20 Apr 2005
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G'day there, TMKer's. Ah'm not in the land down unduh, moind you! Out of curiosity and a desire to help the mailbag along, I would like to know how many times you've (any of you) had the chance to use PictoChat. You can mention the TMK vs. N-Sider incident if you like. Was that at an E3 or something? I can't remember. However, I do remember that one of the TMK staff drew the TMK logo and somebody in the crowd recognized it.
Personally, I've only used PictoChat twice, both during swim meets. I've owned a DS since early January. In my first encounter, we scheduled a Metroid: Hunters [demo] battle. He was fairly skilled. The second person I was talking to was not particularly pleasant, but I found that he stunk at SM64DS. He irritated me to the point that I became torturous to him. I derived much amusement from kicking him repeatedly into the air with Wario. If only Sapphira could have crammed an open bottle of Palmolive into his mouth. I bid you good day, in my suddenly normal accent.
- Ian "Suffix"

Deezer: Ok, so MEGAߥTE and I were at the big DS launch party at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles. Inside EB Games, we found an open DS kiosk and logged onto PictoChat. After chatting with random people for a while, Mß drew a TMK logo. Someone PictoChatted back, "someone from TMK is here?" which totally blew my mind. "Two people," Mß replied, but then the person asked if there was anyone from N-sider forums around, and that was that.

Lizard Dude: I PictoChatted with a friend once. That's about it. I have yet to encounter random DS-toting strangers (makes me miss high school). I expect I'll meet plenty on the E3 trip.

David Dayton: I sort of used Pictochat once. At a game store. We'll see if things change over the next year.

Okay, took me a while to respon because I'm lazy. Anyways, after reading the mailbag about Kongtroversy and what not, one of you stated that all the Kong's are somehow related.
Just to be nit-picky, I'd have to disagree with that. If all the Kong's are related, that means Dixie and Diddy being girlfriend and boyfriend would be....kinda gross. Same goes for Candy and D.K. Something tells me the Kongs are incestous. Perhaps "Kong" is't a last name, just if you happen to be some sort of ape living on D.K. Isle, you're branded a Kong.
At least, that's my theory, since Rare and Nintendo never clarifies anything themselves. Course, if they did, we wouldn't have useless video game information to debate about, now would we?
P.S. To further disprove Falcovsleon20, he said that Dixie shoves her tail up her skirt. No, because Dixie is probably a Chimp, not a monkey, and Chimp's don't have tails.
- KinopioToad

Deezer: I grew tired of debating video game storylines a long time ago, but I think I agree with you here. And yes, the Kongs have been a hot topic ever since Rare messed up their storyline. ;-)  <-- THIS IS A WINK MEANING I KNOW THAT NINTENDO ALSO DOES NOT KEEP CONSISTENT STORYLINES, WHICH MEANS I THINK THAT THE PREVIOUS STATEMENT DOES NOT WARRANT 98,234 HATE MAILS FROM DK/RARE FANS, SO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SENDING THEM, THANK YOU. :-)

Sapphira: Well this I agree with. Kinda like how "Toads" are their own species, yet a lot of them seem to have last initials that end in "T.," which I imagine would stand for Toad. That doesn't mean they're all related, other than in species.

David Dayton: They are all vaguely related... note that I said "vague." I can't define it, and it's probably as vague as "mostly the same species, except when they aren't" kind of relation. Except for Diddy, the only one who is definitely not related to the rest.

Sup TMK!
Yo, Did yall ever hear of this Greg Strange guy? He is a "Christian" Little kids Singer, mainly sing rips off other songs, check out the lyrics to this song, can't be legal!
I've got Mario to win
(again and again)
Hooray for Donkey Kong
(all day log, all day long)
I've got barrels to leap so I'll never sleep
Just me and the screen make a perfect team
Let go of my Nintendo
Let go of my Nintendo
Let go of my Nintendo now
Just another lap around the track
(I'm on the attack)
I'm gonna fight to get those gold coins back
(And fill up the sack)
I'm jumping the quicksand and dodging the Devil
You don't understand cause I'm on another level
Although my eyes are red
and there's a throbbing in my head
I obtain my nutritional needs
by eating pizza intravenously
although I'm nearly 24
I've never been outdoors before
I've got desire and the drive to win
I'll never bathe again
I'll never bathe again
(oh Mario)
Chorus x2
Ya, Man

- Topher

MEGAߥTE: Perhaps you do not understand copyright law. I see nothing there that constitutes copyright infringement.

