be to be able to use my server as a central connector to grab my file saves? Or *gasp* use my PC to serve as a hub to get online play? Even this way Nintendo doesnt need to develop their own online system, as it would be all controled by our individual servers, and we could use some pre-made software to turn our servers into Revolution servers. It would save us the cost of using their servers, and allow online play at the same time. I pat my self on the back for that idea.
5) Will you guys ever consider expanding from just Mario? To be frank, alot of these series are interlacing with each-other, and it's a matter of time before we see a Nintendo party game. I would love to see this site have Zelda info, but none of that stupid anime, or 'let's figure out the storyline' crap. I actually just love the way you guys write your site, so any series you cover would be great.
6) Is there a real pic of Sapphira laying around anywhere? She looks pretty cute according to her drawing, and she's a gamer! Double score! Ok, number 6 isn't my most relavent question, but I would love to see what the 'average' woman gamer looks like. The others I think are real good questions and you guys should bother answering them. Thanks for responding, and even though this isn't one of the most comical mailbag entries ever, I still think it would be good to put on your site, for we 'intelligent' gamers.
- Eric

MEGAߥTE: Just to prove that I can write longer answers than submitters can write questions...
1) The writer of the next letter seems to disagree.
2) As I said last time, the site is updated about every three days. The Mario game release rate seems to be on an exponential curve, and it is just not always convenient to update with little notes every five minutes. That said, we do actually make minor content updates frequently and just don't mention them on the front page. As for "new mailbag people," JJ has been with TMK since the last millennium, thank you. We are working on several major features, two of which are mentioned in this very bag. I'm sure there's an unimaginable amount of stuff stored at Nintendo, probably more at Kyoto than Redmond, though, and we'd certainly add it if we ever were to get a hold of it. As for other sections, feel free to directly blame the maintainers of the respective sections.
3) I think that approach would be excellent if that's really what they were doing. When they do innovate, it's a great thing to behold. However, they've been churning out an awful lot of rehashes lately, "milking," as it's called. I'm personally glad that Nintendo was willing to try new things like the DS. It's unfortunate that they don't advance some of their ideas faster. For example, Nintendo had the beginnings of the Eye Toy concept with their Stage Debut game, but they still haven't released a product, while Sony has received all sorts of acclaim and even Microsoft has released a camera. I'm not sure what they have in store for Revolution, but it's not going to be their downfall. They may continue to lose market share, but it won't be because of innovation.
Nintendo is in an odd position where they are trying to gain a non-gamer demographic with their new control schemes. Yet, they have lost much of their fan base due to the types of games that they produce-- generally non-violent. Besides their younger demographic, the young adults have moved to other systems because they are deemed cooler. Thus, Nintendo has inadvertently alienated a fair portion of their consumer base. It is not all Nintendo's fault either. Society itself has changed so that younger kids increasingly think that games with violence and the like are cooler. Nintendo is only big enough to cater to so many audiences at once, though they certainly could do better than they are now.
Nintendo is losing the casual gamer demographic... these are the people that are wowed more by pretty graphics, movie-based games and sports genres rather than actual creativity in games. It's really hard for Nintendo to do anything about this problem themselves other than simply creating fun games and marketing them well. The biggest barrier is getting casuals to PLAY the games in the first place. Once this happens many will be hooked... unfortunately, without the ability to market as well as Microsoft and PlayStation, Nintendo is often overlooked, even in the press... often it seems as if the press WANTS Nintendo to fail.
Nintendo should have much of its older fan base with its re-releases. However, as expensive as re-released games are, I think that they are losing potential customers. Other companies release entire collections while Nintendo releases one game at a time. People are still buying the re-releases at amazing numbers, though. If Nintendo continues to produce products designed for fun, yet are feasible to use, they should do just fine. WarioWare is a good example of taking old games and practically creating a new game genre, one in direct opposition to the epic games on consoles... one perfect for the general attention deficient public of today.
I'm not sure which poor console decisions you speak of. Certainly the cartridge vs. CD decision hurt them substantially, but what else did they do wrong in regards to console design itself? There are plenty of other poor decisions they've made, however. There is a problem in that Nintendo seems more fixated on their profits than they are on quality. Even the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality is no more. It's now just the Official Nintendo Seal (of nothing except that they received their licensing fee). Nintendo needs to be careful about sacrificing future profitability with immediate profitability. Nintendo has cut a lot of corners in order to save money, such as tiny memory cards, GameCube redesign and lack of complete backwards compatibility in the Nintendo DS. Little things that irk consumers can push them away from the brand. With the DS and GC licensing, Nintendo seems to be working much better with third parties. If only the third parties would make online games. Missing features like that in comparison to the same titles on other systems certainly doesn't help them.
