15 Dec 2005
Lizard Dude
Lizard Dude

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One day i was reading your mariopedia and when i see the description of spike as a "mace-throwing penguin" i feel confused because i always think that spikes were koopas so i search in google a spike screenshot:
and then i start to think: it looks like a paper mario clubba so i look for a clubba screenshot:
so i ralize that spike is not a "mace-throwing penguin", spike is a koopa and it is of the same race that tubba blubba and the clubbas so i want to know what do you think.
Pd: sorry for my bad english but i am, from latino america... adios
- Tubba blubba

Lizard Dude: I agree with you. Spike and Clubba are definitely from the same species. Maybe they're penguin-like Koopas, like how Koopa Troopas are turtle-like Koopas.

Deezer: J.J. and I decided to merge the Spike and Mace Penguin entries because of their similar appearance. Even now I'd say it could go either way.

Chupperson: I still think Mace Penguins are really Spikes. Someone find the Japanese names of both enemies to clear this up.

Deezer: Great idear, Chup. Let's see here...
Spike is "Gabon" in SMB3, Mace Penguin is "Gabon" in Yoshi's Island, and the Clubbas are "Gabonhei" in Paper Mario. And don't forget the Yoshi's Story enemy named "Gabon", whose name obviously remained unchanged during the localization process. Since all those dudes are basically the same, the name "Mace Penguin" was just NOA feeling creative or something.

hey i think you guys should change the layout and color theme of the site. the boring navy and black thing is getting very boring and old.
- Cubeskater16

Lizard Dude: Sorry, but the black and navy symbolize the darkness deep within Deezer's soul. We can't change it.

Deezer: That's cold, man. Almost as cold as my soul!

Chupperson: I like this layout better than say, neon green with purple highlights.

Sapphira: I happen to like this layout, thank you. Dark colors are calmer and easier on the eyes. *Puts the ice cream in Deezer's soul so it won't melt*

I had stopped by to check the release date for Mario & Luigi 2 when I checked the mailbag and noticed your reference to the Yoshi's Cookie B music. I just wanted to clarify that it is in fact the C tune (specifically, from the Battle mode) in Yoshi's Cookie that is based of off Csikos Post, not the B tune.
That said, I was really thrilled to finally find the name of that tune; it appears to be remixed quite often in various games, but not even Google can tell me all that much about it or Hermann Necke, its composer.
Would you happen to know if any of the other music in Yoshi's Cookie is based off some classical music? I always was quite fond of the B Battle music.
- J

MEGAߥTE: It actually depends which version of Yoshi's Cookie you are talking about. The different versions had their music switched around. I was referring to the SNES (and I think GC) version. You are correct in referring to the NES and GB versions. The game was created by Bullet Proof Software, which was already known for using classical music in game, e.g. Tetris, but it doesn't seem like any of the other music in Yoshi's Cookie is based on classical music.

My friend and I have been on a sort of "Wario's Woods" binge, getting sprites and information and so forth. One thing that puzzled us was that Birdo (Catherine) was present in the US version of the NES/SNES version of Wario's Woods and the Famicom version as well. However in the BS Wario on the SNES, Birdo is (mostly) replaced by a mysterious pink-haired girl. So my question is, does anybody know who she is? My guess was Wanda, but there is barely any similarities.
- Masamune


I don't know about you, but I think it looks a little like Sapph. Sapph with... magenta hair... >_>;

MEGAߥTE: While I'm not sure who that woman is, the 16-bit version of Wario's Woods has an odd history. Similar to Tetris & Dr. Mario, Wario's Woods was never released in cartridge format in Japan, only in the US and Europe. On the BS-X, two versions were released, Wario's Woods: Burst of Laughter version, and Wario's Woods, Again. The first featured characters from the Japanese radio show, Burst of Laughter, making it similar to All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. I've added screens below found at this site. As far as I know, this version has not been dumped. The version featuring the magenta-haired woman is Wario's Woods, Again.

Sapphira: How does that look like me in any sort of way? Other than she's white and obviously female. It's not like those traits are rare or something. XP

I noticed that in the manual for Luigi's Mansion, there are a few apostrophes that just aren't there.Especially on pages 18 and 19. For example:
Page 18: I ll be having you vacuum all sorts of ghosts, but some of em need to be blah blah blah...
Page 19: I m usually down here in my lab in front of the mansion. But don t worry about me................I can se what-all s going on up there, you hear?
Why is this? Is it intentional?
- Bird Person

Lizard Dude: I'm sure it was not intentional, probably just a glitch somewhere late in the manual production process that no one noticed.

Deezer: Maybe they used a font that didn't have apostrophes? I have no idea.

Sapphira: I noticed that too, and it really weirded me out and irked me. Apostrophes are important in English!

