Mario Gras 2000

"Mario Gras 2000 has been rendered null and void, due to a flooding of entries swiped from old game magazines. Some kind of contest will be worked out in the near future. We are sorry for the inconvenience." - David Dayton

Well, there you have it. Cheaters ruin it for everyone else, and nobody gets the prizes. Below you can read the original contest page.

Welcome to Mario Gras 2000...

Have you ever dressed up like a Nintendo character? Would you do it again?

Okay, what if we gave out prizes?

That's right. We're running the biggest Mario costume contest we've ever run. Dress up as any character from any Mario game, send your picture to, and see if you win! The winners will be announced on March 7th -- Mardi Gras -- and prizes will be awarded. What prizes? So far, we have:

  • A Mario's Cement Factory Game & Watch Key Chain!
  • A custom sketch of you in your costume, by famed code book editor David Dayton!No refunds or exchanges.
  • ...and at least one mystery prize, which will be revealed later.

Your pictures will be made viewable to the public, but we will keep your name and e-mail address secret (unless you want them public, of course).


Send those pictures in now! If we receive enough entries, we will create more prize catagories. Thus, the best Mario, Princess, and Sumo Brother prizes would be awarded, rather than simply one prize for the best overall Mario character costume. It all depends on how many pics we get! Send them in NOW!

(Contest limited to continental USA... unless the winner wants to pay postage. ;)

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