Deezer: Illegal? No. Uninspiring? Definitely.

I was just wondering, why is it that in Super Mario Bros 3, Fire Bros shoot fireballs from their hands (like the Mario bros) but in Paper Mario 2, Fire bros spit them out of their mouths?
And, who is your favourite Mario character of all time (including bad guys)?
thanks for reading
- King Dodongo

Chupperson: Luigi coughs up fireballs in the SMAS+SMW version of Super Mario World.

MEGAߥTE: But more importantly, Fire Bros. shoot fire out of their mouths in SMB3, not their hands! Paper Mario 2 would be consistent in this regard.

To The Mushroom Krew,
You know there's alot of clues that suggest that there making a Paper Mario 3 or Paper Luigi. In PM:TTYD in the last issue of the RDM it says that you might be seing it again and followed it up with a "Wink Wink". And we all should know what that means. Also, in Peatalburg theres a kid who says he just bought and beat TTYD and hopes they will make a Paper Luigi. Plus the long Super Luigi storys he tells you and you buy from the store could be previews for the game. Most of that stuff is circumstantial but it puts up quite an argument don't you think?
*place snappy sign off here*,
- Mega Toad

Deezer: Or how about a "Paper Luigi DS"? Of course, Nintendo would put a "Luigi solo adventure spin" on it, arming Luigi with only a household cleaning device and setting him off on a quest to help out cities across the world in an educational setting as he strives to rescue a kidnapped Mario.

David Dayton: We need Luigi's Mansion 2.

I have been playing Mario Kart: Double Dash!! a lot lately. It is the finest Mario Kart yet. But, I still have a complaint: Everything in the game has eyes! Trees in Dino Dino Jungle, The volcano in DK Mountain, the walls in Sherbet Land, the arrow signs and cones on Daisy Cruiser, and even the big boulders in Dry Dry Desert. Plus, they overused the stuff from Super Mario Sunshine. Piantas everywhere, Pokeys, Petey Piranha, my gosh. Don't get me wrong, It was still great how I now don't have to choose between Toad and Yoshi, but every little grain of sand and blade of grass has eyeballs and hums the Delfino Plaza music!!! I hope they use the "pick 2 characters and your kart" scheme in a future Mario Kart, just not with all the faces on the inanimate objects. At least it beats what Nintendo's starting to do now: put Mario in games with actual people and turn Peach into a supermodel. It's good to see that Nintendo hasn't resorted to making all its video games inappropriate for all kids under the age of 13 to try to make a profit like Playstation and X-Box, but I don't like it when trees stare at me. Wow, that was long.
- IamSamnoegsnoham

Deezer: I just don't like the character design for the Piantas. They looked okay in PM:TTYD, but then again, what didn't?

MEGAߥTE: I agree that is was unfortunate that Nintendo chose to reuse the SMS settings and characters, particularly the Piantas. On the other hand, the eyes on everything dates back to SMB2J and is a defining characteristic of Mario games.

Chupperson: I liked everything in SMS.

Sapphira: I liked everything in SMS except the way the "classic" enemies looked. They looked...warped. Some of the music was a little...mediocre, too. But overall the game is great. :P The obsessive usage of Petey Piranha in Mario games now, though...ugh, no. Cameos are fine...but a consistent selectable character? no,

David Dayton: Next thing you know, they'll be putting eyes on Super Mushrooms!

Chupperson: The Bob-Ombs were unacceptable. I forgot about those. I really liked the music though.

Lizard Dude: I'm a chuckster!

I made this in my stain art class @_@ people thought i was crazy! YOUR CRAZY! what? no! :O *slap*
Is it legal to sell stuff like this? More pixels than the real 8 bit mario XD WHEEEHEHEHE!!
oo oo, same stuff they use in churches!! PRAISE MARIO!! :D:D:D
And enjoy teh sprite i made bwhaahahahhaha!!!

- Matt (Yoshi-1up)

Deezer: I think you might beat out Sapphira in total smileys this mailbag.

MEGAߥTE: Nice job.