The other problem is the perception of "gimmicks." By strict definition, innovation = gimmick, but nowadays we tend to associate gimmick negatively as marketing gimmick. Their innovations are only gimmicks when third party developers aren't able to properly utilize the new game play concepts in their own game development. We are seeing sequels come out too frequently, but I guess this is due to the high development costs of game nowadays... developers want to make as much money from their investment as possible. Unfortunately, this leads to an up front consumer cost, dooming most peripherals to eventual failure. The point is, when Nintendo does it right, they DO IT RIGHT. As you said, it should be about the games, but games should be about fun, and that does not preclude the use of alternative input/output mechanisms. For every Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, there's a Wind Waker GBA connectivity title. Not everything works well, but at least they try. I don't think that the DS is too gimmicky in itself. I do agree that the stylus absolutely sucks and the buttons are unnecessarily too small, but that has nothing to do with being gimmicky.
Nintendo's biggest problem is their "kiddy" stigma. Nintendo is not as kiddy as the general public sees. I have had several friends buy GameCubes after seeing the games I was playing. They told me that they thought that the GameCube was a kiddy console until they saw those games. However, in some ways, I think Nintendo produces some software that is more kiddy than they may realize. While Nintendo is not as kiddy as they are commonly made out to be, Mario in particular is filling this role. The problem more specific to this site, is the fact that the Mario of today is no longer the Mario the old school gamers grew up with. Nintendo claims that they make games for Everyone, like their usual ESRB rating. I liken this to something like Shrek, which can be a fun movie for kids, yet contains some content that only adults will get. I believe part of the problem is the incessant vocalization of the characters. Mario and Link must yell out every time they make a move. They added voice to the re-released SNES games on GBA and reduced the difficulty. It made the presentation more juvenile. Nintendo has a problem differentiating cartoony with kiddy. Conversely, the general public has a problem differentiating the same two concepts, from the other side of the table. A recent study pegged the average console owner at age 24. While Reggie talked of targeting the DS at older users, Nintendo (of America) saw these older users as 18 year olds. They are still aiming too low an age demographic.
Mario has become the butt of jokes with the huge number of games he seems to be included in just to make money... that is, not all of the games are as polished as they should be to warrant a Mario title. It seems Nintendo is lately satisfied to produce many decent games rather than a few truly great games. Mario was once the representative of new technology and innovation at Nintendo, but now he seems to be included in any game rather than Nintendo creating new franchises. Aside from Paper Mario, the Mario franchise is stagnating, which is one reason many so eagerly await Super Mario 128. Most newer Mario games are still fun, but they aren't as good as they could be. I think the degradation of the Mario image can be traced to Yoshi's Island. This game was perfectly fine by itself, with its then unique art style. However, this led to the super-happy Yoshi's Story. The Yoshi games' atmosphere has leaked into general Mario games, yielding the kiddy image commonly referenced today. I think what Nintendo is doing with the Zelda franchise is exactly what they should be doing with the Mario franchise. On GameCube, Zelda has a cel-shaded game, a "mature" 3-D game, a 2-D game, and re-releases of classic games. They delivered both their own creativity and what their fanbase wanted, a wide variation in game styles.
I feel that many of Nintendo's limitations have forced developers to create quality games rather than shovelware. When programmers had less space to work with, they focused on gameplay over looks, resulting in a higher quality versus quantity ratio. On the other hand, the extremely lazy developers will just generate a sub-par game instead. This type of mentality led to the Atari video game crash. Video games are too well established now for another crash, though I think it was probably a good thing when Nintendo limited publishers to 5 games per year with the NES. There is just too much junk out there right now. Unfortunately, it seems that even many Nintendo games are having features sacrificed or just not polished to expected levels in order to meet deadlines. MKDD and MPT are two that immediately come to mind.
I think it is impressive that Nintendo is as successful as it is given the relative amount of third-party support. Nintendo is not going away any time soon. If the other console manufacturers do not target kids, then Nintendo will always have that segment... the problem is that that segment doesn't have the purchasing power and thus cannot be as profitable. Even if all of their hardware lines fail, they still have their franchises. They just need to be careful not to dilute them to make a quick buck. And really, if Nintendo didn't try new things, how many others would?