First of all I'd like to start out with how awesome The Revolution really is going to be. I mean come on people did you see the controller? Plus the way its going to be used man I can just imagine the possibilities. So anyway I found out who the artist for this picture is by Jose Emroca Floresose Emroca Flores. I also had a few questions. When does Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess hit stores don't give me that this is a mario only fan site jibber jabber either I know full well that at least LD knows the answer to this one.
From your freind
- Mr_MistorMario

Lizard Dude: Good job finding the artist! Twilight Princess will hit stores Q2 2006.

Chupperson: I hope you mean Jose Emroca Flores and not Jose Emroca Floresose Emroca Flores.

Just a quick note in response to the Oct. 31st mailbag; I too am skeptical of Miyamoto's "hatred" of Rare. In fact, the implication that he didn't like the "new" DK design is questionable too, because he himself created it (as seen here... As you can see, his design included the new face, and Rare just added the tie.
In other DK news, I'm not crazy about his new voice in MK:DS. Instead of the "monkey sounds" he's always made before, he actually says words, in a Scooby-Doo like voice.
- Duane Cunningham

MEGAߥTE: Rare didn't even add the tie, since that had already appeared in Game Boy Donkey Kong in 1994. I actually thought the new voices were better... the DK ones were odd, but I always hated the weird synthesized thing that sounded nothing like a monkey in the old versions.

Lizard Dude: Most of DK's sounds in MKDS actually originated in Jungle Beat. Also, I've seen commercials where apes sound like the MK64 DK synthesized thing.

Deezer: I think Miyamoto just hates Donkey Kong Country. Here's a quote from Steven L. Kent, video game journalist, speaking in G4TechTV's Icons episode about Donkey Kong (season 3, episode 8). Kent says, "I did an interview where I had Tim Stamper, the creator of Donkey Kong Country, and Shigeru Miyamoto, at the same time. And Miyamoto was ruthless. Miyamoto said things like 'Donkey Kong Country proves that Americans will buy a game with mediocre gameplay as long as the graphics are excellent.'"

Chupperson: What bothers me now is that DK seems to have a perpetual grimace and the inability to have any facial expression whatsoever. So far I have seen this in MKDS and in Mario Superstar Baseball. It disturbs me greatly.

MEGAߥTE: I agree with that.

Sapphira: I like DK's voice in DK64 better than the crazy sounds he makes in non-Rare games. It seems to fit him well. As for the Scooby-Doo-like voice, I have no idea, since I haven't played either of those games yet. >_<; All I can say, though, is WTD. And I noticed the creepy grin in all of DK's game art since Mario Party 4. It disturbs me greatly as well.

On this site: there's this: "I am a teacher: super Mario's sweater (rare!!!) (1986)". Any idea?

Update on Super Mario's Sweater- found a Famicom Rom. Full name: Ai Amu A Tiichaa- [Suupaa Mario no Seetaa- guesswork, I don't know what the game has to do with Mario.] B Meno Settoshitekudasai. At least that's what the title screen says. Don't know what that last part means, but the first part is obviously "I am a teacher".
- Mr. Mime

Deezer: Yeah, if I remember correctly, I couldn't find Mario in the game either. Didn't spend a whole lot of time on it though.

MEGAߥTE: Super Mario no Sweater is a FDS game that guides you through 15 sweater patterns. 8 of these patterns feature Mario characters patterned from SMB sprites. Info will be added to TMK shortly. The second part of the title screen is not part of the game title, it is asking you to flip to side B of the disk.
SMB-themed sweaters:
7: Mario heads
8: Luigi, top half
9: Mario standing
10: Firey Mario on bricks
11: Mario running
12: Mario, top half
13: Goombas
14: Princess, Piranha Plant
15: Mushrooms, Stars

Sapphira: Sweater patterns that come from sprites? This reminds me of Animal Crossing.

Hey, whats up. You guys are still number one with keeping up the best Mario site on the Internet! Anyway, I emailed you guys some time back about how I was starting to play Super Mario 64 again. Well, I have gotten up to 94 stars, and have beaten Bowser all three times. Now I just have to get some loose ends tied up and get those secret stars.
Anyway, the point of my e-mail is the Super Mario Advance titles. A lot of my childhood was spent playing Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, and 3 for the NES. Sadly, the machine has not been treating me to well recently. My game cartridges refuse to work, and the NES hardly ever turns on. So I finally decided to buy Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Brothers 3 for the Gameboy Advance.
Whenever a Star Wars movie is re-released on DVD, VHS, or in theatres, I have to listen to people complain about how George Lucas is worse than Hitler because he "puts the finishing touches" on his films. Personally, I hate Star Wars films, and hate having to read people complain about the movies in my newspapers, but I got thinking.
So the thought crosses my mind. If people despise Lucas so much for tinkering with his films, why don't these same people get upset that the classic NES Mario titles are getting changed? I mean, it is the same basic idea. We have these perfectly good games, and Nintendo decides they want to release them for a new generation. Instead of releasing these games though, they release the Mario titles on speed. New levels, e-reader power ups, new music, and all those annoying voices. I do not want to hear Mario go "I'ma lucky" every time I get a mushroom.
Sine you guys are pretty much the authority on the character around the Internet, I want to know your opinion. Does anyone else agree with me here. Am I just ranting and raving?
- Alex Speer