Sapphira: Creative, artistic, and uses lots of smileys. I can appreciate that. :D Although you do come off a bit...crazy. And the grammar could use work. Do you have something against smileys, Deez? :D ;D ^_^ :P ;P ^_~

David Dayton: You could PROBABLY sell this. Aside from the copyright infringement thing.

Lizard Dude: I love it.

Dear Mushroom Kingdom administrators,
I have the following questions and comments regarding the best Mario game, I hope you guys post this.
1. Nintendo since 2001 has been porting a Mario game to GBA every year (Super Mario Bros.2 in 2001, Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island in '02, Super Mario Bros. 3 in '03, and original SMB and Super Mario 64 in '04.) Which major Mario game do you think Nintendo will port to GBA in '05? The game should be a Mario game that was released around 1996 and was one of the only Mario game from the pre-N64 era that wasn't ported.
2. If Paper Mario was supposed to be Super Mario RPG 2, where's Mallow, Geno, Booster, and Smithy?
3. What new games besides the Final Fantasy series do you think Square and Nintendo are working on? I think they should make another of that awesome game that they made in 1996 in which Bowser is actually a good guy!
4. I think Mario games has been declining after Super Mario 64. Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine are not that good although the sequels to the best Mario game ever are still top notches.
5. Ok, the last two questions are a bit off topic from the best Mario game ever made but it's a question I been dying to know. Since you guys are administrators of the Mushroom Kingdom, have you ever felt a degree of guilt whenever Bowser kidnapped the princess from your kingdom and it was always Mario that end up saving her? Are you guys mushroom toads or humans like Mario and Luigi since you are the administrators of the mushroom kingdom?
- Don

Deezer: 1. I predict that they won't port another Mario game to the GBA, now that they have the Nintendo DS to port games to.
2. The title started out as "Super Mario RPG 2," but I don't think the game itself did.

MEGAߥTE: 2. If SMB2 is supposed to be the sequel to SMB, where's Bowser, Goombas, Koopas, etc.? i.e. nobody ever said sequels had to include the characters from the original. *cough*Final Fantasy*cough* Also, Nintendo either didn't have rights to use the characters for a while or did not want to associate with those characters during the Nintendo/Square schism.

Hey kids and grown-ups. Tv_Themes again, first off thanks for answering my last message.
1)Are Toads bald without that hat?
a)If so, is Mushroom Boy bald?
2)Why in SM64 the Princess's name changed to Peach? I know it was Peach all along in Japan but it got annoying in the SMK games when I have her driving past me and go "Peaches" in that annoying voice.
3)Are Mario and Luigi twins? They sure don't look like it.
4)I don't care about the secret page so I don't even look for it.
5)Reading previos mailbags sure do make me laugh, especially if its for a Mario sighting. Next thing you know Robin from Teen Titans is gonna go down a green pipe and people will call that a Mario Cameo.
6)Where's J.J.? Did he get tired of answering stupid questions again?
7)I've heard this all over the web and I got to ask, how is "Mario and Wario" similar to "Lemmings?"
Bye bye
- Tv_Themes

Sapphira: Um...technically we're all adults here. Some just may not act it. ;P
1) Some Toads have hair.
a) Ask him.
2) Because it made things more consistent. And honestly, what poor girl would want to be called "Toadstool"? Besides, it's her last name. Peach is her first name. I wouldn't want people to go around calling me by my last name. That just seems so...punkish.
3) Yes. Ever heard of FRATERNAL twins? GAH! Oh, and Mario is the older of the twins, so don't be getting on my case about the "well Nintendo keeps saying Mario's the older brother" thing. I don't understand why those concepts are so hard for people to understand.
4) Good for you.

Deezer: 1) I guess it depends on the Toad.
7) The only similarity I can think of is that your character constantly walks in the direction he or she is facing, even though you control one character at a time in M&W and many creatures at a time in Lemmings. Oh, and they are both puzzle games.

MEGAߥTE: 7) What Deezer said and the fact that you use a mouse or mouse-like cursor control to perform your actions.

Chupperson: 2) She says "Peachy!" Not "Peaches."

David Dayton: 1) Not always.
2) Miyamoto wanted her name to be universal.
3) Miyamoto seems to think so, although some of us grumble about it.
7) Well, you sort of "indirectly" control Mario, as you do with the Lemmings.