4) I don't see a need for the PC to act as a hub for online play-- that's the kind of crappy workaround we use now with Warp Pipe and XLink. It has already been indicated, but the next generation game consoles should act as online hubs themselves. That means built-in wireless routing for all devices in your house. Nintendo has patents for a game delivery system and the internet hub is the perfect thing to truly enable connectivity. The Nintendo DS is the first step, and Revolution ought to be able to channel the DS signal over the internet. I think Nintendo is waiting for some way to avoid using dedicated centralized servers for gaming. This, of course, will work better in Japan than the US, due to differences in broadband adoption rates.
I am not sure what Nintendo's apprehension is with online games. Truly, they have had some sort of online system for Famicom, Super Famicom, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, and Nintendo DS, most of which have not made it outside of Japan. This is one case where Nintendo needs to reconsider immediate profitability versus keeping userbase... it's not like they have to host the game service directly. Nintendo has recently rolled out an online game download service in China, and it may be that they again want to see how well it works before introducing it internationally. Nintendo's strongest point in the last two generations has been their multiplayer games... both including the four ports to begin with and supplying good games. It is unfortunate that GBAs weren't commodity devices so that everybody would be able to experience the GOOD connectivity titles like Four Swords Adventures.
For Revolution, I hope to see no wires, except perhaps the power cord. I want backwards compatibility with GameCube games as well as with the GBA-GC link (with a wireless transmitter on the GBA side). DS connectivity is an absolute must. I think people may misunderstand them when they talk about simplifying games and the like. There has been recent talk lately of Nintendo removing the D-pad and standard buttons. However, I do not know how this would be possible unless Revolution is not backwards compatible (and they said it would be before). Nintendo almost removed the D-pad for the GameCube; indeed, early prototype controllers are missing the D-pad. Supposedly Miyamoto convinced them to keep it, and hopefully he will convince them to keep it again. The only thing I can think of is that there could be separate Revolution and GameCube controllers that would both work on the system. Either that or the controls are completely customizable, which would be great, but possibly a pain to deal with between different games. Changing the control scheme radically risks marginalizing developers, but could also push the industry forward as with the inclusion of the analog stick and shoulder buttons.
I don't think Nintendo will try virtual reality or holograms this generation unless some other companies have been keeping secrets to the progress of such technologies... The ones that work well just don't seem affordable yet. Seeing Shrek 4D on my DS Launch trip made me think that it would be cool if Nintendo could do something like that as an optional setting. The system only requires glasses with polarized lenses rather than shutter glasses. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any way to make common TVs output polarized light necessary to replicate the theatre experience. Gyroscopes have also been implicated as a control scheme. I wouldn't mind such an inclusion, but I also don't want standards controls to disappear. I have a feeling that Revolution may incorporate some of the things Nintendo tried with the 64DD, but was too early with (i.e. too expensive).
DVD/CD playback might be nice, but Nintendo does not need to make the converged entertainment center solution like the other companies seem to be trying to push. I'd much rather buy a game system without all of the extra expense of digital video recording and the like. However, if Nintendo could find some way to afford to include a hard drive or other memory solution, that would be greatly beneficial to innovation. The XBox's ability to overlay custom music is pretty nice, for one.
I think Nintendo will have decent hardware power... graphics really do have more room for improvement than they claim, though it will be hard to match the PS3's alleged power. That is, if the PS3 really is that powerful... wasn't the PS2 supposed to be able to render Toy Story? They will have to have comparable specs if they don't want to be completely marginalized by the third parties, unless Revolution truly is revolutionary. It is a little annoying that Nintendo doesn't let consumers or investors know their plans, but it is completely understandable because many of their ideas really are used by other game companies. The initial exclusivity is one of the few things they can use to their advantage.
5) See the Super Smash Bros. series regarding "interlacing." In 1999, I started a Kirby site to complement TMK, but I never opened it. Chupperson was supposed to start work on it again. I'm also working on another site that will cover beta aspects of games that you'll probably enjoy, but I'm not sure when that will be opened.
6) I'm not even going to touch your request. Calling somebody cute by their caricature... In any case, I don't think Sapph qualifies as an "average woman gamer."