MEGAߥTE: I think most of us agree with you, actually. I don't think your claim is true, people do get upset that the classic titles were changed (some people even complain about the SMAS versions...) The voices need to die. It's also unfortunate that they feel the need to make games easier... these issues have plagued many recent Nintendo games, not just limited to the Mario franchise.

Chupperson: I like mostly all different versions of games. It does sadden me that the remakes are easier, though. I even enjoy the voices, to a degree. Like if they said things maybe half as much.

Sapphira: I agree with all of what Chup just said. Actually, I do find all the voices pretty irriating when the characters say something every time you get something or die. The voices can be good, but they need to be utilized better--like how when you reach the second area of World 8 in SMA4, and Peach briefly appears and says, "Help me..." I thought that was great usage.

To TMK Staff.
It is I, churlyryan, you may remember me as Tv_Themes. I changed my name because its getting too dull. Here are my questions and statements for this mailbag.
1)Why did it take forever to get from Mailbag #99 to Mailbag #100?
2)I don't care about the secret page so I don't bother trying to look for it.
3)Please tell J.J. to answer mailbags again, his answers were so funny.
4)I'm tired of these Mario Sports Spinoffs. Whats next, Mario Luge?
5)I'm also tired of Mario Party games. After the 3rd one they just started sucking and the games are too dumb.
6)Chupperson, what is Chup?
Well there you have it. Those are my questions
- churlyryan

Lizard Dude: 1) We had to add the programming for the third digit. 2) More free time for you! 3) Okay. 4) Mario Luge, I'd buy it. 5) I don't really see how they changed significantly from 3 to 4, unless you mean you got tired of the concept, which is understandable. 6) A gelatinous plaid substance.

Chupperson: 4) That would rock. 6) What LD said.

Sapphira: 4) Ahaha awesome. 5) The games are fine, but the concept becoming overused. If I had never played the other Mario Parties, I could see the new ones as being totally enjoyable.

Hello fellow Mario lovers!! I have a some questions that I had about the mario universe.
1)What games were hammer bros. shown in?
2)Why don't pinatas notice even a SLIGHT difference between Mario and Shadow Mario?
3)Was the first Mario voice-over Super Mario 64?
4)Why was Peach changed from Princess Toadstool to Princess Peach?
5)What is yoshi? Is he a dinosaur, or what?
6)Is Petey Piranna a mutated piranna plant or something?
7)Why does Bowser change size in almost every game?
You guys have the most awsomest(?) site ever. Later...
- Dude677

Lizard Dude: 1) They first appeared in Super Mario Bros. and they've been in SMB3 and all the RPGs also. 2) Perhaps they're colorblind. 3) Verily, unless you count the cartoons or the Mario in Real Time animated head at trade shows or the Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World pinball machine. 4) Her original Japanese name has always been Peach but was originally localized as Toadstool. Nintendo eventually decided to set things straight. The same thing happened with Robotnik/Eggman. 5) Yoshi is a dinosaur, from Dinosaur Land. 6) I don't know what he is, but have you seen his 300 yard drive? 7) Well he is magic.

MEGAߥTE: 1) They were also featured in Mario Superstar Baseball, Super Mario Strikers, DDR: Mario Mix, as well as SMB-derived games such as SMB2J.
2) Because Piantas are dumb.
3) No, the first time he was voiced-over in a game was in Mario Teaches Typing. The CD-ROM version used the aforementioned Mario in Real Time (MiRT) disembodied Mario head.
5) Or a "super dragon."
6) Piranha, yes.
7) Bowser is really Oprah Winfrey in disguise.

Lizard Dude: 3) SM64 was the first console game with Mario's voice. Before that, Ronald B. Ruben voiced Mario in Mario Teaches Typing for PC, but was replaced by Charles Martinet in the later CD-ROM version of the same game.

Chupperson: I must have played the Ronald B. Ruben version. :\

Sapphira: 1) They also can be seen in a lot of the spin-offs, even though they're not really featured. I can think of some mini-games that they're in from various Mario Parties.
4) Technically, she's still both; Toadstool's just her last name, Peach her first name.
5) Specifically from Yoshi's Island in Dinosaur Land. ;P
6) Piranha Plant, yes.
7) I'd definitely go with magic. I mean, you can even see an instance happening in Paper Mario.

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