Lizard Dude: 5) Don't give them any ideas!
6) J.J. was last seen running from a giant mob of disgruntled mailbag authors.

Dear Mario savants: Like many mailers, I am a long time reader, first time writer. I would like to take this moment to voice the sentiment of many: your site is awesome. Seriously, I've been a Mario fan almost from birth and I have not seen any source of information so extensive. I will not bore you with with anything trite like a list of questions, but I will instead provide a couple of links that you should know about. I apologize if you already know about these. Mario Adventure is an excellent (but exceedingly hard) hack of SMB3; no, its a completly original Mario game based on the SMB3 engine that has to be seen to be believed. This epic flash movie... I won't consider myself worthy to describe it or spoil it for you. While not really Mario related (though it has an awesome Luigi appearance) it is quite possibly the best video game flash movie I have ever seen (though you'll probably understand it better if you've played Final Fantasy 6). Just don't watch it if you think the PSP is the best thing to happen to the video game industry. With this I leave.
- The Dark Ad0nis

MEGAߥTE: Mario Adventure has actually come up multiple times in #tmk: once when DahrkDaiz and DJBouche actually visited, and later when it was finally released. Mario Adventure is one of the best hacks of any kind ever made. Unfortunately, we haven't updated the emulation section of this site in a while. As for the Flash movie, I've seen that too, and it's pretty good, but I think there are many other better ones out there.

Yay, so I'm writing! Go me! You all impress me, 'cuz I have hardly any work ethic when it comes to web sites! Are you buttered up enough? If yes, good! If no, I'll stop before it sounds like I'm trying to make some cheesy joke. This is my first letter to the mailbag, yah. I recently joined your forums, so I suppose I'm getting into your site.
Yes, but the questions and strange comments. First of all, do you all know if Nintendo will ever release Yakuman DS outside of Japan or if it has any sort of English language function (so I could import it if I felt like it and got a DS)? Is there any thought whatsoever of a re-released Super Mario RPG either? I want that game SO badly... ah, well. I'll bet your answers to both of those questions will be "No, you FOOL!" or something to that extent.
About Peach and Daisy, though. I don't think they look ugly or are annoying at all. Actually, I play as them in multiplayer quite a bit. They're fun, if not stereotypical. I liked the changes Daisy got for the GameCube, although I did think she looked dead the first time I saw her white skin! ^_^ Speaking of dead, have you ever noticed that in the Mario Party games (at least 4 and 5), the main characters don't blink at all. It's a little disturbing when you think about it. Plus, in those games, after they do a victory jig, they sometimes just sit there like stones... maybe they are dead! Like in "Death Becomes Her" or something. I believe the no movement thing was fixed for at least some parts of Mario Party 6 though.
Pardon my nerdings,
- Stumper

MEGAߥTE: Jeez, that's two SMRPG requests in this mailbag. Nintendo should listen up. As for Yakuman DS, I doubt that it will be released outside of Japan. The Japanese version does not have English, but there is already a translation guide on Gamefaqs.

Chupperson: Well if you want SMRPG really badly, you can always go pick up a SNES copy for about $20, if that.

Deezer: If you think of the Mario Party characters as game pieces, then it doesn't seem so weird.

Lizard Dude: SMRPG is my favorite game of all time. People constantly beg for a GBA version. Prediction: SMRPG GBA would sell like particularly well-selling hotcakes.

I think TMK could go for some change. don't get me wrong, i like mario as much as the next guy. but, mario isnt the only game thats fun to play. What about Zelda, Rayman, Sonic, even GTA. if your not up for change like that, how about putting out more news on nintendo. its not like nintendo only makes mario games, and once and a while i wanna have more than just gamespot for my Nintendo news. if this was just a waste of your time, im sorry.
- Dug

MEGAߥTE: ...and it's not like this site is a general Nintendo site. This is The Mushroom Kingdom. We cover Mario stuff, not everything Nintendo, and have no plans to do so here.

Chupperson: This letter baffles me.

Sapphira: What Chupperson said.

Lizard Dude: We should have a section on GTA called The 'Hood. I could run it. Everyone would call me, "Masta Lizard". Can I Deezer, can I? Huh, huh?

Deezer: You're fired.

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