Chupperson: 2) Wait until 2005...
3) Innovation is good. If they were constantly innovating, that'd rule.
4) Revolution? GCN backwards compatibility, even though I'd play GCN games on my GCN simply because they were designed for that system and I don't like to play games for one system on different controllers. Personally I don't want my game systems to be just like my computer, so I don't really see the need for there to be all sorts of useless PC hookups and things. It might be cool for it to have mics and touch screens on the controllers. I don't really know what purpose that would serve, though. What I really want, though, is for it to spin around while you play it. Get it? Revolution? Spin?
5) I'll work on the Kirby site sometime. Wait until 2005...

J.J.: Geez, what a whiny letter.

Sapphira: 1) If you don't watch that mouth of yours, you'll soon have another enemy. And believe me, that will NOT be pretty.
2) Uh....we HAVE a concept art page, and I've been workin' on it. And, hey, of those that maintain specific sections, I've updated the most. LD anyone? *cough*
3) Okay, that's it! SOAPY TIME!!
4) Backwards compatibility with GCN and also with the GCN/GBA connection. It definitely should have connectivity with the DS, too. From what it looks like, DS seems to be remaking N64 games as the GBA was/is remaking SNES games. It would be nice to have the availability to basically play ANY games from any Nintendo system on one console.
6) Oh, I'm sure there's one out there somewhere, but, ha, none for you. Only the truly "worthy" ever get to see what I really look like. ;P And...*ahem* what exactly do you mean by THAT, Mr. ߥTE? Hmm? Although...heh...I wouldn't really say I'm an "average" female gamer, either. Quite a bit more obsessive, no? Heheheh, even more so than most male gamers.

Deezer: 1) No entry found for deusch.
Did you mean disch?
Suggestions: disch Deus detach Deuse Dutch deuce deuse Busch ...
5) I really don't have the desire to cover things beyond the Mario universe. Super Smash Bros. is pushing it; we only cover the Mario stuff from SSB and SSBMelee.

What happened to JJ? He hasn't said anything in the mailbag since August 1st. I miss his rude remarks and freaky caricature. I speak for all the obnoxious jerks out there when I say "Give us back our Jack***!" I mean that as a compliment. Really.
- tyler kubat

Deezer: Note: We forgot to put this in the last bag.

J.J.: I'm right here jerk-face brain. I'd like to say I missed you too, but that would be a horrible lie.

Sapphira: Somebody censor this idiot before I become an obnoxious jerk.

Deezer: Happy now, Sapph? :p Hahaha, now the quote is like a little poem with a disclaimer.

Hey there all! I have a question for ya. Qhy don't you ahve any info on pirate games? They are pretty interesting, and i think your site would be even better with some info on them. Thanks.
- Knox R. Mitchell

MEGAߥTE: We do cover a few of those games here, though that section hasn't been updated in a while. I'm working on adding a lot more to that section in the relatively near future since I've been able to obtain several such cartridges.

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